Rebooting Basics

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."
― Thomas A. Edison

The goal of rebooting is to discover what you are like without porn in your life. does not have a "porn recovery program." If you are looking for a set of rules you will not find them - other than: "No artificial sexual stimulation during your reboot." By artificial I mean pixels, audio and literature. No porn substitutes allowed, such as: surfing pictures on Facebook or dating sites, cruising Craigslist, underwear ads, YouTube videos, "erotic literature", etc. If it's not real life, just say 'no.' Before you go any further watch this video by Gabe Deem:

YBOP simply passes along suggestions from men who have recovered from Internet porn addiction, porn-induced ED, and other negative effects of porn use. Pick and choose what works for you. Please do not get caught up in, "Am I doing this right?"  It is you who decide the length and parameters of your reboot, depending on your goals and current situation. If you are rebooting because you suspect porn-induced erectile dysfunction, please see the Porn & ED section, and begin with START HERE: Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunction.

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Porn addiction & sexual conditioning

"It's amazing what you learn doing this. I think I now fully understand the saying that 'knowledge is power.' Once you know how something works and how it affects you, it's much easier to muster the willpower to make a change if you so wish."—Recovering porn user

People arrive here with with lots of different symptoms, which they're not always sure are due to their heavy porn use. Confusion is understandable because the symptoms look so different. (Also see What are the symptoms of excessive porn use?) For example,

It's important to realize that addictions or sexual conditioning alter the structure and chemistry of the brain's complex reward circuitry. The reward circuitry is home to evolutionarily ancient centers responsible for influencing or controlling all bodily functions, perceptions, moods, emotions, drives, urges, learning, memory, and of course - libido and erections. Your autonomic nervous system and most major hormones are controlled through reward circuitry structures and chemicals. Additionally, nearly all emotional and mental disorders arise from imbalances in these same structures and neural pathways. It's no wonder so many differing symptoms can arise from a reward circuitry altered by porn addiction or sexual conditioning. Although very complex alterations in brain structure and functioning occur in all addictions, the following three categories comprise many of the major changes:

  1. A numbed pleasure response (desensitization of your reward circuitry)
  2. Formation of addiction pathways (sensitization - which is behind sexual conditioning)
  3. Inhibition of executive control and decision making (hypofrontality)


If an addiction-related brain changes or sexual conditioning are underlying your symptoms, you need to reverse the process by giving your brain a well deserved time-out. Rebooting is our term for recovering from porn addiction and associated symptoms, including erectile dysfunction. We call it' rebooting' so you can envision restoring your brain to its original factory settings. Obviously, you cannot go back in time to restore point, or erase all the data as you would when you wipe clean a computer’s hard drive. However, you can heal many of the brain changes that lead to your porn addiction. (See: Does porn addiction cause irreversible damage to the brain?)

It's very confusing at first because the process is nonlinear, and each brain recovers differently. Some people have intermittent cravings and flatline periods. Some have their worst cravings in the first two weeks. Some feel good for a short time and then go into a more challenging period. Some feel horribly anxious. Some feel *less* anxious overall, but also have sluggish libido for weeks. Others don't find out their libido was recovered until they get with a real partner after several months.

The quickest way to reboot is to give your brain a rest from artificial sexual stimulation—porn, porn fantasy, erotica, and for some - masturbation and orgasm. Many guys eliminate or drastically reduce orgasms during their reboot period (and most all of them with sexual performance problems have to do this). On the other hand, sensual contact with a real person can be beneficial, as long as you don't fantasize about porn. In fact, some guys engage in gentle intercourse, in which they avoid getting close to the edge or orgasming. This sidesteps the chaser.

"To masturbate, or not to masturbate, that is the question"

If porn use is the cause of your symptoms, you may wonder why it helps to eliminate masturbation and orgasm during the temporary rebooting period. The short answer is - "That's how most guys have done it."

As stated, we have only two "rules': 1) Stop using artificial sexual stimuli, and 2) Do what works for you. Many guys have discovered it is helpful to eliminate or drastically reduce masturbation/orgasm during a reboot. Please educate yourself first with these threads on whether to masturbate or not, and the pros & cons of masturbating,  a balanced approach/plan, and this thread by a nofapper who thinks no masturbation is too restrictive.

Thoughts on whether to drastically reduce or eliminate masturbation during a reboot:

  1. If you have porn-induced ED, your brain is saying: "I can't do this anymore". Understand that your urge to masturbate is not true libido - you are addicted to porn, or your sexuality is conditioned to pixels. If you need porn to masturbate, or have a partially erect penis when you do, you are not horny or in need of "release". You are addicted and seeking a fix: a temporary dopamine high.
  2. The majority of men with porn-induced ED need to drastically reduce masturbation and orgasm - at least for a while. When you have a medical condition you usually need to do more than just eliminate the cause - in this case porn use. You don't generally break a leg by putting weight on it. However, once it's broken you have to cast it, use crutches and eliminate walking while you heal. Same goes for porn-induced ED. You don't have to wear a cast, but you need to give your brain time to heal, free of intense sexual stimulation.
  3. Masturbation and porn use are tightly wired together. Like Pavlov's dog that salivated when it heard the bell, you will start drooling for porn when masturbating. Time is needed to weaken the neural connections intertwining wanking and watching.
  4. Recovery may be easier without masturbation/orgasm. Remove masturbation/orgasm from the equation and most guys experience a sharp decline in sexual desire, we call the flatline. (See: "HELP! I quit porn, but my potency, genital size, and libido are decreasing")
  5. When you also eliminate orgasm/masturbation, not just porn, it seems to precipitate a more complete and deeper withdrawal, and thus healing. 
  6. Masturbation and orgasm strongly reactivate cravings to use porn. It has been surprising to witness that most men have an easier time eliminating masturbation than they do porn. For most guys with porn addiction, masturbation is simply not that interesting without porn, and they are amazed to discover that porn, not their libido, was driving their constant search for relief.
  • Key point: Our information comes from those who have posted rebooting accounts. There may be many guys who easily recover while continuing to regularly orgasm
  • Key point 2: Longer is not necessarily better, when it comes to complete abstinence from ejaculation. You need to be flexible and monitor the effects of orgasm as you progress in your reboot.
  • Caveat: Some guys with porn-induced ED eventually need to orgasm in order to jump-start their brains after a reboot or extended flatline.
  • Masturbation is NOT a relapse, but intentional porn use is a relapse. (I don't like the word 'relapse').

This is NOT an anti-masturbation website. I need to shout this, because I've read this nonsense on many forums, where debates over Internet porn degrade into masturbation debates. The name of this site is "Your Brain On Porn." Confusion occurs because 1) this generation sees masturbation and porn use as synonymous, and 2) men who recover from ED do so best by also eliminating masturbation/orgasm. Temporarily eliminating masturbation, or reducing your frequency, is all about recovering from an addiction and porn-induced ED - nothing else. We do not advocate abstinence as a permanent lifestyle. A few comments from guys:

"It's remarkable how common it is for MO (masturbation to orgasm) to lead to PMO (porn, masturbation, orgasm) in fairly short order. It becomes obvious real quick why most people should abstain from MO during the "reboot" period—something which didn't even occur to me before I came to this site, but now seems obvious."

"Abstain from masturbation for as long as possible. I went cold turkey on everything and I strongly feel it accelerated the recovery process."

"I can tell you that masturbating doesn't have the bad cravings that PMOing does. You also cannot do it for hours on end."

"I could really tell that no PMO [porn, masturbation, orgasm] is a far more powerful reboot tool then just no masturbation. The difference is huge! I was so happy when my morning wood started to return after the first week. I'm definitely going to keep on continuing the abstinence streak. My normal masturbation schedule would be a minimum of once to 5 times a day with porn. During the first part of the reboot I managed to go 4 days without masturbation. Now I've gone 3 weeks without, and I had an orgasm without porn."

If temporarily reducing or eliminating masturbation seems a bit weird, you may want to read the following articles.

Although there is nothing wrong with masturbation, it may not be the all-around health panacea touted by the media. Nor is masturbation comparable to sexual intercourse, as not all sex is created equal. Moderation may be the key - as it is for most things in life. From The Archives of Sexual Behavior - The Relative Health Benefits of Different Sexual Activities. Journal of Sexual Medicine (2010)

"What do I do if I can't quit masturbating," or "I have a girlfriend/wife/partner?"

Relax. The last thing you want to do is to become so "anal" that you never attempt to give up porn. Check out this thread on The Orgasm Reboot, and this thread on a cult being developed around masturbation being unhealthy. The take away from both threads is that guys quit trying because they think they believe that rebooting is all or none: "If you masturbate you have failed". This is complete nonsense. Here's one guy's experience:

If you are struggling, I would try to cut just porn out first. I found it too difficult to do both nofap and pornfree at first, but then I tried just pornfree alone. I found that my urge to masturbate slowly decreased to a healthier amount, and that I felt no reason to view pornographic content. If you can do both, go for it. But if you continue to fail after a few days, I would recommend this. It did wonders for me.

Apply black & white thinking to your porn use, but not to masturbation or sex with your mate. Today's internet porn is the problem. Porn use is what altered your brain and caused your sexual dysfunction or ED. If quitting porn is all you can handle, then simply stop using porn and gauge the results. As stated, sexual stimulation with a partner can be a good thing, although orgasm can cause cravings, and may slow ED recovery. In fact, fooling around with your partner is great as it wires you to the real deal. Some guys suggest gentle intercourse with no ejaculation, while others mix in ejaculation. If you have ED and decide to regularly orgasm, do not compare yourself to rebooting accounts where guys abstained from orgasm. If you are trying to reboot and have a partner see the following FAQs:

How long should I reboot?

Many websites that link to YBOP say we suggest 60 days, or 90 days, or 8 weeks, etc. We don't have a program or a set amount of days, as the time is completely dependent on the severity of your condition, how your brain responds, and your goals. Time frames found in rebooting accounts are all over the place because brains are different, and some men have porn-induced ED or DE. The men who reboot reverse porn-induced ED use their erectile health as a barometer (see: How long will it take to recover from Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunction? ).

Guys without ED must use other benchmarks (see: How do I know when I'm back to normal?). It's not uncommon for younger men to experience improvements long after the end of their rebooting phase.

Think of a reboot as discovering what's you and what was porn related - whether it be ED, social anxiety, raging sex drive, ADD, depression, etc. Once you have a clear understanding of how you were affected by porn, you can steer your own ship. I think every guy undertaking this journey should read this post by the creator of The Top 3 FATAL MISTAKES Rebooters Make

And if there's one thing I'd like to share with you all it's this: Approach this thing not with the mindset of "achieving x number of days", but with the mindset of putting distance between yourself and porn, so that it's something that truly feels like it's in your rearview window.

99% is a bitch. 100% is a breeze. - YouTube

Be aware that some young men with porn-induced ED take longer to reboot than older guys who did not start early on Internet porn. However, these same young men may need to kick start their libido if their reboot is taking a long time. See - Started on Internet porn and my reboot (Erectile Dysfunction) is taking too long

What's allowed during a reboot?

This is probably the number one question we are asked, other than "How long will it take for my ED to be fixed"? Again, we have no program, only insights from men who have recovered. If your only goal is to unhook from porn, then stopping porn may be enough. That said, many men eliminate all artificial sexual stimuli and masturbation/orgasm (if you have a partner see the above links). Some have to eliminate sexual fantasy as well - at least for a while.

It's important to understand that recovery is not about porn per se. It's about reversing dopamine dysregulation and sexual conditioning (sensitization). Your reward circuitry knows exactly what cocaine is, but has no idea as to what porn is. For behavioral addictions such as Internet porn and gambling, your reward circuitry only knows squirts of dopamine. For example, the lesbian porn that jacked-up your dopamine last month may no longer give you a buzz today. Now you need transsexual porn. As odd as this may sound, there's no such thing as (a definition of) porn. It all comes down to whether you are reactivating sensitized addiction pathways, and whether you are overstimulating your brain's already desensitized dopamine system.

Questions about what's "approved", or what's a "relapse", or whether X, Y, or Z, will slow someone's reboot cannot be answered. A better question is, "What type of brain training leads to addictive changes in my brain, and am I repeating it?" Your fundamental problem is that you are hooked on artificial sexual stimuli, and need to make a change if you want to return to your normal sexual responsiveness. See Porn Then and Now: Welcome to Brain Training to understand this concept.

A short list of what it helps to avoid includes: (Also see this FAQ - What stimuli must I avoid during my reboot - Did I relapse?)

  1. Porn: all types. If you need to ask, then the answer is, 'bad move.'  If it's not an in-person connection with a real person, don't use it (and that includes cam contacts).
  2. Avoid behaviors that mimic YOUR porn addiction. Which usually means behaviors that substitute the synthetic and the two-dimensional for the real deal.
  3. Eliminating artificial or synthetic means don't engage in "cam to cam" or chat rooms.
  4. Surfing Facebook, YouTube, Craig'sList or dating sites for pictures and sexual stimuli is like an alcoholic switching to lite beer.
  5. Fantasizing about porn is nearly the same as watching it, as you are activating your brain's addiction-related pathways.
  6. "What about fantasizing about real women?" See this FAQ for a full discussion: What about fantasizing during a reboot?
  7. Reading "erotic" stories counts as porn fantasy.

Right now some readers may be thinking: "Must I avoid all dopamine-producing activities?" Of course not! Quite the opposite. You want to replace your addiction with as much fun as possible, especially exercise, socializing, meditation, even touching and smooching.  A few couples employ slow, gentle intercourse and avoid orgasm (see: Another Way to Make Love). Research shows that these activities actually help regulate your dopamine levels and your mood (unlike intense video games, TV, junk-food and so forth).

Some guys think that replacing Internet porn with hours of video gaming or mindless surfing may have slowed down their rebooting process. Who knows? Certainly, Internet addiction does exist. See: Recent Internet Addiction Brain Studies Include Porn. The difference comes down to subtly different neurochemical effects that involve activation of the reward circuitry through oxytocin and opioids. When in doubt, steer for the kinds of activities your brain evolved to pursue, and which your ancestors regularly engaged in.

What is "allowed", and encouraged, is contact with a real-life partner. In fact, rewiring to the real deal may be a necessary step for some guys, as sexual conditioning, not addiction, is the primary challenge. Kissing, touching, fooling around are all "allowed. For some guys, even intercourse with orgasm is beneficial (note - some men, especially those with porn-induced ED employ gentle intercourse without orgasm to start). Erections are great, but should not be forced through vigorous stimulation or fantasizing, as the goal is to rewire to real life sexual scenarios.

A related question often arises: "If too much dopamine caused the problem, won't dopamine producing activities desensitize my reward circuitry?" This question is too simplistic as addiction is far more than low dopamine signaling. Sexual conditioning, or sensitization, seems to play a larger role for porn-induced sexual dysfunctions in young men. Incidentally, guys have recovered from porn-induced ED while taking prescription medicines such as antidepressants, ADD drugs, and anti-anxiety meds. A few have recovered while regularly using pot or alcohol, though they seem to report more relapses.

The process of rebooting

Obviously, this process is very difficult at first. Your brain is still seeking to rely on the artificially intense "fix" of neurochemicals associated with heavy porn use. It has strengthened the neuronal connections that link your distress with the short-term relief of Internet porn—and with any other cue it associates with porn, such as being home alone, seeing a sexy image, anxiety, arousal and so forth. The only way to weaken this subconscious link is to stop using (reinforcing) that brain pathway, and seek your mood medicine elsewhere. Gradually, the neuronal connections to porn and porn fantasy weaken. We call this "unwiring & rewiring," and you will find that many of the tools here can help with that. One guy described the process this way:

"When you remove a source of pleasure from the brain, it is like taking away the leg of a table. The whole thing becomes rocky and unstable. The brain really has two options: one, to make you hurt like hell in every way it can think of to 'encourage' you to put the table leg back again, or two, to accept that the table leg is really gone, and figure out how to re-balance without it. Of course, it tries Option One first. Then, after a while, it starts to get to work on Option Two, all while still pushing Option One in the meantime. Eventually, it seems like the brain re-balances, giving up on Option One, and fully succeeding at Option Two."

Rebooting not only stops activating the old pathway, it also helps return your brain to normal sensitivity. Remember: Numbed brains are desperate for stimulation. This is why your free will lies in restoring normal brain sensitivity. Said another guy:

Something I think helps: set an amount of time to reboot and stick to it. You will maybe feel depressed, anxious, annoyed, frustrated, start doubting if it "works", etc. It's normal. It's your brain wanting its feeding. Accept you will feel bad and keep going. Just keep saying to yourself: "I will do this for this amount of time and in the end I will see, at least I will be sure if this works or not. If I wanna screw up again after that, 3 months of my life won't kill me". Take one day at a time and do other stuff. See what are the worst periods when it is harder to resist and do something about it right now, plan ahead. You are an addict so it's not JUST about will power, you have to make sure you have the right environment to do this. And you have the power to do this if you really want it, if for nothing else, at least for your girlfriend. After about 2 months it gets really easier, and after 3, the urges are nothing but thoughts that pop up now and then, which you can easily block. More like habits you broke and which will take longer to forget, but no longer urges per se. No more need, craving, no more HAVE TO DO THIS. For me it was so. You may feel huge changes even after just a couple of weeks, but don't let them fool you. You are addicted. You can't take one more drink, you will want to binge. You know this is true as you lived it yourself. Trust the process for an amount of time and you will be very very happy for it.

Needless to say, rebooting is only a critical first step, not a permanent cure. Human brains are vulnerable, and some more than others. If you're here, chances are your brain will always be somewhat vulnerable to supernormal stimulation. Too much of any intense stimulus can lead to a downward spiral. Moreover, your brain now has a strong porn pathway, which will always be easy to reactivate. Rebooting doesn't guarantee you can safely use Internet porn in the future. Moreover, sex is, perhaps, the most fundamental human drive. So your brain evolved to jump on, and wire up, sexual cues in ways that it didn't for, say, gaming or drugs. This is another reason why future porn use is problematic.

It took me 1 try to get to 1 month (where I am now). I first read/watched the materials here diligently. I spent about 2 weeks gathering knowledge, clarifying my motivations (revulsion and hope), planning how I would navigate rebooting. I also apply my experience from quit-smoking, wherein a 'slip' usually guarantees a full-blown relapse. I wonder if many dudes stumble on YBOP and quit PMO the next day with little preparation but a plan to be tough, and then relapse and don't see the results they want.

Once you've rebooted, masturbation without porn fantasy, based on real potential partners and realistic scenarios, is less problematic (and increasingly enjoyable). If frequency begins to escalate and you notice signs of desensitization, you can always reboot again. Sex with a partner offers even more soothing satisfaction.

Recovery is non-linear (repeat this several times)

"You must have long range goals to keep you from being frustrated by short range failures." — Charles C. Noble

When you begin the reboot you may feel rotten...for weeks. Cravings and anxiety about all kinds of things may be intense, or paradoxically, your libido could "flatline" for a while, and it may be a couple of months before it bounces back. "Testing" with porn to make sure you're still functional tends to increase the time needed to reboot, so you have to brave The Void of not knowing how you're doing—or risk slowing your progress. P*O*R*N keys worn off keyboard due to porn addictionThat said, people usually start experiencing good days, too, after a couple of weeks—especially if they use the other Tools to produce good feelings in new ways.

But progress is not linear, and good days can be followed by miserable days. Miserable days can also precede excellent days. It's almost as if there's a pendulum deep in the brain, which frequent, intense stimulation has anchored at one extreme. When you stop using Internet porn, the pendulum swings back and forth before settling in the middle. The process is disconcerting because the neurochemical fluctuations affect your mood, your perception of your life, your ability to socialize with others and even, possibly, your sexual responsiveness. Be patient and the situation will stabilize.

"Some tumultuous events happened in my family when I was in junior high, which was around the same time I first discovered a porn magazine. I think something snapped. I just stopped trying. I stopped caring. And I started to let my sexual impulses totally sabotage me for the next 20 years. Right now, I feel like I'm getting back that old junior-high self. I feel like I'm picking up where I left off and finally becoming who I was to become had I not lost my way: a disciplined, kind, intelligent, respectable, hard-working, strong, caring, gentleman."

Finally, try not to get too rigid. Be gentle with yourself. Rebooting is a funny thing. The people who do it the most smoothly keep a sense of humor, accept their humanness, love sex, respect their sexuality, and gradually steer themselves into a new groove. They don't bludgeon themselves, or threaten themselves with doom. Sex is a very fundamental drive. It's best to ease your way through this shift, to forgive yourself if you slip, try again, and so forth. Bottom line: Rebooting requires a big commitment and a lot of courage. Is it for you? Read the stories of men who have used this method: Rebooting Accounts.

Finally, a post from reddit/nofap, by saxoman1

To those who feel that nofap isn't helping them and feel like giving up.

You've been doing this for years.

No, not nofap, PMO. You have been PMO'ing for years. Sitting in front of a computer for (many) hours at a time. Keeping your brain bathed in soup of dopamine, deltafos-B, and other chemicals for artificially long periods of time. How?

  1. By looking at explicit imagery of people having (mostly) unnatural sex.
  2. By keeping yourself on the edge of orgasm (edging) for hours and hours (to maintain the "high").
  3. By using a "death grip" hand on your genitals because you've lost normal sensation.

For many of you, when the normal stuff didn't do it anymore, you escalated to more and more extreme forms of porn (or used more and more porn). Searching for that perfect video/picture. Meanwhile, your primitive brain continues to tell you that you've hit the evolutionary jackpot, yet all you do is fertilize your screen.

Many of you did this in your formative years (preteen and teens) when our brains are the most malleable. Even if this is not the case, years of PMO have rewired your brain. You have formed deep neural ruts wired for PMO, you are now addicted.

All this has gone on for years.

My point is this:

If you've been doing this (or something like this) for years, how could you possibly expect a mere 3 days - 50 days (usual relapse window) of abstaining to heal you?

Yet you are telling yourself, after a few weeks, that "This isn't working. I still have PIED, ED, or no sensitivity. I am flatlining. I still have no girlfriend/boyfriend, etc."

Excuse me! A few weeks may seem like a lot now, but compare that to the amount of time you've been PMO'ing. Doesn't it seem ridiculous when you look at it this way? You are giving your system a break from that neurochemical bath so that it can "reset" or "reboot".

So buck up! You need time to heal (a good amount of time). The purpose of this post is to put things into perspective. Some people heal more quickly than others. We are ALL different, so don't spend your time comparing yourself to other fapstronauts/femstronauts!

So whenever you feel frustrated/vulnerable, just affirm the theme of this post:

"I've been PMO'ing for YEARS, so I don't expect a mere _________ [insert time unit] of abstaining to heal my brain. I will continue. I WILL persevere!"

Good luck to all my brothers and sisters in arms out there!


Rebooting Accounts

Rebooting to end porn addiction"Give someone a neurotransmitter and they’ll feel good for an hour; teach someone to grow more receptors and they’ll feel good all the time." --Todd Becker

In the links below the text you will find numerous first-hand accounts of people's rebooting (recovery) experiences. If supplied by the author, a rebooting account starts with the age. Some begin with length of the reboot, others with a quote from the author. Almost all rebooting accounts contain a link to the original post, and most have a user name.

You'll also see a lot of 90-day reports. A common misconception is that YBOP suggests 90 days as a rebooting period. It doesn't. Lengths vary because goals vary. Many choose to write up a report at 90 days, but note that most have relapsed several times before achieving a 90-day streak.

Many more recovery accounts are found in these six sections, and scattered throughout the website:

  1. This page contains "advice columns" written by recovering porn addicts
  2. This page contains links to off-site blogs and threads chronicling recovery from porn addiction.
  3. A few 90-Day+ Reports from NoFap
  4. Shorter stories describing recovery from porn-induced ED
  5. The Other Porn Experiment - Below the article read several pages of short stories and "rebooting benefits"
  6. In addition, there are many mini-accounts in What benefits do people see as they reboot?

Commonly used abbreviations:

  • ED = Erectile Dysfunction
  • PIED = Porn-induced Erectile Dysfunction
  • DE = Delayed Ejaculation
  • PE = Premature Ejaculation
  • PMO = Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm
  • MO = Masturbation & Orgasm
  • HOCD = Homosexual Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • SOCD = Sexual Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • gf - Girlfriend
  • SO = Significant Other

This seems to be a typical feature of recovery:

I am proud of living without PMO for two weeks. I'm single but I rely on friends, family, yoga, massage, exercise, and breathing to get by each day. I am learning many natural ways of relaxing and coping with my brain and environment. I'm more relaxed, generous, and appreciative with people. However, I feel great pain, lethargy, apathy, sadness, frustration and loneliness sometimes. The frequency and duration of my time in the Pits is definitely decreasing. There's a lot of comfort remembering that, whenever my dopamine needle drops real low. One problem with improvement is that we forget how messed up we were when we started. LOL

Rebooting is not linear (repeat this slowly, several times) - That is, each day isn't better than the last. There are ups and downs, although the trend over time is upward. Meanwhile, neurochemically induced mood swings (The Pits) continue for a while. Some people say these mood swings don't decrease in severity for a long while (graph by young rebooter). What changes is that they decrease in frequency, and they pass more quickly when they happen. So it gets easier and easier to just let them pass, and to turn to a healthy distraction (exercise, socializing, a rewiring exercise, doing something productive, and so forth).

Also, watch out for the good days:

Some of my relapses in fact happened on quite successful/happy days, like my mind was on some kind of dopamine rush and slipped to the porn without me having noticed. So keep in mind, self-control is always necessary, even if everything seems to be going just fine.

This man decided to graph his rebooting experience:

I've done 3 graphs, mood on y-axis, day since last MO on x-axis. First is the raw data, not surprisingly very choppy. Shows non-linearity nicely. The other two are rolling 3-day average and rolling 6-day average. Non-linearity still apparent. Note: I didn't know what to put for the first 5 days because they were all over the place, so I just put alternating 8 and 0.

Raw data graph

3-day rolling graph


6-day rolling graph














Everyone's experience is somewhat different. It's an adventure to observe how the changes in the brain show up in your body and emotions. Said one guy:

All of these forces are at work: Erections, morning erections, orgasm/urge to orgasm, feeling of horniness etc. I feel like during the rewiring, these forces have all been there, but they are all kind of marching to their own beat. There have been times where I had the urge to O but wasn't horny and didn't have an erection. There have been times when I have felt really horny and felt nothing downstairs. There have been long spans of days where I would wake up with an erection and, after it was gone, I would be in complete flatline the rest of the day. But days like day 16, my brief relationship from days 22 to 35, and most importantly day 48 have shown me that things start working more harmoniously as time goes on.

Synopsis of entire reboot, with mood chart (ED)

This guy, who could no longer use a condom successfully due to porn-induced ED, applied the recent scientific findings about how superstimuli can numb the pleasure response of the brain to his use of today's hyperstimulating porn. He decided to allow his brain to "reboot." Although each person's rebooting experience is different (recoveries range from 4 to 12 weeks), his experience was typical and his data especially thorough. Here are excerpts from his blog.

Mood during reboot

[Week 2] So, I just completed 10 days of no PMO (porn/masturbation/orgasm). The first 5 days were difficult, but astonishing. I got extremely horny, probably as my brain was trying to get me to jack off, like I've been doing every day for 20 years, maybe longer. Erections just looking at girls, very hard to resist kissing a girl I was talking to in a bar.

Then after 5 days, it all went away, completely. Since then, I've been flat, numb, nothing. Occasional sparks of sexual spirit, but also a kind of glum, flat, nothingness. I wouldn't say depressed, because I'm optimistic about the future, and I'm happy with the path I'm on, and committed. But more like empty, null. Girls that I was desperate to get with a week ago, now I don't even feel like texting. I almost feel hostile, angry. The prospect of sex is not appealing.

I think my brain has accepted that I'm not going to be jerking it, so it has stopped the cravings. On the other hand, it doesn't realize yet that porn is no more, and so it still is not allowing me to get excited by girls in real life. I think that's going to be a very gradual process, and I'll probably get intermittent flashes of horniness and arousal, and then absence again, as things gradually rewire.

I'm super-excited to be at day 10. I never even knew there could be a day 3! I thought it was physically impossible for me to not jack off that long. And actually the porn is at day 16, because I stopped looking at it a week before I stopped jerking it.

[Week 3] Earlier today I was getting pretty impatient with the lack of progress in the resensitization department. I mean, it's only been a once a day habit, right? Why am I taking so long to get over it? But then I did the math. 20 years, 365 days a year, most of those including P - that's more than a staggering 7,000 PMOs. Now I see why it's possible that I have some habituation to get over.

[Week 4] Still getting the occasional REALLY STRONG flashback to some of the appealing images from P days. At first I was annoyed that a side effect of this process is getting these flashbacks and annoyed at having to resist them. Then I realized that it's not a side effect - this IS the process. Every time you successfully resist, that takes you one step nearer to being free of them. That's how progress is made in this crazy game.

Been driving a lot - late night driving has been one of my solaces in this crappy process. When I come home and I'm full of horn, I get in the car and drive for a couple of hours - on a twisty road, up in some hills, occasionally just on a freeway. Doesn't really matter. Just sitting there a little preoccupied seems to soothe me somehow. Anyone else do this?

[Week 5] I was in such a good mood today. I literally don't think I have been in such a good mood in 7 years. And I don't mean because anything particularly great happened, but just for no reason at all. It's been so long since I've had that buoyancy. I used to have it, and I haven't seen it for 7 years, and had more or less got to thinking maybe life is inherently gloomy and uninteresting. Historically, I've been a very positive person, and the last 7 years have been so weird because it felt like nothing I did would make me feel cheerful inside. Patches of joy here and there, but always short-lived. Today, finally, I was socializing with people, chatting with people because it felt good to connect, to commune. I've missed that so much, and I only realize how much now that I've had a taste of it again.

I'm 100% sure the problem was the PMO thing. Quite simply, it made everything else boring. The M by itself was bad enough to make me lack-luster since I was 18 probably, but the broadband P I think finally killed any chance any real-world stimuli had of capturing my interest. Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but not that much. I've been going through the motions of being sociable and interested for the last 7 years, knowing how it was supposed to look, and doing it because I felt like I should, but all the while not giving a shit inside.

So yeah, the last few days, I've been getting little dribs and drabs of positive emotions, like when you think you feel a drop of rain every now and then, but you're not sure. Today was the first day where I had a mood that was really sustained and didn't disappear after a couple of hours. More like 8 hours and I'm still feeling it. I'm sure there will be lows again (not to be negative, but I've seen the neurochemical pendulum in action for long enough now to know this), but right now, this feels pretty damn good....

Stay strong, everyone. This is totally worth it. It may not be the only piece in your puzzle, but if you've been doing PMO, then it almost certainly will have been having major unsuspected effects.

[Week 6] A milestone reached the last few days. I actually feel back to normal. I'd got so used to feeling craving, or sad for no reason, or unbalanced, or anxious, or massively horny, or completely dead, or combinations of any of these at one time the last 40 days that I'd forgotten that I hadn't always felt that way. Then 3 days ago it all just stopped. Just like that. In my journal two days ago, I wrote "Wow - I feel what I can only describe as 'normal' today". That feeling has stayed with me, and none of the craziness has returned.

Now, just because the craving is gone doesn't mean that I've healed my brain yet. It also doesn't mean that I am safe from relapse! I've been fighting hard these last 6 weeks against the beast, and I've shut it out, but that doesn't mean that it won't come knocking subtly at some stage and try and get in again. I need to maintain lifelong vigilance. My motto: Real women only. For good.

I'm still pretty drained by the whole experience, physical partly, and massively mentally. I'm going to give myself a week or so of brain convalescing (maybe I'm being a wimp, but I really feel like I've been through something), and then I think I'll feel restored enough to start pushing myself again in other areas of life, which have pretty much been on hold the last 6 weeks.

[A couple of days later] Really depressed today. Angry, bitterly critical of the paths I've taken in life, and where I'm at now, and of my abilities to go forward.

While I've eliminated a false pleasure from my menu of options, there is nothing there yet to replace it, because the other options still lack much power to please me. Also, I'm pretty mentally tired after all this PMO resistance, and I don't have the strength to be buoyant today. But the cravings really have gone - I feel level headed, just "level headed grumpy" today.

I guess the other thing bothering me is that there definitely was a very significant improvement at the end of week 6, and I thought that meant all this bullsh*t was over. Apparently though, it just meant the crazy period was over. Now it's replaced by sexual frustration combined with a dull, missing ache, that's making it hard for me to be winning with women, I suspect because I'm communicating an inner sadness.

[Week 7] "Stupid glumness - 50 days and still missing PMO" To miss P for a few days, fine. But to be missing it 7 weeks later - what a baby! There's also a second fear - that maybe the glumness is nothing to do with the PMO, and it's just that my life is f*cked. Except that I don't think it is, but the fear is still there, because it seems like a rational explanation for glumness.

So, those two demons combine and taunt me. One says, "You baby! Fancy being glum because you're missing your P!" Then the other one says "Or maybe it's not the P! Maybe you're just a loser and you're glum because you can't get a decent life together!" Back and forth between them for hours at a time. So I try and prove them both wrong. I go out and meet women. I can hear myself talking to them, aping buoyancy, aping inner feelings of success and normalcy. But the second the performance is over, the dull monotonous drone is back. Glum.

[A few days later] Mood swings:

mood changes1) There's a woman that I'm progressing towards. One day I'll think about her and think that she is sweet and fun. The next day I don't give a crap about her. Repeat until thoroughly confused.

2) One day I'll be really up, great mood, gold is flowing from my lips unbidden. The next day, I'm a tiresome dolt, who gives a crap about no one and about whom no one gives a crap. Repeat until self-image completely unstable.

3) One day I'll think I'm a cool dude, with tons going for him, and really getting a great life together. Next day, I'll feel like a poor deluded fool, who thinks he is swimming, when really he's just scrabbling around in the dust. Repeat until really fed up.

[Week 8] The biggest difference that quitting PMO makes is that it gives you incentive to be brave, to go out and meet girls. If you are whacking it every day to porn, and a real woman barely registers with you, why on earth would you even make the effort to go and talk to her? What do you have to gain? Nothing. What do you have to lose? The possibility of rejection, of humiliation, maybe even hostility and anger from her.

But imagine that you saw a woman that you liked, and I offered you $1,000,000 to go and talk to her - say anything, it doesn't matter what. If you really believed I would pay up, you would find the courage to talk to her, even if you thought she might laugh at you. What's changed? She's going to respond exactly the same way she would have done without my $1m offer - it's just that now you have an incentive.

[A couple of days later] You built a harem.

You know those science fiction comedies where a couple of teenagers somehow build themselves an ideal robot woman in their basement and fall in love with her? PMO is like that, except that it's just one guy, and he's built himself a whole harem of unfeasibly hot women. So when this guy goes outside of his basement, in the normal world, he is not interested at all in the normal women he sees because he's got a harem of uber-hot women back home. Getting back to them as soon as possible is all he can think about.

Just like those kids in the movie, we have fallen in love with that harem. It is as simple as that. Your brain thinks the harem is real and is behaving accordingly. When you are at home, you are desperately excited to bang girls from your harem. When you are away, you are excited to get home.

You have to break up with the harem.

This process is so tough because it involves BREAKING UP WITH THAT HAREM. Your brain has to accept that you are saying goodbye to all those girls, never to see them again! Your brain fights you for 8 straight weeks, because IT DESPERATELY WANTS TO KEEP ITS HAREM. It will make you sad, angry, miserable, depressed, horny as hell, numb, null - it will drag you through the worst kinds of hell it possibly can to get you to go back to your harem, because it loves them so much. Look at my mood chart (above) - my brain put me through horrible bullshit for 8 straight weeks.

But then, just like when you break up with a girlfriend (well, in fact exactly the same because it is the same), you wake up one day and the fever is gone. The brain says "OK. I get it. *sniff*. I guess they're really all gone and I'll never see them again. *sniff*... Hey - that woman waiting in line at the bank is cute though! Hey baby!" And you are healed. You are back in real life, and you have no magic, robotic harem at home.

I will share something embarrassing/amusing but also really important. Exactly a week ago, I had massively strong feelings of missing - you know those feelings you get after a break up with a girl. There's a song that kept playing in my head, that one that goes 'I ain't been missing you at all - no matter what my friends say'. I played it on YOUTube, and listened to it on headphones. I cried for two hours straight, playing it over and over, while memories of all the girls I liked in all the porn I'd seen over the years - my favorite girls, the ones I felt closest to - scrolled around in my head. I was saying goodbye to them. It was like looking through photos of you with your ex-girlfriend after she broke up with you. So yeah, I cried for two hours, maybe more, doing that. Afterwards, I felt a huge sense of calm, peace, closure. They were really gone.

That night out in bars I got 3 numbers, and went out on a date with one of the girls I met the next day.

Eventually, your brain accepts.

So when you ask if it's hard to continue to not PMO these days. No - it's really, really easy. My brain knows that those girls are gone. It has accepted. It has given up trying to make me go back to them. It has moved on. Now when I'm at home, my brain knows there is nothing sexual there at all. When I go out, my brain knows there are fine women around that it might want to get with, but that the only way that anything sexual will happen is to have sex with them, because M is no longer on the menu, no longer an option.

But it took 8 weeks to get to that point. In the meantime my brain was screaming bloody murder. And sometimes it stopped screaming, but it's only so that I got used to it not screaming, so that it could shock me even better when it started screaming again.

That's also why I say cut out TV. If you're at home, and a fine woman comes on the TV, your brain says "Hey! There's a girl from my harem! I guess my harem didn't disappear after all! Hummana-hummana-hummana." And you get all excited again. Home has to be dead of women to you. Nothing there. No glimpses, no faces, no bodies, no nothing. World outside: women. Your home: boring as f*ck. That's the only way your brain gets the message it needs, which is that the harem is no more. Gone.

[A couple of days later] I've been scoring my mood on a 0-10 scale: 0 is absolutely shitty, 10 is completely awesome. 8 is solidly great. Imagine you're driving a BMW at 80mph down the freeway. You can hear its engine purring away happily and powerfully, cruising, but knowing it could easily push up to 120mph if it wanted to. 8/10 is when your engine feels like that engine - powerful, happy, cruising.

My mood has not dipped below an 8 in the last 6 days! The blues, the doldrums, the lack, the despondency - all GONE! This, to me, is amazing. Even reading other peoples' reboot reports, I had a worry that even after rebooting, mood would still be up and down, especially in the absence of masturbation.

For clarity, I'm not saying I haven't got frustrated this week, or briefly angry - I have. But it's been normal frustration, responding to things that you would expect to be frustrating for anyone. There has been a core, immutable power and energy even in frustrating moments. It has felt remarkable to me, almost unbelievable, as I've been so used to the PMO ups and down (and of course the numbness before starting this process). But there it is. Solid great mood.

[His final mood chart from shortly after this post is at the beginning of this post]

[Week 9] Day 57 of no MO, day 64 of no P. Successful, great, 'normal' sex, with condom.

History: I've never liked using condoms. Frequently never got around to sex because I'd lose erection even thinking about having to get one out and use it. Frequently lost erection putting the condom on. Frequently lost erection once inside.

Last night: Stiff :-) Stayed as stiff while getting condom out, putting condom on, while starting sex and finding we needed lubrication, through getting the lubrication, putting the lubrication on, having sex. All with exemplary stiffness :-) My erection was just so natural, and correlated with being turned on, and felt so right, that somehow I just knew that it would stay with me through the condom shenanigans.

And the sex felt as great as sex used to without a condom. I suspect it was because of the increased drive and increased sensitivity down there. I'm really excited about having sex with a condom with her again, which has never happened before. Sex without condom used to be exciting enough for me to want to repeat. Sex with condom fell the other side of the line and wasn't worth it. But now I'd be more than happy to repeat the experience, several times :-)

fireworksOrgasm itself: very strong and pleasurable. None of the things I worried about happened. I was able to keep from coming for a perfectly acceptable length of time. In fact, I didn't even really think about it, it just seemed like a normal, healthy sexual interaction. When I did come, my head didn't explode and I didn't rupture any blood vessels anywhere and I didn't bellow '8 FUCKING WEEKS!!' in her ear like I thought I might. In fact, it was just beautiful, intimate, very pleasurable sex :-)

Guys, stick at this. The goal that you are striving towards is real and amazing. I guarantee that it is 100% worth the effort and will not disappoint. Allow yourself to believe that this place is worth going through 3,6 even 12 months of misery and bullshit, because it is. It won't take you that long. It should take 2-3 months. But if it did take a year, hell 5 years, it would still be worth it. Good luck, fellow cock soldiers :-)

[A few days later] Actually having sex and having more opportunities on the way has vastly cut down, maybe even eliminated frustration. But also, I think that my brain has adapted, has changed its expectations. Part of the reason that you get so frustrated post-PMO is that the brain has been used to a HUGE diet of 'sex' (OK, actually wanking to porn), so it thinks that level of stimulation and sexual activity is the norm. After it has thrown its temper tantrum for a while, it gives up and adapts to the new amount of sex in your life, i.e., once in a while

Yeah, I blew some opportunities through desperation because I wasn't used to having that much desire. I almost couldn't stop myself trying to kiss girls I was talking to, but you learn to control, and be grateful for, the extra drive.

In summary - your life changes because you are inspired to meet more girls, PLUS your brain adapts to the lower frequency of sexual activity after a while, PLUS you modify your social behavior to take into account the stronger sexual desire you are feeling, so you still come across as cool. It's a process, i.e., it takes time, but trust me, TOTALLY worth it.

[Subsequent post, a couple weeks later] I feel a little bad about airing my private business, but at the same time I want my brothers in cock to have the positive evidence I am in a position to provide so: Yesterday, sex with a girl. Once with a condom.

Today, sex with another girl. Twice, with a condom, only about 30 minutes apart (I'm 40, people). So strictly speaking, with 2 condoms. All erections very nice and hard, maintained with no problem at all, condom put on in full view of girl (always used to be a danger point for me), even taking my time putting it in once the condom was on (I used to get it in as soon as possible hoping to regain the rapidly flagging erection).

This is miraculous. And I am definitely cured.

Oh, and the sex felt really great. I could happily use condoms for the rest of my life. It felt just like sex without one used to. I'm sure I have more sensitivity in my cock now that I'm not gripping it tightly and boffing it around every evening.

For those asking about ED: I guess I used to have pre-emptive ED. That is, I knew I would get ED, especially if I knew I'd need to use a condom, so I wouldn't even go for sex, well actually I wouldn't even pursue a girl. Two months ago, however, I did end up somehow in bed with a hot girl and no erection, which I found humiliating. That's when I found my way here. Short story - yeah, probably would have had more ED if I hadn't avoided sex through fear of it.

Thanks again so much to everyone who has shared their stories/thoughts/wisdom!

Rebooting is the path.

Read entire blog of rebooting experience

My first 38 days

Day 10 of no P –3 days no M/O.

Been feeling really numb and glum for the last 4 days, and had the vague feeling of having felt like this before once. I remembered today that it was after I broke up with a girl that I'd been living with for 2 years. I felt like this for several months.

But that doesn't make any sense. This is just P, right? Just getting turned on then jacking off? Why such a strong emotional reaction? Then it hit me. I've been using porn for 20 years, and it hasn't just been about getting turned on then jacking off. It's been my solace when I've been disappointed, or bored or sad about something. It's been reliable, private me-time that's always been there for me, never failed me. Every time I've gone to it, I've found something that I could jack off to - it never let me down. Sometimes it was fun, the challenge of tearing through endless links, outwitting sites and trying to find their stashes of pictures. I felt like I was running wild through the porn wild west, finding the gold, the kill. And whenever I was lonely, it was there.

So I realize that it actually has been a relationship, and easily the longest I've had. If my brain can't tell the difference between pixel pictures of women and real women, it probably can't tell the difference between getting all the other feelings - reassurance, comfort, thrill - that porn has given me over the years and getting those feelings from a real woman. D'oh!

I'm going out, and I'm seeing, even talking to women. But first, I don't have the sexual power yet. I did briefly, but it's evaporated hopefully temporarily. And second, there's like this weight in my heart that's hard to shift. I know it sounds pathetic. But I really think my brain on some level thinks I've broken up with porn, and it's sad about it. I'm going to kick my brain in the testicles so it knows to be strong and not be pathetic about it, but it's also good to recognize where those feelings are coming from. Know thine enemy.

Day 11

Earlier today I was getting pretty impatient with the lack of progress in the resensitization department. I mean, it's only been a once a day habit, right? Why am I taking so long to get over it? But then I did the math. 20 years, 365 days a year, most of those including P - that's more than a staggering 7,000 PMOs. Now I see why it's possible that I have some habituation to get over

Day 14

Days 1-5. Very horny, sexually frustrated
Days 6-11. Completely dead sexually. Very glum, low, sad. Give it 0/10.
Day 12. First day for a week I would call acceptable, as in, “I guess I could live like this.” Give it 1.5 out of 10, whatever that means
Day 13. Almost back to fully glum. Glimmer of optimism, so maybe 0.5 out of 10. Strong flashbacks to P (but super-strong. Maybe a sign of restoring sensitivity starting?)
Day 14. Feel considerably stronger somehow. Very sexually turned on by a girl I met. After seeing her, sexual tension, the urge to sex was through the roof. Would love to whack off, but I'm not going to Give things 3 out of 10.

I'd really quite like some sex, but I'd also really like to sensitize things to the max to find out what I'm really capable of, because I have no idea. I have never felt this sexual my whole life. By now I would have always dissipated the energy, either with sex, or a la main, as the French might put it.

Day 22

Well, I'll admit that I never would have imagined it was humanly possible to go without M for 22 days. I feel like I must be in some kind of parallel universe, because an absence of daily M is impossible in the one I'm used to.

Day 15. 5/10
Day 16. 4/10
Day 17. 4/10

I had my first date since I started this on the evening of day 21. I think I had built it up really big in my mind, and I was really excited about it. I've been missing sexual life so much, and both body and mind were really happy to have some kind of sexual human contact after such a desert. Of course, the date was fine, but it didn't turn out to be as massively amazing as I'd built it up to be. For a start, we didn't have sex, though we did make out some (and incidentally I noticed much increase in my appreciation of it). But also, I think it was just messing with my body chemistry a lot after the long period of abstention.

Probably for the same reason I had such a high on day 21, I therefore had a big low on day 22. Disappointement, anger. I think my sexual brain was basically saying "What the hell?! I thought I was going to get to have sex yesterday! I thought things were going to be back to normal! I thought this craziness you're subjecting me to was finally going to be over and it's NOT?!!!" But it's fine. My brain needs to recalibrate and realize that unlike with PMO, not every encounter with a woman is guaranteed to end in orgasm. It needs to reset expectations a bit, and this is part of that process. Painful, but necessary.

So, so far so good. Definitely noticing more sensitivity to female attractiveness, definitely getting the message that real girls are all there is sexually. Things a little rocky, uneven, but I think it's an upward climb, so it's all good.

28 full days no MO, 35 full days no P

My mood has been pretty good this week. However, I am impatient to get my libido back. My sexuality feels like a well-tuned car with no gas in it. I feel like it could go places, but there's just no life in it. But this wilderness is something I have to go through - my libido is on the other side of it, so I don't have much choice.

Day 23. 5/10
Day 24. 7/10
Day 25. 8/10
Day 26. 8/10
Day 27. 8/10
Day 28. 6/10

Also been doing lots of sleeping - feeling really tired sometimes even after a good night's sleep. Hopefully another good sign that my body is forcing me to take a rest while it reorders stuff. Have had a couple of erotic dreams in the last couple of weeks, with those kind of weird quasi-orgasms, which feel in some ways like it, but no ejaculation.

31 full days no MO, 38 full days no P

I was in such a good mood today. I literally don't think I have been in such a good mood in 7 years. And I don't mean because anything particularly great happened, but just for no reason at all. It's been so long since I've had that buoyancy. I used to have it, and I haven't seen it for 7 years, and had more or less got to thinking maybe life is inherently gloomy and uninteresting. Historically, I've been a very positive person, and the last 7 years have been so weird because it felt like nothing I did would make me feel cheerful inside. Patches of joy here and there, but always short-lived. Today, finally, I was socializing with people, chatting with people because it felt good to connect, to commune. I've missed that so much, and I only realize how much now that I've had a taste of it again.

I'm 100% sure the problem was the PMO thing. Quite simply, it made everything else boring. The M by itself was bad enough to make me lack-luster since I was 18 probably, but the broadband P I think finally killed any chance any real-world stimuli had of capturing my interest. Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but not that much. I've been going through the motions of being sociable and interested for the last 7 years, knowing how it was supposed to look, and doing it because I felt like I should, but all the while inside not giving a shit.

So yeah, the last few days, I've been getting little dribs and drabs of positive emotions, like when you think you feel a drop of rain every now and then, but you're not sure. Today was the first day where I had a mood that really sustained and didn't disappear after a couple of hours. More like 8 hours and I'm still feeling it. I'm sure there will be lows again (not to be negative, but I've seen the pendulum in action for long enough now to know this..), but right now, this feels pretty damn good....

Stay strong, everyone. This is totally worth it. It may not be the only piece in your puzzle, but if you've been doing PMO, then it almost certainly will have been having a major effect on you, and you will surely reap rewards from cutting it out.

Added later

A milestone reached the last few days. I actually feel back to normal. I'd got so used to feeling craving, or sad for no reason, or unbalanced, or anxious, or massively horny, or completely dead, or combinations of any of these at one time the last 40 days that I'd forgotten that I hadn't always felt that way.

Then 3 days ago it all just stopped. Just like that. In my journal two days ago, I wrote "Wow - I feel what I can only describe as 'normal' today". That feeling has stayed with me, and none of the craziness has returned. I read somewhere that the craving chemicals may clear out of your brain around the 6-week mark. Well, that was exactly on the mark with me.

Life After Porn

porn gets in the way of real connectionsThoughts of a forum member:
I have a feeling that I may be shortly spreading my wings a little and leaving this amazing nest that Marnia and Gary have built (thank you so much!) for slightly longer flights. I will try to come back frequently, but I'm not sure how much more I'll have to say about PMO, as I feel like it is now gone from my life. There will probably be occasional echoes bouncing around - a moment of craving here, a low few hours there. But in the main, I feel like I'm back to my old self, in fact better than my old self - my old self plus spirit plus a penis. I'm meeting women frequently, and when I do, I'm strongly attracted to them, I'm sometimes getting erections even just in the initial stages of flirting proximity, and I'm loving checking out their breasts, which is something I have not felt in years and years. So I think PMO and its nasty effects are going and nearly gone. History.

However, I'm also finding that there are new challenges, that one might call 'life after PMO'. To summarize (and the central point I wanted to make in this post):

We live in a society that boasts that it seeks out and fills consumer needs and wants. In some ways, that is great. If I need clothes or shelter, it's awesome that I can just go out and buy these things rather than having to make them myself. On the other hand, I believe that many options available to consumers can be harmful to their best interests. Consider a man who finds himself lonely one evening at 8pm. In today's society, what might he do? Watch TV, put on a CD, eat some comfort food like pizza or ice-cream, maybe a chocolate bar, play a fun video game, maybe have a beer, smoke a cigarette, maybe a little weed. The sad thing is that while all of these options, proud outputs of our consumer society, may make him feel better, none of them fixes the underlying problem. There is only one truly healthy cure for loneliness and that is meeting other people and hanging out with them.

We have evolved emotions over millions of years to be our guides in times of trouble. If we need food, hunger points us towards eating. If there is danger, fear makes us cautious. Every emotional reaction we have contains in it the seeds of the solution to the problem that emotion is highlighting. The problem with modern society is that we have ingeniously found so many 'solutions' that make us feel good, but don't address the underlying problem. We have pain-killers, so that we can continue to use an arm that should be rested, thereby doing it even more damage (and buying even more painkillers). We have foods that taste far sweeter than fruit, so that we're even more motivated to eat them for their wonderful nutritional value - except that candy has none. And of course porn, that makes us feel like we're successfully mating with beautiful sexy women, when in fact we're home alone with our pants round our ankles.

The way it should look is that you take an action and your emotions give you feedback - good feelings if the action was beneficial to you, bad feelings if the action was detrimental. If it was detrimental, the bad feelings point you in the right direction to fix it. So like happy rats we run along ruts made by our emotions that lead us to beneficial places, that lead us out of trouble, and into glory. Except all these other consumer options cause us to squirt sideways out of the rut - we get sidetracked into a no-man's-land. Our emotional compass gets out of whack, and no longer steers us in beneficial directions. We get lost in PMO desensitization land, or alcoholic land, or dope fiend land, or obese land.

F*ck all these consumer 'goodies'. PMO is only one of many, and all of them can be comfortable strait-jackets for your true personality and the life you could be leading. F*ck TV, junk food, video games, alcohol, cigarettes, weed. Real life is out there. People. Beautiful, hot, wonderful women. Cool, fun friends. Healthy, beneficial activities. Kick all that other shit to the curb. It's only holding you back.

Life after PMO is about getting back on track. It's about recognizing how PMO has been diverting you from correct responses into wrong responses - checking out women so you can wank to them later, firing up the computer when you get lonely or you've had an upsetting day, or a date didn't work out. Taking those wrong responses means that life still sucks, because your response didn't fix it. Life after PMO means recognizing and taking the correct responses. I'm not finding it easy, but it's the right path, and that feels good. And it's getting easier.

See his report of his first sexual encounter after rebooting below.

Successful sex - day 57 :-)

Porn addiction recovery is possibleHere's an excerpt from Synopsis of entire reboot, with mood chart.)

Day 57 of no MO, day 64 of no P - successful, great, 'normal' sex, with condom.

History: I've never liked using condoms - frequently never got around to sex because I'd lose erection even thinking about having to get one out and use it. Frequently lost erection putting the condom on. Frequently lost erection once inside.

Last night: Stiff :-) Stayed as stiff while getting condom out, putting condom on, while starting sex and finding we needed lubrication, through getting the lubrication, putting the lubrication on, having sex. All with exemplary stiffness :-) My erection was just so natural, and correlated with being turned on, and felt so right, that somehow I just knew that it would stay with me through the condom shenanigans.

And the sex felt as great as sex used to without a condom - I suspect because of the increased drive and increased sensitivity down there. I'm really excited about having sex with a condom with her again, which has never happened before. Sex without condom used to be exciting enough for me to want to repeat, sex with condom fell the other side of the line and wasn't worth it. But now I'd be more than happy to repeat the experience, several times :-)

Orgasm itself very strong and pleasurable. None of the things I worried about happened: I was able to keep from coming for a perfectly acceptable length of time - in fact, I didn't even really think about it, it just seemed like a normal, healthy sexual interaction. When I did come, my head didn't explode and I didn't rupture any blood vessels anywhere and I didn't bellow '8 FUCKING WEEKS!!' in her ear like I thought I might. In fact, it was just beautiful, intimate, very pleasurable sex :-)

Guys, stick at this. The goal that you are striving towards is real and amazing - I guarantee that it is 100% worth the effort and will not disappoint. Allow yourself to believe that this place is worth going through 3,6 even 12 months of misery and bullshit, because it is. It won't take you that long. It should take 2-3 months. But if it did take a year, hell 5 years, it would still be worth it. Good luck, fellow cock soldiers :-)

Subsequent post, a couple weeks later

I feel a little bad about airing my private business, but at the same time I want my brothers in cock to have the positive evidence I am in a position to provide so:

Yesterday, sex with a girl. Once with a condom.

Today, sex with another girl. Twice, with a condom, only about 30 minutes apart (I'm 40, people). So strictly speaking, with 2 condoms

All erections very nice and hard, maintained with no problem at all, condom put on in full view of girl (always used to be a danger point for me), even taking my time putting it in once the condom was on (I used to get it in as soon as possible hoping to regain the rapidly flagging erection).

This is miraculous. And I am definitely cured.

Oh, and the sex felt really great. I could happily use condoms for the rest of my life - felt just like sex without one used to. I'm sure I have more sensitivity in my cock now that I'm not gripping it tightly and boffing it around every evening.

For those asking about ED - I guess I used to have pre-emptive ED. That is, I knew I would get ED, especially if I knew I'd need to use a condom, so I wouldn't even go for sex, well actually I wouldn't even pursue a girl. Two months ago, however, I did end up somehow in bed with a hot girl and no erection, which I found humiliating. That's when I found my way here. Short story - yeah, probably would have had more ED if I hadn't avoided sex through fear of it.

Thanks again so much to everyone who has shared their stories/thoughts/wisdom!

This is the path.

My rules & tips for no PMO success

Hi there

This is a long post with lots of things I have learned in my challenge. I started over 2 months ago and I struggle to believe the changes I have witnessed in my life. From routinely asking girls out to starting to be physically fit and receiving unsolicited positive comments from others.

the first part is inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger 6 rules and the second is a list of tips and tricks that have helped me in my struggle for freedom.

When I make a toast now instead of saying cheers i say "to freedom". My friends all think it's just because I love travelling and i do it often for work but that's just what i tell them when they ask me... the reality is that I am toasting to my own re-discovered freedom.

Hope it will be useful
Rule 6: Give something back

It's been 2 months now and if even just one person benefits from this I will have achieved my goal.

Goals are everything in this challenge because they provide direction and purpose, but the first thing I learned is that goals are not fixed entities, they are limits you want to reach and that should be pushed.

You must push them not to reach a number but to free yourself from some very nasty chains, because as the famous quote goes: those who do not move, do not notice their chains.

Rule 3: do not be afraid to fail

The second thing I learned is that you will fail, and that's ok, as long as you can pick yourself up and continue to fight. These are some pretty nasty (and invisible) chains every time you push the limit you will loosen them a little bit and gain more freedom

Rule 4: Ignore the naysayers

In this case, ignore the gremlin(s) . There is always a voice inside that says you will never break free, that you should give up, especially after a reset. If you ignore it it will get weaker and weaker, starting again after a reset will be easier and easier and the time between resets will increase

Rule 1: Trust yourself

the only way to silence the naysayer/gremlin is to trust yourself and your ability to succeed. Yes I know what you are thinking, this is what I can't do, I can never ever manage this, I always fail... but believe me it's actually easier than it sounds if you can show the gremlin some proof of that what you are saying is true.

For me this came in 3 stages:

  • at the beginning I read success stories and tips right here on this forum
  • after a while however I started noticing changes in my own behavior. This changes came unexpectedly, without any conscious effort and were of all sorts. I started talking to girls I met in clubs, changed all the broken light bulbs in the house (some had been broken for 3 years), I started listening to a lot more music, worked out, and kept both my house and life a lot cleaner.
  • and then lastly I started receiving unsolicited positive comments from others. People started telling me that I looked happier, more confident, stronger. And just the other day when I went home for xmas my mum told me that I looked a lot calmer than usual.

Rule 2: break some rules
After a while I also started noticing that I was breaking a lot of rules that had been in my head. They were things I kept telling myself and turned out to be complete BS. Things like, never look for a girlfriend in a club, the girls there are not for you. Or wearing smart clothes is not your style, it doesn't go with you.

I also broke one of the "rules" of this challenge that said the goal is to go entirely PMO free for 30 days, and set up my own rules, my own goals that worked best for me. This did not mean easy rules but just ones that fit my ultimate goal: Freedom.

My challenge went as follows: Stop all P for at least 30 days, and all M for 7. And then evolved into a system where the I kept pushing my goal further and further. On M however i did set a limit of doing M once a month as there is scientific evidence of benefits of limited M. The catch? M must be done in a healthy way.

At the moment I have just moved my P free goal from 60 to 90 days, as I have reached it easily and my M is at 12 days, aiming to last until at least new year.
My best tips:
M for me has been the hardest so I developed a few strategies:

  1. At the beginning allow yourself to relapse on M (never on P). I know this is very controversial but for me it worked better than going cold turkey. After a couple of times I got to the point where I had a planned relapse in my goals calendar but decided not to take it because I didn't feel the need and instead pushed the goal a bit further to see where I could get to. With this system after 2 months I am approaching 2 weeks without M and feel very confident I will reach them easily.
  2. Use real world events as goals. Since avoiding M give you a strength, morale and confidence boost, tell yourself that you need to hold on until a specific event because on that day you will need all the energy/confidence you can get. In my case this is now the new year party, where I will meet new people and need to be at 100% to make the most of it
  3. Keep yourself busy. This one I read in many posts and it's surely a golden rule. In my case it was hard at first but after a while my default reaction to free time and boredom changed. I went from defaulting to P to defaulting to fixing things around the house or going for a walk
  4. Grab some balls!. If you have to stay at the computer for a long time at home I recommend buying an anti stress ball and grabbing it with your M hand whenever you are not using it. It will prevent from grabbing the wrong kind of balls and edging.
  5. for P get a blocker. If like me you are not comfortable with parents safety filters and other stuff you can easily disable try with some alternatives. I use a chrome extension called "blocked site" . I created a list of banned websites and words that re-direct me to a lovely image of Mr bean saying "if you know what i mean..." The key here is that whenever i "accidentally" found or searched for any P I immediately added the site to the block list and also added the keywords i had used to the list with a simple right click. I also enabled it for incognito mode.
  6. Just avoid some sites. For me they are Reddit and Tumblr, because I know all too well how easy is for any P to show up unexpectedly in there. I had been on an awesome streak in the past and it all collapsed because of the celebrity leaks found on Reddit. ( sorry, love the sites but they are just not worth my life and happiness)
  7. Use the counters! to me the counters in my signature have been perhaps the single best tool. Make separate ones for P and M so that a re-set in one will not kill your motivation for the other. they are free, to get one just click on one of those you see in people's signatures.
  8. don't visit forums and sites about NoFap more than once a month unless you need it (at the beginning you will) I found that after a while you start breaking your chains and being reminded of the existence of both P and M does not do you much good.
  9. There is some good stuff on YouTube I recommend searching for a Ted talk by Ran Gavrieli it's an eye opener.
  10. some of the videos are not suitable for beginners but I do recommend those who are in a more stable situation to have a look. They are videos from P professionals who have given up and talk about how horrible the industry really is, I found them hard to watch but I think it helped me to cut with P for ever. Personally i don't agree with the religious take of the videos that shows at the end as i am a atheist but i do appreciate the interviews and effect the interviews had on me. Once again however this is only a tip for those who feel they are strong enough not to relapse easily.

To Freedom !
Happy new year

Thread: My best tips and why i now toast to freedom :)

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1 Year - I'm more self confident, have less issues talking to woman.

LINK - Starting my second year!!!!

by mirrorspock

my story isn't that special, like any guy I watched porn and fapped,

however I found that my afp-rate was increasing. having gotten out of a long-term relationship that year and discovering /r/nofap I decided I needed to change my life, as a secret new years resolution I vowed that the next time I came it had to be "into someone else" (spoiler: mission accomplished..)

I do feel my life has changed, I can't say it was because of /r/nofap I'm more self confident, have less issues talking to woman.

I also still come across porn, but I don't actively search for it (still enjoy /r/yiffy but nowadays mostly for the art and aesthetics)

I'm still looking for that special someone, but I did date a girl for a while, which might nog have happened otherwise...


1 Year - no porn/no fap: how did I do it?

Brick House Series logoOn Oct. 15th, 2014, it will be one year of no porn and no masturbation. Here are a few thoughts on how I did it. My intention is to continue not using porn or masturbation.

History - I’ve been actively trying to quit porn since 2002. I had one period of no porn that lasted 2.5 years which ended in in 2006. And many years since then of having various levels of success. But after the 2.5 year stretch, the longest I’ve been able to go was 6 months in 2009.

What’s working for me this time?

No masturbation - I tried for a long time to make masturbation OK, but it always, always led back to porn for me. So I finally had to admit that if I wanted to quit porn, I had to quit masturbation too. Now that it’s off the menu, it’s easier.

Good counseling - I have a regular counselor who helps keep me focused and reminds me why I want to quit. Without that one on one contact with a real person, it wouldn’t have happened.

A supportive partner - my girlfriend of 5 years is supportive of my goal, without being judgmental or shaming.

Projects - I’m less likely to want to look at porn if I’m happier and more fulfilled, and having an active creative life makes me happier. In my case, the creative project I’m working on is a web series about quitting porn - Brick House. It helps me stay sober on multiple levels - a creative outlet, a way of articulating my reasons for quitting, and supporting others who want to quit. Check it out here:

Exercise goals - related to having projects to focus on is having exercise goals. I’ve been working hard the last few months to train to run a 5 K. I ended up injuring myself a couple weeks ago, but I’m going to get back out there soon. Exercise feels good by itself, but it also feels satisfying emotionally to watch myself make progress in terms of how far and fast I run.

Compassion for myself - quitting an addiction is very difficult. We need to be gentle with ourselves. Maybe that means taking time off in the middle of the day to read a book, or watch a show on Netflix, or take a walk, or chat with friends or family. We need to rest and give ourselves breaks. Practically anything we can do is going to be better for us than porn and masturbation

Scheduling my life so that porn doesn’t fit in - I try to not let myself get over tired, which is a huge trigger for me. Also, I try to avoid being alone at times when I used to look at porn - early mornings or weekends.

Not counting days - I guess I’m counting days now in this post about one year. But I try to avoid it. In the past, I’ve used a day count as a justification for quitting. “It’s been 100 days. That’s good enough.” I find it’s better if I don’t pay much attention to it.

There are other things I do as well, but these are some of the highlights. Questions and comments welcome!

LINK - 1 year of no porn/no fap - how did I do it?

by brickhousetv



one year - no porn/no fap - how my life is better

Today is my one year anniversary of no porn/no fap. 365 days. I wrote another post yesterday on how I managed to make it this long. Now I want to write how my life is better without porn.

First of all - I have more time. I have an extra 15-20 hours a week to do stuff that I like and that is healthy for me. Exercise, writing, playing guitar, hanging out with my girlfriend, hiking with friends. I get more work done, and I have more time to do fun things.

My overall health is better. I sleep better. I don’t get migraines as much as I used to. I don’t get the wrung out feeling that I used to get after a binge.

I have my self respect again. I can look myself in the eye in the mirror, and I can look other people in the eye. I don’t have a secret life the way I used to, and that makes me more confident.

But probably the most important benefit I get from quitting porn is that I’m able to be more “present.” What does that mean?

It means that I’m not always distracted by trying to figure out where and when I can next get my porn fix. I’m not constantly checking out any female I see and trying to rate them on a desirability scale. I can actually communicate with a woman by looking her in the eye and relating to her as a person, instead of an object.

I can actually listen better to my clients, or my friends, or my family, or my girlfriend. I think I can say that every single relationship I have has been improved by my quitting porn and masturbation.

I’ve had to learn a lot along the way. I’ve gradually figured out how to express feelings like sadness, or anxiety, or loneliness, instead of just numbing them with porn. You could say I’ve become more human and less like a robot. Another way to say it is that I’m moving towards being the person I want to become.

While thinking about this the other day, I was reflecting that it’s not easy to grow up in our culture. In my own experience, starting around 11 years old, I learned practically everything I knew about how to be intimate with women from looking at porn. Unfortunately, it was all lies. (Women don’t always want to take their clothes off and have sex all the time.) Then, when I was old enough to be in a relationship, I had no idea how to actually be emotionally intimate with a woman. It’s taken me at least 20 years to unlearn those lies, and another 20 to learn real intimacy.

I guess my point is that this struggle isn’t easy. We have a long history to overcome. But it’s a hero’s journey. And it is totally worth it.

1 year - ED, laziness, back pain gone. Much more productive, emotional, focused, motivated, talkative, and engaging.

mountainBefore I stumbled upon NoFap one year ago, I was fapping 1-3 times a day, yes, that was 365 - 1095 times a year for around 20 years.

After reading posts, and exploring more, and putting in hard work, I've lowered that frequency. Here are my one year stats since I started this journey- please note I got better every month, with some binges in-between, so my averages are higher than my recent months.

Yearly Fapping Average: 7 days a month/11 ejaculations a month, so cut my daily sessions by 75% and when I do fap it's under 2 times a day. That's one fap every 4 days as opposed to every day. Doesn't sound like much, but many of you should know how it is an accomplishment for someone like me. In reality, I usually can go 1-3 weeks, and then binge for 1-4 days. But my body and mind don't fall into the Living Hell like it used to because the days off really help the brain and energy levels.

Best streak: 60 days

Average Top Streak length per month: 15 days

Negative streak (fapping days in a row): 7 days, only once

Average negative streak: 3 days instead of every day.

So how am I? Well, I am much more productive, emotional, focused, motivated, talkative, and engaging.

I've been studying YourBrainonPorn, InnerGold, YourBrainRebalanced, YouTube videos from members here, RecoveryNation, CandeoBehaviorChange, Zen Buddhism, Alan Watts, Anthony Robbins, and other topics. Getting the right mindset and meditating has helped.

I've been strengthening my prefrontal cortex by doing all the math subjects on Khan's Academy and learning Javascript from CodeAcademy and a text book.

Since I'm not fapping all the time or thinking about escorts/massage parlors/craigslist guys or gals, etc. I'm actually exercising 5 days a week. Equally importantly, I'm eating right- have phased out junk food and focus on getting the right foods in my system.

I sleep around 7+ hours the same time every night. No more feeling excitable.

Oh, and I was suffering from ED, but it's working just fine now, thank you. :-) Sex is normal.

Laziness? Gone. Backpain? Gone. Dried skin? Gone.

LINK - One Year Report

by lumberhulk

1 year - HOCD, ED, and other effects: I've learned a lot that I want to now share

Today is exactly a year since I realized that porn was having a huge, negative impact on my life. During the past year of struggling with porn addiction, alcohol addiction and nicotine addiction I learned hell of a lot about how these addictions work. In this article I will talk solely about porn addiction and its effects on a man. This will be one long article, but it will cover pretty much everything you need to know about porn.

Since you are reading this I guess you know about porn causing erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and sexual taste morphing since these are three main side effects of porn addiction, but there are a lot of indirect, or should I say secondary effects porn has on a person. These secondary effects are - depression, anxiety, acne, lack of motivation and bad impulse control.

The secondary effects I mentioned are quite controversial, because there are a lot of people that claim that they don't have these symptoms, and on the other hand are people who have sworn that along with removal of porn from their life these symptoms simply vanished.

First off, if you are addicted to porn which you probably are, you need to know how serious the situation is.

For example, I was a mild nicotine addict and quite an alcoholic and I managed to cut back on these addictions in about three months, and I am now completely clean for about two months - but as for porn, even though I know how much harm it is causing me, I simply can't achieve more than 25 days without porn. 

By no means do I mean to demoralize you, but you have to leave behind "this will be easy" mindset.

Process of curing porn addiction is definitely not linear, there will be lots of ups and downs, one moment you are feeling like you won't need porn ever again, and fifteen minutes later you are going on a binge. Get used to it, only thing that can cure our addiction is lifestyle change, sheer willpower and time.

Now, lets get down to breaking down the symptoms!

Erectile dysfunction is something most, if not all of addicts report, but it seems that it is one of the symptoms that go away first. Most of people report hitting the "flatline" (lack of sexual urges and erections) that lasts for weeks, but I never got there, I had occasional bouts of erectile dysfunction, but 10 days without porn works for me.

There is an explanation on how and why does ED happen but I won't write about it because this post will be too long even without it, so I will just hit the bottom line - your brain is bored with real life girls (yeah, brain not penis, because erections come from the brain), why would your brain give an erection for an average looking real life girl that you need to work hard for if he is used to get any girl he wants to do anything he wants with a few clicks ?

Anyways, we are all different, I can't tell you how long will it take for you to get your erections back, but hold off the porn and you will get them back soon enough.

Changes in sexual taste, whoa, this was absolutely most distressing symptom for me. I developed severe HOCD (Homosexual obsessive compulsive disorder, DON'T google it if you think you suffer from it, trust me). I will talk about mine OCD history further down the article, for now we will talk about sexual taste morphing.

So, first off you started off with vanilla porn, then you moved on to some mild fetishes like stockings, certain hair color, ethnicity, then moved on to exclusively oral sex porn, or exclusively anal sex, than you wanted more than that, moved on to bondage, gangbangs, degradation, cruel sex, but damn it, even that wasn't enough to sate your addiction so you ended up watching some stuff you never thought will excite you, for example transsexual porn, midget porn, animal porn... Some people eventually get caught up in gay porn, I even heard of some cases when people ventured into child porn.

"Once you get on to porn train, you never know where it will take you."

I don't know how far down the line you went, but I can bet my life this kind of behavior sounds familiar to you, doesn't it?

Don't let it confuse you that porn is not a substance but it causes addiction like any other substance. Porn addiction is addiction like any other addiction; it is caused by chemicals your brain releases when you masturbate to porn. As it is the case with alcohol or any other drug, you will need stronger and stronger dosage to get the rush you felt the first time you were using it.

So, since you need stronger dosage, you won't be spending two hours instead of one hour daily watching the same genre of porn you were watching until then because it got boring, watching more of it will only get you even more bored. Instead you will move on to another, more shocking, more thrilling genre of porn.

This kind of behavior is a trademark of porn addiction and it is called escalation.

The cure? Lay off the porn!

I was/am addicted to transsexual porn, when I spend 20+ days without porn I seem to lose attraction for them and start to be aroused by more vanilla things, but once I get back to porn, it just comes back like it never went away.

Depression and anxiety. These two bastards are strengthened by porn addiction, and in turn porn addiction is strengthened by them. What a team, eh? Anyways, I suffer quite a lot from these two conditions, but when I spend a few days without porn these conditions diminish by at least 80%. It is not a placebo effect, trust me.

So, I promised I will talk about my OCD history earlier in this text, here we go-

For years I have been suffering with OCD, and I had just about every type of this condition, relationship OCD, health OCD, philosophical OCD, but none of them have been so awful as sexual orientation OCD (HOCD). Now, I am certain that these were caused by porn because since I dropped the porn I am getting only minor occasional OCD spikes. But don't get fooled, it ain't so easy. The worst case of OCD I ever had (HOCD) was caused by porn withdrawal, and it lasted for three months during which mine life was absolute hell, I even thought about suicide a few times.

HOCD is quite often in people who got into porn which doesn't match their sexual orientation, like me. It is an obsessive pattern which forces a person into thinking over and over about their sexual orientation, it causes an unbelievable amount of anxiety, if you never suffered from it there is no way you could ever possibly understand this. 

If you are suffering from HOCD, I won't even try to convince you that you are not gay or bisexual, because I know that few months back when I was suffering from it even if the God himself came down from heaven and told me that I am straight it still wouldn't stop mine obsessive thinking pattern.  My advice is - get professional help, ASAP! For me, it didn't stop until I got on alprazolam. If anyone asks how bad are the porn withdrawals, tell them you know a guy who had to take medications in order to get through it.

Let's get down to depression, for me it was never much of a problem, I get depressive only when I binge on porn and it lasts for a few days and go away on its own. But for people which already have this condition it can get really bad. So if you wonder if you addiction makes you addiction worse - it does.

Lack of motivation. Definitely caused by porn. I can't explain this without getting into talking about dopamine. I propose that you google a bit about dopamine so you can understand the mechanisms behind addictions.

Porn addiction, as any other addiction is run by dopamine, a neurotransmitter which basically controls our reward system. When doing addictive activities our body releases dopamine, the bigger the dopamine squirt, the bigger the pleasure. With time, our brain develops tolerance to dopamine and then the addiction gets into escalation phase which I mentioned before. 

So, since you developed tolerance for dopamine and only thing that can get you running is sating your addiction, will you be motivated to do other important things in your life that bring you almost no pleasure compared to porn, the answer is of course not.

Good news is that dopamine tolerance disappears if you stop your addiction, and so your motivation to do other things that are not addiction related will get back up.

Acne - Again, masturbation-acne link is solely individual thing, if you don't suffer from acne you can skip this part, if you do suffer from acne I propose that you read this because I know how distressing acne can be and some of this stuff helped me a lot. 

I was never sure if masturbation caused acne outbreaks so, one day when I relapsed I decided to go on a porn binge for the sake of finding answer to this question. I went on a binge unlike any other during the past years - the results were horrific!

Huge outbreaks all over jawline and back, I didn't have outbreak like this for years. Coincidence? I don't think so, I made sure that during this experiment I remove all other things that could cause acne. So, another reason I should give up masturbation. 

If you are an acne sufferer, this is the list of things that causes acne for me, maybe we could have something in common -

dairy, sugar, alcohol, tobacco, masturbation, anxiety, depression, lack of sleep, wearing a backpack, not changing clothes after sweating, yeah it is a long list, my skin obviously hates me for some reason.

That was some basic info on things you probably cope with if you are in the same boat as I were a year ago.

I already told you that if you decide to get rid of porn, it will be a bumpy road you heading down, but believe me it is worth it. 

You probably want to know what has changed in my life in the previous year.

Sincerely, everything - world is so much different since I dropped alcohol and nicotine and started doing something productive for a change. Sadly, I can't say I dropped porn, but anyways I reduced the amount of porn I watch for like 90%. Amount of porn I watched this year is probably equivalent to amount of porn I would watch for a month two years ago. 

Regardless of not being able to kick it out completely, I am happy that I managed to make such a great progress, and I am looking forward to the day when I will be able to say that I am completely free of it.

Hope that this article was of use, and that we will both be cured one day.


BY - killrat

1 year - I can get very aroused and have great sex without dysfunction, many other benefits

blooming cactiAfter doing this on and off for about a year with some longer stretches, here are some things I've found helpful about this program:

  • Sex life with the GF is healthy again. I can get very aroused and have great sex without dysfunction due to overstimulation. :)
  • My house is cleaner. i seem to care about the presentation/orginization of things more and/or I'm not ashamed of presenting myself and representations of myself as much anymore.
  • BIGGEST change- managing time! Without the handicaps of long, drawn-out, unscheduled fap sessions I have these perfect segments of time to utilize in a productive manner. One of the biggest things I was using PMO for was avoidance. I was putting everything and anything off. Now I happily chip away at different tasks that I can take my sweet little time with since I didn't put it off till the last second as per usual.
  • Energy- This is not an exact science, but I do feel more vital and clear throughout the day. Before I would walk around with a thick glaze of fog in my eyes, unimpressed and unenthused with everything around me. It sounds a little strange, but it felt like I was trapped or shoved into a box when I frequently PMO'd. Now my movements feel unrestrained and free- unimpeded by some shameful feeling that I don't deserve to move about as I like or that I fell weird in my own body.
  • A decrease in negative thought patterns, or a better control over recognizing their root and being able to let it go. This could have something to do with my more frequent meditations, but I find my ability to go deeper and erase unwanted ram on my hardrive easier without the addition of fapping as an unwanted habit weighing me down.
  • Will power increased in all areas. Some people have the idea that everyone possesses their own vices in some form or another. This may be true, but I've found that I can better fend off my other major vices by being successful with nofap. I still probably hit it too hard on the caffeine, but for me it really aids in the gym and with work/schoolwork.
  • I've always had a lot of social anxiety, and while I still experience it everyday, I will say that the amount of anxiety has decreased. I'm not Ryan Gosling, but I can be more spontaneous and enthusiastic in conversation without second-guessing myself all the time.
  • I find that my emotions can be easily aroused by sentimental things I see in life or in films. I'm more in touch with emotions, okay? You wanna fight about it?
  • I feel more comfortable being in command. I seems more natural to take a leadership role, but this could very well be my own biased interpretation.
  • I've adopted a less selfish approach to life. It sounds weird and fiendish, but I used to heavily guard my alone time- mostly so I could retreat to the fap dungeon and just zone for hours at a time. I can now take a genuine interest in other people without seeming like a big fat phony because I'm only half-listening.
  • I go outside more. Outside is cool :)
  • More solid emotional state. Probably due to the massive dopamine release, I felt like a manic-depressive with all the mood swings and dependence. It's nice to be more stable and more optimistic about this fucked up world we live in.

