More social & active, clearer & faster thinking, much more comfortable in my own skin

successI'm finally staring 90 days in the face. I thought back to a time in my life when things were much darker. Isolated from people at times, not feeling good about myself, very withdrawn and a captive of the addiction known as PMO.

I feel like I've come out as a completely new person

desert flowersThese past two weeks have been the best two weeks of my life, I feel like I've come out as a completely new person, I have had my friends complimenting me on how much healthier I look and how impressed they are with the weight I've lost lately.

Age 26 - ED cured, social anxiety near zero, increased confidence, mentally sharper

Flowing waterI am a 26 Y/O male, started fapping at the age of 11 or 12 and it was all down hill from there. I never felt confident as a man, viewed all women as sex objects, isolated except for 1-2 good friends, feared talking to people (to the point of not saying a word when a girl tried for at least 45min to talk to me). I got to the point where I was having ED issues with pretty girls.

Age 29 - (ED), I am a much better person for it

lakeBit of background - I'm just turned 29, single and from the UK.. I've lurked on the subreddit for some time and eventually tried it towards the end of last year, did a few 3-4 weekers, and also hit a 47 day streak.

Age 25 - took the initiative, threw a house party...and got laid!

happy guyWell I’ve made it to day 90 and I just wanted to share a few thoughts and explain my journey in a bit more depth to hopefully motivate others in the same way success stories did me on my way to get to 90 days.

Medical Doctor - HOCD: Extreme fetish porn and acting out

confused doctorI am a medical doctor myself, but I thought I'd focus on the sexuality side of things. I am a heterosexual man, 100%, always have been and always will be, just like I believe you to be.

No more depression or social anxiety, increased attention, I feel like a rock

happy guy90 Days have passed. It wasn't easy but it's worth it. My next mission is to "survive" this year without masturbation. Without porn is becoming quite easy although the temptation is still there.

Age 24 - No more delayed ejaculation, got GF & more happy than ever (transexual porn & escorts)

happy coupleAlright it's time to give back to the community! I'll try to make it short. I used to watch porn 1-5 times a day like every day. It got to the point where it got extremely hard to climax with girls.

'Generation X-Rated' (Porn-Induced ED)

It’s a disturbing by-product of the internet age – healthy young men who suffer from sexual dysfunction because of an addiction to pornography. And it’s a condition that has some men turning to drugs like Viagra to restore normal sexuality, instead of seeking treatment for addiction.


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