Age 22 - Life has gotten DRAMATICALLY BETTER (1 yr)

Happy coupleI was watching a video on youtube today when they mentioned nofap briefly and had completely forgotten about how i got started on my new life.

Age 27 - How I beat Porn-induced ED

handsMy personal story: Had PIED for years, then 70 days nofap. Nowadays I masturbate sometimes, not very often though - I try to keep it at bay - I do not make a sacrilege out of it, but still no porn at all!

Age 20 - far more enjoyment out of the fundamentals in life

happy young guyI have to admit, I was sceptical when I first came across NoFap and started reading about PMO addiction, and everything that us No Fappers stand by, I guess.

"NoFap: Why A Growing Number Of Males Are Refusing To Masturbate"

Guy on bed with laptop and sockSubreddit NoFap Movement Takes The World By Storm

You may have wondered why internet porn has become so freely available on the internet these days, if you're a young male with a little bit of spare time on his hands, no pun intended, then it is pretty easy to fall into a dark spiral of daily wankathons in the comfort of your own bedroom.

Age 18 - Confidence, energy, focus, drive, the works

young guyGood day fellow fapstronauts. Today i come to reflect on the last five months of my journey. I'm a senior in highschool, and after a very rough breakup at the end of last school year i decided to make some changes. However, due to PMO, very little changed for quite awhile. Until the beginning of september, that is.

Age 38 - Married: I've gone from being a good husband and dad to being a great husband and dad

great dadI've just hit 90 days, a month better than my previous best which was in 2013. Here's what my experience has been like:

YourBrainRebalanced Radio Show #12: Healthy Activities To Include

Noah, Charlie and Daniel discuss Healthy Activities To Include In Rebooting and Life. Then answer questions from the forums. LINK TO SHOW

Age 21 - I've gone from having close to no social life to having plans every single day

friendsI've actually gone the whole 90 days. Reading success stories was and still is one of my favorite things to do on this forum, so here's my experience, some do's and dont's and my overall assessment of noFap.

Age 27 - Unlimited energy, more social & confident, drive for productivity/aversion to passive activities

beach and mountainsIn this post I wish to reflect on my experience of 100 days of hardcore Nofap, and share my thoughts on how I will continue from here. I hope this is helpful to anyone, I am glad to share this reflection with you.

Age 32 - Gay, More focus, harder dick

RockiesI discovered this site about a year and a half ago and tried/stopped in fits and starts.  Well I got a kindle as a Christmas present and downloaded Your Brain On Porn because I was interested and it was only $5.

Age 37 - Healthy energy levels and focus, sex way better

Happy coupleWell, this day has come and it's both unbelievable and underwhelming. I've been NoFapping (?) on easy mode and over the last 90 days. The power and volume of my ejaculations have been abundant and slightly pride-inducing, if I do say so myself.

Age 34 - Married: PIED cured. I am fitter, healthier, more positive

new plantThought I would share with you a brief summary of my journey. I am not posting this in the success forum because the road is long and hard.

Age 41 - Gay man - "Hard on really hard and stands up proud."

happy guyImproved physique from being more motivated at gym and swimming. Better sleep pattern and not cutting sleep hours watching porn and webcams like [deleted]. Better posture less back ache and neck ache not huddled over a PC half the night.

Age 17 - I am free. NoFap has saved my life.

young guyNofap has saved my life. I finally know what it is like to live. I am now happy to get out of bed every morning. (most of the time ;-).)


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