That's all I can think of off the top of the dome. If I think of anything else I'll make a nifty little ninja edit later on. If you have any questions feel free to ask, and good luck with your chosen path guys and girls!

LINK - A 40 Day Reflection

 by freedmni

1 year - I feel happy and make better decisions. I have a wonderful relationship.

This has been one heck of a journey, starting a little over a year ago I stumbled upon this beautiful community with all the encouragement and perseverance a guy could ask for when confronting such a difficult challenge such as this. If it wasn't for the help of the community here, at times, I would most likely not be where I am today, and for that I am eternally grateful. To those who are still struggling, look to the community for guidance and help. For those who are on their way to reaching that 1 year mark, keep going strong! I thank all of you for the support. Never stop trying, I know I wont. Life changes after you stop fapping. I am the proof.

To the request of a comment, Ill add milestones or something different about myself that I noticed along the way.

First week - After the last relapse, I was determined that this time I would make my first goal, a month.

First month- I was happy that I finally reached that goal. Getting there was tough... lots of temptations and lots of close calls, but keeping yourself busy is the best thing to do by my book. That and cold showers (they are so cold... so cold). I noticed that I was a little more happy and care free with the world and how it worked. Told my girlfriend about the whole nofap thing and she was a little confused about it, but still supported my decision.

Second month- I had some hard days (although only a senior in high school, some days were exhausting... almost slipped a couple of times but cold showers and this community saved me... also discovered the power of busy work to take one's mind off of things).

Sixth month- I noticed that my sexual drive had increased and my view of women was changing. No longer did I put them on the pedestal to view them as a thing to be attained, instead I respected their individuality and appreciated them for who they were, not what they looked like. All around I was happier and things that used to bother me now seemed petty. Confidence was a huge thing I learned, also a lot of self control.

Seventh month- honestly, I forgot about checking NoFap and just didn't even think about masturbating at all... I didn't care to see porn nor did I care to pleasure myself in that manner. But the most important part is that I finally understood the power of NoFap, I felt free and thus my confidence was boosted, which effected everything I did in a certain manner, all for the better.

1 year- Here I am, I just so happened to see a NoFap post on my front page and it reminded me to check the counter, what a coincidence. Overall, I feel happy and I think I make better decisions without having to consult the other head. I have a wonderful relationship. I don't feel like I have to be a shamed of anything on my internet history (except the occasional reddit post, but no shame in looking at the menu but not ordering if you know what I mean). I have totally disconnected myself from porn. Life is good. Plus I have a rocket ship for my counter now, so that is pretty neat. Screw that smiley face.

LINK - I did it. 365 days and I am free.

by ninjali96

1 year - I'm amazed by how much I've changed

Just typing some thoughts on my last year.

22 October 2012. This was the day I started to put this addiction behind me. I've tried stopping before that. But never really put my whole heart into it.

This day last year I was depressed, not thinking about suicide but wishing I was dead, that I never existed. Porn was the only thing I "lived" for. I was dead to friends, the outside world, new experiences, laughter.

Now a year later I look back and I'm amazed by how much I've changed. My outlook on life, women, sexuality are vastly different now. Life is about progress, step by step. Knowing that sometimes I will be depressed, other times happy. Living means experiencing these things and not hiding from it with porn. Women became people, and a lot less scary to interact with. I understand now what I want from my sexuality. I want it to be something pure, something expressed with intimacy. Something more than just lust. Sex changed from PIV to something I do with another person.

This past year I've had few streaks, best one of 126 days, two of over 50 days and few 20's and a lot of less than one week. In the beginning relapses lasted on average about 3-4 days. I've succeeded in cutting that down to 1-2 days now. On average I was free from PMO 89.4% of the time.

Today I'm on day one again. The last year was good, but there is a lot of room for improvement. 89% might sound good. But over a year that adds up to over a month of PMO. That's a lot! Time for me to tackle this challenge with renewed passion. I want to remove porn from my life for good.

LINK - One Year on NoFap

by antsandfeet


UPDATE  - Don't fall into the NoFap trap

Q) What is the NoFap trap?

A) Substituting fapping for any other unproductive activity. For instance aimless browsing, sleeping late, procrastination, watching tv etc.

When you stop PMO your brain will try to find a substitute to supply you with the dopamine you are suddenly missing. So now instead of fapping to get your dopamine rush you browse for hours on end trying to fill the gap that PMO left. Basically switching one addiction for another.

Q) So how do you fix this?

A1) Find what causes you to PMO. Is it stress or boredom or social anxiety or laziness etc? Find that cause and try to work on yourself to remove that cause from your life.

Q) How do you find the cause?

A) Become more self aware. A lot of the time we basically function like robots, or maybe like animals, just following impulses or instincts. To counter that start to actively think about every decision you make, ask yourself why you do what you are doing? What is the sequence of events that lead you to this action you're currently taking? What will the outcome of this action be? Writing these things down regularly will help speed up the process. It will help you distil your thoughts and bring focus.


1 year - Major paradigm shift, improved erections, relationships, energy, & mental stability

Rocky MountainsAside from the ego boost, I wanted to post this to point out that it takes everyone different amounts of time to make it far in this challenge. I just today completed my first 100 days hardmode, no fantasy, no MO streak, along with cold showers for about 4-5 months (which has been going on longer than this streak).

I began rebooting in November 2012 and noticed the so-called "superpowers" after about 2 weeks of it. That convinced me this is real and I've been committed since that experience.

However, it has taken me more than a year to get to this point. There are people who can do it cold turkey on their first attempt, and people who need more than two years to really get over it. Each situation is unique, based on how we use porn to cope with emotional problems, so I knew going in that I'd need extra time. Don't compare yourself to other people.

Let's talk about what everyone wants to hear about, the benefits:

Diminishing Social Anxiety- I say diminishing because REBOOTING IS NOT A LINEAR PROCESS. There are ups and downs, and they tend to level out the further out you get. Getting disheartened that the process isn't working is mostly your id (sexual impulses) finding a way to trick you back into PMO (porn-masturbation-orgasm). I got disheartened on day 82 once and went all the way back to square one for it.

Improved Erectile Function- This hasn't happened in the entire time I've been rebooting until recently. Erections just started flaring up out of nowhere. I've never experienced something like that just sitting next to an attractive girl, but it's happening now, which is cool/incredibly awkward. I remember once when I got to a point that I couldn't even finish to P...

Improved Interpersonal Relationships- I didn't think I'd need Nofap for the social benefits because I've always been compulsively social. I saw a guy's post on here recently who felt the same, but said his past social connections were actually quite superficial even though he had many of them, whereas since he started Nofap, he's been seeking deeper connections. Ditto, I want to see and connect with friends that I enjoy being with.

Heightened Energy- I've been going to the gym almost non-stop for a couple months now, along with regular meditation and cold showers. This is a killer combo, can't recommend it more.

Improved Mental Stability- Again, this comes and goes (especially earlier on, withdrawals SUCK), but it levels out gradually. You become fairly resistant to depression and anxiety, and people seem to want to engage you more often.

Major Paradigm Shift- I just like those words, it makes it sound important and it is. I wouldn't be living where I am now working towards my career, if I didn't do this. My entire perception of the world has changed because I stopped watching P. The best way to sum it up is: I felt like I was watching my life from a distance and letting it happen to me, and now I feel like an active participant; I'm happening to life.

Pretty cool huh? I'd recommend going on to get more info and read up on some objective info about porn addiction. is also a great resource, I lurk there all the time.

Nofap isn't about sex, it's about much more than that. Sexual energy isn't just about sex, haven't you read any Freudian literature?

LINK - 100 Days Complete After A Year + Of Nofap

by  kosh32


1 year - Married: Sex is more frequent, longer, and better. I've become more masculine, she's become more feminine

couple kissingI had been masturbating to internet porn for over thirteen years and married for two years at this time last year. I was never too happy about my need to fap as a single man, but I hated it as a married one. I'm convinced that it affected our relationship, as I could already sense a decrease in intimacy even though we were still newlyweds. Sometimes I would be waiting for my wife to fall asleep or go to the store so I could masturbate, and I'd be irritable with her while she was still around.

Any time that I wanted sex and didn't get it I would treat as a blank check to service myself. It's an awful way to treat someone, but it's also a really unhealthy way to approach your own sexual desire. It's an unspoken ultimatum: either you're taking care of this boner or I am. It reduces the intimate, physical aspect of your relationship to the level of an oil change. Whether I take it into the shop or do it in my driveway, the result is the same (I really like to stretch a metaphor for all its worth).

The tipping point came when I was traveling alone for a couple weeks, and--predictably-- masturbating pretty much nightly. I was bored and unhappy and was probably searching for some porn on reddit when I ran into this place and started researching. After watching some videos and (most importantly) reading up on people's experiences, I was fired up and decided to join in. Here's what I've noticed in the last year:

-Things got a lot easier when I told my wife. The first month or so I was on my own, and it was agonizingly hard. I didn't want to tell her until I was confident that I could keep going, because I didn't want to have to tell her about a relapse. But I think opening up to her at the very start would have made it so much easier. She was very supportive, and from time to time would ask me how it was going and express how impressed she was.

-With my wife on board I had a very powerful anti-relapse weapon: I would just imagine the next day after masturbating: waking up knowing that I failed, resetting my badge, admitting it to her. That will get you to close those tabs on your browser pretty quick. You can also try this whether or not you have a SO. Picture yourself in the sober light of the next day, writing your relapse up to post on nofap.

-As far as physical/mental/personality changes: I think that a lot of what people attribute to nofap is really the placebo effect, but I have noticed some things that I can't explain. I'm horny all the time, but not in an unpleasant way anymore. My mind was conditioned to expect release any time it experienced desire, but gradually I've reached the point where I can be (relatively) comfortable with arousal that isn't consummated. It really does give you energy that can be applied to other aspects of your life (like school, currently).

-Sex is more frequent, longer, and better. At first I think my wife made a conscious effort to have more sex with me as a sort of support mechanism (another benefit of telling your partner about nofap), but I also think that we are both more attracted to each other now. There's something in women that responds to being fiercely desired. Instead of the desultory requests for an "oil change" she used to get, she now has a husband with the constant libido of a teenage boy directed only at her, not at "getting off" by whatever means necessary. It's like I've become more masculine and she's become more feminine as well, with the result that we are both increasingly attractive to the other.

-I realize that everything I've written so far has been very positive, but I've also had several near-relapses in the last 3 months. Sometimes I'll run into a picture online, or a scene on a TV show (I've decided not to watch Game of Thrones for this reason) or even just walk past a girl in yoga pants and it's like my blood pressure shoots up about 40 points. Nofap does a lot of things, but it certainly does not make you numb to temptation. I think a lot of single people do nofap precisely for this effect, but it's pretty rough on the monogamous.

Good luck, brothers and sisters.

LINK - Married NoFap, 1 year report (a few days early because of finals).

by punsaretheworst

1 year - Much less depression, Way more energy, Enjoy life much more!

So there it is. 90 days. I discovered NoFap while I was looking for new years resolutions. It changed my life. Seriously.

I want to keep this short, because you all know the effects NoFap can have. I was in a severe depression, and, even though I often thought that my depression was over, it feels much more certain now.

This night, I had my 3rd wet dream during the challenge.

And believe me, I prefer waking up at 3 am with cum in my pants that I have to clean afterwards, instead of wasting all my energy and time in fapping multiple times a day.

I still don't know if my depression could come back soon or not. But right now, I really feel happy, and this challenge is definitely not over yet!

So thank you guys, for your posts, comments, and support. It absolutely helped me, and the imgur pictures often made my day, and made me think why I should continue with this challenge.

I hope I can post soon sth. about how I overcame my loneliness, but that will still take some time I think :/

Have a nice evening (for all the Europeans out there) / a nice day!

LINK - 90 days challenge - report

by Methylium



[FR] Ideas/thoughts after 1 year

Hey guys!

I started 2014-01-01 and, I must say, it looks great, the little rocket :D

Here are my thoughts:

Why did I NoFap?

  • I was tired of PMO (same symptoms as described here) while all my friends bragged about their private/sex life.
  • I was tired of being single and feeling depressed.
  • I wanted to get these superpowers.

Personal benefits

  • Way more energy, everywhere! You know Brucie from GTA IV? I sometimes feel the same :D
  • Less depressed (even though I still had some depressions, but less than the years before), started to enjoy life much more!
  • I discovered /r/seduction. Not trying to become a pickup artist, but there are a lot of great tips on how to become more self-confident.

What's left?

  • I'm still single :D
  • Boredom is very dangerous. If you have a job or a lot of work to do - no problem, but during vacation, it's hell.
  • Is NoFap a Placebo? (Maybe girls noticed us even before NoFap, and we just didn't notice it?) I'm still not sure, but in the end, I don't care. We just need to get out of our comfort zone.

The community in this subreddit is great! The posts are motivational, thought provoking, funny, and are definitely a reason why I came so far.

Greetings from Europe! Best wishes for 2015 =)


1 year - My wife and I have a much more active and passionate sex life.

happy coupleOK I've managed one year with absolutely no porn or masturbation and I thought it would be polite to post a report of my experiences. Apologies for its length.

Before early May last year I was regularly using internet porn as an aid to masturbation when I was home alone. It was only a matter of time before I was discovered and about the 13th or 14th my wife came home and pretty much caught me. It was very VERY embarrassing and she was furious. So having put myself into such a horrendous position I decided I'd better sort it out. Losing my wife and child was very much on the cards and despite my actions I still very much loved (and still do) my wife.

My wife was introduced to the Ted talk "The Great Porn Experiment" online. And from there I found you guys.

So I started Nofap, and although it was difficult at first I dug my heels in and things gradually improved. I did my first 90 days and then I decided to reset as I had initially allowed edging and I wanted to do it properly. FYI it's much easier if you don't edge.

I also decided to go and see a therapist and try and untangle some knots which was a great help.

Being on this subreddit I've learned a fair bit about the damage internet porn is doing to society. But also about the very real damage it does to people. And I've come to dislike the industry intensely.

There's a faith based group online called the Pink Cross Foundation run by an ex-porn actress called Shelley Lubben. I'm not even slightly religious but the work this woman has done is extraordinary. And for those of you who are interested it's definitely worth a visit to this site. Although I should warn you some of the stories you will read are very unpleasant.

So for those of you who began this challenge to access these "superpowers" that are so often mentioned, here is a far better reason to avoid porn. If you're looking at internet porn then you are complicit in mental, physical, and sexual abuse. The industry itself has links to people trafficking, drugs, and child abuse. And again if you log on, then you ARE complicit.

So giving it all up has left me far happier. My wife and I have a much more active and passionate sex life. I often suspected masturbation was having some effect on my sex drive, but I am still surprised by how much. Our relationship has improved outside of the bedroom too. Probably because I don't have the shadow of porn guilt hanging over me anymore.

Virtually everyone on here has a kink of some kind. Some people have more extreme interests but I think everyone has there own sexual tastes. I've come to learn that internet porn drives that interest home. The more you chase that fetish the more you want. Straight guys often report being drawn to homosexual porn sites to get their kicks. Despite the fact that they don't actually find men sexually attractive.

I found I had an attraction to older women. It didn't develop into a granny fetish fortunately, but having found myself in the unfortunate position I was in, I decided to look into the why's of it all. It is thought that you are likely to develop a sexual taste if you experience it consistently during your sexual awakenings in your teenage years. My one and only porn magazine during puberty was called "Playdames" and contained older women exclusively. I suspect that is where my taste for older women came from.

So if the pornography you access in your years of early puberty defines your taste in later life. Then you have to wonder what effect internet porn is having on the minds of young people today. It is reported as increasingly aggressive and unpleasant. Are teenagers seeing this as the norm? Is that the legacy internet porn will give us?

I began to avoid fantasizing about porn about 2 months into my challenge as it seemed it would probably retard any benefits I was trying to gain. As a result I've found thinking about the sites/women I used to visit no longer has any real effect on me. I believe my brain no longer connects these sites and images with sexual pleasure. Which is pretty much what I was trying to do in the first place.

I've no intention of changing my habits now. It's clear to me that I'm far happier now than I ever was. Although I will be wary of letting my guard down.

The people on this site have been and absolute blessing. The amount of support and advice I've seen in the past year is staggering. And the amount of soul searching and distress have also been something of an eye opener. Particularly given that for the most part society sees porn and masturbation as a harmless and necessary distraction. Modern culture is willingly blind to this particular problem. Probably because the vast majority of people are addicted to porn to some degree.

Anyway I apologize for the epic post but it's been something of an epic journey for me.

But thanks to the support of a group of total strangers I can now enjoy my time with my family wholeheartedly, and look my little girl in the eye without feeling ashamed.

Thank you all so much. And stay strong guys and girls :)


LINK - My year of abstention.

by moododude

1 year - Sex feels amazing now, much better than it did in my previous relationships

couple snuggling in bedSo I just passed my next milestone: one full year! I posted a 90 day report a while back at I haven’t seen very many updates past 90 days, and I wanted to post an update on how my nofap experience has been since then.

Before 90 days, I went through a whole bunch of different phases between flatlining and being incredibly horny. The first week or so sucks. There is no denying that. I was thinking about fapping all the time and just had to resist. I really had to focus to make it through that week and felt like crap the whole time. When I make it past the first week or two it felt great. The urge to fap slowly went away and I felt liberated. However, around day 20 or so I entered the dreaded flatline.

The flatlining was kind of scary. I basically felt nothing sexual during that time. I didn’t have an urge to fap, but I also didn’t feel any attraction to girls in real life. I stuck with it since everyone on here said it would go away and it did. For me it lasted about a month (days 20-50ish) and hasn’t come back since. The period after that was really intense, and I was incredibly horny. I’ll never forget one day shortly after the flatline ended where I got a boner from just seeing a girl that didn’t go away for several hours. By that time, it wasn’t too hard to resist fapping. While I got extremely aroused, I rarely actually got an urge to fap. There were times when I came close to relapsing, but they were pretty easy to avoid and they were nowhere near the urges that I remember having in the first week or two. The horniness was extreme at the start but slowly died out. After day 90 or so I felt like I had reached a reasonable state, and it has plateaued around there ever since. Now, when I see a beautiful girl, I definitely feel an attraction, but I don’t get crazy boners. It feels natural.

I had quite a few wet dreams around the time that I started nofap but those have tapered off as well. I can’t remember the last one, it must have been a few months ago at least.

I have no desire to fap anymore. Fapping seems really weird. Over the course of a year, I have definitely stumbled onto porn many times by accident. Whether it is on the internet or in movies, it is impossible to avoid seeing naked people altogether. I think that random porn is really a huge danger for many nofappers, especially around days 50-90. I’m quite good with computers, and filters have never worked for me since I always know what they are doing and how to get around them. I had to rely on self control. Going on reddit was very dangerous. At the start, I really focused on never letting porn show up on my screen, since I knew that I was prone to relapse. Now, while I may get aroused by some pornographic photos that I accidentally stumble across, I don’t have any desire to masturbate. The idea of jerking off just doesn’t cross my mind at all. I really had to be careful for the first while, but I’ve reached a point where masturbating feels like it would be a chore.

I don’t believe in the “superpowers”. If you go in with the expectation that you are going to be a god with the ladies in a week, then you aren’t going to get anything out of nofap. You need to work on improving yourself. I shifted my bedtime to an earlier time over the past year, I have been exercising more and I have significantly decreased the amount of time that I spend on the internet. Overall I am much happier where I am in life now than where I was a year ago.

I had some major changes in my life over the past year (graduating from university and moving all over the place) and wasn’t dating for most of it. I started dating again a few months ago, and I’ve got myself a girlfriend now. One disadvantage of nofap is that you get VERY sensitive when you are with a girl and haven’t come in months. I came in my pants the first couple times that I tried to do anything in bed with her. I was a bit embarrassed, but I told her that the reason was that I hadn’t jerked off in a year. She just laughed, thought I was a bit crazy, but was totally fine with it. I got back to normal after a few times. Some people suggest rubbing one off before a date, but that just seems like a good way to relapse to me. I think that most girls/guys will be fine with you taking a few times to get your mojo back. Just make sure that you know of other ways to pleasure her/him! Sex feels amazing now, much better than it did in my previous relationships when I was fapping regularly.

I said in my last update that I was going to continue nofap for as long as I can, and that plan hasn’t changed at all. I don’t even think about fapping any more, and it feels like it would be a chore to start fapping again. I remember feeling so shameful back when I fapped, and being afraid that someone would walk in on me. It feels great to be free!

I tried to write this update without sensationalizing to provide an accurate description of what a year of nofap feels like. I wouldn’t have made it this far without being able to come read inspiring stories on this subreddit, and I want to thank all of you for your inspiring stories. Nofap has been a great experience and I highly recommend it!

TLDR: Nofap is hard at first, but it just gets better and easier!

LINK - One Year Report!

by bobzw

1 year - Strangers today do not turn me on like they used to

I'm a better person today than I was a year ago. I've developed the ability to enjoy life in a far deeper and meaningful way than I could have imagined when I started this journey.

When I began I was doing nofap just because this sounded like a fun challenge. I started just as a kind of internet joke. I soon learned how dependant I had become on pornography and how it made me objectify women. I used to think of women as a way to get what I wanted.

I've learned though that what I wanted -- what I really wanted -- was to connect with someone. Fapping prevented any kind of connection because you just change the connection when the image wasn't new or when you wanted to increase the eroticism. This kind of thinking is dangerous to human beings. We cannot possibly exist in a world where people become disposible sources of entertainment and where sex is nothing but a superficial arousal with a stranger.

Strangers today do not turn me on like they used to and that's because I'm very content with the way things are now, in this world and in this time.

LINK- Thoughts on a year

by AtheistComic

1 year - The benefits are there and they are well worth any amount of struggle you may go through.

300 days pornfree and nofap, 65 days hardmode now. Yeah, it's an accomplishment. Yeah, it feels good to have made it this far.

The down and dirty of it is this; I don't believe I'm cured. I believe my willpower has been exercised well. I get these moments, well after the 90 day period, that I miss porn. I want to look it up but I don't. That's the real victory. However, even slight images will get the heart beating just a little faster. For example, I was looking at amazon for a particular pair of workout pants I have that I wanted more of. It also shows ladies pants and just the lower halves of the models wearing them. Just something that simple is enough to make me feel like I'm not cured. My reaction to immediately look away kicks in. I didn't think that should happen when I started this. I was hoping the magic 90 day thing would be some sort of miracle cure so I set my sights on 120 days instead. That time has come and gone now and while I can say I'm far better off than I've ever been I'm still in quite a lot of danger relapse. The mind continues to play tricks on me from time to time, telling me when it's ok to take a peak but I've learned to notice these things and avoid the temptations.

That's really the reality of pornfree and nofap for me right now. Starting this journey makes it feel like it's all candy bars and lollipops once you push through the 90 day barrier. It's been a hard road. The terrain is much less rough now and my body is more suited to the trials but there are always hills to climb and valleys to leap over.

The good of it is that, besides having come this far, something I would have never thought was possible 365 days ago, I've learned to manage my depression better. I've become much more productive on a much more consistent basis. I've started reading, working out and being social, so much more social, than I've ever been. Whether it's because I'm not wasting time looking for material to help me get off or because my willpower has stemmed into other parts of my life, I'm much better off now then I was with porn in my life.

For anyone starting out or wondering, debating, whether or not you can do this, you can. It's work through, and that's the bottom line. The benefits are there and they are well worth any amount of struggle you may go through. This has been my chance to better myself and I've finally taken the steps to make it happen. I don't see why it isn't the same for anyone out there, reading this right now, that wants to give up the addiction to have a chance at something better.

LINK - 300 days

by themethatneedshelp


UPDATE - 466 days in

That's 1 year, 101 days for all of you math wizards out there.

The good: It's been 466 days of pornfree and nofap, what's not good about that? In the middle I had a hardmode streak of 210 days. Finally found a girlfriend that I'm crazy about, who I've had rather emotional and enjoyable sex with several times. Due to our kids and schedules, we only get to see each other 3 times in a two week period, but it's made me appreciative of the relationship. Additionally, since we do not see each other everyday or every other day, we have sex just about every time we're together. I'm happy to say that this hasn't led me to want to fulfill my sexual gratification on the consecutive days we are apart by turning to porn or fapping.

Through my dating process, I had gone out on several dates with various women, some of which I neither enjoyed their body type nor their personalities. I'm a small guy (5'8, 145ish) but I seem to attract slightly larger women. I was getting concerned that I was being too shallow with my looks expectation and letting the physical part of it outweigh (no pun intended) the personalities. I felt maybe I wasn't giving their personalities a chance. My girlfriend now is indeed bigger than I am (5'4, 16x) and to but frank, she is by far the sexiest woman I've ever been with. She has a stellar personality and for once I'm sitting here looking at someone for the whole package rather than just the looks. I'd attribute some of this to the desensitization of porn in my mind. My brain hasn't been flooded with women sporting insane bodies and being taken advantage of. I've also been able to A) sort things in my head in terms of what sex means to me, B) discuss these things with my girlfriend, and C) be open to new experiences that she's interested in in the bedroom. She knows, for example, that I'm absolutely against calling her anything derogatory whilst we engage. It's become important to avoid certain actions in and out of the bedroom that I otherwise find degrading out of respect for how I feel about her.

The bad: even 15+ months in, I'm still weary of anything that can act as a trigger. I've actively stated I will not watch porn with her and I maintain the 'just look away' method when it comes to magazines at the store or advertisements on the internet. Just 2 nights ago I had a dream that I was looking at porn and was thinking to myself "fuck, i've got to reset". I was relieved to wake up and find that it was just a dream though surprised that I still get those feelings. The battle never ends and that's fine. I'm winning.

As I always like to say, for anyone out there who's on day 1, week 1, year 1 or year 5, just keep it up. If you can't convince yourself that you alone are worth the effort, find something that you can fight for. Your kids, a relationship or just general happiness.


1 year - This is the end of a chapter. That addiction is no more and I am not a virgin.

This is the end of a chapter. People too often disagree with the purpose of practising abstinence. I knew from the get-go why I was doing it: because I was a virgin and thought all my woes were the fault of what I was glad to call an addiction. Well, that addiction is no more and I am not a virgin.

It was, coincidentally, almost a year to the day between the beginning of this journey to my defloration. Since I always knew my problem was that I hadn't made love to a girl before, now that I have I deem this chapter closed. I met a girl during my travels in June and we got together a bit less than 2 weeks in. In all we spent close to 6 weeks together, never separated. We made love many times. The time came for goodbyes, but we will no doubt meet again.

As for this Forum, I too will leave it be, as I have no business here any more. 

Turning the page on porn

By Zooloo

1 year - changed my life considering sexuality, willpower & being comfortable in my own skin

NoFap has drastically changed my life considering sexuality, willpower and being comfortable in my own skin and I can say that after a year, I am so very thankful to you guys, words cannot describe it.

With the help of NoFap I've had a great relationship to a girl that before I would never dare to start up a conversation with, was confortable to have fun with girls when I was single, and am currently in a relationship.

I now also exercise daily as a rule, am learning to play the guitar, and generally feel better and am more positive.

Tl;dr: NoFap is the shit. Thank you!

LINK - Thank you! (one year)

by Yoizzy

1 year - more creative, energetic & happy, less shyness, relationships improved

happy guyI just noticed it has been more than one year since I discovered /r/NoFap. So I decided to write something about my journey.

I was trying to stop PMO since I discovered It's sin (I'm Christian). I had no idea that it's more than sin. It literally destroys people.

Until I discovered this subreddit I had very bad time abstaining. I was relapsing several times per week. I managed to last much longer only two times.

Then I discovered this awesome community and used it as a great tool to combat my addiction. During last year I relapsed only about 20-30 times. I had few long streaks (about one month). I had also difficulties during summer but they will pass. I'm sure.

Effects I noticed:

  • I'm more happy on average. I have bad days sometimes but they pass quickly.
  • I feel more creative. I often do new projects and other stuff.
  • I have very little shyness. I have no problem getting to know someone new and talk about anything.
  • I'm myself more. I'm more willing to admit my mistakes and weaknesses. Also I'm less reluctant to talk about some topics. I can express some emotions more freely.
  • My relationships improved. I pay more attention to communicate without angering/insulting people. People respond to me better. It's easier to get people agree with me on difficult topics.
  • I'm less obsessed with girls (excluding really awesome girls :))
  • Naturally beautiful girls attract me more than artificially attractive ones.
  • I feel more energetic.
  • Right now I feel great! :)

TL;DR My life significantly improved while on NoFap. It is worth it! If you are considering it give it a try.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Have a successful day brothers and sisters! :)

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by Oeneo


1 year - porn had made me a weak person with no confidence & mild depression.

Hey everyone, I just want to let everyone know that on 12/28/14 I hit my 1 year mark of no fap.

It's honestly been a journey and I quit for personal reasons, mainly porn had made me a weak person with no confidence, and little dopamine, so I had a mild depression. I had no interest in people and this may seem crazy but every time that I did masturbate bad things would happen to me, for example I would be talking to a girl a week in no fap and then I would fap and I would say something stupid or she didn't like me. Or with my parents they would yell at me over the littlest things. I think it has to do with the vibrations your body gives off, just a theory.

Anyways I can gladly say it was the best decision I ever made , now I've got everything in life in check, I have great grades, I'm shooting for a sports scholarship and talking to girls is nothing, literally cake.

I don't have the urge to masturbate at all. The only problem is that I get horny really easily, strangely when I'm with a girl I dont get horny that fast maybe not to look like a foo , but when I talk to a girl over text or the phone and shes talking about provacative things and shes sending me pics I get really really horny.

Anyways I plan on being fap free for all my life.

Ask me anything you'd like, I'd be glad to give advice on how to go long with no fap. It's really mind over matter and knowing your cause, but yea its a great achievement for me and im really happy.


LINK - 1 year and 1 week of no fap (:

by Hooots

1 year - small steps lead to something great

Almost a year later and I feel like I should share some stuff with you guys.

Just as a note: I used to hate when people fed me bullshit about how to get better because it felt like they were talking down to me so don't take any of my experiences as direct advice. These are simply my thoughts regarding the recovery process that are still ongoing and will continue to be ongoing until I no longer even need to think about PMO (if such a state exists).

One could argue that this addiction is the hardest to overcome precisely because people don't recognize it as a problem. We are surrounded by stigmas that suggest that PMO and its perverse industry are normal. Just take a look at Pornhub's attempts to blatantly market itself in the mainstream media with advertisements on Time Square, promotions for breast cancer, planting trees for porn views, etc. We are living in a time period where not many people understand the debilitating effects that this lifestyle can lead to.

Do not focus on failing Its difficult but that's the nature of overcoming an addiction (which is what pornography should rightfully be called). Instead, focus on the fact that everyday you stop yourself from engaging in those activities you are one step closer to regaining your manhood and reaching your full potential.

Forget superpowers You should focus on the fact that everyday that you are conquering this addiction you are one step closer to addressing the deeper problem. Make no mistake, PMO is only masking the real issue that you need to address. For me it was interia and laziness. I had no interest to engage with others or take the first step towards something new. Looking back I turned to PMO because it was easy and required no effort. This manifested itself into a snowball of apathy and disregard for anything that required me to step out of my comfort zone. Once you find that issue and address it, you have taken a step in the right direction. You have come face first with a personal fear and that is something that not many people can do. So instead of obsessing over superpowers or some kind of new-found male bravado (which may or may not come with the process), focus on the fact that everyday that you tackle this problem you're life has marginally improved. Eventually all those smalls steps you take will add up to something great.

You might notice that a common theme I had was the "small steps lead to something great". Rarely do things come in big chucks. I quit on my first try only because I was able to tackle PMO one day at a time.

I'm confident that you guys can do the same.

LINK - A Year Later

by redstar2

1 year ago - I was an idiot thinking nofap was placebo

1 year ago:

Wake up at 10am.


Waste 6hours on the computer.


1 hour hot shower.

Waste 6 more hours on the computer.


Go to sleep at midnight,


Wake up at 6am.

5 mins of aerobics. 10 mins of meditation.


"Waste" 4 hours on schoolwork.

Clean my room.

"Waste" 2 more hours on extra schoolwork.

"Waste" 1 hour reading a book about pornography.


"Waste" 2 hours on more extra schoolwork.

1 hour : Workout + Cold Shower.

2 hours playing online game with friends (who have my last year program)

15 mins on r/nofap

15 mins yoga+ meditation.

Go to sleep at 10 pm.


I was an idiot thinking nofap was placebo 1 year ago. I found out about it from the worst place possible (, where people kept claiming its bullshit and I quickly forgot about the whole idea of abstinence. Luckily, I found it again 5 months after.(Thanks to this wonderful sub)

This year is very important academically-wise, and, believe me, the grade improvements are obvious. I kept asking stupid questions in class, but now I am among the best. My teachers thought I was a complete idiot. Can't wait to get out of the flatline and really enjoy the benefits (even in the flatline, I'm happier than 1 year ago). Mood swings are still here, sometimes I question my nofap effort and think of relapse, but sometimes my life feels so awesome that I'd live it forever.

Keep going guys! Good times ahead!

LINK - My weekend now vs My weekend 1 year ago

by whydontyouupvoteme


1 year to make 90 days - fetishes deconstructed, relationship much improved

LoversI'm gonna sound like an old geezer, but I can remember when there were less than 2k fapstronauts here and you would see a 90 day report maybe once every other week. Now they are so common I almost thought about not posting mine (and don't get me wrong, I think it's phenomenal that there are so many now) but I made a promise to myself when I started this thing that I would post my story when I made it, so here we go.

To say I had a problem with porn might be an understatement. Let me walk you through an average day before I found nofap, and I stress average. My alarm would go off to wake me up for work and I'd grab my phone to turn it off. Then I'd lay in bed for 20-30 minutes while surfing porn on my phone before I'd finally get up. If I wasn't running late I'd probably then jump on my computer for another 20-30 minutes of porn before heading out. At work I'd usually take a porn break on my phone in the bathroom stall or on the benches out front to break up the day. Then I'd head back home. I live with my girlfriend and she works earlier in the day than me so I'd wait for her to go to bed and then it would be more porn until I fell asleep. If she was out running errands I'd probably be home with porn. If she was out of town for a few days that meant it was time for a non-stop porn fest.

You know what the saddest thing about all this was? If you had asked me at the time if I had a problem with porn I would have laughed. I would have told you that porn was just something I used occasionally like any other normal guy. I was that blind to my problem. Well luckily a day came when I could no longer ignore it. I happened to see a link to r/nofap from another subreddit and came here for the first time thinking I was just gonna see what "those" people were all about. Well I was about to find out that I was one of "those" people. I clicked the link to Your Brain On Porn and started reading and it was like an atomic bomb went off in my head. I couldn't hide from it anymore. It put together so many pieces that I thought were unrelated. I finally accepted that I had a problem. I didn't waste any time. I decided to give up PMO that very day.

My first attempt was a true struggle, but it was also wonderfully enlightening. Finally free from the grasp of porn I began to reflect on things objectively. I started to see my habits as they really were. The sites I frequented most were ones with user contributed content meaning that there was always an endless supply of porn. Every time I went there it would have something new and exciting waiting for me. My collection was ridiculous. Not in size (though it was a solid 200GB) but in detail. I was so meticulous. Every single file in a collection of thousands was properly named and organized into a folder according to its attributes. I don't even want to think about how much time I wasted on this. Of course I never actually looked at the porn in my collection. That wasn't the point. I always wanted to go out and find new porn to add to my collection. My fetishes of course gradually became more extreme. I'm honestly too embarrassed to even get in to it - even to anonymous strangers who would understand.

There was one last significant thing I had to confront. I had been with my girlfriend for a long time and I loved her, but we were slowly developing a rift between us and I didn't want to face it. Porn gave me a way out. When I was looking at porn I felt happy. I didn't have to think about my relationship problems and I could just pretend they didn't exist. This was the single greatest gift nofap gave me. It forced me to confront these problems with her and we were able to work through them. I can say without a doubt that our relationship is better now than it has ever been.

My first try I made it 44 agonizing days before I broke down, but immediately picked myself back up with another 40. This was the point where I really reconciled with my girlfriend and I made the massive mistake of thinking I was cured, so I thought what would a little porn hurt? So I relapsed, and I relapsed hard. It took all of 48 hours to go from vanilla to the extremest of the extremes. Alcoholics never just have one drink. Porn addicts never just look at a little porn.

From here it was just a long series of relapses. One month on porn, one month on nofap, rinse and repeat. The truth was I was never really committed to any of these attempts. I just did them out of a sense of obligation. Then one day it hit me. It had been exactly 1 year since my very first attempt. I set my resolve that nothing would stop me this time, and here I am 90 days later.

So how have I changed? I don't hide from my problems anymore. I don't pretend they don't exist. I accept them for what they are and I find the willpower to overcome them. I fight to live the life I want to live. I've watched my fetishes deconstruct and I see them for the absurdities that they are. I have a better understanding of who I am.

If you want a moral to take away from this or a TL;DR, it's this: nofap is about self control, self reflection, and self improvement. It's a war you fight every day of your life, but one in which every victory adds momentum to the next. Never give up.

And finally, much thanks to this community. I owe you all so much.

LINK - After over a year of trying I finally made it to 90.

by tyger_style

1 year+ -- a simple tip which will guarantee success

moving energyIt's been a year since I did the dirty. Stopping was fiendish. Six years of daily dipping into the naughtybox, it was like being unplugged from the matrix - everything was shattered and I found myself raw, naked, shocked and covered in white sticky crap. It took months for my brain to recover. I felt like shit.

Regardless, I'm out of it. I'm posting this because I dipped back into the naughtybox briefly and I remembered how shit it is and I remembered this subreddit and I want to make sure these words reach an audience that crucially needs them. Understand what I have written here and you'll be out. I promise. This is going to be long but if you're serious about this then you have zilch to lose and everything to gain here. So please do read. I've done my best to sanitize all triggers here.

What's the secret? And you know what? There's a "secret" to this. Yes, there's a secret way in which every success story on here is a success. But it's so secret that even after I tell you straight to your face, it will still remain hidden from you. Until you one day learn how to see it. The annoying thing is that it takes work to uncover this deep secret, it takes grueling effort but once you uncover the secret, no further effort needs to be expended. Nada. Zero. Zilch.

So you're going about your day and you're browsing some random page. Click click, random pic catches a gnat's fart of a glimpse of your eye. Eye tracks back to where you were reading, continue reading for a moment then flickers back for another fleeting instant. Back to where you were reading then flicker back again, this time a little longer. Oooh, what's that? That looks good. Sudden yet slight increase in heart rate. Hey I shouldn't. I won't. Eye flickers back. Looks good! No, I'm not going to. Eye flickers back again. Eye lingers. Ooooh! Looks goooooooood! Eye lingers too long. Click click, and suddenly you're watching 50 blind midgets do slightly disturbing things to Snow White's pet duck.

Heard of the amygdala? Make friends with this dude. It's either your friend or your enemy. Pick. One or the other. Let me give a really crude hierarchy. If the brain stem represents completely raw data and the neocortex (the higher brain) represents high order consciousness, then the amygdala represents that point where raw data meets impulse meets higher thought. What happened in this sequence depicted above, the classical "will I won't I" that happens approximately 3s before each and every "SHIFT+CTRL+P" stored in the NSA's keylogs?

Your eye scanned the page. Your brain scanned for a few things. Threats and mates. Then the rest - ya know, actually processing words and higher order cognition and all that unnecessary crap. Did you know that by the 2nd eye flicker you'd already passed the point of no return? Before you even registered the image consciously your brain already laid out the route, because the memory of the routine was instantly triggered by your sophisticated pattern matching algorithms and there you are and your dead grandparents are looking down on you from heaven and thinking "holy shit dude what the fuck have I spawned".

Well to be more accurate, it's when the eye lingers that you're past the point of no return. But the 2nd glimpse is usually the one that triggers that one too fast for you to react. Like a frozen pond, first glimpse cracks the ice, 2nd glimpse is a hole and when the eye lingers, you're under. At that point the integral of exposure to stimulus over time in terms of raw hormone release goes past the threshold. Each glimpse releases a burst of hormones, each and every glimpse. However tiny. And each burst of hormones? Opens the floodgates a bit more.

Now what if I told you, that ALL you have to do, ever, at all, is to disrupt this exact process as it's happening and you're clean? Nothing more. Nothing less for that matter.

Well, there are two "secrets", but they're the same damn thing when you get to the bottom of it.

One: DON'T PEEK. AT ALL. Doesn't matter what it is. Zero peeking.

Two: A man goes to a guru and asks him, "Master, no matter how hard I try I cannot find any control over my lust". The guru walks up to a tree and hugs the tree. He begins screaming and shouting and wailing "Help, I can't unstick myself from this tree, help me, someone please, help!". The man is appreciably puzzled by this behavior. "Guru, why are you screaming? You are the one holding the tree, you went up to it yourself, you are gripping the tree with your own effort and it is not holding you, so why are you screaming?". Guru pulls out a mirror from his pocket and shows the man his own face.

It's YOU. Not your brain. Not your body. You. Where's it coming from? It's You. Yes, You, you yourself. You are doing this 100% on purpose and you don't even know it. You'll find out once you break the pattern. But if you're reading it now, I don't expect you to understand. That's why it's secret. Directed by M. Night, etc.

Anyway, back to our little trigger sequence. First glimpse shuts off your higher consciousness a tiny bit with that burst of "sleep-relax-mate" hormone. Just enough to enable the second. Which is just enough to enable the third. But after that, enough of your higher order is shut down so the fourth, fifth and whatever glimpses last long enough to completely switch your brain into ape mode.

Notice that fantasizing thought or creative thought operates on a different mode to linear/rational thought. The most pronounced expression of this is when you go into dreaming at night. You will notice that at a distinct transition point you cease analytical/rational/linear thought and begin symbolic/visionary/parallel thought for a while before you fall fast asleep. This is when awake transitions into asleep and dreaming begins. And you might sometimes even notice something else, that Ol' Woody is at full or half mast down there. Coincidence? My experience tells me: by no means.

Notice likewise that when entertaining fantasies of a procreative nature, you slip into that same 2nd mode of parallel or visionary thought? The more intense and stimulating the fantasy, the deeper into dream mode you go. There's less and less IF-THEN logic and more and more of Ol' Woody. Crucially so, the deeper you enter fantasy, the more your brain shuts off higher order processing. This, folks, is how the trigger sequence works. When your eye lingers, you've entered dream mode. Just slightly. Slightly enough. You allow yourself to fall slightly asleep where a little slip is excusable whereas if you were more awake, it would be caught and dealt with swiftly.

How to do it for dummies: Brahmacharya All you have to do is to turn off all sexual thought. I can see your faces already. Shock, horror. No, I can't, no way, impossible, you want me to be a prude or something? Yes, I want you to be a prude. At first you might get blue balls. Whack it off. Soon it will fade. At first it will be impossible. Then impossible will turn into possible. Then possible will turn into 2nd nature. Then 2nd nature will turn into breathing in and out. Allow wet dreams to happen. Release all sexual thought. Every single thought, glimpse, attempt to hear something, feel something, touch something, all of it must go. That's what I mean by no peeking. Not even in the deepest recesses of your heart, not at all. This is known as Brahmacharya. Look it up! I know you're lazy so let me help you along with a few links - ONE TWO THREE.

Not everyone has to do this. But for a given time, you will have to do this. Give it a year or so if not longer. Why? Because you're an addict. To break an addiction you need a metaphorical sledgehammer. Imagine I gave you a choice. You can pick one or the other to receive: $0 or $1? 0$ or 2$? $0 or $10? 0$ or 50$?
Obviously nobody picked $0. What idiot does that? So you understand that... now consider your reward system thinks exactly the same damn way: "I'll take that $1, use it to get $2 so I can make $10 in order to earn $50. What, you want me to take 0$? Get the fuck outta here fool, whatcha take me fo? Whymy gawn take $0 when I can have a whole dolla?". Give the crackhead a dolla, off he goes to score some crack and make mo dolla. Plain and simple.

But what happens when it's $0 or $0? When there's no option but $0? Simple. You get $0. And you're happy! Remember, every single trigger, thought, impulse, whatever: you feed your inner crackhead a dollar. It's going to prefer a dollar to no dollars but once it tastes 1 dollar it's going to want 2. If it has nothing to go by, it will go by nothing. But as soon as it has something, it will spiral. It is inevitable. This, friends, is the core of the reason you expend effort into nofap and I don't.

By the time your eyes are moving, you bet your ass that about 30 layers in the mind behind you already consciously made the decision. That far back, you were peeking. Way before even an eye movement - that single solitary synapse that fired purposefully one way when it could have gone the other, that's where it began. Interrupt it there and you will have zero work and you will have to put in zero effort for nofap. The further down the line, the harder it gets, and the harder IT gets.

This is where meditation comes in, namely Vipassana aka insight meditation. It teaches you to go far behind in the layers of your mind until you can see all running processes. What's happened is that you've created a root level process to trigger a user level process. So you kill the user level process again and again and again. The rootkit makers laugh all the way to the bank.

What is normal? I will add something further. Forgive me for saying this. Remember a little while ago I asked you to stop all sexual thought and you called me a prude in your head? I'm not a prude. The reality is you're a fucking pervert. My normal is the true normal, the way things would be naturally if you maintained your innocence. Your normal is twisted so far beyond all recognition and semblance of normal that I look like a prude in comparison. Do you understand this? You believe all of those looks and thoughts and fantasies to be "normal" and "just another day".

You were taught this by society and you lapped it up because your reward system told you it was a good idea. Now take a good look precisely where you are son. This complacency is the reason you are here. Your "normal" is fucking twisted beyond all comprehension. It is not "normal". Understand this and you can finally sight the city of Zion. No, normal people do not rabidly fantasize to the degree that you are doing now. Yes, normal people do have sex and do fantasize. Just not like how you are doing it right now. That's for damn sure. Don't even give me the victim complex and tell me I'm trying to shame you. You did an amazing job at shaming yourself long before I ever got to you. Here's a nice slap from reality. Take it.

The generation who washed your brain with this kind of logic did not have high speed internet when they grew up. That's the difference between you and them. Keep that in mind. What might have been normal behavior back then, now leads to catastrophe.

Of course, I use "I" and "you" here purely for dramatic effect, please by all means understand that I write this post in the highest expression of love, but regardless. The point stands! Believe me when I say this: your current state of affairs is perverted far, far, far beyond what an average day necessarily demands. That same energy you turn towards lust, is energy you could use for anything, should you choose to do so.

I guess 'normal' isn't the best word I could have used but I wanted to make a blunt point here. It should be 'normal'. It does not please me to say that 'normal' today is the reality of a majority porn addicted populace. That 'normal' is fucked up. So that's essentially why I used that word, to draw attention to the sheer gravity of the state of affairs on Earth this day. But anyhow, thank you so very much for reading and I hope sincerely that you gleam something from this that allows you to break the shackles entirely. It will not be easy. But it can be effortless.

Q: But there are so many pics on the internet, what am I supposed to do?
A: Deal with it.

LINK - 1 year+ on; a simple tip which will guarantee success. Yes, guarantee. 100%. A bit of science, a metaphor as to why it works.

by reallynow10



Thank you so very much for all the kind responses! I've tried to address each contention or question here. But let's add some more. There are two tools I used to do the heavy lifting: to really control the urges themselves.

1.) To control the eye flickers, what you need to do is SNAP TO ATTENTION and recenter your eye on a mundane object. Anything and everything that isn't sexual. Look at the object and absorb it. Say it's a blade of grass. Feel how green it is, how it waves in the wind. Your full attention, all of it. Look at the brick and feel the brickness of the brick. Hold attention for say 5 seconds, you must sustain for enough time for this to work properly. What this tells your brain is that X impulse was really strong but here's Y which is even more significant because I said so. Your brain will learn after constantly doing this. In this you're actively rewiring yourself not to peek. Do this each and every time you glance whether at a PC or outside.

2.) To interrupt the urges as they're forming down there. Stand up. Exhale all air. Suck your abs in (ab vacuum). Now do a gentle kegel and simultaneously pull upwards from there as if your abs could pull upwards towards your chest. Done correctly, it will feel like there is a cord attached to your dick, connected to the belly button region and you pull it upwards. You will feel a rush of energy or blood or whatever in the region which feels very pleasant. This will switch off the actual arousal process. You have to do it quite hard, it will take a fair bit of energy.
It will take a while to find the right muscle but once you find it you will know which one because this muscle pulls right on the base of your dick, you will feel it in the bladder region. There are two parts. One set of muscles pulls on the region just above, near the bladder. A second set of muscles pulls on the lower region, closer to the pelvic floor. You want the 2nd set, not the first. There is a very distinct difference in feeling between the two; engaging the first/upper set does not dissipate tension and can hurt. You can feel which muscle it is by doing the celibate's pose (brahmacharyasana). Once you feel it, you can't go wrong. When you get aroused, you will notice that a kind of fluid accumulates in the lower abdomen and builds up in pressure, coinciding with sexual tension. When you engage this muscle, it dissipates this tension and sends it back upwards.

This is like a hard stop. Done correctly, a sequence of 5 of these will interrupt any process wanting to start.

Anyhow, thank you all so very much for responding, thank you especially for your kind comments and compliments and know that I write this all because I love all of you and I want to see you all get through this! Go forth, Neo!





I'm not a prude. The reality is you're a fucking pervert. My normal is the true normal, the way things would be naturally if you maintained your innocence.

Are you fucking retarded? Some of your post is reasonable and some of it is simply misguided (pseudoscience meditation bullshit), but that line sticks out to me the most. That's straight up dumb, and you should feel bad about it.

You honestly believe that is how humans, no, living things in general, function? The only way to 'maintain your innocence' is to be mentally stunted and never go through puberty. You honestly believe that sexual thoughts are unnatural and "You were taught this by society"? Have you forgotten that reproduction is the most base of instincts that even the most simple creatures have? It's on the same level of basic life functions as "must eat" "must drink."



When I wrote that post I knew as I was writing it this sentence would come up, hence why I put the disclaimer a little below it. I understand saying "my normal is the TRUE normal" is entirely absurd but you need this slap in the face to wake up. Let it be, as a figure of expression, a literal phrase. Don't worry, I'm not going to go out killing anyone in the name of my normal ;)

Puberty is fine. And that brings to light another nuance in the 'normal' v 'something's off here'. Intense sexual thought itself is not abnormal whatsoever. It is the nature of the thinking wherein arise the distortions. Please excuse my word choice; It's natural to fantasize about things but where nature has been thrown out of the window along with the bathwater is that it isn't natural to have this harem of thousands upon thousands of memories of women you have never ever met, scenarios that happened that you were not there for, and so on. And by natural I mean here that our poor brains simply aren't adapted to this new kind of stress.

Or to put it another way. Normal is perhaps seeing that cute girl somewhere wherever then going home and beatin' yer meat. How can ye have any pudding if ye don't beat yer meat? Stand still laddie. Normal is NOT seeing that cute girl somewhere wherever then going home and watching 6 legged gnomes do funny things to a cactus in a Soyuz space capsule (hey I have really eclectic tastes). So if you take offense to the word 'normal', do a CTRL+F and replace it with 'healthy'. Now do you see?

You might raise something about particular preferences for people but that's not the point here. Keep in mind. All eyes on the fap addiction itself. Don't deceive yourself.

I would hope you would have given me the benefit of the doubt here but such is the nature of the internet that all must be spelt out in pure unambiguous terms. Thank you for the feedback, you make me a better writer.

11 Months - Girlfriend (no longer a virgin), end of procrastination, increased confidence

coupleI've been fap free for almost 11 months now. I started my current run last July. I am making this post for a couple of reasons: 1) I hope that seeing someone make it almost a year without fapping will inspire some of our new fapstronauts (my story is somewhat inspiring, I hope) and 2) I have seen a lot of debate about whether or not wanting to get laid is a legitimate reason for starting NoFap.

I know many people start this thinking it will give you "superpowers." The thing is, it will if you are really addicted to masturbation. My NoFap journey started for a couple of reasons, but the main one is that I was ashamed of my unrelenting need to masturbate. I would do it at work, at friends houses, even at my grandmother's house. I was disgusted with myself and my need to ejaculate ruled my life. It didn't matter what I was doing, if I got the urge it wouldn't go away until I had fapped. So I set out to correct it.

Yes, I had never had a girlfriend or sex before NoFap, yes I desperately wanted both of those things, and yes that was one of the reasons I started my Fapstronaut journey. However, it wasn't until I realized that I had a problem and I needed a real lifestyle change that my NoFap tendencies stuck. I relapsed four or five times over the course of June before I committed myself to working out and pushing thoughts of sex from my mind. Any time I got the urge to masturbate I would immediately get up and do some physical activity: basketball, lifting, running, biking, walk in the park, playing with my dog, whatever I needed to do to get my mind off of it.

I also decided to tackle my procrastination, and this was one of the real keys to my success. Any time I was feeling too lazy to do something, whether it be yard work, working out, homework, writing a song (I make music as a hobby), or just getting up out of bed in the morning I immediately jumped up and did it. I didn't let my urge to be lazy override what I needed/wanted to do. This is important. This is the mind set you need to not relapse. You have to be of the mind that you won't allow yourself to do something you don't really want to do. Be the master of yourself, don't let anything control what you do other than your own will to do it.

Using these methods I was fap free all summer (no small feat, considering my family had just moved and I had no friends in the area which meant constant boredom), and I returned to college in mid August. I met a woman (my neighbor) a couple of weeks after moving into my new apartment. Now, normally I would have been too shy to talk to her, too scared to make the first move. But this is where the supposed "superpowers" kick in if you hold off of fapping long enough (this includes edging, don't cheat yourself). I talked to her and got her number from my roommate who had gotten it (they were both smokers) and invited her over to watch our school's football game that weekend. She said yes! Long story short, we kissed that night and now I am no longer a virgin and I have my first girlfriend. We have been together ever since, and she is absolutely amazing. She loves the fact that I don't masturbate. She's told me so many times that she thought she was just going to have to accept that she wouldn't be the only woman getting her man off, but with me she knows she is and that means the world to her. I love her. We just moved into our first apartment together, and I'm going to propose to her as soon as I can afford the ring.

Thank you NoFap, you have changed my life. I met the love of my life because you gave me the confidence to conquer my addiction. This can be you new fapstronauts; it might not happen as quickly, but trust me, if you put in the work you will get out of it the most amazing quiet confidence. This is because you know you are the master of yourself, that you have self control. That you can overcome your addictions and inadequacies. But you get out of it what you put in. I am a firm believer that you cannot edge if you want NoFap to work for you. Don't look at porn. Don't allow yourself to sit and think about sex. You are in control, don't ever forget that.

LINK - Eleven Months In

ago by JarJarB


180 days - Now shit gets done!

Get Shit Done signToday it's 180 days ago that I last saw porn. I feel a lot has changed since then, not just mental changes, but my life has changed so much.

I got a job. It's something I've wanted really bad for at least a year, and within a month from when I started, I just WENT. I just stepped through the doors of a company and told that I wanted a job there. It was such a sudden moment in which I decided to just GO. Something I wouldn't have done before. It was just clear to me that nothing could really go wrong.

I have much more time (obviously) and I've been using it to be more social and that's so much more satisfying. Homework or other tasks (especially behind a computer) I would "normally" duck out of by watching porn. Now shit gets done.

A lot has changed in how I view life. It's really too much to talk about now, but basically I see what I want to do with life, and that I can do it. I shouldn't waste time with something that only destroys, but instead do things that will improve my, AND other people's lifes, in any way possible.

(side note: I've heard people about it before, but I can't watch sad things without crying anymore, like wtf I can basically cry at any moment I'd like by watching something remotely sad :P)

It all happens very gradually so it may not be apparent at first, but I looked back at the past six months and I am sure that I wouldn't have changed like this if I had kept watching porn like I was.

A simple tip for those that can't get going: just do it. It's worth it. It's a challenge, but that's fine. It's even better that it's a challenge, but that is not apparent within the first few (3?) weeks you try it. I personally think a lot of guys that can't get past the first (and hardest) few weeks is that it's very hard to REALLY let it go. You may be afraid to never watch porn again. That's something I personally had (and to be really honest, still have) and I actually don't really know how to completely get over it, but I honestly think that if you can make this step, you're good.

Anyway, I'm very happy with my past six months, and very proud of my badge :)

I'm sure that to reward my body for this great success; my brain releases a little bit of... Dopamine ;)

LINK - Half a year of success.

by dawridarwi

60 DAY POST - 60 DAYS!

Wow, I just hit 60 days! That's 6000% longer than my 'streaks' before PornFree. :)

In order to provide some intel to this community I have to be realistic now though:

  • I'm not cured of my fetishes. My fetishes were not just some sexual preference thingy, but actually terrible things. Because I really want to get rid of them, I will continue my streak and hope that at the 120 day mark I will be SANE again.
  • DREAMS show me that I am definitely not cured. I've had 2 dreams where I decided to go watch porn, although these dreams ended before I could even get to the porn. However this does show that when I can't rationalize properly (your subconsciousness takes over in dreams) I would still fall for the well known trap called porn.
  • Good to know maybe is that there was sort of a "dead zone" in the midst of my streak (days 30-45 I guess), where i'd have no incentive to watch porn, and also my libido felt low. If you experience this, BEWARE: The urge will return!

As stated in my third point, I have to admit that the urges to watch porn again have risen again, and I again have to fight to not watch porn...


Seriously, in the mentioned "dead-zone" it was easy to not watch porn, but it WAS NOT satisfying. You may think i'm just saying this, but I actually feel this, I love fighting these urges, it makes me feel real, human, and alive. I can really physically feel the addiction too, I can feel it in my body. I'm not even talking about things coming up, but it's a real rush that I get. In these moments there is one ultimate way to experience the feeling of a mind getting stronger, and that is by showing you brain WHO IS BOSS!

tl;dr: yay 60 days:)


INITIAL POST - I'm going to get over my addiction.


I have known for quite long about NoFap, and i often thought it was some sort of a good idea. The only thing was, I didn't think it was really something for me; I just fapped maybe 2/3 times a week, which I thought was pretty ok (especially for my age).

Some things have changed however since that time, namely that recently I have been masturbating pretty much every day, and it are LOONG sessions... It literally consumes a lot of my time... I think it's way to often and long I do that now (up to 2 hours a day), and lately every day i've been wanting to stop it. However, everytime I get the room for myself (folks going to sleep/shopping etc...) I suddenly get a urge to fap to internet porn, it's almost as if I feel "This is my chance...".

This however is the moment I decide I have to admit I have an addiction to internet porn, and fapping. I hope posting about it will help me get over my addiction, and I can look back at this if i'm in the room by myself again.

Well, that's my post... thanks!


2 Years In - Reward Centre Reprogrammed

I'm 2 years in to NoFap and NoPorn. I have engaged in PMOing about 5 or 6 times in this process but have otherwise abstained.

I have noticed that the brain no longer cares for hard core porn, and in fact when I see an image or a video I am repulsed by the intensity and rawness of it. I find now, that my interests and appetite is better suited to "soft" porn or that I am more likely to respond to a fully clothed female doing nothing in particular, really. However, the long period of abstaining has allowed me to protect myself from the energy pulling antics of attention seeking females (consciously or subconsciously). Now, when in a room with other females who are giving off signals, intentionally or otherwise I find ways to make myself scarce or mentally prepare myself to not over commit to conversation or respond to every smile and eye-f*ck.

In the past I used to seek out pleasure and that sense of reward constantly, and now I find myself avoiding it like the plague.

When a girl sits next to me and is displaying excess skin I now hope to myself that she will cover up just a bit and guard myself, whereas before I would take every opportunity to take a peek.

Media has made it a tough world to live in. Women do not always fully realize already the strong pull and influence that they have over men with the subtlest of gestures. But now its skin and flirtyness everywhere and those of us who are working tirelessly to re-sensitize ourselves are accosted at every turn.

I realize this post will get me possibly nothing but hate from sexual progressive and rights groups but that's not the aim here. I'm only sharing my observations about the amazing struggle that exists between us all. The issue is also bi-directional and doesn't intend to victimize just men, I admit that the problem is really both ways.

LINK - 2 Years In - Reward Centre Reprogrammed

by beconscious


2 Years plus journey

Overcoming porn addiction takes timeI'm technically writing this on Day 47 since my last orgasm. Before that, I went a little over 100 days. I started this journey seriously when I finally began reading literature distilling Taoist thought on sex to Westerners like myself. The desire to read the material came from a nagging concerning about my vitality. I'm a martial artist -- have been most my life -- and I've never really stopped practicing, even during my lowest points in life. It has been the one constant in my life. Naturally, notions of qi, and subsequently Taoist thought and practice, became an interest. When I heard that Taoists had particular thoughts on sex practice, I was very interested.

Masturbation to Internet porn has been like breathing to me. I did it all the time. Even now, I think about doing it. I still have my favorite porn replaying in small pieces in my head. My frequency of use increased dramatically during my 20's.

I didn't even notice at first, but when I started working full-time, and the stresses increased even more, I reached a point where I was having trouble orgasming. I could look at porn for hours and literally feel like I couldn't finish. I felt tired.

I found myself changing my behaviors when going through the porn ritual. For about 12 years, I always masturbated dry. Now, I was suddenly interested in finding the best lubricant. This was solely because it wasn't stimulating enough anymore. But I didn't actually register that. I just did what I had to do to climax.

Still, a nagging thought in my brain kept firing up. I would feel tired, or overwhelmed. I'd wait a week to "recharge my batteries". Then I'd go at it six times in one night the night before returning to work.

I finally decided to figure out how to optimize things for myself. The Taoist texts noted how sex was actually connected to my health and vitality. This relieved me in one sense because intuitively I felt this. Of course, on the Internet, if you type in statements like "The dangers of Masturbation" you get treatises on why the hairy-palms theory was bogus, and entire websites, with videos, dedicated to making masturbation better.

One question was never broached: Why would I need technique when masturbation always felt just fine as a child?

I started reading about "tantric" sex practices, and conserving Jing, and a great deal of it made sense. While they didn't explain how orgasm truly affected the mind and body, they did at least hit on the point that the body wasn't meant to be a constant self-pleasure machine. Nearly all of the texts vehemently decried masturbation, saying it was utterly destructive. This was something that our modern culture never says, beyond the mockery of 1950's bogus advertisements. I decided that I should probably stop, but kept going. The pull was too strong, and I never understood why.

Then I found this site. Every other website I read promised that if I conserved myself, I could have mind-blowing orgasms and all the pleasure I wanted. If only I'd learn "the 13 secret techniques and exercises" or whatever. Yes, indeed, the key to life and relationship harmony was by giving my potential spouse/girlfriend a real good slamming.

Subconsciously, two things were going on. On the one hand, this fed into my addiction and need. I loved the idea of giving women orgasms, and then having a great one myself. That was my only model for sex.

On the other, the whole idea was patently absurd. If great, mind-blowing orgasmic sex was the key to relationship stability, why did EVERY story ever written about someone's wild and crazy sex life end on a depressing low note? Married couples frequently gain weight, lose attractiveness, and stop touching each other.

Hollywood actors separate from each other frequently, and they are the fantasies of millions of other peoples' private thoughts. These guys are touted for their legendary endowments, or love-making abilities, and yet they never keep a girl for more than a few years. Their loyalties to them are based solely on the desire to have their sexual needs fulfilled whenever.

And on top of all of that, men and women are frequently and secretly viewing or reading porn on the side. I even found my most recent ex-girlfriend's porn stash on her computer one day. It intrigued me, but didn't surprise me that women liked the lemon-stories. I liked the videos, naturally. All of that love and passion, and yet we were still connected to our porn like our underwear.

I finally decided to take the plunge. If this notion about orgasm not being what it was cracked up to be was bunk, then I'd find out rather quickly. And quickly I did. I took a whole summer off from masturbating. I started in May, and made it to September. It was terrible. The ordeal was patently nuts. I told no one that I was even doing it. Not my parents. No friends. No one. It was my private experiment.

It was the best thing I ever tried.

I felt great. I finally decided to embrace the feeling of my libido instead of constantly ejecting it. I didn't ignore it. I just decided to let it stick around. It bothered me intensely for the first 8 weeks...and then it was like any other ache, pain, or sense phenomenon. It was me, and I wasn't going to get rid of it. Granted there were several other things that helped me.

  1. I didn't stay home very often. I did martial arts during most of my free time. I'm a teacher, so my summers are off. Instead of just sitting around, I made sure that martial arts became my job. In May, I found work to be a great help in curbing my masturbation habits because I was too busy to just sit in front of the computer, and tired enough when I got home to ignore the urge. Over the summer, I made sure I was doing something to keep away from my usual triggers.
  2. Physical exercise helped relieved the tension.
  3. I read books. I've read about 7 novels in just a few months. 5 of them were 800 pages plus. Usually, I'd get 30 pages in... stop, and then let the virtual babes fulfill my needs. Now, I had a more attentive mind.

I ended up relapsing into porn, and finally orgasmed again in September, but I just laughed a bit, got back on the horse, and thus far have given up the porn too.

As hard as it is to break a habit, the benefits have far outweighed any of the emotional trials I've been through. I don't feel "backed up" or clogged. I don't sit there foaming at the mouth, and I truly enjoy having my vitality constantly roiling. It's been months since I've felt depleted or worried that I might need to take a week off just to feel alive again, or even interested in sex.

This is great. I'm truly thankful for this site and how things have been going in my life since I've started. I just felt like I needed to get all of this out.


by Fisherman




So finally got around to it. When we wanted to. It was organic, in it's own weird way. Relationship has been going along well. Unless she secretly hates me or resents me, I'd say we're well on track.

So far we've had a few sexual experiences. So far, I've only orgasmed in two of them. One was accidental. We were going for maybe 20 minutes, and I let things heat up for me way too quickly, to the point that I just lost control and couldn't stop in time. Woops. What's hilarious is that the wisdom of Cupid's Poisoned Arrow proves true in those moments. The connection immediately dissipated. I lost all motivation and ability to really stay in the moment within five minutes. Fortunately, we just got a good laugh out of that one. I think we were able to laugh mostly because we knew it wouldn't happen again. She is conscious of where I'm at, and gives gentle reminders to not orgasm during our moments together.

The second time was by mutual request, and was after a longer session. I went with it because I wanted it, and it only proved, at least to me, how useless it ends up being. I enjoyed it... but not really. I mean the finishing part. Everything else, from beginning to end, was just awesome.

The latest encounter I've revved it down, and followed some advice from Michael Richardson's book Tantra for Men. By entry time, I went slow (at least for me), and probably took a good ten minutes before moving all the way in. Kissing, light touch, gentle movement. What's funny is that all that time going slowly, enjoying the sensations, not only made me far more interested and engaged in it, but it desensitized my penis more too. On a more scandalous note, things heated up towards the end, and I'm pretty guilty in truly enjoying it. She orgasmed as much as I could get her too... and I admit that I enjoyed trying. A lot. I refrained. While my biology wanted to finish, my mind is now fully conscious of how unrewarding that is. So ultimately I didn't. I remember feeling a small twinge of regret for not finishing... but then several hours of feeling great and being happy that I didn't finish.

So that's where things are at. She's about 3/4 of the way through Cupid's Poisoned Arrow. I gave her my copy, and she's been reading every since, much to my pleasure.

I guess you can't get much luckier than that. Not sure which "direction" to take things in terms of sex from there. We spend plenty of time cuddling, maintaining physical contact while sleeping, etc. It's gone a LOONNNG way to improving my mood and demeanor and outlook in life. I look forward just to snuggling up with her, especially sleeping, and so it's become clear the just getting our jollies off in sex is not the primary motivation. She's taught me a great deal about myself, but more importantly, been and open and welcoming space to allow me to move into that space. In short, it's been beyond awesome.

But, in short, it's all nice to be able to come back on here and say "Hey guys, CPA isn't nonsense. It works. Even if you only execute small bits of it initially." We'll work more towards "karezza" as we go along. For now, things are just gently going where they're going.




2 months cured my ED, but I just relapsed.

So just a bit more detail. My ED was awful for years. I couldn't have sex. Now after several failed tries I have avoided masturbation, and imo more importantly avoided porn completely for about two months and miraculously have been able to get hard and have sex.

But now I relapsed to hardcore pornography, from the precedent of others am I back at square 1 and will have to wait around 6 weeks again for my dick to work? thanks

LINK - I had been nofap and noporn for about two months for PIED reasons. It cured my ED but just relapsed today. Am I back at square 1? Will I be able to get hard during sex next week when I see gf?

by califruitia

2 years - Porn & Prostitute Addiction, Relationship Problems, ED, and Flatline!

Vodka adFirst, I would like to thank this forum and the Yourbrainonporn website for giving me all the information needed for me to make this trans-formative journey in which I thought there would be no light at the end of the tunnel....I endured and I am emerging from the ashes like a Phoenix just all I have to do is continue to grow in the right direction.

Where to begin?!  The Beginning makes sense

I first started masturbating at around 10 years old.  I'd come home everyday straight from school  and into the shower.  I was the cleanest kid ever.  My parents had to know what was going on.  Thinking of it now, it was so obvious what I was doing.  Tyra Banks was actually the first person that I imagined.  It's funny how some things you just never forget.  It was a complete accident too because when I busted I didn't exactly know what happened....but i do know that I remember thinking, "I'm doing this again tmrw." I feel like this era of my life was pretty harmless.  What kid didn't beat off to their favorite model, actress, or female pop star?  No biggie....but then I got then we got a computer in the backroom with alittle something we like to call Dial-Up.

I first started watching porn when I was about 12 or 13 years old.  This was back in the days of dial up so at least my patience level was still relatively high.  I remember first looking at pictures of models just posing for the camera topless and little by little as the years went by the images got more and more intense.  I remember finally getting to the point where beating off to still images was too boring and I wanted to actually see the act of sex and all the sounds and sights that come with it (at least what the porn industry wants us to think its like).  In comes Napster!  56k, cable, T1, and God willing T3 connection speeds are what i used to stare at for hours waiting for a Bang Bros video to download.  It was my life.  School, playing outside, and when the day was over, locking myself in the back room with the book case jammed against the door so no one would enter and watch porn videos for hours (obviously this included finishing myself off 2 or 3 times).

This went on for years and years.  I had a couple of girl friends during this time which was mainly high school but at the time, I could bust a nut 3 or 4 times a day without breaking a sweat.  I remember I jacked off 5 times in 30 mins one day.  That was only using my Spank Bank but my point is, that I never experience any kind of Porn Induced ED at the time.  Then came college.

I moved out for 4 years and my porn watching habits went through the roof.  I don't know how I could have thought that so much porn usage was completely harmless.  On the contrary, I thought i was a sex expert and any girl would have been lucky to have me.  I knew how to fuck.  I knew how to please a women.  I mean, that's all I've seen for the past 10 or so years of my life.  Women being railed while screaming at the top of their lungs.  This is what I thought sex was.  Boy was I wrong.

I remember the first time penis didn't go up.  I was completely bewildered.  She wasn't smoking hot.  She was just one of those girls who understood me so it just made me extremely attracted to her.  I came over in the middle of the night and she was insanely excited that I had just decided to show up.  We started making out and undressing each other.  She was wet beyond belief and I was..........seriously wondering what the fuck was up with me.  I didn't understand.  I was so attracted to her.  She was really cool about it.  That wouldn't be last time either.

After that I starting going out with this girl who was absolutely amazing.  I mean, wifey material to the tenth!  She would cook, clean, do my laundry, work out with me, let me live with her, buy me food, and was just all around down for anything.  Great girl.   For the entire year that we went out, I think we had sex one time that was truly enjoyable.  It wasn't necessarily her either.  It was me!!!  I couldn't stay hard most of the time.  Constantly getting flacid or having to make her do things that she wasn't necessarily comfortable with just to get me excited.   I blamed her for most of it.  (Sidenote: I was still watching porn every night before I went to bed and would constantly jack off in the shower to scenes from my favorite porn sites.)  I became increasingly frustrated with the situation and would secretly blame her in my mind.  I slowly started to sleep at my folks house towards the end of my relationship and whilst sleeping at home I stumbled upon a site that would change my life forever. ( I'm not going to name it because I do not want to lead anyone towards the wrong path. If you already know it, good for you, please do not say what it is for those new on the path to recovery.  The worst thing we could do to each other is give us another means of feeding the monster)

The website was a service for a escort girls and a variety of different services you could receive for a little money out of pocket.  I went to my first hooker at 2 in the morning and for the next year I would be addicted to massage parlors and sex workers alike.  This was probably the worst chapter in my life emotionally.  I had just broken up with my girlfriend.  I was smoking way too much bud.   I couldn't help but think about what hooker I was going to see next.  I was living by myself in a closet of an apartment.  I also went through at least 5 grand worth of student loans on working girls....and of course, the porn usage was through the roof once again.  What the fuck was going on with me.  I remember the day I hit rock bottom or at least I that's what rock bottom had to feel like.  I'll never forget it.  I was in my room, it was 3 am, I had just got back from seeing a hooker who lived 30 mins north of me who stole my money, and I had smoked so much weed that I couldn't stop coughing even though my last hit was 30 mins ago.  I called my therapist that night and quickly began therapy the next week.

I had discovered YBOP about a month or so prior to this so I was already making some effort to stop beating off to porn.  Then I made an effort to stop masturbating before I went to bed.  Then i made an effort to stop masturbating when I was bored.  But, it was as if I still needed an outlet to release my so called sexual tension.  As if I had so much momentum after years of seeing ASS ASS ASS ASS that I couldn't help but continuously want to see more.....ASS ASS ASS.  This was the time of the prostitutes.  Even though I had hit rock bottom, i had made progress with the porn, masturbating, and weed....but the the hookers had me in a tight grip.  They were a black hole and i was a beam of light that tried tirelessly to escape but was overpowered by their pull that not even the laws of physics could help me.  Shit was rough!   During this time, I dated a couple of girls, one girl in particular who was smoking hot.  I mean smoking.  Thick hips, lips, and a freak in bed.  I thought at the time that because i had quit watching porn my erection would have come back by then, but it didn't.  Well, maybe alittle bit but I am now convinced that going to all those hookers was doing the same thing that porn was doing.  I had a selection of fine phat ass women that I could see whenever I wanted.  The only difference between the hookers and porn was the computer screen (to be honest, I even spent hours in front of the computer looking for the perfect girl to go see....soooo no difference at really).  We broke up because I was embarrassed...and because I was going to insane amounts of therapy which constantly had me "expressing my emotions" and questioning "how I felt at the moment" that I think i might have pushed her away as well with all the sentimental stuff.  Not that it's bad, but I think I might have gone overboard.  Anyways, it took me a little over a year to finally stop seeing prostitutes but I finally managed to do so.  Hello FLATLINE!!!!!!

This shit was scary! To be honest.  I was already flatlining big time during the prostitutes and even before that with all that porn.  I constantly had to increase the "freakness" of either the porn site or the hooker I was seeing at the time.  Flatline is the worst.  I think I went through a 2 year flatline to be honest.  I was still getting myself off but this was after extreme stimulation followed by feeling like I didn't have a penis between my legs for months at a time.  I legitimately thought I would never recover.  I would spend endless hours on this forum reading success stories trying to keep myself going through the "void."  I think I finally made it out though.  I'm at a point that I never thought I would be again.  All those nights praying to god to return me to my days of high school where I would get hard in the middle of class just by looking at the finest chick (or freakiest by rumor) and imagining me ravaging her.

Currently I am talking to a girl who I never would have seen myself with.  She's a plus sized girl.  Super cool chick.  Down to earth.  But not the model type girls that I used to date.  I used to date some hotties (objectively speaking that is of course).  But this girl is just down to talk and hang with me that it turns me on.  Literally and figuratively of course.  But for the sake of this post, Literally being the more important of the two.  I get hard just by talking to her on the phone.  When we make out, my pants are soaked from the general getting way too excited.  I got blue balls early today after making out with her.  I had to come home and beat one off just to make the pain go away.  That's another thing.  I don't masturbate just to masturbate any more.  I do it cause if I don't, my balls will explode.

I guess after all that rambling I just wanted to say that the point of my story is that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  It took my two years to finally see it.  I know I will continue to progress but I am extremely happy with where I am at the moment.  If you're looking for a concrete answer as to what to it is.

Stop watching porn and stop masturbating in the shower and anywhere else.  Don't edge.  It's not cool to give yourself blue balls.  Don't ever ever ever start seeing prostitutes.  Black hole and it's a bitch to shake off.  Trust me on this.  Don't go to them to see if you still got it or whatever.  Steer clear!!!  Also, remember that there are two motivations in life.  Avoidance of pain and pursuit of pleasure.  Avoidance of pain being the stronger of the two but it is also the reason we do not pursue our dreams.  Remember, that in life we are always doing and moving towards something but it is important to decipher whether you are running from something or, more importantly, running TOWARDS something.   Yes, the fear of your penis not so much as even twitching to a gorgeous girl in your arms should motivate you enough to stop watching porn.  That's some strong motivation right there, I'll tell you.  But, in the grander picture of life, you should be wanting to move towards a life that has depth and meaning.  To have a relationship where the first and only thing we judge a women isn't by her appearance.  Shit, if there's one thing I've learned over the past year, gorgeous women are usually not the most interesting women (but that's just me).

I hope and pray that you begin to take measures or continue to take the measures that you have been to recover from this sneaky ass epidemic that so many of us men have had to endure due to our lack of knowledge and desire to fuck hot women (boys will by boys).  I also pray that you do not take my route and if you are currently on it, to deviate immediately.   My recovery has taken much longer that what it should have due to the "Hookers on the Point" era of my life.

Lastly, for those of you who like to see what other people's stats are like, here are mine.

Porn Usage 15 years

Porn Abstinence 2 years ( 6 slip ups in that time, I was disgusted at the sight of penis when i went back. What the fuck was wrong with me!?)

Longest streak without Masturbating 67 days ( Freak nasty from work came over and it was a wrap!)

Other Streaks 47 days
39 days
33 days
and lots of 20 something days

Porn Status Non existent

Masturbation Status Only when absolutely necessary ( i usually go for 20 days straight, but lately with this new chick I'm lucky if I make it a week!)

Orgasm Status Same as above (sometimes I edged....stupid move)

ED Status Virutally gone!  Flatline does pass!

Walking around with a random boner because of a simple phone conversation. Priceless!!!!!!

PS: I also went through a slight HOCD period which scared the shit out of me.  Guys, if you think you might be gay, you're probably not!  If you like probably are.  Simple as that.

I hope that my post hasn't offended anyone or cause someone to slip up.  That's the last thing I would want.  But I also wanted to tell my story exactly how it came to mind.


LINK - Porn and Prostitute Addiction, Relationship Problems, Limp Penis, and Flatline!

