Age 33 - Several benefits, but most importantly I discovered the root problem

happy guyQuick bio: Dude. early 30s, married (separated), two kids, fapping almost daily since 18, in recent years it's been 2-3 times a day, pervy little kid since forever. So a week into this round of NoFap (my third attempt in about 18 months) I suddenly became incredibly aware of my real problem.

Age 21 - You get to a point in your NoFap journey where PMO seems fucking disgusting.

A word to the wiseI lost count of my streak (been a few months) and the mere thought of fapping just makes me sick nowadays. I can't even imagine myself returning to my old ways. Ever.

Age 20 - No more PIED, Feel like a man first time in my life

happy guyNo more PIED, that's why I started. Feel like a man first time in my life. Understand "pride" and keeping your word. No longer a little bitch.

Age 30 - Finally came! Delayed Ejaculation fixed. Thanks NoFap

couple kissingSo it finally happened. I (30M) came during PIV last night. After 47 days of not looking at porn and 32 days without MO, I was able to do something I wasn't sure would ever happen. DE was my whole reason for doing NoFap.

Age 19 - So much more confidence, more energy, less depressed, girls are prettier

happy guySo 50 days ago I started my biggest Nofap streak to this day. Some good things that I noticed from Nofap:

Age 27 - (ED): My sex life became amazing, but I overdid it.

couple kissingI went through several flatlines along the way - but man, it only gets better. Seriously does. My self control has gotten pretty good.

Age 16 - I had quit sports, quit hobbies, and stuck to 24/7 call of duty after school

16-year oldWell, after a long journey of hardmode nofap here is the info I owe. Profile: 16 years old, Junior in High School, want to be something when I'm older, just don't know exactly what yet.

"Boys and Porn: A Moving Target" (Huffington Post)

kid watching computerTherapists can be a little confusing when it comes to assessing porn's risks. Some would have us believe that only teens with inherent vulnerabilities become addicted, even though addiction research that shows that early exposure to supernormal stimulation, alone, increases the risk of addiction. In search of another point of view, I interviewed author Gary Wilson, who has a lot to say about the unique risks of today's Internet pornography in his new book, Your Brain on Porn: Internet Pornography and the Emerging Science of Addiction.

Link to article on Huffington Post

Your Brain Vs. Porn (Buzzfeed)

Thoughts of suicide and depression lower if not nonexistent

starfish in wavesWhen you fap to porn, your motivation is drained and you feel bad about yourself. You are victim to watching someone else fuck the girl of your dreams. A girl you would give anything to spend one night with. When you think about it, it is extremely depressing.

Age 21 - Nothing big has changed and yet it makes a massive differences.

autumn woodsToday is my 100th day without pmo. Here are some thoughts. It's neither easy nor hard. It is not hard to not fap. And it is not easy to not fap. I just don't do it, period.

Age 35 - 6 months: Made some big changes in my life

couple in bedI'm going from a (less and less) active participant in this subreddit, to a lurker only; and most likely will be deleting this account which was originally intended to be a throwaway for this subreddit only. The reason is simple: 1) I no longer post very often, and 2) I seem to be moving towards a relationship with a woman who is an active redditor.

Age 17 - more outgoing (esp with girls), Grades improved tremendously, Better self awareness

shit has changed50 days and not stopping. I started nofap a while ago relapsed around 30 times with 5 day streaks to max of 22 days, my highest before this one. Shit has changed.

Age 26 - I am no longer a person who only gets a hard on when he's sitting in his room looking at a screen

autumn lakeI feel extremely nervous writing my 90 day report. I had many false beliefs about how day 90 would be. Almost all of them were incorrect. The only thing I can do here is to speak from the heart. I want to tell you how my experience was. How it happened.

Watch "Porn on the Brain" in German (or English)

Martin Daubney with an fMRI machineGerman version SOME TRIGGERS!

If you haven't seen it yet, here's the English version. You can read about the research mentioned in the film here (with a link to the research itself).


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