Generation XXX: What will happen to kids raised on porn? (Canada)

xxxIt's been termed a social experiment — a whole generation growing up with free and easy access to online pornography. Those behind a symposium at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights on Monday morning call it an abject failure.

Steeped in porn at a tender age (Winnipeg Free Press)

Growing up with pornTHERE’S no cleaning up the language when you’re talking porn with Gabriel Deem, a man who says from the age of 11 he regularly consumed obscene megabytes-worth of pornography.

How porn can shatter your mental performance with Gary Wilson (Upgraded Ape)

Upgraded Ape logoWant to have more motivation, eliminate brain fog and improve cognitive performance? Then you need to learn about how porn affects your brain.

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Age 30 - (Married) 1 year: I believe NoFap can change the way you interact with life

tantric imagery1 Year report. I first struggled with NoFap before I even had heard of NoFap over 10 years ago in my late teens. Through studying meditation courses and books on esoteric psychology and the like, I had developed NoFap streaks in the past (unbadged). I do feel NoFap added that extra realm and support to really push through and actualize these objectives.

Age 29 - A re-evaluation of r/Nofap, some thoughts on facing real life

moon riseIf you need a TLDR, skip to my concluding thoughts at the end, where I reflect on my current situation. But you’d get a whole lot more out of this post if you take ten minutes to read it.

New Treatment Models for Teen Porn Addiction. By Linda Hatch, PhD

The enormous global proliferation of online pornography has made a vast array of sexually explicit material available to a large teen audience on laptops, tablets and smart phones. And if smart accessories catch on, you will soon be able to wear your pornography. READ MORE

Age 17 - We change our false mindset to our true mindset

I'm not here for ED. I'm 17. Started all of this when I was 16. I was at the lowest point of my life, having lost everything I every had. Forced to abandon all of my family and friends and lovers. Went homeless for awhile in Florida, though that is a completely different story.

Age 24 - ED cured, even when I thought it would never happen (20 months)

Hey guys. I've been away from here for a while because I finally learned one of the keys to curing oneself is to quit counting the damn counter and just get out and live life. I had completely normal, great sex last night. I also had great sex about a week or so ago. I don't worry about PIED anymore.

Age 48 - Chronic ED cured, Improved mood, Sleep better, Women are now beautiful

I wanted to post my story because many of the stories I read on the internet really helped motivate me and maybe something I write will help someone else. In fact without that inspiration I doubt I’d have been able to take my journey as far as I have.

Age 31 - Clarity of mind, fearlessness, increased motivation, zest for life, I am a better person

I will try to keep this short and sweet. What a great day. I just finished from a night of drinking and partying 7 hours ago and I've been up for about 2 hours now. That's right about less than 5 hours of sleep. Drank 7 beers, 4 shots and no all.. Absolutely amazing. Feeling so energized right now.

Age 24 - Finally comfortable with women. Immense confidence. Sex drive healed.

Similar to how it happens to many guys growing up with the internet, it started out as innocent hormonal curiosity. At age 12 I was absolutely captivated by Victoria’s Secret magazines (which obviously were not mine) and racy scenes from anime shows.

Age 20 - ED: Confidence roaring back, feel more manly

If this looks familiar I had a thread in the PIED section which had 400 views with my journal. I decided to make this thread because 90 days seems to be the benchmark that a lot of people aim for (at least at first) so I thought people might be interested in seeing exactly how much progress I'd made at 90 days.

Age 19 - I was depressed, very low self-esteemed, shy and socially awkward

Well first what I'm gonna say is that I'm never going back to porn again. I never thought that PMO can affect my life in this negative way.

Age 30 - ED cured, more relaxed, confident with women, great sex life

Dutch flagI was porn addicted from age 11, that is 1995. At age 10, I got dial up internet and at age 11 when my grandfather died I didn't no what to do with my feelings but watch porn all day and masturbate.


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