The Negative Consequences Of Pornography - Wisconsin Public Radio interview

A former pornography addict is raising awareness about the negative consequences of porn. He shares his personal story and discusses the science behind porn addiction. He also explains why he recommends adolescents stay away from pornography.

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Age 18 - PIED cured: Greater energy, will to live and chase my goals. Less wasted time.

I was 17 years old and I almost started crying when I realised that I couldn't get aroused to the point of orgasm without porn. I was determined to do this challenge, and here I am now. 6-7 months without porn nor masturbation. I can get my dick up with just touch, no fantasies.

Age 30 - Enjoying orgasm far more, Less hard work to archieve it during sex, Can go again quickly

Just want to talk about some of the benefits I've not seen discussed. I've been nofap on and off for a while but I've really gotten into since I've started seeing this very attractive girl who I really really like. I want to enjoy intimacy with her and have found nofap helps a ton. So here are some of the benefits...

Age 26 - I'm convinced that a heavy PMO habit literally makes you incapable of relationships

Why do I say this? Because ever since I started PMO-ing heavily, I haven't been able to have relationships. I could only interact with people that I had a relationship with prior to PMO. I did manage to get 2 girlfriends but both dumped me within 3 weeks because I was a good boyfriend but then randomly I would become like the ice-man. They couldn't trust me!

Age 17 - Some PIED: I get hard like chiseled granite, I need less sleep now, I have a razor sharp mind.

I'm currently a junior in high school. During sophomore year I didn't fap too much but was quite awkward on dates. I had the guts to ask girls out but would get friendzoned EVERY time. I would get "lucky" here and there because I'm not a bad looking dude but lacked confidence and drive to push past making out.

It's crazy how porn use is not on our parents' radar

I've been a chronic masturbator since my teens. I didnt see a hell of a lot of porn in high school due to having to use the family computer but I saw my fair share, being sneaky and fapping later to the images burned into my brain. But once I got out of high school and had my own laptop I went nuts.

I'm quick witted, Greater confidence, I can approach any woman, Crave and pursue conversations, Resentment against women is leaving

Have not fapped in nearly 60 days. Haven't looked up nsfw media in 38 days. Benefits:

  1. Can approach any woman
  2. I'm quick witted with suggestive and sly comments without trying to be

Age 15 - Strong minded, confident, motivated and healthier

When I started NoFap on this streak I was the oddball kid at school who hung around with his own friends, was shy and didn't talk to people very often. Over time I have become way more confident and I am willing to talk to people that I have never talked to before at my school. I

concentrate a thousand times more in class and I do much more exam revision. NoFap granted me this extra motivation for this studying.

Age 31 - I went many months & years railing against the nofap movement as to why "It wasn't working for me." The problem - I continued to watch porn.

Lamentations, but gratitude. Here, I recall in the years of near 2006, some 10 years ago, when I was ages 21-23 trying to "Sow" my wild oats as a young man. It wasn't until recently, last year, (2015) that I discovered the true destructive effects of pornography in my own life, that I look back upon my youth and realize the consequences.

Age 29 - I feel younger & full of life, Clearer thoughts, I can hold a conversation with women and people in general, Deeper voice, Better posture

Found out about nofap about 2 years ago ended up having a 30 day streak. Then I relapsed and kept pmoing for a year and half or so until my buddy from work was like, “If you don’t masturbate, it’ll make you stronger.” Or something along those lines. But I got the idea that he could sense something. Like I was giving off some weak ass vibes.

How to Recognize Biased Articles: They Cite Prause et al. 2015 (falsely claiming it debunks porn addiction), While Omitting Over 20 Neurological Studies Supporting Porn Addiction

Several recent articles and interviews have attempted to pushback at the TIME article ("Porn and the Threat to Virility") and the Utah resolution declaring internet porn a public health problem. One example

What might be a few "dead giveaways" that such an article is nothing more than a propaganda piece?

  1. Psychologists David Ley and/or Nicole Prause are cited as "the experts," while actual top addiction neuroscientists, who have published recent studies on porn users (Voon, Kraus, Potenza, Brand, Laier, Hajela, Kuhn, Gallinat, etc.), are omitted.
  2. The article cites Prause's lone, anomalous 2015 EEG study as proof porn addiction doesn't exist, while simultaneously omitting over 20 neurological studies and 5 recent reviews of the literature: current list of brain studies on porn users.

Age 17 - See how bad things really are. This is essential.

I have tried the challenge off and on for the past year or so, with essentially no success. Maybe a week tops, then relapse over, and over, and over. Over this past spring break, I decided to try again, like usual. Only 3 days in, I spent an entire afternoon edging, and gave myself a horrific case of blue balls.

Age 40 - Dentist - "Quitting porn should be a cornerstone of treating impotence"

I am 40, dentist from Serbia. I have been heavy internet porn user for last 10 years. Even though I am happily married, and have been very satisfied with my sex life, I've been addicted to porn, because it offered me variety, and I was rather porn addicted than unfaithful. I am sure I am not the only one who was a heavy porn user because of that.

Age 21 - My mind has become very sharp & clear. I've never felt so energetic, I feel like I could take on the world

Who am I? I'm a 21 y/o hardworking student. I major Computer Science and spend 80% of my time in front of my lap top. I started the challenge on January 19th hard mode because well I'm always intimidated by online challenges... or any kind of challenge for that matter. So, I'm not sure how exactly I found out about NoFap, I just know that I saw the challenge somewhere and said 'ok I'm doing this'.

I feel good, not god-like, but a distinct kind of good. I feel Awake.

183 days of improvement. 183 days of production. 183 days of gears moving, wheels spinning, cognitive conveyor belts moving with no sluggish afterthought every relapse. 183 days of living. I didn't do this to get a girl. I didn't do this to get rid of any "anxiety" I've had. I did this because I wanted more time. The hours wasted on PMO are sinkholes that suck you in and spit you out in that same tired, disappointed state EVERY SINGLE TIME.


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