Age 31 - Improvements I've seen

I've been trying nofap since 2013. I'm 31. To all the guys who are on hard mode/ monk mode here are some benefits you can expect:

Focus on work.

Better short term memory.

Age 37 - I wasn't introduced to high-speed porn until my mid-twenties, but it's taken 6 months to resolve ED

Well I still have a little bit to go. But I finally have my erections back. This was the whole reason I started NoFap it was the first sign I had a problem. I had weak erections at about 70%. I can get them nearly 100% now. The only issue I am still dealing with is I have to use physical touch to get that last 10% of my erections but they seem to stay once I get them up.

Video - 90 days Nofap & No Porn by mack_attack

Nofap || 90 days of no Porn

By - mack_attack

Got the job, was complimented for my looks for the first time

Benefits From Hard Mode Only

  • Day 5-7: Depending on how often you engaged in PMO before your streak, brain fog usually disappears.
  • Everyday: Depending on how often you engaged in PMO before your streak, the mental perception of your body becomes much more positive each day.

I'm done with Porn for good

I started my first ever 90 day challenge 183 days ago with the goal to see are there really any benefits and what sort of impact it would have on my everyday life. I've got to say it was an interesting 90 days.

I got accepted into college

I finally got accepted into college. I got the grades I needed and couldn't be happier. The only thing that held me together during my exam period was NoFap. I was not as strong as now, keeping few day streaks going, but it got me calm and collective enough to toughen up and answer as much as I could.

"How long should I wait to date as I recover from porn-induced erectile dysfunction?"

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-Noah B.E. Church

Here & Now on NPR (radio): "How One Man Recovered From His Internet Pornography Addiction"

LINK TO SHOW. Alexander Rhodes stumbled on internet pornography accidentally at the age of 11. His initial curiosity soon became compulsion, and from there, addiction. Over the next decade, his addiction to internet porn affected every aspect of his life — from relationships, to academics, to health. In 2011, the year he describes as "hitting bottom," he found others online suffering from similar addictions. Rhodes eventually founded a support website, now visited by 1 million visitors a month, and he left his Google job to manage the site full time.

Rhodes talks with Here & Now's Robin Young about internet pornography addiction.

Age 24 - I had severe PIED: Though I was anxious, I was able to get 100% erect and have proper, amazing sex for the first time in my life

I had severe PIED. I masturbated to porn nearly every day of my life from the age of 14 until mid-February 2016. Between the ages of 21-24, I failed to achieve an erection hard enough to penetrate my four first attempts at sex, each with a different girl, either for sex or oral sex. Each time, I told my partner it was because I had been drinking heavy the night before, which was a complete lie to hide my shame.

Porn-induced ED presented at the American Urological Association Conference, May 6-10, 2016. Urologist Tarek Pacha (Video)

Published on May 18, 2016. Pornography induced erectile dysfunction (PIED): Understanding the scope, science, and treatment. Delivered by Dr. Tarek Pacha at the American Urologic Association in San Diego 2016. Link to conference bio of Tarek Pacha

Age 19 - Confident, social anxiety better, lost weight

I thought I should share my perilous journey with you guys. Though my post is going to be long and boring but I'm sure that might encourage nofap aspirants and those who have been already struggling. Since all these symptoms, withdraw and recovery vary from person to person. So this post is just a motivation and an experience. Don't take it as bible.

Hooked on porn, turned off sex (Independent - UK)

One troubling reason why millennials are less sexually active than their parents is the warped behaviour they learn from the internet. Now there's a group trying to ‘reboot’ their mindsets

“Volakov”, as he’s known on the forum – and he doesn’t want any other clues given out –  is an 18-year-old with a problem. He can’t get an erection with the girlfriend he loves. His issue isn’t physical. Neither is it a typical psychological problem such as performance anxiety. The reason Volakov is impotent, he believes, is internet porn.

Age 16 - I don't think it can get any better

So far sooooooooo good , i don't think it can get any better , though i hope it does... [At Day 72] I went to a BIG festival while on a streak:

  1. Went to a festival and made tons of new friends and guess what? It was too easy ..
  2. Had tons of females looking at me , like really too much. I loved that feeling.

Video - My First Full Year of No Porn/Nofap. By Brohoshaphat G

My First Full Year of No Porn/Nofap.

By - Brohoshaphat G

His YouTube Channel with many more videos on the subject



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