Age 32 - PIED nearly cured. Social anxiety is gone

It took me two weeks to see the first smallest results. 3 months to feel a very noticeable difference (like out of the placebo range). Something like 6 months to consider myself cured from PIED. Today I'm a year and a half into nofap, I'd say I'm 85% back to my former amazing self.

Was a cuckold porn addict, now I feel like the bull.

I found NoFap about a year ago whilst being addicted to porn, specifically cuckold porn the most and realized I’m wasting my life and needed to change. Since then have started a journey of self improvement:

Age 19 - after 300 days I'm confident and motivated

300 days I did not watched porn or fapped. In some situations I tried too look away from girls. I am doing this for better self confident and hell it worked !! I fapped since I was 7 idk. 3 years ago my self confident was down to zero. Now I feel great motivated and men I like to be in social like never before. I can talk too strangers with no problem.

Age 21 - Nofap changed my life. Lots of benefits

All I can say is that since nofap my entire life has changed. My family relationships have changed from me being selfish, careless and emotionless, to a loving, helping and appreciated family member. I've had a few flirty things with women due to increased confidence and drive towards women as well as accepting them as a human being. I even have a date with someone this Saturday, and they're shaping up to be quite the catch.

More confidence, school more interesting

The added confidence spill[s] over positively into the rest of my life. I like talking to other people more, and I believe they like talking to me more too. School becomes genuinely more interesting. In general, most challenges I come across are embraced because I feel more confident taking them on.

Better sex life, I can easily talk to people I don't know, better temper

I'm just here to say that almost all of the ways to help stop on this subreddit are true, so I am not going to go into detail on how to do it, I am going to say why. For me it was simple. I have an amazing girlfriend and we have been together for a year and a half.

Age 23 - My mind is strangely clear, pure, BEAUTIFUL

I've been on Nofap for 2 years, but now I have drastically reduce the amount of fapping to 2 times a week. I used to fap 4~7 times a day since before my puberty (11yo). Yeah, that shit destroyed me.

Age 24 - PIED: Biggest Skeptic No Longer Skeptical

I'm currently on my second stint trying this philosophy, and I am one of the most cynical and suspicious people, especially when it comes to theories that appear too good to be true. I had been watching porn and whacking off to late night BET videos with the a$$es twerking (HAHA) and sex scenes from horror movies since I was about 13.

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Age 14 - What a journey it has been

Damn, what a journey it has been. If you were to tell me three months ago that; 1. I'd be running 6km twice a day, 2. That i'd finally give up porn and masturbation and most importantly that I would be training for an Amateur Boxing tournament. I would've certainly laughed at you.

Age 20 - Mild ED gone, Less depression, Feel way more emotions, Take more risks

Wow, it’s been a crazy 2 year journey. I’m now 20m college student and it feels like only yesterday that I quit porn. I’m also about a year and a half into a nofap streak. Some noticeable improvements include

Age 28 - I was in a hole so deep and dark there was absolutely no glimpse of light/hope- but now it’s sunny as hell here

3 Year Anniversary and How do I feel ? That your life doesn't end and begin as soon you turn on your computer or your phone in the morning. That you are not alone in this world. You can relate to people from any background or situation. You feel their pain and joy. You feel their souls. They know it, you know it.

Why did my porn use escalate?

Porn addiction often escalatesThrough the last years of this addiction my taste for porn evolved. Started watching femdom porn where a girl beats, insults and fucks a guy with a strapon,  cuckold/cheating porn, which seemed to make me get much more interested in women that had a husband/boyfriend, even if she wasnt that good looking, the whole  cheating taboo made me crazy. Even a "softer" porn genre like MILFs ended up making me more attracted towards older women that had children, making me want to   fuck my classmates mom, teachers. Still does dammit.

The Dual Control Model - The Role Of Sexual Inhibition & Excitation In Sexual Arousal And Behavior (2007)

COMMENTS: A recent re-discovery. The first paper to report porn-induced ED and porn-induced low libido. In an experiment employing video porn, 50% of the young men couldn't become aroused or achieve erections with porn (average age was 29). The shocked researchers discovered that the men's erectile dysfunction was "related to high levels of exposure to and experience with sexually explicit materials." The limp men had spent a whole of lot of time in bars and bathhouses where porn was "omnipresent," and continuously playing. The men explained that "high exposure to erotica seemed to have resulted in a lower responsivity to "vanilla sex" erotica and an increased need for novelty and variation.

Age 51 - PIED better, back in shape, fantasies are about girls I know

I'm five days short of going 90 full days without PMO and I thought I do a little write up in hopes that some of you out there might get something out of it. About me, I'm a 51-year old male, divorced, and I first started MO around 13 and using porn around 18 (magazines mostly).


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