Age 22 - Many benefits, but farther to go

young guyA bit of background info. I'm a 22 year old male. Been on NoFap since Oct 2014. My longest streaks have been 70 days hardmode and 95 days. But I don't really count the latter because it involved a lot of edging.

Husband - 3 year recovery "Clouds have been removed"

couple kissing in bedIt's been a long and hard journey since I made the decision to walk away from internet porn in December 2012. In fact, it took me until April 2015 to finally let go.

Age 17 - truly working towards my passion

young guyThirty days ago it was the end of June. I had all the free time a teen could ask for. I could work on my business concepts, get a higher job now that I had quit my local pizza job, and could start lifting six times a week. But instead, what do you think I was doing?

ED - My limp prick cost me my girlfriend: After six months of no PMO I've finally recovered!

feet in bedMy story isn't anything special, I am just a normal guy who made some bad choices early in my life. After losing a girl I love cuz of my ED I took it upon myself to change.

Age 23 - ED: The biggest difference I would say through 90 days is actually wanting real girls.

close coupleHalf of me is extremely proud and in shock that I just went 3 full months without something I've done basically every week since I was super young. It truly is a great accomplishment and seeing that blue star feels great.

I am the wife of an ex-porn addict. He claimed his ED was a "medical condition"

happy couple I didn't know my husband watched porn. Mostly because he told me that he didn't but also because he didn't like the idea of me watching porn. I didn't have any reason to not trust him.

Age 19 - I was Weak-hearted, Pessimistic, Afraid, Nervous, Introverted: Not Any More!

water fallsI don't know how I can express my feeling now. Its lot different as I never had such a clean mental feeling before in my life. Today I am celebrating 101st day of NOFAP.

Age 18 - A million positive changes. More focused, more calm, anxiety went away

Happy young guyIn my 84 days of nofap, I have seen a million positive changes. More focused, more calm, my anxiety went away. I lost fat and trimmed up, I became more confident. I became more masculine than ever. I can now talk to a girl without getting shy or anxious, just but to mention a few.

Age 20 - No more PIED. OCD/Anxiety down 95%, Clear mind, More social. Libido & manhood levels are up 5000%

happy guyOn August 8, I will be 6 months clear of PMO. Here's a couple things I've noticed: 1) I've never had such a clear mind. I can focus like I never have and am doing WAY better in school.

Age 17 - Cured my PIED, but went back to porn and ED returned

cartoon guy at computerI used to have a problem maintaining a 100% erection, the problem was not to get it up, however it was cured in my big streak of 250 days +. When I had sex with several partner during this streak my penis had no problems whatsoever.

Now Almost 60 Days on "Hard Mode" and I've Never Felt Better

dejected guyCAUTION: Sensetive material so please if you're easy to relapse PLEASE skip to the TL;DR. The story starts with a curious 10 year old boy and a computer. You all know how that goes.

ED & DE just about fully cured: 7 months no porn.

young guyIt's been 7 months since I last watched any porn. Masturbated on average once a week. Any less frequency and my prostatitis symptoms seem to flare up. My history involved not being able to penetrate because I could not get hard enough.

Age 18 - PIED cured, but went back to porn and ED came back

young guyStarted watching porn and masturbating when I was 14. It never stopped. My first chance at sex came at 15. I know it's young, but still. Suffered ED and botched the whole thing. Had a second chance at age 16. Once again, fucked it up.

Age 25 - 515 days: Since I started NoFap, my life turned around and I'm getting better in all aspects

young guy looking in the mirrorBeen watching Porn since I was 15, went from being a very social, happy kid to breaking up School, unable to get into relationships with women & social anxiety. Since I started NoFap, my life turned around and I'm getting better in all aspects I mentioned, finally.

Age 24 - Seven Months In: The bullet-points

happy guy1) Looking at fappage material is much more of a choice than an addiction. Thinking is the new ballgame, and now you're really dealing with it at the most pivotal point.


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