Age 17 - PIED seems cured

young guyMy counter says more, but I consider myself to be PMO free for 75 days today. I want to share my improvements, and give the new rebooters some advice that helped me to keep going. So first of all, when I first started I literally couldn't remember the last time I got an erection that was not caused by porn.

Age 18 - All throughout high school I was a sad excuse of a human being. Becoming a man.

flirtingIt is my 18th birthday and I feel a massive change happening in my life. This may be long but I really just need to write this down. All my life I have been very shy, anti-social, awkward, not confident, the list goes on.

Age 20 - More self confidence, I am a lot more open, No more objectifying women

soulmatesI did the 90 days challenge hard mode, no porn, no masturbation, no edging, no "orgasming" on purpose. I've had a couple wet dreams which I can't control. My benefits by doing this challenge:

Age 25 - Day 50 compared to just before day 1. (updates added)

forrest trailJust before day one: Woke up, hated life, rushed my wife and kid out the door, went upstairs and started with a half hour morning fap before getting to work. I deserved it after all.

Age 20 - I feel like I am fulfilling my destiny and being a productive member of society instead of being a stagnant flesh pile

young guyI finally hit my goal after 4-5 years fighting my PMO addiction. It was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. This challenge has really changed my life in so much more ways than just No more PMO.

I've become more assertive, honest, confident and sociable. I'm getter more done.

Pacific Crest TrailI had been fapping since my early childhood and watching porn on and off since my early twenties. Few years ago I recognized that porn was a problem for me and that I was probably a porn addict. This habit was controlling my life. I had trouble getting things done.

Age 42 - Masculine awakening. How my life changed in 6 months (HOCD).

Here is a story by a 42-year-old guy about ignorance, shame, fear, and about his big revival. The story about how PMO can bring your life to an end.

ED cured - I would have never thought I would ever have sex again

I had been waiting to enter something in here until I had some success to report. I failed with ed a couple of times during the process but managed to keep going despite that. I finally got past 6 months and decided to try to see if I could see any progress.

ED - Tried ED drugs. A whole lot of therapy. Nothing really worked....Until I stopped PMO

For 3 years, give or take, I suffered from terrible ED. I would guess I was able to get and maintain a decent enough erection for sex about 20% of the time, if that. And failure like that, of course, begets hurt feelings and anxiety and thus more failure.

Age 43 - 18 months later: A new life is possible! It is like moving to another country.

My success story is rather quick . I'm 43, and I was totally addicted to PMO for about 27 years. The addiction has taken a lot of my lifetime from me. In January 2014, I became top-serious to get out. I said to me "either get out or die".

I have been trying and failing for two years: I have transformed myself profoundly.

The first and most important thing you should take from this post is this: I have probably failed more times than you have tried. I have been trying and failing for two years, and only now have I achieved a 90 day streak. I used to fap around 8-10 times per day, when I woke up, before and after work, and while going to bed. I was a serious addict, and I have overcome this and love myself for it.

Age 25 - My Story: A life forever changed

guy hikingLet me start with my pmo history. I started looking at porn at the age of ten then started masturbating at the age of 12. Continued this pattern until my clean break in March of this year. I'm 25 so that makes 15 years total of porn addiction.

Age 37 - ED cured: So much more feeling, sensitivity, passion, love, raw animal lust, just fantastic sex!

coupleWorking from home the last year and PMO was way too easy and way too frequent. As the title says, decided Hard Mode was the only option after a few pretty bad instances of not being able to keep hard enough to really have decent sex.

Age 47 - I grappled with ED for years. A wonder my wife stayed. Erections are now as strong as I can remember

banana in the pocketI grappled with ED for years. Years. I was rarely able to get a sufficient erection to have sex with my wife. It is a wonder she stayed with me. This absolutely works if you let it. Take it from me.


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