Age 23 - No brain fog, Shyness fading, More motivation & creativity, Feeling connected to other people again, Drive to leave comfort zone

I'm 23 and I’ve been a passionate fapper for...9 years? At the moment I'm 60 days clean of Porn and Masturbation. Sometimes it was easy, sometimes it was harder. I never thought porn and masturbation made me suffer. No, I thought every man needs it to function, when not having real sex. Oh yeah, stupid society. And I was part of it.

Age 24 - This is amazing. I´ve never felt like this in years.

This is amazing. I´ve never felt like this in years. I know most will say it´s because I am horny from not PMOing in 47 days. YEAH! I am 47 days without touching the guy down there, but that´s not the case. I don´t feel horny at all. What I mean to say that today I felt something different. Was looking at girls passing on the street and I noticed that I love women.

Age 48 - Before NoFap I could not climax during sex. No more. After 85 days, sex has never been better.

Before NoFap I could not climax during sex. It always felt like I needed more. I needed P to get over the falls. No more. After 85 days, sex has never been better.

US Navy Reports: Porn Is Sinking Sailors’ Erections (HuffPo)

If you’ve been on the internet within the last few weeks, you’ve likely heard about Anthony Weiner’s problems. However, there is another weiner problem that we need to talk about.

A growing number of urologists and psychiatrists are concerned about a drastic increase in young, otherwise healthy men, with erectile dysfunction stemming from chronic internet porn consumption. In a paper published in Behavioral Sciences last month, several US Navy doctors documented a near 1000% increase in youthful ED, pointing out that 15 years ago ED among men aged 18-40 was 2-5%, and all studies assessing youthful ED since 2010, shortly after the dawn of porn “tube-sites,” report ED rates in the same age group around 30%.

25+ years of porn use - I'm putting long-delayed plans into motion

I did it, I reached day 90 of a PMO-free challenge. Considering my fapping history (25+ years on every medium you can imagine, in 30 countries, in every situation, even in public) it's a nice feat and I want to take a moment to acknowledge that feeling of pride.

Age 16 - Porn made me think I was gay (HOCD)

Let me start off by saying that I've been masturbating to porn for 8 years. Either it was once a day, twice a day, or more. I was one of those people that escalated to more and more extreme things. I've masturbated to gay things within the last few years, and it was only until two months ago my mind asked itself, "Am I gay?" This caused a lot of anxiety and OCD to happen. I still have this, but not to the degree I used to have it.

Age 22 - Porn-induced ED: After 4 month of no PMO the magic happened

I am here to tell you, like the others that told me back then when my journey begun, that is all true. The problem you are having (that is by far in my opinion one of the worst problems a guy in his 20s can have) is almost certainly cause by the effects of porn in your brain. I’m here to tell you that I had the same doubts myself, that I looked everywhere for answers and couldn't find them, until i stumbled up with a random ted talk about porn induced erectile dysfunction on april 4th 2016. That was the last day I watched pornography.

Study Links Sailors' Porn Use, Sexual Dysfunction

A case study of three active-duty service members who saw Navy doctors found their heavy use of pornography to be connected to erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems within their romantic relationships -- a finding the Navy is watching without comment, for now. The independent study, undertaken by four San Diego-based naval health professionals, seeks to explain "sharp increases" in sexual difficulties among men under 40 in recent years and correlation with the prevalence of internet porn available for streaming, a technology that dates to 2006.

Age 24 - PIED healed; I feel like a man.

I'm coming to the end of day 123. I feel great. I'm confident, and just happy to go further. Hope I never go back to porn.  I'll try to be brief but clear. I just turned 24 this past September. Started watching porn 9 years ago.

Age 40 - Porn-induced ED & escorts: From misery to happiness

I'm recovered. You can read what I went through with porn addiction and escort addiction in the link. Basically, I read some stuff on YBOP and tried to stop using immediately. I continued to use escorts. My errections came back. Then it was tough because I had all this positive energy and I knew I needed to find a girl.

Age 23 - Penis not broken - had sex with sildenafil, but staying off porn

I finally bit the bullet and decided to go and see the doctor about my erectile dysfunction. No matter how much stimulation I received from my wonderful girlfriend, I just could not maintain an erection adequate for sex. I had to make sure we avoided sexual intercourse because I just couldn't manage it at all. I felt ashamed and embarrassed.

Age 26 – More open, confident and calm, sleeping better

So 20 days hardmode this is what i feeling so far! Happier: i feel much more happy when i wake up and during the days i feel having more energy to do things. Social: I care more about people wanting them to be okay and happy and also paying more attention to what they say.

Porn addiction could ruin your sex life and here's why. Sexual function specialist Anand Patel MD, Sex therapist Janet Eccles, Neuroscientist Dr Nicola Ray (2016)

Erectile dysfunction is experienced by ​ 75% of British men aged 18 to 25 – the first generation to grow up with porn 'on tap'

By Joe Madden, 30 September 2016

"Basically, porn broke my dick so that it didn't work with real fannies."

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