Age 26 - No longer a virgin, lost weight, life has never been better

I am completing one year without porn and I decided to write this post to show you how my life improved, and somehow to thank this amazing community that I owe so much, and give strength and hope to everyone struggling right now.

Age 23 - I am the best version of myself but I have a way to go

plant breaking through asphaltFor quite some itme i've been trying to break out of some depression. I was having a hard time finding a job and had been getting down on myself about some other troubles in my life.

Age 21 - Depression and anxiety gone, very motivated

young guyI saw benefits. A lot of people do this for girls, I did it because my anxiety was immense and my depression made me extremely isolated. I'm 21 and been using porn for about 7-8 years.

Age 18 - Fake girls aren't that interesting anymore

I'm not a heavy addict. I don't have PIED. I just don't want porn in my life. I want more mening to life than just jerking of to porn all the time. This is my third "long" streak.

Age 20 - I stopped living in my head

happy guyBenefits include morning sausage, normal thoughts not always sexual, and I feel rewarded from activities that are beneficial towards my health. Running feels fantastic and I want to run more! (this is a first for me).

ED cured after 9 months, anxiety way better now

happy coupleI was about to lose my virginity for the first time really early in this year. She started giving me head and I went down. We proceeded to try to have sex 4-5 times and every time it would go down after just a few second of penetration.

Age 20s - Don't underestimate how much good comes from quitting

graduationI don't wanna mince words, my story's been heard before, trying to reverse years of habits etc... anyhoo just finished the 90 day challenge. Here's my experience; perhaps it will help you.

Age 19 - Q&A with 1000-day NoFap Jedi

young JediQ: What finally got you to say this was the last straw?

A: I was masturbating for 5+ hours every day and hadnt even realized it until I timed myself.

Q: 3 top tips?

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Age 22 - How NoFap saved my life

guy with back packI want to tell you about myself before nofap, while doing the 100 days and how I feel now. I've already submitted this one but I forgot about the time zones, since most of you are American I feel like you deserve this.

'A No-Jerk Reaction' (Taki's Magazine)

guy watching porn ignoring girlfriendMillennials aren’t getting laid and what’s worse, they don’t want to. Even the ones in relationships aren’t having sex. Their parents are having more sex than they are and their parents are gross.

Age 34 - PIED cured: The flatline cost me my job, and almost my life.

smiling coupleI have been a silent observer in panic mode since May of this year. I am 34 years old. I started looking at dirty pictures at a young age, but I never really delved into internet Porn until I was married and miserable. That was ten years ago.

Age 26 - Earning more, finances much improved, at ease with women

farmerAs for the positive changes. overall i have become more productive. i am into agriculture working my own plot on my own timing. so you can say the harder i work the more profit i make

Age 18 - Straighter posture, less anxiety, procrastination, depression and stuttering

young guyI want to share my experience of a 50-day Streak. Relapse was due to extreme pain during the night after retention. Starting afresh and not giving up!

Age 29 - For those who needed proof...

lessons learnedI got totally addicted to porn at some point between my teenage years and now (I'm 29), and recently this came to a head as I became hooked on webcam sex, a pursuit that is just as pitiful, yet far more time consuming than looking at regular porn (hours spent with cock in hand waiting for someone willing to get naked for you, looking at your own disgusting image in the same light that most of your fellow users do).


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