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200 days - relapse, supportive girlfriend, SUCCESS!

loving coupleWhen my soon-to-be wife and I started dating, I shared with her that I had a history with pornography and masturbation but it hadn't been a problem for a while (a couple years). She understood that it was something most guys struggled with at some time or another and she helped me feel better about being open with her.

Sometime later, I had to return to college to begin the fall semester while she stayed at home, 8 hours away. The distance was hard and we didn't see each other much but we made it work. Towards the end of the semester, I relapsed and it began to control my life again. My first response was to beat it back, I had done this before, why couldn't I do it again? I won't have to tell anyone. I'll just make it go away. This was my biggest mistake.

After a few months of this and I was at my wits end. I was telling lie after lie to her to keep her from finding out. I was thinking at this point that I wanted to marry her, but I couldn't propose with this shadow of porn over my head and it wasn't going away.

One day we were talking on the phone and she asked me bluntly, "What's wrong? You haven't been yourself for months?"

I couldn't do this anymore, so I told her.

This was when I knew with 100% certainty that I wanted to marry this woman. She didn't lash out when I told her, she didn't hang up on me, she didn't even break up with me then and there (as I expected her to). She wept.

We wept.

The way in which she reacted showed nothing but love and compassion. She told me that she was furious and how deeply it hurt her. It created some trust issues between us that have taken some time to work through and ultimately it brought us closer together as a couple then we ever have been. 3 months later, I popped the question and now we are getting married on August 16th.

I knew that I wanted to marry her because of how she chose to act. And because of that, I choose to not Fap. It has been 202 days since I last looked at pornography and I have made it this far only by the support I have received from her and from the /r/NoFap community. Thank you all for your support and willingness to be open with total strangers. It means a lot to me. You are all invited to the wedding!

LINK - Just passed 200 days and my wedding is in 16 days. Thank you for your support /r/NoFap!

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28 months - Forget about NoFap or you will continue to fap

To the communities of NoFap and PornFree:

I have been "on" NoFap since August 2012. I have something I would like to share, if you would be so kind to read it.

My piece is about how your thoughts can be impeding you rather than helping you achieve your goal.

A few years ago I quit Facebook. Deactivated my account. Today, when someone asks if I have Facebook, I tell them no, and they seem so shocked, like I am an outcast or something. "How can you live without Facebook?" - It is very possible, and it has been done. My secret is simple: I have no secret. There's nothing I do. I just deactivated it. For the first little while, I would be reactivating the account then immediately deactivating it "just to check". But now I don't even consider it. When I hear "the posts are on Facebook", I have zero interest to pursue it. I look at public Facebook pages (e.g. Funny posts) to get info from time to time, but I have no desire to re-activate my account. Once in a while (Maybe once or twice a year) a thought will pop into my head of "maybe I should get a Facebook", but I just reject it and move on with my day, and don't think about it any more. When I see the "like us on Facebook" symbols, I just recognize it as not being an option and go about my day. Don't have any second thoughts.

Now imagine if I spent all my waking hours a day obsessing about Facebook, admiring how many days I have gone Facebook free, and was constantly reading the r/NoFacebook sub (If such a thing exists)?

You would bet I wouldn't get very far.

It's the same with porn. Obsessing about recovery, and dreaming about how good life will be after recovery is counter-productive. Saying "on this date, I will be on day x, and things will go like y, because I'm on a streak" is a destructive mentality.

I have no idea how many days I've gone Facebook free, or "how far along recovered from Facebook I am", because I was never keeping track.

How many of you have heard of the social networking site "Pair"? If you haven't, how easy is it to not use Pair? Probably pretty easy, since you never heard of it. But let's say you downloaded Pair and you didn't like it - would you spend all day obsessing about NoPair and how much your looking forward to a Pair-free life? You would forget about it and move on. Pair is like Facebook to me.

Stop thinking about porn. Stop thinking about NoFap. Stop counting days. Stop thinking about how great things have been recently. Focus entirely on making your life better and self-improvement. If you relapse, accept it as a part of learning, and don't associate any feelings with it, positive or negative.

If you see a porn pic/clip/arousing content somewhere (you will unless you live in a bubble), all you need to know is that it's simply something that is there, in that place in that moment in time. Nothing else. Don't think about it. It's nothing more than just something that exists, like a garbage. I bet you haven't thought about the last piece of trash you put in the garbage (until now, that is).

Yes, porn is addictive. But if you've ever seen a recovered heroin addict present, he or she never says in the presentation "I spend all day thinking about heroin". Alcoholics go to AA meetings once a week, not "let's talk about how bad alcohol is" discussions every chance they get. From this day on, being clean is just a part of life.

Take all that focus and motivation you had before that was delegated to not relapsing, and put it in something self-improvement related.

I came on to post this, and although it may seem counter productive, I am assuming the risk and posting this to help my fellow NoFappers and PornFreers. This will be my last post ever.

Farewell, r/NoFap and r/PornFree. It's been the best. And remember; Fake it 'till you make it.

LINK - Forget about NoFap or you will continue to fap

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UPDATE - NoFap, I was wrong.

I had created this post a little over two months ago: I am here to announce, that I was wrong. I was continuing to relapse at an abhorrent rate, up to and including this day (1/16).

Since it is post-relapse for me, and I am struggling to communicate, this will be a short post.

Watch this video:

Secondly, "Porn is not the reason your life sucks".

"Porn is a symptom".

I remember one of the best months of my life was when I only relapsed twice in the month. Now i'm not sure if the lack of fapping/porn>good life, or vice versa.

I was wrong.

3 year report - more stability, better sexual performance & emotional connection

streamWell it's been three years for me. I didn't discover this subreddit till this year and only recently did I become active. I figured I should share where I've come from and what I've learned.

When did it start?

I think I started PMO around the age of 11. At the "peak" of my PMO cycle I was going about 4-5 times a day. Twice before work/school and at least 2-3 times after. If I was up late night it was even more.

How did you stop?

I got cheated on by a woman that said I didn't give her enough attention (I realize that's no excuse for her but at the time I felt it was my fault. Now I know it wasn't). It demotivated me from any sort of PMO. All sexual desire just kind of faded for a long time. That was my start. After that I never regained wanting to PMO. Sure it may be not be a conventional method of stopping but it's what sparked it. After a certain point in time, even when I regained desire I did not want to PMO. I wanted to be the best man I could. Not just so I never lost someone like that again but so I would be a better man for myself.

What do you count as being clean for 3 years?

  1. Well I don't do hard mode. I'm too old for that. Plus it's difficult in a relationship to not be intimate.
  2. I haven't touched myself in anything outside of a normal setting (showering, separating my junk, etc.)
  3. I don't watch porn of any kind. However I do watch nude scenes in movies. But I don't get hard to them.
  4. I don't keep or view nudes/videos of even the girl I'm with. I feel that's the same as porn.
  5. Wet dreams are not a violation of nofap. I don't feel they are. Although in my three years I think I had only 1 or 2 wet dreams.

Are you sure you didn't relapse even once in that entire time?

100% positive. It took me a while to get past getting cheated on. While I got over feeling sorry for myself I never got over the feeling that PMO causes relationships to fail. It takes away from me doing the best to treat a woman with respect and desire. So I know if something goes wrong I've tried my best at the end of the day.

What differences have you felt?

I could probably list a hundred things here with some probably not being related to stopping PMO but just coincidental. But I'll go for things I felt for sure were attributed to nofap.

  1. More Time - This is probably one of the biggest things. You don't realize how many countless hours a day or week you spend ritualizing PMO.
  2. More Stability - I don't lose/gain my erection randomly. When I'm in the zone I can perform and when I'm trying to have a nice dinner with my girlfriend without thinking about sexual intimacy I can.
  3. Better Looks - This is a side effect from more time but I started exercising and weightlifting. Big shock there. I might not be a chiseled Greek god but I don't have dunlap disease anymore. (Your belly dunlap'd over your belt)
  4. Better Performance - Definitely noticed a long term change in my libido and desire. While initially it sank and even flatlined, after a while I started paying attention to what the woman liked or how to make her satisfied and not just myself.
  5. Emotional Connection - Before I often just connected to a girl because she physically excited me and the want to PMO made me date her. Now that desire to want to jerk off to her image is gone. I find I'm with women that I have something in common with. Someone I can lay on the couch with and not have to sex up in order to stay busy.

What are some things you felt weren't as pronounced as people may have claimed?

  1. Ladies Man - People don't realize that you don't instantly be a ladies man because they can somehow smell the nofap. It's the confidence that goes along with overcoming something difficult. The confidence you feel ends up showing and that helps your chances with the girls. Rarely does being timid or shy or scared help you score. The change you feel has to come from within yourself and you have to feel better about who you are.
  2. Winning - Nofap doesn't necessarily turn your life around. What it does is help reduce wasted time on an addiction or crutch. What you do with that extra time is on you. You can either put it to good use and be productive or you can sink more time into gaming or the web or other pointless ventures.
  3. Health - My health didn't just become better magically. The PMO wasn't making me fat or causing me to eat poorly. But like I've said before, the time spent not PMOing and put into something productive allowed me to see other areas of my life that needed correction. Everything ties in together but none of them happen unless you want it to.

Do you have any tips for people struggling to succeed long term?

Keep trying. Getting discouraged and relapsing is a part of recovery. Find something internally to motivate you and keep that in your mind always. But please don't let that be a girl. Nofap isn't going to get you that girl you've been fantasizing over for the past 4 months. Find something concrete that stays with you. Not with someone else. Also, whenever you have the urge or find yourself going towards a part of the internet you should be avoiding, walk away.

Get up from the computer or put your phone down for 30 seconds and go do something. Go pee, grab some water, whatever. That gives you time to say "HEY, what are you thinking?!" If not, you'll at least distract yourself enough to calm down from that semi chub you got going just thinking about it.

Is relapse a real concern for you?

At this point it isn't a concern for me. But it could very well happen. Although it wouldn't be the same as before where I actively needed and wanted it.

Are you going to stay PMO free forever?

Probably. I have no urge to PMO. It brings no satisfaction and it's a false sense of pleasure to me.

Can you sponsor me or help me?

I don't know how good I'd be at that be if you ever need any support or help just shoot me a PM and I'd be glad to help. I've come to learn that sometimes your best friend can be a complete stranger.

Feel free to ask any questions or to comment and I'll try and add anything big to the main post in addition to replying to your comment. I hope I've helped some of you see into the mind of a long term nofapper. Good luck to everyone on your journey!

LINK - Three Year Report


3 years - lots of analyzing

It took me 2.5-3 years, to reach where i am, i analysed and analysed all the possible scenarios where i ended up doing PMO. eg

When i am extremely happy,or extremely sad, both events led to PMO, i realised i will have to keep my emotions in check.

Also i realised there are 5-10 different chain of events which lead to my doing PMO, and based on that decided,i will do things which will not lead to those 5-10 scenarios.

Earlier when the urge arised,only then i thought of stopping it,which was obviously flawed approach. I realized i will fight it 24 * 7 day in day out for atleast 1 year,only then i will win. Here is how i fight it every single second. 

I have uploaded an excel sheet which i maintain daily.It has following columns.

Sights - The number of girls i wanted to scan from top to bottom badly, but i restrained myself. so if i had the chance of staring at 20 girls in a day, and stared at only 2 or 3 score would be 2/20, which is a very good score. When i counted the total number of girls i could have stared at, number was astonishingly in hundreds, which means earlier i stared at literally 1 hundred women in a fortnight !!!! How weird is that !

Thoughts - There are occasions when i see a girl and i fantasize how she must look like naked,or suddenly an old porn thoughts enter my mind and i kept on repeating those scenes for hours (which is equivalent to watching porn). so if out of 20 such thoughts, i entertain 5 score would be 5/20. i.e in 5 occasions i allowed my brain to imagine a lady as naked etc.

These two things might look too simple but are the reasons i am what i am today. Whenever i found a girl/women in office, i wanted to stare, i had to every single time stop myself (this is how i fight every single second), and it was the,and it is still the most difficult thing for me to do. I keep a score update in my cell phone, and i think that if i don't see her, my score will be improved and that serves as motivation.

For Thoughts, as soon as thoughts come in my mind, i do push ups, but in office,or in bus,or at public places you can't do push ups,there i start counting tables.It sounds so silly, but it is one of my greatest weapons. As soon as any thought comes, or say i want to badly have sex with someone in my mind, i start counting tables and after 2-3 minutes, i forget those things.I can count tables till 28 like anything :P

I never ever thought of fighting this thing, i use to think that if i stopped watching porn,this thing will be taken care of. But what happens is when you are at 40-50 days of no PMO, then your mind is so freaking desperate to do that,you are so desperate to do PMO,it scans a women in street and just starts doing every single thing that happens in porn,during those times it is very important to not entertain such thoughts!!! and it is in those stages the real fight begins,because there you are really putting up the fight and you need to carry on with same intensity for 5-6 more it is difficult !! In those stages i found something or other in even the most conservatively dressed women,so badly i wanted to do PMO in those times !!

Laptop Usage - The main problem was Internet Addiction Which gave rise to this addiction. How? On analyzing those scenarios one common denominator was laptop usage. Whenever i did PMO, i had browsed laptop for at least 3-4 hours before doing PMO.Just Random Browsing which is also a disastrous waste of time !! So at once i use to do laptop for 8 hours and now i use it for 45 minutes at max daily.

These three strategies reduced the probability if my doing PMO, exponentially. I mean it. I use to run also initially,but my work load is so much,i am so busy,that i don't get time to run,else it was one of the things which motivated me to leave this thing. When my chips are down, i run like an animal.

Got up At  I get up at 3 or 4 a.m. , which allows me to start the day at positive note. I work till 7 and it gives me lots of satisfaction.once that happens entire day is just awesome.Also getting up at 3 means,by the time i reach home,i.e at 8 i am too tired and by 10 i go to bed. (earlier i would wake up at 7 a.m, and so did all the PMO stuff in late night- again this was also a common denominator in those scenarios. Staying Late night.) One might argue that i can do PMO in morning also i.e from 3 to 6 when all are asleep but no, i will never In all the last 10 years, i have never PMO ed in morning, it was always at night. So i want to say, everyone has some time of day when he/she does that. You just need to strategize accordingly.


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300 days - Social and academic improvements, greater confidence

I've been NoFapping since August 2012. Overall, my experience with NoFap has been very good! Even though I haven't managed to get a girlfriend, I've improved socially and and in many other areas. Here's a round-up of my current results:

  1. My communication skills have improved. I'm never nervous speaking to strangers. My relationships with friends, neighbors and classmates have become deeper and better.
  2. Talking to unknown girls makes me a little uneasy, but I'm able to express my personality and flirt a lot more than before - and faster! A girl told me in private that she had feelings for me. Unfortunately, I didn't have the same feelings for her.
  3. My study results have become better. Currently, I'm doing masters studies and my grades have gone from C to A. Furthermore, I feel less nervous before an exam and have no problem sleeping the night before an exam.
  4. I've become a dancer. Before NoFap I was afraid to enter the dance floor. Now, I'm that crazy center of the party, who makes everybody join in for a dance. People admire me for my boldness and I always get compliments at parties.

I think that's a good summary of the effects NoFap has had for me. In my opinion NoFapping is just a requirement to do well in normally frightening social situations. You all have to do a lot of work to benefit from the amazing position NoFapping puts you in.

If you have any questions regarding how I managed to NoFap for 300 days, please feel free to ask me!

LINK - 300 days report

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500 days of nofap

500 days seems like a long time. 500 days without fapping seems like death. But actually, to be absolutely honest, partaking in this challenge hasn't even been that hard lately. The old habits don't seem to have the same power over my body anymore. Staying away from triggers has become easier and hence not fapping is natural and seemless.

Now, other things in life has become important. Merely not fapping isn't enough to live a fulfilled and happy life. New challenges that seemed completely unrealistic 500 days ago must be pursued.

Here's what I've gained from my 500 days of nofap:

  1. Greater selfconfidence: I no longer feel inferior to my peers. Actually, I find myself smiling to myself in the mirror from time to time.
  2. More friends: nofap has shifted my focus from myself to the world. Before, I was a pure introvert. Now, I'm not so sure.
  3. Freedom: I feel like I can do almost anything with my life. I've come to realize that if I dont't do things now the opportunity may be gone. Not being a slave of my body has made me a servant of my will.

My main goal is still to improve myself and my interactions with other people. I've learned that influencing other peoples' views on you is almost impossible. Though, changing your outlook on yourself and other people is a goal worth pursuing!

Thank you everyone and may the force of nofap be with you!


300 days porn-free: Significantly reduced anxiety & depression, increased focus

lifting T-shirtSo I've gone 300 days now without porn use, a couple months of not fapping (separated by one month of fapping thrice).

  • Started working a job where I interact with people all day long after 7 years of unemployment (due to depression and social anxiety).
  • Significantly reduced anxiety and depression, although still there (and probably always will be to some extent) it's manageable to the point where it doesn't seem to hinder my day-to-day.
  • Increased ability to focus, can read books again whereas I couldn't during times with heavy porn use, massively increased ability to plan ahead (weeks compared to two days max during porn use).
  • Better diet, this might stem from increased focus.
  • Huge gym gains. Was too self centered and anxious before, now I squat, bench and deadlift without giving any fucks.

Now, things might not stay this way forever, I might hit a bad spot in life and end up losing against myself for a while again, but being on top for this long now it doesn't seem likely.

If anyone wonders about anything related to the overall recovery process, although it's a very personal experience and no one is alike, I can probably provide a few insights.

THREAD - My 300 day summary.

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Never been better, overcoming this addiction has helped me work much harder on my anxiety as well as my physical well-being. I've gone from socially anxious, unemployed bedroom-dweller to working full time and being in a healthy relationship with another human being that I love. Granted, it might not be caused by quitting my porn habit all on it's own. Major changes to my diet+continuous exercise (started with heavy cardio sessions, now it's mostly lifting) as well as just getting sick of where I was and wanting to change things helped immensely. I feel restored, porn has no place in my mind anymore :). It definitely takes a while, but it's completely possible.

304 Days Hardmode; getting married today!

Hey guys! I'm a longtime lurker on this sub and I've learned a lot from here. It's taken me almost 3 years of working on it, but I finally believe I accomplished what I set out to do which was to gain almost complete control on my sexuality. I've thought about this moment for a long time and I can't believe I made it. I know my flair says it's been 312 days but I think that's the beauty of this last run I've had: it happened after only an 8 day relapse. My best streak before this was only 84 days and then 57 the time before that. I relapsed ALOT. I didn't even think I'd make it this time around so I didn't change my flair. While I'm no abstinence guru there are a few things that I believe helped me get here. I hope you find them useful.

Have a clearly defined purpose for doing this: I don't think this is necessarily a hard one for the people who've made it to this sub, but this sucks really bad. I had nights where I'd only get an hour or two of sleep simply because I was horning out. I was able to fall back on my purpose for starting this painful process which was to be completely and solely attracted to my wife and to be able to one day tell my kids that we waited when we didn't have to.

Bite off more than you can chew: For me, abstaining from any form of sexual release was always viewed as an ultimate challenge. I subconsciously placed many challenges below that one and I believe this is similar for most people. If you're going to try to quit masturbating (or being sexual in general) you probably have the mental capability to do most things you view as challenging. In my case I viewed being a vegetarian and working out 6 days a week as pretty challenging tasks. If I could stop masturbating I could do these things too. Of course this will inevitably lead to burnout which is okay! Cave on your "lesser challenges" instead of masturbating then! It's a win/win situation.

Find a hobby (not something challenging) Sexual release is mainly a dopamine release and a huge one at that. Taking out that much dopamine can obviously be a daunting task (think about withdrawal with a drug addict) So find an acceptable dopamine substitute. I like playing video games but with school, work, and being involved with my church I lost time in my schedule to play. I owe way too much of my success this run to halo. If I got horny I just played which sounds super weird but it worked. Plus this tricked my mind in kind of a weird way: I was excited to get horny because that meant I got to play halo. Classical conditioning is a bitch.

Work out: I know I listed this before and that this may fall under one of your "challenges" too, but I highly recommend lots of exercise if you're doing nofap. Coming to grip with a fapping problem usually invites grief, self-pity, and depression into your life. Working out will help your self image, chemically help you out of a hole of depression, and chemically help satisfy your sexual cravings. When I got home from working out I was too tired to be horny and my increasing self image (while superficial) I think subconsciously helped me see that I am a "strong" person, someone who is capable of not having any sexual release for ten months.

One other thing: It is obviously not necessary to belong to a certain religion or philosophy to do this kind of thing. Anyone is capable of fighting back on their temptations and my success isn't legendary anyways. But the truth of my situation is without Jesus and God I am too weak of a person to have been able to pull this off. My strength came from God. I couldn't honestly post this without at least mentioning this aspect to my success

Anyways thanks for the help nofap: I'm glad to say I've outgrown this sub (for now) I wish the best of luck to all of you this upcoming year!

LINK - 304 Days Hardmode; getting married today!

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399 days - I had weak erections, some ED: Now I can f**k on demand

Well, It´s been a long time since I´ve checked NoFap. I guess it would be nice to give some insight on my journey so other guys can be encouraged.

  • I´ve never gained any of the so called super powers (laser focus, clear mind, etc...)
  • Once you create a habit, it is really hard to break it. Since I don´t fap for more than a year I never have any urges to do so.
  • Regarding my sex life: I had all the usual problems of not getting hard enough, not lasting enough, not being able to get it up some times.
  • Nowadays I can pretty much fuck on demand. I have a girlfriend and she barely touches me and I´m already hard. My record is 4 fucks in 10 hours. There was a holiday ( 3 days ) when we had sex 9 times.
  • This past year I have focused on improving myself and my life. Don't really know if this could be a "side-effect" of nofap, but I´m way happier now.
  • My libido fluctuated a lot, but I would say it returned around day 120.

Never, never give up. Remember that this is hard but so is any thing worth doing

If you fall 7 times, stand up 8

BY - rengenq


4 Years - 100% Porn Free (ED)

happy coupleI am new to this forum and reddit in general but I wanted to share that I just got to 4 years, PMO free in Janaury. I am married so there is still sexual activity in our marriage but for many years in my marriage I could not go more than a week w/o looking at porn and mast. I had symptoms of Porn ED and I lot of shame that stuck to me in my daily life.

My story like most of yours started early on when I was 7 and first saw a pornography magazine. In my teenage years, the pattern of PMO became daily ritual. I would steal magazines when I was young and started buying them when I was old enough. Then I moved to renting videos. In 1994- I got access to the internet and you can guess the rest.

In 2001, my wife caught me downloading pictures late one night and that led to be honest with her for the first time. I started telling some other people in my life which was embarrassing but freeing. For the first time I was the same in the inside as the outside. I didn't have a hidden life.

I had moderate success in a group I went to and then started a support group of my own. Part of my motivation to staying PMO free is to not let the other guys down.

I am so happy to find this group. I would of loved it in the 90's when I felt really alone. If there is anything I can help with AMA. I never thought it was possible to go more than two weeks with out porn but now I am measuring years not weeks. It's totally possible. There's hope.


BY PornFreeMattD

4 Years 100% Porn Free



40 days - I really see what an effect porn had on my perceptions

Man, looking back on what my thinking was like just 40 days ago, you really see what an effect porn (and, I'd say to a lesser extent, fapping) has on you. Some things I've noticed:

  • A more accurate view of women - of course, I know intellectually that women are just like me internally, with vast mindscapes and rich histories. But when you're regularly exposed to porn, there's some part of you that doesn't consider that. Some part that sees them as something...less. Like some gift you deserve to have because its there. Luckily though, that's rapidly fading! Now, in part, I can view them more like I would a sister.
  • A more accurate view of men - on the flip side of the above, some part of you sees other men as nothing more than competition to be jealous of, seek to sabotage, to outcompete. But now that's all but gone, that odd animal sort of paranoia. I can see them more like I would a brother.
  • A more accurate view of sex - To be honest, I used to think of sex essentially as the end-all, be-all of existence. What was my primary goal in life? Sex. Many things were just sacrifices on that altar, means to get that end. Kinda like in that episode of Metalocalypse where they're talking about how getting someone to suck their salami was pretty much their whole reason for making their music

Now, looking back, my old thoughts about it seem pretty silly. Existence isn't some road leading to sex. If the right person comes along and that happens along the way, that's wonderful. But, its a spice, not the main dish

Thanks to my newly unclouded mind, I had one of the best weekends of my entire life last week! Let's hope for a repeat!

tl;dr porn has a huge influence on an emotional level on how you view life and people around you. After 40 days of not being exposed to it you have much better views that make you much happier.

LINK - 40 days and 40 nights! (Report)

by Zeta_Metroid



401 days - sharper focus, started back school, feel a sense of harmony

Well it's been 401 days since I started NoFap and I gave in and 'reset' today. I do not feel ashamed because there is no greater teacher than failure.. for all of you now starting NoFap don't give up and keep pressing forward, a lot of amazing things have happened in the last year since my starting of NoFap they may not all be associated with me stopping fapping but I'd like to think it helped in everything, I have sharper focus, started back school, got back into martial arts heavily amongst other things. I also feel a sense of harmony that I've never felt in so long from not watching porn and any other dirty media that there is to foul the mind.

Well here I go again from 401 back to 1 on my badge. This is just a normal testimony from a normal guy showing you out there who are struggling that if you fall down just get back up!..anything is possible!.

LINK - 401 days reset.

by altnation



I made it :D!.

40 days ago I posted about my 401 day reset. After going through the start up again and making it to 40 days I've realized one thing. I no longer need nofap to control my desires and I've greatly overcome my addiction to porn and everything related to it!.

I'm forever grateful for finding the great TED video that introduced me to this place over more than a year ago and I cannot imagine where I would be without it but like many of the success stories before me, the struggle is behind me and I am ready to move on :D.

To everyone now starting and still going through hard times hang in there rome was not built in a day!. Much love and respect to everyone that has taken the time to give me advice or words of encouragement on this forum I am forever grateful.

470 Days - It isn't about the streak of days, but a sort-of-transcendental change of character

This subreddit has been incredibly important to me and my struggles (and occasional lack thereof) with pornography. I've been a long time subscriber and supporter. But about seven days ago I 'failed'. I watched more porn in three days than I slept. But I'm not going to say it diminishes the past 470something days of being porn free. I feel that, though it would be detrimental for some, I would do better without the badge hanging over my head.

I don't think it's how long you can go without looking at pornography, but rather how you let pornography control you and your emotions. Let me explain: Worrying about how long you can go without pornography still places pornography in your psyche for much of your time, while rising above your desires allows for abandonment of the shackles of struggle. It ceases to be an issues, and you just really don't want to watch porn. This revelation must come from within you, and you must claim your new personality trait "I don't watch porn. I don't even want to." Note: this is not an abandonment of you as a sexual being. In my experiences I've been able to be more sexually intimate without porn in my life. It allows me to come to my own conclusions about what I find attractive, instead of what's pounding what on the screen.

But now the goodbye. It isn't about the streak of days, this is not a combo on guitar hero. This is about a change of character, and the overcoming of an addiction. I'm resetting my badge. I'm not unsubscribing, but I will not be coming back for a while. I hope that this was only a short moment of fury in my life, and that my change has been very permanent.

tl;dr - after 470something days I watched porn. Realize that the streak of consecutive days isn't the point, but a sort-of-transcendental change of character. One must come into their own sexuality, and rise above the unhealthy output of porn compulsion. It's a purely an internal endeavor.

Edit:: I don't mean to downplay the severity of my relapse. I take it seriously, and understand its implications. But that being said, I think that the one relapse does not take away from my general growth out of the desire for pornography as I have had less and less as time went on (and continue to).

LINK - Goodbye ~470 or something, and goodbye pornfree (for now). [walloftext]

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5 Reasons Why Men Must Give Up Porn (The Good Men Project)

July 1, 2014 by

Former US Air Force Captain Bryan Reeves on why giving up porn is essential for modern men who want to have great sex and be in a world that doesn’t abuse women.

In my boyhood teenage days of yore, using pornography required patience, even imagination.

One of my early adventures with porn occurred on weekday afternoons when I got home from middle school. I discovered my step-father’s erotic treasure trove of betamax video tapes with titles like “The Oriental Babysitter” and “Taxi Girls.” I only had a small window to watch them and pleasure myself a dozen or so times (oh, to be a teenager again) before anyone got home.

A few years later my tastes grew more sophisticated when mom started getting Victoria Secret catalogs in the mail. Although I kinda already knew what the big secret was, these glossy catalogs made my imagination work harder at unlocking it each time, and I delighted in that.

Those days of porn patience and teasing my imagination are gone.

At this very moment, I — and most every other man in Western Civilization — have in my hands a little device loaded with the entire known universe of pornographic material ready to stir my lust and blow my loins wide open. I never have to wait for the mail again.

“Enough is Enough” and “CovenantEyes,” two internet safety organizations (one is Catholic-based), offer these sobering statistics:

  • Every second, 28,258 Internet users are viewing pornography.
  • The pornography industry is a $97 billion industry worldwide.
  • Men are 543% more likely to look at porn than females.
  • More than 1 in 5 searches are for pornography on mobile devices.

“If you have the Internet, you have pornography in your home.”

— Jill Manning, Ph.D., Marriage and Family Therapist

As a single man for the last four years, great sexual encounters with women have been a rare luxury. My iPhone, on the other hand, is all too willing to dance for me, undress for me, tease me, lick me, suck me, screw me and all around indulge me, whatever I want, any time I want.

I do not generally have an addictive personality, yet I have at times gone weeks using internet pornography every night to quickly arouse and then satiate myself. There were times I seemed to need it just to fall asleep. I used it so much that it once even gave me repetitive stress injury, messing up my otherwise formidable basketball game.

There’s nothing wrong with masturbation. But modern pornography can be a serious detriment not just to men, but to the women we love, too.

Here are 5 reasons why I believe men must give up consistent use of pornography for personal stimulation:

1) Porn can ruin our erections with actual women.

After I had been using porn moderately for about a year, I began to notice that I couldn’t sustain erections with women as long as I once could. I was horny as ever, but without the constantly changing visual erotic stimulation that watching video after video offered, one woman’s body couldn’t hold my erotic focus as effectively as it used to. To my frustrated surprise, real sex had become somewhat under-stimulating. Tragic. Since I gave up porn, even morning wood has made its return like an exotic tree rescued from the brink of extinction.

2) Porn can train our bodies to premature ejaculation.

I never had a problem with quick climax before I consistently used porn. I could always match, if not outlast, my female sexual partners, with or without a condom, with solid erections.

With porn, I could watch a short video and within minutes have myself rocketing towards climax. But I’d stop myself before I went too far, because I always wanted to see what different erotic adventure awaited me in the next video, just a click away. I would do this for an hour, rapidly rising in mindless bliss with every new short video, stopping myself at the edge each time. Eventually I’d realize how much time had gone by and I’d choose the best video I’d seen and let it throw me over the edge.

I was tuning my body to quickly rise and climax. I can immediately stop moving my own hand when I masturbate. A real woman’s aroused body doesn’t stop moving so fast. It’s like trying to slam on the brakes of a speed boat in deep water. I often couldn’t handle her enthusiasm, and I started getting really concerned.

Thankfully, quitting porn has allowed my body’s nervous system to re-tune itself to a less-hurried sexual pace and rhythm.

3) It’s such a waste of time.

Watching porn is a stupid use of our precious time on Planet Earth.

4) It creates unrealistic expectations of women. 

Porn just makes us think women should be easier to get into bed. It makes us think we might get laid more if we were more bold or clever, or simply more aggressive.

Women in porn videos are always willing to let a man (or men) aggressively open them up and do whatever they want. They’ll take the money shot right in the face, on their knees beneath a cock and a camera, as if to fully underscore their willingness to be conquered and owned by a man, and for all the world to see.

In my experience, actual women don’t react to calculating male aggression by opening their legs. Even if some do it doesn’t mean it’s a direct link to creating an authentic intimate relationship. It just creates two bodies slapping into each other.

Women are lusty, sexual creatures, for sure. Just like us. But when men are ready to relate to women in deeper ways, ways that include sexuality and also transcend it, porn is an awful study. The wondrous feminine mystique of a woman, the mystique us men so desperately crave to experience, is only made available to the men who learn how to cherish a woman in her fullness. That doesn’t happen anywhere in porn.

5) When we watch porn, we may be supporting human trafficking, slavery, rape, and blackmail of women all over the world. 

Despite my tame tastes, I unwittingly saw videos on the average free porn site that disturbed me.

I almost surely watched men manipulate, even outright blackmail, women into otherwise unwanted sex in fake taxi cabs, fake doctor’s offices, fake casting sets, and more. The camera never showed the man’s face, always only the woman’s.

I’ve discovered countless examples of criminal cases worldwide where people, mostly men, have been arrested and prosecuted for creating pornography with women they trafficked from other countries; women who were enslaved in buildings they couldn’t leave; women kept in place by physical violence; women threatened with exposure to their families; and more. I know now that I must have watched videos where women did sex acts they were forced to do. And my tastes in porn were downright tame.

I’m still tempted to watch porn sometimes. Even as I write this, my iPhone sits quietly beside me, able in a matter of seconds to unleash a marauding army of sexy “Oriental Babysitters” straight into my lizard brain. But clearly nothing good ever comes from that, so to speak.

Men, we’ve got to stop using porn. I know it’s a quick fix. I know some couples even use it to spice up an otherwise fading sex life.

But let’s find other ways. Let’s get creative. Porn is easy; it’s low-hanging fruit. It’s beneath our brilliance. And it’s not just hurting us; it’s hurting women.

- See more at:


500 days - I'm here and I'm not just a different person: I'm 10 people different.

Bring it!I can't remember how I stumbled upon The Great Porn Experiment lecture. But that video really was the preface of a hell of a change in my life.  You say abstaining from masturbation gives you more confidence? That will make you much more attractive to girls? Sign me up!

That's the reason why I stopped watching porn and jerking off. I have been feeling I wasn't enough for 20+ years, I was shy, self-conscious, weak. I felt like a loser and I was a loser. I wanted to get girls like the cool guys do, one night stands and all.

Some say you shouldn't do it for the girls. Do it for any reason you have. It doesn't matter if it's a BS reason. You'll grow out of it and you'll find new reasons to keep going.

500 days I'm here and I'm not just a different person: I'm 10 people different. This adventure has been changing me so much and you know what? I'm still changing myself.

It's not Nofap anymore. Nofap is just the winning team you decide to join, to train and play with. Once you get good at this game, it's YOU that's winning and you are ready for prime time.

Some of you may want to know the "benefits of Nofap". I'd say the first ones one experience in his streak are due to Nofap. Then when you take back the control of your life, you are actively changing yourself by making thougher choices you wouldn't have made while you are were porn-watching zombie.

I'll copypaste here a comment I posted a while back with some benefits I have experienced and how my relationship with girls has changed. For the PUA, out there: NoFap has turned me into a naturally attractive person. Here you some details:

"In order of appearance (more or less): more sensitivity, deeper voice, more confidence, more clarity, more energy to work out, more aggressivity in doing things, better memory, better skin, burning more fat, the balls to take cold showers, the balls to do other things and learning them faster than before, walking taller, being intimidating to people (not sure if it's a benefit, but you can't go back, it's your energy and you can't repress it), being more respected and treated better by people, being way more attractive, being more clever and having better ideas, being constantly evolving and most of the times being happier.

It's still a rollercoster but the ups are higher and downs are not so bad.

If you are constantly challengin yourself, the rollercoster is inevitable.

Only people that are stuck at some point don't experience.

Honestly, sometimes I really feel like I am a God, a super hero and now that I've thought about how lucky I am to have experienced all this, I'm feeling a really blissful feeling of happiness coming from my belly.

So thank you very much for asking!

Just remember Nofap is just an excuse to start living, altough, I don't believe it's a placebo. Your chemistry changes as you stop watching porn and masturbating, you can feel it. But you have to really go after the change, it doesn't fall from the sky automatically. Some may happen naturally, some definately not.

PS: other benefits with womens, beside the common "I'm more attractive thanks to Nofap". I'm easily attracted to a girl, I can spot beauty where other see shitty face, small boobs and not so nice ass. Feminity draws me in, but I'm not attached to it.

I don't need it, I'm not needy. They may be beautiful but I'm not controlled by it. I'm not obsessed by boobs and asses, I don't dream of fucking them like an animal 10 seconds after I've met them. I can't get hard by watching pictures of sexy, naked women. I may see a girl on picture on FB and feel nothing; then I meet her and I'm attracted.

I like to take things slower and enjoy the process with women. I don't like being used by women that just want to use my penis to get off for one-night stands. They make me really angry.

I used to follow the PUA universe. Now I realize how easy it's to attract a girl when you are naturally attractive and you don't really pay too much attention to it. You are just yourself and they like you for who you have become. You stop girls and say hi and they are attracted (not always, but you couldn't care less). Being indirect with girls is better than going HI I LIKE YOU I WANT TO KNOW YOU CAUSE YOU ARE CUTE: the girl will know you are there because you like them and they'll enjoy it more cause you'll leave them guessing a little bit. Being direct, imo is just for people that don't believe they are attractive and need to verbally show they have the guts. Being direct with your non-verbal comunication and escalating slowly is way way nicer and as a man I enjoy it even more myself.

I laugh at some material on the web like "how to be attractive to women" and such cause it's not something you learn from a video. Also, if you are worried about being attractive (as I was) you'll never be really, naturally, attractive.

You'll just be an unsecure man trying to be The Man. And if you try, you are not. There is no try, you either are or not. I know it cause I've been worried about being attractive and then I realized how stupid I was.

Becoming attractive is all about freeing yourself from all the past traumas, beliefs and conditioning that's holding you back. It means going to therapy, meditating, relaxing your body and doing yoga, going out facing your fears, etc. Facing the uncomfortable shit, basically, in any way you can.

You are not genetically different from a natural like, say, Price Harry.

You have just been raised by insecure people that thought you how to be insecure, shamed, not good enough. If you are the child of a king and you were raised like it, not seeking approval, you'll be naturally a boss.

For the same reason, rich kids tend to be more confident and have lots of girls. It's not the money, it's the upbringing. The money the family have is a consequence of their dads and grandads confidence that's now being passed to their kids.

Imo Nofap (and the work on myself I did, a lot) has been turning myself into the natural version of myself. Not the best natural in the world nor the smoothest, I'm still learning but I really have that aspect figured out and no insecurity left. The rest is all practice, practice, practice.

Going out, being social. Without that Nofap can't do much.

Nofap is just the fuel, your body and mind are the car.

You are the pilot. You drive the change."

To all Nofappers out there... enjoy the storm. This is what you were made for.

So bring it.

LINK - They say you shouldn't join NoFap for girls. I did it. Today is my 500th day of NoFap.

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51 days - The Ups and Downs of NoFap

 NZ mountainsIt's 51 days for me, and I'll be honest. Some days I don't even think about PMOing, and other days I'm really tempted but find myself saying 'No' much easier.

Actually, I've come on the boards today to check in because the last few days have been a bit rough in terms of craving.

Here's a run down of my experience so far. It's also a way for me to remind myself of why I'm doing this.

Peace out guys. Remember: Every Craving is a Sign of Success.

So, let's stick to the title, shall we? Starting with the downs.

The Downs of NoFap

  • Have to face my fucking feelings.
  • Have to feel my pain.
  • Have to acknowledge my needs.
  • Have to sit with the craving for porn, for orgasm.
  • Have to find newer, better ways of coping.
  • Have to wait out the storm of a radically new way for my brain's neurons to be firing.
  • Have to face life.
  • Have to face my fears.
  • Have to sit in the bad days, feel them, feel crushed by them, and cry them out.
  • Have to recognise my vulnerability. My humanity.

The Ups of NoFap

  • Feeling more alive, more alert, more vital.
  • Increased confidence and a sense of my own power as a man.
  • More energy.
  • Increased likelihood that I'll face my issues, because I'm not avoiding as much.
  • Sharper, clearer feelings that pass faster, once felt and expressed.
  • Less anxiety.
  • Less chronic pain.
  • Feeling more connected with people, including strangers, friends, and partner.
  • Increased self-esteem.
  • Increased sense of my own ability to control my self and be disciplined.
  • A recognition that I don't want to actually jerk off when I feel like jerking off, that actually I just want to escape something, or meet a need that has nothing to do with sex.
  • Feeling the success of no longer acting on craving.
  • Feeling like a more reliable person, when it comes to being there for my friends.
  • Feeling stronger in myself, more integral.
  • Feeling more driven.

Came across the video recently too, and linking it here in case you haven't seen it. It's just one guys story about porn addiction, and his recovery:

LINK - Checking In - The Ups and Downs of NoFap

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6 Step Reboot Plan... that helped me quit

sexual secretsI haven't masturbated to/orgasmed to porn in 367 days.  Until a year ago, I had tried many times to stop and kept failing, until I finally gave up, only to stumble on this website and try again. After going a year without PO, I summarized my experience and reboot process into Six Key Steps.

This is basically "how I did it":


  • Using this site made me realize everyone is different and has different goals. This plan is what worked for me and may not work for everyone, or anyone, else.
  • I can't say I've had PIED or ED, so if you're quitting porn and you experience PIED, you may not find this very helpful. It seems porn users with ED sometimes require separate reboot strategies, and often want to quit MO (see next disclaimer). So this may not (or may still) be helpful for you (sorry)
  • Masturbation for rebooters is a touchy subject. I am in the pro-MO camp, so my plan permits MO eventually. BUT note in the plan, I think quitting MO at least temporarily in the beginning is totally crucial to quitting porn. If you are firmly in the anti-MO camp, you may not find this helpful.
  • I was single when I started my reboot. If you're in a relationship, this could complicate things. Sex can be a trigger. My plan leaves out sex and MO for at least a month and then sparingly for at least 3 months. If you can't be honest to your partner about your reboot and withhold/ limit sex for at least 3 months (or as long as it takes), you might not find this helpful (sorry, again).
  • So, this plan may not be for you if you experience PIED or ED, and/or  want to quit MO. But if you feel powerless or addicted to porn and you want to quit watching and jacking off to it, I think you may find this helpful. That is what I wanted to do and this is what worked for me.

Six Steps To a Successful Reboot

Step 1 - Cut out any and ALL sexual activity: You are going to be asexual until further notice: No sex, no thinking about sex, no thinking about not thinking about sex, no flirting, no masturbation, no fantasizing, no lusting, no checking out the girls' (or guys') asses, no staring at her boobs,  no second base, no third base. Nothing. SEX, as in real intimacy with another human being, is encouraged later, BUT not during the first month. You just gotta be careful that real sex isn't a trigger for you (see next step). May help to sit down with your gf or bf, wife or husband, fb and share with them your reboot goal and how there will be no sex for a while. Hopefully they can understand.

Step 2 - Avoid Triggers: You can't accomplish step one without avoiding triggers. I wrote a post about triggers earlier in my reboot. I wrote a list of ALL the things that can potentially make me want sex. You really have to think outside the box on this one. It's not just things that lead directly to porn use. These can be little things you may not think about, like TV shows or certain social situations, like being alone. These cause a build up of sexual energy throughout the day. Write them out, then avoid them. The concept being almost all porn-watching episodes begin with triggers, which build up over time and release through porn use. And it's easier to stop the trigger mid-act (changing the channel or logging out of facebook) than stopping the real thing you're actually addicted to. Read this.

Step 3Sex and Controlled Masturbation: Probably the most controversial step. My opinion about MO is that it's possible to MO during a reboot and still quit porn (I've done it), as long as it's done in a very controlled way. Basically, it has to be a very last resort, detached from porn and fantasy, and done very very sparingly. Here are the rules I followed

  • No MO (or sex) the first month at least (bare minimum). You need this month to clean the slate. If you can't make it this long, don't worry.
  • When to MO: Always go as long as you possibly can without masturbating. Masturbating should always simply be a very very last resort when you simply can't go another day without an orgasm
  • How to MO: Get away from the phone/computer/tv (lie in bed, take a shower, etc.) --> Don't fantasize, instead briefly think of (recount) real situations you've actually had or can have --> cum as soon as possible. Don't drag this out.
  • After MO: It's important to mentally reset your No MO Count. You are back to 0 and must wait as long as you can before your next one MO. If you don't do this, you risk sliding back into regular, uncontrolled MO, which will trigger PO. So always be actively thinking about the fact that you are avoiding MO!
  • Do NOT schedule MOs: A schedule leads to anticipation which is definitely a trigger
  • Limit MO to no more than once a week: You should not be MOing more than once a week. You should be able to go a lot longer than this before caving. I used this as a guide to make sure I was going as long as I could before MOing

So, the idea here is that for some guys, like me, simply not orgasming for several months is unthinkable (I've never even had a wet dream). I will surely fail if I tried (and I have numerous times). So if you really must, do it in a way that is detatched from porn and fantasy, and only done as a quick relief. I stand by this method because it worked for me by letting me build up an intense sexual energy and then release it through...not porn. I felt I was training my brain to associate sexual relief with something other than porn. SEX: If you can have real, safe sexual encounters with someone instead, that is even better, but I suggest only having sex after at least one month and only when you've built up that energy.

Step 4 -  Slowly return to healthy sexual behavior: After about 3 months (for me, maybe longer for others) of  little to no sex and masturbation, I slowly began returning to regularly scheduled programming, sans porn. I suggest writing a list of the kinds of healthy sexual behaviors you're okay with (i.e. sex with partner, flirting or mo). Then adding them back into your life. You're still avoiding triggers at this point, but are allowing your self to experience healthy sexual behaviors. Start by only doing it sparingly (build up that sexual energy). For me, after a few months of this I slowly slipped back into regular normal activity. By this point these behaviors became more gratifying than porn. REMEMBER those triggers though.

Step 5 - Cope with reality: Porn is a lie. As you begin avoiding porn and embracing healthy sex, your brain may be disappointed. Your gf or bf is not a porn model with perfect hair, boobs, abs and make up; you are not entitled to sex; you cannot have sex whenever and with whomever you want on demand; some people just aren't that into you; you can't order a sex partner like a cheeseburger; and life doesn't play out like your sick twisted sexual fantasies. Deal with it. During my reboot, I (and my brain) had to consciously accept these cold, hard  facts of life. Real life is not porn, and porn is not real life.

Step 6 - Take up a NEW hobby: Pick a hobby, any hobby. But make sure it's something fresh, something you haven't done before. For me it was a new 30-day fitness program. This lets you take that extra energy you save from being asexual (joking, but serious) and put it toward something other than pity and frustration. You're cutting out an old habit and replacing it with a new skill. I think it helps if this new hobby has a deadline or end date (like a fitness program or art project). Just make sure it's empowering and uplifting and not something frustrating that can end up being a trigger.

So that's what worked for me: banning sexual activity, avoiding triggers, controlled masturbation/building up and releasing energy, slow return to sex, coping and taking up a hobby. Again this may not work for everyone, but it's worked for me and it's in line with some of the stuff I've seen on here and YBOP. I'd love to know if you found this helpful, and I'd love to read your success story 367 days from now.

BONUS TIP: Beware of substitutes: For me, cutting out porn unleashed a stronger urge to engage in other unhealthy (sexual) behavior. This could happen to you. I suggest being consciously aware of it. If you are prone to engaging in other unhealthy behaviors like using drugs, smoking, drinking, having sex with strangers, etc. make sure you don't increase these behaviors as a substitute for porn.

LINK - 6 Step Reboot Plan... that helped me quit

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INITIAL POST - one year earlier

Re: TJ3--My Brain on Porn: A journal


DAYS 1-3: Guidelines

I started Rebooting Oct. 29. I'm still figuring out what that means, for me.  Like I said in my intro, I plan on figuring this out as I go. So far, over the past couple days I have a few tips I've written for myself:

Knowledge is power: There is a battle going on in our brains between the circuit pathways that respond to dopamine and the circuits that respond to logic. One is impulsive and instinctive and the other is cognitive and logical. Dopamine fuels the impulsive circuit where as knowledge fuels the logical circuit. So far the Dopamine Army is ruling your body and has a super strong army. It's time to build up the knowledge army and weaken the dopamine army. Sounds simple, but it's easy to be on fire Week 1 and somehow lose that passion later on and slip into the bad habit again.

Which brings me to the next one:

Stay informed EVERYDAY: I think educating myself on this issue is crucial. So I read at max one or two articles about porn addiction/rebooting a day, but try not to overwhelm myself. I fear that if I stop, I will lose the fervor, weakening my Knowledge Army and giving more power to the Dopamine crew.

Be careful what you eat: I realized that quitting porn is like dieting. The goal is to cut out the bad stuff and return to a natural, organic diet. Just like with dieting, you always have to be conscientious about what you put into your body--ALWAYS--that should never go away. The more you learn about nutrition, the less you mindlessly eat junk. You become aware of the effects of bad food and that is often enough to stop you from doing it. The same with porn, Though this is a process--a "lifestyle change"--that takes time.

Be constantly thinking about your porn addiction: Even when you are not facing temptation. Don't wait until the beast is in your face before you start thinking about how to fight it. Always be training that Army of Knowledge to ward off the Army of Dope.

Recognize and avoid all triggers: This includes masturbation. Even though my goal isn't to stop MOing, I think it's necessary during reboot. Masturbation and porn go together like bacon and eggs, salt and chips. One will surely lead to the other, until you lose the taste for one. Triggers are the precursors to the actual crime. It is easier to avoid them than the actual thing. Triggers can be as obvious as "Facebook stalking" friends of friends' photos or allowing myself to get bored.

Think about your thoughts When encountering a trigger, consciously state what is happening and how you want to respond.  Consciously state the possible outcomes of responding to the trigger vs. ignoring them. Try to be as emotionally detailed as possible because the brain responds to emotion and experience the best. "I am feeling ___ right now. I want to ___. But if I do, I will feel___. If I don't, I will feel___. So I will choose to ___"

Journal daily: This keeps me accountable and involved with community. It also makes it hard for me to lie to myself and others about my progress. I also gain more knowledge from the community.

Don't be afraid of masturbation: I am cutting out MOing for reasons above, but I find it very, very difficult to do. I have to remember that the goal is to ultimately eliminate PMO, and that MOing is not a failure. I haven't MO'ed yet and don't plan to until I reboot, but I wouldn't be surprised if I slip again TBH. And if I do, I have to be sure that it's just that--MO, not PMO or FMO (fantasy),  anything  to not let the Dopamine Army think it's won a battle.

Guys, I hope this works...So far, so good. A little moody and frustrated, but we'll see. Stay tuned...

6 months - ED: It is nice to actually get aroused by little things

Recovery from porn addictionIt took me multiple attempts (and I learned from each attempt) but I have now been masturbation and porn free for six months.

The first step (I know this is cliché) is recognizing you have a problem- knowing that your chronic masturbation to porn has adversely affected your life and relationships. I could write a book on how much better my life is now.

First, I am not some prude against all porn, who condemns masturbation for religious reasons. There are plenty of people who can masturbate in moderation. I am just not one of them, so I made the decision to stop entirely.

The first "gift" of abstaining from porn/masturbation is time. The amount of time I wasted each week was substantial. I could go a whole weekend inside mostly consuming porn and jacking. During the week I would do an hour a night, sometimes more. And then be totally worn out for the evening and just watch tube (another dumb addiction). Now, the things that I always told myself I should do, which I imagined myself doing? I am doing! And it is awesome. Hobbies, reading, social contact. I even have a dog now.

The second "gift"—and this will differ for different people—is money. I wasn't spending mad amounts of money on porn, but enough to be stupid and wasteful. The couple hundred bucks I have not spent since I quit is nice to hav. I bought a new iPod recently as a "Reward."

The third "gift" (and the one that I think matters the most and I am truly grateful for) is a far improved self image and much better self esteem. I am FAR more confident in social situations now—like night and day—like people ask me what have I changed about myself because I am so much more outgoing.

As far as relations with the opposite sex? I have never . . . . NEVER. . . been more confident about approaching women than I am now. I am far more motivated to seek and engage actual real women now. (And though this might develop as a problem itself- I am actually getting real sex now! But I am not going to worry about that now- just enjoy it for awhile.)

While I was consuming porn and beating off,I had severe performance anxiety when it came to actual real sex. That is gone. I have no problem. It is nice to actually get aroused by little things like a revealing blouse or some innocent cleavage or a summer dress or just a woman's flowing shiny hair and fragrance—and not "Cum Gurgling sluts" video clips.

The time, the money, the feelings of confidence, vastly improved self image, and just getting a normal satisfying sex life makes my complete abstinence from masturbation SO WORTH IT.

So if you are someone who can beat off to internet porn in moderation? Hey, great. I ain't judging you and more power to you. But if you are not—and you know if you are not— then you need to stop entirely. I tried the "once a week" promise, and it never held. You need to stop totally.

Steps I took.

  • Cancelled my "porn" credit card that I would use to buy memberships to porn sites
  • Cleaned my computer with an adware removal program
  • Deleted all links
  • Purchased and installed a comprehensive porn blocker which would make it tougher for me to succumb to temptation on the spur of the moment. (To be honest, the porn blocker blocks a lot of stuff that isn't porn, and it can be a pain in the ass. But again, it's something I am willing to put up with because of the benefits overall.)
  • Kept a journal for the first three months, just typing out my feelings and logging improvements
  • Called friends and family nightly, even old friends. Engage people socially. Go to a corner coffee shop. DO NOT WATCH TUBE and BITE YOUR FINGERNAILS- DO SOMETHING!

The improvements do come almost immediately. I noticed after three days of no masturbation: increased energy, increased attention, and higher self esteem. After a month? Those were all through the roof (and before the second month was over I had had real sex for the first time in months because I could approach women with confidence).

What really is amazing is how little of the porn I consumed I actually have a clear memory of. It is all like a big blur now. I have to literally concentrate hard to recall particular porn scenes or video clips. It clears out of your brain pretty fast, and the things that should get you aroused like just a pretty girl on the train in a nice dress. Once again do.

I would also like to bring up a couple more things for the men reading this.

Re-reading my journal last night, I noted how tough the first three days were (like people say about quitting cigarettes.) I wrote that it felt like I was withdrawing from caffeine (I have a coffee addiction I am never giving up). I felt edgy and nervous. That passed however after three days and was replaced with increased energy levels. So do what you have to for the first three days. Keep going. It gets easier.

Also - from my earlier attempts I learned I had "triggers," and times that I was more susceptible to the temptation to masturbate. Learn yours and then devise ways to avoid them or lessen them. For example, the time of day that I was most prone to succumb was after dinner around 7PM. I changed my schedule, and instead of going to the gym in the mornings, I went at 7PM.

The thing that finally made me successful was keeping a daily journal—just remembering daily why I was doing this—why I wanted to stop. I had stopped before—got up to 30 days—but I wasn't keeping a journal. I lost my reasons; felt I was "cured" blah blah. Keep a journal!

With all the ridiculous pro-masturbation propaganda out there it took me years to recognize my problem and come to terms with it. It is vital to ignore this complete horse crap. Masturbation is not "healthy." Porn is not "normal."

You won't get prostate cancer. You don't need to "clear the pipes." Semen rotates naturally in and out of your testicles without you needing to burp the worm. Adolescent exploration is one thing. It can arguably be called natural to masturbate when you are 15. But if you are a 40 year old single man still beating off daily (and using internet or other porn), that is not "natural" and it certainly isn't healthy (in both mental and physical ways—not to mention spiritual—ways).

I really believe the pro-masturbation sentiments in the medical community for the past 40 years or so approach the level of criminal irresponsibility. Whole generations of men have been warped by this nonsense.


by Alex B

6 months - I have a working penis (no more PIED!)

legs in bedAfter what felt like forever, I finally beat PIED. It feels soooo good to finally be able to have sex with my girlfriend, whom when I told, was understanding and really supported my throughout this difficult journey.

For all the fapstronauts out there who are in the same situation I was, don't worry, you'll eventually overcome it. It's VERY much worth it to not fap for a couple months to recover your manhood. I wont lie, I relapsed a few times (2-3), but I never quit and kept at it, I even deleted my 300+ photo album recently! (It was hard to part with it because I had been adding to it for years). Good luck all!

LINK - After 6-ish months, I have a working penis (no more PIED!)


POST FROM 4 MONTHS EARLIER - Somewhat success

I just wanted to share my success so far in curing my PIED, but I also want to share my story. Being overweight in 5th-7th grade and unattractive, I never thought I'd get a girl. I'd fap daily, and as time went on, my porn addiction got worse. I remember the first time I went on a porn site, I felt so ashamed, it felt weird to be looking at naked people. But after a while of being an avid porn watcher, nothing seemed to bother me. In fact, I couldn't be turned on by "normal" categories, I began getting into fetish and rule34 type stuff. I fapped so much, during vacations id fap minimum around 7 times I believe. I would just stay in my room all day with napkins and masturbate. The turning point, when I decided to finally quit my addiction, was around 2 months ago, when I got into my first sexual relationship. I never thought it would happen, I thought I'd just be a virgin forever (prior to this relationship, I finally got into two others, so I wasn't thinking id never get a girl anymore). But when the time came, I couldn't get it up. My dick was limp. She sucked it, humped me, gave me a handjob, nothing. I couldn't get it up to save my life. It was so frustrating and embarrassing. Out of all the things in life, I'd never thought that this would be a problem, I thought it just happened to others. At first, we both said it was because it was my first time and I was just nervous, (which made sense, as we had planned it and was thinking about performing well all day). I never thought of linking it to my extensive fapping/porn usage. I decided to look into my inability to get an erection, because after I thought about it, I hadn't been able to get a full on erection in forever. I thought my limp dick was an actual boner, that's how bad my porn use was. Apparently, extensive porn use causes ED, called PIED, which is Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction. I matched all the symptoms, it all clicked. I did so much research, to try and cure myself of PIED. I decided to just completely quit masturbation. I was surprised, its actually pretty easy to not fap, at least for me. I always get the temptation now and then though, but I always resist. Its been around 2 months, I lost count haha, but I could feel the benefits. I actually have been getting full erections now and then, they don't last very long but hey, progress, NoFap is working. I've also noticed that I'm actually very social now, I'm more courageous. Im not sure whether to link this to NoFap, or that I've become actually pretty attractive (at least that's what people tell me, it just gives me confidence to be told im attractive lol) I dont plan to return to fapping, I want to be able to have sex with my girlfriend (Sidenote, I have a new girlfriend, I'm not with the girl I had my first sexual encounter with). I don't ever want to disappoint again, I never want to feel less than a man again, I just want to have healthy relationships. I know sex isn't everything, I'm pretty young, but seriously, its a big chunk in a relationship. I hope this wasn't too boring or anything, just hoping this could be of interest to someone, or even provide inspiration to someone who is close to relapsing and had a similar experience to mine.

TL;DR: Never thought I'd have a gf, thought I'd be a virgin forever, major porn addiction, started getting attractive, started getting girls, first sexual encounter, couldn't get it up because of my Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction, felt less than a man, did research, stopped fapping, and now I can actually get it up, somewhat. And sorry for the wall of text, I have no idea how to format this/ make it into chunks.

6 months - More energy & passion, Have a mental edge, Flirting with women is 100% natural

sensual coupleI'm not going to say much, I'm just going to say that I've been porn free for exactly 6 months, and can count the number of times I've fapped since then on one hand. I'm just going to list all the benefits that I've experienced with NoFap:

  1. The elimination of the glassdoor effect (fapping to porn made me a spectator, and when I saw a beautiful woman, there was an invisible wall keeping me from approaching her), I don't gawk at women, I don't allow my mind to "wish they could be mine one day", I just make it happen.
  2. More energy throughout the day
  3. More passion about life
  4. A mental edge over most regular guys
  5. Improved sales
  6. A more attractive, magnetic personality
  7. Flirting with women is 100% natural; I used to try to think my way to attraction and use "logic" to attract women, this was not good, not good at all. Literally, women used to be interested in me, then I would screw it up because of my porn/fap addiction and awkwardness - I didn't think I was worthy of girlfriend.
  8. I rarely get rejected. I mean it will happen, but I noticed the more weight I lost, the less I got rejected, so there are other things to consider too; you can't just stop masturbating and expect women to pile on top of you, you have to let it spill into other parts of your life first. I thought I got rejected one time, but three weeks later after she breaks up with her boyfriend, I'm the first one she texts, maybe I'm rebound, maybe I'm the cause for the break up; who knows. Who cares.
  9. My willpower is incredible; every day is a small win, and your willpower increases, NoFap spills into other aspects of my life, NoLaziness, NoDirty, NoSpending, NoSwearing, NoFear, etc; I've basically became a self improvement maniac and a man of perfection.
  10. I've replaced fapping time with reading books, best decision ever.
  11. When you combine NoFap with not focusing on women anymore, women no longer become your ultimate prize, meaning that you aren't afraid to approach them anymore, I hate to put it in these terms; but your penis and her vagina are on the same level; she's not on a pedestal anymore.
  12. Masturbation has been eliminated from my mind as a sexual option. It's not natural to me anymore. I went on r/gonewild the other day, and I'm like, "WTF am i supposed to do, there's pictures, I can't interact with these women, so what's the point?"
  13. Sex drive is the strongest force known to man, think about it; you can edge to porn for 5 hours a day without even thinking about it, now what would happened if you had that same energy, and applied it to other things. It's more possible than you think. (Look up sexual transmutation - Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich) - If you read that, Napoleon Hill goes over why many men aren't successful until after their 40s; it's because they aren't wasting their sexual energy on chasing girls/masturbating to porn anymore - so they have the drive to reach their goals. Imagine you at your younger age, with a higher sex drive, you are wasting away a prime opportunity. Stop.
  14. When you master sexual transmutation (I'm not a master yet, but I'm still learning/growing in its ways), aka stop focusing on sex (including porn), and focus on production. You will become aloof towards women. Don't ask me why, but women love aloof men.

I know my benefits seem to be focused around attracting women, because that's what guys on here want to read. But the truth is, it has done so much more for me; I realized that women aren't the key to happiness, that it's internal. In fact, the women I'm attracting have become a burden. I don't know who's the right one for me, because they are beautiful with wonderful personalities; aka high quality women. So I'm perfectly content not attracting more women.

I'm focusing my sexual energy on creating successful habits, becoming more productive, and becoming a better me, because honestly that's what NoFap is about, and if you want to have success with women, you will realize that you should only focus on creating more successful habits and improving yourself. That will get you the most women, I promise.

THREAD - My Personal Benefits of NoFap

by LuxuryCanWait

6 months - This is like the movie, "17 again"

Have you guys watched the movie called 17 again? If no, I'll tell you what happens.

There is a 37 year old guy, sad with his monotonous life, works hard but doesn't get promoted, his family members doesn't like him, he has no real friends, no future aspirations, no nothing.

But one fine day he finds a time machine sort of a thing which makes him back the 17 year old cheerful, fit basketball champ of his high school. Girls start to check him out, makes new friends, becomes the sports champ of school, eats junk food but still is always in shape, goes out with friends to clubs, doesn't give a fuck what other say about him, is optimistic and at the end of the day is happy. This time machine doesn't exist for majority of the population, but guys there is this magical gadget for us fapstronauts that can literally transform our life forever. Yes we are lucky. It is nofap and noporn. I am like many others a living example of this experience.

So my soldiers, its time to wake up. Show the universe that you have a heart of a lion, and this nofap is such a small hurdle to overcome. Stop being a loser, find that warrior within. Your beautiful future is waiting for you with open arms, all is up to you.

Just in the end would like to share a quote "When Spirit rises and commands, gods are ready to obey". That spirit exists within you at this very moment that can make you overcome any challenge.

LINK - ★ So this is how it feels like after almost 6 months ★

by bej7

6 months - porn free (still masturbate): former sexual preferences have returned

MountainsI've been free from porn in about 6 months now. I've cut dramatically down on the fapping also, but not stopped it completely. I would say I now fap 4 times a week, where as before I could have done it 3-4 times a day at worst.

Quitting the porn seems to have been the most important thing. I think I have noticed this for a while now, but it wasn't before last week I really started to think about it: whenever I have fapped lately, I don't fantasize about the usual stuff I would, but rather I focus on the sensations. In other words I'm not imagining some sort of retarded scene, and it feels much more natural.

I read somewhere that a common thing of quitting porn for good was that eventually you would return to your old preferences when it comes to sex, and that has also happened with me. Everything I've seen in porn don't turn me on anymore, I get turned on by 'what I'm supposed to' get turned on by. I'll spare you for the examples, but all the things I get turned on by now, are things I liked in my early teens, before I found porn.

To the guys/girls that have recently stopped porn, give it time. Your brain will return to it's old/natural ways eventually!

LINK - Think I'm starting to fully rebooting my brain.

by rowaway99


6 months - sensitivity is back, the ED is gone

couple in a blanketI've been trying NoFap (or more specifically 'No Porn') after ED destroyed a great relationship I had back in August.

6 months later, with some relapses in between my 2-4 week streaks, I've finally had sex again. The sensitivity is back, the ED is gone, and let me tell you... it felt AMAZING. I'm on the lookout for a proper relationship which is what I want ultimately, but even as a casual encounter it felt phenomenal!

All the best guys!

LINK - I feel like a GOD right now.

by ka91_e2


6-month Nofap: Video Report

60 Days Bitches!

Yesss!Usually we post about the science that explains why today's Internet superporn has the power to initiate addiction processes in some users' brains. The most efficient way to return to full potency is to "reboot," i.e., allow the brain's reward circuitry to return to normal sensitivity by stopping all intense sexual stimulation for a while. Here's one guy's account of the "rebooting" process. 


I just completed 60 days without porn, masturbation & orgasm to reboot my reward circuitry & pleasure response and also to sort my mental shit out regarding sex & relationships.

To celebrate, I've written a report about the process to share with you guys so you can see if it's something you might want to do yourselves.

It's a little bit 'premature' in that I haven't had sex yet (that will confirm my feelings that the process was a success), but my goal was 60 days, so it's a good time to review.

I'll be as honest/informative as I can.

The short version:

I was:
- Sexually insecure
- Lacking libido & interest in women
- Looking for women to fill a void of loneliness or help me feel 'normal'.

- I'm horny.
- Confidence has increased dramatically.
- Desire to connect with women (emotionally & sexually) has increased dramatically. I want to be with women for the intrinsic value of being with them.

Check out, or The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge (Chapter 4, excerpts here) if you want more information about the neurological reasons for doing a 'reboot':

60- 80 days, no porn, masturbation or orgasm (PMO).


- Had (have) not had an active sexual relationship for approx 4 years (one night stands only)
- low libido
- anxiety about sex & relationships (emotional closeness/intimacy etc)
- heavy porn use (sometimes up to 6 or more hours with no break)
- 'morphing' porn tastes (increasingly extreme/kinky genres that didn't match my normal sexual interests)
- increasing cases of erectile dysfunction (more while sober than drunk)
- emotional alienation (Connecting emotionally with women had become undesirable)
- physical alienation (I had a couple of cases where it felt slow, annoying, inefficient and kind of just weird to interact with another human body, trying to somehow get it turned on enough to give me the feelings I wanted. I was lazy, and compared to porn sex felt like work.)

For the cost of no PMO for 60 days the potential benefits I perceived were:

- renewed attraction to real women. (i.e. 3 dimensional, natural, imperfect)
- increased motivation to meet real women (no alternative way to experience orgasm)
- renewed natural arousal
- renewed interest in sexual intimacy/ connection, intrinsic value sex (as opposed to goal oriented sex)
- renewed interest in normal sex (vs extreme genres featured in porn)
- renewed interest in sex as physical/sensual experience (smell, taste, touch, sound & sight, as opposed to just sight/sound)
- revived reward circuitry and pleasure response. (easier to feel pleasure in general)
- overcome porn related erectile dysfunction.
- increased concentration.


In addition to cutting out all PMO, I also drastically cut down on alcohol and experimented with some basic sleep treatments for better sleep (I have sleep apnea).

I had very low stress during the reboot because I'm not working at the moment. I think it helped.

Spent most of my time doing whatever the fuck I wanted to and not feeling bad about anything- sitting in the park, meditating, reading LOTS of books, drawing, going to museums/art galleries/libraries.

During the reboot I decided not to go out of my way to meet new women. Instead I used the time to work through my psychological/emotional issues surrounding relationships, work out what my hang ups were and deal with them head on. That helped HUGELY.

I didn't struggle with avoiding porn. Once I decided not to look at it, I didn't.

Sometimes the feeling in my balls was pretty hard to ignore. Instead of ignoring it I gave it my attention and accepted that it was there.

If I ever felt like I was seriously going to break, I either checked how many days I'd done & how many left. Then I'd write a short journal entry.


I think I had it pretty easy with withdrawals.

First 2 weeks: Increased libido.
After 2 weeks: Zero libido for about 4 weeks.

On day 19 I wrote a journal entry that said I was completely unable to get an erection, even with manual stimulation. I was a bit worried. I probably could've if I watched porn, but I held out. I started occasional journaling at this point.

Day 45 I wrote that I was starting to get scared that my libido would never come back, and felt that I was starving it to death.

It came back.

By day 55 I had noticed big changes in libido- turned on by women in the street, sexual dreams etc.

Results (so far):
- Increased sexual attraction to real women (so many gorgeous women around!)
- Increased sexual dreams, some very visually & sensually vivid (I don't remember ever feeling physical sensations in dreams before).
- Fully aroused by mental fantasies about foreplay/normal sex with real women from my life, without any 'helping hand'.
- Aroused by sex that is connection/expression based rather than goal/performance based.
- Aroused by sensual aspects of sex: touch, smell, taste, sound. Not just looks.
- Very low interest in porn, low interest in masturbation for orgasm. High interest in real sex.
- Ability to sit with sexual feelings, rather than rushing to release them.
- Strong feeling of sexual energy/power radiating in lower stomach/balls (non-existent before reboot)
- Sense of power, achievement, self-control, self-knowledge.
- Increased energy, drive, ambition, focus, concentration, happiness.


There was also a shift in my sense of sexual identity, which came with working through my relationship baggage. In the recent past, I have approached sex from a Getting perspective. I felt that sex was like a job interview- I needed to perform well so that she would like me. If I performed poorly, she would reject me.

Making sex about getting her approval turned the focus to my Performance which, naturally, led to performance anxiety. At times that meant I was too anxious to maintain an erection. If I already knew the girl liked me, I never had that problem- I was already getting approval from her.

After facing my baggage and clearing it, I felt a change. I found myself focusing on what I wanted to experience in a sexual relationship, rather than what I thought I 'should' want, or trying to guess what she would like so I could win her approval.

What would I like to feel? What would I like to share with her? What would I like to express?

Porn gave me a massive mental library of "shoulds". It had shaped my perceptions of sex- what I should say, do, how I should act, what positions were hotter than others etc etc. It was teaching me how to have impersonal, fake, possibly degrading sex rather than making sex a positive expression of something within me- my desire, my attraction, my feelings.

Now that I have not seen any porn for 2 months, I find myself anticipating sex more and more. I can't wait to get to know a woman sexually- what turns her on, what she smells like, tastes like, what sounds she makes, what makes her moan. The idea of that process excites me now, because it has become intrinsically valuable to me, rather than goal/performance based.

I feel like that desire to express myself sexually has changed the way I interact with women in a big way. It's made it fun & exciting. I can't help it, I feel the sexual vibe rising up in me whenever there are beautiful women around. I feel like I flirt a lot more, without intending to. Awesome.

I've started approaching again (I'm a bit rusty) and I've been out with a girl who I think things will go well with, at least to have some fun sexually.

The only thing that occasionally worries me is whether this new set of feelings will disappear somehow.

Final Thoughts

The reboot might not be necessary for everyone. I didn't think it was all that necessary for me. I initially just did it because I thought potential benefits outweighed the costs.

Having done it, I now think it was a necessary step for me to clear the slate and approach relationships from a new perspective. I'm glad I took time out from meeting women to get this aspect of things sorted.

Hope that's helpful.

Everyone's rebooting experience is slightly different. Some people have far worse withdrawal symptoms. Not all experience the "flat-line" libido, although many do—sometimes for even longer. More "rebooting" accounts are available at

617 days - There are no superpowers. There is only you.

TLDR - NoFap won't save you. There is no secret ingredient that will grant you superpowers over life. There is only you and how you choose to spend your time. But you absolutely should still cease PMO completely.

Intro - In December 2012, I watched the Ted talk on porn. Since the start of 2013, I have not PMO-ed. And I still haven't. But today I was in my hotel room hot tub and those water jets hit my Mr Bojangles. And I said 'Fuck it' and went to town. The trip took 15 seconds. And that was the the end of my streak. Oh well. Back to day 1.

Background - From age 14 to to the last day of 2012, I averaged a PMO every day. The medium evolved from a single issue of Penthouse to downloading 30 second previews (15 mins over dialup) to exhausting each porn aggregation site. In terms of content, well, let's say my tastes escalated from standard to kinky to questionable to depraved and beyond. I did not at the time realize I was being desensitized physically due to my death grip and mentally from the content. I can still name more Pornstars than there are contacts in my phone. But I have not watched porn at all since I started this. And I never will PMO again.

My Experience - The first week was agony. The first month was brutal. Then I was fine. As long as I consciously avoided porn sites, I avoided any possibility of relapse. The wet dreams helped the most. They happen every couple weeks without fail. And I abstained successfully until today.

My Results - I did not gain superpowers. I did not magically start attracting woman. I did not revitalize my existence. And abstaining from porn and fapping likely won't for you either. Nothing changed in my social, work, or love life from NoFap. A year in I was still fat, boring, and obnoxious with bad teeth.

Last Thoughts

If your first thought when you relapse is to perversely use that stumble as a reason to relapse again, you are failing. If that thought is anger, you are making progress. And if your reaction is 'meh', then you have made it.

NoFap won't grant you superpowers with the ladies. /r/fitness, /r/mfa, and other self improvement subreddits can and will. There is no secret ingredient. There is only you and how you choose to spend your time.

I recommend you read David Wong on Cracked.

LINK - 617 Day Relapse. There are no superpowers. There is only you.

by FedaykinII

623 days - I lost my wife, my family, my house and my financial stability

I've known I had a problem since 2006 when I was confronted by my wife about the amount of time I was PMO'ng. Well I thought I wasn't "normal" long before then but 2006 was the time I began to seek help. I started counseling and joined a 12 step recovery group to help me with the fact that I used PM to self medicate, to escape my life, responsibility, and problems. Mostly just to numb out and quite the negative self talk in my head. It made me feel in control and powerful.

Despite the fact that I had lost 2 jobs because of my problem, I apparently had not lost enough and struggled to keep any kind of streak of abstaining. When I lost my wife, my family, my house and my financial stability in 2009 instead of trying to make any changes I went the complete opposite direction and spent countless hours viewing pornography and fapping. I was unemployed again and living with my sister before I finally decided I had lost enough to seek a change in my life.

My sobriety/badge date is 12.26.12, but the only day that is important is the day I am currently in. I guess I'm practicing standard mode, but because I'm perpetually single it's more like hard mode. I seek to stay present in each moment of each day and regularly attend at 12 step recovery group for sexual addiction.

I have regained the trust and life's of my family and ex and have been at the same job for over three years. Every day is different and some days (like today) are rough but it's not about a streak for me, it's about not losing what I have worked so hard to regain in my life.

LINK - My Story - A Brief Summary

by MstrC00l3r

7 Months - ED & Delayed Ejaculation appear to be defeated

coupleTomorrow I hit 214 days. Looking back there have been some tough times revolving around sexual experiences with my SO (unaware of my PIED/NoFap) who I see every two weeks.

Until recently, despite having abstained from PMO and related thoughts, I was unable to maintain a boner without the aid of Viagra and even then was rarely able to ejaculate through PIV.

Over Christmas we have been together often and engaged in regular sex, the last 6 or so days we spent together I was able to ejaculate EVERY time. This was a great change from the frustrated and unsatisfied feeling I used have post-sex.

I ran out of Viagra the night before the last day we spent together, but that day I was still able to perform twice. At long last after almost 7 months I think I have managed to overcome my PIED and DE issues. I am hopeful to repeat this feat rather than have it as a 1 time story.

In hindsight I believe my previous frustrations were unwarranted, whilst I had passed the famed 90 day point it was inconceivable that 5 years worth of mental damage could be undone in such a short space of time - you need to be ready to commit! Even now I still have dreams (nightmares?) of relapsing, but with passing time and each real sexual experience I hope to overwrite the years of abuse.

TLDR: After 7 months I have overcome my DE and (hopefully) PIED issues, DON'T QUIT, KEEP GOING !

LINK - 7 Months tomorrow, PIED/DE defeated (?)


700 days - Feeling awesome again! Energy, confidence, unbelievable mental clarity

gullThe initial impact of this journey was amazing, tons of energy, tons of confidence, great gym sessions, and unbelievable mental clarity.

I have been flatlining for about the last 4 months or so and I'd like to blame that on being unemployed and dealing with a really shitty Polar Vortex winter, my social life has been very stagnant, all of that would make anyone uneasy and anxious.

A lot of the posts on NoFap are repetitive, and I remember my initial excitement; it was literally like I took a magic pill. Everything I've read on here is true, it changes you for the better. When I tell my friends they look at me like I've lost my mind; but I actually have found my mind. I have more of an interest in life. Especially Space and the Universe, that shit is fuckin wild...How have I gone so long in life to not look up at the Moon and think, "wtf is that thing?!"

Reddit is one of the greatest things I've ever discovered. Everyday I am getting smarter, I learn so much awesome and interesting things on here. I would often find myself talking about certain subjects for so long that people give me a look of "damn, you know your shit"

As for now, I'll probably keep the streak going, because I don't really feel like fapping. Fighting urges is really not an issue anymore. The fact that I have been unemployed for 4 months with shitty weather and haven't spanked my monkey makes me feel like a Buddha freak. NoFap teaches you self-discipline, and I like to take that skill into something else. There's always room for improvement and I can say this journey has been one of the most badass things I've ever done.

If you guys have any questions, fire away!

LINK - Well, Well, Well...1 year, we finally meet!

by gilly8885


UPDATE - Nearly 700 days- Feeling awesome again.

The first year or so I was feeling the amazing benefits but had some of those benefits fade away. I knew I had to do something else to improve myself.

I was/am confident but wanted to do something else with myself. The immense and initial benefits of not fapping were so amazing I knew I was going to stick with it. I was unemployed for quite awhile and frustrated with life and began feeling depressed again, naturally.

I have a job now and I am in the social mix. A huge hump I needed to get over.

I decided the next thing I wanted to implement with my self discipline was to quit drinking for some time. I took 2 months off from drinking (I was a nightly drinker). It bothered me how I often I did it and was more than ready to take a break. I struggled early on, just like Nofap. It was really tough, but knew it was going to be worth it.

I am now drinking again, but not nearly as much as I was. I started to feel really good. Like really fuckin good after a few weeks. I was going on alot of walks, that turned into short runs, to running 8:00 min/miles. I lost 25lbs and get alot of compliments. I look good.

The self discipline I learned from Nofap without a doubt helped me accomplish drinking abstinence. The last few weeks I have felt invincible. I look good, feel good, and my confidence is sky rocketing. My attitude has changed alot and I have stopped giving a fuck about so many things. I have a few girls that I are showing interest in me and I know they like me because of my attitude.

