Age 17 - A lot more confident, No more anxiety, Feel more attractive, Developed awareness

happy guyI'm leaving :) This community helped me alot , I tried to help it back everytime that I could . But I feel that my mission here is done. I'm on 114 days and I feel no more urges. I'm confident and happy every single moment of my life

Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction: What the Experts are Saying (The Porn Effect)

sad guyI've put this article together for two reasons: First, if you're a male trying to break free from porn, one really potent, self-interested argument for why you should stop is that you may develop porn induced erectile dysfunction.

Critique of "Perceived Addiction to Internet Pornography and Psychological Distress: Examining Relationships Concurrently and Over Time" (2015)

Fake NewsHere are a few of the headlines birthed from this new study by Joshua B. Grubbs, Nicholas Stauner, Julie J. Exline, Kenneth I. Pargament, and Matthew J. Lindberg (Grubbs et al.):

  • Watching Porn Is OK. Believing In Porn Addiction Is Not
  • Perceived Addiction To Porn Is More Harmful Than Porn Use Itself
  • Believing You Have Porn Addiction Is the Cause of Your Porn Problem, Study Finds

Age 21 - Less brain fog, More energy, More confidence/nerves of steel/less social anxiety

Call me when you grow upWe (our general age group) are all looking for a potential significant other who is an adult. Ask anybody what his or her ideal qualities in a girlfriend/boyfriend are, and nobody’s going to say “immature” or “childish.”

Age 28 - PIED, social anxiety gone, self esteem on the mend, no longer suicidal

young guyI hit the 6 months mark today. A clean streak, not a single urge or a single peek. I'm 28, been using since 16. I was a very bad case, I ended up isolating myself from everyone, completely numb, depressive, suicidal in 2012.

Who Pays for Porn Anymore? by Kevin Mckinley

No one pays for porn anymore. Right? Wrong! A lesson in free porn economics, user taste education, and the BIGGEST porn company you've never heard of.

90 Day Report - I'm a social beast, no more panic attacks

"YES"After blindly falling into the solace of porn for a majority of my life, I've now made it to 90 days without it, and here's is what I've found:

6 Habits That Will (Indirectly) Help You Quit Porn

guy meditatingKicking a bad habit is utterly satisfying and empowering, but it takes work, and often it’s the first few days that prove to be the greatest challenge.

'I Gave Up Porn Cold Turkey, and It Was the Best Thing I Ever Did '

guy with EDI couldn't get it up. It had nothing to do with my girlfriend at all. She was beautiful and sexy, but once it came time to get down to business, well, I wasn’t firing on all cylinders. And I was way too young for this shit.

Age 25 - The biggest problem I have with Nofap...

young guyis that I only learnt about it a couple of months ago. I seriously wish that I had known the damage that porn can cause on the hearts, the lives and the minds of young men (myself included) years before this moment.

"A user’s manual" (The Economist)

young man lured by computerThis article cites a lot of shaky research, but it's likely its author recognizes that youthful internet porn use is indeed having an effect on sexual and fetish tastes.

Hardcore, abundant and free: what is online pornography doing to sexual tastes—and youngsters’ minds?

Age 16 - 14 months: PIED, DE, and serious social anxiety all gone.

young guyI am almost 17 years old. When I was 9 I have discovered mastrubation while playing some internet browser sex games with my classmates. Since than I was fapping 1-2 times daily only to sensation or to some mild imagination till I was about 11 when I discovered a site with pictures of naked women.

Age 20 - "I don't PMO" has power!

young guyBefore nofap, I had no direction to life. Almost everything was just going through the motions and really just taking a passive front seat to my own existence.

Age 23 - No more anxiety, cheerful, confident, attractive to women

young guyHere are the effects, consequences and disadvantages when I fap 2-3 times a week, once a week, or even once every two weeks:


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