Your Brain on Porn

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Age 18 - Anxiety reduced noticeably, Sleep better, Doing REAL things feel better, Social relations improved, I feel interest from girls

Sorry for my English, i am from Ukraine. 9 weeks report here. I have been masturbating for 6 years (since 12) and 5 years with porn. First of all: NoFap really worth it. Benefits:

  • Anxiety reduced noticeably
  • No more porn fantasies

Age 17 - Quick recovery, skin cleared up, girls go for me

I’m a 17 year old guy who found out about this movement about 40 days ago and thought to give it a try. I was masturbating since third grade ( age 10 ) , and would do it almost every single day ( sometimes multiple times in a day ) and biggest breaks i took were about 5 6 days ( i remember on excursion i didnt fap ) .

Age 23 - ED cured & A life-changing experience. However, I went back to porn and am now addicted

I just wanted to share my experiences about NoFap, as this will be my second serious attempt. Basically I have been watching porn/masturbating daily since my early teenage years, and am now 23. Over time, I started watching the most hardcore of genres, as softcore porn no longer interested me. When I went to have sex, I found it hard to get an erection, as porn had fucked up my idea of romance.

What does withdrawal from porn addiction look like?

Excerpt from this rebooting story - 9 for 90 (9 rules that helped me reach 90 days)

There will be moments of absolute beauty, understanding, and peace throughout initial recovery. There will also be moments of intense depression, anxiety, fear, and abandon. The key for making it through these moments is to remind yourself that all things are temporary and these emotions will pass, no matter how intense.

Age 29 - PIED cured after two years

Took me almost 2 years [to heal from PIED]. Every relapse would really set me back a lot. But then again I was a hard case who had trouble getting it up even with porn, I needed compilations and very quick succession of images/shots.