Age 21 - Deeper voice, Way more energy, Love of music is back, Enjoy peoples company

happy guyThese are some of the ups and downs I have faced in taking on this Nofap challenge/lifestyle, hopefully there will be information here that you can take away that might help you in your journey.

Age 18 - Now I get full blown erections from just kissing!

playful coupleIt’s really strange to think that I’ve gone 90 days of NoFap. It has been one heck of ride and I’m here to share my story in the hopes that some of you guys will be encouraged to keep going because it really is worth the effort.

Age 21 - I trust my life values and believe in my goals

lake at dawnI think the best benefits of nofap have been the growth of self-discipline, self-confidence and enjoying the small joys of life. This journey has been a wakeup to life.

Age 22 - I've built many positive habits in the past few months

young coupleI started at a time when I was about four months into living with my girlfriend in a city we didn't know, with a job I wasn't sure I liked, and with almost no friends around me. I felt like I had really little control over what my life looked like.

"My teen porn addiction ruined my life" (Times, UK)

Dan and laptopFor years in his teens, Daniel Simmons says he suffered “numerous breakdowns” — panic attacks and a series of unexplained physical problems. But in October 2013, at the age of 21, the intelligent and likeable, if slightly withdrawn, British music student underwent a miraculous change for the better.

Age 16 - Have been living life with more passion, meaning, and purpose than ever before.

young guyI promised myself that I would make a post when I reached 90 days, so here I go.

Depression down, Boners up, I feel like a 13-yr old boy looking at women again

RedwoodIt has been the most productive two months I've had in a few years. I wouldn't say I'm more confident but, I'm just more in control. I handle my emotions and set backs a lot better.

Age 19 - I developed a genuine interest in people, No more brain fog

mountains and wildflowersTL;DR: I like people and myself, have no brain fog anymore. NoFap is an exercise in discipline, you can do it. Congratulations to you all.

Age 28 - NoFap helped me regain my sexuality

coupleFirst of all excuse me for my English, I am not a native speaker. Just wanted to share my story with all of you, as I know many of us are struggling.

Age 19 - HOCD is disappearing

question marksI first started watching porn at the start of puberty around 12-13 ( lost my virginity at 13 ). I started off with vanilla porn and even pictures of sex blowjobs etc.

‘Too much porn’ is the reason Kotoko lost CAF Champions League clash according to Ghanaian official

Kokoto team‘These players do not sleep. I tell you all the time, they don’t sleep. The fact that they are in bed does not mean they sleep. ‘They spend their nights making calls, browsing the web and watching porno!

Day 365 - Porn told me to milk myself like a cow at certain times of the day

bullI joined this subreddit a year ago after I had a rock bottom moment with this beast. The thing about rock bottom is you're more motivated to quit than you might have been before.

The children as young as ten who will do ANYTHING to feed their internet porn addiction (Daily Mail - UK)

  • young porn watcherChildren are able to access pornography with alarming ease through mobiles
  • NSPCC poll found one-in-ten 12 to 13-year-olds worried about porn addiction
  • Another survey revealed Pornhub was among top sites for boys aged 11 to 16
  • One boy used neighbour's wifi to access porn when parents took away iPad

Internet sex addiction and its negative consequences: a report. (2015)

Uh-Oh![From Indian case study] After watching ... videos, [17-year old] tried to simulate the acts for his sexual gratification. ... He revealed that he was secretly trying to get sexual satisfaction by inserting a perfume bottle through anal route, which accidently travelled up into his sigmoid colon and he could not retract it back.



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