Age 23 - ED: I had sex with a condom and finished. 6 years waiting for this moment

condom on bananaI had PIED since I was 17. I'm 23 now. I didn't think I would be able to post this unless I reached 3 months full hard mode, but it's not the case... Today I had a sex with a condom and finished all the way... 6 years waiting for this moment and it finally happened.

I believe I've just removed the factors that have kept me from realizing what I could be

rocket shipI've jotted down some of my thoughts and experiences on this journey. I've made it this far and I will make that number continue to go up- sky's the limit! (That rocket ship is my goal.)

Age 36 - Use 45 minutes a day to READ A BOOK, in a month you’ll FEEL the rewire

Go read a bookI’m 36 years old with around 20 years of use, so sure, I had some improvements but I’d probably need a couple of years to clean most of the past bad habits.

Age 17 - It is so so worth it!

young guyI went from doing absolutely nothing with my life to actually being motivated and making changes in my life. I have started working out. I got myself a girl who I am taking to prom. I am doing better in my classes. I began to read. I set to play my first ever DJ gig in a club. I received internship offers from a couple large  companies. I started playing soccer again. I went on a life-changing hike on the Kalalau Trail.

Change Your Brain: How Your Habits Cause Anxiety (short ebook)

Change Your BrainAnxiety and the use of anti-anxiety medications are rapidly increasing for adolescents--and medication often does not help. What has changed? (Read it - and write a review!)

Age 24 - It seriously is like night and day! I was stuck in the dark cave

couple in bedToday is the day that I have finally made it past 30 days. I started attempting to change my PMO habit in high school (I am 24 now) and never could get past one month for the first a few years of trying to quit.

Age 22 - So much changed this year that I'd have to write a 400-page novel to fit everything in

young guyI have not fapped, edged or looked at porn for a whole year. I will answer your questions if you have any. So much changed and happened this year that I'd have to write a 400-page novel to fit everything in.

Age 22 - (ED) Sex without Viagra or Cialis

Rock Hard logoWords can't express how I feel. I've been having ED issues since I was 18. I started using Viagra to help me with my ED issues all these years. I'm 22 btw. But tonight I was able to have sex without the help of Viagra or Calis. I was rock hard.

ED & Fetishes: Crazy Journey but Success is Pure Serenity!

young coupleI realized I needed a reboot when I got with my new girlfriend after a looong time without sexual contact with someone and escalating porn use/tastes. After many embarrassing encounters of ED I decided to hit google and figure out why I was having this problem.

I am capable of doing whatever I want with my life

couple kissingNoFap/PornFree has literally changed my life. I lost so many years on that poison it's a shame, but it feels great to know that I am capable of doing whatever I want with my life.

Age 20s - I realize so many opportunities I now have the courage to capitalize on

holding handsI was studying yesterday when I noticed this girl staring at me from over her computer screen several times as I was walking around the library. Over the course of several hours and a couple trips to the water fountain to stretch my legs I realized that this girl was definitely into me.

Age 19 - For the first time in my life I feel like I'm truly conscious

young guyIt took me around 3 months of various 7-15 day streaks, but as of today ladies and gentlemen, it has been 30 days that I've been on the nofap. And boy has it ever been ridiculously overwhelming.

Age 21 - The dark cloud of PIED has cleared away

dark cloud with lightAfter struggling with PEID for 3 years (17-20) I finally had enough. I broke down and confessed to my father that I could not get an erection with a girl. (I had never really talked to my dad about my sexual relationships with any of my girlfriends before so this was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do).

Age 22 - My 2.5-year journey from zero to hero

young man in bedI first joined this community around 2 and a half years ago, I found it whilst googling effects of masturbation on sports as I started to realise when I abstained I was able to lift more at the gym.


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