Age 20 - no longer anxious around people, having the best time of my life.

lagoonI started PMO at about 12 years old (I'm 20 now). I started off with normal porn, then went to more extreme stuff, and gradually it got to the point where I was ashamed of the porn that I watched (and the constant PMO).

Medical Doctor: porn-induced ED & extreme fetish porn

doctor with maskLink to comment - Interesting Subject and Personal Experience I will say this...from personal experience: Porn is addicting; I found relief in finding and accumulating as much of it as I could - even though I would never return to anything I actually downloaded because I was looking for more, needed stuff that started to get on the fringes.

Age 41 - ED: 90 days and a big jump in testosterone

Guy age 40ishFinished my 90 days today! What they say is definitely true. Its the hardest thing you may ever do, but also maybe the best. The swings and urges can be insane, the flatlines I didn't mind. I experienced some significant depression issues at times, but that's not too much of a shock. The intensity was stunning though.

How I Stopped Masturbating to Internet Porn and How it Changed My Life

Thousands of youths and adults alike have a serious addiction that will get them laughed out of the room, but it’s no joke. You hear it all the time from several sources that masturbation is healthy and they’re right, but the word “moderation” doesn’t usually follow.

Age 15 - 6 months: Stop Proving Points, Achieve Your Goals!

young guy I'm happy to say I'm posting in the success stories forum about my rebalancing process. I am six months into the reboot as of December 8. After several relapses I'm confident to say it's finally over for me (even though I still struggle with some of the same symptoms which became embedded in my brain because I felt them for so long).

Age 26 - (ED) I finally feel whole, I finally feel satisfied by sex

couple kissingOne thing I often worried about after quitting PMO was my libido: when would it come back, where had it gone, have I damaged myself beyond repair? Before I quit PMO I had PIED pretty bad.

Age 36 - Married: addicted to porn for 20 years

Hope signI have been addicted to porn and masturbation since I was about 16 years old. I’m 36 now, so that’s 20 years in the books. Over the past 3 months I’ve abstained from fapping through the use of a variety of tools including this website, meditation, exercise, as well as prior the knowledge that I’ve gained through SAA and therapy sessions.

ED - I've gone from losing erections during sex to having an orgasm 4 times in one session

Advice boothDon't cave. That's the best advice I can give to anyone. To cave in and masturbate, even during a serious case of blue balls, means that a person is incapable of giving up a trivial pleasure for a life filled with benefit. Masturbation is great IN MODERATION, but the average person here is obviously a part of no fap because we lack that moderation.

Age 21 - ED healed, I continue to improve

young guyStarted trying nofap/pornfree in mid august. I had some occasional PIED with my girlfriend so I did some research and found YBOP and decided to go for a reboot. In my first month or so at trying, i relapsed a few times (no porn though). I was not on hardmode because of my girlfriend, but I was sensing a flatline and I, like many, felt like i would never be ok again and blah blah blah.

Age 19 - much more confident & motivated, no more feeling sad or drained

courageI've reached 90 days of not fapping, choking the chicken, stroking the get the idea. I figure I'll give a bit of a backstory about how I found NoFap and why I'm doing it, as well as the positives and negatives I've discovered of the 90 day journey.


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