Age 22 - Much more alive, much more happy and enjoying life much more

happy guyI have finally made it to the 90 days! :D (Well almost ;)) At the start I really never thought it would be achievable, it seemed so far away. Now I feel like I will not masturbate ever again or at least in a long time. It has been such an amazing journey, with many ups and downs, so I want to share it with you guys. Hopefully you get inspired to keep on continuing.

Dr. Don Hilton - Austin, 2014

23-minute talk given in Austin in January, 2014

Age 29 -I can´t believe how I feel today, compared to one year ago.

guy working outI can´t believe how I feel today ...I compare my feelings to may 2013 and 2012. I was a fat shy adult who had social anxiety and couldn´t stand eye contact to dogs or children ....a really dark time in my life.

Age 18 - 9 months - Great confidence, centered, better focus/attention and memory, I can talk to anyone really

happy guyI deleted my old account but i realized lately, this addiction will ALWAYS be there, always there to tempt and corrupt you so even after this long I've been having some hard days. My story: 18 years of PMO almost twice a day, low libido, low test= Poor memory, focus, attention, no muscles, blurry vision, no lucid dreams, waking up at 4, 5 am in the mornings + disturbed sleep all night. Socially awkward, no confidence, hot flashes, sweating if someone talks to me, can't hold eye contact and many, many more.

Age 40 - Married: My life is so much better physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually

couple sleepingThank you so much to everyone who helped me. My life is so much better physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually and i couldn't have done it without you all.

Age 22 - ED cured, Premature Ejaculation much better

happy guyI started masturbating to porn when I was 14, My first sexual experience was a disaster - I couldn't get it up. From then on my sexual life has been kind of like tossing a coin, sometimes I could get it up, sometimes I couldn't.

So much energy, Reduced ADHD meds, Improved grades, Overcome some of my depression

happy guyIt has been a crazy 90 days, to say the least. I've had my heart broken, made more friends than I've had in my life, and found a purpose for living. Basically, the human experience. I didn't know I was living in hell until I achieved self-awareness through ripping off the numbing shit.

Porn-induced ED and Sexual Performance Anxiety: A Common Pairing

performance anxietySome guys with porn-induced ED experience a full recovery in a matter of weeks or months abstaining from PMO. But for other guys, the story doesn’t end there. Because of the negative reference experiences from their time with PIED, some guys will experience a lot of anxiety about sex and “performing”.

Age 26 - ED nearly gone, I am a much more happy and confident person

water fallsIt just... feels like me! It's strange. This whole journey has produced a growth in me so steady and so gradual, that it actually requires great effort to precisely denote the changes. The changes have been occurring in several more areas than just sex-related.


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