Age 25 - NoFap is the antidepressant I needed

copule kissing9 months ago I was 25 years old university drop out, I worked a job that I hated and had a bi-polar depression. I didn't understand why I had no desire for women, no motivation to study, to work or for success.

Age 24 - Day 86: Seriously life-changing.

friendly guyI've been watching hardcore porn consistently since I was 18 years old, and [looking back] was truly addicted from 19-24 [now]. That's 5 years of my life, wasted on watching some people on a screen have sex with each other in all sorts of weird ways - that I now look at objectively and see to be a pretty weird fetish.

Age 20 - I wasn't confident, lacked social skills, really self conscious. All of that has changed.

flirtingWhile I'd never be able to lay out all of the knowledge and experiences I've acquired over the last 180 days, I'm going to give you my biggest breakthroughs.

Age 23 - Confidence way up, more caring & empathetic, women are more beautiful

young guyI visit this subreddit daily to keep me motivated. Now I want to share my NoFap-experiences with you, to contribute to this awesome community.

Age 29 - The Monster in The Closet

Hi to all NoFappers, this is not going to be the usual sharing of experience. There is enough information on what happens when you watch porn and how it feels when you try to cease that practice. In short my story with porn is about 13 years old (29 years of age at the moment) 2 years of which had been spent in fighting with it.

Age 21 - I feel positive and grounded and clean, relaxed, confident, creative, motivated and powerful

Young guyI am almost 22 years old now. From 18 until well into my 20th year I was very depressed, had very little energy, awful social anxiety, asked zero girls out and had zero motivation; I was lost.

106 days - High confidence & energy, Making eye contact with everybody, even animals

young guyMan, it used to seem as if I was never able to get NoFap off of my mind. When I finally got NoFap off of my mind, it kinda stayed off of my mind. I almost forgot about my account here. I haven't been on here since somewhere around day 70. But since I've been holding this same load since last December, I'll share with you my "change".

Age 25 - from porn-induced ED to great sex life in 90 days

flirting coupleI'm going to keep the first part of this success story limited to the basic vital info so you can quickly read it and relate without sifting through a bunch of other stuff. 

Age 28 - (ED) I get aroused from my GF smell and looks now

happy coupleOk Guys, I am Cured after 135 Days of NO PMO. I have started in December 2013 and I was able to have streaks of only 30 days because I have a GF. Relapse was always with a GF.


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