Age 25 - 9 months: ED cured, HOCD mostly gone away.

Happy coupleThis is my first post, basically I'm a 25 year old male who has suffered from ED for a period of time until from reading online that it was defo due to watching way too much porn.

Seeking several Fapstronauts for national network television [CASTING NOTICE] has been contacted by a popular network television news outlet to help bring awareness to porn addiction and the effects of NoFap's challenges. To do so, they will need to film with someone who is addicted to, and is currently using porn, and planning on taking the 7 day challenge to abstain from pornography and masturbation. They are willing to not use your name and town on the air, but will need to be able to show your face and spend time with you leading up to the challenge, during, and after.

Successful sex (ED) - a wife's report

kissing coupleSo hub [husband] is going on 4 months no porn, no masturbation, .. We've had sex through out this quite a bit, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. But this past week it seems like things are different. We've really reconnected thru all this, and this past week have had sex successfully several times!!

Age 31 - (ED, PE) Incredible progress. On the road to full recovery.

I haven't been very active here recently, but given that I have made incredible progress over the last months, I thought it was time for an update. I hope this will encourage some of you to keep going.

Some Thoughts On Porn Actors

This may not be a good post to read if you are in the early stages of reboot and struggling. I don't intend to post anything remotely erotic, but I am going to be talking about porn actors, etc. I will mention a name or two, but only because there's no way to really express my thoughts completely without doing so. 

Age 38 - (ED), sexual excietment returning, but still depressed

New ZealandToday i finally reach my goal of 90 days without PMO. Here's my report, i hope it can be useful to someone.

90 days - No more ED, confidence pretty solid now

MountainsSooooo, here i am at 90 days. I'm not going to lie, I'm mainly writing this thread because i feel damn proud of myself, but also because when i was starting, the 90 day reports helped me.

Most Viewed UK TEDx Talk: "The Great Porn Experiment"

TEDx speakers' favourite TED talks of all time (The Sydney Morning Herald)

TEDx Sydney takes place on Saturday at the Sydney Opera House. We asked some of the speakers involved to nominate their favourite TED talks of all time.

The Impact of Porn on Men and Women in Societies (WEB.PsyD)

porn-that-bloody-addictionMost people have complicated and mixed feelings about pornography. I’m not interested in arguing about whether it is good or bad to watch videotaped depictions of human beings engaged in sexual acts. It’s fascinating from an evolutionary standpoint that mere images can excite any reaction at all, and also fascinating that more men than women seem to prefer this material.

Age 34 - Mid-way Update: 14 months of committing to No PMO

landscapesWhen I started on this NO PMO journey, I was naive. It seemed to have been promoted at the time that if you could manage to stay away from porn for 90 days not only would you be "cured" — you would also see massive side-effects of increased confidence, alpha male charisma and the hottest females crawling all over you.

After doing two 90+ day trials of NoFap, this has been one amazing journey.

balloonsTo think that it has taken me this long to finally make my first post here on NoFap. I gotta say, after doing two 90+ day trials of NoFap, this has been one amazing journey.

Age 19 (ED): I have relapsed over 250 times since July, 2012, but finally hit 90 days

happy guyI had always wondered what had happened, why life didn't feel the same like when I was younger. Where had my emotions gone my feelings? Why hadn't I really felt any emotion towards a girl since middle school? I, like many others in the subreddit, thought that things just changed when you got older

13 Years Of Addiction, 3 Years Sober

sad guyMy name is Brian and I was addicted to porn from the age of 14 to 27.  That’s 13 years and a whole lot of porn watching. Because of my porn habit, at various times in my life I experienced terrible porn-induced ED and sexual anxiety.

Age 37 - The experience of someone two years porn free

heart in the landscapeI'm in my late thirties, and just over 3 years into my journey of a life without porn. Nine months in, I had a brief hiatus where I dabbled in porn again for a few months, then quit again.


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