Age 28 - (ED) I get aroused from my GF smell and looks now

happy coupleOk Guys, I am Cured after 135 Days of NO PMO. I have started in December 2013 and I was able to have streaks of only 30 days because I have a GF. Relapse was always with a GF.

Age 28 - How I beat my porn addiction, and what I think will help you do the same.

fjordI am a 28 year old male who has been addicted to porn for several years now. It was my drug of choice after marijuana. Let me tell you this, quitting marijuana was far easier than quitting porn.

Age 23 - (ED) I'm confident, creative, calm, happy, and my penis is as hard and heavy as a diamond

tigerNever give up, if you want this, you can do this!  90 day report - short version:

60 days ago, I could NOT have imagined myself where I am now:

young guy60 days ago, I could NOT have imagined myself where I am now:

  1. I simply... do NOT look at porn (no direct looking and no "accidental" stumbles upon porn by looking up risky terms).

Age 20 - badass motherfucker, cold showers

happy guy90 days hardmode! Wow what can I say it has been a crazy life changing journey. Now age 20, porn robbed me of 6 years of my life, and until now I realize it never let me reach my true potential.

Age 18 - more ambitious, energized, confident, patient, happy & outgoing

tigerBad English, sorry. I started my no fap journey 1 year ago. During this time I saw a lot of changes in me, and I want to write them so I don't forget why I'm still doing it!

Age 35 - Overcoming porn addiction with the Zazen method

zazen meditationI struggled with porn addiction and its side effects for many, many years. Though it wasn't until recently that i was aware of how severe my addiction really was and how it really affected me. I won't go into details about my porn- and mastrubation addictions since you all probably know pretty much how it works. I suspect most of you have the same or similar problems.

Age 17 - (ED), I'm a new person

teen coupleToday's my big day; I reached 90 days for the first time. To all of you still working towards it; keep going, it'll be the best thing you've ever done!

Age 38 - Married, 130 days - ED Cured

rainbowsIt's been 130 days since I started, but I have not been following NoFap with nearly the same fervor I did during my initial 90 day reboot.

2 years - Porn & Prostitute Addiction, Relationship Problems, ED, and Flatline!

Vodka adFirst, I would like to thank this forum and the Yourbrainonporn website for giving me all the information needed for me to make this trans-formative journey in which I thought there would be no light at the end of the tunnel....I endured and I am emerging from the ashes like a Phoenix just all I have to do is continue to grow in the right direction.


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