Age 23 - Porn-induced ED cured. It's so nice to speak, man to woman, and to build relationships

A quarter of a year, wow! It can be done. Never give up people! That said, I'm still feeling massive urges. I have to battle myself daily not to give in. My latest mind trick is "you've hit 90 days, you can do it! Just have one binge and then you'll be fine." This is lies and deceit. Do not listen. When you feel yourself wandering from the track, remind yourself why you were on it.

Video - Age 25. NoFap Success Story Day 261: Superpowers Are Real. by thestoryofjob

Good Morning brothers, I frequent /r/NoFap and wanted to share my success story video with you. NoFap has done wonders for me.

by thestoryofjob

Age 22 - Never felt so confident, Happier, Bounce back quickly from rejection, I'm standing up for myself

I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever go four full months without PMO. In high school and the first three years of college I did it once or twice a day. I never knew what I was truly missing! Here are some of the benefits:

Age 24 - I now handle anxiety attacks in a second without any problem, No more mood changes, More motivated & present, Less introverted

I am a 24 year old male. I've been mastrubating since I was 12 or 13. First I used my imagination, then came high speed internet and of course porn.

Now I don't know if I was ever a porn addict, I can't recall watching any really messed up shit, at least not for pleasure and excitement, but today I don't consider myself a porn addict.

Actually, during this last streak, today counting 39 days, I watched porn several times and it was once or twice I got aroused, and that was to that sensual porn, where they act like it's intimate and stuff, which is not that bad.

Porn-induced ED: Shocking, because I can't remember the last time I went 2 rounds in one day!

I found out about PIED late last summer in July due to not being able to perform and make love to my girlfriend. It sucked! I felt so horrible and humiliating making her think that she wasn't good enough. Until I did almost the same thing all us men did and went online searching what the problem was and then I read about PIED and came across Gabe's videos.

Age 18 - Female: I came for the first time without using porn or any visual/audible stimulus

I came for the first time without using porn or any visual/audible stimulus, just from my imagination and focusing really hard on my pleasure. For background information, I'm an 18 year old female. I've been watching porn since late middle school/early high school or so. While I wouldn't say I had/have a porn addiction, I desensitized myself to the point that I couldn't cum without the visual stimulus.

Age 21 - Meditation + Nofap = great results with social anxiety

I´ve always been the extreme shy, sad guy with social anxiety. Never talked to anyone, and was afraid of every possible social interaction, even calling the pizza guy. I failed several classes in college because I was too afraid to talk to people and couldn´t get into a class group.

Age 23 - Higher energy, Girls still drawn to me, Face to face social anxiety is mildly better but phone call anxiety is gone, Better at dealing with negative moods

Before I started this challenge I wondered if the benefits of NoFap would kind of peak around the like 20-30 days mark and if doing it any longer was really worth it or just a waste - but I can safely say that the benefits have kept increasing all the way up to the 60 day mark, and I expect them to continue to do so up until 90.

Top Ten tips from a 135+ day Fapstronaut

I'm over 135 days clean. I still use the forum a lot and noticed a lot of people continuing to fail like I once used to. Here are my top ten tips for making it through your first, consistent 90 days.

1. Don't continue to question your initial decision to heal

I'm calmer & happier, Less shy, fidgety & skittish, My standards of attraction are beginning to normalize, More productive

What improvements have I experienced?

  • More discipline in everything that I do. Greater productivity. I'm happier.
  • My standards of attraction are beginning to normalize. I no longer hold women to insanely high standards.
  • Similarly, I’m better able to differentiate between reality and porn-induced perceptions and fantasies, both in terms of my perceptions of women and my perceptions of a healthy relationship.

Age 19 - At this point you couldn't pay me £10,000 to go back to fapping - it's made that much of a difference in my life.

70 days in. It feels a lot longer than it sounds. Probably because of all these crazy changes that have happened in my life. I'm 19 and had been fapping every day since I was 10/11. 69 days ago I finally lost my virginity and realised that fapping might not actually be good for you.

Age 18 - 400 days: I have become a completely different person.

I'm here to share my experience as a near 18 year old who's at almost 400 days of NoFap. I just want to say that over the last year and a bit, I have become a completely different person. I am more outgoing, focused and seriously have become much happier overall. I don't know if that's attributed to NoFap, but I do know that it's happened during that period of time.

Age 46 - PIED cured by quitting porn

I am 46 and until 15 years ago did not own a computer or view porn with any regularity. I had healthy relationships and was married and accomplished. Then everything fell apart at the same time I was wasting countless, secret hours in erotic novelty searches.

Age 24 - Fried my dopamine receptors with weed + masturbation

24 Years old here, and i've been on my longest streak so far which is 30 Days. Before that I hit 16 and relapsed. I've been trying NoFap for maybe 4-5 Months now. Oddly enough I haven't watched porn in years just because I always felt my imagination was superior to it. Porn ended up just being boring, unrealistic for me.


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