Age 19 (ED): I have relapsed over 250 times since July, 2012, but finally hit 90 days

happy guyI had always wondered what had happened, why life didn't feel the same like when I was younger. Where had my emotions gone my feelings? Why hadn't I really felt any emotion towards a girl since middle school? I, like many others in the subreddit, thought that things just changed when you got older

13 Years Of Addiction, 3 Years Sober

sad guyMy name is Brian and I was addicted to porn from the age of 14 to 27.  That’s 13 years and a whole lot of porn watching. Because of my porn habit, at various times in my life I experienced terrible porn-induced ED and sexual anxiety.

Age 37 - The experience of someone two years porn free

heart in the landscapeI'm in my late thirties, and just over 3 years into my journey of a life without porn. Nine months in, I had a brief hiatus where I dabbled in porn again for a few months, then quit again.

Age 30's - (ED): At 82 days I kept an an erection during intercourse for the first time ever in my life

Happy couple82 days is a weird number to post about, but I hit a big milestone today. Quick background. I'm divorced and had married my first girlfriend (and first sexual partner). That lasted over a decade and I am ashamed to admit that PMO caused me to have almost no sex life.

Age 17 - from D's & F's to honor role, no more anxiety & depression

young guyI am super excited today because as you can see I MADE IT TO THE BIG DAY 90! I hope you read all I am about to write as I believe it can help and encourage a lot of people here and some of my experiences are different than the norm. So sit back, relax, and read my wall of text!

Age 23 - (ED): A guy and his girlfriend both describe reboot, 130 days

young coupleI have read tons and tons of success stories here and I was always bothered (no offense to those) because 90% were about people who had no (real) PIED and 'just' felt like their focus or mood or whatever improved after giving up porn.

Age 17 - enjoying my senior year of high school to the fullest

happy guyI first tried about 9 months ago. I too experienced relapses quite often. Most of the time, it seemed like I was on a fap streak rather than an NoFap streak.

Age 25 - NoFap is the antidepressant I needed

copule kissing9 months ago I was 25 years old university drop out, I worked a job that I hated and had a bi-polar depression. I didn't understand why I had no desire for women, no motivation to study, to work or for success.

Age 24 - Day 86: Seriously life-changing.

friendly guyI've been watching hardcore porn consistently since I was 18 years old, and [looking back] was truly addicted from 19-24 [now]. That's 5 years of my life, wasted on watching some people on a screen have sex with each other in all sorts of weird ways - that I now look at objectively and see to be a pretty weird fetish.

Age 20 - I wasn't confident, lacked social skills, really self conscious. All of that has changed.

flirtingWhile I'd never be able to lay out all of the knowledge and experiences I've acquired over the last 180 days, I'm going to give you my biggest breakthroughs.


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