When these girls talk about other guys, I really just don't give a fuck. It's weird, I have always been a guy that gets jealous and surrenders easy when girls lose interest. Them noticing me not giving a fuck has kept them interested.

I noticed my attitude with a certain girl that likes me at the moment. She has another guy she has a tapering relationship with. Usually I say to myself "oh, she's got a boyfriend, better stay away" That's not necessarily my attitude now. I now look it as "it's not him I am worried about, its him that should be worrying about me".

By abstaining from bad habits you start to focus on yourself in ways you never intended.

As far as it goes with my current drinking habits. I drink alot less. I have noticed the obvious benefits of not drinking and look forward to a good night's sleep. I am no longer mindlessly drinking beer before bed. Hangovers are expensive. I have taught myself that drinking is a treat and I am content.

For you guys that are on a streak and struggling, keep up with it. As a guy with a huge streak I was definitely down in the dumps.

Just because you have a Nofap streak going doesn't mean you are entitled to shit. You have to throw some stimulating things in the mix.

I believe Nofap gives your body an awesome spark to your hormones. Use that jumpstart to being a badass.

Keep it up guys, you are the shit...tell yourself that every fucking morning when you wake up!


8 months in, and I ain't going back

So I'm feeling that rocketship flair will be coming my way before long.

I joined nofap in March and have been going strong since. I've gotten a g/f, gone into business as a contractor with a really cool grounded guy, and my sense of calm is becoming more and more my identity.

I used nofap, and the clarity of mind to dive straight into my negativity and doubts, and worries from day one. For some reason it was the right time for me, and I was determined to defeat the things that consistently made me relapse. The primary reasons I'd fail would be due to stress and negativity.

It's true that PMO is an escape from one's pain like any other drug, and once you stop PMO, you'll have to face these things, so be prepared for battle, and be prepared to face difficult times. PMO is like grabbing onto a bouy in a rough sea, and feeling satisfied that you've found some sort of anchor, but to truly find safe ground you're got to let go of the bouy and swim through the dangerous waters in order to find firm land where you can stand up, and have a life.

So that's about it. I started nofap and I joined /r/nofapwar shortly after which has been incredibly helpful and very fun. I have a relationship with a girl which is just awesome, and there's none of the codependence I experienced in my past relationships. That's probably because I don't feel broken anymore. I feel integrated and grounded.

It's true nofap won't change anything unless you defeat the mental obstacles which push you to fap. So I encourage everyone to wage full war on one's own mind when undertaking nofap, because anything less and you won't prevail and find that firm land to stand on. A true recovery has got to address these mental obstacles or else one will be hitting that flair bot button and resetting once again...

So that's about it. I've found this immensely invaluable in my life and have found it to have very powerful spiritual benefits. I'm just a better person. I'm more flexible in my behavior, and in my mind. I just don't get hung up on things like I used to, and when I do get hung up I'll start analyzing my problem to address the core of the issue. Before I took my problems for granted, and believed that they were real issues. The truth is that with some questioning you can totally unearth the basis for mental hang-ups, and then be free.

I want to say kudos to those of you who are doing this. Whether you've got the elusive green star, purple star, rocket, or have just reset your badge for the 50th time, believe that you can do this. You can do this and it is worth it.

Kudos to all my buddies over at /r/nofapwar and /r/aquamarines as well. you've brought a lot of joy in my life and I'm happy to go through this with you.



LINK - 8 months in, and I ain't going back

by Basileas

832 days - Married and had sex, but libido seems to have declined without masturbation.

Well gentleman...It has been over 2 years now and I have finally decided to start faping again. This upcoming Wednesday will be 835 days straight without fap or porn. Let me first start by saying what i have said every time....It is not the faping that is the problem...It is the porn with the faping that is the problem.

This upcoming Wednesday I will be getting tested for fertilization, Which means I will be faping into a cup. Now some of you say that thats not a reason to quit but after 2 years I have decided to fap on a normal basis.

I have noticed my sex drive has gone down big time! since I stopped faping. I do think that not faping for 30 days at a time would be a much better idea but not fapping for as long as I have is just not good. When I hit my first 30 days I could see a HUGE improvement!!! But this is not about not faping!!! This is about getting rid of the habit of fapping with pornography!!! and it only takes 21 days to get rid of a habit.

I know that most of you will not agree with me but unless you have gone as long as I have please keep your negative comments to yourself. To tell you the truth...I dont even know If I can get hard enough to fap this upcoming wed. There ARE positive effects of faping. I also know there are negative effects of NOT fapping. I know that everyone is different and that is why i have made this decision. I am not only doing this for myself but for my wife and hopefully soon to be family.

Like I stated earlier...I believe going on a "30 day cleanse" is a must...Even 60 days would be great! but over 2 years is not least for me. I know that some of you cant even fathom over 2 years of no fap and I am with you on that. I do however want to help anyone and everyone get to at least 30 days and some 60 or 90 days. If you want to go longer then 90 days then great for you but im only willing to COACH you up to 90.

Trust me you will thank me later. So there it is guys...I have exceeded my goal WAY MORE then I expected and I should get a damn medal for it too but Wednesday is my last NO FAP day...If I get enough response on here for coaching you through 30-90 days then I will stay on the site otherwise my years here will be done. Thank you all for everything and HAPPY FAPING or should I say NO FAPING

LINK - 832 days of no fap and only days away from Going back to my normal ways

by petmyturtle

850+days "Now I feel like a real man"

Pre masturbation I led a happy life: I was surrounded by good friends, I got good grades, excelled in sport and despite feeling awkward around girls still realised that they were interested in me. I did suffer from stints of depression but it never managed to have a serious impact on me.

I started regular masturbation before most of my friends, I do not know why but I would assume It had something to do with my early physical development.

After a month masturbation had become a daily must and I came to face with my addiction about a year in after having masturbated on a school trip, I realised that nobody else had this dependancy and felt shameful and sickened to the core. This sudden realisation made perfect sense, my grades had been dropping, I didn't feel as physically strong and every attractive girl I saw my first thought was about having sex with them.

I had also felt engulfed in serious depression and was taking anti-depressants to help me cope with suicidal thoughts. I was at rock bottom, my life revolved around a shameful addiction that I had to lie, trick and deceive to fulfil. At first I resigned myself to my addiction taking an apathetic view on how I should fight it but after talking to a friend we decided to give up together (his situation was less severe but he saw the negative effects and wanted to give up nevertheless.)

My first day in over 2 years when I didn't masturbate was May 2011, Im not going to sugar coat it, I felt like I was escaping from hell, the more I struggled to quit the more I was tempted to return to my old ways. I failed to reach double digits 3 times in a row. I saw the success my friend was having reaching a considerable streak on his first go with no sign of going back. They say jealousy is bad but not in this case, it awakened my competitive nature and on my birthday June 11th 2011 I quit for one last time. I had planned the month scrupulously to eliminate all possibilities of failure. Something inside of me clicked and I knew this was it, no 'one last fap' for me I was embarking on my journey now.

The first few weeks were hellish, serious withdrawals, moody behaviour and I was feeling a lack of purpose as something that had previously dominated my life had left a huge void where it had been stripped away.

Once I reached a month me and my 'accountability partner' both rewarded ourselves and went out for the night. For the first night in ages I was able to enjoy myself without constantly thinking about sex. The effect was so powerful I cried tears of triumph and joy when I got home. It convinced me never to go back. Unfortunately my buddy tripped up in his journey and had to reset but I can't lie and say I wasn't immensely happy when I took the pole position in our nofap streaks.

Below are some tips I found helpful when I gave up fapping:

  1. Stop anything that you would consider 'out of the norm' the more you browse those sections the further you get from reality and the worse you'll be with girls in real encounters.
  2. Plan scrupulously you are setting yourself up to fail if your are left for long periods to let your mind run wild.
  3. Set goals and milestones.
  4. Get in touch with other non fappers (pardon the pun).
  5. Reward yourself when you get to a milestone it brings a positive association with not fapping.

Below are a list of personal benefits I have experienced throughout my journey:

  1. My workouts are way more intense and my weights wen't up 25% within a month of quitting.
  2. I have come off anti-depressants and now feel in control of my depression.
  3. I have had much more healthy (and sexual) relationships with females.
  4. I am never fatigued (apart from after an intense workout) anymore and used to wake up exhausted after 8 hours sleep.
  5. When I have sex with females the sensation is greatly heightened and my performance has been complemented many times.
  6. My co-ordination, power and sprint times have improved dramatically and now compete at one of the highest levels within my country.

If I had to sum it up concisely I now feel like a 'real man'.

After being requested by a few users here is my story. (self.NoFap)

Kryptical888 days

9 months - ED: More confident, fetishes faded, I can connect with a woman on every level

One of the reasons I began my nofap journey was my lack of umm, performance where it counts. Specifically, my ED led to many failed sexual encounters and contributed to a more recent doomed relationship. Death grip and daily ever escalating porn habits literally made the physical act of sex a chore that I dreaded rather than desired.

Fast forward 9 months later. After an 88 day streak (I know, I know) and then several subsequent 7-, 21- and 30- day streaks, I'm happy to report my ED is (almost) completely vanquished.

But here's the best part! Because my sensitivity is still somewhat hindered (from years of daily fapping) I can now literally last as long as a woman wants to keep going and finish whenever I decide. As a result, the last two women I've been with have both commented on what a "great lover" I am and how I "last so long, this is so amazing".

In summary, I experienced these benefits (your mileage may vary):

  • I desire sex and no longer dread sex, anxiety is a thing of the past
  • ED has dissipated significantly
  • I last as long as I want/need to when with a woman
  • I'm more confident and comfortable in my manliness
  • Women sense my new resulting confidence and are attracted to it
  • My kinky porn preferences have faded (not disappeared) to the background
  • I can connect with a woman on EVERY level, intellectual and physical
  • I am optimistic that my next serious relationship will have a wonderful romantic physical connection

I share this, not to brag - this is anonymous after all - but rather, to give you ED sufferers a gleaming, shining beacon of hope. Things really do get better! :)

LINK - The best sexual result of nofap (hope for ED sufferers!)

by nexttin


9 months - Happier, Less irritation, Better sleep, Closer to family & friends,

I tried so many times before I found nofap to quit but any stressful situation would lead to a relapse. Thank you for all the posts here they still help a great deal.

Many benefits:

  • Being happy the best 1.
  • Not feeling guilty, angry, embarrassed.
  • Being closer to my family and friends.
  • Less irritation with others as I like myself more.
  • Financially I got about 14k raise that was long overdue.
  • Spiritually, I find inner peace even when faced with stressful situations.
  • Better sleep since its guilt free sleep not pmo based sleep.
  • Learned a lot more on YouTube as I didn't spend time on searching for porn or chat outlets.
  • Porn and fapping conquered now working on fantasies. Nofantasy.

LINK - 9 months :)

by anon4this_tes


9 months - I’m certain my penis will work if I need it to

How to overcome porn addiction Year in Review

Here’s a recap of nine months of rebooting progress with some ideas mixed in the hope that it is of use to someone. I’m currently at 56 days without MO and P. The world does look different after sticking with this process for some time and the orgasm lenses come off.

I have no intention of stopping. I’m just going with the flow. I’m certain my penis will work if I need it to and at the moment I have no female with which to use it so it lies in wait like a fine champagne. Only it’s made out of super thin glass in the sense that if I held it a certain way I could orgasm from thought alone. Plenty of my slips over the last nine months have taken shockingly little effort - or maybe I just discovered a more effective method. The females will have to use kid gloves on me.

I’ve been keeping unscientific, but reasonably accurate records since I initially quit P cold turkey in early April 2010. I note at a minimum whether I P, M, O, something else or in between, and also any feelings I want to record. It is helpful to me to see what I wrote.

For the nine months, I took the (date difference-1) over the number of days and found that on about 63% of days I was completely PMO free. About 13% more were MO without porn or any fantasy story beyond my own head. About 16% of days I used P or P-lite which could be anything sought out as a P-substitute. The numbers are a bit skewed by my latest abstinence run. I went an average of about 2.5 days between any kind of use. I only had a few intervals longer than a week and they tended to be about 20 days - until this time around.

From my notes I can see different ways in which I used porn. I know we talk about it being 'meds,' but in a couple of instances it was literally medication because I was pretty sick when traveling and it was the only quick fix to get my mind off being sick and keep me on the move. I remember at the time thinking it was a bit weird to have this medication option in my tool belt. It did help at least for a little while. I think cavemen would have used orgasm in this way. It can be a survival tool.

There were also times where it was more of an experiential thing. Use a little imagination. Those situations were locational and didn’t involve porn or any fantasy. Sort of a growth practice I guess. Whether that was a craving creeping in or not is hard to say.

Then there is transition period usage such as a new country, new term, relationship starts/stops, very stressful projects, etc. At those times it varies, but once I start it is harder to stop than the medicative and experiential.

I’m not sure how to define binge, but in most cases I did not binge. In only one case did I exceed twice in 24 hours. I think it is important to keep the binges under control. I don’t think I was as heavy a user as some here, but that is progress for me. We all start at a different place.

It is ultimately not a race, and one needs to learn a new way of life. Still it might be possible to jump start the process with radical rebooting (abstinence). I can’t be sure because I can’t do it over again.

Counting days

In all cases, try not to count. You can check your notes at any point. Counting will add pressure. Plus, it is fun to get the count surprise later on and it forces you to journal at least a little because otherwise you lose the ability to know the count later.


Here is what I conclude from my data. If you’re not in a relationship, hold off. If you are, be wary of it being used as a crutch. This can set you back if you’re not careful. You need to come to grips with your life on your own without your old meds or new meds from a partner. If you’re not in a relationship, you will find better partners after this process. It will be the same in the sense that some will be more suitable than others, but the overall quality and willingness to be with you will improve. There will also be a lot less BS because you will both see more clearly who each other is.

What to abstain from?

Rebooting is tricky. I think initially abstain from all porn and don’t worry about reasonable, non-binging masturbation. Try to be fantasy free and just aware of your own body. As hard as it might seem, it is much easier to stop porn than masturbation. I went cold turkey for two months with two testings in that period. Aim for at least a month, ideally two, without porn. And skip the testing. Trust that your penis will work. Your brain needs a break from porn initially to be aware of its effects.

Then I tried the other way, meaning porn without masturbation. I needed to feel the effect of only porn on my mind and body. Until I happened upon this, I got stuck in a frustrating cycles. This isn’t testing so much as understanding. There is no goal with the porn. Don’t seek the porn, but don’t excessively fight the cravings. If you get to the point that you are masturbating to porn, stop and reassess what to do next. Some weeks of porn only was instructive once my brain was more sensitive. Try to avoid extreme porn if you can. At some point I noticed an entirely different reaction to porn and a preference for being with myself without porn intruding on my awareness. You wouldn’t read a book in a movie theater. I found I wanted to turn the super-stimulating porn off and read my own body in silent awareness.

Pay attention to your own touch. This is a good sign of your brain sensitivity coming back. You’ll also notice varying sensitivity in your penis. It will feel more sensitive, especially at first, but should level out as you go along.

I think it is fine to mimic bonding behaviors in place of orgasm driven masturbation. Cupping your genitals; kissing your arm, inner wrist, or shoulder; palm on chest/heart, etc. are all good ways to let the cravings subside. They also help proactively manage sexual energy. I’m experimenting more with breathing, specific exercises like pelvic rocking, and fasting which helps a lot with breathing and mind-body awareness. All of this is untimely to be more genuine and a better partner down the road.


Go easy on yourself. In the beginning, I found this easy and thought, "What’s the big deal?" This process isn’t easy in the slightest. We’re undoing years and years of societal and behavioral programing. I’m humbly aware that I could slip today and take half a year to get back to this point. I’m also aware that I’ve had good and bad periods. As long as you are learning, you are making progress. I learned as much or more from those frustrating periods as from abstinence. It isn’t a race. You need to do it right by learning what you need to at the right moment.

Early on you should review your notes. If there is negativity about slips, work on that. Slips are a positive learning experience. Deamonizing slips will slow your progress.


It varies. It sucks. It will get better with time. You just have to suffer through. There is no other way, but it is worth it. Again, go easy and remain aware as the symptoms vary and seem to mean different things. If you can do this when you’re under less stress, withdrawal will be easier. When the stress comes back, you might slip and have to start over. Withdrawal under stress seems to be the worst, but perhaps a necessary experience of life without our coping mechanism.

Give back

You can get through some of this a lot easier by working on your underlying issues and by giving back at some form of support group, through friends, etc. You’ve got to get out of isolation and find commonality with others to help ride out the bumps in the process.

Lose the goals

Whatever your interactions with the opposite sex, try to approach them with goalless giving. In a conversation you give your time and effort to talk with this other human. A date is similar. There doesn’t have to be any goal for either person. You will get more out of the moment and rewire more fundamentally.


by freedom





9 months - Married (ED): Great confidence, centered, better focus/memory, More sociable

I deleted my old account but i realized lately, this addiction will ALWAYS be there, always there to tempt and corrupt you so even after this long I've been having some hard days. My story: 18 years of PMO almost twice a day, low libido, low test= Poor memory, focus, attention, no muscles, blurry vision, no lucid dreams, waking up at 4, 5 am in the mornings + disturbed sleep all night. Socially awkward, no confidence, hot flashes, sweating if someone talks to me, can't hold eye contact and many, many more.

Now: Great confidence, centered, better focus/attention and memory. I socialize a lot, can talk to anyone really without even thinking about it and a great conversationalist. I've been taking bodybuilding seriously along with meditation and it has paid dividends for me.

So remember, NEVER sleep on this addiction and although i didn't relapse the signs slowly started to creep up on me so i knew i had to come back and get involved again. If you have any questions ask away.

LINK - Over 9 months of no PMO

by nofap4lif3


UPDATE - 300 days fapfree.. 65 more for the big one!

Can't believe how excited i am, this community is incredible and the support here is fantastic. We're all here trying to become a better man, an improved version and working towards a better future.

B4 nofap

  • Terrible memory: Tried Ginko, choline with no results
  • No Focus
  • No concentration
  • Lazy
  • no motivation
  • anxiety
  • No friends
  • PIED
  • LOW sex drive


  • MORE compassionate
  • Like to help others
  • Love talking to people everywhere i go
  • make friends easy
  • better memory, focus, concentration
  • I'm going to start self-teaching myself to become a web developer
  • More hobbies
  • workout daily/meditate daily and socialize daily

Love you all, stay strong, stay positive and if you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask away.


UPDATE - HOW porn destroyed my life and what i did to get it back!

Porn was introduced to me at the tender age of 12, at that time my buddies and i used to play spin the bottle (or starting to). The girl would meet us in this abandoned hospital at 8 at night and it just so happened that at that same time i was introduced to pornography by going to the video store, the back section and getting my fix. Suddenly, i stopped going to the meetups with my friends and would look forward to going to the video store instead. In H.S. i enjoyed getting home so i can M/O every day instead of going for girls, even the girls that were into me gave me no satisfaction and would find excuses for not going for them. This began to cause me great unsatisfaction and at 18 decided enough is enough so i went out with my first girl only to dump her in 2 weeks, go out with another one, she dumped me in three weeks. There i was again, back to square one, with less self confidence and escaping further from reality with porn (which became more available now through online websites) so i would spend every waking moment watching porn, M/O 6x per day, yes! I would spend 6 times a day MO. By my late 20s i decided again to date girls and again nothing. Luckily i met my wife 4 years ago and ran into this website/online research articles and I've been here now for 2 years(i had a long run of 378 days without any PMO) BUT for the past year i've been back and forth, the longest streak being 8 days!

I can truly tell you guys with PMO your life is absolutely shambolic, lacking manliness and any sort of integrity. when you go on a run of 90 days or more of no PMO/monk mode, your life will change dramatically with more self-confidence than you'll know what to do with. After being let go from every job I've ever had now i'm in management, doing very well still meditating but PMO is still around, i was told i would always battle with this disease so i don't expect any less than a fight every day.

90+ days hardmode. Didn't expect so much gain.

DISCLAIMER I want to make it clear that nofap did not CAUSE any of this to happen to me. You won't improve if you don't do anything- what you do is most important, not what you abstain from. My improvements are correlated with nofap, but there is not a causal relationship. Nofap gives you the chance to be better, if you take it.

What's up everyone,

It feels really, really great to have made it this far. I have absolutely no regrets about taking on this challenge and would encourage you to try 90 days of hardmode. I'll do my best to make a coherent post, but I've learned a lot and have much to say so let me know you have any additional questions, as I'd be happy to answer. Short bio on me: 19m, 3-4x week fapping, always partying (drinking/smoking) to try to get laid, rarely working out.

I won't bog you down with the details of the full 90 days in the post, but I will say that it's REALLY FUCKING IMPORTANT to see things through to the end. I was having a lot of doubts about nofap during my flatline, which lasted about a month and a half. I also saw a lot of improvement over my last 20 days, so don't get discouraged if things aren't going your way right off the bat. I know that I expected a lot initially and it was sad that I didn't see instant changes, so don't set yourself up for disappointment by doing that.

In addition to the common benefits (more energy, more time, improved mental clarity), I think the most important thing that changed for me was my perspective (here's where hardmode played a big part). Before I took on this challenge, I would say that getting laid and getting sexual arousal from females was my end game. I'd validate myself based on whether or not I got laid, and the attractiveness of the girl. I now realized that this caused me to have pretty unhealthy relationships with girls, because all I wanted to do was have sex with them.

Now, I see things a lot differently. After 90 days of not getting aroused sexually, the urge went away and became insignificant. I would say that my urge to get laid has died down and I'm more interested in actually connecting with girls. I realized that having meaningful connections with females was more enduring and pleasurable than the fleeting pleasure of getting pussy. During my 90 days, I've made really great girl friends that are actually just friends, which is something that would have been a lot more difficult before (girl friends are the shit, don't be sad about being friendzoned, girls are the best wingmen and give great advice). In short, this challenge made me realize that fleeting pleasures like sex/fapping are temporary, and I should aim for more lasting pleasure.

Fapping and random one night stands are really empty pleasure. There's really no point aside from temporary pleasure that goes away as soon as you blow your wad. Fapping does nothing, and after you get with some random girl, neither of you feel particularly great about it. So don't try to just bone the girl, try to get to know her and connect with her. It will make things so much better.

During this time, I've also begun to work out a lot more and do things for myself. Before I was trying to do things to improve myself in the eyes of others- I was trying to improve for the wrong reasons. I've learned that it's important to have the right reasons to do things because if you're doing something (i.e. trying to do ____ to get laid) and it doesn't work (you don't get laid), you're gonna be pretty depressed. But, if you do things purely for your own benefit and don't worry about how other people will see it, you'll continue your good habits and won't worry if others notice- you notice the change and that's all that matters. In short, do what you want to do and improve for yourself for you, then others will notice.

A quick note on porn- I saw this on this forum and found it very helpful as a way of deterring myself from fapping. Don't think of it as "porn" that you're watching, because the word "porn" has certain implications (like all guys do it, so it's okay). Think of it as "watching other people have sex." That's really weird when you think of it like that, and it's reall y helped get me away from porn. It kinda grosses me out now. Plus, that's someone's daughter, and I feel pretty bad about that.

That's about all I can think of. My apologies if this was a bit unorganized, as I have a lot to say and couldn't possibly fit it in one post. Fight the good fight and remember that you have a lot to gain. It's easy to lose sight of the end goal, so try to have some perspective and think about what you want long term. Thank you for taking the time to read.

LINK - 90+ days of hardmode. Didn't expect so much gain.

by 30raxonrax

A life changer: From a guy who had extreme social anxiety to start feeling normal again.

socially healthyI have been doing nofap for about 2 years now and this has literally been a life changer from a guy who had extreme social anxiety to start feeling normal again. This has been a long journey but it was totally worth it because its helped me become more comfortable with myself.

My confidence has literally gone throughout the roof and I believe the superpowers that you get truly exist because I'ive had girls literally tell me im the most confident guy they've ever met and I was also fortunate enough for a girl to come up to me and tell me they would hook up with me.

I still have my ups and downs but as time goes on I'm starting to have wayyy more ups than downs. All I can say to anyone who is trying to keep a long streak every time you think about relapsing ask yourself is 5 seconds of pleasure worth losing all you worked for? Think about the last relapse did you feel good the next day? It's not worth it. Trust me, I've been there.

LINK -  6 Months!

by RadicalReality

A new person - So good to be out of the flatline

happy guyI am on day 54 of hardcore mode and I feel incredible! The past 3 days have been fantastic! It feels so good to be out of the flatline. I am happier, funnier and overall way more social and outgoing.

I am planning my life out and enjoying the time I've been spending with more and more women (bit of a chick magnetic now). I feel like I'm getting more in touch with myself and learning how to cope with my past problems more and more. I am getting ready to ask this one girl out (never asked anyone out before).

Porn is a thing of the past, I worked out tonight and it felt incredible to challenge myself. I'm loving the new me that faces problems instead of turning away from them. I hope this is an encouragement to all the people on this forum. Life gets so much better when you really work for it and give up the things that hold you back.

I am proud of everyone on this website and I wish the best for all participating in giving up this unhealthy addiction. God Bless, I'm excited for a bright future :) I'm giving this addiction up for good! My highest streak was 58 before, I hope to make it to the 90 days!

LINK - Day 54 - Hardcore Mode... A new person

by Stonewall35

A year ago, I had an 8-10x/week habit. Then my daughter learned to walk and sneak out of her crib at night.

I stopped, cold turkey. I had wondered before if I maybe had an addiction, but I never really gave it much thought. The first night was hard.

The second night was hard.

The third night was hard, and I was aching.

By the end of the first week, I felt like I'd been put on a diet. It was all I could think about. The second week was incredibly difficult. I began to see women differently. Previously, I'd see a pretty girl and subconsciously think that it would be fun to have some photos of her. During the second week, my thought process became primal. I didn't want pictures of her, I wanted her. I spent too much time thinking about what I'd like to do with the women around me. This didn't help with the frustration at all. I came close to resetting my counter several times.

During the 3rd and 4th weeks, it got easier. After the first month, I'd broken the habit. I no longer had a thought process that ended with me closing tabs and wiping up my shame. The urges hadn't completely left me, and they still haven't, but the habit is gone. It's no longer an easy trap to just fall into.

Over the last year, my daughter has learned to talk and my wife and I had a son. Coincidentally, he was conceived about a year ago. I'm looking forward to never having to explain to my children why daddy touches himself at night.

LINK - A year ago, I had an 8-10x/week habit. Then my daughter learned to walk and sneak out of her crib at night. I had to make a change.

by Nesman64

After 30 years of PMO - I kept an an erection during intercourse for the first time ever in my life

Happy couple82 days is a weird number to post about, but I hit a big milestone today. Quick background. I'm divorced and had married my first girlfriend (and first sexual partner). That lasted over a decade and I am ashamed to admit that PMO caused me to have almost no sex life.

The divorce wasn't solely due to PMO but I can tell you that a relationship with no sex life is a bad relationship, period.

After the divorce settled I went through a lot of changes, including losing a LOT of weight, changing my job, car, attitude, everything. But I didn't change PMO, even though a marriage counselor correctly told me I was addicted to porn (I just didn't see the reason to quit -- I had no GF and it was so comforting).

Fast forward a year after the divorce and I meet a beautiful caring girl and you can already guess the story -- I couldn't get it up. And just like during my marriage I started thinking hey, I'm just broken and this girl will have to live with the fact that I'm a great boyfriend EXCEPT for the sex.

She was very supportive and said we'd 'work through' my issues -- and that made me really think about what my issue was. And since I had been given a preview of what the problem was nearly a year ago, I started reading about it, found this forum, YBOP, and other sites. And one day when I was on vacation and instead of going outside I was going to look at porn on my laptop and pleasure myself, it hit me -- this was the problem. I needed to stop.

That day was 82 days ago and I am proud to say I've been perfect on no masturbation and no orgasm. I am not as proud to say that I do relapse on porn every few days it seems -- usually just a few minutes of bikini/soft core but I know its still wrong. This is the battle I still fight.

However, at least for me, it seems that nofap is the core of the solution, because the problem I had was desensitization due to deathgrip - I felt nothing from PIV or BJ or anything other than my hand. By completely eliminating my hand I can slowly (very slowly, but surely) feel again.

About 45 days in I could definitely feel the PIED going away, but it still wasn't perfect. I told my GF about my problem then, which is another thing up for debate here; at least in my situation it was very helpful to tell her so she understands the things she has to do to help me get better.

And to get to the light at the end of the tunnel -- which is hopefully just the FIRST light -- this morning I was able to keep it up during PIV so for the first time ever in my life (and I'm in my late 30s) I gave a girl an orgasm just from that. I also felt a lot more (obviously since I was able to get in and keep going) but I still have a ways to go before I'm fully rebooted.

So yes, this is somewhat of a brag post, but I enjoyed reading other people's brag posts because their success gave me hope for my success. I still have a ways to go, but if I can summarize the points of my journey:

  • Long time PMO addict that let a marriage rot from the inside due to it
  • Finally confronted my addiction about three months ago and been 100% good on nofap (no edge or masturbation) but not so great on porn (greatly reduced, but not pornfree)
  • Shared all details with new girlfriend. So I'm on 'easy' mode rewiring at the same time as rebooting.
  • Much reduced PIED (replaced with some performance anxiety) about 45 days in
  • Was able to complete PIV 82 days in
  • Been over 90 days without my own orgasm, and I'm not going to explode - so its not necessary for all guys

tl;dr PMO addict who never been able to complete PIV was able to do after 82 days NOFAP. Reboot is definitely not complete but very much in progress and worth the sacrifices made

LINK - 82 day post - there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

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UPDATE - After almost four months, I am starting to become normal

My four month nofap anniversary is a couple of days ago. It is exactly one month after I met my current girlfriend, who was the straw that broke the camels back on me finally breaking the PMO cycle. She was so sweet and understanding and I wanted her so bad but could not perform and for the first time in my life I said I want to be better, not just for her, but for myself. And then I read, read, read and decided to undertake the program.

<--break->It has not been without its bumps. I've been completely free of fap -- no edging, no masturbation -- but not pornfree. I've learned that its not because I am not satisfied looking at my girl, but its because of the novelty of seeing something new.

My main symptom was terrible PIED; while I was married for over a decade (to my first girlfriend and only sexual partner ever) I can't say I ever successfully had PIV sex. I just assumed I was 'broken' at sex and that the PMO cycle was not the problem.

During the divorce I saw a counselor who told me I was addicted to porn, but I was going through a LOT of things and chose to ignore it, thinking whats the problem with PMO when you don't have anyone. Looking back it was so stupid, but in my own defence, I was able to lose a LOT of weight and change my attitude towards women even before I quit PMO.

At around the 30 day mark of the program I told my girlfriend what I was going through. She was supportive and I stuck with 'easy' mode in the sense I still had sexual activity, just didn't O, and still had PIED issues. At around the 90 day mark I for the first time in my life had PIV sex where I gave her an orgasm, and a few days later, I actually had an O inside a woman for the first time EVER. It was such a different experience that I didn't even know it was happening till it was done.

Suffice to say I felt pretty good (even though like any one who is having first time sex, it was sooo quick). Then I think I fell into a flatline, or something happened. For the next two weeks I couldn't get it up at all, and I was despondent. I felt like I did in my first relationship, that I was broken. But unlike last time, I felt horrible because I wanted to be better, because I know myself and my girlfriend deserve a normal sex life.

If one thing I've learned as a side effect of giving up PMO is that your emotions pour out of you like no one's business. And this weekend after some progress in the right direction a few things happened that led me down a deep, dark path of self doubt. I can say honestly I never thought about relapsing, but I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I also read the forums and we all know that in addition to the success stories we have stories of struggle, and there was a post yesterday that was something like "I just want to cry". And I'm a typical guy, was told never to cry, and then you add on PMO which masks our emotions, I never cried. But I just cried about where I am, and cried in front of my girlfriend, just because the emotions were pouring out and I wasn't bottling it up anymore and I wasn't resorting to fap either.

As someone who PMOed for 30+ years and didn't cry for 30+ years I can say that both things are definitely wrong. I can only wish someone I trusted had told me this. I can't say that crying on its own felt better, but confronting my emotions, my insecurities, my fears, with someone I trusted was a big step of the process.

So after being reassured that my girlfriend and I would work on it as a team, and us talking over some things that normal couples do (such as being more expressive during sex over what we like, etc) we tried again the next couple of days. The next day, I was able to have PIV sex and have an O (so yes, the second time in my life inside a woman). Since I was aware of the sensation I was able to actually delay the O for a few minutes, but still not enough for my GF to O. The day after, I can say that it was a normal (still brief) sexual encounter .. I brought my GF to O and then I O afterwards.

In any regular life this is not something to write home about, because the sex was just 'normal'. But after all this time, being normal is all I want. I now have regular issues - having to time my and my GF O, different sexual libidos, etc. And I'm not completely out of the woods. I am still so insecure about this and know that doubt will come into my mind again.

But I only know one thing -- PMO is no longer an option. I just can't do it anymore. One last aside. A couple of days ago my GF and I watched the movie Thanks for Sharing. That movie is about sex addiction but there's a LOT in common with our problems (as porn and masturbation addiction are often also problems of sex addicts). My GF told me after watching it she felt a lot more understanding of the journey I was going through. Since she was sitting next to me she also said I was sweating a lot through the movie. I believe that was because it was uncomfortably accurate. So we had some more serious and frank discussions about the addiction and the recovery process.

I told her that while I've been tempted to fap I didn't do it because I didn't want to fail you guys online, fail the fellow soldiers in the nofap war, fail her, or fail myself. I think about all of those folks I'd let down if I fap and then I don't. I told her the truth that I've had much more difficulty with porn and that I want to give it up for good too. And then she asked me, very sweetly, to give that up for her too. And you know, I'm glad she asked me. Some guys might take it poorly (like the Don Jon character did in that movie) but I know she did it because she loves me and now every time I'm tempted to click a link I don't want to let her down.

tl;dr After four months with some severe ups and downs, many of them emotional, am able to have normal sex with all the normal issues that normal people have. The reboot isn't complete but the journey is the ONLY option I have.


UPDATE2  - You can come back again (divorced due to porn)

So, I've had a big problem with porn all my life. My best friend introduced me to it back in high school and I was a geeky, nerdy kid so I remember spending hours trying to download GIFs from my 1200 baud modem and hiding it from my dad (side note: my parents approach to just tell me its bad without ever explaining why DOESN'T work. You also have to assume your kids are smarter than you -- if they want to do something you don't approve, they will do it).

My relationship with porn predated any real relationship I had with women. It didn't really affect how I treated women, but it treated how I treated SEX. And the bottom line is I preferred sex with no judgement and on demand rather than the ups and downs of real sex.

So while I had no reservations about having 'sex' before marriage I remember how piss poor it was and how I almost immediately went back to porn. Didn't have sex on the wedding night, and then for fourteen years I would dread my weekly sex night with my (now ex) wife, making up excuses to avoid it, and then instead wanting to go to the other room and find some porn to jack off to.

While this wasn't the only problem in my relationship, in hindsight it was a huge portion of it -- probably 90%. And its not even the lack of sex, it really was the lack of intimacy. And while at the time I was floored when my (now ex) wife asked for a divorce, right now I'll think why the hell did she wait that long, why did I allow it?

So during the divorce proceedings I did see a marriage counselor who correctly diagnosed my issues with porn. But I still ignored it, especially since I was newly single for the first time in twenty years, and porn was the comfortable thing I've known my whole life.

And then I met a perfect girl, and we had sex. And it was so frustrating. It went poorly again. But this time, I wasn't going to just assume 'that's the way it is'. I needed to figure out what was wrong, because I had assumed with my ex-wife that 'sex wasn't necessary if you have love' or some bullshit like that. I now knew that a happy, fulfilling sex life was a requirement for a long term relationship.

That's when I came across the nofap and pornfree forums and read some stories about people just like me. And it's been a LONG road with relapses in between, but I have been trying to give up porn and fap for nearly a year. The current girlfriend knows about my problem and has been supportive.

Since I've been trying to give up both, I've had much better sex (not perfect by any means) and been able to orgasm with her (I never did with my ex-wife). And the long and short of it is that I am engaged again, with this time a healthy sex life without porn and fap as part of the plan.

tl;dr First relationship of nearly twenty years rotted from inside due to PMO addiction and led to divorce. Was able to turn it around and build a new relationship (** I'm ENGAGED **) after giving up PMO.

So for those who feel like you are at a low point, a lot of us have been there. You can turn it around, no matter where you are.

After I stopped I felt so much better it was amazing!

First of all, hello everyone.

Please don't take this as an advertising thread, I genuinely want to help my brothers with this growing problem.

I wanted to tell you guys something that is important, it's about the harms of masturbation and pornography on the brain and body.

Contemporary doctors and psychologists usually say it's healthy...let me just tell you this : they DO NOT know what they are talking about, they simply don't have the perspective of a porn addict and they lack critical data. Porn viewing is linked to less grey matter in the brain, check the latest research.

I know masturbation very well, and did it for almost a decade, I know what it does to people. And I am here to WARN YOU!

Semen is very important to the body, full of useful nutrients. Ever wondered how it would feel keeping it inside?

Quitting masturbation and pornography has been the best thing I've done for myself in the last few years. Most people don't realize how harmful it can be. I personally can't believe how much time I wasted on these things. After I stopped I felt so much better it was amazing!

Here are some of the benefits of abstaining from both masturbation and porn for a few weeks :
- Feelings of well-being. Being calmer. Easier to laugh, less anger.
- Feeling MORE pleasure from everyday activities, this benefit is amazing.
- More appreciation for art, music, video games.
- More creativity. The sense of humor comes back.
- Better memory. Better ability to concentrate. Less brain fog.
- More natural confidence, less social anxiety.
- Easier to give up other addictions (smoking, too much caffeine, gaming, thinking about someone of the opposite sex).
- More motivation to do important things.
- Music becomes more pleasurable. In fact, music tastes could even change.
- Less sleep is needed.
- Easier to talk, less stutter.
- Being able to remember dreams.
- Less sexual problems, better erections.
- Feeling emotions more strongly, like love for example.
- Emotionally more resilient.
- The skin will look younger, less acne.
- More physical strength.
- A deeper voice.
- A stronger immune system.
- Much more attracted to the opposite sex (in a good way).
- More interested in the little things.

Note: Most people who quit get these benefits, but some need more time to be cured. Note 2 : Beware the withdrawal symptoms in the first few days (irritability, loss of motivation. crying...)

Here are lots of testimonials of people who quit (imo a MUST-READ) :

Do not hesitate to share this message to other people and forums.

Useful links :

Hope it helped.

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After doing two 90+ day trials of NoFap, this has been one amazing journey.

balloonsTo think that it has taken me this long to finally make my first post here on NoFap. I gotta say, after doing two 90+ day trials of NoFap, this has been one amazing journey.

There are definitely a number of things I would love to share, but before I begin I would like to add a little disclaimer that this post may be a bit long. I will try to keep it as brief as possible. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask.

Before I began NoFap I had a serious addiction to PMO just like many other fapstronauts. Similar to any other addiction, everything from my social life to my physical health has been damaged by this addiction. The worst part about it was that I constantly justified it in my head by saying it was "healthy for me" and "at least it isn't a drug". In reality, this was worse than any drug I have consumed and the least healthy activity I was participating in. I grew really apathetic towards social interaction as a whole and didn't care to pursue any of my short-term goals that I created a few years back. The list goes on, and normally I would enumerate everything PMO has ruined for me but that's not what NoFap is about. It's about progress and perseverance so lets get to the positive stuff!

How I bumped into NoFap in the first place was when I was watching a TED talk titled "The Great Porn Experiment" (which from my understanding is pretty popular on this sub too). The entire time I thought this talk was completely ridiculous and when he mentioned NoFap and the community it has, I was baffled. "There's a community of people out there who torture themselves like this!?", pretty much my immediate reaction. I was so doubtful about it that I was confident that even if I went 30 days in, I will still be the same. Boy was I wrong...

My first 30 day's going into it I was pretty much going insane. Going cold turkey like that really screwed me up. The only thing that was on my mind was fapping the day away like I use to. To distract my mind from that I decided to keep myself occupied by reading books or learning a new hobby. One distraction led to another and next thing you know it's day 60 and I have so much energy that I felt like I can accomplish anything. I became more aware of my surroundings and more active within my university. I was actually making progress!

Day 90 comes along and I feel like a champion. I was able to accomplish things that I would have never imagined. Around this time I began to spread the word to all of my friends of what NoFap has actually done for me, but of course no one would listen. In fact, many of my peers ended up convincing me that I was "lucky" that I was even able to make it within the first 90 days. It got to the point where I was even convinced that I just so happened to not do it for 90 days and that I wouldn't be able to pull this off again even if I tried. I took this as a challenge.

I broke my 93 day streak for a week of fapping fun, to only realize that I was disgusted every time I did so. After this disgusting week, I was still confident enough to pursue nofap for another extended period of time. So I set the goal for 111 days and here I am!

Words cannot describe how much NoFap has impacted my life. This post pales in comparison to how I truly feel about it. The only superpower (and best superpower) NoFap has granted me, is that of self-control. I feel as if it has been the only trait that I have been lacking throughout my life so far. Now I feel like I am on top of the world!!

I am glad I have finally built up the courage to finally make my first post on here. No morelurking for me! Everyone who has posted here has helped me in some way and because of this I thank you all!

LINK - I am done lurking. It's about time I share my experience and gratitude.

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UPDATE - 150 Days!

And damn do I feel great!


After many failures, one method finally allowed me to succeed. I made a contract with myself.

I've spent the last 8 months of my life trying and I've finally made it 90 days without fapping. After many failures, one method finally allowed me to succeed. I made a contract with myself, because a man is only as good as his word. I no longer thought about the benefits of nofap, no rationale, nothing. This was a challenge to myself, and when I say something, I mean it. Here is my contract:

I, beeway, on this day, April 20, 2014, do solemnly swear that I will not fap for 90 days, at minimum, or before July 20, 2014.



Each day on my journey, I decided to write one inspirational thought below, and it had to be unique, and something I have not heard before (although like-minded people may have said it or something similar). This caused me to think motivationally for a few minutes each day.

  1. I control my urges, they do not control me.
  2. Every obstacle only strengthens me for the next.
  3. My motivation is waking up alive.
  4. The only time to regret the past is tomorrow.
  5. The cravings don't get weaker; you just get stronger.
  6. The road less traveled is my daily commute.
  7. When asked "Where do you see yourself in 5 years", I reply: "Training for the next 5"
  8. Push yourself until your limitations become your expectations.
  9. Self-discipline is the path to self-improvement.
  10. Live the life someone would want to make a movie about.
  11. Willpower is what pushes us when everyone else would have quit.
  12. Don't measure success by how far you have to go, but by how far you've come.
  13. Expand your strengths to narrow your weaknesses.
  14. You will succeed. Turn disbelief into this belief.
  15. Don't live without dreams, but don't live within them.
  16. The key to success fits many doors.
  17. My mind refuses to make excuses. My body chooses to make bruises.
  18. I don't want to taste bitter defeat when I know victory is sweet.
  19. Let yourself shine until the stars look up at you.
  20. If you think your dreams are out of reach, get up and go get them.
  21. It's only too hard if you are being too soft.
  22. The people who have never attempted it think you are insane. The ones that have know you are.
  23. The only power you need to be super is willpower.
  24. It's always good to have a role-model, but it's even better to be one.

After day 24, I no longer thought of NoFap and went on with my life, it seemed ingrained.


At this point, I can't honestly tell you what benefits I have gotten from NoFap. I quit tobacco, alcohol, and started dieting and exercising a month before I even heard about NoFap. So I have had so many benefits I can't tell where they all came from. (Except dropping 90 lbs, pretty sure that was the diet!) But now I believe fapping is not inherently evil, it's just the porn. The problem I still have, is that porn is everywhere on the internet and it's so accepted and triggers are everywhere, it's basically like going to the bar everynight with friends and watching them drink, and offer you drinks, while you are a recovering alcoholic. So my journey will continue until I become immune to such debauchery. On that note, I will wish the rest of you on NoFap the best of luck, and may you each find success in all of life's challenges!

LINK - My 90 day contract is fulfilled!

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After several years of ED, my wife and I had the best sex we've ever had!

Hello fellow fapstronauts -

I am thirty days in, still ten days short of my initial goal of 40 days. My goal wasn't completely defined when I started. I just wanted to stop doing porn. Over time I set it as no doing porn at all. I don't mind masturbating, so long as it doesn't take more than a few minutes to get done and I don't do it very often, and I'm certainly pro-sex-with-my-wife. I just wanted to eliminate porn completely from the situation.

Although it seems like it's gotten a little harder as time goes on, results have come in: this past weekend, after several years of ED, my wife and I had the best sex we've ever had! Twice within a 24-hour period. This is a MAJOR relief, and my wife is of course quite happy too. I can't quite believe it. I think my wife and I were both just resigned to having a defective sex life.

I've kept the porn out, and I kept the masturbation to a minimum too (only three times during the first 30 days, and each was over and done with in under 5 minutes, and in one case in under 2 minutes).

The porn urges come on, sometimes very strongly (more so if I am tired). But the thing is, if I can just hang on and breathe deeply, THE URGES GO AWAY. I have to admit that I didn't start this thing from a completely bad place. Years ago I used to spend 5 or 6 hours a day fapping to porn if I could. But even more recently, when being married and having a kid and a busy life cut down on time available for fapping, it still managed to erupt into every sliver of private time that became available, enough to cause ED and other serious consequences. (See here:

After I complete the 40 day goal on May 3 I suppose I'll hop onto the May train. I don't want to set a grand goal of 90 days or something even larger, I'm happy to just continually add another 30 day cycle to my goals and let my counter keep on running.

So keep it up, people. It's hard for everybody, but rewards await you

by reedman

Thread: Results after 30 days


After years of fapping and avoidance, I finally connected to a girl that I deeply cared about.

Hi there NoFap,

Just want to start by saying that if it weren't for this little community, I wouldn't be where I am today. You guys all kick ass. I've been doing NoFap for about a year now, on and off. My longest streak was around 50 days, but I've had numerous mini-streaks since then ranging from a week to 30 days. So no, I'm not some 300+ day beast, but I think I've learned enough from my trials to seriously better myself.

So my situation right now isn't great; I'm living at home in the suburbs with my parents. Working 40+ hours a week and have very few opportunities to meet women. So last week we took a family vacation to Vermont, and stayed at a "family camp" on a lake. I went up with the expectation of spending most of my time fishing, swimming, reading, hiking and relaxing. I was excited for a forced week of NoFap (small cabin with family members, not a chance). I was on Day 8 or so when I went up, so I was feeling the boost from the first week already. On the 2nd day there, I met a wonderful girl who worked there. She's from Europe, but comes to work during the summers. We hit it off immediately. Chatting, laughing, smiling, the works. As the week went on, I decided to take the situation by the horns and try to get to know her as much as possible. It worked. What was great was that on top of NoFap, I wasn't drinking, smoking pot or doing any of my other activities to distract me from real life. And I was in a beautiful place on vacation, so my life-force energy was sky high. As the week went on, we began to spend more time together. I guess the vibes I was giving off were wholesome enough for her to open up to me about almost everything in her life; we built up a very solid foundation of trust quickly. I could go into great detail about some of our interactions, but I'll spare you the time.

On the last night, she found me and we had a very heartfelt goodbye. I could tell that she truly did not want it to end, as did I. Turns out she was flying out of my city the following weekend, so I offered to come back up, hang out during the weekend and then drive her down to catch her flight. She seemed pysched on the idea, and it was honestly all I could think about during the week leading up to it. We had a fun weekend up there (didn't get to see her much, but it was worth it) and had a great ride back down to the city. Before I dropped her off, I confessed that I had very strong feelings for her and that it was going to be very, very hard to see her go. She made it very clear that the feelings were mutual. Good feels.

Anyway, this past week has been rough. Wondering what could have been, if I'll ever see her again, etc. It was truly a summer romance that had a shitty expiration date. But above all, amidst the sadness that I felt, I realized that I was actually feeling these things. I've spent so many years of my life masturbating to porn, smoking pot, drinking and playing video games that I became numb to real emotions. I was in a blissful state of ignorance, 24/7. After discovering NoFap, I have eliminated these factors that have dragged me down, and picked up new ones that have increased my quality of life (exercise, healthy eating, meditating to name a few).

At first it was scary, this wave of emotion just hit me square in the face as I pulled out of the airport. I'm not used to it. But I've been doing a lot of thinking since then, and have come to the conclusion that even though I fell for a girl that I couldn't have, it was an incredible experience. The connection was life changing. Possibly the best part of all was not second guessing our mutual attraction, which I have done repeatedly in the past. It felt fucking incredible to know, with 100% certainty, that she felt the same way I did.

Sorry for the long story, but I have to end with a conclusion. I have a feeling that many Fapstronauts are motivated by the prospect of getting laid as a result of NoFap. While it is definitely a healthy goal, I do not believe it is the essence of this quest. True connection, true attraction, and feeling on top of the fucking world when you're speaking to a girl you care about? That's the real deal. Sex will follow, but becoming a real human being that someone can truly bond with on an emotional level, I believe, is more important.

TL;DR After years of fapping and avoidance, I finally connected to a girl that I deeply cared about. Emotions were overwhelming, but a welcoming sign of being properly wired (finally).

LINK - Finally feel like a real human being! [SUCCESS STORY]

by NoTouchMyD

Age 13 - Less social anxiety & procrastination, Renewed confidence, Erection is like steal

young guyIt all started when I was 11, a friend of mine told me about fapping and how to do it. I tried and I'll admit it felt good. I started watching porn a few months before it. I mostly played meet n fuck because my internet was slow and those videos would never load. I'd kill to play a meet n fuck game at that time.

I never had severe pied as I limited my self to mo w/o p once every 3 days. I started and only fapped 1 time a day but it quickly went from 1 to 2-3 times a day and I didn't know the effect it would have on me. I tried to watch porn ever day. But my internet moved (and still does) at a slow pace. I found out the masturbation was forbidden in my religion so I wanted to get away from it... but I thought I could quit anytime. I tried to quit it a month after I found it was forbidden but I always thought "Just one more fap and after that I won't do it again" Obviously that didn't work out.

After a month or 3 months, I realised I was addicted to it. I never knew how people couldn't get out of a simple drug addiction but now I've realised how hard it is. I started reading some wikihow articles as to how to quit mo or pmo. During this time I was riddled with social anxiety and a low self esteem. I thought I was a pathetic piece of shit my grades were dropping. I couldn't talk to a girl. I would do idiotic things in class just to be popular and get attention. People laughed at me. This was when I was at the lowest in my life so far. I couldn't get an erection as hard as I could due to masturbating three times a day. I read about how damaging it could be to the penis but I ignored it.

I cried and prayed to God to help me. I promised Him (rather foolishly) that I would quit my addiction. But I didn't. It was always " just one more time." I always thought wiki how articles would help me but it didn't it only helped me limit masturbation to once every 3 days but I just couldn't kick on from there. It did help me gain morning wood and get an erection for 2-3 seconds while masturbating. I was losing faith because of this and thought "hey since I have no god anymore so why not do things that is forbidden?"

I knew at the time I only did it to PMO. After I would PMO I would seriously regret it and come back to my religion. This Cycle continued for three months. After a year of endless surfing on the web for different ways to get out of this addiction (except fasting) I found this site. It's funny how I found it.

I was thinking " hey I've tried everything why not this site?" At this point in time I was at the lowest in hope and thought that God wouldn't help a piece of shit like me. But I prayed like anything at this point in time for God to help me and after a day or so. I found this site. I joined and I was new and went for 5 days nofap (this was before starting my journal) it wasn't much but I knew I was making progress and now I knew that I will get out of this addiction because it was a rarity that I would go beyond 3 days of nofap.

I started a journal after reading some. Monkey's journal and Journey to freedom's journal have helped me a lot. I read articles from nofap solideo (I think) about our brain wanting porn and how to get out of it I'll post the link later. It helped me. I then went 9 days nofap but I wasn't dissapointed, I was proud of my achievement. I then went a short term without mo for 5 days because of me downloading a blowjob video.

And after that here I am after 30 days of nofap and my social anxiety is decreasing dramatically - if there is some, it's only about 5-15 %. I can get a rock hard erection I my life again. Morning wood feels like steel. And right now typing this, semen is on the tip of my penis.

I'm leaving this site after another month or so because of a vein on my penis. That's the only thing I want to eliminate now. It's getting better and it is disappearing. During my PMO days I had a piece of skin that I took away from my self on my penis by fapping like anything. I use that now as a reminder of how the days were like when I fapped.

So the benefits

  • Got better with anxiety
  • Renewed confidence
  • Spending less time procrastinating
  • Erection I mean woah ! It really is like steal.

I'm going to be leaving this site after nofap November so it has been a great journey.

I would recommend Journey to Freedom's journal I mean woah having sex with 12 different girls after nofap I mean waow motivated me tbh. And articles about dopamine and how urges come.

You can do it. If I can I'm sure you can as well.


LINK - Success after 2 years of hoplessness.

BY - The Pakistani Guy

Age 14 - I never expected any great effects, but it ended up changing my life.

14-yr oldTHE AMAZING JOURNEY: A fourteen year old boy challenges himself not to jack off all summer. Sounded almost like a news article when I came up with it. Best three months of my life, no joke. I went to a badass summer camp, started running and working out, talked to people a lot more, made eye contact, and right in the middle of it, discovered the actual Nofap subreddit.

I was pushed to meditate, take cold showers, get up early and grow my hair out. It was a great experience, but I had to move on. At the end of the summer, around my 70th day, I relapsed. Didn't take a big hit emotionally, but I did go back to jacking off for about three weeks before school started. This was my last relapse.

Having been home-schooled and isolated from the world outside of church, I wanted to go to school. I ended up getting in to the high school all my friends go to as a sophomore, only taking electives. Hell yes. I have made my social skills infinitely better and met several great new friends.

The past year I have transformed from a 90lb kid who plays video games and jerks off with all his free time into pretty much a man. I play video games a couple hours a day, but no fapping. Everything else is productive.


My earliest memories are of me, laying in bed, playing with myself. It was physically impossible to get any real sensation, but it was still good fun. I had a method that I used where you didn't even need an erection. I would make a cup with my hands, then put it on my crotch. I would fall onto a soft surface, usually my bed, and shimmy back and forth with my legs in the air. I would massage myself while simultaneously pushing and pulling and working with gravity. I had no idea what I was doing and would even occasionally do it in front of my sisters, the older of which scowled and scolded me. When I was 8, I started to hide my behavior. I didn't know what it was, but it made me feel guilty somehow. Still, as I grew, it would feel better and better and I would do it more and more frequently. I started fantasizing, though I have forgotten what I possibly could have been thinking. When I was 9, my dad was called to work as a pastor all the way across the country. I adjusted well, but I was now living in a much more urban environment (near Seattle).

When I was ten I bought my first personal computer. I soon discovered just what I was doing, and not long after, I started experiencing dry orgasms. One time when I was 11, out of curiosities sake, I googled images of naked women. You can guess exactly what that lead to. I didn't really ever look at hardcore stuff, it always gave me some kind of evil vibe I still get today. I got caught. A lot. Of course nobody ever really confronted me, I always played it off or switched the screen away quickly. I started ejaculating and wearing a sock. Not long after, I stopped porn. My mind could generate exactly what I wanted, which was usually much worse and much more personal than what I found online. I could imagine a fantasy of the apocalypse and it's only me and a female friend left on earth to repopulate, and I have all day to come up with the details. I've been home-schooled, and the masturbating has been using up a lot of my free time.

Last November, when I was 13, I went to a youth retreat with my church. Now, I had been on over ten retreats before this, but this one hit me hard. The lessons all were about self-consciousness and self-esteem. I got home and said no more porn. I haven't looked at it (not anything substantial, anyways) since. February of this year (2013) I was given a bracelet in support of a cancer my youth pastor's mother had. I thought to myself "It would kind of be hard to put your hands in your pants when you're wearing that". So I challenged myself to go from the end of February to my birthday in early April without jacking off. I hadn't heard of Nofap yet, so no placebo was possible. I felt like a million bucks the whole time. I discovered so much, my sensitive side, my confident side, blue balls, etc. It was something I had never really done before. Of course, I fapped on my birthday. One long session, till early morning. I went back to my regular schedule until summer, where I went on what I called the Amazing Journey.


• Before you attempt (or during if you haven't) make a lifeline. Just open up notepad and write down why you are doing it and things to do to distract yourself. If you feel an urge, go read it.

• If you never have, try cold showers. They provide a great moral boost and improve your willpower over time.

• Think of the Nofap site as like a runway. Visit for takeoff and landing, and when you are unstable or lacking fuel go ahead and come on. If you constantly check Nofap, the motivation will use weight AND you will be consistently reminded of PMO.

• Forget about porn. Seriously, just don't even think about it. Think of them as con artists, stealing your money, time, and fertility and selling you false comfort.

• Get out of your house. Go somewhere where it is socially unacceptable to put your hands in your pants. Airplanes included.

• Working out gets rid of a large portion of your excess sex energy. Common knowledge.

• Work on you. As the quote we see here every other day says, “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” Not only forget about PMO, fill your head with new and exciting things. Learn a language, learn to code, learn an instrument, learn to dance. There are too many exciting things to learn in this world, and replacing any with PMO is a complete and utter waste.

Is Nofap worth it?

Well, my entire life I have felt like I was a super self-conscious, underweight beta-male. I stopped video games, I picked up five different instruments, I started going to school and I got fit. I have lots of great friends and can easily make more anywhere, any time I want. If you are curious, try it for a month. I never expected any great effects or superpowers when I first tried, but it ended up changing my life.


I haven't even written half of what I wanted to and it's a shame, because I feeling I didn't do it justice. Just know I am extremely grateful I found this place as early in my life as I did and that I love you all and wish you good luck and Merry Christmas.

LINK - I'm 14 years old. I have been masturbating as long as I can remember. This is my 90 day report.

by Zevante4197




Age 14 - I could list a 100 benefits, but you would have seen all of them before

young guyI started Nofap as an experiment on my self-control and willpower, and porn wasn't too much of a problem to me. At least that's what I thought. After getting about 20-ish days into nofap I looked back at myself and though "holy shit I've actually been watching so much porn. Never again! D:"

I could list a 100 benefits, but you would have seen all of them before within other 30/90/120 day reports. However, what has really stood out for me during nofap is the realisation of how... delusional my peers are. I've read a lot of "help me" posts here on this subreddit, and sadly, I can say that I know people my age that would write the same thing if they were to post here.

After starting nofap, I've also been getting a lot of attention from girls, but I've also realised that I'm just 14 - getting a girlfriend shouldn't really be my goal. Instead, I've decided to focus on things that will benefit me more in the long term: exercise, learning an instrument, etc.

That's a very brief description of my experiences, and if I was to include everything I'd probably end up writing a massive wall of text :P

Feel free to AMA if you want :D

LINK - 100 Days of Nofap as a 14 year old

by DarkAvenger225


Age 14 - I was an overweight, weird, dull, boring kid that plays video games & faps all day.

young guyAs of today I'm 92 days in on nofap and have decided that I will never masturbate again as I have show myself I can't handle it without spiraling down the dark road to PMO land.

To get here wasn't and easy task AT ALL. When I first started I went 20 days, relapsed, then went 14 days, relapsed, then I went 43 days then caves in.

I myself have felt many benefits as no PMO has given me motivation to work out and play sports which in turn I went from 185 pounds to 133. I'm not a hardcore gamer like I used to be thus freeing up time for my archery skills.

I can look peope in the eye when talking and I have wit. As for the girl situation of mine I still don't have one but it doesn't bother me too much as I can devote much of my time to my hobbies and working out which keeps me happy.

I don't know whether it was me but nofap has really helped me grow in theast 3 months I'm not the same person when I was PMOing I was an overweight, weird, dull, boring kid that plays video games and faps all day.

My grades have greatly improved as I used to suck horribly at math and now I destroy geometry.

Like most cases the first few days were pure hell, then things leveled out for a while but urges were spontaneous and difficult to fight at night laying in bed. About relapses, I felt like complete shit after my 42 day streak and binged for about 2 days until I could get back on my feet.

I have had a total of 2 wet dreams both being on the 42 day streak but it didn't feel the same as a PMO I didn't really have a feeling to it, it just happened and I felt the same from on.

As for the future i do not plan on MOing anytime later in life. I don't plan on telling any friends of mine as I'll wait until they are a bit older so they could take it seriously. Thank you to whomever is reading this poorly typed text.

Tl:dr- I put my age because many people who do nofap are usually 18 to 55.

LINK - I am 14 years old and I have gone 92 days.

by Yhdeksan

Age 14 - Out of a downward spiral

happy faceI don't know where to start.. no fap has helped me in Life so much its scary to think what happens if i decided not to click on this reddit?

About me: 14 years old, fapping since the age of 9 years old. Fapped 1-3 times a day started to watch porn when i was around 10 years old. Age 14 it was harder to get off to porn videos had to find the right one.. etc.

The Beginning.. so from the start, my life felt like it was going in a downward spiral I was depressed, a lot of social anxiety (even just by logging on Facebook) could barely talk to chicks (and barely any attention from them also) school was a drag - didn't socialize just stayed at home playing video games. Didn't find anything else entertaining. Hated life no goals/ambitions.

Then I was home one day watching buzzfeed videos on YouTube and came across a video called 10 male masturbation facts and in one of those facts it said "there is a site where people abstain from fapping they are called fapstronauts". So I searched it up out of curiosity and I admit i had a laugh do they really think that not fapping will actually make a difference.

Then I started reading around and seeing peoples success story's and inspirational posts and I said to myself I'll give it a go. My first streak was 8 days, and in those 8 days I was a different person. Words seemed to flow out of my mouth with ease. Happy, determined and positive, and then I relapsed I was mad with myself. But I gave it another shot.

The second day of my next streak was the most amazing buzz I have ever had in my life. I was on my laptop and I was reading around on nofap and for some reason I felt amazingly happy and I didn't give a fuck about what other people thought for a change. It was simply amazing.

Days 1-7: super horny and energetic and happy and felt great and confident with nofap

Days 7-30: I gained confidence with talking to females I started off talking to these really hot chicks, mumbling, didn't no what to say or how to say it or how to respond when they talked to me, and nervous. Then on day 30 i was kind of normal when i talked to them and got a lot more attention from females all over also.

Days 30-60: This is where I hit the flatline and also learned something new: I was in class one day and it just hit me like a wave randomly, and it was that girls can be friends also, not just sex objects and girlfriends, and I had never taken this into consideration before.

I was a lot more funnier in class and more alive turned some enemies into friends. Also didn't think about porn or masturbation as often, which was a nice feeling. Had some goals: getting a job, do better in school, go to the gym etc.

Days 60-90: Remember those girls that I said I was bad at talking to before? Well, when talking with them now I can hold I conversation with them now and make them laugh..... and I could go on but you get the point.

Day 90 and up:

I got a job got some new cloths, lost the mop on my head, and got a decent haircut. Attention from girls was great - got called hot a few times here and there. Confident, determined, got outside and started hanging out with my friends outside of school. Bursting with energy, lost interest in PlayStation and loved getting outside and socializing went to party's people saw a change in me and asked me about it some time's got a solid tan and excited for life

Conclusion of nofap: So I did it in my second attempt and it was hard I'm not going to lie I had some hard moments and some very close moments to relapsed again. But I got through thankfully and I couldn't be happier with my life now. This is the quote that got me through most of the urges:

suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the even greater pain of regret i thank you all for supporting me through my journey and wish you all best luck.

LINK - by josh-swagger

My 100 Day Journey

Age 15 - 3 Years ago I did Nofap, then slowly returned to PMO: Didn't like the changes

As a 15 year old freshman, I attacked NoFap. I don't believe I ever had a bad problem with PMO, I was just interested in the benefits that this life-habit could give me.

First I made it 3 weeks. Then a month or two. My longest (recorded) streak was 4 months! But I eventually became less active on the subreddit and took a much more casual approach to Nofap. I simply avoided fapping whenever I felt like it. Was this a good idea? Probably not. I did a pretty good job for a while. Making it a month, maybe 2, between lapses. But I had really lost my commitment. Regardless, the predominant lack of PMO in my life was incredibly benefitial!

I went in and out of PMO a number of times, but I also had a number of great streaks. I found that once I got going without fapping for an extended period of time, I could easily manage to continue without thinking about it too much. Though I never really recorded it, I believe I managed a streak of 6-7 months at one point. Unfortunately, over the years that hasn't held up.

I have taken up PMO again, and after a few months, I really don't like the changes in some of my personal traits that I am seeing.

I entered my first serious relationship during nofap. I enlarged my friend group, met new people, and became more universally liked during nofap. I noticed women seemed more attracted to me during nofap. I learned to crave friendships and relationships not for sexual reasons but because I was genuinely attracted to who the women were/are during nofap! I became a more outwardly genuine person during nofap. And talk about Confidence!! My confidence was through the roof during nofap!!

Wow. Just making that^ list was motivation enough. There's so much more that I think I need to say, but it all boils down to one thing: It's time to stop. It's time for me to commit to nofap again to pull myself out of this slump.

I just turned 18 two days ago, its 2015, life is full of opportunities, and I'm ready. Let's do this!!!

LINK - 3 Years ago I did Nofap, then slowly grew to a more casual approach. I think it is time to fully commit again.

by NofapThreet3n

Age 15 - 49 days: ED cured. I can now get it up 100% in any position,

kid with pupDay 31 - I first started masturbating to porn when I was 13 or 14. I was doing it most days, if not every day. Then around my 15th birthday in July, I realized I couldn't keep an erection without porn. So over the last year I've been trying over and over again to reboot, failing everytime at around 2-3 weeks. Now I am in week 5 and still in  flatline :( .

Yet, I have absolutely no desire to watch porn or masturbate. Will my past tries at rebooting help with this one? How long will I be in flatline? In what week would I be able to have sex? And how many more weeks will my reboot last since I haven't been watching porn for that long?

Day 34 -This is really starting to scare me. I didn't really have a fetish watching porn (although big breasts are kind of my thing lol), but even when I pass by a raunchy picture on Instagram, there's no  life down there. is this part of flatline?Also, I'm having some HOCD symptoms. UPDATE: As far as mood goes, I've honestly never felt better. I used to he depressed all the time, but now I feel pretty awesome all the time and I can't remember my last bad day. As far as my libido is concerned, I can get 60-70% hard with a beautiful girl in front of me, but only in my prone position( sitting/laying down). Standing up, no life at all.

Finally, in terms of urges, I'm petrified to watch porn. I don't know how guys still have urges after goin through this. I never want to each another video again. Being horny in your head and lifeless down there sucks so bad.

Day 36 - After a month and a week, im out of flatline, but I'm not completely healed. Like I can get aroused when I see beautiful girls, but it goes back down like minute later. I think I'll be completely healed by week 8-9. I have no more urges at all. AND, I had a wet dream last night.

Day 38 - This flatline is different than the last one. It's not as bad in terms of lifelessness, but it gives this awkward feeling I can't ignore. Not only that, but it makes me really stressed out about the rest of my reboot. Going into the reboot, I didn't think it would have this much impact on my life, but it's on my mind literally 100% of the time. At this point, I'm just glad I've lost complete interest in porn. (Later) I think I overreacted and just had a bad libido day lol. I think it's the beginning of the rewiring process because I'm starting to respond more to things like touch and sound than visual stimulation. This is by far the worst possible addiction. Like you could quit drugs by avoiding drugs, but you can't ignore your penis lol. And when you actually try to quit, you can't predict your progress. Sheesh, the things I would do to go back in time to the day I first started watching porn.

Day 43 - So I think my girlfriend wants to have sex. I've been dreading this day (id never thought id say that) for a while because I don't want to have an embarrassing experience. I'm not in a  complete flatline, so I'm really confused as too how this could turn out. My pride would be absolutely without a doubt destroyed.

Day 49 - I guess this means I'm cured. I can now get it up 100% in any position, just thinking about someone. I forgot I had this account until scrolling through my history. I haven't been on the site in days. This was not as hard as it was long. And I only took 7 weeks. Lol, anyways I hope other teenagers can find out about this page.

I'm never watching porn and going through this again. But as for advice, everytime you want to watch porn, think about what it has done to you. I hate porn almost as much as I hate cancer now realizing it virtually took my penis from me. Just keep going and take it day by day.


BY - BigBoy88

Age 15 - 6 months: Stop Proving Points, Achieve Your Goals!

young guy I'm happy to say I'm posting in the success stories forum about my rebalancing process. I am six months into the reboot as of December 8. After several relapses I'm confident to say it's finally over for me (even though I still struggle with some of the same symptoms which became embedded in my brain because I felt them for so long).

But I can still remember my most recent relapse. I remember the feeling I got. It was like right at the point of climax, I looked right past the material feeling of pleasure that I should have been feeling, and saw through it. I saw how delusional and "fake" it was. I immediately saw right through the "pleasure" and noticed how I wanted to leave that feeling behind forever. I was ready to start feeling true emotions & true feelings.Basically, I have a few main things I am trying to convey along with my story. Hope these make sense to any of you reading this:

1) Stop Proving Points, Start Achieving Important Goals

2) You need to become more open-minded

3) Appreciate true emotions, and recognize the PMO feelings as delusional.

I wanted to talk about my success story, the type of method I took to rebalanced my brain. I would have never imagined talking about what I have done six months later at the beginning of my recovery, I could never had imagined me opening myself up so much about my addiction.

I started working out. I got a gym membership at a gym about 2 miles away from where I live. believe it or not I did not start working out to aid my recovery, I just decided to "try and quit" PMO, and wanted to hit the gym just because I was quitting, to keep myself busy, and to just keep up with my friends. And I had decided though that I "wanted to be done" with porn, simply because I was sick and tired of the symptoms PMO brings.

The gym ended up working wonders for me. Way more than I expected and I still continue exercise daily! I started working out because the PMO had made me feel inferior to other guys, my friends, every other guy I saw pretty much. I just felt so much weaker, physically, but mentally as well. So I figured if I improved my physical strength, that should help right? I was in fact right about that, but I had no clue being physically active would have a myriad of other benefits for me as well... and helped me eventually take my recovery more seriously. But, I started to work out right at the beggining of the summer, I bought a bike lock on amazon. The day it got here was when I started biking to the gym. 2 miles there and back. 3-5 times each and every week over the summer. I knew if I didn't start right away I wouldn't go it all. The delivery date of that bike lock is the day I started my recovery, it's how I know when it stared. June 4, 2013. And I joined this site 4 days after. That $12 lock is the symbolism of the most change I have ever made in my life. HAHA. I wonder who else has such strong meaning behind their bicycle chain lock.

 I started to change my lifestyle as soon as the summer started. I knew I had to adjust my lifestyle to recover. I went from spending most of my waking hours in my bed with the computer in my working out a minimum of 3 times a week. why did I have the motivation to do it? I have no idea. I had to reboot. I was now taking it seriously. I was now taking MY LIFE seriously. I couldn't keep putting it on hold to PMO one more time.

Abstaining from PMO has given me my confidence back, but it has kind of an odd, fluctuating process for me. (closest thing I can compare it to is logistic growth as opposed to exponential). The growth being recovery/healing.
I've realized that there was basically a four-step process to rebalancing my brain. (still in the midst of step 4, who knows if its ever something I can overcome).

Step 1- Realizing you are addicted to porn and want that to change.

Step 2- No longer feeling inferior because you are a porn addict.

Step 3- Realizing you are no longer addicted and are an equal part of society.

Step 4- Being confident with yourself as an equal part of society.

It's like, there's a difference between being confident while still actively PMO'ing, still imagining YOURSELF as different from society, still a few notches down from the "normal" or "average" people out there in humanity.  In my head, it was like I stopped feeling that I should constantly be ashamed, and moved onto me feeling ok with being a little bit lower than every other person in society, because they have probably never even watched porn. But, of course, me believing I was inferior was just something I was doing to myself.

But once I was okay (confident) with being addicted to PMO, the next step is then for me to start imaging myself in the actual world, truly thinking I was a part of it. Another equal part along with everybody else. I got over stage 1 about 2-3 months in. At that point for a while I thought I was completely free. But then I realized the confidence I was feeling wasn't really confidence at all. I still believed I should feel so ashamed that I was different, lower and inferior to everyone else. Confident with being inferior isn't really true confidence at all, but what I was feeling during the beggining of my recovery was overcoming my "inferiorority" and then the next stage is becoming an EQUAL part of the world.

I've been witnessing myself fluctuating between feeling like I am  progressing tremendously, and being dragged back down. For example, in the initial months of my recovery, I thought I was already done. I already thought I had all my confidence back. but at that point was just when I was over the porn. But now it was time to place myself back into the real world. I was still thinking I was inferior to the average person, but I was confident with being inferior. This was when I thought I was already fully recovered, because I was confident being a porn addict, comfortable with being inferior to most others. But I needed to feel like an equal part of society, of the world, and not like everyone else was a little bit better than me. I had to make myself feel truly in place in the real, non-porn world, which is the next stage.

At that point was when I began fluctuating and felt as if I was being dragged back down. I fluctuated because I felt out of place in the real world; the reason for that, though, was I stopped feeling confident with being inferior, because I realized that I WASN'T.

On the way to stage 3 I had gotten many, many benefits as well, though. I became less... sensitive... is the best word. this isn't a negative thing, it's relieving! Nothing gets to me as easily, and I'm not trying to say I'm numb, what I mean is that I'm more aware of my confidence! I no longer assume that people are implying I'm inferior and unworthy with the things they say and I perceive in the wrong way. This relieves much of my anxiety. It's like I have a perfect refutation to say back to anybody if they were to insult me, no longer afraid to back down from a fight haha. I am proud enough to make myself clear, and no longer pretend I heard something someone said just because I was embarrassed to say "what".

And the lack of anxiety is making me realize how nobody is as judgmental as I envisioned. I was doing it all to myself. ALL OF IT! It's ridiculous!

That is stage 3, realizing that you are not addicted anymore, aren't ashamed, and realize you are an equal part of the real world. But for my current state of stage 4, my thoughts regarding my equal place in this world, the best word that I can use to explain how I feel is: FRAGILE. And that can make me incredibly awkward some of the time, among other things. and it's scary, it's really really scary. letting people into my life, imagining myself along with them all. it's so scary. It's so hard to not be down on myself. it's so much easier to imagine myself as inferior. It's so much easier to find what's wrong, to imagine myself lonely. It's do much easier to do so.

But I must believe! And I know have the power to! I must believe I am "worthy" enough to attract women and believe I will be with one soon. I have to believe in myself in a positive way. I've got to! it's so weird, it's so difficult, but I must believe in myself, I must no longer be down on myself... even though it's all I know.

But I'm beggining to learn how to believe in myself and in my future in a positive way. every time I stop focusing on my recovery, I almost automatically go back to putting shame on myself. I certainly have a long ways to go to get my thinking to be constantly positive. But I'm getting there!

This is so weird, this is so different. and did I mention how scary it is? This new thinking, believing in myself is? And despite how scary this can be, I have absolutely ZERO desire to relapse whatsoever. Maybe this is what it's like to be free from the addiction. I'm just still working on permanently adjusting my old thinking that became reinforced into my brain. I've fixed and improved my behavior, but I can still be triggered to my old thinking (and SO easily too, might I add). even though, for some reason I'm starting to have a little hope. I know I need to have it, otherwise I would be getting closer to feeling... dead... and pointless. not feelings I want. But I can feel the beggining of hope. and the only thing stronger than fear, is hope.

I hope that I will find love, success, and feel comfortable with myself the whole time.

I must live with a positive attitude and believe the very best will happen to me in the future. I'm taking my addiction as a lesson that has made me a smarter, more intelligent individual. I now truly understand emotions and understand how valuable they are to one's life and how one has to create a life and an environment around themselves that is of true value. And now I understand the difference of emotions and feelings that are valuable & true, and the ones that are delusional, how to recognize them(and how to discern between the two). that make any sense? 

And I have faith that my sexual and social life will get back to normal, and now I'm going at it with such an advanced psychological aspect to me. it is awesome how I have learned all this at the age of 15 (about the time many people on here were just beginning to masturbate). But I've been PMO'ing since age 13. The very first time I ever masturbated was to a high-speed porn scene. I started on the day of my 13th birthday, and decided to fully commit to quitting a couple months before my 15th, born in August. Might sound like a short amount of time, but it escalated very quickly for me.

Being 15, I have had chances to be with a few different girls, like I mentioned before, but I always let the porn-induced anxiety get the best of me. For example, one time I was walking with my friend kind of late at night, and this girl came up next to me and was like "i want you" and she like started to follow me, twirling her hair, and trying to talk to me (She appeared to be sober too!) But I still found a way out of it, even though I thought she was really hot. I was just too anxious, too nervous. Looking back of course I feel like I should have gone for it. God, sometimes I just wish I had a time machine. And if that were to happen to me now, BAM! I'd be in there. haha

But I must not dwell on the past. I must look forward.

Since I have learned so much from the addiction, I appreciate it in a way. I accept that I became addicted. I have come out on the other side much, much wiser; I think this makes me a lot more intelligent than your average joe. Maybe girls will notice and like this deeper side to me!

Its not even that difficult anymore!

Now that I'm trying, now that I decide to smile every time I used to just sit there quietly, depressed, I have gotten a lot more attention from girls than I ever have before. And its so easy! Now I just accept to see that they are flirting with me, because I feel "worthy" now. And it's incredibly easy to do, I just smile every time I feel awkward haha. And it works. Haven't gotten any action yet, but I'm WAAAAYYY better at talking and flirting than I used to be just a short time ago. And it's not even that difficult at all! I'm just having a good time! And if they reject you, laugh it off! You still have more balls than say 75-80% of other guys if you do just try to hit on a hot girl, whether its easy or not for you. If rejected, laugh it off, there's always somebody else out there who will say yes. Basically, I've learned that smiling is the key. Being happy is the key to picking up chicks... I mean at least for me, but think about it, like a girl is gonna say yes to the guy who is smiling and making jokes; not the guy who is sitting there quietly with a blank stare/frown on his face. Happiness will attract the women. I've had a few just straight up call me over recently. Smiling really just works! I have talked and flirted so much more this year than I ever have. I have started getting loads of compliments from girls. Been called nice, sweet, and cute sooo many times. (is this even a compliment?) haha. I mean I'm not exactly the over-confident douche who thinks he's better than all the other guys, but I do have a very high level of confidence and I am more of the nice guy. But apparently I have a good face though haha. I mean not every girl is gonna love the nice, cute guy. But I have hope plenty are going to! it's already going pretty well!

Not trying to offend any of you out there. You have no clue how awkward/depressed/sad-looking/quiet/low-confidence I was, not even that long ago. I felt like I was gonna be alone my whole life, already looking 5-10 years down the road in a negative way. And I've improved so much, been the happiest I've ever been, had the most confidence I have ever had around women, not to mention going as far as I ever have, on the brink of going even farther.... just 6 months later after that negative thinking. And it is only going to improve from here! I have found out that just simply smiling every time I would have used to just sit there bland, while still addicted, is the key for me.

