Age 22 - Porn-induced ED: After 4 month of no PMO the magic happened

I am here to tell you, like the others that told me back then when my journey begun, that is all true. The problem you are having (that is by far in my opinion one of the worst problems a guy in his 20s can have) is almost certainly cause by the effects of porn in your brain. I’m here to tell you that I had the same doubts myself, that I looked everywhere for answers and couldn't find them, until i stumbled up with a random ted talk about porn induced erectile dysfunction on april 4th 2016. That was the last day I watched pornography.

Study Links Sailors' Porn Use, Sexual Dysfunction

A case study of three active-duty service members who saw Navy doctors found their heavy use of pornography to be connected to erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems within their romantic relationships -- a finding the Navy is watching without comment, for now. The independent study, undertaken by four San Diego-based naval health professionals, seeks to explain "sharp increases" in sexual difficulties among men under 40 in recent years and correlation with the prevalence of internet porn available for streaming, a technology that dates to 2006.

Age 24 - PIED healed; I feel like a man.

I'm coming to the end of day 123. I feel great. I'm confident, and just happy to go further. Hope I never go back to porn.  I'll try to be brief but clear. I just turned 24 this past September. Started watching porn 9 years ago.

Age 40 - Porn-induced ED & escorts: From misery to happiness

I'm recovered. You can read what I went through with porn addiction and escort addiction in the link. Basically, I read some stuff on YBOP and tried to stop using immediately. I continued to use escorts. My errections came back. Then it was tough because I had all this positive energy and I knew I needed to find a girl.

Age 23 - Penis not broken - had sex with sildenafil, but staying off porn

I finally bit the bullet and decided to go and see the doctor about my erectile dysfunction. No matter how much stimulation I received from my wonderful girlfriend, I just could not maintain an erection adequate for sex. I had to make sure we avoided sexual intercourse because I just couldn't manage it at all. I felt ashamed and embarrassed.

Age 26 – More open, confident and calm, sleeping better

So 20 days hardmode this is what i feeling so far! Happier: i feel much more happy when i wake up and during the days i feel having more energy to do things. Social: I care more about people wanting them to be okay and happy and also paying more attention to what they say.

Porn addiction could ruin your sex life and here's why. Sexual function specialist Anand Patel MD, Sex therapist Janet Eccles, Neuroscientist Dr Nicola Ray (2016)

Erectile dysfunction is experienced by ​ 75% of British men aged 18 to 25 – the first generation to grow up with porn 'on tap'

By Joe Madden, 30 September 2016

"Basically, porn broke my dick so that it didn't work with real fannies."

Link to Full article

Age 17 - Even with short streaks I've seen increased confidence and changes

[Over the last year of NoFap, I've noticed] increased confidence, more fun, more living the "real" life instead of playing videogames. But honestly, I don't really feel the benefits since I just feel "normal" now while I used to be in a much worse mood  when I still fapped.

Age 17 - Everything just feels better. Self-confidence has reached phenomenal heights. Was a C+ student, now straight A. Way more energetic

I've finally made it to day 70 guys. This is an amazing accomplishment for me, and I can seriously feel the positive effects of NoFap.

  • I'm way more physically active and fit, I regularly work out and I feel great about it.
  • I look better. My acne has seriously cleared up to the point where you really have to look at me for a while to notice it.

Guy who stopped pleasuring himself for nearly two years has opened up about the bizarre consequences of going cold turkey (The STAR)

Man stopped masturbating for 700 days – and something very strange happened

Reddit user Brohit is part of the “NoFap” movement which sees guys experiment with sexual abstinence for long periods of time.

He managed to make it to 700 days without indulging in solo sex and shared his experience in a candid online thread titled: “Reflecting on a 700-day NoFap journey”.

Age 24 - I'm able to focus incredibly well. My social anxiety has completely disappeared. I feel confident, attractive, and in control. Completely in love.

I thought I'd share my own NoFap journey thus far, in the hopes that it'll inspire even just one person to persist in the struggle against pornography and masturbation. I joined the NoFap community in July of 2015 after having tried by myself to quit PMO for about five or six months. My longest streak during this time was four days. After joining and slowly getting longer and longer streaks, I suddenly found the courage to ask the girl out who I was fawning over since March of 2015.

Age 16 - Big turnaround: higher grades, better physique, loving girlfriend

I joined NoFap over a year ago (the summer of 2015), I was 15 years old. I had streaks on and off and it has really been an amazing and exciting time of my life. I realized i never truly posted my story so here we go: Before nofap I was living a very sad and unfulfilled life. I was ignorant to what porn and masturbation was doing to my life. I had started masturbating when I was 6 years old i believe (very young i know), and first discovered porn at age 9 and started watching regularly at age 12 or 13.

Gay - Age 31 - Until I found NoFap I did not realise how much my (P)MO behaviour was contributing to my anxiety and undermining my self esteem and self confidence

I have got through 90 days with no porn, no masturbation and no orgasm. If I try to think back to the version of me that signed up for this three months ago then it seems like an amazing achievement. To the version of me that is writing this, it doesn't seem so amazing. I am just experiencing another day as a better, happier, more confident and less anxious person.


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