Age 23 - Learning to think for myself

meditationWhen I grew up, I had really overprotective, conservative parents where sex was not an acceptable topic of conversation. In my youth, the youth pastor at our conservative church hammered into us that sex = bad and if you masturbate you cannot help but be addicted.

Been fapping for 25 years. I was sure that my ED was permanent.

viagraBeen fapping for 25 years. I was sure that my ED was permanent. I had to use Viagra to have sex. That's been since Viagra has been available in Canada. Like most, thought masterbation was normal. I am proud to announce that my ED is on the mend.

Age 23 - Was alone, depressed, anxious and never had sex: Now all this is solved

young couple in bedWent to my end - 133 days of no PMO. Even in the toughest moments. Had first real intimate relationship and now in relationship with amazing women. Just do it. I was alone for 4 years, never had sex till 23. Now all this is solved.

Age 19 - Female, French: I'm fully rebooted sexually, no longer chronically depressed

French woman6 months ago, I decided I would try not to look at porn or masturbate (masturbation without porn being impossible to even be thought of) for three days. I did this spontaneously, after looking at this interview of the singer I was in love with at the time.

HuffPost - My Porn Detox: 10 Ways My Life Changed Without Porn (gay man)

Like most guys I know, straight and gay, I've seen my share of porn. So hear me when I say that I have very little opinion against porn, and what little judgment I do have I'm working on releasing (pun totally intended). I'm sure there are studies suggesting that pornography can improve your life, but let's be honest: When someone is looking to make a point, they'll make it.

Age 21 - ED cured: I'm 100x more attracted to girls and am more at peace with myself

Happy guySo today marks my 1 year anniversary since giving up porn. Wow... Looking back on the past year it feels like a century ago...1 year ago today I chose to embark on a journey that would turn my entire life around.

Age 20 - Porn induced ED, but not addicted to porn: 2 months to cure.

erotic mastery I just finished freshman year of college. I came in with a really hot girlfriend.  Sex was terrible and I ended up breaking up with her on her birthday lol because I thought it was her fault. My erections were rare, and 60% at best. I felt terrible about this, but sexual compatibility is very important and it was not right to continue a broken relationship.  I slept with a few other girls and realized that the problem was not external (with girls or their vaginas) but with me.

Perspectives From 18 Months of Freedom

turkey dinnerAccording to my counter I have now passed the 18 month mark since either masturbating or using pornography. As I write my emotions are a mixture of joy and solemnity. I am very happy to be free and don't ever want to go back. The solemn emotions are the result of realizing how much time was wasted on this habit.

Age 24 - Greater energy, focus, confidence, compassion, balls; Less anxiety, depression

happy guyThis is a pretty huge deal for me, possibly my greatest accomplishment. 3 whole months without pmo is an epic achievement considering where I started. It's taken me years of failures, pain, and persistence, but what do you know? It's starting to pay off.

40 days - This is the right way to live

Happy guyI discovered /r/nofap about a year ago and went in for 18 days. At the time I was still dating the love of my life. I had just moved across the globe to pursue a startup dream I had leaving a 6 figure job I had. I gave up at 18 days thinking it was pretty good. Fast forward the past year and we broke up,

5 Reasons Why Men Must Give Up Porn (The Good Men Project)

July 1, 2014 by

Former US Air Force Captain Bryan Reeves on why giving up porn is essential for modern men who want to have great sex and be in a world that doesn’t abuse women.

ED cured - I feel like a teenager. I'm much more active and having an amazing sex life

90 daysGoal was 90 days and I feel great about making it. I started seeing significant benefits a while ago and now I feel like a teenager. I'm much more active and having an amazing sex life - no more PIED and lasting a long time

Age 26 - ED: I am confident now, I am sure of myself - no longer controlled by addiction.

Making friendsAt 45 days I wrote a pretty successful report that people seemed to like. It emphasized how NoFap wasn't really about masturbating. It was about taking back control over your life.


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