'Watching Adult Films Alters Brain Activity Similar To Drug Addicts, Alcoholics' (Medical Daily)

brain holePornography is a platform where both men and women can be comfortable exploring their erotic desires.

'Overindulgence: How Watching Porn Is Actively Ruining Your Sex Life' (Daily Elite)

Don Jon watching pornPornography has long been a staple of young men’s lives, and it has evolved over time. It has gone from hidden issues of Playboy under beds to an easily accessible, multifaceted industry on the Internet.

Age 17 - Better confidence, body, relationships and grades

young guy After one year of attempts, I finally made it. 90 days NoFap, 240 days NoPorn.  Background: I'm a 17 y/o male in highschool. Because of that, my journey might have been easier than some of you, who have been masturbating for a longer period of time.

Age 50 - ED cured, got back into porn, now severe ED

Older but WiserI’m 50 years old and have always had a pretty strong sex drive. I discovered porn when I was about 14 but fortunately the internet didn’t exist in the form it does today. I got fast internet when I was about 32 and I’ve been binging on porn ever since.

When porn becomes a problem (Irish Times). Sex therapists Trish Murphy, Teresa Bergin, Tony Duffy (2015)

Click on graphic to see ED rates, which show higher rates in young men than in men 35-49.

Analysis of "Modulation of late positive potentials by sexual images in problem users and controls inconsistent with 'porn addiction' (2015)", by SPAN Lab

Hyperbole & Inaccurate Claims

Let's start with the lead author's hyperbole. Nicole Prause, boldly claimed on her SPAN lab website that this solitary study "debunks porn addiction":

What researcher would ever claim to debunk an entire field of research and to refute all previous studies with a single EEG study?

Age 27 - ED, relaxed and confident with a girl at my place

young coupleA few days ago (after 50 days of current streak) I went to a party. I was feeling good, relaxed and confident and had good time.

Age 15 - 175 days, Social anxiety completely went away, motivation increased

young guyI've wanted to do a success story for a while, and what better time than less than 30 minutes after relapsing on my 175 day streak? For some background information, I'm 15 years old

Age 22 - Best erection of my life! Almost over this life-long demon.

no demonsI've always been really insecure of my flaccid penis and my erections. Once I realized it was because of PMO I knew that was it. It took me two years to really accept the fact. I was a very bad addict and three years later I still struggle with M and flatlines.

Age 24 - ED, now my erections are the hardest they have ever been

young coupleI am 24, and have been using porn since early teens, pretty much exactly the same as Gabe to be honest. Oh what was I thinking right? Don't you just love hindsight. I know you got to roll with the punches in life but man, a broken noodle is one low blow from the man upstairs…

Porn-Induced ED coupled with a strange fetish: Long road, but completely cured

curedI thought since this site helped me on my journey, I would pay it forward and tell my story. I can consider myself completely cured of my PIED.

Age 41 - Depressed, suicidal, my relationship was tanking because of PIDE: 9 weeks later.

happy coupleI came to this forum around 8 weeks ago, after I started my journey to go porn free the week previous. I was 41, addicted to porn since 13 years old, depressed, suicidal, my relationship with my girlfriend was tanking because of PIDE

Age 22 - Comfortable, relaxed and confident discussing NoFap with 60 classmates

college classThis might not make sense to you right now, or even be the thing you want to hear, but the day that I started doing NoFap to improve myself, and not my relationships with women or personal bravado, is the day that I truly conquered my addiction.

Age 20 - ED cured: Less anxiety & depression, Better memory, mood, motivation & energy

young guyOk I just had sex with my best female friend.. I'm 20 yrs old and I've been watching porn since I was 14. I started nofap this year, mostly because of PIED and severe anxiety.


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