Age 21 - Survived a break up and kept rolling

I've always been an introvert like many of you and never had any problems staying alone at home for weeks (or so I thought). Im a 21 one year old guy and this year -because of many reasons- I wasnt able to find a university and spent September through November at home alone playing video games.

Age 28 - Erections harder, more self-control and confidence

I am 28. Been trying to quit for some time but relapse was unavoidable until a month ago when I decided I have had enough and joined nofap 2 weeks ago. I quit because of PIED it was very embarrassing not to get wood when my gf wanted some intimacy and I had to pretend I was unwell.

Age 25 - I was a horrible fetish porn addict. I never exercised. I was a chicken shit. I had serious PIED. School lagged behind

I was a horrible fetish porn addict. I never exercised. I was a chicken shit. I had serious PIED. School lagged behind. My apartment was a neckbeard's lair. I somehow weasled my way into two shitty, desperate relationships through friends. Never had the guts to talk to the ones I really liked.

I'm 25 right now, and I think I started at 14 or so. Went to daily use (and the gross stuff) pretty much during the first couple years.

Age 27 - The usual lifestyle of lethargy and laziness no longer attractive

It has been 365 days since my last P, M or O. I've been on NoFap in Hard Mode (no sex whatsoever and the only release is noctornal) since 15th of June 2015. For reference, I'm a 27 year old male from Australia. I tried NoFap once before but underestimated it and relapsed almost straight away. After that I vowed never again.

Age 23 - I've been doing NoFap on and off for a few years now, and it really has done wonders for me

I've been doing NoFap on and off for a few years now, and it really has done wonders for me. The benefits that most people report of when they start doing this is more confidence, energy, and charisma. I've felt these benefits too, and they give me more than enough reason to continue doing this. For me though, one of the best benefits that it has and transformed my life over these years, was that it gave me the drive I needed to go out and do things with my life.

Age 19 - Boners are back! Sleep improvement, less brain fog

Been batin since ~13, porn since ~14. The biggest benefit for me by a thousand miles so far is I get morning wood and a few spontaneous boners throughout the day (started happening around week 4-5). I’m age 19.

Age 29 - Finally 90: 3 Year journey, what worked for me and what didn't

I've been attempting to get off Porn since about 2013. My first streak I combined with nofap and made it 64 days (I had a gf at the time) and it was hard. Then after that the most I could make it was maybe a month and then I'd slip again, although each time my porn consumption got less and less. Here are some insights I learned and what finally got me there:

90 Days - Harder erections, Way more productive, Way less anxiety, Far happier, Women are prettier

It's been at least 3 months since the last time I PMO. I do not count the days since I think that can backfire. I made the decision to not masturbate to porn, and I don't need to count the days since the last time I did it. I been on a self improvement journey since the past 5 months, NoFap has been a big part of it.

Age 22 - Healed after 4 years of PIED!

I started nofap in April because I finally realized that what was affecting me was PIED. I was never getting hard, and as a result, I built up an anxiety about initiating sex. II was having it, it was terrible (like I would lose my hard on or orgasm really quick) . I was watching porn everyday, but after nofap, I haven't seen porn for 2 months, but have MO'd twice within those months. These are the results....

Age 21 - Increased Confidence, Motivation & Energy, Addictions gone, No more ADHD meds needed

I have been fapping 2-4 times a day for the last 7 years, I am now 21 y/o. Like your average porn addict I started off with 'soft porn' and over the years my fetishes and interests dramatically changed. I eventually got PIED and couldn't get hard and or O during sex with a girl I was seeing for like 2 weeks.

Aside from my PMO addiction, in the last year I became addicted to ADHD meds and cigarettes, as well as drinking in excess. I used to smoke 10-15 ciggs a day. I Would also double or triple my ADHD meds dosage everyday.

Shit was fucked up! lol

Age 22 - This is the best tool for self-improvement I've come across

I'm 22. In 2013 I decided to 'just try it out'. I watch YBOP and surfed NoFap forums. I liked how I felt and kept going. Whenever I relapsed I noticed a marked difference in my general well being. I have probably PMO'ed 50 times in the past 3 years. This is one of my long streaks however (138 days).

Age 32 - Greater confidence, Better eye contact, Improved health & posture, More energy, Sleep less but don't feel tired

I completed around 550 days so far, I am completely abstinent sexually. I started it on December 2014, and I never heard about nofap movement at the time of start. Just, I was in deep depression because of failure after failure lost multiple jobs and failed in a business.

We need to do a better job about educating kids on porn's negative effects

I just recently watched a YouTube video talking about how Porn "tube sites" really got going around 2006. It made me think about how the first time I was showed porn was around 2008. Even though I didn't really start seeking it until 2009, I realize how I truly had no idea on what effect it would have on me.


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