I have matured a lot during these past six months, and I am much more open-minded. My initial goal was to just keep up with my friends and have girls notice me for transforming into this new, reinvented guy I became over the summer. Even though I have matured and have set more important goals, I actually did achieve that initial goal, even though I'm not so small minded as to think that is actually important, just trying to prove to them that I was better. That was not really a goal to achieve, more of just a point to prove. And I have learned that life is not about proving points to other people (or to yourself mainly), but rather to be goal-oriented, and strive towards an ideal, going after it RIGHT NOW with everything you've got. You can't wait until after another PMO session. You shouldn't even wait until you are "X" amount of days into your recovery or something like that (which was something I did at the beginning of my recovery). It's not healthy to think that 'the life I want to live will be there later'. NO. This is my best advice. That type of mentality is not only healthy, but isn't even realistic. You need to implement a positive mindset right now, and strive towards something you want to achieve. Me, still being only 15, me and nobody my age really has an idea of what they want to do with their lives. That said though, I still strive towards important and challenging goals and high ideals. And for me, that is working out and getting stronger, a better body. And that's enough for me to be happy right now. 

I don't even need to prove anything to myself anymore, I'm done trying to prove points. I've realized that the points I was trying to prove to other people were really just things I was trying to prove to myself. I basically used to take things that other people said, and found a way to assume they were insulting me for the exact things I was already feeling bad about. i've discovered that I was doing it all to myself. And its a ridiculous realization. I don't have to live up to anything. absolutely nothing is out there. There is not any stereotypes out there people have set on me that I must live up to. And there's nothing I have set upon myself anymore either.

And that makes me so happy.

It makes me feel so joyful, so content. I accept life, I accept what happened to me, what I've been through, I have accepted what I have gone through and I accept where I'm at now. I, in fact, appreciate the addiction, I was strong enough to realize it was an obstacle. And I have finally realized that the obstacle is unimportant. I'm past the addiction. And now I'm finally ready to let it go.

I don't see a need to make myself feel ashamed anymore. I'm simply content. I'm unlocked, unleashed.... comfortable.  I have the right to be proud, to be happy, and to be truly peaceful on the inside. And I finally realize that.  I'm free you guys. . . I'm finally free.

Thank you for reading, I hope you guys enjoyed reading this. I hope it inspired you or gave you some motivation to continue Stepping Forward.

Feel free to post your thoughts.

Thanks again!

LINK - 15 Years Old- 6 months into reboot. Stop Proving Points, Achieve Your Goals!

by SteppinForward

Age 15 - 6-month struggle, but obvious benefits

15-yr oldHey guys it's been 6 months since I first discovered NoFap. I relapsed yesterday. The most I went without fapping is 14 days. Even though it's such a short streak, as long as you stay focused and never give up, the "superpowers" don't really leave.

I'm 15. And wow, NoFap has really made me way more open with others.

SITUATION: Big family banquet hall party.

OLD SELF RESULT: Getting dragged onto the dance floor, clapping hands for a bit, way too shy to actually start having a good time, itching to express how I feel through dance, but can't.

NEW SELF RESULT: Danced like crazy. I suck at dancing. But I didn't care.. because I'm with my cousins and people I love and who gives a shit..

SITUATION: Pretty girls in school.

OLD RESULT: Passing in the hallway? Quickly look and then avoid eye contact. Besides..they didn't even look at me. Like I never existed.

Sitting beside me in class? Don't look at them, don't talk, act like I'm too cool for them..

NEW RESULT: They actually look at me. I look to and I smile! Sitting beside me in class? Talk to them, their just like me: Human. I'm not trying to get laid, I'm trying to make a friend.

Bottom line is: If you relapse, reset your badge immediately. I didn't think too much of me just quickly trying again. It's hard for me to go two weeks, but at least I'm not fapping everyday.

Cold Showers + Continuous streaks of 5+ days = Way better than where you were yesterday.

My goal is to try to only go one max in a week and that's if I really can't help it.

52 ejaculations > 365 ejaculations

I've also changed who I am. I'm not getting pushed around because I don't take shit from anyone anymore. I stopped going by my nickname and started going with my full name. New identity. New look.

Porn is a killer though. I could go easily 40+ days but just two days of watching porn got me hooked again. Still recovering from that.

TL;DR: In these 6 months, I may have relapsed many times, but not giving up and constantly resetting my badge and getting up made me actually have long term results whilst relapsing. Keeping going!!

LINK - 6 months since I discovered NoFap. Long term results.

by Raithish

Age 15 - 77 days: my life has changed for the better

First off, let me say, NoFap works. It truly does. In the past 77 days my life has changed for the better. I'm more confident, I'm concentrating better in school, I'm not afraid to talk to girls anymore. Life is better.

However now that I've beaten my PMO addiction, I need to to tackle some other issues in my life, such as my Internet/gaming addiction. And for this reason I'm deleting my reddit account. So I wish everybody the best on their nofap journey. Stay strong bothers.

LINK - Why I'm Leaving...

by nofapper4231

Age 15 - 90 days, after 2 years of trying

I don't care how old you are or what your excuse is as to why you keep failing, but what you need to know is that it is worth it. I discovered porn when I was only 6 years old and pornography was my only source of happiness. I don't know about you, but living half of your life under one form of happiness was saddening.

I'm not going to put my whole story on here because there is only one thing I want all of you to know. Whether you're struggling or you've reached 90 days never stop with this challenge. I started this challenge in August of 2012 and it took me a good 2 years of failure to get to this point and let me tell you -- its pretty fucking worth it.

LINK - As a 15 year old who just completed over 90 days of Nofap...

by Eloquency

Age 15 - 90 days: I know now that I'm not the same person

Hello /r/nofap. I have reached 90 days. Here is my story

I am 15 years old and ridiculed my friend when he said he tried this challenge. That is, until I tried it. My first streak lasted 53 days. When I relapsed I felt like I would never go another 3 months... that seemed unfathomable. But those 53 days man... it was like putting on HD glasses for life. So I got back on the horse the very next day and here I am.

The first two months were empowering. Invigorating. I worked out, learned an instrument, picked up a sport, flirted with everyone. It all seemed like it was leading to something. Like once I reached the magic number my life would change forever. I kept telling myself, "how can you live with the fact that the longest you have ever gone in your entire lifetime with out touching yourself is only 53 days?" Because in my mind I had imagined waking up at age 60 only having not masturbated for 53 days of my life. It scared me. To become that person.

So that fear drove me. To become better, to grow. As the days neared 90 I was anticipating a climax to the journey. I expected to wake up with wings or maybe I could breathe fire. I was disappointed. This much work, and what reward? I thought.

But I know now that I'm not the same person I was 90 days ago. Rewards don't appear one day. That's what this journey was about. Im not done growing, not for a while. So thank you sir. Thank you mam. Thanks to all of you for putting me on the right path. If I can do it, you sure as hell can do it better.

Stay strong nofap


LINK - Well, what now?

by MFAguy

Age 15 - Better motivation, healing acne, reduced anxiety, genius

kid with clearing skin and smileWow. 3 months already? I find it a little bit hard to believe myself, that I made it this far. I woke up one day and decided I would never fap again, that is simply it. That day was 3 years ago, lol. I've woken up with that same idea countless times in my head, and I cannot count the number of times I proved myself wrong.

About 91 days ago, I found this sub-reddit. For the longest time, I was trying to quit for religious reasons, and I had no idea what kind of real benefits this NoFap thing could provide. Once I saw YBOP, and all the videos over there, I was all in. That was the tipping point of the iceberg. Something went off in my head, and I realized how much of a mess I was in. I put things off until the night-before, I was never motivated to do anything except sit down and play games, I was in terrible physical condition (and arguably mental condition as well). I had goals, but I pushed them into tomorrow and told myself I have time, I'm only fifteen.

People now a-days, at least the ones I know are afraid of Doing Hard Things. That is the simple truth that our society is built around, the American lifestyle of please yourself as much as you want whenever you want no matter if it costs others much more than your comfort is worth. That is not what anybody wants to be, but somehow, 99% of society fits the description of average. School, too! The question I hear most often is "Will this be on the test?", and not "Why does that work?". Some wire, or neuron broke in my head that day. It was the catalyst for a chain reaction that has flipped my world-view on it's head. I know most of this does not seem relevant, but you will put it all together soon enough.

I might not be the best in the world at maths or programming, but I am "so good for my age", as everyone likes to put it. I was often tempted to be content with my 'prodigy' status. I could get A's and B's without studying for a single test all year, and it only piled on more of my "I'm better than everyone else" attitude. I do not know what snapped me out of floating by without trying, but something did. I assume it was a combination of my poor physical condition, worsening depression & social anxiety, and loneliness (Oddly, the day before I began NoFap, I was having a little pity-party because it marked 1 year without a relationship. "I, like God, do not play with dice and do not believe in coincidence" -V for Vendetta).

So, mindlessly browsing the internet like a zombie, looking for more porn to shovel onto the pile, I found myself here. I was not cynical of this reddit, quite the contrary. I was surprised that people other than me were trying to stop fapping. No more than 10 minutes in to my browsing, I found /r/getmotivated as well. I stayed up well into the night, and instead of fapping, I flooded every part of my brain with people overcoming the (what other's say) impossible. I sat down, looked at my life, and decided I was not the person I wanted to be.

I cannot really explain how this all happened so quickly. I have learned a lot in the past three months, arguably more than I have learned in my entire life. If I want to become the elite, I have to start now, while all of my competitors are fapping their lives away. Every nerd ever plays games and says "Man, I wish I could make something this awesome!". I had the same mindset, I wanted to program cool games, I even had a ton of ideas; but like everything else, I pushed all of that onto my future self. My future self was the guy who had it together in college, and was a programming whiz. I was completely depressed, I had social anxiety (Clinical, like I had it before I found porn), my face was covered with acne, I had nearly 0 friends. I convinced myself that playing video games 7+ hours on the weekdays, and 16+ hours on the weekends was an okay thing to do because I needed experience in games to be able to make them. I actually believed that "I am addicted to video games" would look good on a resume.

Okay, enough about my back story, that's all good and everything, but it does not really matter. 90 day reports are not the "why I'm here" reports. 90 days is the point where the soldier files a field-report for all his fellow trainees who aren't quite there yet. For those of you wondering, no, I do not have a girlfriend. This is all hardmode! It is possible, and I see no future stopping date either. The "superpowers" are not superpowers, they are all the things fapping has taken away from you.

I remember 60 days, and how I was lying in bed crying uncontrollably because all my emotions were flooding back in so quickly I had no idea what was going on. It's like being handed the force from star wars, having no training, and then trying to use it. It does not work. At first, your head is just swirling around in a pool, and slowly you learn to control your emotions, and they are stronger than ever! Now, instead of random crazy depression, I get random happy bursts, where I feel like I can do anything at all!

If you told me a year ago that I would be working out every day, I would tell you that you had gone insane. Well, here I am. Working out is something that I cannot stress enough, it helps clear your head, fight off urges, and just improves your life in general. My acne is falling off a cliff right now, it is disappearing, disintegrating, whatever you wan't to say about it.

I have thrown procrastination out of the door. I am more motivated to do whatever I set my heart to. My focus has shot through the roof, I had ADD, but now I can sit down and work on homework for hours without a break.

My anxiety is not gone, however. That existed before fapping, and probably will be in the back of my head for life. However, I have magically gained the power to beat up the little idiot who tells me I can't talk to women, or that I shouldn't go hang out with friends. I'm sure there is more, and I'm sure I would know exactly what it all was if I relapsed today.

They say you don't know what you have till it is gone, and I assume I have grown in ways that I don't realize. Dating is something I do not plan to do until possibly next year. I need to focus on the fundamentals of my life, and fine-tune myself into who I want to be before I date. I'm perfectly fine with waiting, though. I can still talk to women, and when I get the chance to do so, I'm quite good at it.

This is a wonderful community, and I always see the question "Any tips for a n00b/person who is new?". My advice to you, friend, is do whatever it takes.

  • First off, commit pornocide, delete your ENTIRE collection. I do not care how attached you are, but if you are serious about nofap, and you still have it, your logic fails. You are trying to quit your addiction, but saving your stash for "later". It is like a recovering alcoholic keeping his cupboard stocked full of his favorite beer 24/7.
  • Next on the list, read the sidebar! Read everything on YBOP. Learn as much as you can. Cram it all into your brain. There is no such thing as "I cannot learn anymore". Trust me, I've tried to learn "too much" in these past three months, it does not work.
  • Look at yourself now, then look at who you would like to be in 10 years. How do you get there? Small, daily steps add up to staggering long-term results.
  •  Exercise! Holy crap I cannot say this enough. "I do not have a gym membership" is NEVER an excuse. I haven't been to the gym, ever. Like not in my life. Start by doing as many push ups as you can do (does not matter if it is a low number), then do the same for situps, crunches, planking, leg lifts (all four; back, side, side, front), and bench dips. Okay, you did as many as you can? Good, now, take the lowest number, and the next night, do that many of every exercise. Then, after that, add 1 rep for every single day!
  • Read books, books are good. If you do not know what to read, I suggest "Fahrenheit 451", All the hunger games books, "The Book Thief", The Inheritance Series (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, & Inheritance), "Looking for Alaska", and everything Tolkien has ever written.
  •  Pursue your hobbies!
  • Limit your facebook/reddit time.
  • And most of all, never give up!

AMA in the comments, it is getting super late, and I really need to go to bed. I'll answer EVERYTHING in the morning. OH! Check out my blog! I plan to put awesome, motivational things on there, as well as write on topics I find important. Anyways, I have to go to bed, I'm super tired. Best of luck fapstronauts

LINK - Achievement Get: 90 Days

 by LampitosGames


UPDATE - 5 month report

5 months ago I PMO'ed for the last time. No, I don't have a girlfriend, but that doesn't matter to me. What matters is that I have a purpose. I've started computer programming (I just turned 16) which is huge, I'm working out daily, I'm accomplishing my goal of livestreaming/uploading to youtube daily; I am the man I wanted to be 5 months ago. I have to wear a belt now! I never wore a belt in my life!

The biggest thing, though, is that I am truly happy. I heard somebody say once, "If someone looks happy, they're selling something". That is generally the case, but not with me. I love my life now, I value it, and I don't think I'd trade it for anything. Sure I still have a lot of issues, but I'm doing what I love, and that is gaming.


In the past, I've done stupid stuff. Very stupid. And I hurt a lot of very nice young women in the process. I'm still a virgin, but just barely. As a christian, the things I've done weighed super heavily on my mind for quite a while. I haven't dated in about a year and a half, haven't even made an attempt, and that's because I knew I wasn't ready. I needed to first form myself into the man I wanted to be, not stay in a self-loathing pit of despair and semen. I literally did just wake up one day and say "Screw this, screw my life, screw everything; I'm going to change it". I switched school to somewhere that cared about education, put my heart, mind, and body into absolutely everything I did, and through many late nights of struggling through the web of lies in my head that it is impossible, here I stand. I began first to put my heart into my grades. I started to realize that education was important, that it mattered, and I became obsessed with learning as much as possible. It is far easier, I find, to take a test when you understand the material. The last quarter, my GPA was a 4.0 (no weighted at my school), and I didn't study for a single test. Understanding is far more important than memorizing facts, and it seems my previous schools had been obsessed with cramming them down my throat instead of teaching me the why's. Then, I started working out. Slowly at first, I could barely do a pushup. All up from there. I added in, slowly, bodyweight routines that were more challenging. I lost 20 pounds of fat, and ditched the big belly. The next thing I tackled was coding. My dream is to create the best video games in the world someday, and so I'm starting now. So far I've made a website (currently down, screw you ISP), a bot to moderate my livestreams, tons of mini-games, and now I'm working on a forum. In addition, I've picked up journaling, guitar, magic the gathering, content creating on youtube & twitch TV, reading, writing, making tabletop RPG's, and most recently trying to understand fractals.


I've found that the more hobbies I pick up, the more time I have. It is super weird, I have no idea why it works, but it does. Most likely it is due to the fact that I'm not spending hundreds of hours mindlessly browsing the internet. Currently I do not have a rockstar body, but I'm starting to see defined muscle. Eventually my goal is to go into parkour (it will happen, damnit!). I was starting to think that nobody was noticing, other than my immediate family. The girls I liked could really care less, and about a month ago, I began to question as to why I was doing any of this if nobody got to realize.

This past weekend, I went to Play On Con, a smaller convention in birmingham alabama. Having really started to pick up speed on youtube, I wanted to travel there to meet the fantastic minecraft LP'ers who would be there. Some big names like Guude, SethBling, JoeHills, and The Shaft (to name a few). They were all fantastic people, and I even beat Mark_IRL in a magic draft. Friday night, it was very hot and humid outside. I decided to get into the pool to cool off. Before I never would have done that, especially in public, but now I'm comfortable in my body. Getting out, I notice a very beautiful girl quickly look away. I wondered how long she had been looking at me. The next day she walks over to me (I'm in the middle of a magic tournament), introduces herself, invites me to a party later that night, and walks off. Well, after a long day of magic, cards against humanity, fun times with youtubers, cosplay contests, and many other shenanigans that may or may not involve a pinata being elected con-president, I show up to her party. The entire night was spent laughing, having a good time, talking to her quite a bit, and then after it ended I walked around the grounds with her until about 4AM. When I was beginning to lose hope, life throws me a curveball.

Now, we live like 3 hours apart, but it is the idea that women, especially beautiful ones, could actually be attracted to me. That kind of changed my outlook on this. Before, I was doing it for the "I'll show them what I can be". When that didn't work out, I was kind of disappointed. It wasn't until I really started to improve myself for me that anything happened. Learn to be you, be you around everybody, and you will have a much better time. One of the things I've given up with fapping is secrets. I tell anybody anything they would like to know, right then and there. It is much simpler that way. If you're sitting there thinking "Oh, I could never tell anybody about that", yes you can. Don't you want your friends to be friends with you, and not some random person you pretend to be? I certainly do.


Now, I may have accomplished tons more than I ever imagined possible 6 months ago, but that does not mean I'm finished. I'm still climbing. Make sure that you always have a future goal. Have more than one, so that when one is complete, you are not idling. My goal over the next year is to learn Java and C++, and create a basic game. I am also going to complete the 100 pushup challenge by the time school starts, and I plan to have a 6-pack by then as well. As for my youtube goals, I plan to get over 1000 subscribers in the next 6 months. I hope to see growth on livestreaming as well, hopefully over 500 followers by january! As a rising-junior, I need to get good grades, and understand math most importantly. Pre-cal is coming up, and I plan to get an A+ in that, as well as all my other classes. I want to become a better guitar player, and I am going to practice 30 minutes every day. Journaling is something I love, and I hope to do that every day I can as well. Those are my goals, they are not impossible. They are reachable, quantifiable, and they're going to happen.

In Summary

Please, for the love of god, go out and do something (or stay inside and do something). Just do something okay? Life is very long, and very boring if you do not. They tell you money is important, that time is money. Money is neither important nor time. What's important is time, and that you had fun spending it. Lots of people have lots of money, and if money could buy happiness, then they would all be shining with joy. Instead, the rich men of this world are stressed out, balding, and do not enjoy anything at all. No, time is far more important, because you cannot earn more of it. Nothing you could do would ever give you more time in this world. Spend your time wisely. Find somebody to love. Put your heart and soul into a cause you believe in. Live, laugh, love, and you will die happy. It isn't the date on either end that counts, but how you used your dash, for that dash between the dates of your life represents all the time you get to spend alive on this earth, and in the end, who will know what your little line is worth?



Age 15 - I don't think I've ever enjoyed my life more.

way to goI've gotten into porn when I was in the 6th grade but it never really became a problem until I was 14. This is when I started to masturbate multiple times every day.

It would become a habit when I wake up, come home from school, before I go to bed, or whenever I didn't want to deal with a problem I had. When I started High School, I didn't know anybody and I didn't interact with anybody. This caused me to have a terrible year and I blame myself and masturbation for not wanting to be social. I looked a girls like they were an object of desire and was too shy to talk to anybody. I've never had a girlfriend, had a first kiss.

I've had female friends, but never had the courage to ask any of them out even if it would have been a guaranteed yes from them. When I reached sophomore year, I told myself that I would make big changes to my life and things have been turning out much better for me. In the beginning, nothing had really changed but I wanted to make things better for myself. I still had a few friends that I had before, but I didn't want to be known with the social outcasts.

I had read about /r/NoFap but never really gave it much of a consideration because why should I give up something that I enjoyed and looked forward to everyday. During the new year I realized my thinking was the same as a drug addict. They could refuse to believe that what they are doing is having a negative impact on their life or even if they did accept it, they wouldn't quit because it gives them a temporary pleasure.

I decided to take the NoFap challenge do to me hearing a lot of positive outcomes of it so I decided to make it a New Year resolution since it was close to the end of the year. Obviously, since I had just completed my first full month today. I had a few many relapses.

Your thousand mile journey starts with a single step. You will fall down and life will hit you with everything that it has at you. Just because you fail doesn't mean you must give up. I had that attitude after I relapsed on my first day. I could have easily given up saying that this wasn't for me, but I didn't because I wanted things to get better and I knew that I was a addict of porn. I wanted change and change I received.


If you were to tell me all the changes that would appear in my life over the journey within almost four months, I would have never believed it at all.

  • I have a lot more energy and I have made a lot more friends over the months. I have been told that I'm outgoing and positive, something that I have never have been told.
  • One of my friends told me to join the tennis team with him. I have never played tennis or let alone even join a sport. I was determined to bring changes to my life and I joined with him and have made many more friends on the team and had even made varsity which is something that I am still in shock over.
  • I have been doing a lot better in school work and was recommended for two Advance Placement Classes.
  • The last change that I enjoy the most is that I had started to talk a lot more with of my only female friends who had turned into my best friend, and then later my girlfriend. I stopped viewing her as an object and treated her with a lot more respect and started to even be a bit more flirtatious with her and she started flirted back. Today, I celebrated my one month of nofap and we hung out today and I had the confidence to give her my first kiss.

I'm unfortunately moving across the country for my dads job and I believe that this could be a chance to restart the high school experience since I have confidence in myself and am wanting to enjoy my life. I don't know if all of these changes had came from the lack of masturbation or if these changes would have just appeared no mater what outcome I had. I do believe though that if I continue these actions, my life will continually get better since I have more control over it.

Also I just want to say that this is a really positive community where anybody can join. We're all in the same boat with out problems and if it wasn't for /r/NoFap, I don't think I would have stuck with this. I'll try to be helping others out and everybody else keep doing what you're doing.

LINK - I'm 15 and I just completed my first month. I don't think I've ever enjoyed my life more.

by IamJustinT

Age 15 - NoFap literally saved my life

Dansk flagA little more than a year ago I was nobody. I fucked up school completely, and my life was doomed if I didn't start doing something about it. (I'm 15.) I spent all of my time in front of the computer every single day, whenever I had time.

I felt like shit, and fapping was the absolute highlight of the day.

Then, while surfing the Internet, I saw an article - the fact that I clicked a random article has completely changed my life. It told me about NoFap and eventually I ended up watching the TED talk, "The Great Porn Experiment".

About half a year of NoFapping on and off, which was extremely hard because my life was complete shit and I was really addicted.

I started at a boarding school in Denmark, (completely natural thing to do in 9th grade here), and was ready to change.

Now I find myself being sky-high with confidence, socializing, meeting new people all the time, enjoying life more than ever before, meeting beautiful women and falling in love. I fixed my grades and have an average of 9.16, where it was about 2 last year. (Grade system 0-12. I've gotten permission to go to college and my life has never been better.

2 days ago I was at my best friends birthday party, and I was able to be myself not hiding behind social anxiety anymore. It was all great with women etc, but that's another story.

But that party was the proof that I shall never ever fap again.

I've gotten alpha. Confidence, everything.

You guys have changed my life completely. You've saved me and I have never been happier and safer. NoFap literally saved my life and my future.

I know there are many people out there that has a life to be saved as well - NoFap is no doubt what saved me.

LINK - NoFap literally saved my life

by Soender

Age 15 - Went from a C to an A in all my subjects. Have more friends and acquaintances now

Finished my 90 days today! By no means in this the end though, I will continue Nofap into the distant future.

I started Nofap about 4 months ago because I wanted change in my life, and not fapping was one of the ways I could do that. My mother died a few months previously and my life had spiraled downward since then. I realised that whenever I had a tough day at school, or when I was feeling a little bit down, I would always come (no pun intended) to porn for a cheer up. I was a bit lonely I guess. I'm 15 years old, and a little awkward with girls, which I guess is somewhat normal, but I overheard one of the girls talking about me behind my back that I never talked to girls. However the real trigger to start Nofap came when my Dad walked in on me ejaculating onto a picture of my crush...

The first week was a little tough. Be warned for urges. Urges everywhere. But if you're determined, then you'll be able to find a way past them. After those first 2 weeks or so, the urges cool down. The first thing I noticed wasn't the superpowers. It was that I had a lot more time on my hands where I had previously used up fapping. I used this time to start working out, studying harder and socialising. After a month or so, I reached a flatline. I felt really disinterested, and all the progress I thought I had made had been lost, however the flatline ends too. I don't know if this is linked to Nofap or not, but my confidence started to grow. I became more comfortable in social situations and actually grew the ability to talk to girls without getting dreadfully red (fml). I also got better at talking in front of crowds. Usually I wouldn't have the confidence, or I'd have immense brainfog, but now my thinking has become more clear and my talking has too as a consequence. This last week I gave a talk in front of the entire class for science and I think that went pretty well! Two weeks ago I was part of the school drama showcase and I didn't screw my part up (yay!). I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but I feel like my confidence has been with me my entire life.

I'll summarise what's improved since I started Nofap here:

Grades - I've managed to lift my mark up from a C to an A in all my subjects.

Sports - Started exercising (cardio + working out). Got an A in sport!

Socialising - Maybe just a coincidence but I have more friends and acquaintances now!

Don't know if the advantages are because of Nofap, but I'm not changing a thing!

LINK - 90 Day Report!

by sweatshop_sam

Age 15 - returned to my friendly, motivated self

soccerIt's hard to believe that is has been 90 days. I didn't start this journey so I could get a girl friend or so I could be more confident. I started it because I had hated myself. I remember two years ago (when I didn't fap) I used to have fun and I also used to enjoy life.

When I started fapping (a year ago), I changed. I am not saying this to be "over dramatic", the people I know had noticed and actually told me that I had changed, that I was somehow different. I realized I wasn't that friendly, outgoing person anymore. I was angry because I hated the person I had become, and frustrated because I didn't know how to fix myself. I started nofap, not because I thought it would fix me. I started Nofap, because I thought "hey Its not like i have anything better to do". As you can tell I had a horrible mindset.

However when I started my mindset started to change. Have you ever felt that feeling when you get into a cold shower and that jolt of cold water wakes you up, it feels uncomfortable at first, but eventually you get used to it and then you start to like it. You feel more energized you feel more alert. In a nutshell that was my nofap experience. Now 90 days later, I am disgusted by the thought of PMO.

I play soccer and I look forward to every game. I talk to more people and more people also talk to me. I want to learn more and I am interested in more things. I compare me from 90 days ago to me now. I feel bad for him and I know I never wanna go back to ever being anything like him. When I go a whole entire day without thinking of fapping,nofap,or anything related, it is a good day. My Brain is getting used to the idea of not fapping, and every single day it needs it less and less. I just wanted to thank you guys for helping me and keeping me from destroying my life.

The list below are some sub reddits that helped me though this as well. /r/PornFree Porn also fucks up your brain. /r/ EarthPorn Its nice a beautiful picture, of something that isn't a naked women. /r/ GetMotivated for those lazy days when i didn't have to anything and i could have fapped. They helped me get off the couch and do something.

/r/ QuotesPorn They presenting me with intellectual words and some inspiring thoughts. Good luck fapstronaughts.

LINK - My 90 Day Report

by Navreet1997

Age 16 - I now take on everyday challenges & welcome simple pleasures

Galloping horseAge 16. Currently a junior in high school. Wow - is pretty much what sums up my journey partaking in no PMO. I FEEL ALIVE! Just yesterday this song came up on Pandora, it was" I'm coming home part2" by Skylar Grey, and strangely the song reflected to my recovery from PMO. It was like I was coming home from the darkness of PMO, I'm here again.

No PMO has set the foundation for the return of a better life for me again, I can now take on everyday challenges and welcome every day's simple pleasures. You really just have to endure it and discipline yourself, never give in, and if you do, pick yourself back up and give it another go.

What really helped me was going on YBOP  now and again for inspiration.I  want to thank all the people that shared their story or simply gave there input on how they've felt during their recovery.  

Greatest of luck towards everyone, it's really a life-changing step."

Rebooting account via an email

BY - ifeelalive


Age 16 - (ED). Good news: Over HOCD; Bad news: I keep jumping back to porn

JUNE 13, 2014

Ok so I remember last summer I was in tears over the thought that I was Gay not in my own choosing because I got hard when I saw or thought about dicks. This was just porn and after many succesful days for about half a year this went away. Now I am at the stage where even if I try to think about dicks or homosexual situations, nothing happens. This is good news and things were going great with girls.

However now that I am not at the rock bottom I was last summer, I cannot find the motivation to keep going and quit porn, for I still have some ED troubles that I know will go away if I did my 60-70 days w/o MO and quit porn all together.

Problem is in someways life has been harsh on me and I keep jumping back to porn, I don't want to go back to the way things were last summer. Can someone give me some advice or motivaiton as to how i can start my streak again and actually quit porn for good ?

Thanks so much

LINK - Good news OVER HOCD and bad news, need some help :/

BY - Rusescu



Anyone else thought they were gay because of PI ED?

So I'm still a teen. But I had this one gay encounter and I hated myself and never forgave myself. However I probably did this because I couldn't get hard around girls and at the thought of them. I've always loved girls , only ever dated them and have had 4 girlfriends overall. However was failed to be sexually fulfilled by them, could never get hard enough. All this makes me very deeply upset, because these gay thoughts and constant memories would constantly make me hard, I even was more turned on by gay porn. I've heard this is the dopamine that get's bored of always watching straight porn and makes you watch more twisted things, heck at one point it was so bad I was watching animal porn. I feel so terribly ashamed.

I managed 2 weeks without PMO ( a lot for me as I'm used to it everyday ) I didn't have gay thoughts and relapsed to a picture of a really hot girl. But i had to stimulate myself manually to get a full erection even though I could feel myself aroused.

I guess my question is , is anyone else having this trouble and questioning their sexuality? In my heart I've always known I wasn't gay, and that I wanted to get married , have kids. But since PI ED stopping me from doing this, my dick has made me think I'm gay by getting turned on by gay stuff. I hate it...
thanks for reading, it's really very depressing...

Age 16 - 80 day report: a totally different person

It's taken me so long to register, but it's time now.

After being an unhappy PMO'er for about 4 years, I found this Sub-Reddit and basically sat back in amazement. I never realised the reason I was so shy and quiet was because of PM. I never thought I was good enough for anyone. I thought I was too ugly, or too boring. I felt as if I'd never be loved.

So I said "Screw it. My days of PMO are over." And quit.

I've nearly relapsed a few times, but I also know what's going wrong and fixed it. One week ago today, I was fortunate enough to get my second ever girlfriend. This time however, we just click. Its really good and, as a Fapstronaut virgin, this is really exciting.

After starting NoFap I've become a totally different person. I'm louder, more energetic, more clear, I'm not socially awkward. I can confirm that NoFap is probably one of the best decisions of my entire life.

I guess as a little bit of a veteran too (Serious modesty) you can ask me for tips which I use etc.

Good luck everyone on their journey. You can do this. It's a battle of self control, but if you want to succeed you will.

TL;DR Fapper of 4 years, stopped, got a girlfriend, going well, life has changed dramatically, feel in control, AMA.

LINK - What 80-something days has done for me

by flop_it_out



My time has come...

It sucks to be saying this, but I'm done here. About 25 minutes ago, I PO'd after 240 long days (8 Months!), which I have never been known to do before (Without M).

It's the most frustrating and upsetting feeling I've felt in a while. 8 months of hard labour, lost in seconds. I feel like a failure, but I know that what I have done is incredible, so this little story isn't about my loss, but my gain.

I believe as a person, that I have grown a ridiculous amount, and further than I thought was even possible. I've been more interested in things, been able to see different sights, hear different things. My life is incredible right now.

But I want to move on to the main reason of this post. I'm leaving NoFap. I'm the type of person who is a 'one-and-done'. I'll only count so far once. So now I'm going. but no, I'm not stopping. I will do my absolute best to never Fap again. and I know that I can do it, because I've proven it to myself and everyone around me for the last 8 months.

By no means, see this as an excuse to leave. Stay here and get encouragement. People with smiley faces as their flair, keep at it. Serisouly, I thought 90 days would be hard, but before you know it, you'll never think of Fapping again.

Overall, I guess there is one thing to learn from this. No matter how far you come, there will be times of weakness and times of pain. Don't let them get the better of you!

Everyone out there has the opportunity to begin being the best they can be. Go get it, and show the world how strong the NoFap community is. Maybe one day I'l come back...

TL;DR: I'm leaving, but I'm glad of what I've accomplished and I will continue my quest for NoFapness!


Age 16 - 90 days: Much more social, less shy, can look people into eyes

Hello fapstronauts, today I noticed I finally got my first blue star, so I decided to write my first post here. Let me tell you something about my NoFap journey and maybe give you some advices. Before starting, I'd like to apologize for my imperfect English, I'm not a native speaker (Slovak here), if you feel like doing so feel free to correct my mistakes. I like to learn English :)

I've decided to never ever fap again on 9th August this year. I just finished masturbating and realized that this is not the life I want to live. Yeah, I thought that after every fap session, but this time the feel was very strong. I suddenly felt ready to face any strong urge to fap.

First I made a strategy to avoid urges. I asked myself "In which situation do I fap?" and realized it's usually when I take my phone to toilet with wifi router turned on. There were 3 solutions for that: 1. Don't take phone to the toilet, do what I'm supposed to and then leave, 2. Take phone to the toilet, with wifi router turned off, but leave as soon as possible, 3. Take phone to the toilet with wifi router turned on and face the urge. In like the first two weeks I used the first solution. At the time I was fapping once a day (sometimes twice) and I don't think I could face any urge, so I avoided it completely. Later I switched to solution two, and for about half of the streak I'm using solution 3, I got more used to facing the urges.

The next thing I've done was that I made a Reddit account and got myself a NoFap badge. We all know how great it feels to see the number growing. Also, getting the first week done, later first month, getting your first star. It doesn't look like a big thing but it's very motivating.

Then I started looking for some motivation. This subreddit is filled with it, I decided I want a girlfriend, I want to be more manly, I want to live a more social life, I want to have more interests than just sitting on toilet fapping to pixel ladies. Also, my father passed away about a year ago and now I'm the only male in the house (16 years old), living with my mother and older sister. I wanted to become more useful, do more stuff around the house, help the family more.

Next step I've done gradually when doing the streak: finding new hobbies.

The first one I found was bicycling. I actually used to do bicycling before starting NoFap, but I made it more intensive, going bicycling at least 3 times a week. I live in a village, so there's plenty paths around to ride on.

I also made my evening 5 minute workouts more intensive. Before I used to just do as many push ups as I can (usually somewhere around 20), but since about a month into NoFap I decided to add squats (then 20, now 30), then later 30 seconds of plank (now increased to 1 minute 30 seconds), and stretching legs by bending over (I'm actually don't know the real name, if you know it please let me know), starting at just touching the ground 10 times with tips of fingers and now doing 30 seconds whole palms on ground, without any trouble.

I later decided to learn how to play a musical instrument. As a kid I loved the way my father plays the accordion. So I decided to go with that. I'm learning by myself, without using sheet music, just playing what I hear. The progress is slow but it's fun :)

When browsing Reddit once I found lockpicking. It looked like an interesting skill to know, also it could be useful sometimes, so I thought to myself, why not. The same day I made my first tension wrench and a pick out of two paper clips and successfully unlocked my drawers. It felt really great so I ordered a lockpicking set and started learning soon.

My most recent hobby is floorball, which I started about a week ago. It's awesome, I highly recommend it. If you feel like you don't know what to do, find a group of people and start playing right away ;)

Yeah, that's plenty of hobbies. And it came out of nowhere, not even forcing myself to do it all. I just saw something interesting and thought "Why not try it myself?", and while before NoFap the answer would be no, now it's always YES!

Another thing I think we can call a hobby is that I'm doing lots of work helping people every Saturday, like last week I was sawing and cutting wood, before that I sawed down some trees. I finally don't feel useless.

Now time for some of the benefits I noticed.

1. I can look people into eyes! Before when I made eye contact with people, I just had to look away in like half a second. Now maintaining an eye contact is absolutely easy. I realized that when people look in your eyes when talking to you, they give you their full attention and when you look away it looks like you don't care about them.

2. Much more social! Anytime there's anything social going on, JOIN the people. If you're like "Nah, my social skills suck, it will be awkward", then you should know that no matter how awkward it's going to be, it's still less awkward and better than staying at home, sitting at computer. If you want to be social, get out of your comfortable zone. Don't worry, the "uncomfortable" zone will soon become very enjoyable for you.

3. Less shy. Before I was afraid of even entering the bus when traveling to and from school, because here you have to tell the driver where you travel so he can give you a ticket. Now I'm comfortable communicating with strangers when I know what I want to know from them, or even doing a presentation - I'm comfortable with many people looking at me. Talking to strangers with no point, just getting to know them or something is still kind of hard, but I'm breaking through this barrier too. I never felt more comfortable talking.

4. This benefit is closely related to the one above - I can lead a conversation with a friend, quite easily find a topic and talk about it. This applies to talking with girls too, I am also able to make people laugh sometimes. It's great.

5. This one is probably caused by the amount of new hobbies. I feel much more fit. Since I started doing NoFap I lost 5 kilograms of fat (currently 85 kg, height 196 cm), without even trying. I also noticed I no longer feel the urge of eating sweets and stuff like that, I instead drink several liters of tap water a day and prefer healthy food, vegetables, fruits, whole grains. I sometimes have something unhealthy but in much smaller amount than before and I don't feel like I miss it. I'm just as happy eating food as before, it's just different food.

I think there are lots of other benefits, I just either got used to them or can't remember them right now. By the way, so far I don't have a girlfriend, but I've noticed that girls are more comfortable with my presence, want to talk to me more. Also, on the street, random girls checking me out and me managing to win the "eye contact" duel feels amazing. Before NoFap I don't remember winning a single eye of those duels.

It's almost 23:30 here (writing this post for like the past 1.5 hours) and I ran out of ideas about what to write. Thank your attention if you got this far, I hope my imperfect English didn't break your reading experience, if it did I'm sorry :(. I'd also like to apologize for the post being messy, I am simply not a good writer. Please ask me any questions you have, I would love to answer all your questions. I'm going to sleep soon, so I'll probably answer them tomorrow.

Fapstronauts, I wish you good luck from eastern Europe, keep on NoFapping ;)

LINK - 90 days! Sharing my story, experience, advices.

by Samovar_Samopal


Age 16 - A renewed life. I have confidence, motivation to better myself in every way, etc.

I did it guys, I did it. After finding NoFap for the first time last August, I have finally completed the 90 day hard mode challenge.

Honestly, I would love to write a detailed post of my life's improvements thanks to this journey, but I don't feel like it. What I got out of NoFap is similar to what others got before, a renewed life. I have confidence, motivation to better myself in every way, etc.

This is truly a great subreddit, you people CHANGE LIVES. It's absolutely true, you guys are amazing, all of you!

I'm a 16 year old teenager, if I can do it, you sure as hell can.

Edit: I do have a question though: what do people normally do after completing 90 days?

90 Day Report, 16 Years Old

by uyScuti

Age 16 - Addicted for 5 and half years, suicidal

young lifeguard

I have been apart of this subreddit for 11 months and participating in NoFap for 3 and half years. Porn took me to the brink of suicide multiple times in the past year. I had almost had enough. I felt like I was a disgrace, and weak, and I started hated myself. But I never lost hope in the idea of who I could become.

I came here to say that you can do it. I promise that you can. When everything seems at its darkest, don't lose hope. I was an addict for 5 and half years. I'm 16 years old. I was lucky enough to discover this community before I took my own life, and I was lucky enough to have a family that I loved too much to lose. I know how that depression feels: like your drowning while everyone around you is enjoying the fresh air, like you have a singularity in your soul that envelopes everything that should bring you joy, and it only gets bigger the more you dwell on it.

I came here to say that fighting is not futile. I may be just a young buck, but I fought like hell against my addiction and against my depression. And I started to find joy in the simplest things, like fifties music. I just love to dance to old music now. I do every night while I brush my teeth. I love sports, and I'm pushing myself to get better every day. I used to love reading but as I became depressed I started to see it as a chore. I'm about half way through 1984 by George Orwell at the moment, and I love it. For the first time in my life, I can say I can grasp the idea of what it feels like to be alive. And while I still get very upset at the fact that the US government is a load of hypocritical bigots who are more worried about profit than the lives of it's own constituents, eh ehm, I am started to enjoy living more and more every day.

And so I came here to say that life is worth living. I am now an American Red Cross certified lifeguard, and I am currently working my first job where I am meeting awesome people who I actually look forward to seeing. I am teaching little kids how to swim, and I love working with them. Little kids are so happy and so eager to experience, even if that means just putting their face in the water for the first time. I can see today that my actions have impact, and that I can put a smile on the face of almost everybody I meet. That, to me, is more important than anything. I can see my worth in the faces of other people.

And now I look back and think that I may have not been here to write this today had I made the decision to end my fight. I'm glad I held on to hope. This fight is hard and darn near impossible, but not completely. It probably took me a thousand relapses or more before I got to where I am today. So please, don't ever give up. I know you can do it! And please, if any one ever wants to talk about anything at all, feel free to PM me! I love talking to people and I'm pretty wise for my age!

This journey is not about superpowers, gentleman. It's about tapping into the ability you always had.

Btw, tomorrow evening I'm going on a hike around sunset with a gorgeous girl. Seriously, she's a solid 8.5/10. And shes got the most beautiful smile.

LINK - I really want to say this to you all!

by ShaggyTheJesus

Age 16 - Bisexual or just HOCD (my experience & advice to HOCDers)

"Only enter this site if you are 18"People always say "if you're attracted to guys in real life then you're bisexual" "if the locker room was a turn on, you have a degree of interest in men" etc...

Well here's my experience...

I started being a little attracted to guys. IN REAL LIFE. Sometimes I found guys attractive and had sexual thoughts of them etc. This happened in locker rooms. While going out. REAL MEN IN REAL LIFE.

This was after 5.5 years of masturbation and porn. I started masturbation at 11, did it 2-4 times a day, went 5 years without going more than 12 hours without a fap. and porn at 12, nearly 13. All over women. Then soon, developed an interest in male porn, which then translated to real life. I never done anything with a guy, but after like 40 days of hardmode nofap I lost attraction to guys completely. It's been 91 days and since day 40 I've found guys disgusting like I used to. Now I have ZERO interest in men. On the screen or in real life. I had interest in men 91 days ago.

Why the fuck do people just say "you're bi if your attracted to men in real life"?

Here's my theory. All humans have characteristics of the opposite sex, therefore human sexuality follows a spectrum.

In my case, I think I'm 85% straight and 15% gay. I started masturbation before I got a sexual interest in any gender. I've always found girls legs and faces beautiful, but at 13 I started being interested in the womans breasts and asses etc...

Watching porn and fapping to it conditions your brain to only be able to get attracted to what you saw (depends on the person). And since your addicted to porn, your brain looks for new novelty. After desensitizing to real women, I desensitized to women on screens, then got an interest in males on screens, which soon escalated to men in real life. I wasn't attracted to men often, usually it would be that I noticed their looks a bit more, but not really attracted, and maybe once or twice a week I'd start looking at a hot guy and thinking sexual shit about him.

And after 40 days nofap, I was only attracted to women and am disgusted by men. Day 91, I feel my hormones and pheromones and shit telling me to bond and mate with women lol. So since day 40 I feel 100% straight again.

Maybe people who are attracted to men in porn but not men in real life, maybe they are >95% straight.

In my opinion, it's not possible to be more than 85% gay. Because if you were, you would have just been born as a girl.

There are a few homosexuals who say they potentially turned bi due to PMO addiction. Started finding girls super attractive on streets etc... What happened when they did nofap? They became gay again.

If you've recently "discovered you're bisexual" and your not happy about it and want to be straight, if you are addicted to porn and masturbation, then maybe you're like me and only 85% straight, and that when you reboot you will go back to fully 85% straight and 15% gay. 85% straight means your more than 5 times more attracted to girls than guys, so it will just feel like your not attracted to guys at all. Take it from me, I've been there.

edit: Yes I'm religious and would hate to be gay or bi. No, I don't understand God's logic as to why he made homosexuals how they are and yet forbids masturbation and homosexuality.

But I guess I'm lucky I'm only a tiny bit gay, so that on nofap I have gone back to straight.

edit: I do feel a little shit sometimes that I'm not more than 95% straight like most males. I don't feel like a real man sometimes. But you know what? I've gone 90 days without fapping or watching porn. How many, out of 1 million straight (>95 straight) men would even consider going 30 days without an orgasm? How many men who are more than 95% straight have made themselves 10 times more confident, attractive, healthier and fitter after 90 days, and willing to keep improving for the rest of their lives? How many >95% straight men turned from a failing student to an A* grade student? I don't feel like a bitch. I don't feel like a queer. I don't feel like I'm not a real man. Because if I was more than 85% straight, I wouldn't have came to nofap. And I wouldn't have improved my life like I have now.

I feel great. Because i have EARNED the ability to be able to call myself a man. >80% of men are born with it. Just like how the royal family don't earn any money, they get given it. Well I've earned this, and I feel great,

I'm only 16, I will be 17 in 4 months. I want to wait till I'm 20/21 before going and finding a girl, but the only people that know this shit is me and God, and I will only ever tell my future girl this stuff. I've now told nofap, as none of u know me irl.

LINK - Bisexual or just HOCD (my experience & advice to HOCDers)

by ShahA1


Age 16 - Got rid of social anxiety, more energy, don't objectify women anymore


EDITERINO: i'm super bad at telling stories, so i'll just make a list of the benefits i've experienced on the way


NoFap gets SUPER easy once you've been doing it as long as I have and I plan on never relapsing again.


by shotanken


Age 16 - I act and look like I used to, and I'm finally happy. I'm me again.

My life has changed so much since January when I started nofap. I've never been more sociable. I read like i used to and act and look like i used to and I'm finally happy. I'm me again.

LINK - 90 days

by cory453


UPDATE - Need help.

I went from a week, to a month to 172 days. Now Ii can't even make it a week. Why?


Age 16 - I had quit sports, quit hobbies, and stuck to 24/7 call of duty after school

16-year oldWell, after a long journey of hardmode nofap here is the info I owe. Profile: 16 years old, Junior in High School, want to be something when I'm older, just don't know exactly what yet.

High Point: I think "High Point" is a misrepresentation of the NoFap streak, primarily because there is no 1 high point, I think the high point, if any, is achieving something while doing this challenge that would not have been possible given the previous circumstances.

Low Point: 90 days ago was my lowest point if this streak, and I can say that with content in my heart. I had relapsed not to porn, but just to my hand, I was dissapointed, but learned that its all apart of life, and something just clicked after that.

Things I learned about myself: I have become aware of my tendencies, compulsions (if you would call them that) and other things that were previously disconcerting towards my well-being, I had quit sports, quit hobbies, and stuck to 24/7 call of duty after school, this had a toll on my social life aswell as my academic future.(ALL BEFORE my nofap discovery.)

New Activities: My 2 most favorite new activities I have taken up are Weightlifting, and competitive swimming. I am on the school swim team and I can tell you that having a nice body is very helpful because people like attractive people. (Nofap has helped with this because of increased test for muscle retaining, and better skin and hair, as well as "prettier eyes".

Advice to new Fapstronauts: a few people might argue that 90 days goes by fast, but that is easy to say at this point because I am at 90 days. Everything that was a struggle is now behind me, and I can say that it was a hard struggle.

Where I was 90 days ago: In the shower, contemplating the usefulness of this forsaken challenge.

Where I am today: At my computer, finishing up algebra 2 and I took a break to write this, seeing as I've been putting it off all day.

IMO Biggest myth on nofap: My Motivation in the beginning was to be better. This is a broad statement but what I mean is, attractiveness, wittiness, and overall just wanted people to like me so I can be happy.

Questions: My biggest question is that if people will ever come to the senses that maybe hours of sitting in front of porn is very good for you after all.

Concerns: My biggest concern for the future of Nofap is the community, and the mild contorted view of us being a Cult. The view is there for a reason, and its because people come here and see little kids acting like this is hackforums and yelling at each other and saying "yu must nawt fap, for u wil be cursed" is downputting to our view and if I were to run this sub I would have to make things more laid back and less like "WE CANNOT FAP, DONT TOUCH YOUR DICK" you get the point.

Plans: My plan, is to stay on track on my schoolwork, be on time to school, and work towards being a better swimmer every day I show up to practice.

The Takeaway: You should try this, even if you think we're a cult, because I can promise you there is nothing to be lost, except your daily dose of dopamine.

Tips to become a better version of yourself: Think of 2 things that you can live without, that you do daily, and use /r/thexeffect or /r/giveme40days to get rid of that habit. Chances are, its affecting you negatively.

LINK - 90 Days: HardMode report + thoughts & tips

by Komin



Watched every second of it. As someone who started at 10 and was consumed in this for 5 years, it wakes me up to how fortunate I am for discovering this so early. Thank you.

Age 16 - I honestly have never felt this happy in my life. I feel like myself again.

happy guyI honestly really don't even know what to say right now. I'm super excited I've made it this far; I remember the days when I literally used to imagine and dream about this. I feel obligated to share my story and motives before getting into how NoFap has affected me.

I started NoFap about two years ago, the beginning of my freshman year of high school. I'd been PMOing since about the end of sixth grade. The dopamine addiction, combined with the side effect of depression from Accutane, really put me down into the dumps eighth grade year. I was constantly tired and didn't like talking to people because I thought it required too much effort. My grades started slipping. I became insecure and an asshole to the few friends I had. It was an all around bad time for me.

And then the summer before freshman year, I found this subreddit. I'd been looking to quit for a while because I knew PMO was a sin, but when I learned about all of the other side effects (being awkward, excessively tired, etc.), I was even more determined to quit. I wanted to shape myself into a better person, a person I wanted to be. Around May of my freshman year, I started a 105 day streak that I broke at the beginning of my sophomore year. I didn't feel great during this time, mostly because I didn't do anything to help myself and instead just assumed abstaining from PMO would automatically make me an extroverted, fun person. (Spoiler Alert: it doesn't).

I was off and on streaks my sophomore year, sometimes lasting a few days, sometimes a few weeks. I usually binged after each relapse and justified doing it again by telling myself "I didn't feel too bad today, one more binge can't hurt." It did. Midway through my sophomore year, an amazing girl started showing interest in me. I realized that maybe this was my chance: my chance to finally get somewhere with this. It was that day I vowed I wouldn't PMO again so that I could become a person she would want to be around. It seems like it was just last week when really it was 180 days ago.

Unfortunately, I still messed things with her up pretty bad. I was still seriously insecure, constantly worried my actions would make her think I was weird. So instead I was just timid and awkward, and let her make all the moves. She eventually got sick of it and moved on. This is one of the few things I actually regret (I'm big on everything happens for a reason and usually don't worry about the past). I feel like I never gave us a fair shot, and that still bothers me to this day.

However, instead of getting all depressed and relapsing when things ended, I instead got motivated. I was determined to never let something like that happen again, and focused on self-improvement over the summer. And that is one of the best decisions I've made in my entire life.

End of Story

I honestly have never felt this happy in my life. Not because I reached 180 days, but because I feel like myself again. I don't wake up in the morning and hate myself for what I did the day/night before. I don't go to school stressed about how awkward I'll be because I binged the night before. I don't walk around worrying about what others think because for the first time in six years, I'm confident in myself. I love how I look and the person I've become, and I really just can't put into words how great of a feeling that is.

Please fapstronauts, if you're considering relapsing right now, or ever, believe me when I say that it is not worth it. I wouldn't trade what the NoFap journey has given me for anything, especially not 5 minutes of PMO. The journey here wasn't easy. I went through my strong urges and flatlands and struggles. But the journey was worth it. Every little bit. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and you can reach it.

My final bits of advice: don't assume that if you don't feel amazing at 90 days that it was all a waste. I didn't start feeling happy until around day 130. If you've been addicted for a while, you're reboot is going to take longer. Hand in hand with that, NoFap alone won't shape you into the person you want. You will. Work on self-improvement during your journey. Branch out and meet new people. Start working out. Take chances. You might fall a few times, but that's all part of the process. What matters is that you get back up.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Stay strong guys. Feel free to ask any questions you may have!

LINK - 180 Day Report! IT'S BEEN SIX MONTHS!!

by Lightfox99



Day 163 - NoFap is one of the best decisions I have made in my life

TL;DR - Day 163, life is a million times better than before, read below for details. AMA

Hey guys, checking in on day 163 here (woohoo!) NoFap has been one hell of a ride so far, and I can't help but hope it continues to stay just as exciting in the future.

Partaking in the NoFap challenge and abstaining from PMO is honestly one of the best decisions I've made in my life. It's given me my life back. Or should I say given me a life in the first place. For the last four years, I really haven't had one. My only woman was my xbox, and my children were my games. Now, I'm honestly the happiest I've been in years. I'm not really good at transitioning ideas, so I'm just gonna list all of the amazing things that have happened throughout my journey below.

I 100% truly enjoy being social now. Hanging out with friends isn't something I guilt myself into once every couple months because I feel like a loser sitting alone by myself all day, every day. Instead of coming up with excuses to avoid hanging out with "friends" (I put that in quotes because I must have been a pretty shitty one), I'm constantly looking for opportunities to meet up with someone and do something.

I'm happy with myself and love myself. I no longer wake up each day hating myself for what I had done the day before. I don't wake up thinking "Man, this day is gonna suck since I binged yesterday". I don't wake up stressed, worrying how I'm going to fuck up a conversation or be extremely awkward. And it's an amazing feeling to feel at ease and be confident in myself, and I feel like I can't emphasize how great this feeling is enough. This alone is more than enough incentive to keep me going, no matter how hard the going gets.

My Brain Fog is completely gone. I never realized how distracting and annoying the brain fog was until it was gone. Having a clear mind is another thing I feel like I can't talk up enough; being able to go through a day and focus and each and every thing, no matter how big or small, is really amazing.

Making conversation is a million times easier. I've learned to accept myself for who I am, and have come to terms with the fact that not everyone will find my sense of humor funny, or topics I find interesting interesting as well, etc. Not everyone is going to like the same things as you, your sense of humor, or your personality, and that's okay. Don't change for them. Once I realized this, conversation just became so much easier. I stopped worrying about if they'll think what I'm saying is weird or boring and just said it.

I've become less awkward. This kind of goes along with the converstion topic. Overall, I've noticed that I've become so much less awkward. Do I still get a little nervous when meeting new people? Of course. But now, instead of sitting in awkward silence, I can make conversation, show interest, and act friendly, which is really exciting. I still have issues with holding eye contact, which I'm working on, but other than that I've come such a long way regarding social skills.

My work ethic has greatly improved. Instead of struggling through work with brain fog, and eventually giving into temptation and fapping, I can now buckle down and get my shit done.

I'd also like to say that not all of this had happened by the 90 day mark. I probably started seeing a lot of major improvements around the 130 day mark. So be aware that 90 isn't some magic number where all of a sudden all of your problems disappear; it's a slow process, and sometimes takes longer than 90 days.

I'm sure there's so much more I could say, but it's 2AM and I'm tired. Thanks for reading this post, and if you have any questions at all feel free to ask away!

Stay strong everyone. As I said above, NoFap is truly one of the best decisions I've made in my entire worth. Stick with this, as the rewards are most definitely worth the struggles along the way.


Age 16 - I now look at girls, sex & relationships differently. I'm a new person

16-yr oldI'm a sixteen year old kid and today marks the 90th day since I last watched porn. About four months ago I came across this Ask me anything in which a porn director talked about the secrets of the porn industry.

After reading some of the comments, I found this comment where someone posted a site revealing some porn stars' speeches about how they are raped and forced to have sex, otherwise they are killed. That was when I realized that I was doing something wrong in my life. Something that I really hate is women violence and every single time I watched porn I felt bad for the porn stars, how they end up there because of their family backgrounds and everything.

After that day I made a promise to myself that I would stop watching porn and I after trying it for about 5 times without succeeding, I came across this TEDtalk about the 30 day challenge. That video really motivated to change my life and start doing something better for myself. In that exactly day I started my 30 day challenge, in which I would stop watching porn and masturbating, I would run everyday and I would start reading everyday for about 30 minutes.

I'm sure everyone here has been a teenager and knows how it actually is about porn and masturbating, is just something that everyone goes through. I can tell that I only succeeded on the first challenge. I didn't read nor I did run. So, there I was, as the first week had gone by and the desire of porn and masturbating was growing.

I was in holidays, as it was Christmas time and I was watching TEDtalks every single day. So I came across this another video about the Cold Showers, where he said how your will power can grow if you start doing it. It's not good and not many people do it, he said. But I decided to try it by myself, as I knew it was during the shower that I wanted more and more to masturbate. So, I started doing and I had added one more thing to my 30 day challenge.

The first 2 weeks had gone by and all I wanted was the challenge to end and start masturbating again. Every time I was on pc I would open a porn website and once the site opened I would turn it off so I could see how much of will power I had. Those first 2 weeks were the hardest by far, and I still don't know how I was able to do it. After 30 days clean, I was still thinking about porn and masturbating, but I could tell I was forgetting it as the time was going by.

So, today I've been clean for 90 days now and I barely think about porn. Yes, during this 3 months I masturbated a few times (like 5), but I never watched porn. It's just something that every teenager needs to do, even if it was not that often.

Now, after 3 months, I feel like I'm a new person. Yes, as everyone says, I do think girls look at me differently and I've gone on 3 dates with this one girl. There are no words I can describe how I feel and I just wanted to share this with you guys. I feel I also look at girls and sex and relationships differently. I started treating girls differently and I know they have noticed that. Now, after doing the 30 day challenge for the third month, I'm changeling myself every time harder and harder as I see my life is getting better and better. Now, I started working out, I read every single day for more that 40 minutes, I started meditating, I've been going out more often with my friends, I've been taking cold showers every single day for 3 months and I notice my will power growing everyday.

I decided to do this to thank everyone for everything, from the very first posts I read when I started doing it to everyone who will read this post. There are no words I can describe how happy and proud I am for me and for having started this, and also to describe how better my life is right now.

Thank you very much and I hope this helps someone.

LINK - I'm a sixteen year old and here is my 90 day experience

by proud_ofmyself



I'm joining this after a relapse 4 days ago of a streak of 40 days. This will be my 3rd streak, the first was for 95 days, the second for 40 days. This time I am more motivated than ever and since my summer holidays have started I want this to last as more as possible, at least for all the summer. I'm doing this because I'm sixteen and I had been watching porn for a quite some time (4 years) and I want to take care of my life and besides that I have really felt the effects of nofap on my last streaks.

Let's do it guys.


Age 16 - I was depressed, unmotivated, and shy


I've been reading blogs and forum posts on this site for a while and I decided to make an account. I'm a 16 year old boy/man and I've been addicted to porn and masturbation since I was 12. I've only recently realised how much this has affected my life. When I was young I was carefree but as I grew older I started to become extremely depressed, unmotivated and shy I feel like I've wasted enough of my life at this point and I'm determined to stop this addiction.

The majority of guys are addicted to porn and masturbation, I hear guys talking about porn all the time and I mentioned to my friend that I stopped masturbation & porn and his response was "How?! I can't go a day without that stuff!"

 I am currently on day 2 of no masturbation (I haven't watched porn in a while) The longest I've gone without masturbating is exactly 2 weeks. I've noticed that whenever I masturbate the next 2-4 days are really terrible, the reason I made an account today is because I had one of the worst days of my life yesterday, I broke down due to stress and a broken heart and I'm determined to change my life now.

 The first time I realised I that abstaining from masturbation has many benefits was about 2 months ago when I went almost 2 weeks and I felt extremely confident and I found it really easy to talk to girls and people I didn't know. In fact the first time I intentionally went without masturbation I met a girl that I fell in love with. Whenever I masturbate I feel like all the bad things that have happened in my life come to the surface and I start feeling depressed and I don't talk to people, but when I don't masturbate I feel like I'm a completely different person, the person that people like and the person that I want to be.

 I plan on going without P&M for at least a month and see where I want to go from there.

Today was a good day; even though I didn't sleep that much last night because I got my heart broken and I spent half of the day crying yesterday (stupid I know Sticking out tongue ) it was still good. I'm trying to be positive and I can already see the benefits of abstaining.

 I was a lot more talkative today than I usually am and I talked to people that I usually wouldn't talk to, I also texted a friend who I haven't talked to in a while which made the day even better. I didn't get any urges to watch P or M at all because I'm not in the mood (which is a good thing).


I didn't get much sleep again today, it seemed like I was just lying there awake for most of the night. I had a wet dream during the night, this is the quickest time I've had one after starting abstinence.

 In school I was sitting on a table and my classmates were having a discussion about sex because the teacher was out, I didn't say much because obviously I haven't had sex yet (even though most of the people in my class have), this made me feel like I have missed out on stuff in my life even though I don't actually want to have sex before I'm married (at least not with someone who isn't worth my time)

I got a good result in my math test today which usually doesn't happen so I'm really happy. School wasn't as depressing as I usually find it today. I was very sociable again today I'm happy to say. No urges again today.


I'm currently on day 7 of my 25 day goal; I have been noticing a lot of things lately, one of them is I'm noticing people seem really miserable and uncomfortable in social situations (kind of like how I was before I started abstinence)

 I've seen a ton of benefits so far; I've been talking a lot more, I've been doing a lot better in school (I got the best result in my class for writing a story), I've been able to fall asleep and stay asleep better than I did before and I've been getting a lot more opportunities to socialise with others.

 I didn't get any urges to masturbate from day 1-6 but today I got quite a strong urge which I'm happy to say I didn't give into. I can't believe I've seen so many benefits in just one week!


The last 3 days have been extremely difficult in terms of getting urges to masturbate, I almost relapsed today (thankfully I didn't) I'm still seeing benefits emerging though and it seems as if they get better as the days go on but I'm having trouble remembering why I'm doing this, that's probably why I almost gave in this morning.

I'm going out tonight and there will be a lot of opportunities to socialise so hopefully I see changes in myself later on.

I've managed to calm myself down now, I took a cold shower and I feel okay again.


2 weeks! Finally! This only the second time I've made it two weeks without P&M (The last time I made it to day 14 and relapsed) I feel great today, I had an excitement about life that I've never had before although it seems to have died down as the day progressed.. but I'm happy nonetheless.

 I have been having trouble sleeping again for the last few days but it's not as bad as it was before, I'm starting to feel more comfortable around people and looking people in the eye, it really is a great feeling, I just have to keep reminding myself how things were before and telling myself that I don't want to go back there.

I'm not sure if I'm flatlining or not, the urges were really strong on day 10-13 but it got easier.

9-25 -Relapsed

I'm trying to calm myself down, I feel pretty angry at myself right now but I'm going to lay out a plan for my 3 week goal. 15 days is now a record for me and I can't forget that I got that far, I have to be proud of that.

 First here's some things I've noticed and the reason I'm angry:

 I've noticed that I find the first few days of abstinence easier because the feeling I had when I relapsed is still fresh in my mind but as the days go by I forget why I'm even bothering and that's when it all goes bad. If I could find a way to remember the feeling I get after relapse in the later days then I think I could get further.

 The reason I'm angry at myself is because I was using a girl as my motivation to abstain and I haven't seen her in weeks but when I do see her it's usually about 1-2 days after I relapse and something stupid always happens. I wanted to go for over 2 weeks without P or M because I wanted to see her and be confident around her but I didn't get to see her and I felt like I had gotten so far for nothing and I relapsed.

I was invited to a social gathering that I knew the girl I like would be at, I got to the place and as soon as I saw her I started feeling nervous and shy (I talked to her 2 days before and I was fine) I went to talk to my friends and we didn't say hi to each other or anything like that.

Later on she came up to me while I was talking with someone else and starting to join in on what we were talking about but I didn't respond to what she said, I just continued on talking to the other person and she seemed a bit offended and we walked away from her (I think that made her think I was ignoring her). She's kind of an awkward person at times (like myself) but whenever we talk (and if I haven't relapsed a few days before) we always seem to have intense chemistry and it's so intense that when we talk it's like were the only two people in the world at that moment.

The event I was invited to ended and we all got some drinks and food and we all just talked. I kept telling myself to go over and talk to her during the course of the night but I could never bring myself to do it. I even tried sitting on my own for a while so she could come up and talk to me (so dumb I know) I noticed that she did the same thing a few minutes later though (she was sitting by herself with her phone behind me while I was talking to some other people)

When the night was coming to an end I started helping to clean up and I saw her as I was doing so, we just looked into each others eyes as if we were longing to talk to each other but we just walked past and I felt so useless. I saw her standing by herself a few times after that, I don't know if she wanted me to talk to talk to her or not. By the time I finished helping to clean up I saw her leaving and it was too late to do anything. I really don't want to lose her, she's the best thing that's ever happened to me.

 I need a source of motivation that isn't a person, if someone could recommend something that would be great and I also need to stay positive and stop thinking about the girl I mentioned above.

 My plan for the next 3 weeks is to keep busy and not be too conscious of how many days I've gone without P & M because when I count the days I tend to celebrate when I get far and then I let my guard down and then I start giving in to temptations. I'll be using Habit Forge to record my progress and I will be visiting this site every day to read and encourage but I probably won't post anything in my blog for at least a week.

I was looking at some anime pictures that were sexually suggestive (I knew what I was doing was wrong, I was actually telling myself "You know how this will end" but I didn't listen) and I started looking at worse and worse stuff and I ended up on a video and then I started and masturbating. Sad I installed K-9 on my laptop, I really think this will help me, the annoying thing is I had been at least 5 weeks without porn until today.


Yeah I'll try and think of how things will be but I find it hard to go through days and having to wait for something good to happen, I'm very impatient :D


I'll definitely focus on improving my life more now, the past 15 days really were great even though I didn't get to see her, I became so dependent on her for my happiness and I've now proven to myself that I can be happy without her which is great.


I'm going through the same insomnia thing (currently on day 3). On my attempt I went 15 days. I couldn't sleep for the first few days but I started to get sleep at around day 5 or 6.


I've been feeling a bit down today, it feels like I'm starting to go back to way I used to think (putting myself down and saying I'm worthless) I don't get why this is happening.

 Last night I went out and I was completely different than I had been 2 days before; before I was happy and confident but last night I was nervous and awkward and it really pissed me off to be honest.

 There's this girl who I like and we've talked quite a lot before but last night when I saw her it was like I couldn't say anything and I think I made her think I was avoiding her. I don't know what to do anymore because any time I see her it's either really great or really awkward and I'm getting sick of it.

I'm stil going to keep going with this and see how things go.


Today was a pretty boring day, I went to church in the morning and that was okay and I was talking to people with no problems at all. Nothing exciting happened today though and I've been having mood swings all day and I'm starting to sneeze a lot, I don't know if that's to do with the reboot.

 This is definitely the most challenging reboot I've done so far, even though I'm not getting any urges to masturbate I feel like crap and I can't stop thinking about something that happened on Friday night. I really feel like I have no one to talk to right now, my mom and my dad are avoiding me because they know how I am when I start having mood swings and I didn't get to see any of the people I usually talk to today.

 I'm going to try and be positive tomorrow, hopefully things change...

EDIT: Things literally just changed for the better a few minutes ago, I found out that I'll be travelling soon which is something I really love doing and I'm talking to my parents again. I feel like I have energy again but I'm still thinking about stuff. That was fast!


Today was a very odd day, it wasn't a bad day but it wasn't particularly amazing either. First thing that happened was I woke up after having 2 (yes two) wet dreams during the night, I was dreaming about masturbating and I ejaculated twice, the dream felt so real and I was sad that I had relapsed but then I woke up.

In school it was a fairly normal day and people seemed keen to talk to me (something I always notice when I abstain) There was one really weird thing that happened today though, I found out that my friend who I've known for years now is bisexual, this doesn't really bother me but at the time I felt really uneasy about it.

My heart starts to beat fast and almost feels like its hurting when I think about the girl I like, I feel anxious for no good reason.


Something I thought would never happen just happened today, I told my parents and my brother about my addiction to porn (after a lot of tears), I'm so happy I did it. I live in a Christian home so I was expecting much worse but what I got was support and "You're not the only one this has affected", of course my parents think watching porn isn't good as do I. I'm happy that they are going to support me with this.

I'm probably the youngest member on this site (16) and I just want to thank everyone for everything ( your blogs, forum topics etc.) You have all helped me tremendously and I am so determined to stop this addiction. I have decided to give my parents my laptop and there is also an internet filter (K-9) on it so I don't get tempted. I would recommend telling someone who can help you about your addiction because it helps not having to do it alone.


The key to a quick and successful recovery is a positive outlook on life and others around you because if you beat yourself and put yourself down about it you won't get anywhere.


Since my last blog post I've made 3 rebooting attempts, I went 12 days, 9 days and my last streak was 7 days (which ended yesterday) I haven't really been experiencing the negative effects that I usually get, I think it's mainly because I am practicing a being positive.

Today was Day 1 and I was feeling as if I had gone a lot longer, I did however feel a little bit depressed during the day but that seemed to fade. I was talking to girls in my school so easily and it seemed as though they gravitated towards me, it was pretty cool but I feel sad at the moment because the girl I really do want doesn't want me back (at least I think so) and it's making me feel sick and hopeless.

I'm going to keep going and this time I'm a lot more determined and there are less distractions so hopefully I'll reach my 3 week goal.


Today marks 2 weeks without PM for this reboot, this time around I haven't been tempted at all! My social life has greatly improved, during these 2 weeks I've seen myself change so much and become a really confident person (other people have noticed this too) I'm able to talk to people I don't know well a lot easier now which is something I really struggled with before.

Don't get me wrong there have been some negative things but they were very minimal, for example I started to feel sad sometimes and think negatively but I was able to bounce back so much quicker, it really is amazing! I wish I could make you feel how I'm feeling right now, I feel like I'm on top of the world!

My record number of days for a reboot is 15 days so I am almost there and I plan on going forever! Once you experience the benefits of this you won't want to go back, trust me! Life has never been better. A lot of people would be a lot happier if they tried to give it up. Thanks!


Okay so I made it to day 19, I'm still in unknown territory as I have never been this far before. Up until day 18 I had not given in to anything at all (no looking at images or videos and no edging) but on day 18 I looked at some porn images despite having K9 on my laptop, this actually helped me rather than hinder because I realised how bad things get when you give in to this addiction, after I had looked at the images got in trouble with my parents and I started feeling sad and lazy. I haven't looked at anything else since then so that's a relief.


Yeah that's right I relapsed, but there are positives to this, I reached my goal of 3 weeks and I've learnt some things during this reboot that will come in handy in my next reboot. I realised something a while ago after I relapsed: You don't have to be negative or antisocial after a relapse, you have a choice whether you want to be happy or unhappy. The chaser is actually non existent for me now. I've noticed this happening the last few times that I relapsed.


I haven't been on this site for a while and I have a lot of things to say about what has happened during this year. At the beginning of the year I was shy, insecure, depressed and anti-social and looking back now I can see that I'm an entirely different person now. I've stopped using porn now, though I still get urges.

 A little background on me, I was never a popular kid, I couldn't talk to girls (I didn't have any friends that were girls) and I only had about 2 close friends. I was always telling myself that my life was worthless and I had suicidal thoughts for a very long time. I always wondered why my life was the way it was, until I started noticing a pattern: Whenever I watched porn or masturbated I would always get what seemed to be 'bad luck', so what I did was I decided to try and stop masturbating for 2 weeks and see what happened, this turned out to be the best decision of my life.

 During the 2 week period that I abstained, I met a girl who is now a really great friend of mine, this was the first time that I ever went up to a girl and talked to her and I was really shocked that I wasn't nervous and I was so confident while talking to her, we talked to each other everyday after that until I had a wet dream and I started to be distant and I felt the way I felt before I abstained. This was a bad thing and a good thing, it was bad because it made her back away from me a bit but it was good because I had proof that porn and masturbation had a negative impact on my life. Needless to say me and this girl are very good friends now.

 I also found that I was able to talk to people (guys and girls) a lot better when I abstained and I am proud to say that I now have a girlfriend (my first proper girlfriend) and she's absolutely beautiful. Before when my life was miserable I always thought I would never find someone and that no one could love me but now my confidence has just sky rocketed I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am. 2011 has been a year of great change for me and I am very much looking forward 2012 and the years to come.

by Equil

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Age 16 - I'm stronger. More social, friendly, confident, decisive & focused. Erections are better

young guyOn this day, October 9th, 2014, I have completed 90 days of nofap. I'm going to try to keep this a bit short, so here's how my journey went: Before nofap I was: Socially awkward, Unfocused, Lonely, Nervous around girls,  Weak - both physically and mentally, Unattractive.

Now, after 90 days, I've noticed a lot of changes:

I'm stronger in all ways.

  • More social,
  • more focused,
  • more friendly.
  • I'm more aggressive, I do things that I want to do because I want to do them.
  • I've heard people mention less acne, and that actually seems to be true.
  • Nowadays when I get an erection it's way more full than the semis I used to get, to the point where it almost hurts to walk through the halls in school.
  • I am more confident in everything I do, more decisive and dedicated with my decisions.
  • People have been noticing my new hairstyle a lot recently, which is amazing!

Some tips I have:

  1. Don't focus on nofap, because if you focus on not fapping, your brain is still thinking of fapping, and you'll eventually cave. 
  2. Distract your mind. I'm interested by electronics and Arduino, so I've been looking into that a lot recently as something to do.
  3. Take care of your body. Start lifting and eating better, look at how you style your hair, do something to make yourself look better.
  4. Look to music. I've played guitar more in the past 90 days than when I was just starting around a year ago. I'm listening to new music and more music, and it truly does help to cheer you up or just make you feel good in general.
  5. Go out of your comfort zone. This pushes you to be better, it's a push to become a better person. When you go outside your comfort zone you are metamorphosing into a new, better person.
  6. Just enjoy life. Wake up every day and see life as a beautiful thing, love the small things that happen.

Thanks to all who have read this and supported me on the journey, I don't think I could've done it without the community we have here. Stay strong, /r/nofap!

LINK - 90 day report!

by Nofap_TH1356



I stumbled upon this sub after a few years of porn and masturbation, and before I knew I had a problem. It wasn't until I tried quitting that I realized it was a problem for me.

I saw a lot of people saying that before Nofap they were very socially awkward and shy, and had trouble talking to girls and new people in general. I'd always felt like the one guy in my group who's not really a part of it, but just a guy who clings on the side and gets acknowledged every once in a while. So, why not try to make a change?

I started nofap in January or February of my sophomore year of high school, which was last year. In that school year, I had made it 14 days at the most, and it felt absolutely amazing to not feel so numb and desensitized. Then summer came around and I got kinda lonely without daily interaction with people, and I faltered a lot.

Junior year swung around this past autumn, and I've made huge progress. One streak of 97 days, and all since then have been at least two weeks, often around 20-30 days. I've been way more social with strangers and friends alike. During my time on nofap (and even before that), I've tried asking out a few girls, with each attempt getting more ballsy and closer to success. Still never had a gf, but I feel so much more confident after reading /r/malefashionadvice and /r/malehairadvice. I'll probably be making a move on a girl in one of my classes sometime soon, hoping that goes well.

So all in all; huge improvements to social skills, fashion, hair, confidence, and even intelligence. I've never been healthier physically or mentally in my life. I enjoy things much more, and find extreme joy in things that would've barely evoked a response before.

Edit: just realized that this is /r/nofapwar, not /r/nofap. I joined the war to be stronger and have more motivation to quit. It helped me achieve that one 97 day streak I mentioned earlier.


UPDATE - 30 days, a few insights and progress.

I've made it to 97 days before, and haven't made it this far in a while. It feels great to be at 30 days again, I'm starting to enjoy life a lot more. Some improvements:

  • More happiness
  • More emotions in general
  • Bigger gains from lifting. I don't work out every day and I don't do a ton of weight, but I've seen improvements and I'm happy with the schedule I've got going.
  • Better style (thanks, /r/malefashionadvice)
  • Better hair
  • Less acne problems
  • More comfortable in my own skin
  • Tons of CONFIDENCE!
  • Less brain fog
  • Better focus
  • More joy from music, both listening to and playing it
  • I eat healthier
  • A lot more social now

Some insights: Don't ever give up, it's always better to keep pushing through, and things will be better on the other side. And never try to do too much at once. I once tried giving up PMO and at the same time I tried reading everyday, learning programming every day, lifting, and giving up video games and Internet. Don't ever try that, haha. Nowadays I do what I want when I want, the only thing I hold myself to is lifting every other day. I don't eat too unhealthily, and I don't spend every day on Xbox, simply because I don't want to. My best advice: let Nofap run in the background while you live life, and it'll not only be easier but more fun.

Hopefully this helps a few people out. Stay strong, /r/nofap, I believe in all of you.


Age 16 - I've learned more about my body and where my energy comes from

lotus - blessingsJust completed my 90 days and I would love to share my story with you guys and what I have learned. When I first realized the true powers of nofap was in june about a week in. I would have football in the mornings over the summer.

Mmy schedule basically everyday was to wake up at 6:45 go to football come home, jerk off and take a good four hour nap. By this time my day was basically ruined. The week I started nofap I actually woke up at 5:30 everyday, an hour before usual and I wouldn't actually nap at all. I would even wake up early on my days off. I never truly felt the "superpower" like energy, but my a felt like I could accomplish anything.

I also learned about semen retention, the ancient eastern practices of qigong meditation and embryonic breathing helped me channel my energy from the built up semen to become more aggressive and powerful. One day I posted a comment on no stroke September saying how I was frustrated about everything and everything was irritating. I felt like a ticking time bomb and when I got home from school I put in a good hour workout to help release the tension. With nofap I have learned more about my body and where my energy comes from.

I've also learned a lot about sex. On PMO my whole idea about sex was false and inadequate which wasn't helping me with women at all. On nofap and retaining from porn I feel like I've developed theories that help straighten out my sex life. One is that I am more comfortable with my body. I have learned more about nudism and leaving my body vulnerable. Sitting out in my backyard naked and meditating feels so good and gives me more self confidence.

My new ideas about sex are just theories so many might not agree, but what it all boils down to is that people think sex is all about the orgasm and the body parts involved. Being without PMO I've gotten away from focusing about orgasms. Sex is not about the penis or the vagina, sex is a complete physical connection between the two people's entire bodies. The penis and the vagina are like the paintbrush and the canvas the sexual energy is expressed through, while sexual connection is impossible without the genitals they are not what is important. Think about it this way, when you look at a painting you do not think that the canvas and the paintbrush are beautiful, it is the painting that is the art. That is the problem with porn, porn focuses on the tits, the ass, the vagina and the penis, and those are the least important. However you cannot feel the physical connection in porn you just see the genitals.

