Age 39 - hermit, virgin, no friends. 75 days - I no longer fear rejection. I am coming out of my shell

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hermit crabI have been the biggest human hermit in History. 39/M, no PMOing for 25+ years....Now, at 75 days of NoFap..I asked a girl if she had plans last night...

She said she did...I got rejected in front of some friend...I took it okay. Today I got rejected again, But later I went to a birthday party and met some people.

Wow, what a change in my personality! This is amazing. I no longer fear rejection, I no longer fear what other people think. My brother asked me today what happened to me!!!!! I told him that I wanted to be more social...He said it was awesome and that he is happy for me!!!

These are not superpowers...I am just starting to be my true self! I am coming out of the shell...I am hungry for life! NoFap is amazing. Don't cheat, Don't edge, Don't view Porn...and you will start seeing changes you will not believe. My social anxiety is disappearing!! Wow.

EDIT: I used to never go to parties, I used to never even talk to girls...My weekends were at my house, locked up watching tv, playing videogames and PMOing....This was my life for the last 25 years...No joke.

If you are shy, if you fear social circles and hanging out with people...NoFap is for you!

by sfumato1002



my friend i read ur post and it was an inspiration jut to spot some light on m story (which is the same like evrybody here)

im antisocial ..fearful ..i am 23 yrs old and i dnt have a girl in my life so sad..tht hurts...i have alot of dreams and goals i want to accomplish but i keep procrastinating..

now the important part..i bumped into this site and it hit me hard to find out why i was a failure..i stopped PMO for 21 days and man lot of things change..but i relapsed...i stood back up and stopped PMO for a wekk..then i realpsed agian for 2day!! ( 2day is the seconad day) I feeeel soo FUCKIN bad!!

to keep in mind i was on porn and masturbation for moore then yrs witha minmum 3 times a day...please give me some help..i need it really


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