100 days - general anxiety way down, more confident, see women differently

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blooming fieldsSo I made it: 100 days :) Woooohooooo!!!! I am very proud of myself, even though I have had stumbles and almost falls.... This forum and challenge has definitly changed my life:) Not in some massive religious-like event, but slow incremental changes.

I don't have super-powers now, but I do feel more confident, energized and mentally calmer. Before No-Fap I was a nervous wreck. I had a lot of general anxiety, for years, which I was working through, with a therapist and trying to overcome. Then I started smoking cigs again, which helped, but not completely.

Since doing No-Fap my general anxiety level has gone way way down, from waking up and dwelling on all my problems, living in fear, to getting up and feeling calm and ready to face reality. This has been the greatest reward for me.

Along with breaking the enslavement of porn created dopamine addiction, which drained my energy and created a very biased and frankly disgusting view of women--yes I love those hot pics,  the taboo of so many women in so many dirty positions, etc, etc, etc, but I don't need that shit anymore. I viewed last night, and it didn't do anything for me--just found it disturbing and kind of gross and felt I would much rather being having hot sex with my real girlfriend then looking at strangers doing it!

As for my stumbles, according to some on the forum, I should have reset my counter at day 80, when I started edging, What the fuck ever, I say, I've done this my way, to the best of my ability. I'm through the edging stuff, but do do it, occasionally: I'm not a ascetic or a monk, and sometimes I need a little sugar in the morning, which I do not think has changed how I keep going. Yeah, I've looked a porn a little bit---just to see how I felt and that desire has been reduced 100 times, and I have not PMO'd in 100 days!!!

Anyway, judge me however you guys like, if enough of you say so, I will reset the counter. At this point the counter is irrelevant to me. It's more the change I feel I have effected in my life, by deciding that porn and masturbating to porn, is something that is harmful to my being and my energy and that I don't need anymore-- Real girls are much more attractive and enticing, then fake photo-shopped ___ :)

I wish everyone luck on their journey here,



100 day Update!!

by wilderness32 100 days