Age 21 - Porn-induced ED cured. Rewiring is important

About three months ago I had little to no sexual experience, and while fooling around with a beautiful girl discovered my PIED. I was dumbfounded by the fact that I wasn’t becoming erect with her (we were just kissing and grinding at that point but it still worried me). I found these forums and they terrified me, however I’m here to say the reboot works. Although mine may have been a little unorthodox.

Confidence is through the roof, much happier, made out with a girl at a party

After on and off doing this nofap thing, I have finally hit 60 days. It has also been relatively easy, maybe because I wasn't really addicted in the first place. Some of the benefits that I have personally experienced.

  • signed up to a gym, am eating way more, trying to pack on muscle.
  • appreciating life, everyday is a blessing

Age 17 - You will feel great in your own skin

I have known about nofap for about a year and a half know and I was excited about the idea that you can gain so much by NOT doing something. So I began and I failed and I tried again and I failed and that over and over again. My streaks were usually 1-2 weeks, one time 30 days but I wasn't able to abstain longer than that. My mind would always come up with some reason why I should do it one more time.

Age 23 - Clear mindset, more confident and professional, motivated to talk to girls, spontaneous erections are back

I had never heard of nofap until I talk to this guy. I had just decided to quit masturbating on my own ten days prior. I just told him about feeling exhausted these days, and he told me about nofap randomly. He thought that I would think he was crazy, but honestly I felt like it was a blessing.

Is Internet Pornography Causing Sexual Dysfunctions? A Review with Clinical Reports (2016)

COMMENTS: In this paper, US Navy doctors warn of a possible link between internet porn use and sexual dysfunctions. The entire paper is well worth a read (see below) and also available here. It reviews more than 180 relevant papers, pointing out that traditional explanations for ED are insufficient to account for the recent jump in sexual dysfunctions in men under 40. The doctors call for studies that have subjects remove porn. Meanwhile, they recommend a simple diagnostic protocol for patients and doctors to help assess porn-induced sexual dysfunction.

Age 19 - More energy, confidence and female attention

Learning how to walk, kissing my first girl, going off to college. All of these are milestones in my life, but for none of them will I look back and appreciate them as much as my NoFap milestone. 90 days ago I was a porn addicted loser who was so scared to do anything and fapping was how I coped with the emotional pain I faced in my life. I was seeing signs of PIED so I knew I had to make a change in my life.

Age 21 - I am developing self discipline, voice is deeper, I stand up for myself

I am growing more chest hair.
My voice seems fuller/deeper.
I enjoy approaching women and starting a conversation.

Making mistakes and learning from my mistakes is the only way to improve.

Age 32 - Severe PIED cured, rewired with my girlfriend

Background: I'm a 32 yr old male. Hadn't had sex since my last ex which was 6 years ago. I've been single for the past 6 years. I've been viewing porn since the age of about 18. It gradually increased as the years went along. 18-25: I viewed and jerked casually, (anywhere from 1-2 times/week). It would've been a lot more, had it not been for slow-speed interned at the time and lack of sites like today.

Age 25 - Girlfriend said "Yes" to my proposal

I'm a 25 y/o male. I have never experienced any "superpowers", but recently I was reflecting on how I can see signs of my brain reshaping itself back to "pre-porn". What I mean is that my instant connection from a thought about porn to needing to use porn is weaker and slower. And that feels pretty awesome. Now that I have a sneak peak of that, I have high hopes for what my brain can do after 90, 180, 365 days, etc.

Age 20 - I'm out of my comfort zone and chasing things I want

I first forayed into the Nofap sphere about 4 years ago when I was 16 years old and was drawn to the practice by the so called 'superpowers' that I hoped would allow me to get out of my shell and thrive. The initial effects of Nofap were pretty strong and kept me hooked onto continuing the practice well into college. I never really put much thought into it; I simply mustered as much sheer will as I could and abstained from masturbating, reaching for that supposed golden ticket to freedom once I hit 90 days.

How my life changed drastically from porn addict to the man I want to be in the course of 3 years

I live in Belgium. I am greatly intrigued by personal development and lifestyle. Other than the life that society has decided is possible for us, I deeply believe that each and everyone one of us has the power to create his or her dream life and become the person they want to be.

So Here’s How Porn Hurts Your Brain (podcast)

I (Matt Fradd) interview Gary Wilson from  about porn addiction, and throw several objections from the naysayers his way. We also geek out a lot about the neuroscience of addiction and how porn can literally damage your brain.


Female - Age 29: I feel more hopeful & happy, I feel closer to my lady and more in love than ever, I feel more powerful and free

For the first time in my adult life, I've gone 30 days without PMOing. I....honestly can't believe this is true. I felt so buried, so hopeless, so lost and so powerless to fight porn and here I am, a whole MONTH without PMO. A year ago this time, I would easily do this at least 3-4 times a DAY. Wow.

Age 21 - I am a happier person, My social skills have increased & conversations flow, Getting a lot more attention from girls, Morning wood is returning

Today marks the 64th day I have gone without PMO. It was very difficult not to give in to temptation but I made it! Many times I wanted to give in but I was reminded by the failures to get it up that I had in my past relationship from a year ago and that fueled my abstinence from PMO. Now for the benefits!


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