Age 21 - PIED improving, pushing my comfort zone

I now get boners from kissing and rubbing up, although not super rock hard. But it's definitely an improvement compared to before. Before, I wouldn't be able to get hard from a blowjob. It was that bad. (Probably porn-induced). I haven't attempted sex, but I did achieve orgasm from receiving a handjob.

Increased confidence, success with women - and threw it all away

Those who read my older post on here know that I struggled with keeping away from porn from the very beginning. As I read about all the benefits, I was quickly convinced that I wanted to start my nofap journey. And so I did. I was more or less successful and started seeing benefits for myself (which I believe are mainly a result of increased confidence and a lower threshold for stimulation).

Age 18 - I have much bigger balls - in both ways it can be understood

I'm an 18 years old male, and i've been PMOing since I was like 11. It was always a thing that was a good part of the day since the day I discovered it, and it have always been a thing i was excited to do. Before I knew, it just grasped on me and I've became addicted to it without even noticing.

Studies refute the claim that sex & porn addicts "just have high sexual desire"

Porn addiction naysayers often claim that individuals with either sex addiction or porn addiction do not have addiction, they simply have high libidos. David Ley (author of The Myth of Sex Addiction), is one of the most vocal critics of porn addiction, and often claims that "high sexual desire" explains away porn addiction.

Age 17 - I'm basically reborn. I went from Yamcha to Son Goku in SuperSayen in a few months

I'm a french student and 17, I've had maladaptive daydreaming from 7yo to 16yo, basically I would make a repetitive movement with my hand and get lost in my imagination for long periods of time, sometimes hours, I think it was my way to escape the reality, no one ever found out, I've been seen 2-3 times doing it but would find an excuse as to justify it.

Age 35 - Porn & prostitutes - Now I am 100% sure that you can get your brain back to "normal"

I feel as if it is about time to share my story: I started looking at nude pictures of women at a very young age (7 or 8 years old). I remember that my brother and I used to cut out the pictures of naked girls from the newspaper and put them into a book. My parents did not think that there was anything wrong with this - and I do not blame them.

1 year - PIED cured. Got in shape and made substantial progress to my long term goals

This site helped me out a lot. I cured my ED got in shape and made substantial progress to my long term goals. I learned that I had the ability to change my life if I channeled my inner will power. Didn't think in a million years that I could hold out for a year (a person who would fap and watch porn daily) but I did it!

Age 16 - Extreme fetishes gone, Made lots of friends, More social, Body has changed

 282 days ago, I would have fapped 2-5 times a day, imagine girls in my bed, weird fetishes, but it changed a lot. Motivational quotes had no impact on me. I disliked writing in a journal every day. Your typical 16 years old guy playing video games, fapping, and staying lonely avoiding talking to girls, rather shy with everyone. Well all of that changed believe me. My personal kind of motivation was WORKING OUT.

Age 19 - A very bad case of Delayed Ejaculation cured. Sex feels way better.

 NoFap really changed my life. It's probably gonna be a long post, sorry about that. I started masturbating around 12 years old, I think. At first it was all new and exciting, and quickly became a habit. Masturbating was a normal thing to me. For years, I did it almost daily, and usually while watching porn. Things started to change when I was 17 years old. I was still a virgin and orgasm without porn was getting difficult, taking longer each time.

Erectile Dysfunction Forums Offer Raw Insight Into How Millions Of Men Cope With The Condition (HuffPo)

"They found that nearly 60% of men posting on the forums were under 24 years old. This was a surprising finding for researchers, as erectile dysfunction is generally considered a condition that strikes older men."

1 year porn free - Porn-induced ED

First I want to explain that everyone is unique and this is hopefully for the best. Everyone has their own metabolism and psychology, even if for some of your friends porn may be an option, you need to decide whether you want to get rid of it or not.

Age 21 - Escalated into extreme fetish porn and thought I was bisexual. Cutting out porn changed everything.

So, as the title says, I am a 21 year old male. Today, I type this from my apartment with nothing but hopes for the future and appreciation for my past. Before I explain why I appreciate my past, I'll try to go through what it was like as quickly as possible.

Age 25 - 2+ years: More energy and motivation, Increased social confidence & agressiveness, Gained new hobbies, created new habits

It is my intention to provide you with information and key points from my journey, highlighting valuable aspects that you can take with you. I hope, then, that it will be of benefit and motivation in your endeavours. Before I want to start, I wish to put a few qualifiers down. Some or all may be relevant or irrelevant, but that decision is for you. Whatever you do think, do not let it discourage you in any way in your journey.

Addiction Is A Lonely Liar

I was trapped. I wanted desperately to escape. Like a trapped animal I would have chewed off my leg if it meant my freedom. Here more of Josh's story:

Ventral striatum activity when watching preferred pornographic pictures is correlated with symptoms of internet pornography addiction (2016)

New German fMRI study that aligns with the porn addiction model. 

Highlights as stated by the authors:

  • Ventral striatum activity is linked to watching preferred pornographic material
  • Symptoms of Internet pornography addiction are linked to ventral striatum activity
  • Neural basis of Internet pornography addiction is comparable to other addictions


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