Age 20 - 2.5 years on NoFap: What I Want To Share With The Beginners

young guyLong story short, 20yo, PMO from 11-17, it was a very strong addiction for 3 years, discovered NoFap when I was 17, never could've guessed that porn was bad before that.

Study: Adolescents and web porn: a new era of sexuality (2015)

Adam holding a laptopCOMMENTS: An Italian study that analyzed the effects of Internet porn on high school students, co-authored by urology professor Carlo Foresta, president of the Italian Society of Reproductive Pathophysiology. The most interesting finding is that 16% of those who consume porn more than once a week report abnormally low sexual desire compared with 0% in non-consumers (and 6% for those who consume less than once a week).

Age 34 - 12 years of PIED almost cured. Socially anxious paranoid guy is gone. Feel like a man.

smiling coupleI am 34. Been fapping since age 12 or may be even 11. Excessive fapping had turned me into a lethargic, skinny, demotivated guy since my teen years.

Age 28 - Sexuality back to "normal", Relationship with parents much better, Improved memory

lakeFapping almost drove me to suicide, I was so depressed and life was hell. Thanks to NoFap I could find strength from this community, and for the first time in life, I feel in control of my sexuality.

Age 27 - 2 Years Gone By…

Let your results do the talkingI’ve accomplished more in these past 2 years than in the 27 prior years sadly…Time heals everything. I can assure you.

Age 27 - Lifelong PIED/DE cured. It took 1 year 3 months

couple in bedThe last 5 times I've been with a woman now, I've achieved a beautiful erection every time, and I've ejaculated each time. Since I became sexually active, about 3 years ago, I had never achieved either a strong erection, or could ejaculate with a woman.

Age 28 - 1 year no PMO: Life was horrible; I was suicidal.

It's hard to think clearly when suicide's on the brainYou've no idea how many times I failed. I tried to stop it for 10000 times. But I failed miserably. I failed in my MBA, I lost my friends, and I lost my job, no social contacts. I tried to commit suicide 4 years ago, it also failed.

DE - I finally know how great sex can be

couple kissingI'd like to admit that past year around this time i was thinking about suicide. I was alone and more lonely than ever. Even when i was in a relationship sex didn't do much for me. I barely felt anything.

Age 15 - Where did all this confidence come from?

young guyI'm 15 years old, I live in straya and early last year I accidentally found out how to jack it. I was just watching some videos late at night on youtube and I just came across this softcore crap.

Age 27 - (PIED) The benefits are many

young guyI started off masturbating when I was 14, not to images or a computer, but to fantasizing about my gf at the time. With a fetish that I still unwillingly have.

University professor - "Professor Perv is dead"


I started NoFap over the summer but was very curious to see how things would go once the academic year started. I'm a professor and my students include very attractive young ladies.

Age 39 - Better relationship with wife, No longer emotionally dead, Much better erections

loving coupleWell here I am about 6+ months into the journey and while there have been peaks and valleys it's been worth the effort. Porn doesn't have much of a hold anymore nore does it have any appeal. The fantasy is gone and I'm glad to be reconnecting with my wife.

Age 34 - Gay: (ED) My brain was cured, I could be aroused by a smile

guy looking at sunsetI did this challenge 2 years ago... because of porn addiction, and ED issues... first time it lasted 2 weeks, and i relapsed because i hit the flatline right after day 6.

1 Year - I feel more energetic, proactive & passionate about things. Girls are way more attractive

guy with raised arms celebratingThis year has been interesting. As with every streak there were difficult times and easier ones, but willpower prevailed!


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