Stay strong everyone, this shit really works: I Find Porn Disgusting Now

Just tried watching porn to see if I could get turned on because I am in a flatline... found the video disturbing. Saw through the fakeness of it all... nothing is real about what the actors/actresses are doing. Stay strong everyone, this shit really works!!

NoFap has changed my life. I have the power to go through life and fix problems

I finally reached the 90 day mark. I will describe my journey. I have failed so many times on NoFap. Just because I didn't had the right method. I always relapsed and then I said I'm not going to do it [use porn] anymore.. And bam! I relapsed. This led to not feeling myself in my own body. Not in control.

Age 17 - I have experienced massive changes in myself as compared to what I was 138 days ago

I hope you all are doing great. My last post here was when I was on day 20 or something. But here I am today on day 138 of no PMO. I am 17 and I have been living usually alone for 2 years and you all know these crazy teen years makes you want to do crazy stuff. But I still somehow managed to quit PMO. Let me go back a little bit and tell you how I was like when I was addicted to pornography and masturbation.

Age 38 - PIED healed, good memory, better mood

Today 100 days passed....No more urge to see porn or fap .Mind is completely towards real women ! Lots of Mental Benefits: No fogy brain, good memory , mood changed , less depression , no feeling of emptiness ! [I am a] Male | 38 | 10 years PMO cycle trap | PIED made me to quit. I am single ....i faced ED i was searching for that why i got ED but found that it is PIED instead of ED. So i decided to quit .Totally rebooted now!

Age 34 - I feel so much more happy now. I learned that there is a gift in facing uncomfortable feelings.

I remember thinking at one point in my life after numerous failed attempts to stop masturbating [to porn] that it was impossible. That this was something I was stuck with for the rest of my days. And there was comfort in the general consensus in society that jerking off and porn were "Normal" and even healthy.

Age 24 - Motivation high

I'm 24. I've been getting really high motivation from abstaining myself from [porn]. Sometimes my emotion are not stable maybe due to T level. There are a lot of benefits. I myself am starting to go to many marathon events. Which really helps calm myself down. I discover that joining this kind of activity really improves one's mood.

1 year - I finally feel like a MAN

I was fapping at least two times per since I was 12 and as the years went by regular porn was not enough anymore (I don’t want to put triggers, all of us know how it is). Deep down I knew that I have a problem but it seemed impossible to stop. In past three years I tried to stop but best I managed was 20 days. I should also mention that my experience with women and social skills in general are nothing special. I had a girlfriend 2 years and some occasional sex if I get "lucky," but never truly made emotional connection with any of them.

Age 18 - From "dumb and lazy" to pre-med

Hi everyone, I'm taking a break from my studies to write this post. I've been on NoFap since January 2016, so I figure it's my turn to document my journey. Before I dive into this, I would like to thank everyone on this subreddit; without your help and support day after day, I would be in an extremely lonely, depressed state. I grew so much as a man, and I hope that I am able to repay that through helping someone out there through this post.

Age 18 - Social Anxiety Gone

I remember being in my room playing RuneScape 10 hours a day and watching porn. I used to go to school fapped out my eyes were twitching and my hair was bad. I remember feeling like a tweaker and being a chronic fapper 1-5 times a day. I was afraid of talking to people I would hate waking up and people were looking at me at school.

Now socializing makes me happy. I go to college now and I walk up to any person boy/girl and yes even the "Hot women" or what men would call "10's".

Success too late or is it never too late?

Ok guys I just wanted to tell you the same old super powers: got up crack ass of dawn, ran 4 miles and I am on vacation! Also noticed my voice is seems to have deepened even more this round. it’s been about a week since I have had sex with the wifey. We don’t have period sex at the end of each month so this is my peak time of my natural testosterone boost.

Age 23 - I feel so freaking free!

[I saw a big] Difference going to party after i PMO'ed and after 110+ days in new lifestyle. I must say i just overjoyed myself. I didn't care what others are thinking (as usually i do, if PMO'ed you feel fragile, unsecure). Felt so freaking free. My movements were free and natural.

Age 24 - all my previous fetishes seem to be things of a very distant past

I was somehow good at doing this nofap thing (I was so convinced about the effects of PMO that I rarely ran out of motivation) as I was able to go for 40 days on my first try, then 40 again, and then I relapsed for a while but soon I said 'Enough' and I meant it. So now I have been exactly 250 days of no porn with one MO at day 236.

Age 19 - Today was the first time I had sex with her without using Viagra and stayed hard. I didn't think this would work

September 2 was the last time I masturbated. Though only 41 days in, holy shit do the benefits come. I didn't think they would but believe me please...they do. I masturbated compulsively since I was 13. I am 19 now.

Is Internet Pornography Causing Sexual Dysfunctions? A Review with Clinical Reports (2016)

COMMENTS: In this paper, US Navy doctors warn of a possible link between internet porn use and sexual dysfunctions. The entire paper is well worth a read (see below) and also available here. It reviews more than 180 relevant papers, pointing out that traditional explanations for ED are insufficient to account for the recent jump in sexual dysfunctions in men under 40. The doctors call for studies that have subjects remove porn. Meanwhile, they recommend a simple diagnostic protocol for patients and doctors to help assess porn-induced sexual dysfunction.

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