Age 21 - I have more trust and confidence in myself. Improved focus. Minor incontinence went away

I've made it!!! A little bit of background on myself. I started PMOing at maybe 13 or so, and have been doing it regularly for the last four years or so. I had my 21st birthday last month, so that gives you an idea of how long I had been in this stuff.

Age 14 - More motivated/less lazy, Way more confident & present, I don't have anxiety, I feel more energetic and happy

So this has been the absolute best 30 days of my life and I am can't thank this website and the people on here enough. So first I am going to list the benefits I have got and the reasons I believe why they are here, the short answer is EVERYTHING IS SO MUCH BETTER. I would like to mention that this is not my first NoFap streak but it has been my best one and is going to be the longest.

Age 25 - Erections were no problem and I did not get soft

Last night (early this morning) I brought a girl back to my place, that I know. As soon as she took her dress off I had an instant boner and she noticed. The old me would have been hesitant to even invite her over. And if I did, I would have thought of an excuse to get rid of her.

What about Virtual Reality (VR) porn?

Porn industry spokespersons often tout VR porn as therapeutic. See, for example, the claim that VR porn is "80% therapy, 20% entertainment." But is this true? So far, there's no evidence for such a claim, and comments on recovery forums suggest otherwise.

Age 45 - Gay male. ED seems cured. I actually came in a condom during intercourse without the use of my hand or porn

Today is day 40 for me (No PMO reboot) and I have great news! (This might get a little explicit so stop now if you're not comfortable with my use of vernacular.) I stumbled on day 28 - Honestly I didn't even know it was happening until it was too late to stop. I was laying on my bed in my most comfy sweats watching a movie. At some point my hand got in my pants and before I knew it I was spanking it.

Critique of: Letter to the editor “Prause et al. (2015) the latest falsification of addiction predictions”

Introduction - In response to neuroscientist Matuesz Gola's critical analysis of their 2015 EEG study (Prause et al., 2015), Prause et al. wrote their own letter to the editor, entitled, "Prause et al. (2015) the latest falsification of addiction predictions," which we will refer to as the "Reply to Gola." (Interestingly, the editor's original "accepted manuscript" of the Reply to Gola listed only Nicole Prause as the author, so it's unclear if her co-authors participated in crafting the Reply to Gola, or whether it was a solo effort by Prause.)

Certainly, most of the Reply to Gola is devoted to defending Prause's interpretations. Back in 2015 Prause made over-the-top claims that her team's anomalous study had singlehandedly "debunked porn addiction." What legitimate researcher would ever claim to have "debunked" an entire field of research and to have "falsified" all previous studies with a single EEG study?

Age 23 - Increased confidence, More joy from life, Meeting some amazing people Achieving goals that I only dreamed of setting, Dated lots of girls during this streak

I know that my badge says that I am on 355 days or so, but I know it’s broken and I have made it to 1 year. I am so happy with the commitment I had to this. I have done some things during this time I would never have dream of doing. All the benefits are real, if you believe it. I experienced:

Age 31 - A skeptic on day 50-something

As Norm Macdonald said, "I've never been good at expressing my uh... what do you call those... feelings?" But I do feel better now than I did with PMO - like I'm thinking more clearly without the mindless stimulation. I think it has also helped my relationship. I feel closer to my partner now and we are having more sex!

Age 18 - 6 months in - Life is so much fucking better

As stated above, six months since I fapped (Did peak at gifs 1-2 months in at one point of time, so if you count that as replase I guess I'm 4-5 months in). First of all, are the benefits real? (What most of you guys probably wanna know, I get it, the benefits stories are like fuel for our mission here, so I'm happy to tell you that yes, the benefits are real.

Age 20 - I broke from pornography for 9 months. My life changed. I could feel heaven. But I became overconfident.

I can't believe it. I thought I won, I thought I did it. But that's where I fell. Just like most of you guys I came across pornography as a young boy. I'm 20 now and i have spent about 10years of my life watching porn. Fortunately, about 1.5 years ago I put up a hard battle and broke from pornography for 9 months. My life changed. I could feel heaven. But I became overconfident. I felt like i had fought it all.

Age 23 - Suffered PIED, had terrible relationships. At 90 days I am getting hard all the time, currently dating a girl.

I suffered from PIED. Had terrible relationships in the past. All the usual. At 90 days I am getting hard all the time... currently dating a girl. Have a lot more confidence; I do better in the gym and at work and have a much clearer mind.

Age 32 - 90 days hardcore NoFap - Have experienced many health benefits, etc.

I was a hardcore PMO addict for 13 years and in the last year I experienced very strange health issues popping up from nowhere at the same time. After stopping this addiction, my health issues slowly faded away. So I've decided to combine my comments which I wrote in another topic, so you can see the exact changes I went through within these 90 days.

The Dual Control Model - The Role Of Sexual Inhibition & Excitation In Sexual Arousal And Behavior (2007)

COMMENTS: A recent re-discovery. The first paper to report porn-induced ED and porn-induced low libido. In an experiment employing video porn, 50% of the young men couldn't become aroused or achieve erections with porn (average age was 29). The shocked researchers discovered that the men's erectile dysfunction was "related to high levels of exposure to and experience with sexually explicit materials." The limp men had spent a whole of lot of time in bars and bathhouses where porn was "omnipresent," and continuously playing. The men explained that "high exposure to erotica seemed to have resulted in a lower responsivity to "vanilla sex" erotica and an increased need for novelty and variation.

Age 16 - No depression, A clear mind, Better concentration & memory, I respect woman & look at them as a person, Boring activities are more fun

I'm 16 years old from Europe. I was previously known as QuittingForever. I started a journal just over a year ago. I was sick of being addicted to something I was ashamed of. So I came across this website and started to learn a lot of things. I learned to:

ED cured - Porn-induced ED Took Away My First Love...But that Gave Me the Strength I Needed

Last summer (now over a year ago) I met a girl...let's call her Rachel. Rachel was different from every other girl I've hooked up with--she was more fun, cooler, had a better sense of humor. For the first time in my life, I had caught real feelings for a girl and no longer cared so much about having as many random meaningless hookups as possible so I could brag about how often I get laid.


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