I am so happy to be able to share what I've learned with you guys and I am blessed to have found this community. I would have never made it to 90 days without you guys and I've grown so much. I love nofap and I hope everyone struggling with what I went through can find what I've found. The three years straight I've consistently fapped I don't regret anything, because without that I would not have grown like I have.

LINK - 90 days bitch

by Cdog369


Age 16 - More confidence & energy, better concentraion, less awkward

Hello /r/NoFap!

Well, here it is. For the second time, I've reached ninety days. I've had my ups and downs on my journey so far- click here to see my story, my previous failure, etc- but I plan on truly succeeding at overcoming PMO this time. Too busy to read my novel of a post? Here's the important points:

  • I'm 16 years old, and have made it to 114 days.
  • It sucks to fail, especially when you've made it that far
  • I don't plan on ever going back to PMO- overall NoFap has improved my life in many ways

Anyway, like I said, today is day 90. Sure, I've been tempted a lot, and I've been through some terrible flatlines, but I've stayed away from PMO, and worked my hardest to improve my life in as many ways as possible. For all those starting off, or those who haven't made it very far yet, a warning to you- it's not all sunshine and rainbows. It's gonna suck. You're going to be tempted a lot. You're going to feel like a failure, and you're going to rethink your life and personality. But despite this, if you work hard, and don't give up, it will be worth it. It's not all bad, and although sometimes (especially flatlining) can be suckish, the benefits are amazing.

  • Better sleep, more energy Note: combine with cold showers for increased effect!
  • Better state of mind, more concentration
  • True happiness- no brain fog
  • More confidence, less awkward- approach and talk to people easier
  • And, while it hasn't really shown up in my teenage life, it is said to help communication etc. with women

If you'd life, feel free to ask me any questions you may have. And above all, good luck to all of you- keep on going and you won't be disappointed. Stay strong!

LINK - 90 days, but it isn't over yet.

by 5teve7

Age 16 - More energy & motivation, better grades, I now have a personality, I am capable of loving

16-yr old guyFor your information I am a 16 year old boy from Germany. I started NoFap in October last year because I noticed my porn and masturbation "addiction" (I had no idea I had one back then) went too far.

 I would masturbate in other households than mine, and watch porn secretly. I was browsing Imgur right after fapping one day and stumbled upon an infographic about NoFap.

After reading I just said to myself "hey why not?", and started.

My first streak lasted 14 days, which basically was my fall break. The results were amazing! I had been on an excursion and I noticed I would talk to girls much more freely and had an overall better mood.

The relapse was shit. A few shorter streaks later, I managed to get to 30, then 50, then 30 again. Shortly before Christmas last year I relapsed, and since then, I haven't!

Why not?

I think it is actually quite simple. I signed up for 2014 without PMO, with 14 days or something in advance. I had a goal - Also I signed up for the NoFap war. It is one of the greatest and best challenges there are on NoFap. I can only advise everybody else to sign up for the next one too.

I was a Regiment Commander there, and it taught me a lot about responsibility, teamwork, and organization. Together we created an insular NoFap environment, with our own private subreddit etc..

The biggest change I experienced though is that I am capable of loving another person. When I started NoFap, I noticed after a while I really liked a girl, but I couldn't say if I'd fallen in love or not (I thought I was gay, apparently I'd watched so much porn that girls didn't affect me anymore... a controversial post is following...).

Now I can say I really love her. Sometimes when I talk with her I just want to hug her and embrace her and kiss her, short, I want to love her. It's going quite well, but I don't know if we'll get together so fast. She is still very focused on having a "good-looking" boyfriend (concerning muscle mass, blablabla), but she has amazing characteristics that show when you talk to her when she is not under the pressure of society (ok this is getting very psychological, let's go on).

My grades have went from mediocre/good to OUT OF THIS WORLD. It's perfectly normal for me to get 15 points (equivalent to A+ where I come from) in all of my major fields of study. I actually enjoy learning. I've started reading much more, and I've noticed that my acting, which I already liked to do in the past, is going super well and is something I find peace in and would love to do for a living later on.

Still, it's just beginning. Changes aren't as evident as before, but now the long term changes are beginning. I feel how the reboot is coming nearer and nearer. Especially in terms of sensitiveness and emotion I am developing.

Here is a short list of some of the changes I underwent during this time:

  • more energy
  • more motivation
  • better work out results
  • better grades
  • I am more communicative
  • I fucking have a personality
  • I am capable of loving
  • I have started getting up at 5 a.m. in the morning and working out
  • I go to bed earlier (duh.)
  • I read more
  • I can act better
  • I look healthier (my skin especially)

Ok so that is about it. I will be giving an AMA tonight (or this morning, depending on where you live) at 22:00 CET, which is 5:00 p.m. in New York.

There will be another post about my experiences with being gay or not, and how porn affected me, so stay tuned!

Also feel free to read my speech "The Happiness you Gain", which can be found here.

Also check the NoFapWarRebooted page, so you can sign up for the next war.

There will probably be some edits on this when I remember some more changes I underwent.

And now, for all the lazies here: TL:dr: Lots of powerful changes, ʳᵉᵃᵈ ᵐʸ ᵖᵒˢᵗ, I am giving an AMA tonight at 22:00 CET ;

LINK - Today is my 90th. This is just the beginning!

by RollingCompass


LINK - [AMA] I am RollingCompass, a 16-year old boy from Germany, and today I celebrate 90 days! Ask me Anything!


Age 16 - My (Almost) Complete Transformation: 60 Day Report

frogAs with my 30 day report, I am writing this for myself, but I want to share my experiences with the community and become another one of the many who NoFap has truly helped.

Quoted from my 30 day report

I know a lot of people start of their journey in WAY different places, so I want to say a little about myself. I'm 16 and have PMO'd since I was 12. For the majority of that time I would PMO about once a day in the evening, but in the time closer to when I quit it wasn't uncommon for me to PMO twice a day to slightly kinkier stuff. I know a lot of people are older than me or have more severe habits, but I want to be clear about my past because I think it affects our addiction and our path away from it.

I stumbled upon this subreddit a while back and I had a couple streaks of less than a week that I don't quite remember mostly as a challenge for myself. This is my first streak since that time and also my longest.

I talked a lot about how difficult being disciplined avoiding PMO in my previous post, so if you want to hear about that you can check it out. I want to focus primarily on how NoFap has affected me in this post.

I had the most amazing weekend the last couple days. I was talking to my friend about it yesterday and I literally started crying because of how purely happy I felt. I've never felt so happy in my entire life. The weekend started with a concert on Friday. A lot of people were high/drunk, but I am super proud of myself because I stayed sober and still had a blast. I felt like everyone at the concert was my friend. I went up to nearly everyone and would yell “Why aren't you dancing!?!” I felt like the life of the concert, and as a usually more reserved person, people were asking me if I was high. I was only high on life. Now I know that women aren't the goal of this journey for everyone, but the fact that I was able to be confident, connect with a girl, and share my first kiss with an awesome person was such an elevating experience. I can't go into more detail about the rest of the weekend because it involves more personal details, but suffice it to say this was only the beginning.

I feel like a new MAN. Here is how NoFap has affected me:

  • I am more confident in myself and in what I believe is important
  • I can connect with friends and even women in a more personal way
  • I am not as invested in how other people think of me
  • I can hold strong eye contact and body language throughout the day and in conversations with others
  • I feel more in control of my sexuality
  • I do not feel guilty about my sexuality
  • I am aroused and attracted to REAL women
  • I experience great periods of happiness and sadness, but the sad periods only make the happy ones better
  • I smile and laugh more
  • I have more free time and experience self-growth every day
  • I have recommended NoFap to my friends
  • I am more optimistic about my future
  • I am happy

I want to thank this awesome community. Please ask any questions you may have.

LINK - My (Almost) Complete Transformation - 60 Day Report

by Yungclowns


Age 16 - My confidence has improved massively, I feel content. Free.

young guyI made it to 60 days! And the strange thing is, it doesn't feel like I am "missing" anything. Despite how large a part of my life "jerkin' the gherkin" used to be, it does not feel like I have an empty void to fill - in other words, I feel content. Free.

The biggest benefit I have experienced is no longer being tethered (or trapped, if you will) by my natural urges. Yes, the urge to orgasm is still there. So are all the others (fast food, video games etc.). But I can now control these feelings relatively easily, without having to fight hard or give in. I am again, free.

One very important thing I have realised is that I do not crave orgasm - I crave intimacy with another human being. All of those years of fapping never left me feeling content because I was never getting what I truly wanted - and neither are you, if you continue to fap. This has led me to discover that what I truly want in life is a rather elusive thing, and something which I am still trying to find.

Oh, and my confidence has improved massively too! Before, I was scared/tense even around friends, whereas now I could not care less what others think of me - I am too happy just being myself! One interesting quote I found on this topic is this - "You won't care what others think of you, when you realise how little they do". For instance, whenever I have an awkward moment with someone (such as this morning on the phone to a girl I've liked for some time) I no longer get worked up and worried about it - I simply brush it off and laugh about it (very different to the days - yes days - I used to spend panicking about nothing!). I believe this is as a result of being able to control my emotions and feelings more readily, without giving in to them uncontrollably.

So, fellow fapstronauts, stay strong - and here's to the next 60 days!

[Inresponse to question]

Of course life isn't all sunshine and unicorn farts, but its certainly better than it was - almost as if I have become a new person. Exercise, hobbies and socializing all help tremendously in gaining the benefits stated above, as well as helping to destroy the addiction!

Oh and a tip - after the first week it gets a LOT easier, and the less you fap the more you break the habit - thus making it even easier! So keep fighting fapstronaut, and destroy this beast once and for all!

LINK - Here's to 60 days

by guitarmad333



1st (2nd) Attempt

I have been masturbating since I was about 13 (three years), and since then have done it frequently (up to four times a day). I am not addicted to porn, but I am definitely addicted to masturbation. I can't remember how I found this page, but it has made me realise how much a part of my life it has become - I quickly become agitated when I can't do it (for instance, when on a family holiday for a week or two).

After reading all of your posts, it made me realise that I could end up having some serious problems (such as PIED, etc.), and this has inspired me to partake in the challenge, and hopefully end up quitting for good. We'll be going on holiday again in a week's time (for 2 weeks), so if I just manage this week, then the next two will be basically 'taken care of' by the holiday (I'm not exactly going to masturbate in the same hotel room as my family, am I?).

Although I managed three days last week, this is my first 'proper' attempt at the challenge - at least, the first attempt with the help of you guys.

Wish me luck! (sorry if this is a little long)


Age 16 - No more social anxiety, increased confidence, head is clear

Hello all, Just as a fair warning, the next wall of text you are going to read is quite lengthy. I hope it's worth it for you if you read it, and if you don't I could care less. I'm just getting my thoughts down somewhere.

As a 16 year old Nofapper, I was fortunate to realize my problem comparatively very early then others. I gave up fapping for lent this year, and when I could only make it 10 days I resolved I would make it that 40 days one day. The idea that I could not give up a habit, what I loved the most for who I loved the most, God, startled and disgusted me. But apparently not enough for me to stop fapping full time. Feeling that disgust filled me with a want to change myself for the better.

I used to fap once a day, every day, and during summer months twice a day like clockwork. Wake up, fap. 12 at night and my parents are sleep? Fap. It woke me up, and it put me to sleep. I was fapping to the hottest girls I've ever seen, and 20-22 year old pornstars like Alexis Texas make immature teenage girls pale in comparison. But I was feeling pathetic for fapping, as my friends had girlfriends, hook ups, and all kinds of interactions with females and I had still yet to have my first kiss.

Come late march however, I vowed I would do a whole Nofap month to show I could make my vow one day. I got a buddy and googled NoFap April, and guess what I found? Camp_Olympia's sign up for NoFap april. Next thing I know, I signed up and joined and made it 29 days out of 30. Yeah, I broke on the LAST day. Ever since I've been on this challenge and relapsed plenty but lasted long. My current record is 34 days, and I'm on my way to beating it and going as long as I can.

I'm doing fairly well. All summer however, I've been trapped in my basement while my parents work so I can't leave except for special occasions and if I go hang out with friends (most of which are on vacation). However, I've left the house a fair amount for assorted reasons, and while I was out and about I noticed a few things.

I could go on about my living habits, but let me give you a summary of what has changed in my life since the day I began the challenge about 4 months ago:

  • I have cured my social anxiety. I'm good at public speaking, and have always had a knack for being social. However, I freeze around girls, especially one I'm attracted to. Since I've started, I've taken the initiative to talk to everyone I see, save a few exceptions. -I'm more conversational Tying into the previous, I go on walks every once in a while, and I find that when I see ANYONE, families, men with dogs, women with dogs, the elderly, obese people, I just say hello and inquire on their day or something about them. It's definitely increased my conversational ability.
  • I'm more driven to change. I workout daily. Pushups are a godsend because you can do then ANYWHERE, anytime. It may not always be socially acceptable but if there's a floor, you can do them. I've taken it upon my self to change my basement into a workout room. Enough equipment for the basics. I've also subscribed to /r/seduction , which has helped me to structure myself and my standards in women.
  • I've corrected my self confidence issues. Not to say I really was struggling too much with it before, but I'd have days where I wouldn't feel like I was amazing and affirmations just didn't work. I had been rejected a few times by girls for various things, and my view of myself didn't seem to correspond to reality and I suffered. Since Nofap, I changed my opinion of myself. It didn't do it for me, but it helped me to. Now I'm ridiculously confident, and cocky. But hey, I like it. I just go to the bathroom and look in the mirror and can't help but smile because I like what I see now. I take my shirt off and I feel comfortable, proud even. It's gotten better.
  • When I go out, girls stare. I've had braces for 2.5 years. Girls might check me out, but I used to throw it off as coincidence. Since I started Nofap, I noticed girls were checking me out. They always were all along, but I was finally noticing it. And acting on it. I talked to the girls that were looking at me, and made some good friends. My most memorable time with this is when I was going to get Mcdonalds and my mom was driving, and the lady who was giving the food literally made eye contact with me, and I smiled and I watched her literally melt. She didn't stop looking at me as she gave the food to my mom and said have a good day. Made me feel alpha as fuck.
  • My head is more clear. My thoughts are more organized, I'm more focused and dedicated to the task at hand. Unrelated slightly, but I've gotten ridiculously good at league these days. I like to attribute it to my ability to make better decisions and better judgement calls, caused by Nofap. Might sound like a stretch, but no joke.

But the best part is this confidence. My goodness it's strong. All I can think about is going back to school for my junior year and having girls all over me. With contacts on, braces finally off, and self esteem out the ass, I'm ready to take this year by storm in more ways then one. I'll get a better GPA then last year and continue my upward trend from a 3.6 to a 3.7, and hopefully a 3.8 this year. This year has the potential to be my best year ever, and it has the potential to be yours as well. In life, the people who are the most successful are the ones who make their own luck, take life into their own hands. I'm ready to do that. The question is, are you?

LINK - The thoughts of a man addicted and isolated.

by Ausen

Age 16 - Not addicted, but porn changed me

fallsDespite the fact that I haven't hit 90 days yet, I figured I would give a brief overview of how my /r/nofap journey has been being that the next few days I will be busy. I'm a 16 year old boy whose life has been turned upside down since the discovery of this magical subreddit. I have been watching internet porn (PMO) for all of 2 years.

Although I was never an addict, I was always filled with a sense of shame and anxiety after watching porn (PMO) that I just brushed off as "an awkward teenage phase." The "me" of before was a fun and spontaneous person. Slowly that person was becoming dull and boring.

I knew I needed to change. The problem was identifying the one variable in my life that could turn around my current predicament. Then it struck me, "when did the onset of all these negative effects start?" WHEN I STARTED MASTURBATING. I had finally figured out the crux of the issue. My first time attempting nofap (without having heard of the subreddit) I made it 1 whole month. Thinking I had been cured, I started PMO'ing again. After finally discovering /r/nofap, it was enlightening, seeing other people with the same problems as me after masturbating. All of sophomore year I had 1 week streaks that I always found a way to break over the weekends. Then, after starting junior year and realizing that it was just about time to stop fucking around, I knew that I could do it. The glorious 90 day badge. Next I will give a brief analysis of the different stages in my /r/nofap journey:

  • Day 1-3: Extreme horny- ness accompanied by severe social anxiety
  • Day 4-20: Calmed down, still not my normal self, still very horny, but not as bad as days 1-3
  • Day 21-30: Life couldn't be better, it's as if I'm on the top of the world, nobody can bring me down; supreme confidence; incredible drive to accomplish tasks and excel in academic aspects of my life
  • Day 31-56: The first flatline; to be honest I don't know how I could have gotten over this bump without the /r/nofap community. I had virtually no libido, felt as though everyone was conspiring against me (paranoia), extreme social anxiety, fear of 1 on 1 conversations and interaction with women; no morning erections
  • Day 57-70: Another high point, seemed as though I had been cured (virtually the same as days 20- 30 with more confidence)
  • Day 71-73: Second flatline; socially fine but no libido whatsoever, no attempt or desire to pursue a sexual interest or SO
  • Day 74-77: Third Flatline; socially anxious, awkward, but my libido was off the charts, I wanted certain women so bad, but fear and apprehension took over
  • Day 78-86: Third high point on my journey; feeling good, flatlines a thing of the past
  • Day 86-88: On day 86, I fooled around with this girl from school, she gave me a handjob, and my penis felt like a supersoaker, since then I have been feeling anxious and virtually no libido (should pass in a day or two)

I have control over my life now. I'm getting more women, and I feel like a more confident person. The sacrifice is totally worth it. (10 days or something of anxiety for a lifetime of prosperity and confidence). Trust me it's well worth the wait. That is my journey, I'm happy to answer any questions you all might have for me.

LINK - My 90 Day Journey: AMA

by Fizzyclown

Age 16 - Porn Isn't a Part of my Life Anymore

I say this with caution. Obviously we are all one suggestive innuendo away from relapsing, but we are capable of overcoming it with the right priorities. I personally do not want to go back to the damaging lifestyle I had while using it. I'm only 16. I started looking at it was I was around 10. That's pretty messed up...yet I know there are kids out there who started younger.

Remember this always: you have the power to control your life. You CAN say NO to anything you want. You have the right to decide not to do something. Show yourself some kindness and strive to make changes in your life. Doing NoFap or PornFree will not cure all of your ailments. You have to take action. But hey, you were strong enough to acknowledge that you have a problem, or that you want to improve yourself. Guess what? You can! Stay strong, everyone.

LINK - Porn Isn't a Part of my Life Anymore

by DeterminedToLive

Age 16 - Porn free for 1 year. Now on to NoFap

Hi I just wanted to introduce myself and give you a short outline of my story so far.

So I started fapping at the age of 12 and directly with Porn. I always felt guilty and wanted to stop. I basically never used my fantasy. At the age of 15, last year in December, I think a couple of days before Christmas, I read my first article about how porn is affecting your life and about the benefits of watching No Porn. So I decided to not watch any porn any more, and I did not watch it since then.

It kinda was hard in the beginning. Looking back it was not even so hard. During this time I also noticed, the damage it has done to me and I think I still have not fully recovered (Hopefully NoFap is going to help me with this). After only a month or so without porn I noticed the positve changes.

I actually met my first real girlfriend in the end of january, so 1 month after quitting porn. I lost my virginity to her and everything went well. I read a lot about dominance and sex and stuff and learnt it and I guess I could apply it very good. However, my girlfriend broke up with me like 2 and a half months ago. So I am starting NoFap.

I just want to see how it is affecting me. I am already longer than the 7 days that I have in my day counter, but I did not know how long any more, so I said a week ( It has been a little more than 2 weeks I guess, but that does not matter). I also shower cold. I have started this also in January for the first time but only for a month (30-Day challenge) and than started again around end of may, but again stopped in October shortly after my girlfriend broke up. Since beginning of November I am showering cold again and I can only recommened it for every one.

So I noticed how quitting porn has helped my life tremendously (Girls, working out, creativity, school, social) and I am very optimistic that NoFap is going to be even better. I never get morning wood, and maybe NoFap is going to cure this? But I always get wet dreams after a couple of days of not fapping, this is a good sign right?

Good Luck everbody, you are going to make it.

(Sorry for Mistakes, English is not my mother language)

LINK - Start of NoFap after a year of No Porn

by DS-Slash

Age 16 - Since doing nofap I can say without doubt this is the happiest I've ever been.

The all the guys starting out and having trouble all I can say is things will get better, all the struggle, doubts and effort you put into this will pay off and once you get there AND YOU WILL GET THERE you will KNOW it was all worth it.

This is a quote from day 60 " I am very happy to be alive and just enjoy life. Man today felt so good, I cannot put into worlds how perfect it is. I have nofap, meditation,skateboarding, healthy eating, cold showers and ayahuasca to thank :) "

I have done meditation, healthy eating in the past but it seems that nofap and cold showers really made the difference its like crossing the two most powerful tools together to improve your life and wow I can really feel the difference, I think doing all these things maximizes the superpowers and those people who say they don't feel much different are probably missing a one or two of those 4.

since doing nofap I can say without doubt this is the happiest I've ever been.

Another quote from earlier in my streak "So like I said I am enjoying the superpowers I have a greater love for life, am so much happier now and not how I used to feel lifeless, kinda like a robot basically. It really does feel like heaven on earth for me even though at times things can get tough I pull through and just get passed it and smile easily. Anxiety is still there but I have the balls to overcome it which before I would be too scared to do anything. a lot less fear more love. Its so much easier to talk to girls or anyone If I want to and I don't see girls as physical meat sticks for me to lust at I see a person behind that beauty, if anyone is curious I just turned 16 and am in high school."

I'll end it with my tips.

  1. Be as healthy as you can, diet more important than exercise I have found. (this is because the healthier you are the less urges you have, based on experience.)
  2. Remove any triggers such as over-sexualized entertainment,media, movies etc as much as you can.
  3. Instead of using fapping as a stress reliever replace it with meditation once a day maybe 20min but more is always better, or find other ways to relief stress.
  4. Don't think about the days as it will remind you of fapping (this includes visiting the nofap reddit too much, especially when the first couple of weeks) just focus on living life normally. The goal is to completely erase the idea that fapping even exists, This means also getting rid of the idea of "trying to not fap" you will fail if done this way because it is still in your mind.
  5. Commit 100%, be honest with yourself do you really want to put the effort into this?
  6. Cold showers everyday(optional but recommended)

I've used this and it got me to 150 days (hard-mode) on my first try not even a challenge so easy! The only thing that made me stop was being extremely unhealthy overeating on a bunch of junk food. Following all the rules you can do nofap basically forever, if you want :)

LINK - 90 day report.

by Sk8er123123123


Age 16 - Social Anxiety almost gone, suicidal thoughts & feelings of depression vanished, tons of energy

happy guySome Background: 16 y/o male. Started PMOing around 14, so around the time i entered high school, maybe for 2 and a half years I've been PMOing. I already had pretty low self-esteem entering high school.

I had two groups of friends...the ones I wanted to hang out with, and the ones I really got along with, so I was floating around most of the time. HS comes and I start to gravitate towards the ones I get along with well, but PMO kind of hindered my growth. I would spend my days watching TV, playing videogames, PMOing once a day and doing homework and getting decent grades. On really bad days I would just wonder what the point of it all was so unenjoyable at many times. Social anxiety, low know the rest.

What Brought Me Here

I noticed that it was extremely difficult for me to achieve orgasm without porn, and masturbation was so unpleasurable without porn. I was also using no lube and using what I found was the death-grip...oops. I think deep down I've always wanted to stop, but after seeing that I might be completely densensitizing my dick, I got worried. After some surfing, I discovered YBOP and then NoFap. Seeing all these stories of increased confidence and social anxiety disappearing prompted me to get started.

So It Begins

I went 8 days at first. Weeks went by with relapse after relapse for about 3 months. During this time I noticed how much happier I was. How much more willing I was to do stuff. I started to really enjoy talking and socializing with people. After about a month I got a huge crush on this girl, which I never had since middle school. I remember this one girl during my PMO days where I thought I liked her...but I really just wanted to fuck her. I soon learned that fantasizing and lusting over someone is different from actually liking someone. You get this warm feeling instead of a begging, lustful kind of feeling. I missed that. I went about 33 days and relapsed. After that I went all the way to 90. What got me here was just the knowledge that porn basically lowered my self-esteem, and made me so lethargic and unmotivated. You just have to ask yourself what kind of a person you want to be. I remember quite recently this one kid at my school showing me all these revealing pictures of women on his phone, and another friend showing me a subreddit with revealing images... and I just thought to myself, "Damn... how fucking pathetic...thats not the kind of person I want to be." I remember in my PMO days I wanted to share my favorite porn videos with my friends... To think I was once like those two kids at my school... how pitiful...

The Changes

-Social Anxiety almost completely gone. I might not be very outgoing right now, but damn did my confidence go up. REMEMBER: There's a difference between being cocky and being confident.

-I got the motivation to exercise and start doing productive things. I started to care how I looked. Watching TV and playing videogames alone suddenly became a huge waste of time and offered no satisfaction whatsoever.

-Any sort of suicidal thoughts and feelings of depression vanished. I started to enjoy life. My self-esteem rose, and I noticed that everytime I looked in the mirror, I was happy with what I saw. I started to really like myself

-Shitload of energy

-Making eye contact with girls at my school. So goddamn enjoyable

-More optimistic

-I started to really enjoy talking and joking around with my friends and my family. Me and my family would just sit around the table after dinner and just joke around. I found out how much I really enjoy that.

-I noticed the sheer beauty and attractiveness in all the girls around me. I wanted to talk and connect with them. I started noticing more than just their ass or tits, and I actually felt like they were attainable... I felt worthy

-I got a girlfriend and my first kiss :D I remember seeing her at the beginning of the year and thinking, "damn I'll never be with her." SHE was the one to start talking to ME. What the hell? She is friends with so many guys and yet she wanted to be with me...crazy.

-I found out that you actually can masturbate without porn OR fantasizing.

Final Thoughts

First off I just want to say that watching porn and jacking off to it is NOTHING compared to kissing, even cuddling with someone else. I dont know if all of you might not feel this way, but dammit... kissing and cuddling with someone else is 10 times...NO...100 TIMES better than anything porn has to offer. Seriously. What do you want... short-term spikes in pleasure that leave no fulfillment or satisfaction... or do you want a real-life interaction that leaves you feeling all happy and fuzzy inside.

Also, cold showers are freaking awesome. They're like a catalyst to getting shit done. Doing something that scares you everyday is the way to go.

In the beginning of the 90 day challenge, I felt like, "Ugh, I'm such a shit person, but I'm not as bad as the people who do drugs or who are im ok. After the 90 day challenge, I felt like, "Goddamn, I'm an awesome person...but dammit I could be better." To me, this is what the 90 days is all about. I experienced SO MANY positive changes, but at the same time I found so many things that I wanted to do further... like reading those books, exercising, cold showers, and just being productive in general.

I might go back to masturbating in the future, but at a maximum once a week... or once a month... or never. I'm really not sure. I just see it as something that's there when I need it, but it just seems kind of pointless... It's not really unhealthy if you moderate it, but seriously why bother? If you have the self-control, then you wont need to masturbate. But never again will I watch porn. Ever.

To those of you who are starting this challenge, I am quite jealous of you. I sincerely hope this transformation will be as enjoyable for you as it was for me. Please enjoy this journey. As for me? My journey is far from over,since I'll probably go 150 days since I feel my libido isn't 100% back to normal. But for the most part... it's smooth-sailing from here. Now that I've broken the chains, I can turn my attention to improving myself and living a fulfilling life full of emotions and adventure. I feel so excited about the future. One good tip I want to share: If you start your day off with something productive, that WILL set the tone for the rest of the day. Even getting up early can help jumpstart your day.

To everyone on this subreddit...THANK YOU. I cannot thank each and every one of you enough. I am so happy to have found this place, and I am so happy to have made the decision to stop watching porn and masturbating. I remember at times I would be brought to tears (thanks to my newly found emotions) by the amount of support and help you guys and girls give each other. Truly inspirational. All of you people are truly special, and I wish you all the best!

One final thing..... my gf of about a month has been dying to know a secret of mine, and she already told me about her troubled past. I feel like telling her quitting porn brought many positive changes in my life...but idk. I feel like she would like the idea of me not watching porn, but I'm feeling kind of skeptical about telling her. Should I? Thank you in advance :)

LINK - 90 Day Hardmode Report...My thoughts and changes

by Leistung


Age 16 - Social anxiety & stutter is gone, I can talk to anyone, super motivated and grades are up.

Smiley facesWell, this is pretty much how I felt every day after about day 40.

Some inspiration

I gave up on this a couple times. I never had a life controlling addiction, and I only would PMO once a week, but for some reason I couldn't go longer than a week. I doubted myself so much and never thought I could do it.

If you don't mind, I do admit that my Christian faith did help me. I try to imitate Christ and well, I think this is part of it. I also feel like this is definitely how God wanted us to live our lives. Confident, patient, energetic, and motivated.


Absolutely. I could talk to any girl, man, woman, or dog. Social anxieties were gone. Stutter is gone. My GPA this quarter improved by 0.6 points I felt super motivated to get things done and I hardly ever procrastinated. I improved my bench press by 40 pounds, push press by 50, and pullups by 9. (I don't do pull ups every week) in one half semester of school.

And the energy, oh the energy. Instead of sleeping for eight hours and still wanting to sleep, I could get seven and be fine. This was huge.


I was generally a better human being. More mature. I couldn't be happier. around day 25 I almost relapsed. I had the mental strength to ask myself if I wanted to deal with the sadness and anger afterwards and stopped. Once I got to day 30 I knew I was going to make it. Don't jerk off guys.

LINK - My 90 cents

by curiosity23

Age 16 - We turn from socially awkward guys who watch porn all day into men

I've known about this reddit for almost a year and half, which isn't much, but I've been doing nofap for a while. I've had many relapses, as well as several good streaks, including a 115 day streak and a share of 30+ day streaks. some days its really tough when you experience depression and flatline, but looking back, i realize its all worth it. during nofap, I've had some of the happiest days with my friends, i was confident, had no guilt, felt free, etc. when you don't engage in pmo for a period of time, you feel like a huge weight was removed off your shoulders, you are guilt free. nofap is a journey to get your life and happiness back.

It's a journey to get your freedom, but there are many hard bumps that you have to fight first early in the journey. i have no idea how to explain the beauty of this challenge, its like we turn from socially awkward guys who watch porn all day into men who can take control of their lives and can achieve success and their lives back. its truly a beautiful thing that's worth fighting for in the long run.

LINK - the nofap journey is truly a beautiful thing when u think about it

by fapisbad123



school starts tommorrow, and i'm a different man now.

So tomorrow is my first day of school, i will become a junior in high school (I'm 16). i have been learning a lot about my past self recently, and i have realized how soft i was. I was a bitch,  I USED to be that guy that just listens to whatever anyone told me to do, it was like i had no manliness in me, like i was numb. i didn't defend my self, and i had almost no dignity. now, i have come far. i have reduced my pmo use pretty significantly over the past year. i have binged at some points during this summer, and i have felt guilty as a result, but it's a part of the growing process. tommorrow at school, I wanna be that guy everyone notices in the halls, I wanna be that man. no more taking bullshit from anyone. i'll have nice side, but i am developing that aggressive side now thanks to no fap. wish me luck guys! i relapsed yesterday unfortunately, so tomm will be my 2nd day of abstaining, but i wont let that affect me. my goal for this year? To remove pmo from my life and to be a badass.

Age 16 - What I gained from this was unintentional. I learnt to not treat women as sexthings

New ZealandSo hi guys, this is a post signifying my 90th day of being fap free. Although I have stumbled onto porn unintentionally, but still it has near to no effect, I'll explain why later.

So, since I don't post much, let me introduce myself. I'm currently 16 (going to 17) as of today, watching porn since I was 12 years old. One day I stumbled upon NoFap and wondered "Why not?" and just started the challenge. I also wanted to reduce the guilt that comes from ejaculation which is another factor why I quit. Now, I started on March 1st, 2014 and have broken my streak twice, both streaks lasting 2 days each. After that I set my mind to not break my streak and here I am, 90 days later.

What I gained from this experience was not really substantial. I didn't gain the godly superpowers that many of our fellow Fapstronauts claimed to achieve, I didn't get girls swarming over me, I didn't get extremely confident and social (Though I have to admit I'm talking to more people than before) and I certainly did not get any sex. Now those few things don't really bother me because I'm 16 and I don't put banging hot chicks as my priority (Trouble with the law and pregnancy plus NoFap helped me repress my desires). What I gained from this was something else that was unintentional, but nonetheless beneficial. I learnt to not treat women as sexthings. Before NoFap I would fantasize about banging the girls at my school, alternating females as if I had a catalog to choose from. Because my porn addiction made me objectify females to be pieces of meat. Ever since I started this challenge, the periods of fantasizing completely vanished and I see them as human beings now, the same as you and me. During my time in NoFap, I stumbled onto a subreddit called theredpill ( and I found that I did not agree with their methods of manipulating women to gain sex and I stopped visiting that subreddit ever since. I would really like to thank NoFap for that because I was afraid that if I did not discover this, I would be influenced by their ideals and do stuff that lands me into trouble.

For my fellow Fapstronauts who are facing with me the same challenge, I wish you all the best. No matter for what goal that you started this challenge for, be it banging hot chicks, or fixing that PIED problem you had for years, you can be sure that a hundred and seven thousand of us (as of today) share with you this burden and we are all aiming towards a single primary goal: To stop Fapping for life (I assume that we are quitting for life). Never lose faith in yourself and keep pushing forward!

LINK - Sounds overused but fellow Fapstronauts, 90 days!

by ihatetolose

Age 16 - You wouldn't believe how much my life has improved in the past hundred days

young loveI haven't PMO'd in exactly 100 days. I won't hide it, I am actually kind of proud of it, but I still have a couple things to say, partly to the new guys, but also to some of the "veterans".

To those of you who think this is stupid: It's not. It really isn't. You wouldn't believe how much my life has improved in the past hundred days, it went from a point where I hated everything and everyone (without being emo) and couldn't get up in the morning because I just didn't see a point to now, where I get up each day and see a good day coming, one where I'll have fun with my friends, where I can see my wonderful (quite newly acquired) girlfriend, and just all happy thoughts and flowers and all of that.

To those of you who think this is a magic remedy: It's not. Not masturbating will not really change anything by itself. This is about learning to respect yourself, about getting rid of a (mentally unhealthy) addiction. Those 2 to 20 (I don't know and don't want to know how you get off) of pleasure are NOT worth it, you know it yourself because you're ashamed when you look back at your porn and the stains you just left in your bed or on your T-shirt (again, don't want to know). Do something productive with your life, get out of your room.

To all of you who have already been on this for a couple weeks: You stopped masturbating. Great. But when you walk down the street and see a pretty lady, what is the first thought that goes through your head ? I read some of the posts on here and can only think "Has he actually gotten the whole point of this ?". This is about respecting yourself, mainly, but it's also about respecting women, or men. I feel like you only succeed at NoFap when you actually stop thinking with your dick. I can't really say it differently.

I love where NoFap has gotten me, and I really am proud that I managed to make it to a hundred days. But I want other people to understand nofap BEFORE they join.

Thank you for reading until here, I sincerely hope you could get some help from this.

LINK - Day 100 ! I have some thoughts I'd like to share:

by Makskeleton


EARLIER POST - Day 80whatnot and I couldn't be happier, here's why.

I started nofap about 80 days ago, a bit more I think, I've lost count... And a LOT has changed since then, and it's all for the better. A bit of a back story: I'm 16 and have spent the last two years being pretty depressed, I won't elaborate why to strangers on the internet, but you can believe me, it's been more than just rough. I first discovered NoFap in April 2014 (I think, it's been a while) and was on a 30something day streak when I fell back into. But then I started reading more articles (NoFap articles that is) and decided to give it another shot. I see now, why 125 thousand people actually partake in this. Since I stopped fapping and looking at porn:

  • I feel good about what I am, I respect myself and don’t get beaten down as fast.
  • I'm in better shape. I'm not sick nearly as often, I do better in phys ed classes, etc.
  • My brain has gotten a major boost, I can remember things more clearly, make connections quicker, I think differently.
  • I can sleep. I do not suffer from insomnia anymore.
  • I actually have a girlfriend. I didn't think this one would happen for a while, but I am now dating my best (female) friend and oh god, why didn't this happen earlier ? I've never felt like this about anyone or anything.

But the biggest one of all:

  • I am happy. I am completely and utterly happy. My life could not be better right now.

So to all of you first dayers and first weekers, you might think this is difficult, or even that this is total bullshit, but it’s not. And it’s not about how many day you last, it’s just about you learning to take some time and not waste it on 5 minutes of pleasure followed by immediate regret. I think it took me 10 days to actually notice any difference. Just wait a little before abandoning.


Age 17 - 1 year: Not scared to talk to girls, able to make eye contact, don't see girls as objects anymore

cold showerI have finally made it to 365 days without porn. The last time I looked at porn was on December 30th, 2013. Here is my story. I am 17 now.

I was first introduced to porn when I was 12 by some friends at school. Which was also when I started fapping but I never started watching porn until I was around 13 years old. But after that I got hooked on porn. Then when I was around 15 or 16 I saw the ted talk about porn and that made me realize I need to quit it. In the last few years I never really got all that addicted to porn I kind of just used I to keep my self entertained while I fapped. I never really went to any extremes when I watched it. I just stuck with teen and amateur porn.

A few years ago I had tried quitting porn and got to about 150 days and then got back in the habit because I didn't try hard enough to quit it. But on December 30th, 2013 I just made the decision to quit and I haven't even seen a naked girl online since.

Some benefits I have noticed since quitting porn are.

  • Not as scared to talk to girls now.
  • I am now able to make eye contact with people.
  • I don't have to worry about my internet history.
  • I don't look at girls boobs or butts anymore.
  • I don't see girls as objects anymore and now I see them as people.
  • I have since gone and talked to 3 girls who I found attractive which I never would have done before quitting porn.

One word of advice I have for anyone trying to quit porn is. Try taking at least one 5 min cold shower daily. I have been taking 2 cold shower daily since December 12th, 2013. If you say your water is too cold, let me ask you something. Is your water 8 C (46 F) in the winter because mine is here in Canada. I have also gone swimming in 3 C (37 F) water. The first few shower may feel bad but after that your body gets used to it. You also have more energy and don't feel tired after a cold shower. Plus it helps you get used to being uncomfortable and you feel great after getting out of the shower. If you need some motivation to start cold shower check out the article on Impossible HQ's website on cold showers.

I have to say I feels great to have gone 1 full year without porn. After tomorrow I will have completed Pornfree 2014. I am never going to watch porn again. Social interaction with girls is a way better than any porn you could ever watch.

LINK - One Year Without Porn and it Feels Great

by 1997nofap

Age 17 - 167 Days: More energy & motivation to go out and do stuff

So today is my 167th day of being an epic Fapstronaut. I've not posted on this subreddit, but I've looked at it nearly every day since joining. I made it my new year's resolution to no longer masturbate, and then I found NoFap a couple months into the year. I have been inspired by all the motivational speeches, and people's stories, and I believe that is what has kept me going. I haven't had the urge to masturbate since about day 80, and I've feel so much better since.

I can't tell an impressive story, nor can I say that I have struggled that much. I'm just glad that I found this subreddit nearly half a year ago, and it's helped me get through wanting to succumb to the urges(which I don't really get anymore).

I was watching porn and masturbating for about 5 years, since I was 12, and I hated myself every time that I did it. I've noticed that I can get out of bed easier every morning without hating myself, and that I have more energy to go out and do stuff. I'm not going to lie, I've told people in the past that I didn't want to go out and do stuff with them because I was masturbating.

TL:DR: New Years resolution actually worked this year so far, and I'm glad that this subreddit has helped me through it. Thanks for all of the amazing things you all do.

BY - plltrp


Age 17 - 376 Days Since Deciding to Give up Porn

couple kissingHey guys, the other day I had an amazing experience where I stumbled upon a diary esque style piece of writing I had made 376 days ago when I decided to give up porn.

I thought you might benefit from hearing what the changes and effect of this decision can be.

Essentially, I decided from to give up porn. I made this decision after watching the videos on When I made this decision I wrote a journal entry about 2 A4 pages long. I'll share some quotes from it and some commentary.

My story

Main points - discovers porn on computer during teenage years - escalating to more hardcore porn - thinks its harmless but eventually realises that it is affecting me

" I remember in particular downloading a video of a man getting a blowjob. I also distinctly remember being shocked by this and proclaiming there and then to never look at porn again. Porn didn't really dictate my life and I functioned adequately without it giving no indication that it was affecting me. As far as I was concerned no one was getting hurt, it was a bit of easy pleasure and secretive fun… Only this year I’ve started to realise the effect porn is having on men. My libido has dropped and I’ve had less satisfying orgasms masturbating without porn and secondly, I’ve noticed my complete desensitisation to real life women and porn. I remember watching the video that initially disgusted me (the blowjob video) a few years ago and looking at it and going ‘meh’ not that disgusting nor was I aroused by it. My hormonal reaction was not dissimilar to me watching a regular youtube video.

Now, I look at Miss Universe contestants and there is no hormonal reaction. I could watch the entire swimsuit section and not get an erection. Aesthetically, I know these women are beautiful but it’s such an objective experience. As a 17 year old male this scares the absolute shit out of me.

I want to have a loving, connected, amazing sex life and be able to perform in the bedroom without worry or medication. The thought of getting into a wonderful relationship with a beautiful girl and having erectile problems for the first time having sex SCARES ME. I want to be able to love a girl fully and be able to experience a connection with her that transcends the fake, objective world of porn/music videos/tv. I want a real connection with a girl none of this texting/facebook/online porn bullshit that is such an easy route. I want true intimacy.

I think I began to question my sexuality not because I have felt any attraction to men but simply my attraction to women in real life has dropped because of my use of porn. When attractive women no longer produced a hormonal reaction in me I started to freak out…Porn has fucked with me and I didn’t realise the true damage it can have when I started. Porn is junk food for the brain”

As a sidenote, I remember my tipping point was when I was watching hardcore porn and was completely flaccid and wanted to be aroused but wasn’t at all.


I have not watched any porn videos. For the first 100 days no porn, no fapping at all. I have fapped to erotic stories since then but when I realised that this was me cheating the system I have since stopped. I also masturbate occasionally (once or twice a month) with no external stimulus and only do so when I’m already turned on. I haven’t been 100% perfect but I’m proud of what I’ve done and have decreased my porn watching immensely over the past year.

I’ve also gotten into a relationship with a girl and we get along really well, enjoy spending time together and have loving and connected sex. I love getting no reason boners (NRBs) which was something I’d lost when I was looking at porn a lot. I love seeing an attractive girl and having this visceral feeling of sexual desire. I love then using this desire to be more social and flirty with girls. I love cumming when I’m with my girlfriend and not feeling any shame or anger at myself afterwards. I love the intimacy and deep chats with my girlfriend that porn never gave me. I love the strength and passion that being horny entails. I love that these feelings are coming back to me. It feels like I’m living in a world with colour again. I love that I used my sexual desires to ask my girlfriend out and this desire gave me strength and courage to go through the process of dating. Every time I get these feelings, I hear this voice telling me “You’ve made great decisions everyday to avoid porn and now your brain is reshifting back to being turned on by real life girls. Nice work”

The best part of the story is this. I found the diary entry last Thursday by accident and the beautiful thing was that on that very day I had been over to my girlfriends and cuddled her in bed and had lovely sex with her twice. I had this surreal moment where I read what I’d desired for last year and thought “Holy crap I’m living the life I desired. I’ve turned these fanciful wishes on paper into my reality!”

It was a proud and beautiful moment.

Life without porn is better for me, I hope you guys find some similar type of happiness.

LINK TO THREAD: 376 Days Since Deciding to Give up Porn

by coastbreaker


Age 17 - 5 months: more energy & focus, social anxiety evaporated

17-yr oldI am 17 and I started NoFap somewhere around November and today I relapsed for the first time. I didn't really feel any shame afterwards and after it I just realized that porn is just flat out not that great. I guess after not fapping or watching porn for an extended period of time just made me realize that porn is such a waste of time.

I guess my brain really has changed, and after my dilemma today it is safe to say that I will most likely never watch porn again.

My Experience:

Throughout the 5 months or so I didn't watch any porn or jerk off at all (except for wet dreams and what not). For me it honestly was not that hard. After reading all the success stories and watching a TED talk (I forgot which one it was) it was obvious that this would better my lifestyle, and overall, it did just that. I felt great everyday, I had more energy, exercised more, was a lot more social, and was more focused throughout the day. It was almost as if all the social anxiety I once had did not exist anymore, it was amazing. I used to never really participate in school or other activities and after NoFap I felt more confident and would not even hesitate to contribute to whatever activity I was doing at the time. I honestly feel so lucky that I found NoFap at such a young age and if there are any other youngsters on here I would HIGHLY urge you to partake in the challenge.

My Advice:

-Replace anytime you would normally fap with a new hobby. For example I started producing music in my free time. Always occupy your time.

-DISCONNECT YOURSELF FROM THE INTERNET! I honestly cannot stress this enough, if you are wasting time on the internet you are so much more likely to find something that will trigger you to start fapping.

-Only go on /r/nofap if you are REALLY feeling the urge to fap. Oftentimes for me, reading about other peoples success would be enough for the urge to go away. I found that aimlessly browsing nofap would actually sometimes give me urges because of the constant talk of porn and what not.

-I actually found that not having a badge helped me more. When I had the day counter I felt almost as if I was only doing it to prove to the community that I could go more days and that I was not doing it to better myself.

-DO NOT EDGE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! You really aren't helping yourself if you edge. You have to be 100% committed or you will not see results, I guaranty it.

All in all I would say that NoFap was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. It really does improve your life. It may be hard at first but if you REALLY put your mind to it and REALLY commit to not edging, watching porn or wacking it you will be fine and not have that much trouble. If you do NoFap half-assed, you will not see results, it's as simple as that.

LINK - Just relapsed after about 5 months NoFap (What I've learned/advice).

by mattay057

Age 17 - 50 Days to cure porn-induced ED

couple kissingSince my last relapse (11 day streak) I went a complete 50 days without Orgasm. I say Orgasm because every now and then I'd end up with my hand on my member and I'd just edge. I know, not supposed to happen but I wouldn't really think at the time. Anyway, that only happened about three or four times in the entire 50 days. Why did I start NoFap? I couldn't get it up for my girlfriend. I mean, with about 10 minutes of stimulation I might have gotten a semi but that was it. It wasn't that I wasn't sexually attracted to her, I was just not craving sex, I guess.

First week was hell, but things got a lot easier from then on.

About 30 days in my random erections came back. It was awkwardly awesome! There were times when I was out in the street where I'd just randomly get a boner. For no reason. Usually it would happen in school but still. I went from no boner at all to random boners. It was great. I'd also get faster erections when I'd fool around with my GF. (She was well aware of NoFap so it was also a pleasant surprise to her)

The only problem so far was that I couldn't keep it up enough time to get the condom on. I'd lose motivation really quickly. So I just kept at NoFap. Slowly got better and craved it more. Then, exactly 50 days in, it just happened. Stopped thinking about "I shouldn't get the condom ready 'cause I'll probably not make it in time" and just went for it. After various failed attempts days before I had finally achieved it. I just really wanted it and I didn't let my mind get in the way. I owe it to you, NoFap. Thank you. Thank you so much. I plan on continuing NoFap because truth be told, I really don't feel the need to masturbate anymore. But thank you. I hope you can all eventually accomplish your goals as well.

LINK - 50 Days in and Mission Accomplished!

by WhalesArePeopleToo


Relapsed today, guess i'll share my story.

Hey NoFap, wanted to share my story just for the heck of it.

I'm 17 and the main reason i'm starting NoFap is because i can't get it up when i want to have sex with my GF. I'm a virgin and she isn't and truth be told, sex appeared a tad bit too quick for me. We had been dating for two weeks, barely knew her enough and i was pretty new to any physical interaction. I didn't know what to do, was literally flying blind. I had never been with a woman before. (I do have female friends, never had a problem with interaction, i was just never intimate with one). Where to put my hands, what to do with my mouth, no freaking clue. We stuck to dry humping and kissing for awhile. She told me that once i was comfortable enough with her, i'd make moves on my own instead of having to rely on her. Insisted that there was no pressure on having sex. She had stated a few times, though, that she has a real high sex drive and that sex wasn't really important to her. As in, she has had sex many times before and it wasn't a big deal to her.

Of course, me being a virgin and all she came off pretty strong. Of the things that shocked me was who she had sex with (people i knew) and how she felt about herself. Pretty much told me that she thought of herself as a slut and that she was trying to change, that all the guys she's dated always mistreated her and that it was mostly just sex to boost her self-esteem and to get attention. Told me i was different, yada yada. She made me her white knight, which made me a tad uneasy in a way.

Fast forward two months later, we're now boyfriend/girlfriend and have tried to have sex, but i just had performance anxiety. The foreplay is plenty, i mostly focus on her now because i know once my pants go off my pal might not get up. Happened on one occasion, never tried it again. I obviously spoke to her about it and she thought it could be psychological. As a boy, say, 13 years old, i had a constant erection. Literally. Could not walk around without a sweater on to hide it. Now, nada. Haven't had an awkward boner while walking on the streets or in public in a long while.

I agreed to start therapy to see what could be causing my performance anxiety and i'm going for NoFap as well just in case. It could be that masturbation was my problem because i never felt the need to have sex. While my friends were going on and on about when they were gonna lose their v-cards, i was happy simply masturbating. I went in too deep, got in to hentai, tentacle porn, etc. Was way more exciting than everyday sex, i guess. Now i can't get excited for the real thing? I'm not sure.

Anyway, today i relapsed. Woke up thinking about a pornstar and this one old video that was amazing. One thing led to another and, well, yeah. I'm pretty proud of my 10 day streak, though. Sad i broke it, but i'm motivated to keep going because i want to change this.

Starting therapy tomorrow. It'll be interesting to see what childhood issues are fucking with my mind right now, hopefully i'll find a cause. If not, i'll keep going with NoFap anyway. I will kick this problem's ass.

Age 17 - 90 day report: Definitely worth it! (though I'm not addicted)

17-yr oldCOMMENTS - Even users who are not addicts often report benefits from experimenting with giving up masturbation to porn.

I'm currently 17 years old. I had not been fapping for as long as some people on this sub, but probably only since I was around 13 or 14. I still remember the first time I came. I already watched softporn videos apparently because I remember the exact scene.

Back to last february, 90 days ago: I had been fapping daily for as long as I can remember. Every evening, some mornings and some afternoons. Basically every time I felt like it. Then I stumbled on this subreddit. I had just fapped as I did every evening, and I can't recall exactly what happened but I read a few posts on here and decided I should give it a try; it really seemed to be able to benefit me (Spoiler: I wasn't wrong).

I've never really had a porn problem. Most of the times I fapped was without porn, and if I did watch porn it was usually softcore. My problem was that I was so used to fap that I did it even when I wasn't horny, just because it was in my daily routine.

On day 2 I could already feel a huge difference. I suddenly had a ton of excessive energy that I felt like I had never had before. Instead of sitting at my computer I actually started doing sports. I had never really done sports out of free will before. If I did it it was because I had to (Note: this was already the case before I started fapping. I just never liked sports). Needless to say I was relieved when I heard that my PE class would stop in week 1 of 2013. So by february 26th (when I started NoFap) I had done sports just twice in all of 2013. That's not really healthy and I knew that but I just didn't like sports. Now you can probably imagine what a big change it would be for me to actually start sporting on my own initiative. But that's what I did that day. After then the effect became less but it has never gone away entirely. I do daily exercises now, like push ups. I'd like to go to the gym but my local gym only offers yearly subscriptions and if I pass my finals (which I really hope is the case) I'll be moving to a larger city in a couple of months so I wouldn't be able to attend this gym anymore. I think I'll subscribe to the gym in that larger city when I move there (can't wait actually, I really like the boost using my muscles gives me).

The first two weeks were the hardest, but I would visit this sub daily and that has given me the motivation to keep going. There was a post that said "Don't say to yourself: From now on I'll try not to fap, but say to yourself: From now on I won't fap". So I didn't fap. And I'm not planning on doing that anytime soon.

On superpowers: It's not magic. It's basically just returning to your natural state, where the body actually has to work to get laid. So that's what it does. However, don't expect it to come to you while you sit in your room browsing Reddit and not fapping. Go out there and do something with that energy and confidence! Personally I still haven't got a girlfriend and I never had one. But I'm much more confident now and I can talk to girls as easily as I can talk to guys now, which is a huge difference compared to before Nofap. Some other things I noticed are that I care a lot more about my personal hygiene today. I want to be clean and look good and not look like I just rolled out of my bed. I also try to eat healthy and keep exercising.

There was some good advice on here a while ago that said you should go out of your comfort zone and become comfortable with the uncomfortable. That's how you gain so-called superpowers. They aren't superpowers. They come from inside you. You've always had them. Everybody has them. Not everybody uses them.

I have had some cases of blue balls now and then, which were annoying to say the least. But I just tried to ignore them. I don't have to have my balls tell me what I should do. I should tell my balls what to do instead.

So, that's basically my NoFap story I guess. It's been hard at times, at other times I didn't even think about it for days, but overall it's definitely been worth it. See you at 180 days!

BY - lkytop

Age 17 - 90 days: I feel like a completely different person now. See women differently

Today marks 90 days since I last did anything PMO related, and I feel like a completely different person now.

I remember earlier this year being so nervous, and anxious around people in general and not just girls. How I would get uncomfortable worrying that my urges from the night prior would cause me to do something horrible I would regret. I had good 2 week or so runs before summer started with NoFap, and then I crashed hard during the summer.

I had the nerve to do PMO on my phone of all places, while I was in my aunt's house in the middle of the night. I realized that at that point, I hit rock bottom as a NoFapper. After coming back from vacation, I made the decision that I was done with PMO. No B.S. Just done with it.

I've had this issue with PMO for roughly 8 long years, and I wasn't sure how, but I was going to end it. The first couple days were unbearable, as I constantly met urges, but I continued to fight on. It wasn't until school started that it started getting easier, as I now had something else on my mind to think about. It was smooth sailing until the Friday prior to Halloween...

I admit that I've been using an internet filter as a crutch to make sure I don't try and do anything suspicious, but it turned out I never needed it. Nevertheless I upgraded my Windows 7 PC to Windows 8.1 last week. ( woot woot! ) I had to erase everything in order to install it however, so now I had unfiltered internet for the first time in 2 1/2 months. I did get a strong urge, more serious than anything I had felt prior. It was like a Thanksgiving meal being placed in front of a ravenous beast, but before I seized my opportunity I discovered something:

Everything I would type into the URL, was completely forgotten.

I was befuddled. I couldn't remember not one site I would get on. I sat in front of my computer for a good 10 minutes in complete silence knowing this and... felt happy.

After this, I went ahead in re-installing the internet filter (K9 Web protections if you're familiar with it) because obviously I could have broken my then 83 day streak. It didn't happen though.

That was last Sunday, so fast forward to today, and I'm at 90! Huzzah!

For some reason, I still don't feel satisfied. I said this when I hit 30, and 60 as well. I don't know how long this current streak will be, but I take it a day at a time like I always have done.

For anyone that reads this wall of text (sorry!), I guess my advice is this:

Doing something like this will never be easy.

Doesn't matter if it's one day or forever, just take it one day at a time, and before you know, maybe you'll hit 30, or 60, or 90, like myself.

*On an unrelated note* I think one of the best things about these past 90 days, is that at school, I actually have feelings for a girl because of who she is, and not what she looks like. Yeah, I'm a dork for posting something like this on an PMO addiction recovery forum, but a cool one at that! Issue is, my big mouth accidentally told one of my close friends that I liked her, and for the past week I've been having to tell this to all my friends. The same group of friends she hangs out with. At the same time, I've been talking to her even more in the past several days than normally, and I feel like this is building up to something soon. I'd like opinions on this, but I don't know, I'm still a dork. Doesn't matter. 90 Days! HUZZAH!!!

Thread: 90, huh...

by - RoddyB7589

Age 17 - 90 days: increased confidence, mood and productivity

The past 90+ days have been by far the most productive in my life. The truth is I definitely have increased confidence and mood. I believe that the real reason for this is the ability to exert willpower. I feel that when I can be in control of myself the quality of my life increase dramatically.

Perhaps this increased focus and confidence has lead to the success in these past months including: asking my long time crush to prom hanging out with her and in general getting very close; starting keto and within 2 month I have lost 15 pounds and beginning to see visible abs; working hard in school getting a 2210 on my SAT as well as better grades.

Life is defiantly better and the will to change yourself ends up changing your world. Hopefully you all find your inner strength.

LINK - My 90 day report

by dewillman


Age 17 - 90 days: reduced social anxiety, porn fetishes

17-year old guyI haven't seen many stories of young rebooters, so I didn't have much to go by. I always felt that being young it would take me a very long time to reboot due to the lack of benefits that I had throughout most the whole process. I have gone through 90 days and I would like to share my experience to the other young people on this form to let them know that they're not alone and that there is light at the end of the tunnel :P

Intro: Welcome to my 90 day reboot report of my no PMO journey. I would first of all like to say that throughout this whole journey, I didn't relapse or have any orgasms other than wet dreams. I would also like to say that I initially started PMOing at the age of 13 and did it at least 2 times a day and up to 7 times a day, every day until the age of 17. Sometimes I would also look at it for hours and just look at multiple videos/pictures for most of the day. Eventually my taste in porn changed but not drastically until I got into some bestiality and hardcore rape scenes which made me a bit confused. As the years went by, my porn collection grew up to 110 GBs which was mostly HD scenes that took up a lot of memory. I also was unsure why I couldn't talk to girls and be myself, I always had some form of social anxiety from the start and I never realized PMO was the root of it. Upon multiple Google searches relating to social phobia and social anxiety and the fear of talking to girls, I finally discovered YBOP which changed my life. I watched all of the videos and deleted my porn collection that has been saving up over the years and started my reboot on February 7th, 2013.

Days 1-17: The first 20 days were a bit rough. I experienced a lot of hornyness and increased symptoms of ADHD. I've always had it and the first 20 days made it a lot worse. This was probably due to the decreased levels of dopamine, which is a symptom of withdrawal. I tried to keep my mind off of it by skateboarding a bit and also learning how to play the guitar.

Days 18-49: This is when I started to see some improvements. I ended up going to Houston, Texas, for a competition relating to events that I was competing in for a school organization. Many people were in this organization, ranging from middle school to college students. I was in the high school section which was mainly held in a big hotel full of teenage boys and girls for about 4 days. I did however, throughout this whole trip, got a grip on social interaction a bit. I personally learned how people interacted to a degree. It's like I forgot how because of being on the computer so much. Another thing that happened was all of the looks that I was getting from most of the girls. I liked it but I was never tempted to really get out there and socialize with them. This made me feel a bit shitty but then again, I knew what was wrong with my brain and I just let myself heal.

Days 50-85: All I can say is FLATLINE. This is when it started and ended. I initially thought that my crappy days were just me flatlining but not until this section of my reboot. This made me realize that porn really did damage to my brain and I'm not going to lie, I didn't like it and I felt like it was mainly no PMO doing this. Some days I felt pretty shitty, but for most of the days, I just felt unmotivated to do ANYTHING. I started getting insomnia and depression which wasn't a good combo. This did help my reboot tho since I wasn't motivated to watch porn at all. On day 75, I had my very first wet dream. I was initially wanting to have one around days 30-50, just to have one and experience it, but then I started to not care about them since the anticipation of having one just died out. The orgasm from the wet dream wasn't stimulating that much. It didn't really feel like an orgasm, on a scale 1-10 id say it was a 3. I experienced a little bit of an increase of libido the following day which was expected, but I didn't really feel like I was out of the flatline until my next wet dream, 10 days later, on day 85. This wet dream was about a 7-8 and I felt different the following day. I had a feeling of "inner peace"; calm and also not really caring about anything.

Days 86-89: My libido didn't really kick in, until day 86. Women's faces seemed much more appealing... well everyone's face to be honest. It's like I can see everyone's sex appeal and idk... it was pretty cool. For once in my life I had the feeling of being myself as well. I wasn't intimidated by people and my social anxiety was going away. To be honest, throughout days 86-89 I did experience some random spikes of social anxiety, so I know its still there a bit. Other then that tho, at the moments where I didn't have any social anxiety, I felt fucking amazing! I didn't need to think before I would speak, everything would come out so naturally and I was surprised on what I was doing while I was talking. I talked to some girls at my table in art and I was making them laugh a lot too. I was finally being myself and I know that they realized that I changed and I could see that they liked it. Anyways, there were some awkward moments and also some very great moments throughout the day when I would socialize with people. The days have been getting better and my libido is back as well. My social anxiety is slowly going away and I'm going to keep going with no PMO until I'm completely back to normal. One thing that I have noticed is the way I carry myself when I walk now. I don't care what people think and I'm not over thinking things through anymore. My posture has been more natural and I speak my mind more often as well.

Day 90: Today, day 90, I noticed how my actions have been more instinctive, my voice getting deeper, and how I have been doing things without realizing it. I used to think something through, then do it, and it would make me feel like shit... it was the anxiety. Now I naturally do things without thinking about it and it feels great. Today I was watching a movie at school in a class and I got into the movie, I would comment on certain things that the actors would do and it felt very natural. I ended up replying to a girl in the classroom when she asked what was the name of the movie to her friend. Her and her friend looked at me as she replied to my answer. I then ended up answering a question that she asked me which was about the movie and everything felt so natural. I replied and looked at her in the eyes and she was smiling. I knew she was attracted to me through her natural smile... her friend was smiling at me as well and I gave them both eye contact and a smile back. It was so natural and I felt amazed about it afterwards.

I know that there is more progress to be made, but as I stated, I just wanted to let other young rebooters see my progress summed up into one post so that they will have a form of relief if they aren't seeing any results yet for themselves. I personally feel like I have a fair amount of progress to make, but other then that, 90 days has made a good amount of results regarding myself before the reboot.

LINK - 90 Day Reboot Report (Age 17)

May 7, 2013

by XFinity

Age 17 - 90 days: things don't seem all that different.

To start off, I'm a 17 year old student who discovered nofap whilst browsing one day. I decided to take up the challenge 3 months ago and was very keen to see the possible effects like the ones i read about. I wouldn't say I was addicted to PMO but I began noticing the weirdness of my fetishes. I didn't plan on going over 90 days at the start as I began the one week trial to just see how things would turn out. Slowly one week became two and that turned into a month. 90 days seemed like the challenge and I always enjoyed beating random challenges.

Now i've reached over 90 days and things don't seem all that different. Whether it was to get a date or improve myself, I forgot the exact reason why I took up the challenge but I'm glad to have gotten over 90 days. I have learnt a lot and I am very thankful for nofap and all of you.

So after 90 days I thought long and hard and I made the decision that the complete nofap is not the life for me. I want to have the choice of masturbation and I want to control what I can do and not do with my own will power. It's not a challenge and the number of days don't matter to me. I definitely won't go back to my old PMO habits but im won't stop completely either. I believe nofap is about changing yourself and that is what I have done. Thank you all for reading and I wish you all luck with nofap in the future.

LINK - My honest view on No Fap after 90 days

by awkydawky


Age 17 - Anxiety & depression gone, increased confidence, focus, motivation & energy

17-year old guy I thought I'd write this post in the hopes of inspiring more teenagers to get active and start this incredible journey seeing as there are fewer posts by teens in NoFap communities. But in general, I hope it helps anyone who needs validation/support/reasons to start or keep going with NoFap. So please read on :D

I'm currently on Day 57 of NoFap/NoPorn and let me tell you, its an experience like no other.

Like most of you, I've suffered from depression, anxiety, low confidence, lousy interactions with girls/women etc.. tried everything to alleviate it, but nothing was as profoundly life changing as No PMO

It was one of the HARDEST things I've ever done, I've relapsed 100s of times.. I used to take it very seriously so whenever I inevitably failed, I felt like the biggest most pathetic loser on the planet. I would even cry like a bitch because this dirty habit did nothing but shut the real me inside a prison of weirdness while everyone I knew was having a great time.

After several mini streaks and starts/stops, (in which I noticed HUGE gains) I'm finally on the road to eternal No PMO.


  • Confidence level over 9000! Can make eye contact with anyone.
  • All my friends naturally respect me more now.
  • Massive workout gains never before experienced + Huge success at sports!
  • Voice is much deeper.
  • Increased focus, concentration, motivation etc.
  • No longer afraid to take risks/try new things.
  • Healthier view of females, can appreciate their beauty and see them like human beings rather than objects.
  • Anxiety and depression, non-existent.
  • BADASS around girls/women + More female contacts! During one of my mini streaks I got a phone no. from a latina girl, dated her and made out. (first time!) but it didn't progress.. Met another girl on Day 45 of my current streak, and she went on to become my first gf ;)

Few words on relapses and how to prevent them -

  • If and when it happens, don't beat yourself up like I did and DON'T BINGE. Move on and start over the next day.
  • Avoid triggers as much as possible. I found YouTube's sidebar to be a big source of triggers, so I installed an app called 'Stylebot' that helps you hide it.
  • Analyse your relapses and see what caused it/lead up to it. Relapses often happen when you're hungry,bored,tired,cranky,stressed,angry,horny etc.. Be conscious of this and try to change your mood. Eat something, call a friend, meditate, take a cold shower, dance, DO ANYTHING BUT PMO!
  • If you're on this journey in the first place, you have a strong urge to change your life and be happy and content. If you easily say 'hah who gives a shit, I'm horny.. lemme fap' and then say 'aww sheet I relapsed' then you need to rethink your purpose on this mission. But if you're like most people and feel like you're being coerced by that voice in your head who gives brilliant reasons to go fap, then here's what you do.
  • Watch the urge to relapse just wither away! The mean voice in our head is like a little child begging their mom to buy them chocolate in the supermarket. At first they are persistent but when the mom says NO! they pipe down.
  • This one troubles a lot of guys, esp me. If you come across pics of naked women, boobs etc by accident, don't freak out! You haven't relapsed! Even though they are pics, they're 10000x more natural than porn and you're more likely to encounter naked babes in real life than porn scenarios. Just close 'em and move on.
  • As for fantasising, most guys think its bad and it slows down the process (there's no real proof of this) I disagree, cuz as long as your fantasies involve people you know and not porn scenes then its fine. Before I discovered porn, I would fantasise during my MO sessions and I didn't have any major problems. Also guys I know who are pro at scoring girls and who don't use porn, masturbate to fantasy and are completely fine. Most girls do it to fantasy too! Its PORN that is the REAL problem here! To quit all forms of sexual stimulation would render you perfectly celibate, if that's what you want then go ahead. but if not, it could hurt your sex drive and actually delay your recovery, so a little harmless fantasy here and there won't hurt anything as long as you don't spend the whole day doing it!

Will NoFap turn you in to superman? Not necessarily, as you might have already heard, NoFap isn't a magic pill. Sometimes, NoFap may not do shit for you. Doesn't mean its pointless, it just means you may not have anything wrong with you caused by your sexual habits. So more power to you! Anyway, what no PMO actually does is give you the ENERGY, COURAGE, MOTIVATION & DETERMINATION to change your life and live it like a BADASS! It will unleash the REAL YOU from the prison of social anxiety and weirdness and you'll LOVE YOURSELF and everyone else will too!

Conserve your sexual energy and use it to enrich your life in whichever way you please. Don't worry too much about how things work out with the ladies. Once you start conserving your seed, nature will take its course and surround you with pussy ;)

If you have any questions, ask away :)

PEACE. \//

LINK - Age 17 - NoFap is the SHIT! Got a girlfriend, life is good!

by frank_n_beanz

Age 17 - Clearer head, speak my mind, way more generous & sociable. first ever initmate relationship

young guySo I've just hit the big six-0; here's what I've gained out of the last 1440+ hours porn & fap free.

The good differences:

  • Clearer head - I'm no longer finding myself day dreaming (brain-fog) and my attention span is so much stronger
  • Honesty - I'm not afraid of speaking my mind to people and what their opinion may be on a subject, in a sense I'm more confident
  • Muscle - Intense working out is proving off twice as much to when I was watching and getting off to porn; I've set myself goals and determined to hit them
  • Generosity - I'm way more generous to others than I had been, I specifically make a point to myself of making someone's day brighter everyday, even if it's as simple as holding a door open
  • Sociable - I spend more time outside of the house and away from the screen with friends
  • Love - First ever intimate relationship with a girl
  • Life - In general, I appreciate being able to walk & breathe and specifically aim to not take everything for granted.

The not so good differences:

  • Anger - My temper is a lot shorter than it used to be, it takes very little things to really tick me off. I use the gym as an anti-depressant which has been working absolutely fine over the past 2 months.
  • Emotions - I feel every single emotion enhanced. Sadness drags me down to the floor and happiness allows me to touch the clouds. It's something that has been difficult to cope with at times, especially frustration and sadness.
  • Wet dreams - Now I know this is a natural part of the 'reset', but it still doesn't put it past the fact that it happens and it can be a nuisance.
  • No release - When you can't see and spend time with someone you love, and you're horny, then that's when NoFap becomes HARD. Literally. You just gotta grit your teeth and get through it.

So they're the things I've noticed, if you have any questions I'll be happy to give it a go at answering them :)

LINK - 60 days: Differences & Advice

by Challenge__Accepted

Age 17 - Couldn't ask for a better life when only months ago it was the total opposite

17-yr oldAt 16 I was always the kid who was not athletic, didn't attend or even in general invited to any parties. I didn't get girls and I would LET people act condescending towards me. I was strictly the kid who would let people push him. I was the kid who let LIFE push him down.

When my sister died in 2008 back in 7th grade it deeply affected me. Since then I've always have been looking for a way out. I started contemplating suicide. Literally depression become the basis of life for me. In school I couldn't focus and I didn't have the slightest bit of motivation to do anything in life. I began to fap at upwards of 4 times a day.

Last year though when i was browsing reddit I found no fap. I read something that stated it helped with depression and made people gain confidence about themselves and just be a positive person. So having nothing to lose...I attempted it and on my first time, I went 200 days without failing. That was a long road, full of twists and unexpected experiences. My goal wasn't solely to meet women or gain those "superpowers". My goal was a greater one. The goal of self control, the goal of believing in myself and getting the confidence I always needed to progress.

Throughout this time, my life made a 360. I turned from a negative person, to a positive person. I found out who I really am. I started thinking positive. I got my first girlfriend ever and raised my school gpa from a 2.5 to 3.7. I also bulked up from 125 pounds to a solid 175. Raising my bench up from 150 to 315 in 6 months.

It's like self control caused my confidence and motivation in life to sky rocket. My thinking was "if I can resist my biggest urge, I can overcome anything in life." All in all though, No fap, well at least in my book is a major stepping stone if you want to be the best you can be. The benefits are what you make it. If it's placebo I don't care. If you think it works, It WILL work. That goes with anything in life. If you think positive, positive things will happen. If you believe you can, you will.

At 17 now I literally couldn't ask for a better life when only months ago it was the total opposite. I failed twice after those 200 days. But I'm ready to go on now forever. Thank you no fap for changing my life forever. <3

Oh and I'm now instagram famous with 13,000 followers! hahaha :) thank you for the confidence :)

LINK - No fap literally changed my life. :')

by Alphamale16

Age 17 - Declaration of freedom: 1.5 years without porn

To celebrate my success, I made a speech for myself. Since my first language is not English, I apologize for any mistakes

Declaration Of Freedom

I am very happy to witness a historical moment today, a joyful moment that freedom and peace is back, and the moment of victory!

Two years ago, women were sexual objects. Two years ago, I was a slave of my sexual desires. Two years ago, these were shameful secrets of me. Two years ago, the situation was completely out of control. Two years ago, my brain was filled with porn fantasies. Two years ago, freedom and peace was just impossible.

After two years of fighting, I had made impossible possible. I brought freedom and peace back to my life. I finally won the war!

Now, women are admired, women are loved. Now, confidence triumphs over shame. Now, pornography, masturbation are all history! Now, I am free!

During the war, I was once lost, I was once thinking of giving up. However, I choose to remain committed. I choose to fight until the last moment. Otherwise, freedom and peace will just remain impossible to me.

Although freedom and peace is back, they require protection. The end of this war is not just an end, but also a new beginning, a beginning of my new life, where I will do my best defend and cherish freedom, peace and my values.

Here are some tips for recovery:

  • Learn to admire real women, for example, you see a pretty woman on the street, you can praise her in your heart 'she looks great!' (or other similar statements), instead of thinking her acting like porn stars or having sex, this helps me a lot.
  • Talk more to women, you will found that they are much more than sex objects like those shown in porn
  • Stop fapping, at least for couple of months, because fapping makes you think of sex all the time
  • Think of how good life will be if you break free
  • Make your life interesting and exciting, boredom pushes you towards a relapse!
  • Pepare some 'weapons' for you to fight when you crave for porn, it can be music, a note with encouraging statements...etc.
  • If you rely on porn to cope with negative emotions, build up your own way of coping negative emotions, so you don't need to rely on porn.
  • Do not edge
  • Always make yourself happy!

(I can't say my sex life is much better than before because I am still a virgin :P)

At last, best luck to all and I hope all of you can enjoy freedom again in the future :)

LINK - Declaration Of Freedom--One year no fap and 1.5 years without porn

BY - asanotee



Just a few questions for you, because you didn't give so many details:

  1. how old are you?
  2. did you have ED problems?
  3. how long and how much have you been using porn?
  4. how many attempts?
  5. did you do this with or without internet connection?


  1. I am 17.
  2. I can't really tell do I have ED or not in the past, but I can tell that my erection is stronger than before.
  3. I have been using porn for around 1-2 years
  4. For number of attempts, I can't remember, sorry.
  5. I did this with internet connection. Although internet deliver porn, it also deliver resources that are helpful for reboot, so the position of it is a bit funny, it is a friend and a threat

Age 17 - Deeper voice, sharper memory, more energy & confidence, clearer plans for future

young guyFirst of all, let me introduce myself in a few following sentences. I am coming to this great community of people who support each other from the Czech Republic. This small republic lies in the middle of Europe and not everyone knows where to find it. :) I am 17 years old Christian and this nofap challenge is probably going to be one of the most challenging ever.

  • I would like to share with you my story, the story about how I found out I had been addicted to PMO and when I decided to go for this life change. As I've already mentioned above, I am 17 years old young man who probably like many of you discovered masturbating by accident during taking a shower in the bathroom. I could be something between 11 - 12 when I got my first orgasm, which was pretty surprising for me and I realized that some new stage of life was incoming. I really enjoyed doing that thought I didn't feel any better after it. To be honest, I felt like losing the power of life.
  • It didn't last long and I managed to discover pornography on the Internet, which had been unknown for me until that time. Now I can't believe why I used to watch that rubbish again and again and like many of you, I couldn't wait to see something new, harder and more stimulating. You know that feeling when you had been waiting until your parents/brother/sister fell asleep and you could enjoy whole the night searching videos, pictures and stuff containing porn just to get 5 sec. of pleasure and to feel terrible thereafter.
  • I had been doing this for almost 5 years 2/3 times a week and now, when I am 17, I've finally found out the reason for my:-weakness,-depressions,-brain fog,

    -thoughts of committing a suicide (when I was 14),

    -low confidence,

    -looking at girls only like a sexual tool.

  • Well, I have never had any problems at school, always got the best marks and I also never experienced social problems. But if someone told me 6 months ago that I was addicted to PMO, I wouldn't believe him. Now, although I didn't have all the problems which are usual for a chronic masturbator (you know, everyone is different), I am pretty sure I used to be an addicted masturbator, which is a scary reality at least for me.
  • In the beginning of August this holiday I browsed Reddit/NOFAP and decided to give it a try. And the results were amazing to be honest! :) I tried nofap since the beginning of August till the end and during this month my life power was indescribable. Unfortunately, then I relapsed because I was scared of acne suddenly appearing in one week. I have had mild problems with acne since my 12 but looking back, I can guarantee you the main reason is just masturbation. (That week I ate many of unhealthy meals which probably gave me acne then). Even without saying that, I think it's quite logical-people often get acne as they discover masturbation.
  • September 2nd was my last day of masturbation and since then, I feel the same and even better benefits I used to notice during my last holiday challenge. These include:- much better and sharper memory,- a hell less acne-it has been almost cured completely,- much deeper voice,

    - beard is growing faster day by day (which I as a teen like very much, of course! :D ),

    - no way of being tired even after only a few hours sleep

    - easily being a conversation leader

    - higher confidence

    - much clearer plans for the future

    - plenty of free time

    - and many other benefits that really worth doing all this! :)

  • Nowadays, I am so much happy person that besides learning English (which is simple and I make many grammar mistakes which I am sorry for) I am about to learn German, Spanish and even Russian. I would never be that much motivated into something if I didn't find this great website one day in the afternoon, feeling alone and tired of life. My good friend from the school is going throw nofap too and it has changed his life in many ways so far, too.Those who have any doubts whether this works or not, I say - go for that! No one can tell you until you try by yourself.Thank you for the support, dear members! :)

LINK - 1 amazing month and my life story!

by Czechfapstronaut


Age 17 - Depression is entirely cured, more confidence, improved memory & energy, greater intimacy

UtahApril 1st, 2013 - day zero of my journey, at the time, I was sitting there casually fapping to porn, as per usual, along with browsing the internet aimlessly. However, the internet held some dissonance that would find me; a certain TED talk by Gary Wilson, The Great Porn Experiment. Being deeply tied to pornography, my interest was naturally piqued by the notion of some grand porn experiment, despite promptly realizing that it was absolutely not what I was expecting I continued watching.

In hindsight I barely understood anything this person was saying, but in an ironic twist my blind pursuit of novelty turned against itself under the pretense of a new experience with seemingly unbelievable results - enter NoFap.

Now at this stage in my life I was in an utter shithole of an existence, and just for the sake abbreviation, I'll bulletpoint it, here's a small background from years of daily fapping.

  • Fapped from a young age - No memory of when exacly
  • Memory & cognition was below average
  • Hardly remember whole years of my life
  • Although undiagnosed, I now realize I was deeply depressed
  • Apathy
  • Had crippling social anxiety
  • Barely ate food, what I did eat was generally crap
  • Trained for Cross Country & Track six days a week - totally underrecovered
  • Had no appreciable energy all the time
  • Was completely unemotional and irritable
  • Testosterone was low/ Estrogen was creeping up - low muscle tone, neurological changes, etc.

The struggle was at times too great, I would succumb, feel like shit, and that was that, however despite this I could never throw this out - it only kept getting better as time went on, the reward was too great, and that was something I couldn't ignore.

Eventually I started to pay attention to my diet, adopting vegetarianism and veganism with appreciable increases in energy, and now being out of caloric restriction my cognition has improved with the Bulletproof diet and some nootropics to top it off.

