Increased motivation, energy, cognitive skills, self-esteem, and I treat others better.

bicepsThere are tons of posts talking about all of those changes that have taken place, so I'm not going to repeat them, but just say that it's absolutely true.

Age 22 - 1 year - enjoying life more than ever, no longer get nervous when I am around people especially girls

beachWow it's hard to believe that its been a year since I last watched any pornography. Its been a rough 7 year journey but I finally made it. Let me tell you my story with this addiction.

Age 23 - 405 days: So much confidence, can socialize with ease, sensitivty & respect towards women

thmbs upTo my nofap brothers, man, it's been 405 days since the last day PMO’ed and yes I am going hardmode, What a journey! I came across nofap and I convinced one of my best friends that we should make a deal to see how long we can go without PMO.

Age 23 - In my 90 day report I didn't get these so called "super powers" but there's a huge difference during the latest 90 days.

happy guyI am a 23 year old male and I have just managed to avoid PMO for 6 months. This is my first ever attempt and the whole journey has been on hard mode.

Age 31 - Nofap works. I suggest reading why and how.

dawnNofap works. I suggest reading why and how. So 90 days ago was the last time I had PMO and that feels awesome. I'm in this for life so I intend to keep fighting. Here are some benefits and tips.

Thank You, NoFap!!! A Girlfriend's Perspective

happy yourng womanMy first Reddit post! I signed up to let you know how NoFap has helped - no, saved my relationship. It may not solve all your problems, but NoFap can really make a difference and change your life for the better!

Canadian teen boys’ online porn viewing habits ‘concerning’: study. (5/29/2014)

TORONTO — A survey of thousands of young Canadian students across the country found a “concerning pattern” of teenage boys seeking out pornography regularly, according to the non-profit organization MediaSmarts, while accounts of “sexting” were also commonplace.

My confidence is sky-rocketing, I feel more attractive, I feel hungrier for knowledge and self-improvement

young guy120 days is a third of a year... I am very happy about it. After 90 days I was not sure about what to do next, but I decided to go for 120 days. Having a goal is essential to be motivated to keep the journey going. My next goal is one year!

Is Porn Dangerous For Your Dick? (Short, funny interview on Irish radio)

Hosts Cormac and MooreThere are 2 types of people in the world: men who watch porn. And women.

On The Cracked i, myself and Daniella have talked about a lot of very addictive and dangerous drugs (you can listen back here), but it appears that a fairly modern addiction is destroying men’s ability to perform in the bedroom.

Not addicted - yet now more stable & confident, clearer thinking

young coupleI'm very new to this forum; I've heard a lot about it from my good friend FuGu, but I haven't browsed much. He's the reason I'm here on this forum, as well as the reason I'm a former porn user.

90 Days and Beyond: Healing from addiction and sexual abuse

This may be a long post, and some of what I'm going to say might sound contradictory to some of the messages we've gotten from this site, but know that the amount of good this site has created is astronomical, and hundreds of thousands of us from different walks of life have been helped back on our feet.

Age 50's - I am fearless & confident; S.O. loves the changes she's seen in me

happy guyMade the 60 day mark :). Had no internet porn till I was over 30. Porn had negative effects on real life relationships (not as exciting...). Very skeptical about noFAP. Discovered new revelations about myself, and noFAP's positive effects on my life.

YourBrainRebalanced Radio Show #1: Starting the reboot

The first radio show by the guys at YourBrainRebalanced. LINK - "Starting the reboot"

"The goal of this show is to provide content where pornography addicts interact and communicate with each other, hopefully humanizing the condition a little bit more."

Age 21 - ED cured. Need to deal with the addiction head on

coupleMy path to recovery from porn induced ED has been a long one. For the longest time I thought something was physically wrong with me -  i.e a venous leak - and never made the connection between porn and my inability to maintain an erection.

Age 26 - ED is now cured. My story

coupleStarted masturbating when i was in my early teens and just used my imagination and some pictures of women in bikinis.  i masturbated every single day at least once.  when i got into high school i started fooling around with girls and had no issue with getting erections for any type of sex and was still masturbating every single day.  moved onto college and still had no issue getting erections with women for sex and i also started watching porn online.


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