Age 33 - 150 Days - What's Worked for Me

  • I lhappy coupleearned about the biology / psychology behind my porn addiction. I read everything I could about my addiction in this forum, at the Yourbrainonporn webpage, and several addiction recovery webpages. This is the first item in my list because I feel it's crucial, and one that many (especially those that regularly reset their badges) fail to do.

Why the internet's constant novelty feels like "meds": 'The Brain's Automatic And Hardwired Response To Novelty' (2015)

novelty and the brainAutomatically, our brains tune in to what’s new. Though your unthinking response to a new face in the crowd or a new dress in a store window may be fleeting, this impression creates both short and longer-term effects on your brain. Looking at how novelty affects us, two psychologists propose a new framework that categorizes the neurobiological processes into three response groups: perception, arousal, and memory.

Age 34 - ED cured. Feel great. Finding everything about girls more attractive

Happy coupleSo it's been a few days over 90 and so far I'm doing great! I have to admit that I was extremely skeptical in the beginning but now I am a huge believer. I don't believe in the superpowers, for me at least.

Age 27 - One year, I am transformed into a whole new person

Feet in bedI am transformed into a whole new person. From a creep to the life of the party. And, It feels good. I met a girl when I was at 5 months.

Age 27 - I went from being depressed loser, weak & living on the brink of suicide to a principle based man of discipline with self respect

gut with weightsIt's been one year since I started NoFap + NoPMO, and it has changed my life. I went from being depressed loser, weak & living on the brink of suicide to a principle-based man of discipline with self respect. I'm alot more in touch with life.

Age 24 - If you want clarity, quit porn for 90 days, sex drive feels like I'm 15 again

young guy2 years ago I stopped looking at porn but just this year I've finally gone 90 days Fap free. Don't be discouraged if you don't get it right away. Each day is a new day to becoming a better you. Here are a few tips and encouragements based on my struggle with PMO.

"Watching explicit internet porn as a child warped attitude towards women, left him feeling depressed, anxious and mentally disturbed" (Daily Mail)

  • Jonny Adams Jonny, 27, from Cambridgeshire says he was addicted to porn by age 12
  • Admits porn encouraged him to degrade the women he was involved with
  • He grew up in the first generation where porn was free to access online 
  • The youth worker now hopes to warn youngsters about dangers of porn

Study: Genital Image, Sexual Anxiety, and Erectile Dysfunction Among Young Male Military Personnel (2015)

soldier with gun pointing downComments: The study states that "More than a third of young military personnel report experiencing some level of erectile dysfunction (ED)". This extraordinarily high rate of ED aligns with several other recent studies on young men. The study found a  relationship between "male genital self-image", "sexual anxiety" and ED. In other words, concerns about penis size and ability to perform were somewhat related to ED. Might both be markers for porn-induced ED? Common sense anyone?

90 days - A lot of past things (HOCD intrusive thoughts, obsessions in general) have gone away

lakeSo today is 90, hurray! I don't have super powers but I do feel a bit more authentic and a lot of past things (HOCD intrusive thoughts, obsessions in general) have gone away.

Age 23 - ED: I had an issue and now I don't have that problem anymore

happy guyI did a full reboot 90 days. I feel fine. It was a hard road getting here. The first weeks and months were the hardest. I did have a number of relapses and edging but I feel it's paying off in the end.

9 for 90 (9 rules that helped me reach 90 days)


There will be moments of absolute beauty, understanding, and peace throughout initial recovery. There will also be moments of intense depression, anxiety, fear, and abandon. The key for making it through these moments is to remind yourself that all things are temporary and these emotions will pass, no matter how intense.

Your Brain on Porn: How Internet porn affects the brain (May, 2015)

New, updated version of the original YBOP 6-part series.


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