In brief I'll go back to the 'ole bulletpoints to top off the successes, improvements and so forth that have come from harcore mode NoFap (This is just what comes to mind)...

  • Increased energy
  • Better attention span
  • Less impulsive
  • No brain fog ever
  • More sociable and fluid with social interactions, massive reduction in social anxiety
  • Significantly improved memory
  • More emotionally in tune (self & others) & greater emotional stability
  • Better muscle tone
  • Much happier - depression is entirely cured
  • More confidence
  • Greater intimacy with girlfriend
  • Stronger pelvic floor muscle
  • Awakening of kundalini energy

This has been an absolutely transformative experience for me, nothing that I have to resist - no urges, I haven't even thought about my counter or about porn at all for weeks. It's difficult for me to fully grasp how far gone I was; much of my memories about those awful times are very suppressed as of now as I shift my focus to improving my life truly - by mindfulness, by living for now.

The future that lies before you is greater than the chains that bind you, break yourself free, and walk freely into paradise.

Observations from the other side

by joxeu

Age 17 - ED cured. I'm a new person

teen coupleToday's my big day; I reached 90 days for the first time. To all of you still working towards it; keep going, it'll be the best thing you've ever done!

The beginning I started the PMO cycle when I was fourteen, which is late by most people's standards. It quickly progressed to PMO between three and five times a day, every day. It limited me socially, so I never really became comfortable around other people. I had zero self-esteem, zero motivation, and was quickly fapping myself to ED. By the time I got to high school, I was so strongly hooked that I couldn't focus during school. All I could think about was the porn that got more and more disturbing and how long it would be until I went home and got to fap. I fapped in celebration, in boredom, in defeat, and for no reason at all.

The realization During the previous summer (2013) by some stroke of luck, I began dating my current SO. I was sixteen, still horribly addicted to PMO, and on the verge of full-blown PIED. My realization came of this when I realized I felt almost nothing. I had fallen for her immediately, but had no drive, no desires, and still no motivation. I couldn't get it up except to disturbing porn. I realized that I needed to do something immediately, so I would lose her forever. I found /r/nofap, and began the challenge. Two days later, I started again. One day later; again. After a month, I finally reached a week-long streak. Then, a month. Then I suffered a month of barely being able to get past one day. Finally in January, I started the streak that takes me to now.

The end result Ninety days later, I'm a new person. At 17 and for the first time, I have friends who tolerate me, the very same girlfriend who I am head-over-heels in love with, and set myself on track to live long and happily. I gave up a shitty diet, began exercising, and dropped the extra 20 pounds I had been carrying around. For the first time in my life, I'm happy and healthy, and I owe to much of it to NoFap and you all.

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.


LINK - Well, I made it. ~90 day report~

by Lone_Trombone

Age 17 - ED: 1 year off porn has helped 'cure' me more than 10 years of therapy altogether

flirtingThis streak is there to stay :) Long text posts honestly bore me, so I'll try to keep it short, though I have a lot to say. TL:DR at the bottom.

In all honesty, I don't know if I was 'addicted' to porn per say, because I was able to easily reach a year in only two attempts. However, I was still adversely affected by it, but you aren't really able to tell that until either you're off of porn or you are hurting someone else in doing so. Life truly is better than porn because that's when you truly start to live. Your dopamine receptors start to heal, you experience real emotions, and you view sex in a different light. It's not about instant gratification, though what it is about, who can say? That much can vary, but it's definitely not by ejaculating to things on a screen. That's not sex at all, the same way watching a food commercial is not the same as eating.

So, honest thoughts, I don't know if I did demonize porn here and there, but I definitely have started to truly see that sexuality can be a blessing, one that porn always hinders. I have made several comparisons of porn, but it comes down to these two:

-The Food Analogy: Would you rather watch food commercials or actually eat food? Because they both have that same 'similarity' relevance to one another, yet they are still very different, the same with porn vs. sex. And yes, food commercials feel more intense but they are also less satisfying and actually don't fulfill the actual need of yours (Which is to eat), the same way that porn may seem more satisfying but actually doesn't fulfill the need of sex. Is food bad? No, it can be very good, but the commercial is the issue. And..what really pisses me off is if people are alright with eating food while watching food commercials, that is just, not necessarily wrong since eating's fine, but it's just absurdly overdoing things. The comparison there is to view porn while having sex with someone, yeah I'll go so far as to claim that.

-Poison Ivy analogy: I made a post about it awhile back so I'll copy and paste. Porn is like poison ivy. For your dick. At first exposure, you will feel conflicted (Whether guilt, disgust, or just feeling that dopamine hangover), and then you give in to the rash and continue to scratch it (PMO), or else you occasionally give in and it hurts even more (Relapses). But if you manage to not scratch it at all, it can heal, and (NoFap) in my opinion is like an ointment, that speeds up the process of healing. And you can be fully recovered but exposure to poison ivy once more is going to hurt and not without consequence, and to even do it on a moderate basis because scratching rashes do feel good, it's actually better to not have the rash at all, right? It's honestly not something you want to continue trying, some things in life are best let go.

I'm glad that I spoke that out of the way, and just wanted to clarify, sex is very very good!. You could say for some as myself it's too good to be true, heh.. You would think that since porn is a representation of sex, that it's good as well but I always try to remember those two analogies to help get a clearer picture and hopefully I am able to present what I truly mean to say to you guys.

I don't really have any triggers or slipper slopes at this point, sexy commercials that are on tv don't get me into that 'searching phase', and neither does seeing actresses, and the list can continue. I don't look for these in the first place, yet whenever they pop up the excitement in me doesn't appear, it appears when I occasionally fantasize about what it would really be like to have a woman that could love me that loves me back.

At this point, ironically I find women in clothing to be more attractive than those in porn that just full-out show it all, simply. To a point, I was being treated as an animal and I realize that no wonder I started to develop such low self-esteem of myself, and no doubt other men that view porn have done that as well. Viewing porn means subconsciously that 'You are not good enough for a partner', for those that do not have any partners, and for those that do have partners, it's just that you got accustomed to the levels of dopamine that porn provides which is higher than what real life sex provides, but just will never be as satisfying. You can disagree with me if you want there, but that's what I've noticed, and no wonder porn can truly devastate relationships. It has taken me some time to realize you can still view porn while in a relationship with someone, that you still love them (Trust me, it took me a very long time to realize that), but it's still going to be very hurtful. Oh, what pressures your partner will feel responsible for for trying to have to compare to such standards, never really able to be him/herself truly with you. It's like, (Going back to food), if you have say a friend that is a good chef that makes food for you, yet you just keep going back to food commercials, you still are friends but it really is devastating to prefer imagery over life.

Do I want to go back to viewing porn or anything sexual if I seem all recovered and clear now? Well, for me I think the recovery here wasn't from addiction, it was from the side effects that porn casted upon me. It's strange, I can finally understand more the idea when people know that 'Men really think a lot about sex', because it's true, sex is on my mind a lot, but it feels more mellow, mature, passionate, and there isn't as much intense carnage involved or guilt associated, and I don't think about it every living second of my life. I actually don't go back to porn because I honestly don't want to, and that is very worthwhile for me. Staying off porn helped me to realize what I truly craved, which was intimacy, and while I still don't have that, at least I have the courage and strength to move onward..and perhaps may be proven right someday and have my deepest desire happen.

Oh yeah! Should probably mention, try to squeeze in a 90 day reboot of NoFap whenever you can and always keep trying to not masturbate every day, especially if you just got off of viewing porn as masturbating will still have porn-related thoughts, only time can tell when you can fap without porn. But even still, my thoughts on NoFap is that it really helps and is productive, for me fapping can be done, but I find it unproductive, like a shot of morphine. It's demotivating, and makes me feel depressed and lonely, and NoFap is underrated (Not the community though, lol, I don't really like going over there)

TL:DR - Well, I definitely have recovered, not from addiction but from the terrible side effects porn always tends to bestow on the viewer. I can move on in life, maybe I will post less here from now on. Seriously, this is a totally underrated challenge, Just 1 year off of porn has helped 'cure' me more than 10 years of therapy altogether, shouldn't that say something?? Anyway, coincidentally I am on my longest NoFap streak in awhile, which is the 1 week mark today, while reaching the 365 day mark for pornfree. I have squeezed a 90 day reboot in my streak, but even still I have found reasons to always continue moving forward in both of these things. I have big dreams to accomplish someday, and abstaining from porn and masturbation (But especially porn) has helped me to progress in life for what I really want.

Yadda yadda, I do have some superpowers, but not the one I was looking for most, which was woman's attention, but that's ok, I still got others! I had severe anxiety, but now that's gone. I'm not the most confident, but I am in such a more mentally stable and calm state. I have so much more energy, and I have motivation, which is a new thing for me that I know is there to stay :D I don't feel shame in looking at a woman, and can talk to her in the face instead of looking at her breasts. I'll be honest, it's a little annoying that it is a bit hard for men to do that, so serious respect to those that are able to just talk normally without being too nervous. I don't even have to resist in looking in other parts of the body!

And hey..if I'm ever in a relationship, I might be someone's dream man! I'm actually now starting to worry less about relationships because, if I'm in one I will experience a happiness that I have never even be able to fantasize, and if not..well I'm starting to get used to that feeling now and yet can still live on. Peace.

LINK - One Year

by MrChingChing


EARLIER POST - Sign of Improvement and Paying-Off

I earlier I was upset, but talking with some friends after school I got some intriguing news: So there was this new girl at our school whom I thought was a senior, but apparently she's in our grade. I guess I have some serious feelings starting to develop, but hearing that bit of news, and that she was also very nice and apparently lonely because she sits by herself and doesn't know anyone really yet..I feel like I swallowed a painkiller honestly.

Ok, so here's two things about the story above that relates to this subreddit. One is Sensitivity. I was glancing out at the school courtyard and she wore a sweater, but when she took it off and was wearing a long sleeve underneath, and a little bit of her hip showed, I almost passed out. Another time when she was walking in front of me down the stairs I could almost feel an 'aura', something, like wtf is this?

But I mean..this is..this is improvement that 298 days can reach of pornfree (And some very hard serious attempts with NoFap, a 135 day streak amongst these almost 300 days, not currently though), I never felt like this, actually ever, maybe..maybe pornfree is helping me develop through puberty properly? I guess I'm just rambling here, but like I said I felt like I swallowed a painkiller and never felt like this before. I don't think it's exactly 'love-sickness' but it could be that. Who knows...after so much "confidence" that I don't need a reason to go to Prom..that might change!

I honestly thought, after feeling no desire and actually feeling revulsion at the idea of porn (But not sex, big improvement because I used to feel hatred with both) maybe this just might be more 'paying off' these attempts/efforts will bring to me. I'm so happy! :'D

Edit: For the rest of you guys that might either be new or don't know me as to why I'm typing this like a dumbass,'s almost been a tradition, a fact per say, that any interactions I had with girls ended with disgust, pity, or ignorance, but now..with pornfree and NoFap, all that has gone away. And I don't mean that it has been replaced by anything positive, but just the fact that at least I'm around a 'neutral' zone, nothing in my life that I've done was able to do that, no amount of advice, nothing, except this. No girls' attention for ever, and this challenge has not helped with that (Least...not yet?) but thing is, I actually have some serious motivation and desire, almost reckless you could say, and I know that in my PMO'ing days such desire was never even conceivable in a fantasy..and look how it is a reality now! True, almost 300 days of not looking at sexual content felt like an eternity, but within that eternity I learned how to feel emotions and not feel numbed with dopamine, and perhaps..emphasis on motivation, not just with this girl, but including with my hobbies. I'm starting some bead-sprite stuff, a little slow since I need supplies, and I also have been doing well with writing ideas, planning to be a screenwriter someday. Would any of you guys say this, all of this above ^ , overwhelming for a 16 year old? Hopefully my post here can motivate others to keep on going!

Age 17 - ED: more awake, relaxed, outgoing & happy

17-yr oldSo I'm over 4 months into my reboot now, and it wasn't until recently that I began to try having sex. The first few times I wasn't very successful. I did get a few nice blow jobs, but I wasn't hard long enough for real sex. However, last weekend I ended up spending the weekend at my girlfriends house and had the best sex since almost 2 years ago. And ever since that my dick's been way more alert to things.

Now I can get a boner from just cuddling with my girlfriend and when we're fooling around im almost always hard. I think when I was finally able to start having sex, it made me feel more comfortable with my girlfriend. That was what really changed the progress of my success.

I'm still not completely healed, but I'm more healed than I've ever been in my life once I got rid of porn. But I think that's really the best way to help your success everyone. To find a girl you can trust and [get] her to train your body to become normal again. Honestly to think that I'm normal for once, and that I don't have limp dick every time I'm with a girl makes me love my life so much more now.

Going through a reboot is a long and stressful process, but once its over with its like your life has begun on a higher level.

POST - Well, very successful but I don't think im through

June 20, 2013

BY - Welcometoreality

EARLIER POST - 17. Finding my way out

June 13, 2013

Well it's been a long journey, but I'm finally beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel. The last time I had PMO was Feb 3rd 2013. Now passing 4 months through my reboot, I've noticed improvement in my sexuality and personality.

When I first began my reboot, I felt depressed. I kinda went through the day and just noticed I didn't really feel happy, even with my friends and girlfriend. It wasn't like serious depression, but I just wasn't happy like I used to be. I kinda figured it may have been from my reboot, since i wasn't using as much dopamine that I wouldn't be as happy or something, I'm not really sure that's just my guess.

Anyway, that was like the first month or two of my reboot. But I was also just really stressed too, mostly because I had to try avoiding my girlfriend so I wouldn't be put in a situation where we could have sex, and I was also still taking all of this shit in after just recently finding this website and realized the fucked up situation I was in.

The first 2 months of my reboot were not too enjoyable. Thankfully things did get better, all around summer too, so that helped increase my happiness. But sometime within the past few months, something changed in my personality. I became more awake and involved in conversations with people. I became happier, less awkward, and I feel like i became less of a drag to be around. I feel like I more or less came out of my shell. I feel more relaxed with life. I do the things that I want to do and don't stress over things like I used too. I'm not as nervous when talking to girls, I can just relax and really be myself, and not hate who I was like the first month of my reboot.

I was really happy to see improvements in my personality and I hope its progress from my reboot. I've also been seeing some improvements in the bedroom too. I've been seeing my girlfriend for almost 6 months now, and it wasn't until a few days ago that we actually tried having sex.

The first time, everything was perfect. We were in my basement, I was hard and had it wrapped, all fucking set. I was about to go in until she starts sketching out saying she heard something, I'm thinking its nothing and don't plan on stopping, until I look up and see the lights on and one of my parents just walking upstairs without saying anything. I found that funny because my parents are kind of awkward like that haha. But then Sarah (my girlfriend) gets freaked out that they just walked down like that and wants to stop. COCKBLOCKED. I was very upset, and anyone going through this horrible condition can understand why. But before that she was able to give me head, and damn, it was the best head I've gotten in ages.

The next night, we tried again. This time we were on a more awkward angle on the couch and I think that may be a reason since i wasn't laying on top of her. I had the condom on, almost got in in then got soft. I sat there disappointed for a minute, then started fantasizing about her and got hard for about a good 10-15 seconds. Believe me, within those few moments that i was hard, Oh i was fucking the shit out of her with the first chance that I could. I think i got lost in the excitement of finally having sex and went soft soon after. I was disappointed with myself because i knew she must have been disappointed with my lack of staying hard.

But she told me that it didn't matter to her, and that whenever I was ready that it would be amazing. She made me feel better about the situation, especially because before I always thought if she found out she wouldn't take it as well. I felt bad that I didn't give her an orgasm, because to her that was literally nothing. But to me, that was the first time I've got it in in over a year, and just the feeling of being inside her and fucking her was fucking incredible to me even if it was only for a few seconds.

So Friday night I'm spending the night at her house and hoping to have better luck and further success on my recovery. If you've read to this point in my journal I really appreciate your time, it means a lot. But anyway if i can make it this far in my reboot I have faith that every last one of you on here will see that success too!

Age 17 - Enjoying my senior year of high school to the fullest

happy guyI first tried about 9 months ago. I too experienced relapses quite often. Most of the time, it seemed like I was on a fap streak rather than an NoFap streak.

I was upset that I didn't feel the super powers that I would always read about on this sub, so I would relapse. So I guess my first piece of advice is: Never give up!

I had never made it past 7 days because I heard testosterone levels peaked after a week. When I didn't feel it, I relapsed, which was followed by a dejection. These week-long streaks continued for months; never making it past 10.

After a few months, January came around. I was about to go on vacation with my family and I knew I wouldn't have a chance to fap, so I decided that this would be the catalyst to begin my streak :D

The urges were definitely strongest in the first 2 weeks, but don't get me wrong, they come around today as well. So the second piece of advice would be: Be aware of urges, and don't think you can overcome them... No "quick looks."

As time went on, my reliance on the community of NoFap diminished. I tried to focus more on my studies and my extra curriculars. I still check in occasionally (for the next war sign up :P )

One day in school, I noticed that my confidence had improved! I used to walk the halls looking down at my feet, now I look at other people and smile, I talk to friends instead of listening to my music, silently.

I too have experienced an increased ability to talk to women. I feel like I am more charismatic and women enjoy talking to me. To me, laughing with friends is one of the best feelings in the world.

I would also like to thank my Navy Regiment and all of Periwinkle Army. The NoFap War was a great way to get me through the final weeks.

So here we are now. 92 days later and enjoying my senior year of high school to the fullest. It's been a long road that's still not over I've watched out sub reach its 100,000th Fapstronaut and it still continues. So I'd like to share some advice to everyone, new and old.

  • Keep your mind focused and alert. Do not succumb to your urges.
  • Your body will not make you fap. Your mind has the power to stop any urge. Use it!
  • The superpowers don't come out after a few days.
  • Try your hardest to make it to at least 3 weeks. After that, it feels like smooth sailing.
  • Experience life everyday. Feel good. Send out good vibes.
  • The journey is not over. Next goal: Get that Rocket!

Take care fellow Fapstronauts, Shoot for the moon!

LINK - 90 Day Report- A New Adventure Begins!

by JRLxdp


Age 17 - Feel much better, more energy, think clearly, learned to face my problems

young guyWow it's crazy how time flies. When I started this 90 day challenge on hard mode, I never would have thought I would be able to reach 90 days. Its hard to believe I reached 90 days. I am a 17 year old male and started masturbating and watching porn at the age of 13. I have been fighting this addiction ever since.

I personally did have to much of a hard time with during this 90 day challenge and I rarely had urges. It might have been because I was on a 10 month streak on easy mode before I relapsed into watching porn again. Now not only do I want to quit Porn but masturbation too. T

hese 90 days were great. I still get depressed from time to time but overall I feel much better, I have have energy and can think more clearly. Now I am more productive with my life and I also joined a gym. I work out about 3-4 times a week.

I personally think the hardest part about this challenge was realizing all the problem I have with my life. I realized my life needs a lot of improvement and I need to become a better person. Before I used to masturbate to and watch porn to run away from all my problems I tried to ignore any challenges I had faced in life. However now I have learned to face my problems head on and learned not to use PMO to escape my problems.

I really want to thank you guys for helping me through this journey and keeping me motivated with you own personal stories . I do not plan on quitting any time soon and will beat this addiction no matter what. Thank you all and stay strong.

LINK - 90 day Report

by ultimate54321

Age 17 - From D's & F's to honor role, no more anxiety & depression

young guyI am super excited today because as you can see I MADE IT TO THE BIG DAY 90! I hope you read all I am about to write as I believe it can help and encourage a lot of people here and some of my experiences are different than the norm. So sit back, relax, and read my wall of text!

A little back story; I began fapping to porn like most people when I was 12. In a few years it began to affect me in ways I never imagined. I became a bad student, always spending time fapping, and had a lot of anxiety and a period of depression last year (both of which are mostly gone) was the breaking point. As I was researching depression threads on reddit I found NoFap. Someone had linked it in their recovery post and said how great it was and how it made them improve. I then watched the your brain on porn video series and knew I had to make a change.

Throughout the next year I was trying and failing at NoFap. At first I would reset if I looked at porn at all. I soon realized this was not for me as I would look at porn and then think "well I relapsed anyway might as well go all the way." From this moment on I decided to get a separate badge on /r/PornFree. I am currently only on day 1 of that after a nasty  relapse at day 53, but I manged to hold it together here. Well here I am at the age of 17 and I haven't fapped for 90 days. Does it work? HELL YEA and I'm going to tell you why.

Personal Improvements One of the biggest changes was my grades. I had always been a decently smart kid, always playing with LEGOs or watching Mythbusters, and I got decent grades. However when I got to high school my grades plummeted to Ds and Fs. This was also the height of my PMO days (about 1-3 times a day). However the past year and especially the past 90 days have been a complete turn around. This year I have gotten mostly A's and B's and made my first Honor Roll! I am a better student than ever and am super happy to be going to college next year for IT/Engineering, haven't chosen yet.

Another HUGE step was my physical appearance. About a year ago just before starting NoFap I decided to cut out fast-food and soda completely. I have been clean of those for over a year now and it has really benefited me. The combination of the diet change and running 2 miles every day has caused me to lose a good amount of weight, drop 2 pant sizes and a whole shirt size, and look better than ever. I also urge any guy (sorry ladies can't help you here) to go check out /r/Malefashionadvice and /r/malehairadvice as they helped me tremendously.

Hobbies and activities The other big improvement from NoFap is my hobbies and stuff I do to have fun. I used to not really do anything but since starting NoFap I have gotten hooked on two of my favorite activities comic books and magic the gathering. I know these may not seem like the "coolest" hobbies but they are what I like to do, have helped me meet tons of friends, and I even started a Youtube channel and podcast devoted to the two. This is something I never would have done or had time for while PMO was apart of my life. Video games are a big thing people shun on here and I don't believe in that. My video game life has changed however since starting NoFap. I used to just mindlessly play Call of Duty and other first person multiplayer shooters and not realy enjoy them. Now I find myself playing a lot of RPGs and single-player games that I really enjoy and I always catch myself stopping and thinking "wow what a beautiful game" (looking at you AC4) something I never did or appreciated before.

Porn and what is next So now my focus is Porn. As I said I blew my 53 days PornFree streak yesterday but thankfully held it together here. Porn and fapping really go hand in hand. My goal is to stay with NoFap and PornFree for life as I really have no interest in the disgusting and useless hobby of PMO. Also I plan to keep working on my social skills and get in better shape. One other thing I did that helped was create a life jar, where I put a goal for each day on a piece of paper. I might do a separate post on this but some are personal that I don't want to share. This really helped me along. Girl wise I am still single, not really actively looking for a significant other as I am very busy and graduating in a month anyway. I do however have not lower but different standards with women and look at them less as sex objects more as normal people whom I want to be friends with.

So that is it thanks for reading everyone! I hope it helped at least some of you and please feel free to message me if you ever need support, I am always happy to help. Also I will stay active here because I want to help out as best I can. Have a great day everyone YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL!

EDIT: Added the last few lines about girls and being single, totally slipped my mind

EDIT 2: Thanks to for giving me gold!

LINK - I cannot believe I made it this far! 90 day report: success, porn, and more!

by Sheehan7


Age 17 - HOCD & porn-induced ED

I wanna start with how I am so blessed to find So many things in my life would not be as good as they are now. Anyways, to be honest I did not start a clock counter but I have definitely surpassed 90 days and am somewhere in the 100's. I started this reboot because I have HOCD which is a demonic little disease, and when I found this could help I jumped right on and knowing I could rid myself from that, I cut off from porn and didnt go back.

I would PMO for 2-3 times a day since I was 13 (17 now). I relapsed a few times on masturbation and felt extremely shitty, but this was in the first 3 weeks, and I was able to control myself. Before you masturbate or PMO on a reboot tell yourself this is a short-term pleasure that can ruin my long term goals I've been working at and that got me to stop.

After about my first month of no PMO or MO i had my first wet dream ever and was so stoked! Then I was getting them super frequently like weekly and at one point I had them three times a week and twice in a night once.. Got sick of them very fast. I think it was my body getting out of its old cycles of producing so much sperm cause of my bad habits.

After what I think is 2 months I flatlined hard for a month (still had wet dreams though). And after that ended I started waking up with erections frequently and my attraction for girls I stronger then ever. I can easily get an erection just fantising which I have to learn to control more since I've rarely had this cause I PMOed most my teen life.

My HOCD is still present but not nearly as strong. I had been smoking weed a lot lately and got too high and it spiked it, but it's whatever life goes on and I'll get rid of it soon. The reboot is honestly so worth it. I left out lots of details and if you have any questions comment below and I'll be happy to answer.

A new challenge awaits of now accutane which can be 3-6 months to rid myself of that now so wish me luck! I love checking up on this site and always will!

LINK - Beaten this challenge yet a new one lies ahead

By Chill



Initial Post - Age 17 - My Reboot (Halfway Through)

August 17, 2013

This is my first post but I just wanna say thanks to this site because of not for this i wouldn't know what was causing my HOCD and ED. I saw many stories and decided to post my own.

I have been jacking off since i was 13 to porn and am 17 now. I would jack of 1-3 times a day always accompanied by porn. I got bad HOCD in fresh year of high school and had it for 3 years. I was trying to blame it on everything else around me until I saw this site a few months back. I then realized I have porn induced ED too.

I wanted to change my life right then and just cut porn off and never went back. I still maybe occasionally see it on tumblr or ads but I just scroll past it as if it wasn't there. Masturbation was harder for me too stop and relapsed 3 times. But.. I am still one week away from 2 months of no masturbation and have been 3 months porn free.

It honesty feels amazing! I feel extremely confident, and just a cleaner, better person. I recently got in relationship with an amazing girl and get erections just from small things like holding her hand and stuff. I am still doing 3 months no porn no masturbation just to play it safe anyways.

My HOCD has become sooo lessened and is so easy to combat now compared to when it used to consume me. Only thing is that is annoying lately is I have tons of wet dreams espically if stimulated during the day. This week I've had 3-4, kinda weird but its whatever, and I'm just happy that these other problems are almost gone.

I cant express my thanks for you guys for having this site, if not for this i would still be consumed by my HOCD and watching porn.. Btw, fuck porn - people make it seem like you could watch it as much as you want with no consequences. I'll post an update soon!


UPDATE - Relapse after 1 year 4 months (roughly)

September 01, 2014

Hi guys. I'm just stopping in to show my progress. I guess a lot of the reason is because i relapsed too. It's the similar to people praying to God only when in times of hardship, and don't misconstrue that as sacrilegious.  I don't come around much--i think the last time was at 90 days and was porn free for well over 365. I suffered from severe ED and HOCD. I still remember the day I found out porn was the eternal fuel being added to a seemingly endless fire of HOCD, which was like living in prison or hell. Choose. I told myself I would never watch porn again, and boy did I keep at it. I relapsed on O every few months, sometimes weeks. But I never gave in to porn. My whole life began to change for the better: grades went up, motivation skyrocketed, depression evaporated. That's why I'm ashamed I gave into such hedonist pleasures and relapsed today. It's depressing, yet after watching it I also learned: porn isn't that good. I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought. I'm hoping that this is a one time thing and that I can bounce back from this one. My ED was nearly cured. I had no interest in porn. I don't know what happened, but I'm disappointed in myself. In a way the relapse can be seen as a good experience for me; I realized again that porn is not that amazing and helped show me how far I've come. I hope this failure will help lead to greater successes, as many do. I guess this is my cathartic outlet for the day. I hope you guys stay strong and distances yourselves from the enticing and malicious pornography.



Age 17 - HOCD & porn-induced ED, 100+ days

young couple kissingAugust 04, 2012: Day 29 - PMO free (day 82 total) I'm gonna start off by saying when I read YBOP I felt confident that I had this problem. Along with Porn-induced ED I have HOCD. It is such a bitch. I won't get too into tho. Anyways I'm 17 and been looking at porn constantly since the age of 10. I would do it at least 2-5 times during a day. Rarely ever took breaks unless I had to. I'm currently on day 39.

MO about 8 times :/ god dammit. Good news is I had my first wet dream in my life around day 20.

My goal is to get my libido working again! And to see who I'm sexually attracted to do I can actually fight against my HOCD. Also to really gain the confidence I should have with women.

LINK - HIS BLOG - Lost kid (Day 29 PMO free) day 85 total

BY - Thissucks



Day 41- getting morning erections, with some friends and got turned on mentally from this one girl dancing. I just had a high type of feeling when looking at her. Felt something but almost nothing down there.

Keeping a journal on my phone, recording info.

Day 44- so I feel my libido is outta that horny but dead dick phase. (thank god) Some new improvements I'm starting to see is that I'm getting "the look from girls" honestly this makes me so happy. With everything I've been through with HOCD it just makes me happy. Another thing I've noticed is that I've been noticing women's looks with a new light. Kinda made some girls shine! Oh so I decided to test and I can get turned on down there of I think about a super sexy girl ex perfect tits, nice ass. Etc. well then I tried thinking of everyday girls and it's not as strong. This makes me think I'm not quite rebooted. I don't want to put numbers on it either.. Makes me feel that I won't get any better and I'm stuck like this because I'm gay. (OCD)

And I was on Facebook and saw a page for tits. Clicked on it and couldn't resist looking through pictures. They turned me on. But then I was scrolling through pictures trying to find the "right" one. I got decently far and noticed what I was doing. Now that I look at it I've kinda always done this with porn. One time I went through 16 pages on a mobile device about 3 years ago. 3 years ago! That's messed up! Quite honestly I'd masturbate to porn about 3-5 times a day. PS I don't think I should reset my clock.

Hmm what else what else. My cousin said I was mad cuz I didn't bust in a day I was about to be like cough cough 44 days... (but that's not true I've MO before) Oh yeah I'm about 1/2 done with this reboot! I feel great right now, maybe I could be a bit better but a whole nother 45 days just blows my mind! Can't wait :)

Day 48- sad. I've been getting over my fears lately. The ones that give me the most anxiety. Ex talking to males, being close to them. Well I guess I'm doing good. But the thing that bothers me is I'm still afraid that I'm sexually attracted to men. I never got an erection from men but it still bothers me. I get this really intense feeling in my junk that feels like I'm horny in a way.. But it's not responding to either sexes. It started to go up slightly when really trying with men... But I tried with no fantasy and just the "trying feeling" and it did the same thing. So I just don't know. I try way more with men than with women. Like constantly with men. I'm just not in the mood to try with women. But talking about women, I'm getting a lot more confident with them. Giving them compliments and like talking. This is an improvement. I slow danced with this girl who kinda wasn't attractive at all (lol) but noting happened down there. Then later on in the night this really cute girl was getting close and talking in my ear and I started to get a little excited down there.

Day 49- so with HOCD my mind is constantly stuck on guys. I'm literally fantasizing about guys to see if I get a reaction. Yeah that's f'd up right?? Well I do.. (scared in gonna make neural pathways) and ways I've been having this horny/tingly feeling down there but I would usually test it with men as a compulsion. Then I thought about it and was like... Hey why don't I try thinking about women? So I did and I got erect! Let me say I've never gotten erect to men. Maybe a 5-10 percent increase but if anyone knows anything about HOCD it's that it comes with groinal responses.

Day 54- woke up to a wet dream, I'd say this is my 2nd or 3rd one of my life and reboot. But this one was kinda different. It really left its mark compared to the other ones. So could this be my first one? I don't know. I've been feeling horny lately but I'm still going through with the reboot.

Yeah HOCD is a real bitch. It really messes with your head.

Day 56- I really fucked up guys. I watched some porn like two days in a row. I MO'd and then something on here gave me the idea of craigslist ads. Well I did all those things and I feel completely dead down there like all my progress went down the drain. I take full blame for it but I'm keeping my head up.

Day 57- well I can't say I've been a horn dog for all the women but I noticed actual signs of life. I'm grateful for this because it shows that it's still possible for me. My only wish is that I'm not gay lol.

I seriously have hocd thoughts all day. Like when I'm talking to someone, these thoughts just linger. But it's getting better.

Day 60- today is my first day of school. I was real confident with the women. I'm glad YBOP helped me with this. I was turned on by this girl in one of my classes. I touched her thigh and that was like the start. While I was kinda thinking to myself "hell yeah" she turned and looked at me a second later and started giggling. I think she was turned on too 8). I felt great to be honest. Then at my practice I had a surge of horniness. I wasn't by any guys just girls at this time. I tried focusing on girls in general and nothing happened :/. But it shows progress. Now my mind needs to be rewired to women I think. It upsets me to think that I might be gay :(. Seriously it's like why me.

I'm sorta getting used to seeing guys in general cause the school hallways.

Also I got terrible ill today. Don't know why, but I have a fever. I heard in some people's reboots they get this. I usually never get sick but I wouldn't be surprised if this was unrelated.

Day 63- turned on by this one girl in class. I feel like I have a strong sexual attraction to her. I'm not usually like that with other girls but I am with her. Weird huh? Too bad she has a bf but I'm still gonna try she shows lots of interest in me :) wish me luck!

Day 70- well today marks 15 days since my last mo relapse. I had a wet dream again 2nd one in my life! This whole process wouldn't be as bad if I didn't have HOCD so I feel this is life or death I'm dealing with. Whatever. I'm super extroverted at times like last night. My abs started to hurt from laughing a lot. Then I started hitting on two girls at the same time. Kinda going back and forth. I do get the occasional attraction to women

Day 80- feel like I haven't been on here in forever! I can't believe I'm on day 80 either. I kinda feel like Ive been lying tho.. I've MO'd a few times but I didn't think enough to reset the time. I'm actually on my 24th day of no PMO. Pretty proud of myself and during this 24 day period I had 2 wet dreams. Including those 2 and another 1, I've had three wet dreams my whole life :') all thanks to YBOP. My original # of days was 90 but I think I'm going to go longer! I actually don't think I'm 100% cured either. My spontaneous erections comes with girls I have a connection with, just not any random hotties :(. Hopefully one day I get there! I'll keep you posted!

17 year old. 100 days plus

October 5, 2012

Do it. The thing in my pants won't go down from holding hands with my girlfriend.



Age 17 - I am a more confident and happier person

islandI haven't been very active on here as of late but I decided to log back on just to make my 90 day report. The benefits of nofap have extended well past what I thought they would for me personally.

So I had tried to stop masturbating a few times in the past as it became an addiction, masturbating 2-3 times a day and it was getting in the way of other things. Of course along with masturbation went porn use which got weirder and weirder as my addiction grew. I became disgusted with myself every time I fapped yet I kept coming back for more. Then I discovered no fap after many shorter sprees I hit it big time and I am now at 91 days making this report.

I have learnt the skill of self control, choosing long term benefits over short term gain. It has extended to every part of my life and things are going good!

The masturbation and porn side are non-existent, I am not even tempted anymore and I am happier for it. This same self control I have used in all aspects of my life. I exercise around 2-3 hours daily now (previously my time would have been occupied fapping) I keep a strict regime and follow it with dedication and have got into the national leader-boards in my sport (low down though). My grades are good I have been studying hard with this self control and extra time and have become one of the highest achievers in my school year (I am 17).

Now i'm not going to forget one of the main reasons people start nofap, confidence with girls. It has definitely helped there, my confidence is a lot higher! This is also due to the amount I workout and being happy with my body. I have even had girls flirting with me! Alien concept right there for me!

So that is my report, I am a more confident and happy person. Self control takes time and training but the rewards are endless and it will extend to every part of your life. I am not trying to show off with this post just show how much I have improved and how you can do the same. Next up 1 year no fap...

If anyone has any questions ask away! I am more than happy to respond.

LINK - My 91 day report: life is good

by Here4nofap

Age 17 - I focus on long term success instead of temporary satisfaction

football playerI haven't really taken the opportunity to write about my 90-day experience, however I feel like the young fapstronauts are entitled to our experience and stories. I originally joined the NoFap movement because like many of you out there I realised that I had a problem, and I needed support to help me. I didn't come here to partake in the "ultimate challenge".

I came here with Disrealization (or depersonalization, I can't remember the name), insecurity, laziness, and lust for every girl in sight.

I fapped up to three times every day, because I originally thought that it was normal since I spent a majority of my time on the internet and there was this phrase going around at the time "The answer is always yes", and it was in reference to masturbation. So I took it to heart from a young age and it stuck with me until I was thinking "Why can't I say no".

I heard about super powers and stories of over coming the addiction, I was brain washed by being told that quitting masturbation would make me the perfect man that I've always wanted to be, and then some. Even with all those stories it still was insanely difficult, because whether I liked it or not I wasn't ready to give it up. I couldn't imagine going the rest of my life without masturbation which I'm sure a lot of you are going through. So I became a hypocritical zealot with nofap and preached to my friends how horrible masturbation was while going with 1 - 2 week steaks before relapsing. I was still thinking about it as a challenge.

After months of struggling to get into the state of mind that would allow me to overcome masturbation I took a step in the right direction and told myself that it wasn't a challenge, it was a life style. And let me tell you something, after I thought that it had only gotten easier. And just before I began my current streak I thought "I'm only on day 2, I can just restart tomorrow and not notice anything." But you know what? I had been telling myself that for too long and I knew that I wouldn't get anywhere with that mind set. Then days turned into weeks without masturbation. It took me a few weeks to accept the urges and to avoid them. Then the urges began lose more and more control over me. Until around day 30 - 40, when the urges were non existent. I had a short streak of depression and thought that I might as well masturbate since it didn't feel like it was helping at the time, then I remembered the disappointment that I felt after I relapsed from a 1-month streak and how much worse it was than what I was feeling at that moment. I struggled on and the only days when I even thought about masturbation was during the last couple days before I hit day-90, not because I wanted to masturbate but out of anticipation for hitting day 90.

Now I now that a lot of you want to hear what benefits I've had so tell you: Sex didn't rule my life, I can see pictures of sexy girls that aren't my girlfriend and ignore them (I feel strange when I see them so I avoid them), I'm close to my girlfriend, I got over my first love, I'm more emotionally stable, I don't have mental fog, and I'm not going to give all credit to nofap for this but I work my ass off, I take 9 classes, have several military recruiters watching and waiting (sorry my marines, I'm going army rangers), I work out with the football team and dominate, I have tons of friends and I focus on long term success instead of temporary satisfaction (not just masturbation, but drinking and such), it helped me stop doing drugs (not weed, I did real shit like cocaine and molly at parties, now I won't even let people pack a bowl in my truck because I don't want to be near it).

There's much more but, if you take anything away from this, take this away. It gets better. And you'll realize that you can do it. Also if you want more motivation, check out my last post on this board

LINK - Post 90-day report

by unncommon

Age 17 - I have become a different person. I feel more like a man

fireworksI first discovered masturbation at a relatively early age, when I was 9 years old (I am now 17).

I remember always feeling severe guilt about onanism, even though, at the time, I had no reason to. I was always on the lookout for a beacon of sorts, a reason to give up masturbation for good, but found it quite difficult, which is understandable, considering the fact that our modern, western society considers masturbation to be something normal, or even essential. So after a short period of abstinence at age 14, I just decided to give up and go with the flow. That is, until I found NoFap.

I stumbled across NoFap when I was already on the upward curve, which probably made quitting PMO much easier for me than for most people. I, for reasons I sincerely cannot remember, had decided to masturbate only once per week, on Saturdays. I now see that this interval between PMO sessions was because testosterone levels are highest one week after ejaculation. So, in other words, I would jerk off when I hit that peak. I was just about to masturbate when I typed "reasons not to masturbate" into Google, which lead me to the famous TEDx talk and, eventually, to this forum. I, having finally found a reason (or a number of them) quit masturbation "cold turkey" and, I must say, it has been quite the life-changer.

The benefits I have noticed are numerous, and I really feel like I have become a Different person. I feel more like a man, I feel strong and ready to deal with my day-to-day problems. I have experienced a sudden burst in the growth of my facial hair, and I find it easier to sing lowers notes (I'm in a band). I notice girls and women looking at me much more often. I have a different attitude towards women, which is hard to describe, but I can say I pay much more attention to a girls character than I used to, I'm not just out to get laid. I get more potent erections and I get them more often. I find more things arousing in general, I'm more sensitive to my surroundings. I feel more "human" more "natural", I feel like I have returned my body to the state and cycle it was meant to exist in. I wish the same for you.

Thanks for reading this obnoxiously long post,


By goldmund

Thread: My Story(90 days+ since last PMO)

Age 17 - I have experienced many mental and physical benefits

My story

I started watching porn when I was thirteen years old. At that time, I had many friends, was good looking , had clear skin, nice hair, I was super confident, I was that funny guy in class. After a year of porn and masturbation, i felt like i had lost everything. I was ugly, socially awkward, silent in class, depression , anxiety and had bad grades. Now I'm almost 18 years old, I'm ready to make a change in my life,

I'm almost at 90 days and I thank God for my progress because my urge is easy to kill now. I would also like to thank everyone in the reedit nofap community, i couldn't have done it without you guys.

by fapisthepast


UPDATE - I need help!

Ok so I'm Still not satisfied with the way I look and feel. After 100 days of NoFap , I have experienced many mental and physical benefits. Brain fog is gone, I can think strait and make better decisions. I still need work on my socializing skills and overall confidence. My skin is almost clear of acne , and my hairline is growing back.

But, a lot of times i feel weak, out of energy, and like shit lol, so i need some advice. I do have a really, really bad diet . That mostly consists of fast food and processed sugar cakes and chocolate milk and a lot of soda. I hardly drink any water, and i only eat 1nce or twice a day so i don't consume alot of calories. I'm 6`2 and weight 150 lbs . How do i gain weight and feel better about myself? ?

Thanks for reading


UPDATE 2 - My urges are 99.9% gone, thank you Nofap

First off, thank you to everyone on Nofap who has posted anything about their experiences, without y'all help and god of course, i don't think i would have ever beat this addiction. Now when i see naked pics or any nudity on tv or Facebook, my brain isn't triggered anymore. I feel amazing, i get boners when i get looks from girls on the street, i just get that " high" just by interacting with girls. Its awesome. No Fap works, you just have to stick with it, your body and your mind is repairing itself, that why you go through flatlines and stuff like that, as i went through these 4 months on hard mode, my flatlines occur less often, and aren't as bad as they used to be, i feel myself returning to the happy 13 year old boy i used to be, when i do, i will be free because i will know, that the road of PMO will lead me to nothing but bad things. I thank God and YOU, yes You,for reading my post, and thank you Nofap and Reddit.


Age 17 - It feels like the fog from my path has been lifted

First off, ignore my counter its way off i last pmo'd sept 9 (107 days ago). So how am i feeling? Short answer, a whole lot fucking better. 107 days ago i didnt really have any goals, and now it feels like the fog from my path has been lifted.

I workout/excersize 4x a week and i give full credit to nofap. As that fog slowly creeps out, your mind becomes clearer and you realize what you have to do to achieve whatever you want to achieve. I definitely feel more confident, but more confident because of my consistency. Nofap simply gives you self asteem, and with that self asteem you can achieve greatness. The longer you hold off from sexual desire (porn, sex scenes in movies, fantasizing, etc.) the more self esteem you build in yourself.

90 days till you're rebooted? Thats f*cking bullshit. If i had to say a number i'd say a year at least depending on you're situation, but the transition to this new life style happens in the first 90-100 days. First like 70 days my advice is to do everything you possibly can to avoid wet dreams cus i always feeling like relapsing the next day. After that just ride the wave it should be a walk in the park, just watch your fucking guard cus bad times are made in the good times.

God Bless and Happy New Years!

Thread: Day 107

BY - youngmoney

Age 17 - Lethargic, brain fog, insecure, lazy: All that has changed

Whale tailI still have no idea how to indent and space paragraphs, and there will be grammar/spelling mistakes. Sorry. I will be naming pornstars and movies

My Story Hello, I'm 17, male, and a virgin. I first saw porn when I was 4. I went into my parents room while they were in the kitchen eating and saw a magazine under the bed. I picked it up and started looking every day for a week. Side note: I wouldn't be shocked if that magazine played a role in my preference towards white women. Towards the end of the week, my father caught me and just told me not to do it again.

I didn't see porn again till 6. I asked my mother to find the Power Rangers movie among unmarked VHS (lol). She slipped in 3 movies before finding it. 1 of those three was a porn movie or a couple having sex on a tree. I'll never forget that.

My addiction began when I was 12 (6th Grade). My parents just bought HBO and I was watching some movie. I fall and asleep and wake up 3 hours later to Rebecca Love in Ghost in a Teeny Bikini. Understand, I haven't heard a woman moan or have seen one have sex in 6 years. This was AMAZING to me. I remember not even touching myself and ejaculating in 2 minutes. I saw one more scene from the movie and fell asleep.

From 12-13 my computer is trash, and are internet isn't good either. The best I could stream is GGW previews. I started to need, uhh, "better" stuff to masturbate to. I find a video and download it. At first it grossed my out, but I gave into it and watched the whole thing. I watched this video for years.

My grades continued to get worse at 12. I went from striving to get A's to being okay with a B. In 7th grade I failed a class and was fine with it. I didn't have to go to summer school, so what's the problem? Ugh. I failed 2 classes in 8th, and have taken a total of 9 summer school classes in high school so far.

From July 2005 to Jan 2011 I played WoW. This took ALL my time. I did nothing else but eat, play WoW, and sleep. I had no social interaction at all.

I was diagnosed with depression in 10th grade, and gained about 30 pounds within 5 months. I disliked my introverted fat self, but didn't want to change. It was so much easier to just open up a tab.

I get a better computer my 14th birthday (08) and everything changes. I can hit up pornhub no prob. I can't stream HD, but I can watch actual videos now. I'm opened to a whole new world filled with nothing, but endless possibilities. I LOVE it.

I just watch "regular" porn till one day my friend mentions hentai. I had no idea what it was and checked it out. I wish he NEVER told me. I would watch this stuff for about a month feel like trash and go off it for 3, but continue to watch "regular" porn. I'd then go back to it every few weeks feeling gross and needing a shower after MOing to it.

From 6th - 11th grade i'm lethargic, over weight, constantly tired, lazy, and have permanent brain fog. I became a once a day fapper during 10th grade.

The type of porn I began to watch in the beginning of May was gross. Watching Asian women getting fake semen dumped on them is fucking gross. I never got into BDSM except for one Destiny Porter video (she only had 10 scenes). Lesbian sometimes. I would binge on hentai every few months. Usually it was Lisa Ann, Nina Hartley, Sophie Dee, Lexi Belle, ect. Just any white girl...

How I found out about NoFap I post on a music forum and one day towards the end of the year I can't sleep. I open my phone and start lurking. A poster there talks about how porn/masturbation is bad, and I decide to check it out. I hop up out of bed and I feel shocked. I'm who this man is talking about in the TedX video. I tell myself I'll give it a shot. I've got a whole summer ahead of me, and nothing to lose. I'm happy that poster posted that. It's changed my life so much.

How I didn't relapse I read NoFap daily. I read YBOP daily. Reading success and relapse stories made me stronger, and I constantly told myself I could do it. Music, music, music. Listen to Take Care, Halcyon Digest, and Loveless please. Don't edge. Sleep more.

How did I change myself I started taking cold showers. There are a ton of benefits and they're quicker. They also wake you up. I also stopped using soap. Some other poster stopped, so I was like why not try. Had horrible dandruff for 2 weeks, but now I don't have much at all (I used to always have a ton). I began working out too. I went from 194 to 166 in the past 10 weeks. I started going to church. While, I don't believe in God going is fun. I like talking to others and seeing another culture.

Other changes I didn't become Superman, but I never expected to be. I can hold a conversation with someone now without pausing or staring away. Eye contact is easy now. I have more energy before and can get up on 5 hours asleep rather than the 8 I craved before. I don't have a girlfriend, and I'm still a virgin, but I'm no longer insecure. I'm thinking about my future now. I wish my GPA wasn't a 2.0, but I'm going to dig myself out this hole this year. My erections are harder and I have morning wood daily. I'm no longer lethargic, my voice is deeper, and no more brain fog. If I forget something I remember it within seconds.

Thanks Thank you NoFap for giving me what I needed. Now, I must fight my internet addiction starting today. Aside from Amazon, Dictionary, Livemixtapes, RYM, and Wiki I'm done with the internet. Please understand people you can do this. Nothing is stopping you. Thank you for reading.

LINK - LINK to post - My 90 Day NoFap Report

by DRayG

Age 17 - More confident, don't get embarrassed about the little things

Here are some things that have changed. I definitely feel more confident and make a point to look most people in the eyes. Girls seem to like that. I don't give as many shits anymore and don't get as embarrassed about the little things. I enjoy life most of the time and appreciate the little things. I don't fantasize as much and trying to lower that to not fantasizing at all.

By the way I'm only 17 (3 years PMO) and I'm glad I found this sub early.

LINK - 90 Days

by professor_sloth

Age 17 - More confident, energetic, motivated, and most importantly, happier. It changed my life

I'm a private, quiet person by nature, and I never felt the need to speak up. But now, roughly 500 days into my journey on NoFap, I wanted to write this-to say thank you to r/NoFap, to all the people who helped me along on my journey.

I didn't think it was fair to leave behind the community of fapstronauts without acknowledging their part in changing my life.

My story isn't all that different from most of you other Fapstronauts out there-I'm a 17 yr male who began masturbating habitually about three years ago, until one Summer I was averaging about 1.5 faps a day. That was too much.

I hated myself for continuing to masturbate day after day, hated myself for the time I wasted and risks of exposure I took, hated myself for the terrible guilty feelings and hazy "mind-fog" I put myself through every time I fapped. Every damn time.

Then I discovered NoFap, and my journey progressed pretty linearly from there- or at least it feels that way now. It's difficult to remember exactly what I was going through-I feel so removed from those struggles now, a year and a half later- but I haven't forgotten how trapped, how weak, how pathetic and powerless I felt. My success was by no means assured-it could have easily gone the other way, and I'm proud of myself for pushing through and doing the hard thing-quitting, once and for all. It took about a month of minor successes (2-10 days) before I finally broke through, and I haven't fapped since. It was the hardest thing I've ever done, and the best thing I've ever done.

I don't know if I got "superpowers", but I felt more confident, energetic, motivated, and most importantly,happier. It changed my life, and I am proud of myself for finding the strength to leave fapping behind. As an aside, I don't think masturbation itself is necessarily unhealthy-but porn definitely is. And when it's all said and done, masturbation seemed pretty pathetic too-I'd rather just take the energy and put it towards being with a real girl, instead of closing my eyes and worshiping some figure out of my imagination.

NoFap gave me the strength to become a better athlete, the unthinkable courage to kiss a girl for the first time (she dumped me later, but that's besides the point), and the mental peace to just be happy once again. But NoFap is not the end.

I didn't drop my 5k time 3 minutes because I stopped beating off. I did it because I set a goal, because I wanted it, because I found the strength to do what I set myself to. I didn't get my first kiss because I abstained from rubbing my churro. I got it because I had the self-confidence to make a move, to take a real risk for the first time in forever. Admittedly, NoFap taught me to stop worshiping girls as sex idols, and start paying attention to them as regular fucking people. But the will to ask her out, to admit my feelings for her, did not come from NoFap alone. It came from me, from the person I've become in the past few years. I am far from perfect, but I'm trying. And I'm getting better.

NoFap is, at it's most basic, an expression of an idea. The idea that there is a difference between the right action, and the easy action. Short term pleasure is never worth the sacrifice of real joy. The idea that true happiness comes not from gratifying short-term desires, but from keeping keeping focused on the things you really want, the big things that you dream about. And while NoFap is a huge step in that direction, it is not the whole journey. You can be succeeding in NoFap and give in to doing the easy thing, the gratifying thing, in other aspects of your life. You don't become this angel of willpower and success the second you quit polishing your knob. It's up to you to change those other things-and its a hell of a lot tougher than you expect. Whether its harder than NoFap, though, I'm not sure. You have to find that out for yourself.

NoFap is not the end. But it's a damn good place to start.

TL DR: Sorry it's so long, but I had a lot to say. Thank you to every Fapstronaut out there. Keep moving forward in your journey.

LINK - A Thank You Letter

by nofapthrowaway64

Age 17 - More outgoing (esp with girls), Grades improved tremendously, Better self awareness

shit has changed50 days and not stopping. I started nofap a while ago relapsed around 30 times with 5 day streaks to max of 22 days, my highest before this one. Shit has changed.

Mainly my outlook on life I feel that PMO numbed me from life and kind of was my comfort blanket in the end of the day I would go through my lousy day and come home to squeeze some sort of pleasure from PMO. I have a lot of shit I need to work on and Im glad nofap has made me realize this and with nofap i actually want to do something about it other than saying fuck it ill just wack off.

Shit that's changed

  • Lost 20lbs (working on 20 more)
  • Very more social and outgoing (esp with girls)
  • Less of giving a overall fuck about stuff I was scared to do beforehand
  • The mild acne I had disappeared
  • Not wanting to play video games anymore ill play for 20 mins before Im bored out of mind.
  • Lots of self improvement videos and books and guides
  • Grades have improved tremendously
  • Reading books?
  • Better overall self awareness which is exactly what i wanted from nofap.

If you're still struggling with nofap here are all the tips I use

  • Install Porn blockers and delete all/any porn material.
  • Make your reddit bookmark page default to nofap so every time you visit reddit (50 times a day) you force yourself to look at nofap
  • Make note of what mistakes you made to lead to your relapse and make note to never do them again and be aware of them when they do come back around.
  • Might sound cheesy But, I printed a nofap emblem picture out and pasted it on the back of my door so every morning or every time I leave my room I see it.
  • Do some sort of exercise I do little workout videos on youtube or go for a walk.
  • Open the blinds or window in your room to view outside in the real world and not be distracted by your pixels on your screen that launch you into dream land.
  • I deleted all my social media

Hopefully these tips can help some of you and thanks nofap for turning my life around and getting me back on track. I will be a fapstronaut for the rest of my life.

LINK - 50 day report. Shit has changed

by Applesinabin


Age 17 - More social, deeper voice, brain fog gone, becoming fearless

becoming fearlessHelpful sites/special thanks

  • Special thanks to all the Fapstronauts, even the ones with only 1 day so far. You guys are all really cool. Thanks to everybody for sharing their feelings on this subreddit, and being able to build up the strength to embark on this journey. Thanks to all the guys who shared their 90+ day reports. If it wasn't for you guys, I would not know that 90 days of nofap was possible.

VERY IMPORTANT TIP: * Whenever you get the urge, take a look at your health. Have you been exercising? Do you need to exercise today? Maybe you need a quick meditation? Perhaps, you haven't had a drink of water for too long. Or maybe you've been thinking too negatively. Perhaps, your breath just stinks.

  • I have noticed that 99% of urges to relapse happen simultaneously with me forgetting to do something for my health.
  • Excerpt from : "Sicknesses, diseases, and addictions have a physical foundation created by our lifestyle habits. It’s like bacteria that can only grow in certain conditions. Masturbation and low willpower exist when we create the environment for them to exist and grow. When we disrespect and ignore the laws of health that govern our mind and bodies we create conditions for the bacteria to grow so to speak. Now you can see more clearly the importance of keeping your body clean and healthy through eating vegan, urinating clear, and getting enough sleep. So in summary remember that masturbation, pornography, and other habits are physical and they have physical causes and physical solutions. For lasting self control it is important to address emotional, mental, and spiritual factors but if you neglect the physical you are guaranteed to fail. " (I purposely crossed out the vegan part because I don't agree with it. However, I am sure that some of you will.)

About me

  • I am a 17 year old male. Shout out to all the youngling fapstronauts!
  • This is for the guys who keep relapsing. I began my nofap challenge in June. I had multiple small streaks. My previous record was 44 days. Most other streaks were 1-10 days. I believe there was a 30 and 20something in there too. You guys need to toughen up. And don't go say I'm being hard on you, or that nofap is hard. I know nofap is hard. I struggled just like You. You guys still have to toughen up. We, as Fapstronauts need to follow through on things in life. This is your chance to have some credibility behind your actions and your words. Mean what you say, and do what you say. You will feel a high that you've never felt before. So ignite your inner spartan. The key is to believe in yourself (BELIEVE THAT YOU WILL MAKE IT TO 90 DAYS or whatever your goal is), and keep your eye on the ball. Become a man, like jimmy from pulp fiction Hehehe
  • I probably acquired so many of the benefits below because I have been an on and off fapstronaut since June. All the benefits probably built up over the past 9 months.


  • More social- I always had good friends, but now, I'm not afraid to introduce myself to new people. One thing you could try at a social gathering is to say "Hi, I'm (your name here). What's yours?" Then you'll say "Okay, (their name here), whatdoyoulike?" Then just ask them questions about what they said, and make connections to other things in life.
  • Voice is deeper-
  • Brain fog almost 100% gone. I am positive that this is due to nofap. I recorded my feelings after every fap. The brain fog would either start right after the fap, or it would begin within a few days later. Losing brain fog made my brain clearer. I could think clearly and act with more sense. Moreover, the loss of brain fog has helped me notice some of the BS going on around me. I'm starting to notice how fake some people are, I'm noticing how karma is affecting people, and how the partiers at my school are beginning to become the "losers", if you will (dont mean to be pretentious, these are just my observations).
  • Working out feels 100 times better. The YBOP video talked about how PMO is an arousal addiction. It will cause your brain to generate less happy chemicals (dopamine, I believe) for almost everything that would make you happy in life. I used to not believe that I could get muscular because I was just too naturally skinny. That is a myth made up by lazy people. All you have to do is do the right stuff: workout and eat healthy. A lot of people are telling me that they can tell Ive been working out.
  • Becoming fearless- I am more willing to face my fears now. I've approached more girls during this nofap challenge than I have in my entire life before the 90 day streak
  • Hard work- I have always worked really hard to get good grades. Sexual transmutation gives me the energy I need to stay up late whenever necessary, or to go that extra mile in any endeavor in life. Doing nofap has made me a much harder worker.
  • Optimism- My positive energies are through the roof. Im smiling almost all the time. Going optimist is in my top 5 decisions of all time. Right up there with becoming a Fapstronaut. I'm not talking about optimism where you tell yourself things like "Well, it could be worse." Or "Kids in Africa have it way worst than me." It is more like I believe in my abilities to do things. I believed that I could reach the 90 days. I don't complain, not even jokingly. I find Complaining to be a waste of your time and energy. It should be eliminated from your mind just like fear.
  • Untouchable- A lot of Fapstronauts have been saying that nofap is bringing out their emotions. Some people say they are crying a lot more. Idk about me, man. I'm being 100% honest with you, I'm not a cryer. I was raised in a tough household. However, I was once the type of guy that could be easily embarrassed or would get sad when messed with. Now, I just really don't care. I walk tall and stand tall, with a smile in my face becsuse im happy!! I am now willing to do things that guys who claim to have the most balls wouldn't even dream of doing. Why do I do this? Because this honey badger doesn't care.
  • Math is BEAUTIFUL- This probably traces back to the fact that the arousal addiction of PMO makes life more dull. I now get a little high when doing math homework. Lol The reason why math is awesome
  • Taking cold showers much more often Two cool articles about cold showers :
  • I have stopped playing video games and I've cut television time by 95%- Remember that the titles of this section is changes/benefits... Cutting video game and television time is more so an externality. I'm more focused on following my dreams, getting good grades, exercise, and going out with friends, reading, etc. than I am on watching TV and playing Xbox. If I could manage my time better so that I'd have an extra hour or two for video games, there is a chance I'd play some video games.
  • I am noticing much more girls I'm beginning to see how many more beautiful girls there are in the world. Moreover, I am noticing how the girls I once thought were sexy, sex goddesses may not be the the best type of woman for me. I'm no longer chasing the prettiest girls in school; I want someone that can make me smile. Seriously, some of the girls I once paid zero attention to are now starting to look the best to me.

That's all I can think of right now, I delayed my workout to type this post, and I'm getting really anxious to do those pushups!

Feel free to ask me any questions.

LINK - 90 days of hard mode. My report. (includes benefits, tips, and helpful links)!

by AmericanOcelot

Age 17 - Much more positivity, focus & confidence, I'm almost a social butterfly

ocelotI've been fapping since I was 11, I'm 17 now. I have been trying to quit since I was 15, and have had multiple streaks through that time. Part 1 - It was fun when I first started, but I really did notice some of the negative effects of fapping when I first started.

I was in 6th grade at the time, so I don't think /r/nofap even existed. Anyways, I began to become more and more isolated. I was getting bad grades, wasn't meeting girls, was depressed, was angry, lazy,stupid, and many other things. I was masturbating 3-5 times a week. The story was almost exactly like this until I became a freshman in high school.

Part 2 - This is when I began to consider quitting masturbating. I was a freshman in high school. I still was getting bad grades, but I improved my social skills through hard work. I made a few friends. I was now masturbating 5-7 times a week. I believe that fapping made me think that everything was okay (like a drug) when I had problems to solve. When I was a sophomore I got my first girlfriend. Because I had a pretty good idea of how to get into girls' pants at that time, I was able to lose my virginity to her within a month of dating (I was 15). I could last like 20-45 minutes without trying that hard. About 3 weeks into dating, I decided to get more serious about quitting fapping, so I started having multiple 1-3 day streaks. I HAD the BEST sex of my life during one of those streaks. I started to notice that nofap=better sex, better relationship with gf, and more free time. I dumped my gf because I didn't want her to have to deal with me when I was fighting my own demons. To make the story short, we'll just say that I fell into fapping 6-8 times a week until I was 17.

Part 3 - I found /r/nofap during summer break before my senior year (last year of high school), had multiple small streaks, and noticed improvements in my life. I didn't reap all the benefits because I wasn't meeting new people. Skip to the end of summer break (early August).

At this moment, I have never had so much positivity in my life. I can stay up for hours, I want to work out all the time, I'm having significantly less trouble meeting girls, I'm almost a social butterfly. I just love talking to people now. Today I cold approached (approached a random girl that I was interested in), which is something I used to do once every year. Now I wanna meet girls all the time. I know what to say to them now, and I feel so comfortable around them. I'm also closer to my guy friends, acquaintances, and family. My brain fog had cleared and I have been feeling a surge of happiness for almost an entire week.

I believe that nofap was a catalyst for motivation to improve myself. It has a multiplier effect on your self improvement initiatives if you ask me.

Here are my best tips to improve your life: 1. read self improvement books: Superself, Think and Grow Rich, How to win friends and influence people. The last book is AMAZING for becoming a better socializer/speaker.

LINK - My personal proof that fapping is not worth it. (Great story, I promise)

by AmericanOcelot

Age 17 - My confidence was really low: Now I can talk to anybody, any time

young guyIt's been 89 days! Back in September things were okay. My grades were good and everything was going fine, but I had a serious problem. My confidence was really low and this affected me really badly.

At school i only interacted with my close friends. I wouldn't even approach girls.

But one night when one of my bros sent me a link to a post in /r/NoFap. I read it and felt very interested in what the post said about the confidence boost you get and all the other pros! So i decided to try it for one week at first and if i didn't like it i would stop! And here i am now!

Now i feel like i can talk to anybody at any time. I start conversations with girls and with people i don't know. With the spare time i have had i have been applying to universities and writing a lot of essays. Also i have been getting back to playing my guitar. It feels great and regret not joining sooner! Tomorrow will be my 90th day and i feel i wont be stopping anytime soon!

Tips: If you get urges, just get out of the house. I usually take this opportunity an go for a run! It distracts me while also getting a workout. I feel that its the perfect urge killer!

LINK - 89th day Report!

by Asturias182


Age 17 - No more brain fog, almost zero depression, became an extrovert

90 days no MO and 110 no P. Who I am?  I'm a 17 old teenager who studies bio chemistry at the best college of my country to be a successful doctor one day , because I really love helping others and this makes me extremely happy.

When you started PMO-ing and how? Well, porn films I've discovered when I was 13, but I've watched only 2 or 3 films and after that I blocked them because they made me incredible shameful. But, on march 2012, I've discovered fapping when my colleagues were talking about this. What did I say then? Let's give a shot. First time was very pleasurable and distressed me , second(after 6 hours) same, third (evening) painful and I made an obsession for this because I was feeling very good. An average of 1 per day with porn.

What did you determine to think about avoiding PMO?

Maybe because I was feeling worse day by day without a reason after 6 months of PMO. Some symptoms were: laziness, lethargy, no energy, tremors, severe anxiety bad memory, no vitality, low voice.

When and where did you found about Nofap? In 19th of April this year when I searched about abstinence on the Internet and on 17th of May I've decided to make an account on reedit for this great subreddit against fapping.

Were you been successful from the first attempt and what was your motivation to succeed? No, of course not. My first steak has 3 days and I relapsed in the evening PMO-ing because I was extremely horny. The next day all my bad life came back. My second steak had 7 days, but I've relapsed at 4 AM in the night because I couldn't sleep because horniness and energy. My third steak finished at the same time in the night and had also 7 days.I was really upset that I can't pass 7 days. Why did I succeeded in the fourth attempt? Because of my big ambition to change myself and become a better version of me. I simply pass the fact that I can't sleep and I focused that energy on studying for my finals. Motivation? I always dreamt to stay among the majority of teens, to be different, to be superior than others.

What are the benefits of nofap for you?

  • Energy and motivation to do all I plan
  • Very sharp memory --> good grades at school(the best grades I've ever had in high school)
  • Less sleep(5-6 hours),but more productivity
  • Impressive gains in gym even after 3 weeks..My personal trainer was amazed by me
  • Deeper voice
  • Less anxious and depressive
  • Vitality and stamina through the roof
  • Tiredness? What's that?
  • More facial hair and body hair
  • Healthy skin and no acne
  • Shining green eyes which make extreme eye contact with everyone
  • Feeling invincible
  • Girls started smiling at me on the street
  • Mature face expression
  • Smelling good ,more manliness

Have you hit a flatline ? Did you have withdrawal symptoms? Yeah, between days 58-87 and it was very violent and hard to not relapse. Withdrawal symptoms between this days: violent panic attacks, severe anxiety and depression, can't sleep, low voice, very antisocial and frightened. I took Xanax which helped me a lot and I see a therapist once a week. Now, it's ok. I'm happier than ever, sociable, have deeper voice, optimistic, shining aura.

Practical Tips which you followed?

  1. Going to gym .It releases a lot of tension and give me a boost in confidence
  2. Ice showers
  3. No more video games
  4. Reading
  5. Studying for my admissions to a medicine faculty
  6. Walking
  7. Being positive and confident

It's worth the stress and the pain finally? Two quotes "No pain ,no gain " "If you're going through hell, keep going.." Of course, it worth it.

You tried this only for 90 days or more? I intend to quit forever, because my life is very brilliant now and nofap has become a second nature for me. 90 days->>forever

LINK - 90 Day Report.Lovely life being lovely

by Alexander978


UPDATE 222 days in.(17 years).Fuckin' good life.

Hey everybody!

Who determined me to start fapping and how was that period of fapping?

I've started fapping on 15 March 2012 without PMO and it was very pleasurable and gave me a lot of energy. But I didn't know at that time how dangerous for me is. Initially, it was just a curiosity, but very easy turned into a dependence, because of my stupid colleagues of gymnasium. (I was in the 8th grade at final). In the first two months it didn't affect too much,even if I was more tired like always. I've continued to be the best of my past school and I took my exams with maximum grades. After exams I started fapping with porn which almost destroyed me physically and pshicallý. I became an introverted person who spent over 2 hours per day doing this, I've lost my motivation to learn and obtain good grades,I developed a very dangerous depression associated with tremors,I hadn't got any friends, all person hated me. In just a year, I've lost all of my friends,my happiness, my results were real bad at school and I became a depressive lonely person.I've put over 10 kilos in just few months and in July 2013 I had 81 kg at a height 1,85 m I was fat I hated myself very much and I've wanted so much a change in my life. In effect, I lost 20 kg in just 2 months and developed a real severe depression, severe tremors, anemia, violent brain fog and a permanently feeling of guiltiness. It was a nightmare, which lasted until 20 April 2014.

How I discovered NoFap and changed my life?

Well ,it was just a pure coincidence that on 19th of April I discovered Reddit/Nofap and I read about two hours a lot of successful stories with life changes and I said in my mind that it worth trying. On 20 April, I've gave up P and stated no MO. I had two failed tries of 4 days, 7,7 days, bjt the fourth which started on 12 May was the lucky one. After a week, I had a lot of energy, lower brain fog, insomnia because tons of energy, optimism and more confidence. As a result, I've regained my motivation to learn and I had very good result, my teachers were really amazed. But,this was only a pause of a nightmare.

Another nightmare started on 10 th July at second visit to gym when I suffered a strong panic attack. After another two days, I had about 25 panic attacks in just 24 h that I wasn't capable to eat, I was scared to go to the bathroom alone, I had a calcium breakdown and I went to a psychiatrist which gave me Xanax and Asentra. After two days, I was a new person, less scared, happy, relatively talkative but the instability was during until 88 th day. After that my life has changed.

I had zero brain fog, I've had no problem with my erection (morning woods), almost zero depression, gained over 9kg of muscular mass in just 6 months. I've become an extrovert, semi popular person, I had more confidence. My skin looks brilliant and shinny, my hair became more thicker and beautiful, my green eyes starting radiating of happiness, my acne disappeared. I feel also that I have an aura on me. Lots of girls are chatting with me on whatsapp, liking my photos on instagram and lot accepted to have a selfie with me. Also, my voice is deeper than ever. I had good grades, friends and I had a lot of confidence. I'm invincible.

If you want to improve yourself start today,in this second not tomorrow or next week. Keep it up and Merry Christmas.

by Alexander978

Age 17 - No more panic attacks, More energy & confidence, No more brain fog, Better sleep

teen soccerThis is my longest streak so far and I feel very good and happy about my self! I will in this post break it into catagories where I will decribe the stages that I have gone through.


I started this addict as many others at a very young age. I am currently 17 and started fapping to P, when I was 13 years old. I t all started in school, some of my friends was playing soccer at the school yard and I scored a goal, I remember a girl at my very age commenting something very sexual to me where I imeidetly just got blown away. Later that day I started fapping and soon before I knew it I was hooked. I was trapped. Felt like utter shit, and worst of all I did not know why I felt so bad about myself.

When I turned 16 I was REALLY depressed, did not have any friends and stayed at home for 14-18 hours a day. Often without even going away from my games. Only thing I really did was eating and shopping. Obviously my parents was worried, but my addiction had already taken over me and I got more agressive and angry.

How I discovered NoFap:

I discovered Nofap At the age of 16 too. It started all when I went for a trip to USA. I had a very nice trip, and I felt very good. You know why? Because I did not have acess to P during that period of time. So I started linking things together. I did countless of seaches on the internet about the disbenefits of P, and found a link where it said 100 reasons to quit P. All the things on that list was what I was experiencing. So I tried to stop but soon afterwards I was back on track and boom I had relapsed. By this I learnt the most importent. Find your triggers and prevent them from happening again.

What I have learnt during this year of me trying:

I found out about this subreddit for a about a year ago. Started using it reguraly 2-3 months ago. What I really regret is that I wish I had used this more often! You guys are awesome and I have picked up some of your guys tips and tricks! I learnt that this addiction is very hard and can be very stressful, and that you do need SUPPORT! Do you have a girlfriend? Tell her about this! Let her help you I know it sounds very harsh and hard, but seriously before YOU do any more damage try to recover and get help! Thats what you and I need!

Benefits I have got from quitting:

  • Better sleep, I was litteraly trapped by Insomina, and thought I only need 5-6 hours of sleep. I have learnt about my sleep routines and sleep debt and found out that I have missed valuable sleep hours! Sleep is important nobody need to tell you that, but I would reccomend reading more about it! Right now I am paying years of sleep debt.
  • No more "brain fog", this used to kill me during classes at school and tests.
  • More energy. I feel more alive and more fresh.
  • Incresed confidence! Yep I still need more improvements but it is coming!
  • My mind is more "sharp".
  • I dont feel tried anymore, only very rarely.
  • No more PANIC Attacks! Hooray !
  • I am taking more care of myself. Yes little things in life has been more importent for me, I used not to clear my bed each morning or wash the windows etc. Now I am!
  • I want to get out and talk with other people now!
  • I have started more healthy habbits like reading.

Tips I really reccomend and what I am using:

  • I used to promise my self that I would just this one last time, BULLSHIT! Look instead of making promises with you self then look on your triggers! What triggers you to PMO? and most importantly why? How can you prevent it so it won't happen again?
  • Take cold shower each and every morning! Not only does this kill all your urges but it also dredges you up and make you approach the day more easily.
  • Occupy your time! Go exercising, or why not read a book? The girl you have always loved, why not having a chat with her and see if you can get somewhere ;)?
  • Try for a 2-3 month period to reduce your time spent on a computer. I found the computer thing to be a trigger so I stopped using it for a short period, you know what? I now KNOW that there is a life out there where you can interact with friends have some actual fun!
  • Use some porn blocking software, yes I mean it. We all slip sometimes, and this is where porn blocking software comes in handy! OpenDNS, is a free blocker Which I highly recommend! It blocks the websites you don't want to access on the actual router so it blocks cross platforms and not only on a specific device!


LINK - 30 DAYS REPORT! Including tips on how YOU can beat this addiction!!

by Feyli


Age 17 - Now, I am now extremely open, I can approach anyone, handle any situation

thank youI started my journey on October 9th, 2013. It took me 5 months to reach the 90 day milestone. My life has improved in so many ways and I would like to give a big thank you to the whole community.

I wouldn't have made it without you guys.

Personal Benefits: #1: Extreme confidence, before NoFap i used to be so nervous and anxious of what people thought about me at my school, especially hot chicks. Now, I am extremely open, I can approach anyone, handle any situation no matter how awkward it may be. Not give a shit about what people think about me, you only have one shot at life. Don't waist it on worrying about other peoples thoughts. I also stand up and Walk extremely straight so my posture has improved too, I look more confident and calm when I walk tall compared to slouch during my pre NoFap journey.

2 Gains and Energy: I have hit the weights and other exercises for a while. Starting in October, I have been challenging my body and lift 5 times a week. I used to be 6 foot tall and weigh 155 pounds before NoFap, now I weigh 177 and my body fat is still at the same level so the 22 pounds were mostly healthy muscle. I look and feel better than ever. I know have the energy to wake up, function and live happy. No more slouching due to exhaustion.

3: Socialization: I've been giving off vibes to the point where i have been approached by many different people, Girls, Males whoever. Many people look at me and will smile. It's like they know i have improved due to NoFap.

4: Females: Before my journey, i had about one or two friends that where girls. Since October i have gotten around 10 different girls numbers. I feel like my game has improved a lot thanks to NoFap. Many girls will even approach me know to start conversation instead of me approaching them. I went from 2 friends that where girls to talking, flirting and dating multiple numbers of girls.

Advice Cold Showers: I thank half of my success to cold showers. It brings out a whole different side of pain and uncomforting sensation. If you can handle cold showers, you can handle that speech or that girl you wanted to ask out.

Don't: Whatever you do, don't watch porn, fantasize, read erotic literature or any form of self harm. It hurts you and everyone else around you.

Do this for yourself: NoFap is about self improvement. You do this to improve yourself not someone else. You have one shot at life so don't mess it up.

LINK - 90 day hard mode report, 17 year old male. I made it

by Gallienus

Age 17 - One year: if I use my motivation and energy I get from nofap, it's successful.

Just kidding, I turned 18 on the 31st. No, I won't buy you cigarettes.

Anyway, it was late May of 2012 and I'd read about the benefits of nofap. I'd jerked it almost daily since I was 13, with most days in the second half the time between 13 and 16 having 2 or more fap sessions, I even did 5 a few times. I realized it was becoming a problem when it was starting to happen with Facebook pictures, and I was getting into weirder stuff (looking back, WTF was I thinking) and I was deleting history pretty much daily.

I had urges for a couple days, but then I got a huge. Fucking. Flatline. I'm talking probably 6+ months of no drive, except during a short relationship I had in August. That came in handy (no pun intended) when I had to spend time at a relative's house twice over the summer, and spend a couple nights in a borrowed bed in a nursing home while my grandmother was dying (I'll tell those stories if anyone wants to hear them, we've got a couple good ones). Glad my cousins didn't wake up with crusty sheets.

Then at around the end of the year, it came back. Holy shit, some days it feels like my dick was going to explode. I could have probably had a swordfight with my dick versus a jackhammer and the jackhammer would have broken. Still like that some days.

The superpowers never really came to me. I still have social anxieties, and oddly enough I'm better with complete strangers than people I know well. Probably could have gotten a hookup with a 21-year-old from New York (!) at a New Year's party if I hadn't been there with my dad and I'd have been a little more flirty. Just today I talked about old American cars with a random woman in her 50's or 60's and her son at a classic car parade in another city, and we had some good moments.

Asked a girl to homecoming knowing she'd say no, she had a boyfriend. Was able to respond sharply and with wit to save my bacon.

Anyway, back onto the superpowers. If I work on self-improvement, I can actually do it. I almost feel it when I need to get really assertive (some guy was harassing a friend, and I grabbed him by the collar of the shirt. Completely unlike me to shout him down, was shaking afterwards) or when I need to be friendly with a complete stranger. I'm still rewiring my brain not to think of every attractive girl as potentially a place to bury my dick, having an extremely attractive lesbian friend helped with that... I think. Got into a leadership position in a school club, too.

Motivation-wise, I saved myself from not graduating (had poor grades, was on razor's edge) in under 3 weeks with constant, very hard work. I now know what I'm capable of. I'm still working out for sure what I want to set as a goal in life, and I'm pretty sure I've got the answer, but it's gonna take an incredible amount of effort, time, and even cash.

God, I'm rambling now, aren't I? As it stands, I'm now a jobless, single, lazy, slightly out-of-shape (luckily not chubby), pale-skinned (thanks western European genes), blue-haired 18-year-old virgin. Almost none of my friends are. It hurts, but it motivates me. I want the same experiences that everyone else has had, even if it's "not that special" as everyone tells me.

To wrap everything up: superpowers only show up if you try to use them. Your drive doesn't go away forever (I need a blowjob badly right now, but I'll have to resist myself) and you'll still want to look at porn sites the way I did. It doesn't get too easy at any point, and it almost never becomes pleasant. But damn, it's worth it. I live in Colorado and I've got plenty to keep me busy over this summer, from volunteering for bands/sporting events to restoring a car and maybe a job. Regardless; if I use my motivation and energy I get from nofap, it's successful. If not, I just become another vegetable, albeit one that doesn't fap.

You need to keep pushing your limits or nofap isn't worth it. As I said in a college application paper once, The day you stop trying is the day you start dying. I'm tired and it's 1:41AM right now, so this post probably wasn't totally coherent, and jumped around a lot.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have. I'd like people to get something out of this.

LINK - I can't believe it's already been a whole year. My report inside. Not easy when you're 17.

by CookieMan0

Age 17 - PMO was holding me back

Hey, guys. I started nofap 105 days ago. I failed 15 days in, after getting home late from work and getting on youtube and seeing something which turned me on in the related videos. I edged for hours and finally 'accidentally' orgasmed. The fun was over and I realized what I had done... I was sick of lying to myself. As soon as I started edging I had already relapsed and I was done for.

