Age 18 - Sharper memory, more sociable, calmer, vivid dreams, morning wood is back

For me, it's almost like Nofap is a way of sharpening your mental sword. In the beginning, it might be a dull blade, but soon it becomes sharp enough to cut the thickest of urges. Also, I find myself constantly "beating" other people to recalling certain details or information that happened a long time ago.

"Guys just a quick question? What are your reasons for quitting porn? Sorry if it sounds naive, i'm new to r/pornfree"

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Why abstaining from PMO is "good" for me:

  • I feel Sharp and Energised, able to do any chore, sport, activity without the feeling of "ugh, this takes so much effort".
  • Joy comes from a broad range of activities now that my brain is regulating dopamine properly.

Age 25 - ED at 20. Boners are back, along with mental clarity and fighting spirit

25 now...started at about 12~13...became an avid user when I was 17... came to know I had ED when i was 20...when that relationship ended my sex life was basically a threesome with my hand and my computer. Then came across TEDx on the effects of porn and PIED, and I was hoping my case was PIED and not incurable ED...

Confidence, sex drive and productivity are at an all time high at the moment. As a music producer, I am getting so much more done now.

After about a 9 month NoFap journey, I'm here. I'll keep this post fairly brief, and just state the most important things i have learned along the way. About 6 months ago i hit a 48 day or so streak, saw a YouTuber that I watched was also a porn star and relapsed. That sucked. But, it was a big wake up call that triggers really can be devastating.

New Study Links Compulsive Porn Abuse and Sexual Dysfunction, by Rob Weiss

Excerpt: Typical signs of porn-induced male sexual dysfunction include:

  • A man is able to achieve erections and orgasms with pornography, but he struggles with one or both when he’s with a real world partner.
  • A man is able to have sex and achieve orgasm with real world partners, but reaching orgasm takes a long time and his partners complain that he seems disengaged.
  • A man is able to maintain an erection with real world partners, but he can only achieve orgasm by replaying porn clips in his mind.
  • A man increasingly prefers pornography to real world sex, finding it more intense and more engaging.

Age 24 - PIED cured: I get aroused and turned on very easily just from the simplest things like kissing and touching

I was skeptical about ever going back on this site, as I wasn't a member very long and also didn't want to jinx myself, but I just remember when I was having PIED problems and I needed to hear/read success stories to bring my spirits back up. So I'm back hear to let you guys all know that my PIED is no joke damn near 100% gone and non-existent.

Age 38 - After thousands of porn-induced orgasms, I was starting to get desensitized - to everything sexual

I can remember the days as a teenager when my desires for girls consisted solely of kissing them, "cuddling" with them, and at most, having oral sex and penis-vagina sex. I would see attractive girls and simply want to "be" with them, and not want to degrade them in extreme sex acts. But then I fell down the deep, dark chasm of porn addiction. It has taken nearly two decades to painstakingly climb out.

Age 24 - Social anxiety & HOCD have gone down significantly. I've reconnected with things I love

Wow, kinda surprised i made it this far. Definitely one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. I think I still have a ways to go but I'll summarize what has been good, what has been bad, and what helped me along the way.

Age 34 - PIED & extreme porn: Last night for the first time in a long time my wife and I had great sex

So last night for the first time in a long time my wife and I had great sex.  I won't go in to details, but I am so thankful to the nofap community. Yes it does work. My problem was I couldn't even get an erection, not even with porn. That didn't stop me from fapping with a flaccid penis. I needed the high. So I gave up fapping and porn in January.

Age 58 - While feeding my addiction over the years, I experienced a vast array of porn & sex induced sexual dysfunctions

I want to thank Reboot Nation & YBOP for my 90 day milestone and victory over porn. Thank you for your wealth of experience, knowledge, and success along with your profound sharing and honesty.  Your experience along with the science based information was what I needed for success.

Rebooting my marriage in general, and our sex life: Sex is becoming something she looks forward to

Well, I’ve hit a 60 day milestone in being PMO-free. The first 30 days were very much focused on figuring out an effective path to discontinuing PMO, and the last 30 days I’ve been able to focus on rebooting my marriage - in general and our sex life.

Age 29 - 6 months: I feel a lot more confident now, more aggressive, flirty and talkative.

I went downtown yesterday to deliver some papers somewhere and I had a pretty good time. I feel a lot more confident now, more aggressive, flirty and talkative. I still have a long way ahead of me, still have to change  lot of things, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Age 22 - My ED was really bad: I've concluded that abstaining from PMO cures PIED

I finally did it! I did 3 months porn free, with a few relapses and hiccups on the way, but nonetheless, the progress exceeded my expectations. I've been PMOing for the past 11 years mostly daily. As a result, I suffered from PIED for the last 5-6 years without really knowing what was going on. I was also a HUGE edger! I had plenty encounters with attractive women where I wouldn't be able to get hard, and this led to sexual anxiety.

Age 29 - New Streak, New Found Perspective On Life

NoFap is SOOOO much more than about cutting out porn and keeping your hands off yourself, it's a tool to get you to get your life in order by forcing you to make changes to your life if you truly want to improve it. One of my biggest faults over the years was being stubborn and afraid of change, getting into a comfort zone and refusing to get out of it. NoFap has taught me that in order to be truly happy I have to push myself out of my comfort zone and accept that I may be approaching things the wrong way, and that it's okay to admit it so that I can grow from my mistakes and become a better person.

7 months - To say that it’s been life-changing would be an understatement

At this point, not masturbating anymore is my lifestyle--as normal for me as masturbation used to be. I'm far from being in flatline. In fact, I never even had one, nor have I had any wet dreams. I awaken with wood, and I still have all of my normal desires and libido. I just don't consider doing anything about them anymore. I loved and enjoyed masturbation for years, but I've learned to love and enjoy life without it.


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