Age 23 - Transformed from weird loner into charming guy

young guyI'm a 23 years old guy from India. As a kid, I was sexually abused by a girl who used to baby-sit cum tutor me, she was around 7-8 years older than me.

Age 22 - 90 day report (PIED seems cured)

young guyAlmost all of the reports I see about nofap tells amazing stories how they have become better men from abstaining from masturbation. I feel like I have not witnessed the same 'superpowers' as most people have.

Age 18 - ED & Delayed Ejaculation: Reached orgasm with my girlfriend for the first time in two years.

happy young coupleI've been on and off attempting this for a while now. But this is my longest streak, and I'm delighted to say that I have reached orgasm with my girlfriend for the first time in two years.

Age - 21 Sexual problems cured, but went back to porn

Oh wellI am very grateful for this subreddit because finding NoFap 3 years ago helped me a lot. My main reason for starting it was to get rid of my delayed ejaculation.

Age 28 - Delayed ejaculation & loss of sensitivity cured

fireworksI wouldn't say I was addicted to porn or masturbation. However with every partner I have felt little sensation and been unable to come. For years this got me so down, as I could not enjoy sex, and having kids would be really difficult, potentially impossible.

Age 51 - Celebrating life, no more escorts or femdom

New life vs. old lifeI CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!! On one hand, this [180 days] has been a painful, some times long process of cleaning my mind and body, and changing so many negative things in my life.

Age 18 - Femdom fetish fading (trigger warning)

funny little manPOST CONTAINS SOME BIG TRIGGERS - I first start watching porn and masturbating to it when I was 12. Now I am 18 and I only discover femdom like a year ago and it already had a fucking big impact on me. I am addict. And I am mad also.

Identification with Stimuli Moderates Women's Affective and Testosterone Responses to Self Chosen Erotica (2015)

woman staring at computerCOMMENTS: Unlike previous studies, this experimental set-up more closely matches internet porn use where the user can surf tube sites and choose porn they find most arousing. Strong emotions such as disgust and anxiety induced by guilt and embarrassment elevate dopamine and thus arousal.

Age 17 - Nofap cured my depression and social anxiety. Other benefits

young guyI am from Europe. I am on my third try to make it to day 200 and more. I was trying to cure my depression for years, nothing worked. Finally, I found nofap. Masturbation and porn used to be my drug.

A month ago I relied on erection pills and porn in order to perform. Now I feel unstoppable

See the lightI've known about NoFap for years. Tried it a few times to entertain myself, always failed after a few days and never thought much about it, because I'm 'sex positive' and that justifies fapping how often you like, to whatever turns you on.

Age 21 - I know what I want and how to obtain it, never afraid or insecure

young guyI have practiced nofap for about 2 years now and just recently have mastered it. Superpower and feelings:

Age 25 - ED and delayed ejaculation cured: What really matters is love & connection

stopwatch and male symbolYes! I finally did it and can now feel really normal. All my sexual related issues already seem distant and it feels natural and not that big of a deal to perform as I should in bed. But how did I manage to overcome five years of suffering and almost a decade of excessive pmo?

Age 20s - Libido is back after long flatline - happier, more confident, losing excess weight

happy buyI am in my early 20s and started fapping and porn consumption almost simultaneously around 14. I'm from Germany, so sorry for possible spelling mistakes. I started NoFap about 4 months ago.

The Impact of Pornography on Children. American College of Pediatricians (October 2015)

American College of Pediatricians logoComment: The American College of Pediatricians is speaking out about the harms of pornography use for young patients.

ABSTRACT: The availability and use of pornography has become almost ubiquitous among adults and adolescents.  Consumption of pornography is associated with many negative emotional, psychological, and physical health outcomes.

Age 26 - Much more aware and sensitive, plus learning is as exciting as video games used to be

couple laughingI've made it to 175 days of no masturbation and no looking at any porn. I was hardmode at first, but have been dating a lady for a while, with sex about once a week.


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