ED - 11 months to have sex. 16 months and I am still improving.

couple gazing at each otherBack in June 2012 I couldn't even get it up for porn. In this time I fall in love with my beautiful now-girlfriend. After noticing that I couldn't get it up for her I got depressions and also thought about suicide. Can't having sex with the girl I love was one of the hardest things i was confronted with in my life. Especially when she wants it so much.

Just 1 year off of porn has helped 'cure' me more than 10 years of therapy altogether

flirtingThis streak is there to stay :) Long text posts honestly bore me, so I'll try to keep it short, though I have a lot to say. TL:DR at the bottom.

My Thoughts On Rebooting [EXTREMELY LONG POST]


It's been a while since I made a thread like this.I've learned quite a few things in the last few months. So I'm going to share them with you guys.First of all, I want to give the majority of credit to Al. It was thanks to him (and his insistence) that I've been gradually shifting from an abstinence approach to a recovery approach.

Inside NoFap, The Reddit Community For People Who Want To Be 'Masters Of Their Domain'

Inside NoFapEvery day, a group of men and women around the world digitally congregate at a Reddit board called NoFap to specifically discuss not masturbating. Yes, just like the famous Seinfeld episode, "The Contest" – Jerry and the gang bet $100 to see who can remain "master of their domain" the longest. It's a community called NoFap, and it has its own theories, ideology, and mutual support.

Age 29 - ED, depression, anxiety, ADHD - all gone and I am off my meds

cocky young manIf there were any doubt left in my mind about nofap, it all went out of the window on Nov 26th Tuesday, at around 9:30 pm... Please bear with me, I am still in shock at what happened that day (in a good way).

Porn-induced ED - Ok Guys, This works! Seriously!

sunlight through the cloudsSo, some of you may remember me.  I was here quite a lot and I fretted and worried about my abilities, I gave advice to others, and I learned a lot from this board.  But I want to ensure those that are confused, worried, or unsure. THIS WORKS!  It is NOT easy and relapse WILL happen. But it works.

Age 22 - (ED): Just about cured in 8 weeks

young couple kissingHi there. 22 y/o male, started the reboot on october 1st (almost 1 month no O and 6 weeks no P).

Age 20 - ED gone in 2 months. Confidence through the roof. Doing great at life.

hugging coupleA little bit of background info first. 20 yr male uni student. Started fapping around the age of 13, could have been earlier though. Never had a problem getting girls, but did have PIED that inhibited me from having sex quite a lot. My badge says like 30 something days now but I've been doing it for about 2 months, I broke halfway through (blue balls made me do it).


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