Age 16 - What I gained from this was unintentional. I learnt to not treat women as sexthings

New ZealandSo hi guys, this is a post signifying my 90th day of being fap free. Although I have stumbled onto porn unintentionally, but still it has near to no effect, I'll explain why later.

Cosmo - "Does Watching Porn Create Criminals?"

My remarks were included in the above article in the June 2014 UK Cosmo:

ED - 50 days: Successfully had sex a couple times with my girlfriend

happy coupleToday marks around my 50th day of no pmo I haven't actually been keeping track because I believe that I'm never going to pmo again. The benefits are too good. Successfully had sex a couple times this weekend with my girlfriend.

Age 28 - 98 days later: for the first time EVER, I ejaculated inside my partner.

high 5I signed up to the No Fap thread this morning after skirting around the website for the last few weeks. I was driven here this morning because last night, after 98 days of no pornography and no masturbation, I finally finished last night, inside my partner.

Age 20 - ED: For the first time in many years, I was hard (after a 2 month flatline)

woodI had the nice surprise to notice that my counter had finally reached 100% of achievement, here is my story: First of all, I must admit that one of my reasons for posting here is that I am proud of what I have accomplished and want to be recognized for what I've done. Yeah, that's selfish, I know...

Age 23 - No more anxiety, increased social interactions, enjoying life

desertPosting this first as a task and second as a tribute to motivate all who are struggling. Changes that I've noticed:

Age 42 - Married: Gave up porn; quit cross-dressing and dangerous masturbation

make-upI really started seeing the need to kick the PMO habit early in 2013. I'd started to get into some particularly dangerous areas of pornography, which included watching videos that included an element of hypnosis. My behavior started to get riskier. I started buying women's clothing and would dress and make myself up before PMO sessions.

Age 20 - ED cured in 10 months, but still improving.

happy guyYou may have read my post involving the craigslist story...I wrote in that post that I'm cured. Why do I say this after approximately 10 months? For the first time I'm getting spontaneous boners just thinking about sex, and I got a few blowjobs as well this month. After all these blowjobs, I did not go into any flatline, in fact, I was still horny. My sex-drive/libido has never been higher.

Announcing a German-speaking online resource about porn addiction

From the creators:

" is the largest German-speaking online resource about porn addiction on the internet. Since its creation it has grown rapidly In popularity, content and size, already attracting more visitors than any other German site about the issue ever before.

Age 42 - 55 days of NoFap, first orgasm during sex in 19 years.

happy guySeriously guys, this is such a milestone for me. I've gone to doctors, been on ED drugs, sought psychiatric help... Nothing helped.

YourBrainRebalanced Radio Show #2: Talk about all things relating to relapsing

Show #2 by the YBR crew: LINK - Gameover joins the cast to talk about all things relating to relapsing

"The goal of this show is to provide content where pornography addicts interact and communicate with each other, hopefully humanizing the condition a little bit more."

Internet filters are not for everyone

person falling off bike on slopeI was reading somewhere that some recovering porn addicts were finding it too difficult to use their computers and not look for porn, so they installed some software to block porn websites and filter out inappropriate search results. That got me thinking...maybe I should do that too.

Age 21 - 245 days: This is what quitting porn does...

young guyIt brings life back into your eyes and into your soul. You're better able to connect with people all around you. Men and women respond better to you. In fact people of all walks of life generally respond better to you. Porn darkens the intellect, it pre-occupies the mind and makes concentration on a task impossible.

Age 18 - more confidence & energy, better socially - especially with girls,

happy guyStarted porn at age 9, fapped daily ever since. Sometimes multiple times a day. Before this I was always a "shy" guy, but I wasn't awkward or insecure. I still had many friends and was "cool". I had a lot of female attention early on and even had girlfriends, but I don't count these because I was so young. When I was ~14 I basically turned into a socially awkward weird dude.


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