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What Happens When Children Watch PornToday’s high-intensity, no-holds-barred Internet porn has sex addiction therapists scrambling to stay current, and some are noting a curious trend. In the past, individuals suffering from porn addiction nearly always reported a history of trauma. That is, the porn-addicted client stumbled onto porn at some point and found that it soothed anxiety and other emotional problems caused by early physical or emotional abuse. But some therapists working with today’s compulsive porn users believe they are seeing a new type of porn abuser:

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Age 24 - DE - it's a slow, steady process, better skin, great relationship!

progressThis is my first run and I have made it past 90 days without porn or fapping. I'm on a roll and I ain't stopping! I am pleasantly surprised it has been this easy so far. It has made a very heavy positive impact on my life.

Age 30 - Married, more energetic and confident

smiling coupleI first found NoFap about three years ago (I'm 30 now). As many can attest to, reading YBOP and this sub was really an 'a-ha!' moment for me.

More energy, more time, etc - and I got the girl

handsA lot has changed in my life during this challenge, whether it be directly correlated to noFap or not, I am glad that i'm in a better state now. Besides the general noFap benefits such as energy, more time, etc- I was finally able to get the girl that I have crushed on for over a year now!

Age 40 - Gay man: PIED progress. Keep at it folks - this really works!!

holding handsAnother satisfied NoFap customer :) I have to say this has been much easier than I expected so far. I've been fapping to porn since college, and I've had problems with ED and DE since my mid 20s which I attributed more to mild use of SSRIs than anything else.

Age 20 - More confident, less brain fog

confident guy with girlAt the start it just sort of hit me that I was addicted to PMO and I decided to just stop doing it. I've had urges and I've been close to relapse a few times but I haven't actually relapsed. I look back now and it seemed all so easy.

ED cured - A wonderful feeling, a personal life achievement

happy guyIt's been two full years since I discovered that porn was the reason for my ED, and it's been 2 years of a freakin mental struggle regarding my sexuality and coming to terms with what I needed to do, how to overcome my habits.

Age 36 - Married, ED, enjoying sex so much more

happy coupleQuick summary: Married for 15 years, addicted to Porn/Fapping for 25 years. Random occasions of ED.

Doing this for PIED, but fetishes disappeared. Along with many other changes. It's a bit scary.

fresh startThis is the longest I've ever gone without porn since I discovered it many years ago. Even during my longer NoFap streaks I never went this long without at least watching some softcore stuff or hentai which would then--big surprise--quickly escalate again.

Age 26 - ED & fetish porn: Not like a sex machine, but at least I stay on the scene

Italian flagGreetings from Italy fellow rebooters! I'll start off by saying that I quit porn exactly two years ago (started reboot on 01/08/2013) and I feel like sharing my success story with you guys.

Age 29 - It's worth it, and a lot more fun than feeling depressed!

eye contact is funAt 13 we got the internet at home, back in the days of dial-up, with mainly pictures and really crappy videos on the free sites. I wasn’t the most confident person, and I was incredibly shy when it came to speaking to girls, but overall, I was fairly popular at school, and pretty happy

Age 35 - Erections: it's the way nature intended it to be

flirty coupleI am currently in my longest streak of freedom so far, around 4 months. I stopped doing it because I felt that it wasn't giving me anything and was taking from me too much. Looking back, I realize how much masturbation has changed my behavior and influenced my choices.

The Men with Lego Hands - Mockumentary

Age 24 - Life feels brilliant

New ZealandTwo years ago I ruined a potential relationship because I discovered I was a porn addict. I came to the realisation I was a stereotype, I was laziness incarnate.

Age 22 - I can see right into a woman's soul

starfishI have really reached a pinnacle of my blissful state. 2 years ago I would have never thought that porn was holding down, much less draining, my spiritual energy. But it's not the porn in my opinion it's the whole p+m+o because as we all know O with a partner is what is right.


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