Age 37 - I like this new me, Intimacy with a woman is a 1000 times better than PMO

happy guy after workoutBenefits Observed: More Confidence, Improved Digestion, Fewer Headaches, Reduced Urges to Pee, Deeper Voice, Gains During Workout, Faster Recovery after Workout, Less Flaky Skin, Reduced Hairloss, ...

New relationships, new sport, more concentration for studies

grapplingTo describe how the 90 days have been: Walking on a tight rope bears some resemblance. At least that’s the image that comes to mind. Slipping off is so much easier than staying on.

Age 30s - No more PIED, giving up both porn and masturbation got my brain back to normal fast

Happy guyJust completed my reboot of over 100 days. I feel I am completely recovered, and no longer have issues from PIED. One piece of advice is give up both porn and masturbation (hard mode).

Age 24 - Gay , more energy, harder erections, easier conversations

young guyI'm a 24 year old guy from Sweden who decided to try this out to see if it would have any effect on me. I used to MO from 1 to 3 times a week and I didn't feel that I was overdoing it.

Age 49 - Gay, now now I get a really good boner

happy guyI remember my Day 1. I was really hungry to read success stories as I was skeptical if the No-PMO plan was going to help cure my PIED. So I’m posting a summary of my 90 days here in Success Stories for any of you new guys out there.

Age 21 - Way more confident, assertive and I look people straight in the eyes. Erections are great.

"Be the Hero!" imageIt took me 6 months but I finally reached the 90 day mark so I'll stop lurking and start contributing. I was very skeptical at first so I know how that works. I hope this will help convince some other skeptical people.

Age 27 - Bad PIED: 2 years, still improving. It's like Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS)

couple smilingI believe I'm one of the bad cases. I'm 27. I started prone masturbating insanely early, probably around 6 or 7. My body wasn't producing semen yet but I was orgasming while soft.

Age 19 - More energy, Feel manlier, I am more attractive

young guyI wanted to tell you some interesting things that happened to me after I quit PMO for a few months. Although I quit P for good (YEAH!!), I still find a bit of trouble with M, but I found some amazing effects of stopping P and M (I only did it 4 times!).

Long way from being healed, but definitely improved

young guyPMO made me asexual. No morning wood, no spontaneous erections, no libido, no interest in real women for 6+ months. Mild depression (numbed emotions.)

Porn Addiction: The One Side Effect No One's Talking About

Whoever you are, I'm so glad that you're reading this article right now. We're about to address a delicate topic that’s in need of addressing. A side effect of porn addiction that's only recently beginning to be discussed: Porn-induced erectile dysfunction. LINK TO ARTICLE

Age 33 - Much better - emotionally, spiritually physically

Happy couple One year ago I didn't know that I had a problem... Let me tell you I had serious ones! I thought it was common and totally fine, to PMO every day. I was so wrong...

"Porn poison is ruining men but there is hope"

porn siteDespite all the porn, we may be moving towards a romantic renaissance. Recently I caught up with a wonderful friend whose company I adore because he is so damn honest. As usual, over a few drinks, we made each other laugh, talked politics and then moved on to deeper issues like how are you really?

Age 26 - ED and DE cured, edging slowed reboot

Fap or fap not: Do not EDGEI can't help but make this long, I tried but I can't. Because this has been such a major part of my life for so long, I have a lot to say on the matter.


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