New relationships, new sport, more concentration for studies

grapplingTo describe how the 90 days have been: Walking on a tight rope bears some resemblance. At least that’s the image that comes to mind. Slipping off is so much easier than staying on.

Age 30s - No more PIED, giving up both porn and masturbation got my brain back to normal fast

Happy guyJust completed my reboot of over 100 days. I feel I am completely recovered, and no longer have issues from PIED. One piece of advice is give up both porn and masturbation (hard mode).

Age 24 - Gay , more energy, harder erections, easier conversations

young guyI'm a 24 year old guy from Sweden who decided to try this out to see if it would have any effect on me. I used to MO from 1 to 3 times a week and I didn't feel that I was overdoing it.

Age 49 - Gay, now now I get a really good boner

happy guyI remember my Day 1. I was really hungry to read success stories as I was skeptical if the No-PMO plan was going to help cure my PIED. So I’m posting a summary of my 90 days here in Success Stories for any of you new guys out there.

Age 21 - Way more confident, assertive and I look people straight in the eyes. Erections are great.

"Be the Hero!" imageIt took me 6 months but I finally reached the 90 day mark so I'll stop lurking and start contributing. I was very skeptical at first so I know how that works. I hope this will help convince some other skeptical people.

Age 27 - Bad PIED: 2 years, still improving. It's like Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS)

couple smilingI believe I'm one of the bad cases. I'm 27. I started prone masturbating insanely early, probably around 6 or 7. My body wasn't producing semen yet but I was orgasming while soft.

Age 19 - More energy, Feel manlier, I am more attractive

young guyI wanted to tell you some interesting things that happened to me after I quit PMO for a few months. Although I quit P for good (YEAH!!), I still find a bit of trouble with M, but I found some amazing effects of stopping P and M (I only did it 4 times!).

Long way from being healed, but definitely improved

young guyPMO made me asexual. No morning wood, no spontaneous erections, no libido, no interest in real women for 6+ months. Mild depression (numbed emotions.)

Porn Addiction: The One Side Effect No One's Talking About

Whoever you are, I'm so glad that you're reading this article right now. We're about to address a delicate topic that’s in need of addressing. A side effect of porn addiction that's only recently beginning to be discussed: Porn-induced erectile dysfunction. LINK TO ARTICLE

Age 33 - Much better - emotionally, spiritually physically

Happy couple One year ago I didn't know that I had a problem... Let me tell you I had serious ones! I thought it was common and totally fine, to PMO every day. I was so wrong...

"Porn poison is ruining men but there is hope"

porn siteDespite all the porn, we may be moving towards a romantic renaissance. Recently I caught up with a wonderful friend whose company I adore because he is so damn honest. As usual, over a few drinks, we made each other laugh, talked politics and then moved on to deeper issues like how are you really?

Age 26 - ED and DE cured, edging slowed reboot

Fap or fap not: Do not EDGEI can't help but make this long, I tried but I can't. Because this has been such a major part of my life for so long, I have a lot to say on the matter.

Age 24 - A marked increase in confidence

confident guyNofap has been a Godsend. I was always conflicted: I instinctively knew (P)MO was wrong, but there is a general view that it is 'healthy', 'natural', 'good for you', and that everyone does it.


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