Round 2: I got serious. I wasn't going to fail 2013 like i have failed 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2007. I was going to conquer. I got k9 on my phone and computer. I relied on this community in the early days, my mind was on PMO 95% of the time- so i redirected this focus to educating myself on this addiction and reading other peoples stories. I also listened to uplifting music nonstop...

7 days into my current streak, I got a girl's number... (I made a post about it). I wouldn't have asked this girl out if I was still fapping... And even if i did, it would have been disastrous. How do I know this? Because i know the type of man I am on when I PMO. I'm not a man, even. I'm a scared child who tries to act 'grown up' so no one can see how messed up I actually am.

It was rough, but I wasn't going to stop trying... I took cold showers twice a day (even when i wasn't horny) and made it until day 29, which was when i had a wet dream. I was scared about having a wet dream, because i didn't want it to be about porn or something perverted. It was gross, but necessary.

I feel like I'm finding myself... I have a healthier relationships (with friends, coworkers, family, and my girl).

BEST OF ALL- I feel extremely free............. do you know what it's like to not be constantly touching your genitals and feel fine with someone sitting on your bed or using your computer? It's amazing.

I'm still working on myself... but after all that, I know for a FACT that PMO was holding me back from having a better life. Thanks guys. You're very brave for giving up PMO.

Btw, I'm 17, male, work at a fast food place, go to school, and am a virgin.

I guess I haven't been on 'hardmode' because when I make out, it usually involves dry humping until orgasm...

LINK - Day 90 report!

by dreadfulfun



16 days in. I'm myself again, and it sucks.

I have an idealized vision of what I think love is, and that vision is that I meet someone who is BETTER than any girl I've met before, and I devote my life to her. This aspect of me defines me. It's stupid but I'm stuck with this until I change, it could take days, weeks, months, or years, but I've decided I'm in it for the long haul. I will give whatever it takes to be the man I want to be.



Happy Thanksgiving

I'm thankful for 5 days clean from PMO. Cheers

Age 17 - Peace of mind and confidence

  • About me/My Story

I'm 17m living in the US who wanted to stop fapping for religious regions (yeah, I'm a christian). I get fairly exceptional grades in school and I do well in track and field. I've never done drugs or consumed alcohol and I'm not the type of person to cave into peer pressure. Although I'm not gay, I've never desired to have a relationship with a girl. I would rather focus on my studies and get a girlfriend after I have more free time and/or a job. I never came into nofap searching for "super powers" or any of that.

  • My Journey

I initially tried sometime near the middle of the fall in 2013. I lasted about 2 weeks then failed and immediately gave up. I watched this subreddit regularly during those 2 weeks and I couldn't figure out why I was failing. Needless to say I didn't try it again or even really think about nofap for the following 2 months. In mid-December I got my winter break from school as I do every year, and as you can probably imagine. I fapped a lot. I mean, what else did I have to do during this 2 week break from school? Anyways, Christmas passed and school started back up again. As usual, school starts to get harder after winter break and I was quite busy in early January of 2014. It wasn't until about 2 weeks after not fapping that I even noticed that I hadn't fapped for 2 whole weeks. (Keep in mind that, at this point, I had not been involved in nofap for 2 months and had no intentions to return). Upon realizing that I hadn't fapped for 2 weeks without even trying. I was extremely confused. Before, when I was trying really hard, I couldn't barely get to 2 weeks without doing everything in my power to control it. That's when I had my epiphany:


(I will get more into WHY those are the killers later)

Upon realizing that I had gone 2 weeks without fapping, I figured that I might as well make it my new years resolution to not fap at all in 2014 (I haven't fapped since late December, 2013) so I hopped back on this subreddit to set my counter. While it hasn't been the easiest thing I've ever done, making it to this 90 day mark has been easy when I compare it to my first failed 2 week attempt back in the Fall of last year.

  • Why I believe It became so easy

(I shortened this section to stay under the 10,000 character limit)

Basically, I stayed occupied and entertained. I think it was mainly from staying busy, though.

  • How you should approach nofap <-- MOST IMPORTANT SECTION!!!

Right off the bat here, I need to say this; if you want to be successful with nofap and if you want to reap the true benefits you must keep in mind that:


(which then LEADS to the prevention of fapping, NOT the other way around)

Simply abstaining from fapping without changing your mindset will not only be very difficult, but it will do very little as far as the benefits of nofap such as the "super powers" some people claim to recieve. What type of a lifestyle change am I talking about? Well put simply:


This NOT ONLY means we stop fapping, this means you DON'T WATCH P AT ALL, this means that when you're walking around,


You need to do everything in your power to avoid ALL sexual thoughts throughout your day (only exception may be with your significant other). When you're avoiding sexual thoughts, you can't watch P or edge at all. Let me repeat that:

  • YOU DON'T WATCH P OR EDGE AT ALL (no matter how much you think you can control yourself, EVEN IF YOU CAN, you still DON'T WATCH P OR EDGE)

Keep in mind, I'm not talking about relapsing here. If you relapse, that's completely different. I'm talking about the people with the mindset that they're going to go watch P or edge to try to satisfy their sexual cravings without M and/or O. If this is your mindset, you're missing the point. A common misconception with some fapstronauts, specifically newer ones, is that you can somehow take upon the nofap challenge while still watching P and/or edging and be successful while reaping the benefits of nofap. While it's still possible to abstain from fapping when watching P or edging, YOU'RE MISSING THE POINT OF NOFAP and you will NOT reap the rewards of nofap. Let me put it this way: if you're an alcoholic, you're not going to go to the liquor store and buy a bottle then go and poor yourself a shot just to stare at it. That doesn't make any sense!

  • The benefits/rewards of nofap come from curving your control over your sexual cravings, NOT simply abstaining from M or O.

  • Tips and Tricks (That worked for me):

Firstly: keep yourself busy and/or entertained from when you wake up until you go to bed. This is extremely important as it makes the nofap challenge SIGNIFICANTLY easier. I would go as far to say that if you do this, your challenge will be about 5x easier than before. This is especially important for the first few weeks, as they are definitely the hardest.


I would highly recommend getting a hobby (maybe even a second hobby) if you don't already have one. Plan to hang out with friends a lot to eat up all your free time. Make plans to clean your house/apartment and get things done. Whatever you can do to keep busy is good, there are a a lot of options here. Staying entertained also helps, although not as much as staying busy (but you can do both at the same time for a nice boost too). For obvious reasons, avoid activities where you may be exposed to sexual thoughts. This whole step is open up to interpretation but is very important. Just be smart about it.


Needless to say, no matter how busy you are, you will still get urges. A very effecting method that I have found to work for me is to find an inspiring song/video and play it whenever you get an urge. Obviously it doesn't HAVE to be an inspiring video/song, but that's what worked very well for me. More specifically, closer to the first part of my challenge (from ~2 weeks to ~1.5 months) I used this song:

White Flag (performed by passion)

You can try listening to that song, or you can find something you find inspiring yourself. Just make sure you have something that will work to fend off urges when you get them and remember to USE THIS when you get an urge. It won't work if you don't use it.


  • Get an accountability partner (optional)

Before I say anything else about this step, I want to preface this one saying this can have mixed results. It may help a lot or a little or not at all. The key to getting this step to work is to get an accountability partner that you can both relate to and get close to. Optimally, getting a close friend to be an accountability partner is amazing as they will be cheering you on, and quite frankly, what they say will affect you a lot more than some random person on the internet. With that said, using's forums to find an accountability partner isn't a bad thing by any means. Just keep in mind that without relating and getting close to your accountability partner, you might not be getting great effects from this one.(Still doesn't hurt to try)

With all of these suggestions, combined with being successful with nofap for ~2-3 weeks, the journey gets easy, to the point where you will often forget about fapping as a whole for days at a time eventually.

  • My thoughts on nofap as a whole:

First off, I want to talk about the "super powers" that others claim to receive from nofap. I have come to believe that these super powers actually come from a boost in self confidence that you gain from participating and being successful in nofap. I personally don't think that this confidence or "super powers" gained from nofap are from the act of abstaining from PMO. It's from a boost in self confidence because you accomplished something. With that said, if you are a person with a good self esteem and self confidence, I wouldn't expect to be getting a huge boost from nofap. (Note that I'm not saying that it can't happen, but in general, this confidence boost will be less in someone with lots of self confidence.)

I personally, do not feel like I have gained any "super powers" from nofap, but I'm ok with that. I never came into nofap with the reason that I wanted to obtain any super powers at all. If you do come into nofap with the sole reason of wanting to gain said "super powers", you might be going in with the wrong mindset (keep in mind I said MIGHT. For some people, this is ok, but in general, I would say this should not be your only reason to start nofap. I'm not saying to not try nofap if this is your only reason either, it's possible it may be more difficult for you than others though, which isn't a bad thing.)

What I have gained is:

  1. Peace of Mind
  2. Order
  3. Happiness (probably as a result of peace of mind)
  4. Time
  5. Energy
  6. Sleep
  7. Confidence (yes, I HAVE gained confidence, I don't think I would compare it with a super power though, it was simply a small boost for me)

And these are only the things I observed as a direct correlation with me starting nofap; I'm sure there are more.

  • Final Thoughts and TL/DR Section

  • If there was only one thing I could tell everyone about nofap, it's that yes, nofap works, but it works with a CHANGE IN MINDSET, NOT SIMPLY A PREVENTION OF PMO. I would suggest everyone to try it out, if only for a few weeks. Just the extra energy alone was enough to keep me going with nofap. Lastly, don't get discouraged, everyone has their high and low slumps and when you get a few weeks under your belt, it's much easier so keep at it!

How I got to 90 days and howwhy I plan to never fap again

by cheeseandcereal


UPDATE - Why NoFap is so much more than just PMO prevention (and how to get to 90 days)

Quick preface: I have posted basically this exact post before when I had reached 90 days of nofapping about 9 months ago, but I figured I would post it again because so many more people have joined since then and all that I wrote stays true. So just keep in mind that this was wrote from the perspective of me just after completing 90 days of nofap.

  • About me/My Story

I'm 18m living in the US who wanted to stop fapping for religious regions (yeah, I'm a christian). I get fairly exceptional grades in school and I do well in track and field. I've never done drugs or consumed alcohol and I'm not the type of person to cave into peer pressure. Although I'm not gay, I've never desired to have a relationship with a girl. I would rather focus on my studies and get a girlfriend after I have more free time and/or a job. I never came into nofap searching for "super powers" or any of that.

  • My Journey

I initially tried sometime near the middle of the fall in 2013. I lasted about 2 weeks then failed and immediately gave up. I watched this subreddit regularly during those 2 weeks and I couldn't figure out why I was failing. Needless to say I didn't try it again or even really think about nofap for the following 2 months. In mid-December I got my winter break from school as I do every year, and as you can probably imagine. I fapped a lot. I mean, what else did I have to do during this 2 week break from school? Anyways, Christmas passed and school started back up again. As usual, school starts to get harder after winter break and I was quite busy in early January of 2014. It wasn't until about 2 weeks after not fapping that I even noticed that I hadn't fapped for 2 whole weeks. (Keep in mind that, at this point, I had not been involved in nofap for 2 months and had no intentions to return). Upon realizing that I hadn't fapped for 2 weeks without even trying. I was extremely confused. Before, when I was trying really hard, I couldn't barely get to 2 weeks without doing everything in my power to control it. That's when I had my epiphany:


(I will get more into WHY those are the killers later)

Upon realizing that I had gone 2 weeks without fapping, I figured that I might as well make it my new years resolution to not fap at all in 2014 (I haven't fapped since late December, 2013) so I hopped back on this subreddit to set my counter. While it hasn't been the easiest thing I've ever done, making it to this 90 day mark has been easy when I compare it to my first failed 2 week attempt back in the Fall of last year.

  • Why I believe It became so easy

(I shortened this section to stay under the 10,000 character limit)

Basically, I stayed occupied and entertained. I think it was mainly from staying busy, though.

  • How you should approach nofap <-- MOST IMPORTANT SECTION!!!

Right off the bat here, I need to say this; if you want to be successful with nofap and if you want to reap the true benefits you must keep in mind that:


(which then LEADS to the prevention of fapping, NOT the other way around)

Simply abstaining from fapping without changing your mindset will not only be very difficult, but it will do very little as far as the benefits of nofap such as the "super powers" some people claim to recieve. What type of a lifestyle change am I talking about? Well put simply:


This NOT ONLY means we stop fapping, this means you DON'T WATCH P AT ALL, this means that when you're walking around,


You need to do everything in your power to avoid ALL sexual thoughts throughout your day (only exception may be with your significant other). When you're avoiding sexual thoughts, you can't watch P or edge at all. Let me repeat that:

  • YOU DON'T WATCH P OR EDGE AT ALL (no matter how much you think you can control yourself, EVEN IF YOU CAN, you still DON'T WATCH P OR EDGE)

Keep in mind, I'm not talking about relapsing here. If you relapse, that's completely different. I'm talking about the people with the mindset that they're going to go watch P or edge to try to satisfy their sexual cravings without M and/or O. If this is your mindset, you're missing the point. A common misconception with some fapstronauts, specifically newer ones, is that you can somehow take upon the nofap challenge while still watching P and/or edging and be successful while reaping the benefits of nofap. While it's still possible to abstain from fapping when watching P or edging, YOU'RE MISSING THE POINT OF NOFAP and you will NOT reap the rewards of nofap. Let me put it this way: if you're an alcoholic, you're not going to go to the liquor store and buy a bottle then go and poor yourself a shot just to stare at it. That doesn't make any sense!

  • The benefits/rewards of nofap come from curving your control over your sexual cravings, NOT simply abstaining from M or O.

  • Tips and Tricks (That worked for me):

Firstly: keep yourself busy and/or entertained from when you wake up until you go to bed. This is extremely important as it makes the nofap challenge SIGNIFICANTLY easier. I would go as far to say that if you do this, your challenge will be about 5x easier than before. This is especially important for the first few weeks, as they are definitely the hardest.


I would highly recommend getting a hobby (maybe even a second hobby) if you don't already have one. Plan to hang out with friends a lot to eat up all your free time. Make plans to clean your house/apartment and get things done. Whatever you can do to keep busy is good, there are a a lot of options here. Staying entertained also helps, although not as much as staying busy (but you can do both at the same time for a nice boost too). For obvious reasons, avoid activities where you may be exposed to sexual thoughts. This whole step is open up to interpretation but is very important. Just be smart about it.


Needless to say, no matter how busy you are, you will still get urges. A very effecting method that I have found to work for me is to find an inspiring song/video and play it whenever you get an urge. Obviously it doesn't HAVE to be an inspiring video/song, but that's what worked very well for me. More specifically, closer to the first part of my challenge (from ~2 weeks to ~1.5 months) I used this song:

White Flag (performed by passion)

You can try listening to that song, or you can find something you find inspiring yourself. Just make sure you have something that will work to fend off urges when you get them and remember to USE THIS when you get an urge. It won't work if you don't use it.


  • Get an accountability partner (optional)

Before I say anything else about this step, I want to preface this one saying this can have mixed results. It may help a lot or a little or not at all. The key to getting this step to work is to get an accountability partner that you can both relate to and get close to. Optimally, getting a close friend to be an accountability partner is amazing as they will be cheering you on, and quite frankly, what they say will affect you a lot more than some random person on the internet. With that said, using's forums to find an accountability partner isn't a bad thing by any means. Just keep in mind that without relating and getting close to your accountability partner, you might not be getting great effects from this one.(Still doesn't hurt to try)

With all of these suggestions, combined with being successful with nofap for ~2-3 weeks, the journey gets easy, to the point where you will often forget about fapping as a whole for days at a time eventually.

  • My thoughts on nofap as a whole:

First off, I want to talk about the "super powers" that others claim to receive from nofap. I have come to believe that these super powers actually come from a boost in self confidence that you gain from participating and being successful in nofap. I personally don't think that this confidence or "super powers" gained from nofap are from the act of abstaining from PMO. It's from a boost in self confidence because you accomplished something. With that said, if you are a person with a good self esteem and self confidence, I wouldn't expect to be getting a huge boost from nofap. (Note that I'm not saying that it can't happen, but in general, this confidence boost will be less in someone with lots of self confidence.)

I personally, do not feel like I have gained any "super powers" from nofap, but I'm ok with that. I never came into nofap with the reason that I wanted to obtain any super powers at all. If you do come into nofap with the sole reason of wanting to gain said "super powers", you might be going in with the wrong mindset (keep in mind I said MIGHT. For some people, this is ok, but in general, I would say this should not be your only reason to start nofap. I'm not saying to not try nofap if this is your only reason either, it's possible it may be more difficult for you than others though, which isn't a bad thing.)

What I have gained is:

  1. Peace of Mind
  2. Order
  3. Happiness (probably as a result of peace of mind)
  4. Time
  5. Energy
  6. Sleep
  7. Confidence (yes, I HAVE gained confidence, I don't think I would compare it with a super power though, it was simply a small boost for me)

And these are only the things I observed as a direct correlation with me starting nofap; I'm sure there are more.

  • Final Thoughts and TL;DR Section

  • If there was only one thing I could tell everyone about nofap, it's that yes, nofap works, but it works with a CHANGE IN MINDSET, NOT SIMPLY A PREVENTION OF PMO. I would suggest everyone to try it out, if only for a few weeks. Just the extra energy alone was enough to keep me going with nofap. Lastly, don't get discouraged, everyone has their high and low slumps and when you get a few weeks under your belt, it's much easier so keep at it!


Age 17 - Social anxiety, depression, lack of direction, and the killer, ED.

happy guyWell I hit 90 days, and I couldn't be more proud of myself. I've been at this NoFap thing since August of last year, and this is definitely my first big victory.

So much has changed, yet so much is still to be improved on so there is no is no intention to stop any time soon. NoFap has been very rough at times, and also easy at others. Difficulty doesn't matter, because the result is worth every effort.

A little backstory: Not going to go into detail or anything, but short story is I was heavily addicted to PMO and masturbation and didn't even know I had a problem. Started in sixth grade and got a lot more intense around seventh grade. ( I'm going to be a senior now so that's about 6 years) During those years, it was very rare for me to even skip a day of PMO. I would say in a given day I spanked the monkey about 2-7 times a day. All of this resulting in social anxiety, depression, lack of direction, and the killer, ED.

What I Improved over the last 90 days

  • Motivation to do anything
  • People/social skills (only slightly so far)
  • Social anxiety
  • The ability to start conversations
  • The ability to take responsibility for my own actions
  • Planning for my future
  • I generally care less about what people think of me recently

What has happened in the past 90 days

  • Got a job for the first time
  • Starting strength training
  • Am on a good diet
  • learning how to program games
  • I read more
  • spend less time wandering social media sites
  • generally spend more time doing productive activities
  • I used to have eye twitches, that's pretty much gone now.
  • Acne is getting better ( Although dieting is playing a big role in this)

Areas to improve on in the future

  • Social skills
  • concentration
  • being more extroverted
  • attitude
  • everywhere else honestly. There's never a good time to stop improving oneself.
  • I should take cold showers more often
  • I still need to meditate more as well

Was all of this worth it? Well, yes of course. I mean I'm not a completely new person or anything because I did the 90 days, but I sure feel like I'm a step closer to it. Everything that was experienced during the last year was a nice wake-up call that my life is heading for a complete shit spiral to nowhere and it's time for a change. Going through all of the rough patches, flat-lines, withdrawals, and having your own mind work against you, the realization is that what was happening was a serious addiction with serious on-going consequences. Many of us were trapped and didn't even know it. That's so terrifying. Thank god for NoFap.

What I plan to do All I plan to do is to keep going. I just started dieting and exercising, I want to see where that leads. I'm starting to get better at social interaction, which still needs a lot of help. Why would I ever stop now? I plan on doing this NoFap thing as a lifestyle change. After realizing how useless PMO is, this decision isn't a very tough one. I want to live life like a normal, happy person with ambitions and desire. On that note, I have no intention of stopping ever.

Tips and Tricks

  • Always make sure you have something to keep you busy. If not, you will get bored and we all know where that can lead. If you have a hobby, great. Do the hobby more often or get an extra one, it doesn't really matter. If a hobby isn't existent, find one. There are lots of things to do that interest lots of different types of people, there's bound to be something out there for you.
  • Don't edge, at all. This may seem obvious to some, and not for others. It leads nowhere and will yield absolutely no benefit. Anything to do with porn or masturbation should be avoided completely for a good, clean recovery. Before these 90 days, edging caused a relapse about 95% of the time.
  • Don't think about NOT PMO'ing If you're thinking about how you're not going to PMO, you're still thinking about it. I'm not saying to not take advice and apply it to your NoFap habits, but when a big urge strikes try to focus on something else. An urge goes away faster than thought.
  • It's only temporary. That's right, an urge is very temporary. A flat-line is temporary, ED is temporary. Everything will be OK. Just stick with it, improve any way possible and things like these will fix on it's own. NoFap has a magical way of improving multiple areas of life. Eventually everything will come together.
  • Little progress is still progress. There will be days where you feel like nothing is happening. You're motivation is down, you feel like all of this effort is going to waste. There's nothing wrong with that, it's just an emotion. All you have to do is push forward, whether its crawling or sprinting, progress is still progress. Those small steps lead to something bigger than thought, and at that time you will realize that every little effort was worth it.

That's about all I got. I wish all of you good luck on your streaks. Anyone can do it. Anything is possible. Peace.

THREAD - 90 days! Fuck yeah.

by Fetal_Sacrifice

Age 17 - The Journey from Teenage Boy to Young Man

17-yr oldI began /r/Nofap around about six months ago. I was in a dire strait: my marks were going downhill; I was in my final year of school; I'd lost none of my weight; I was a complete fucking mess. I had lost the confidence to talk to three girls that had my eye, and I messed up. I had no fucking idea what I was doing with my time, and I constantly contemplated suicide, and self-harm, to make it feel better.

That's when NoFap came along.

My confidence has absolutely sky rocketed. I subscribed to /r/howtonotgiveafuck, and now I don't care about what others think of me: doing the right thing, and not giving a fuck about it, feels fucking awesome. My fitness has significantly evolved.

I went on a hiking trip recently: 85 kilometres in 6 days. Had I not been on NoFap, I would have struggled. But it was an absolute breeze: I had been though not fapping for ages, and so I'd learnt...

The location isn't the prize; it's the journey.

I graduated school. Got my marks up significantly. I'm now into the University that I wanted to get into, and I'm doing the course I wanted to.

My parents think that I'm a bundle of energy. I'm not scared to show my Internet History now. I let my siblings use my electronics, no fear. My socks, my bed, my hands, my tissue box, are all sterile. I can't fucking believe it.

But most of all, and best of all: I don't feel the need to masturbate anymore. I get enough dopamine from what I love doing, rather than something I loathe myself for afterwards.

Porn isn't a problem anymore. It's a fucked up medium for self-pleasure, that results in emptiness sprouting in every man and woman whom watches it, and gets off to it. I don't condemn others for watching it: I just know it's not for me.

My friends all think this is bullshit, but I'm the only one that can see the light: this shit works, guys. It works.

I'm sitting here, not as a boy, a child; but as a young man. I've gotten my life sorted out now. You know what I say to 2014?

I'm ready.

To anyone struggling to keep up with this challenge: fall down six times, get up seven.

To any fellow fapstronauts: best of luck with your endeavours.

To everyone: have fun, be safe, and have the best of luck in 2014.

See you at 90 days, motherfuckers!

The Journey from Teenage Boy to Young Man: NoFap 2013.(self.NoFap)

by padrah


Age 17 - The benefits I have noticed are numerous, and I really feel like I have become a Different person

I first discovered masturbation at a relatively early age, when I was 9 years old (I am now 17). I remember always feeling severe guilt about orgasm, even though, at the time, I had no reason to. I was always on the lookout for beacon of sorts, a reason to give up masturbation for good, but found it quite difficult, which is understandable, considering the fact that our modern, western society considers masturbation to be something normal, or even essential. So after a short period of abstinence at age 14, I just decided to give up and go with the flow. That is, until I found NoFap.

I stumbled across NoFap when I was already on the upward curve, which probably made quitting PMO much easier for me than for most people. I, for reasons I sincerely cannot remember, had decided to masturbate only once per week, on Saturdays. I now see that this interval between PMO sessions was because testosterone levels are highest one week after ejaculation. So, in other words, I would jerk off when I hit that peak. I was just about to masturbate when I typed "reasons not to masturbate" into Google, which lead me to the famous TEDx talk and, eventually, to this forum. I, having finally found a reason(or a number of them) quit masturbation "cold turkey" and, I must say, it has been quite the life-changer.

The benefits I have noticed are numerous, and I really feel like I have become a Different person. I feel more like a man, I feel strong and ready to deal with my day-to-day problems. I have experienced a sudden burst in the growth of my facial hair, and I find it easier to sing lowers notes(I'm in a band). I notice girls and women looking at me much more often. I have a different attitude towards women, which is hard to describe, but I can say I pay much more attention to a girls character than I used to, I'm not just out to get laid. I get more potent erections and I get them more often. I find more things arousing in general, I'm more sensitive to my surroundings. I feel more "human" more "natural", I feel like I have returned my body to the state and cycle it was meant to exist in. I wish the same for you.

LINK - 90 day report a little late. (First Post)

by griinding


Age 17 - These last 47 days have been the only times I've felt human.

As I sit here I feel anguished and full of grief. Yet these last 47 days have been the only times I've felt human. As I pour out the contents of the last 47 days know that I never regret anything, even this feeling of grief.

It begins with a bet with a friend. 100 bucks to the one who can last the longest without porn or touching for 90 days. I made and took up this bet without really having 100 dollars to give. I had but one choice: make it to 90 days. I was fed up with being unable to make it past 14 days, I was fed up feeling small and twisted inside. I knew there was something more to me, and NoFap was my key to opening that locked door.

With that Key I opened Pandora's Box.

I brought a mess of utter pure joy as well as deep wells of sadness.

So I began my 47 days. I was going in squeaky clean. If I could in some way help not watching something designed to arouse me then I was going to do it. No porn, nothing remotely exciting. No touching either, like not even edging. I was going in as hard as hard-mode could go. I was ready to go in fully abandoned. As I began to gather steam from the hard first week I began to flower a little. I started getting a bit more social. I was being just a bit more quick of wit, a bit less defensive, a bit more vulnerable. Sharp words hurt just a bit less, angry words cut just a bit less. I was in some ways confused as the sudden influx of neglected stimuli of the world began to elicit a response from my battered senses.

In that way the world slowly gained color. The grass got a bit greener, the sky got a bit bluer, the world a bit more lively. It started slow, but slowly gained momentum. For the first time in my life I felt overwhelmed by the splendor that surrounded my small short life. My mind began to buzz with excitement again. I was feeling less and less a robot and more a human. A gradual increase that slowly began to take larger and larger steps.

It was then it the swirling vortex of my newfound life that I realized I had been a mean buzzard to an old and exceptionally worthwhile friend I had. It was a she, and she had been the one reason I kept clinging on to NoFap in crucial situations in a period of 3-4 years. I lost her after a fallout in our relationship. I liked her, but never could quite say it. I couldn't express the desires in my heart, the words I'd write about them were as confusing and strange as the way I felt them. We sort of blundered at a difficult time of life together. At some point we had a mutual trust for each other. But I felt more than that, and in a way I thought she expressed a desire as well.

I never would've thought of talking to her after the time in silence. But an english paper about the harmful effects of Internet Pornography I was writing brought me to my knees. One statistic, stating that men who just watch even porn that wasn't abusive were highly likely to persuade or coerce a woman into having sex using words, drinks, anything. While I never did anything so extreme, I remembered that in a bout of crankiness I had told her to either just be a FWB or get out. Like a reasonable and intelligent woman she got out and I had to sort myself out then.

As I remembered this awful incident I kept thinking back and could find other times I was mean, spiteful, cruel, etc. It got bad as a few incidents became many upon many. I couldn't think of any reason why she would ever think that was a good friendship. I felt overwhelmed.

So I formed a plan to call her. I ask her the first time to talk, I'm a bit nervous, and I end up getting shot down on the spot. I was bummed. I thought she doesn't want part of me, so I felt in a way free of any obligation to apologize.

Until a few days later I did something crazy.

I did my laundry and cooked the first time in my life.

All alone.

It was there that I learned what it meant to be self-sufficient in a new way. I felt new strength after doing each one, I was feeling more confident. But then 45 days rolled in and I figured that since it was a checkpoint I'd do something REALLY big to commemorate it. So that fateful Sunday I called her. I knew what I was getting into before. But I felt untouchable, invincible in a way, so in I went.

I got on the phone with her, I apologized for absolutely everything I could remember in my nervous state. I had no idea where I was leading with all of it, but it kept flowing out of me. I had told her of when I had been addicted to porn and masturbation, so I told her of NoFap. Told her how it was now every sight was a Kodak moment. I spoke how happy I was, and I finished the thought with a final question:

"These last few days have been the happiest ones I've ever lived in my life; I want to share that with you."

That was it.

That was the moment my past 3 years had waited for.

... And the next moment brought me indescribable joy that I can't explain.

"Sorry... But I like someone else."

3 years, the agony, the excitement, it all came down to this. I couldn't have asked for a better moment.

I hung up and laughed and cried tear of utter joy, I danced and jammed to Daft Punk's Discovery for an hour straight without knowing. I had finally graduated. I finally did what had been the haphazard glue that kept me together. I felt reborn.

I was alive.

Up to this point I figured all was over, well it turns out some things also changed in me. Ever since I began to lucid dream for some odd reason I could bring and remove people in my dreams, but I could never bring her in, nor would she show up naturally. Yet last night I was in a room with everyone I ever was friends with.

... And she was there in the middle, walking towards me.

I smiled, looked down feigning slight embarrassment , looked into her eyes and shook hand. Then we moved past and parted ways.

Ever since I asked her out I haven't been this free and void of so big a purpose and obsession as she had been before. This had been my consuming obsession, and it was over with the greatest feeling of ecstasy I had ever experienced.

I was just now sad because I realized I had no one to tell about this. To laugh about it, to think about it, to reflect with. So instead of wallowing in the amount of sadness I decided to immortalize this experience on the internet, in the hopes that someone will read it and be able to remember this and me. To remember my bravery in my time of distress. To remember that heroism.

Meanwhile I'm still living. I've never quite been this connected to humanity before, yet never been this void of a pressing purpose. I'm in a way free falling into a sort of sweet dream.

A story about a boy who became a man and learned to love his life for the first time

LINK - How in 47 days I loved and lost everything. [Long Read but not the average post]

by Stained-glass


UPDATE - 200 days, two stars; one lone ranger

Well, I can start easier with the things I am not:

I am not a stud, six-pack solid muscle lean built, riding around in a Thunderbird as a casual ride, making a seven-digit job that I work any hours I want at any time of the day. I am not the sudden suave master of Women's hearts the cause of all swoons that happen at any given second. I am not a family man that cooks like Gordon Ramsay but has the silky voice of Tom Cruise fused with all the Bonds from time past.

I am none of these things.

I am just a man. I have low days, even lower ones, and sometimes amazing days of exuberant joy. I have days when I feel weak, and days where I feel strong. But even with all these pains that I have to meet on a daily basis (as happens when you suddenly stop repressing the well of emotions in each of us) I wouldn't have it any other way.

I have made my claim at love. I have lost that claim and found myself empty-handed. I have cried bitter tears over it, and I have had days where the rhythm of music dances in the core of my bones; crescendos welling and waxing in the core of my soul. I have earned scars to show for my actions, both physical and emotional.

I have grown, I have known pain and joy. Pain leads me to enjoy that which I have or had, to remember the good I have in my life. To wait expectantly for days of good. Joy lets me taste of the sweet fruits of good. It gives me a taste of the fruit of my labors.

I'm not sure what to tell you guys, except it's not at all what you think. A lot of people look to NoFap to build their physique; their looks, their bodies, their performance, their concentration, and whatnot. Those are not bad things, and are indeed not bad to desire. But NoFap, while certainly aiding in this aspect, is not first and foremost strong in this area. NoFap is more of building the internal Man/Woman. Of taking our weakness, our insecurities, and laying them bare before us. It's about facing our problems head on, and not looking to pacify or numb the emotions we don't want to feel. We become stronger outside and we grow in strength inside.

Don't look to be stronger in the eyes of others.

Be strong inside, where it counts, and in turn you will be stronger.

I wish I could speak of all the overwhelmingly good experiences I have had, along with all the moments of sadness. I don't have much time, since it is late and the morning demands attentive consciousness.

Have a great day guys.


Age 17 - Tons of energy, can talk to girls normally, women are beautiful

One of the main reasons I've been able to do nofap is because of constantly throwing stuff in my schedule (work, hanging out with friends, etcetera) and this great community. I ended up getting so busy that I completely forgot to check my counter! 90 days... Wow. When I started this for the first time I went into it thinking I wouldn't be able to get one week.

As the weeks went by though I started to notice something. If you go into this thinking and tell yourself you won't succeed or you don't have a chance, you won't. Believe in yourself and you can change yourself for the better.

It's certainly changed my life for the better. I have tons of energy! I can talk to girls normally without freaking out! Women are beautiful and not just objects! From the bottom of my heart /r/nofap I want to thank you for changing my life. Thank you :)

LINK - Would you look at that. 90 days.

by Llusion

Age 17 - Took 135 days to recover (ED)

Hey guys. Background:

I'm 17, been watching porn daily for about 3 years and masturbating a couple of times a day to it.

I noticed real problems aged 15, these being: depression, no energy, no motivation, no libido at all and ED.

As soon as I noticed problems I had no problem stopping porn. I'd made a few attempts before I knew the extent of it all and managed a few 10-day spurts, so that may have aided my progress in one way or another. I made the decision to stop watching porn, stop masturbating pretty much, stop fantasizing and stop getting with girls for as long as it took until I felt better.

For about 60 days I didn't really notice anything. I think I sort of skipped the flat-line stage and very slowly improved, having a bit more energy and random morning wood probably about half the nights. Towards day 70, I noticed real improvements: my libido was raging and I felt like i could have had successful sex, while my morning erections were getting towards 100 percent. However, after a few days this slackened off and I went back to feeling pretty good, but nothing special.

At around the day 100 mark (it took me ages, I know!) I started feeling way better, and now at day 135 the changes are huge. I feel for the first time as I did before the problems, where your body shivers with horniness! Really feel like I've got my sense of purpose back and that's important for me. My energy levels have improved untold amounts; I've gone from being asleep all day to being buzzing! I almost never dream about porn anymore which I always did at the start and so that displays perfectly the rewiring my brain has undergone. it's also worth mentioning that I've masturbated twice - once a month ago and once a couple of weeks ago, I feel I'm at the stage where I can do that now if it's purely to sensation, which it was.

Around day 100 I began what I call starved anaerobic exercise, in which I did weights after not eating for a few hours as I'd heard it can help develop dopamine receptors, and I really think it's helped my recovery but everyone's different. Today I had my first sexual encounter since I began the reboot and it went well! It was only messing around and I had almost no erection at the start, not a good sign! But actually, as the session progressed and i experienced my first contact with a girl in a long time I could feel my brain rewiring itself to the real thing. By the end I had a 100% erection! So, I'm gonna keep meeting her and getting physical contact for a while before trying for sex, upon which I'll return with another account!

Seriously guys, I know it's frustrating but it does work - stick with it.

BY - kulitakija

Age 17 - Wasn't addicted: more energy, confidence, drive, motivation & willingness to study

17-yr oldContext: I am a 17 year old male doing nofap for personal betterification, to get more confidence in talking to women and to test my own will. My best run before this was 30 days last November and I haven't tried abstaining since. I don't/didn't consider myself addicted and for about two weeks before this run I was down to only one 'session' per week.

3 months later I'm really happy with the results.

  • More energy
  • More willingness to study
  • More energy and drive to work out
  • More confidence in speaking to people
  • More confidence in my actions and decision
  • Feel stronger and more 'alpha'

In reflection no one can do this but yourself and it is nothing but your will, drive and motivation.
One thing outside that that did help though my accountability partner. I really recommend trying to get a buddy to help you along in your journey.

Thanks for reading and good luck to you all.

See you back here at day 150. ;)

LINK - 90 Day Goal Reached: Brief Report

by Atrolantra

Age 17 - We change our false mindset to our true mindset

I'm not here for ED. I'm 17. Started all of this when I was 16. I was at the lowest point of my life, having lost everything I every had. Forced to abandon all of my family and friends and lovers. Went homeless for awhile in Florida, though that is a completely different story.

Fastfoward to finally being stable, one day I finally realized that I wasn't happy, and that I wasn't doing anything that will actually make me happy. I was fapping, smoking weed, doing all sorts of insane shit a depressed teen who had nothing would do. So I do what anyone, and went on a journey to find the questions of life. Questions that no one could except me could answer. Who was I, what is life, and what is my purpose? While looking through self help books and Occult literature (its a huge leap, don't ask ), I found YBOP. "Was this what I was looking for?", I thought.

Promotes energy, increases creativity, reduced anxiety, increased clarity. I came here hoping that just quitting this one little thing will solve all my life's problem, as that is how some people make it to be. ::) From that day, I went 4 months of pure achievement. I quit porn, marijuana, TV, and reduced internet activity. I took up Psychology, art, guitar, reading, exercising, walking, meditating, journal. I found life's answers, I found myself, I found out who I wanted to be. I found my "God", so to say. Its like my prayers were answered.

Pretty much hit a flat-line, so now that no more energy was going towards porn, I decided it was time for change. 4 months of learning and growing.  Finding answers, taking up hobbies, interacting with my surroundings, finding peace, solving my own problems, finding solutions to others. Self help book after self help book, studies after studies, I learned a lot of things that was valuable to my happiness and sanity, and that's going to be like diamond in the years to come. This was my golden age. This is what I was looking for. I found balance. But then I decided to take a smoke of some good herb. But then I decided masturbating wouldn't hurt (it didn't but it unexpectedly jump started my libido). But then i relapsed after hitting the 4 month marker.

I felt as if I have lost everything I ever worked for. I fell from my throne. I tried to get back to that age of happiness, as I felt like I was nothing without that "number on my counter". I've binged, I fell into my fetishes again, I was back where I started (Oh how oblivious I was to the truth )

Now, it's day 20 of no PMO, day 9 of no marijuana, and I'm back to who I am, and I had an realization. That 4 month golden age wasn't because I stopped touching my little friend, nor was it because I stopped with the damaging external stimulus ( though, trust me guys, it honestly really helped )

It's because I didn't like where I was, and I decided to change

Change, everyone. This, IMO, is why we are all here. We change our bad habits for the good habits. We change our false mindset to our true mindset. We change our perception on why me, to I see. We change the way we view ourselves. We change the way we view our fellow humans. We learn to respect our selfs and others. We learn to become the best we can be. We get out of our comfort zone, our state of trance of consume, consume, consume. And we change it.

I feel like I came here and got what i aimed for, though it wasn't for ED. I feel like I no longer need a counter to manipulate my happiness, no longer need to direct all of my worry on the flatline. I can actually now focus And you know what? It's great.

I hope this post inspires some and motivates others. I will attempt to devote myself to supporting my fellow man/woman in this community the best I can, with advice or nthing else. You guys were obliviously supporting me, and I thank you guys for being there. I thank Gary Wilson for spreading awareness of this great site. And again, thank you.

  There can't be any large-scale revolution until there's a personal revolution, on an individual level. It's got to happen inside first.”

― Jim Morrison

LINK - Mind out of the Ground, Find that i'm no longer Bound.

BY - Psychoscension

Age 17 - You won't believe what has changed

IcelandFirst post here, never thought i would be posting my success here  ;D

I started masturbating at age 12. Yea I know that's pretty bad but I had no idea of what I was really doing. Fast forward a few months, I accidentally discovered Internet porn. Started off masturbating to pictures and soon after videos. I used to masturbate 1-2 a day  everyday for about 2 years straight. I don't remember my masturbation experience but as long as I have remembered, I have had PE. Like I could masturbate and be done with it within 30 seconds.

While masturbating my eyesight dropped to -7, had extreme guilt, horrrrrible acne, lack of confidence, developed PE, underdeveloped body, and I could say a feeble mind.

Age 14 completely cut off porn for 3 months because I had no internet during this phase because of travel. During this time, my acne greatly improved, I became more focused.

3 months later the porn started again, on and off. I would masturbate maybe once or twice a week. Acne flared up horribly, life was terrible at this point.

Again on and off I struggled with porn, realizing what I was doing was wrong yet unable to stop at times. At age 16 I discovered your brain on porn.

When I discovered the site, I just went in 100%. No PMO for at least 3 months straight. Acne cleared up like 60%, much better grades, I rose to the top of my class, my teachers were stunned. Girls were interested for the first time since 6th grade lol - and it was just awesome.

Then i gave in at about 90 days on accident. See i have this weird developed habit: whenever i was home alone i would masturbate in the past. So whenever i am home alone for extended periods of time i have the strongest irresistible urges. that's when i gave in the first time. Acne spiked, then whenever I messed up, I would usually mess up again in the same week.

4-5 weeks no PMO, then 1-3 PMO's in a week, screwed up & feel bad, acne spikes, and just horrible everyday life in a PMO week.

Then I started noticing other things, other problems I have/had. 90% got worse in PMO week and I was amazed. Around this time I had an eye appointment, turned out my eyesight went from 7 to 6.5 ! I know this sounds ridiculous but it's the truth. When I went last time, it had improved to 5.75

Around age 17 I went completely cold turkey, from even getting turned on. If I got turned on I would distract my self. That was about 9 months ago. Here's what has changed so far;

  • eyesight has improved like crazy!
  • acne has almost disappeared from everywhere (i also quit sweets though)
  • no more lower back pains
  • improved focus in everything
  • improved memorization ability
  • better weightlifting and have gained a lot of body muscle. i used to be a stick
  • PE i think is getting better. I still need advice on this

I don't have much advice to give. Really its for all those who aren't really really addicted to PMO but just want to improve every aspect of there life. I haven't seen an posts from "casual" users so i thought i might give my story. Really I think porn is killing society. If it continues idk where mankind will be in 100 years :(

Anyways, hang in there and go cold turkey. The effects are 10x better than "limiting/controlling" yourself. I know its such a faaar away goal but once u start seeing the results, motivation will skyrocket.

Thanks for reading, 1st time poster so take it easy on me. Btw didn't proofread this so if u have any questions feel free to ask.


By - unknown

BTW - this book really motivated me and changed my perspective on a lot of things. Guys if u have trouble staying away, fast! it really helps. any ways check this book out especially the chapter about masturbation

Age 17 - Zero brain fog, Social anxiety gone, Libido comes roaring back

happy coupleDays are longer than you think. NoFap taught me this more than anything else. I used to be addicted to Porn. It is hard to admit but I was. For me it was a thrice daily habit that took up 2 and a half hours on average, every single day. Over a year, that is 913 hours spent fucking myself, literally and figuratively.

10% of my time from when I was 14 to when I was 17 I spent sitting in my room, alone, doing absolutely nothing except destroying my ability to communicate, connect, and simply talk to other people. Reality became the pixels on my screen. Life was boring and nothing excited me anymore. I had ED three different times.

At this point I was 17 years old. It is so obvious to me know how this gross habit would produce side effects such as depression, social anxiety, brain fog, and sheer exhaustion. Sitting alone in my room extremely aroused and mezmerized for hours upon hours tired my brain out. Of course it did. Focusing that hard destroyed my energy, leaving me tired, lazy, and bored. Whenever I wasn't searching for porn I was thinking about it and subsequently felt shame for doing so. Being around people was strange because of how alone I always was. Loneliness, as it's want to do, fostered depression and increased my sexual frustration. The cycle is self-sustaining and was impossible to break.

I tried several times after watching YBOP. Until I found NoFap. After finding this subreddit, I stopped trying and started doing. You guys are the best. As much as talking about how PMO was ruining my life is fun, let's get to the part I know all of you are interested in: the journey and the benefits. Categorically as well as chronologically. (disclaimer: obviously the benefits I describe happened to me. I am telling you what you can expect to experience given similar circumstances. This is not a bible but it is an accurate guide)

Week 1 As much as I feel like I'm beating a dead horse here, week 1 is the hardest week. The urges are the worst, your body and mind are at their weakest, and your brain can always convince you that fapping won't hurt. But you shouldn't listen to your brain. Listen to those of us that know all the good NoFap brings. Week one is categorized by:

  • Strong urges, need to fap
  • Increase in motivation (if I get through this week I'll basically be at 90!!! No. No you won't.)
  • Increased happiness
  • Ridiculous sex drive (random boners/wanting to fuck every girl you see)

Once Week 1 is over the journey only gets easier. This is because fapping is a bad habit. Like any habit, it can be broken. After one week, it becomes easier to form new habits that will result in an even easier time down the road. The Snowball Effect is a huge part of NoFap.

Week 2

This is where it gets easier, if you do it right. Energy is starting to return and you will feel pretty good. You may even attract a girl or two. DO NOT get with anyone during this week. It will 100% result in PMO at a later date. As always, stay away from pics and edging. Most importantly: form new habits. NoFap by itself only increases energy levels and productivity. It is up to you to use these boosts to impact a positive change in yourself. Week 2's defining characteristics are:

  • Incredible horniness
  • Random boners 24/7
  • Social extroversion starts to show itself
  • Social anxiety begins fading
  • Become more forward/physical with girls and as result:
  • Girls become more attracted to you
  • Increased energy
  • Better focus
  • Better memory (may have something to do with me quitting weed a little bit before PMO)
  • Better work ethic

Week 2 is the make or break week. If you start meditating, working out, reading for pleasure, and consistently going out with your friends this week, you will get to 60 days. Guaranteed. If you simply stay at home and browse reddit/the internet or play videogames all day you will fail. Look up body language hacks to increase your confidence even more and halt the possible, small, period of depression that results in week 3.

Week 3 The least defined week in the whole journey. Generally, the blah nature of this week leaves you the most vulnerable to relapse. The initial motivation and benefits are fading, and you begin to question whether or not NoFap is worth it. Persevere, and you will thank yourself 1,000 times over. Week 3 is defined by:

  • Impatient mood (why am I not a sex god yet? superpowers r fake n gay)
  • Decreased energy compared to week 3
  • Decreased work ethic
  • Libido flatline- Do not test if your dick still works. Trust me, this is a slippery slope and you will be able to get it up for a real girl again soon
  • Social anxiety still fading
  • Social extroversion more apparent
  • Less aggressive towards girls as a result of flatline (This may be the opposite for some as the flatline freaks them out and they need to assert their masculinity through flirting/touching/general sexual behavior with women)

Week 3 sucks. That's the truth. It is too early to see any benefits from your new habits, and you begin to realize that this whole changing your life thing takes some real fucking work and big, manly, hairy, balls.

Week 4 The week of two tales. The beginning of this week is the low point of your journey. The first 4 days are the same as week 4 and it is extremely difficult to persist. Do so, and the rest of the journey is cake. If you have been sticking to your workout/meditation/possibly new job/hanging with friends regimen then these are the benefits you will begin to see towards the 28th day:

  • You will look better (provided your workouts are intense enough, it takes 2 weeks to see a change in your own body)
  • Decreased social anxiety
  • Increased urge to talk to girls
  • Start to really feel love for friends/family
  • Begin to appreciate your life
  • Insane energy
  • Memory almost fully improves
  • Crazy focus
  • School (if applicable) begins to get easier

Week 4 is the week that earned NoFap its volatile and unpredictable reputation. Rollercoaster is a pretty good word to describe it. Keep your guard up through week 4 and you'll be set. I'd estimate 95% of all relapses come in the first four weeks.

Week 5 What a week. You are bursting with energy just as the world around you seems to burst with color. Every benefit you experience and all the superpowers you experience manifest themselves in week 5. While "superpowers" do not exist, this week could fool you. The combined benefits of NoFap, meditation, working out, and an increased social life makes one feel godlike. The Week 5 benefits are as follows:

  • Extreme amount of energy
  • Brain works faster/ brain fog is gone
  • Memory is extremely accurate
  • Real happiness
  • Contentment with your life
  • Body is getting better
  • Social anxiety basically gone
  • Desire to talk to people develops
  • Confidence skyrockets as a direct result of all the benefits above
  • Become very attractive to girls as a result of confidence
  • Libido still flatlined

Week 5 is awesome. It is still early enough to remember what you felt like when you PMOed, and not late enough to take the superpowers for granted. From now on there are only gradual improvements but do not be discouraged. It is still improvement and no matter what you are a more successful person than when you PMOed.

Weeks 6-8.5 Superpowers become normal. Life starts to feel easy. Girls are much easier to talk to as a result of you getting your shit together. Anyone here that reads any seddit or seduction-related materials, this is what people mean when they say "build an attractive life and you will become attractive". You do not need to seduce girls anymore. They will seduce you. Stick to the habits you developed over the last four weeks and you will become an absolute beast. You might feel yourself plateauing but this is not necessarily a bad thing. Every plateau is a chance for you to take a deep breath, look around to see how far you've come, and keep on fucking climbing. Never stop improving. Weeks 6-8.5 benefits are:

  • Brain works faster
  • Zero brain fog; no voice in the back of your head
  • Memory is perfect
  • Real happiness from everything in your life
  • Contentment
  • Body is much nicer
  • Social anxiety gone
  • Talking is fun
  • Girls are easy to talk to and touch
  • Confidence skyrockets
  • Become very attractive
  • Libido comes roaring back

Most sexual contact is fine at this point because you have built up enough resistance and enough habits that any O induced by a woman should not have a chaser effect or cause a desire to look at porn. If it does, remember what you are working towards and think about the fact that if day 60 feels this good, you cannot even imagine how good day 160 will feel.

NoFap did not change my life. It gave me the energy, motivation, and free time to do so. Even though I have a lot of chores, hobbies, and quite a busy social life (got a girlfriend around day 50, who was my crush of 6 months until I manned the fuck up and ASKED HER OUT) I still marvel at how much I can get done in one day. PMO was time-consuming, depressing, and downright awful. But I changed. And so can you. All that you need is the motivation, the discipline, and the straight-up massive testes that it takes to maximize your potential as a person. Use NoFap as a tool, not a crutch.

And for fucks sake don't edge you horny sluts!

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine as children do. It's not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others." -Timo Cruz (Coach Carter)

LINK - 60 Day Report: A Weekly Guide on How to Succeed and What to Expect

by 1problems


Age 18 - 100 days: Much more confidence. Brain fog, depression, anxiety - all lifted

I’ve been doing NoFap since 15th April 2012. I started because I just got back from a holiday and I was aimlessly browsing a website called ‘Pickup Podcast.’ And one of the interviews was titled ‘YourBrainOnPorn,’ so I decided to listen, being sceptical and all, and I realised after 5-10 minutes, that the person he described, that lazy, stubborn, shy (yet extrovert) kid was me. So after three, or so hours, I discovered NoFap. And up until the 29th June, I was off and on. Going anywhere from 1-17 days, and making all kinds of excuses for watching porn and why I relapsed.So on the 29th of June, 66 days since I started, and after relapsing approx. 12 times, I made a pact with myself I wouldn’t relapse until after my birthday, 25 days later on the 23rd July. And I told myself that I would do yoga once a day, and do interval training three times a week. That lasted approx. 6-7 weeks, until I got two jobs, and uni assignments came flooding in. But I never forgot how invigorating being able to run 2kms and do 10 full pushups, until then. Because before that I was 126kg, with a waist of 42inches, and now I’m 115kg, with a waist of 38inches.

So I survived that 25 days, and quite simply it got so much easier! Yeah, there were times later on, where I would be fighting with my dick in hand to not relapse. But it went from thoughts every minute of everyday, telling me she’s fit, or I should fuck her; to once or twice throughout the entire 60 days after that, telling me I should do something, or find some stupid reason to relapse, and lose my 30-80 day streak.

In terms of relationships, and being able to communicate with people, I am so much more confident, it’s ridiculous. See I work as a waiter, part time, and it’s ridiculous how many times I’m referred to as ‘The cute waiter.’ Uhh, I love it! Man, last week I had this 40-year old chick, who was sitting with this guy that I thought was her husband. Turns out they’re brother and sister, and she’s single. What’s that? Of course I got her phone number, AND set up a date.

I mean, last night I was getting off the train, and out of nowhere comes this chick I knew from primary school (8-10yrs ago), and she’s like “I’m so happy to see you, I just need someone to hug!” We hugged for approximately 5 minutes, and afterwards she told me this story of the worst date possible. By which, she went on a date with this guy friends set her up with, and he was meant to be a sweetheart, but he was just so nervous that he was afraid to hold hands, kiss, etc. So just that entire time, they went to an observatory and just made really awkward talk, AND they caught the train home together.

So, by the end of it, we were holding hands, and kissing and all. Quite honestly, thinking about it, it was strange, because I just got off work, and straight into the arms of this gorgeous woman. But, in the situation, as soon as I hugged her, I knew how much she needed a sense of comfort and security, and that I was the one that provided it.

My problems now aren’t to do with approaching people, or getting really intimate with them. My only problem is getting them into bed. That’s because I’m a virgin. It’s not that I’m consciously afraid of getting into bed with someone, it’s just when we’re in the moment, I freak out. Or I forget what’s going on, and snap out of the state I’m in. I’d love to hear you guys opinion about this, because otherwise I’m loving NoFap, I just have this little problem.

In terms of brain fog, anxiety and depression; I can’t really remember the person who I used to be. Although, I want to stress this to you, NoFap is similar to any medicine, you may improve just by doing it for a certain period of time. But it’s so much easier to stick with a schedule of exercise, healthy eating and doing something that you love (say socialising). Because otherwise, you’ll just be saying to yourself ‘I’ll lose weight after NoFap, because then I’m less stressed,’ and eating shitty food for three months, and then by the end of that time wonder how much you’ve actually improved.

So I say, try to better yourself as much as you can through these 3 months. Even if it’s changing one thing every 30 days. That way you can give yourself more of a reason to push yourself through these 90 days, rather than by saying ‘Simply by not fapping, I’m going to be so much more of a better person.’

Good Luck.

LINK - My 100 Day Report

by BondyFX


Age 18 - 102 days: I have confidence and a real relationship

LINK - 102 Days: Time to thank this subreddit

by MaximusM

I look back at myself 100 days ago (doesn't seem like a relatively long time, but it feels like ages have passed) and I see an awkward guy who was always tired and never had energy for social events. I'm glad that I am not that person any more. NoFap helped with the confidence, I would say that is the real super power that I got. In my opinion, confidence is one of the most important traits of a person. I'm glad I have some damn confidence now. And finally, I lost my virginity today. It feels good to have a real relationship now instead of looking at women online. What a difference. Thanks you guys for sticking with this subreddit and keeping everyone motivated! Keep on doing what you guys do, I owe you guys one.

Age 18 - 300 days of nofap report.

I have done 300 days of nofap- Straight up no Masturbation for 300 days. The last time i posted here i had done 166 days, and my conclusion then was that nofap is extremely worthwhile.

So, what are my thoughts after 300 days?

Well, I wanna start with a little bit of background, but condensed into bullet points in Chronological order-

Sept 2011- Met girl, decided i like her and want her as a Girlfriend.

Sept 2011- We got together the same month- She was very instrumental in this happening. I feel cool.

Oct 2011- We hit some trouble- Family issues on her side of things

Oct 2011- We split up on good terms....ish

Oct 2011- Had last fap and Began Nofap!

Dec 2011- Get back together- Not necessarily aided by nofap.

Dec 2011- Split up again on bad terms

Jan 2012- Start noticing i feel more confident and alive- End up going out the house more and having a good time

Feb 2012- Get a new Girlfriend, things seem good and i feel King

Feb 2012- Posted on nofap proclaiming its brilliance

Apr/May 2012- Get attacked by some misinformed guy, Confidence dented but nofap effects stay strong.

Apr/May 2012- Girlfriend wants to take a break from the relationship- so we do that

May 2012- Buy her a Teddy and we get back together (Not just because of the teddy)

June 2012- Things go well with her, Had forgotten about nofap and had just got into the habit of not fapping- But still feeling the effects.

July 2012- Birthday, got pretty drunk with girlfriend and her friend- Girlfriend is sick everywhere and cries about personal problems- I feel like a dick for instigating her getting drunk

Sunday 22nd July- We split up, she had lost feelings for me and is, of course, having family trouble again along with personal problems

Tuesday 24th July- Sit at my PC and think about nofap...and write this post.

The effects of nofap seemed to flatline after they peaked in Feb 2012, but they did flatline at a peak point and these effects seem to continue to this day. The issue is that i have gotten so used to them, that they don't even feel like they exist anymore.

It's like most things that you may take for granted - a home, warmth, family, food on demand, entertainment on demand....etc You don't notice these things, until they are no longer there- At which point it may be too late to get them back.

I didn't want to use this post to vent my feelings after what has happened, but if it seems that way- I apologise.

In conclusion then, After 300 days of abstaining from any sort of fapping activity or orgasm (Apart from the night time penis splosion on day 166)-

It is most definitely a worthwhile thing to do, but remember that nothing is perfect and nofap is no exception.

The effects build upon who you already are - If you are a nasty person by nature, you will be a Nasty Person + Confidenceconfidence.

On the flip side, if you are a Kind person by nature, then you will be a Kind person + Confidenceconfidence.

But, perhaps the benefits are only cause by a placebo effect - Even so, they still have an impact. I have no intention to fap anytime soon.

LINK - 300 Days, My take on it all (For a second time)

by kuoguy

Age 18 - 365 days: I see women differently, academic improvement

young guyWhen I started this whole thing one year ago, I had no idea I would make it to where I am today. Day 365, 1 year, is complete. It is no longer a desire I must overcome to not masturbate to porn; it is simply a decision of, "nah, I don't want to," and that's that. It is odd that, out of all people, your own self is the hardest to control, but it is truly something to be proud of when you finally have that grasp over yourself.

I don't think about masturbation or porn anymore on a daily basis; it has been replaced with other things in my life that are much more important. In fact, I haven't been on this subreddit, let alone Reddit, in a few months. I no longer have to battle the thoughts of "am I going to watch porn and masturbate today?" That is a battle I won long ago. When I think of porn, I think of how disgustingly and wrongly it portrays sex, and the relationship between man and woman in general. I no longer think of women as sexual objects--I have many female friends who I appreciate not for their physical or sexual traits, but rather for their amazing personalities. Aside from that, I have seen great success in other areas of my life--This past semester, I had the highest grades I've ever had throughout high school (I'm going to be a senior), and I achieved SAT and ACT scores that far exceeded the expectations of myself and my parents (2210/34 SAT/ACT).

It has given me a far greater understanding of what matters in my life. I have time now to focus on other things that are much more important, like my studies, college stuff, the instrument I play, family, friends, etc., instead of things like pornography and masturbating.

I plan on continuing this streak. It would be nice to go for 2 years. For those who are just starting out, keep on trying. It is by no means easy, and it can be hard to realize this in the long-term sense, but the results you have yet to yield will be truly incredible, and brief periods of superficial gratification will only serve to continue to restrict you from achieving this sense of REAL gratification.

This year, I have learned so much about who I am and what I believe, and that extends far beyond the realms of this no-fap business. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this past year has been the most important year of my life. Stay awesome, fapstronauts, and keep at it. It's worth it in the end...I can finally say that from personal experience.

LINK - Day 365. My journey is complete.

by TheFapLog

Age 18 - 6 month report: I had ED & no sensitivity

INITIAL POST - First timer I dont know whats up with me

I'm 17 years old and I think I've let myself down. I started watching porn at 14 and I got addicted quite easily. The weird thing is I recently calmed down on it and I could still get my good erections. But recently I started watching it frequently for about a month and now I have weird symptoms: I get the occasional hard spontaneous erection along with my morning wood, but anything else I'm totally Flatlined. I have zero libido occasionally.

So I decided to start a reboot and I'm in week 3 of it and I'm still in the same symptoms: Morning wood, A few spontaneous erections but anything else is totally dead.

My question is, how long would my recovery take?? As i only had seriously watched porn frequently for about 2 months.  And what can I do to help?

I have no desire for porn at all now, but occasionally I think of my girlfriend and I get an erection, like the morning wood and spontaneous erections. But coming to normal masturbation I have zero libido and I cant be bothered to do anything.

Should I continue the reboot and how long would it take who watched frequent porn for a short period of time. I used to watch it like once a week until December.

I appreciate the help.

Link to post - First timer I don't know whats up with me

Progress So Far

February 17, 2013

Hey guys, I'm a little over half way on my reboot, and some weird signs have been happening. Started the no PMO on December 22, where I had a flatline for 2 weeks with like one or two days of spontaneous erections. After that spontaneous got harder every day until about day 57 where I had a erection as big as my older days. It was spontaneous but after it followed with a jizz in my pants, not sure if this was due to overload of semen. Wasn't even thinking of porn or sex either it just fired. Now its been spontaneous erections at about 70% each time to today, how do you think I'm doing?? I've only had one day of morning wood, I'm 18 years old and hope to be ready by June. any advise would help.


Thank you Yourbrainrebalanced

May 9, 2013, by malfidog

Hi there,

I'm here to say Thank you to your brain rebalanced as to prove Gary's Logic was true for most of my problems.

I am now able to get an erect penis through sensitivity and natural arousal instead of relying on Porn all day. I am an 18 year old who didn't know I had this problem until I started masturbating and it got harder to do, due to a weaker erection. Thinking nothing was wrong it only dug me into a deeper hole. I eventually found out I had PIED and possibly Zinc/Test deficiency.

I have been rebooting for 6 months now and 0 Relapses to Porn. Before starting my reboot I could never get my penis up without porn it struggled pretty badly every time. Rebooting was hard but I've stuck by it and I'm not relapsing ever again to porn.

Today I sustained an erection through arousal and it stayed up for a while. Sex is the next task to do and by the looks of the symptoms I'm sure ill have no problems. Going from no sensitivity to a lot of sensitivity has proved there is hope for most PIED sufferers.

I still have a slight concern though even though I can get an erection now when I want, why is my Penis not as long in erection size as it was when I was 16/17? Could this be due to my deficiencies? Anyways just proof that rebooting has helped me lots and now ill be trying sex next month. Please ask me other stuff if you would like any info. I don't believe I'm fully cured but 95% sure I'm there.

Thanks All

Age 18 - 60 days: since I've started, nothing but good things have been happening to me.

It's been pretty simple so far. Here are some observations.

  1. Good luck. I'm religious so I link positive events in my life with my ongoing efforts in NoFap. And since I've started, nothing but good things have been happening to me. For example, just last week I got my SAT results and got 2360 on my first try even though I usually got lower on my practice tests (a couple times I got higher). Also last week I got back my AP Calculus BC math test back and found out that I was the only one to ace the test. Our teacher is infamous for being difficult but that test was a breeze for me. The list never ends...
  2. Few urges. I might still be in flatline because I get almost no urges. I stay home alone for multiple hours at a time but never fall into PMO. This is in part due to a No Arousal Policy, where I try very hard to avoid looking at anything stimulating. I had one close call in the shower last week. I'm too much of a wimp for cold showers so I always take hot ones. I don't really get tempted in the shower but for some reason, after exercise, I find it much harder to resist the urge. In the future I will take colder showers after exercise because my body temperature will be high anyways.
  3. If the urge comes up, instead of giving in, hold your breath as long as you can and then go on NoFap. Stall as much as possible and eventually the urge will disappear.
  4. I haven't really experienced any of those life-changing confidence boosts or anything because I only started fapping a few months ago and haven't really noticed any differences. But I do have better self-control, so that's something.
  5. I keep having wet dreams but I don't count those as relapses.
  6. I had been trying to quit PMO for a month or two before NoFap ever since I started it. I had gotten 21 days at the most. But ever since starting NoFap 60 days ago, I haven't done PMO at ALL. Previously I had no support and thought I was on my own against a world of 99% fappers. With NoFap, I had a helpful community with a similar mindset. NoFap is a powerful tool. Use it wisely.

LINK - 60 Day Report

by smokeweedevryday420

Age 18 - 90 days and now a second life.

crater lakeIt looks like today is 90 days of PMO abstinence since I started. It was a week or two before holidays when I finally chose to fap in front of screen last time in my life. So I fapped then and right after set my badge hoping all these posts here on no-fap are true.

It was hard to make 90, though I haven't relapsed even once, only had one wet dream. What's changed? Well, a lot. Before, I was living worst life I can image. Not having showers, because I was spending all day playing computer games, and skipping meals as well or eating only junk food. I didn't want to even have a sunlight in my room, so I could masturbate whenever I wanted. Although i had some friends, I wasn't participating in parties etc. Just spending my entire day in my room doing unproductive things. After few weeks things changed, I started caring about dressing well, having good hygiene, cleaning my room. This proved to me no-fap is working, so I was more motivated to stay away from PMO. Improved confidence? Fuck yeah, it has improved a lot. Started going to gym and changed eating habits. Quit playing video games, so I can do productive things while using computer. I feel more emotionally stable, not having mood swings like before. I can concentrate a lot easier now and my memory has improved.

However, it is not like I woke up some day and just started doing these things. I still sometimes procrastinate in front of computer, have bad days and don't want to do anything. But the difference is that now I can force myself to do anything, because that energy is in me. I have still a lot of work to get done. It's just a beginning to a better life.

LINK - 90 days and second life.

by aegis12


UPDATE - Caution: How my fap habit returned after 130 days PMO free.

Hello, this is some kind of warning for you, who are inexperienced with nofap. I managed to go cold turkey for the first time and achieve ~130 days PMO free. At that point I was thinking about fapping from time to time. Well, my addiction was gone, what could possibly go wrong? 1st fap, some relief, next one and next one and suddenly I'm fapping every 2 days. I feel like shit, half-brain fog, I couldn't lift weights(I mean these, which are challenging) because that feeling of weaknees was there.

Fortunately, effects of addiction don't really "rewire" your brain in one or two weeks as the same as they don't dissapear in that time.

Realized that I had to change now, It has been over two weeks and now things have gone back to normal state. Energy is there, motivation is there.

Age 18 - 90 days, tons of confidence, a lot more social

So today is day 90. What's happened in my life:

My life has quite literally changed since day 1. To start, I had a girlfriend, my first ever. It was the time of my life, and this couldn't have happened without [Reddit]nofap. However, she dumped me (because of nothing I did, she just wasn't ready for a relationship), and then I went on to get a date for prom (again, another first) within literally 2 weeks of her dumping me, and again, I have to relate this to nofap.

Things that I've noticed have changed:

• I am a LOT more social,

• Can talk to women A LOT LOT LOT easier,

• Tons of confidence,

• I feel like I can control my body,

• I feel like I can also talk to anybody easier in general,

• Look women in the eyes,

• Less objectification of women,

• I have realized how fucked up fapping was,

• I feel clean,

• I feel alpha

How I did it:

Well for one thing, I went on my first date within like 3 weeks of starting, and I knew if I caved I wouldn't act the same around her, which would make things weird, so that kept me going for the first month and a half. After that, it really wasn't horrible to continue going, but it was sort of a challenge. What honestly helped me was being a lot more social, and just having a lot going on in my life. Furthermore, I've been running every day (all year) and I told myself that if I was about to fap, I would punch myself in the dick. That bit helped too.

When I felt like I was about to fail, the website (I think that's what it was) helped me a lot, cause I'd go on there and read why porn is bad for me. Lastly, just as a failsafe, I edited the host file on my mac (which blocks access to sites) to block any porn site that had videos, or at least the ones on the first like 10 pages of Google, which were any of quality. I also installed reddit enhancement suite and turned on the NSFW filter WHICH IS A MUST IF YOU PLAN ON BEING ON REDDIT AT ALL.

I truly hope this helps at least one person out there, and if you're having trouble, please feel free to ask any questions, or just say what your situation is and I'll be glad to help. Good luck!

Age 18 - 90 days: confidence, real attraction, girlfriend, tips

The Before - I discovered porn at age 12, and masturbation at age 13, so I've been struggling with fapping for the past 6ish years. From early on, I felt guilty and gross after every PMO session. When I was lucid, I hated fapping, and I'd been trying to quite since freshman year of high school. But, by definition, addictions can't be quit easily.

Often, I would be too busy to be horny, but as soon as boredom (my biggest trigger) hit, boom, the urges commanded I have an orgy of one infront of the computer.

There are a lot of details to my struggle against fapping, but there are a few key points.

  • I was a binge fapper. I could easily go a week or two if I were kept busy, but then I'd PMO several days in a row, or several times a day.
  • I'm reasonably talented, sociable, and smart. I had great friends in high school. I ran cross country. I got good grades and ended up at a good college. The point here is not to brag, but rather suggest that even people who seem to have their lives together might be struggling with something more.
  • I finally got a girlfriend senior year. I could not sexually perform for her. It's one thing to tell a girl she's beautiful, it's another for your body to tell her she's beautiful. Porn kills intimacy. When she dumped me, I promised myself I would never put another girl through that.

After trying, and failing, to give up PMO in the fall, I confessed my problem to my best friend. He's a devout Catholic and has been abstinent his whole life, so he had no personal advice, but he is an avid redditor. He led me here.

The During

Reading this page for the first time, I knew this was something special. This is a supportive community. I made my first reddit account (/u/10khrs, to which I forgot the password), set up my badge and jumped right in. (Side note, if you're a complete newbie to reddit, check out this beginners guide to learn how to navigate and engage with reddit communities more effectively).

Here's the reddit advice that worked for me:

  • Identify triggers. This is extremely important. Personally, browsing imgur was a huge trigger. I willingly gave it up. The great thing about triggers is that they precede the urges. It's much easier to consciously, rationally avoid the trigger than it is to act rationally once the trigger has been pulled. I also installed StayFocusd, which has a nice little nuclear option to manually shut down your browser if you feel yourself slipping.
  • Find a specific alternative to urges. Sometimes, triggers just get pulled, and fapping starts to seem like a good idea. Do something else! Deep breathing exercises and pushups were most effective for me.
  • Have hope. The toughest part of the challenge is at the very beginning. One thing that kept me going was knowing that the urges would become weaker. They have. Honestly, I still feel the pull sometimes (there was a link on the front page that should have been marked NSFW, but wasn't. That's definitely a trigger. STAY STRONG). Sometimes, you have to fight the good fight hour by hour. But, believe me, it gets easier. Good things will come.

The End

There is no end. For me, NoFap is a lifestyle change. I went from being a good person with a guilty pleasure, to a straight up good person. I don't plan on turning back.

There have been a number of small, gradual changes. First off, my confidence has increased. My PMO addiction was a skeleton in my closet that always hung at the back of my mind. Now, my interactions are 100% genuine, and nothing is holding me back. Second, I got a girlfriend. This is partially due to my increased confidence, partially due to my changed perception of women (another benefit of noFap), and partially due to /r/seduction. We're taking things slow, but I blue-balled after our first few make-out sessions. This doesn't sound like a good thing, but hear me out. Blue-balling proved that my body had reset. Real women arouse me again! This is a very exciting time for me, and I would not have been able to do it without your help.

Thank you, /r/nofap. Thank you very much.

Specifically, I would like to thank /u/jimsfriend for commenting on my first post. NoFap needs people like jimsfriend who check /r/nofap/new and offer support to all the fapstronauts not on the front page. Fellow fapstronauts, be sure to take a little time and help one-another out. Go find a post without any comments. A little bit of encouragement sure pays off.

TL;DR - NoFap is awesome. Identify and avoid your triggers. Stay strong. Fuck the zero.

LINK - Thank you for helping me make it this far. (90 Day Report)

by 10khr

Age 18 - A 6-month metamorphisis

flirtingABOUT ME I am 18 year old guy from Poland. I have been PMO addicted since around a decade (yep that's right, I started when my neighbour shown me hardcore porn magazine lol). Although I never liked to go out, I have never been socially awkward. Usually it was quite easy to get into group of people and find things in common to talk about.

What's going to be important in my story is that I have been told by doctors (I have asthma) that I literally CAN'T do hardcore exercises and that i MUST stick to medicines and therapy (mostly corticosteroids, causing me to just have high bodyfat %, stored mostly on face, belly and chest - cushing's syndrome)

CHANGES PART I I have improved myself since the start of my high school (which I'm going to end this year), although 2013 was the year I have changed the most (with noFap ultimate challenge ongoing!)

MOTIVATION GETS YOU STARTED, DISCIPLINE KEEPS YOU GOING For me, my journey of self-improvement started in may of 2013. After I have accomplished my biggest goal of that time - passing driving license test, I found myself stuck in life with no real destination or goal and I felt really bored about all in general. I have spent like 3 weeks from 16th of April till the day in May when I went to a BBQ party with my friends. There was a GIRL from my class that I liked before but when we sat there and then went on a walk I felt something choking me making me almost unable to say a goddamn word. I had image of her being greater than me in all physical aspects (better looking, more open, better at dancing etc). Altough I kept on talking with her, I won't focus on this relationship. What was going through my head is that: I have gained extra energy (now I know it's the sexual drive, when everything is OK in your head this power pushes you toward conquering the target) so what to do with it. My best friend always said "GO AND INVITE HER SOMEWHERE" but I didn't feel like doing this, I was much more satisfied with having images of her and doing my job, although there was still a lot of energy left so I have started running.

SHORT DIGRESSION As of running I can tell you folks, don't always listen to doctors. Sometimes they are wrong and they treat you like any others, which may not be exactly the best treatment you need. Getting to know how your body works is very important in continuing the noFap or other self-improving challenges. metamorphisis

CHANGES PART II I never felt like a good dancer. I didn't find pleasure in dancing, but I always looked up to my friends, who were just dancing with them girls like it's not a big deal. I was jelly as hell TBH but I couldn't get past the barrier in my head. Then the party in June came, where I spent most of the time sitting by the table surrounded by people (check this thing - I never knew before that I can be such a social guy that gets surrounded by people not even allowing me to leave LOL) having 2 girls for each of my arm (cool memory when I think of it lol) and drinking. I tried to dance a bit and it felt much better than last time I tried but still - i was drunken and I wasn't relaxed at all. Afterwards, I kept on running, added weight training (so i ended up training for 2-3 hours a day) and I was fighting with the deppression caused by THE GIRL. I tried to escape in loong and deep porn sessions during nights, and a lot of starcraft 2 during the day (tbh SCII taught me a lot too - failures teach you more than successes).


I have discovered somewhere in July and the content i found there gave me a lot to think about. I was pretty sure that the absence of my drive towards getting the girl may be caused by PMO so I decided to cut the porn (today my noPorn counter is at 175 days, I have been writing training-improvement journal since then). Effects came relatively quickly - I have changed psychologically, I have become more confident just by changing that and my drive towards the girl started to appear. We have been together to 2 parties in August and on both - oh irony - people thought we're a couple.

After a few weeks of being detached to the virtual world, I have started paying attention to my look. I bought myself some fitting clothes (I always used to wear the big size and it didn't look too good). School started and after a few weeks I have finally felt that I want to get out with her and I invited her to a coffee. She agreed and it was really cool, and I felt like a badass to myself coz I have always been worried about going out 1 on 1 with girl. Then we met like one more time and this time it was much worse. I felt like I'm getting friendzoned and that put me in a really bad condition again. Jerking off was bringing short-term relief but it was even more destroying me from inside.

CHANGES PART III: DISCOVERY OF /r/noFap and the start of nofap challenge

I've got here by an accident tbh. But quickly after I have read some of your posts I thought "OK, porn is gone for a long time now but I'm still not the best of me, this is the thing". First days were relatively easy, and effects such as testosterone and confidence boost came relatively quickly (I think peak was around day 10, I was acting really sexual-aggressive towards girls, like I was just pushed around by internal force) Then HER birthday party came and I went there as the guy I have been always wanted to be. And I had literally NO TROUBLE talking to girls I didn't know, dancing with them - and what's best - I was really enjoying that!! - and the girls were too, as they told me that I'm a really good dancer (depending on opinion of the others is quite often unhealthy, but cmon, wouldn't thing like this skyrocket your self-confidence? I was open to all people, I was dancing with almost all the girls. It was cool. I wasn't going after her, and I felt like I don't even need to. 2 days after the party SHE invited me to go somewhere!! So we went. The evening was really cool, we had great time. Then when I tried to invite her to the prom I got to know that she choose someone else. I was quite depressed and been quitting life to dreams (taking looong naps after school before the gym) Things like not satisfied love takes less than it gives. First of all it's not the end of the world in spite of fact that it feels like one. Secondly, when you have extra life-energy, you can put it in maximizing gains in a discipline of your choice. Sports, science, or art. As i mentioned i have been training and the effects after I started doing noFap came in a really great fashion.

BIOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF DOING NOFAP FROM MY EXPERIENCE Testosterone. Hormone that makes you a man. When you're jerking quite often, and I bet that you do if it became a problem in your life, the testosterone isn't working like it's supposed to and because of that you're soft. You lack confidence, your metabolism is slow, your muscle gains aren't high. From my experience - the hormonal changes can be seen even on my face, it looks much more manly. Another thing is that - you're much more willing to go for ladies. I used to say to myself in my head "why should i go if i have porn", now that the question is gone (although I don't feel like I'm fully rewired) the drive towards getting the girl is stronger.

CONCLUSION I found reason to work on myself externally - it was in the girl. I thought "i MUST improve, to be able to get the best ones". But it's not important what gets you started, what is important is that if you can deny yourself short-term pleasures (like sweets if you're obese, masturbation if you're addicted) in order to pursue the dream of being the best version of yourself. I even started a personal challenge - noSwear, currently at 37 days. (first few days were maybe even harder than nofap, I couldn't express my minds in a decent flow lol)

WHY MASTURBATION MAKES YOU BLIND OK i forgot to add this at first, but really. Before when i heard "MASTURBATION MAKES YOU BLIND" i had no idea why would ever someone connect eyes with balls. Now I understand. When you're PMO addicted your beauty standards are so high that you don't appreciate the beauty around you. The world is not all that enjoyable. When you quit PMO you may get blinded by the other extremium, all the new emotions you didn't know. But after it stabilize, you may say that you have been reborn :)

Good luck guys, if you have started you're on the right track. Don't let small minds convince you that you CANNOT do something with your life. Feel free to leave any questions, hope you found something useful in this post, like I did many times on this subreddit when I was struggling :-)

LINK - What comes easily goes easily - 90 days (and more than a half year metamorphoze story)

by elorap

Age 18 - A fog has lifted. No more objectifying women, More social.

I finally made it! It felt a long time to get to this point, but it was definitely worth it. Like with every journey, you will experience the down falls, but the important thing is to keep on getting up and strive to do your best! Use what you have, whether it may be your hobbies, relationships, other productive activities, online communities like /r/pornfree and /r/NoFap , web-browser blockers or willpower to help you succeed.

Before making this change, there is no doubt that I didn't have control over this addiction, the addiction took control over me. However, after so many attempts to get a streak going, I am able to have a clear mind so I can take control and make the right decisions.

I've seen posts about how people relapse at 90+ days. So no doubt there will be times where I feel like losing that control and might end up relapsing. Heck, a few days ago I felt like losing control. I had thoughts about relapsing but I prevailed and snapped back to reality. My plan to prevent a relapse from happening, is to just take what I've learnt throughout my previous streaks and applying it to my current streak, whenever I feel like I'm in trouble or in a struggle.

Overall, it's been a learning experience. I definitely feel more better now than when I was heavily consumed by porn. There was like a fog