Age 21 - Increased confidence, I see woman differently, I can hold eye contact better

happy guyMy NoFap journey started 3 months ago. Before I started NoFap I used to pmo once or twice daily since around the age of 12 till 21. Before I had found NoFap I was always tired, depressed, struggling with my grades in college.

Study: Does Compulsive Sexual Behavior Really Exist? Psychological, Relational, and Biological Correlates of Compulsive Masturbation in a Clinical Setting (2015)

researchersYBOP Comments: In this study, compulsive masturbators were younger than other ED patients and had more severe erectile dysfunction. It goes without saying that compulsive masturbation in today's young men would be associated with internet porn use. Compulsive masturbation was associated with higher anxiety and depression, but with less phobic anxiety and obsessive compulsive symptoms. Study's Conclusion:

"Compulsive masturbation represents a clinically relevant cause of disability, given the high level of psychological distress reported by subjects with this condition, and the severe impact on quality of life in terms of interpersonal relationships."

Age 20 - Quit biting my nails, got a girlfriend, better mood

young guyNever in my life I thought I could do this, when I came across no fap I never had any intentions for it I just thought: Lets see how long I can last for. That's it.

Age 22 - PE and a little ED gone now like they never existed

happy guyI suffered some sort of PE and a little ED, All gone now, gone like they never even existed. I have healthier erections like I have never seen before, more control as well.

Age 25 - You will be the best version of yourself without porn

happy guyHi there, I've seen you around here. Just reading some post and wondering if it might be better to stop porn too. And everybody who makes a post here says it is. But why?

Age 26 - I feel like a totally different person. I was totally unaware of damage porn had inflicted

young coupleStarted my nofap right after Valentines Day. Quit porn and fapping cold turkey. The flatline was a crazy low in my life, no libido, no urges whatsoever for like several weeks, but I persevered.

ED is cured. Relations with my wife of many years have normalized & my porn obsession has ended

affectionate coupleI just wanted to post a 6 month follow up. Hopefully someone can find it encouraging. I firmly believe that nofap provides incredible improvements to many facets of life and hope that everyone else feels the same improvements I do.

90 days - Married: Sharing what has FINALLY gotten me to this point in my life

happy coupleI've been PMO free for more than 90 days. I don't post a lot on but I feel the need to share what has helped me along the way as I know you're all struggling right along with me...fighting the good fight.

Age 34 - NoFap got me to stop playing the victim card

happy guyI wasn’t planning on writing a 90-day report on various reasons: first of all, there’s already a lot of them and I wasn’t sure if I had something new to say. Furthermore, I was sort of cheating during my streak.

Mild addiction & PIED: I think I'm cured

guy at guyBefore I begin, FUCK PORN and I’m unexplainably happy that it’s out of my life. Here’s my story. I appreciate the read,  I tried to make this post a little humorous.

Age 23 - Unemployed, single, depressed, habitual fapper => NoFap N' Stuff => Job, ladies, grad school, willpower, etc.

launchDAY 1 I was unemployed out of college, living with my parents, single, and had a porn problem that was destroying my life. Brain fog made intelligible thought near impossible, and anxiety made social contact a terrifying obligation.

Age 33 - 150 Days - What's Worked for Me

  • I lhappy coupleearned about the biology / psychology behind my porn addiction. I read everything I could about my addiction in this forum, at the Yourbrainonporn webpage, and several addiction recovery webpages. This is the first item in my list because I feel it's crucial, and one that many (especially those that regularly reset their badges) fail to do.


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