Age 21 - 557 days Porn Free

VietnamI made this post to help motivate those who are trying to part take in NoFap. I also want to give people a few pointers for what to expect when you have cured yourself of pornography addiction.

180 days - Break the message to your friends: "Start living"

couple kissingThis is not hard-mode anymore; what I consider hardmode, is fapping five times a day until so much life-energy is sapped out of you that you feel no ambition, have no energy to do anything, feel depressed anxious and can look nobody in the eye or hold a normal conversation.

Age 22 - ED: 120 days, No longer fantasize in 3rd person

couple kissingSo this is my 90th day report. It might seem like a lifetime to all you new guys but I stopped counting days some time ago. I checked my badge the other day and it said '85' so I figured I had to write a 90 day report.

Age 17 - No more panic attacks, More energy & confidence, No more brain fog, Better sleep

teen soccerThis is my longest streak so far and I feel very good and happy about my self! I will in this post break it into catagories where I will decribe the stages that I have gone through.

200 days - relapse, supportive girlfriend, SUCCESS!

loving coupleWhen my soon-to-be wife and I started dating, I shared with her that I had a history with pornography and masturbation but it hadn't been a problem for a while (a couple years). She understood that it was something most guys struggled with at some time or another and she helped me feel better about being open with her.

Age 20 - I owe much of career success and personal development to nofap

alpha maleMy story is quite long to just unpack here so I'll give you the bullet points and answer specific questions from anyone interested.

90 days - Where I once sat up all night clicking through video after video looking, I’m now..

upgradeThe big day is here and boy has it been an adventure. All that’s left in front of me is the big question. Am I a changed man?

ED - Sex got better with time. Now, it's fantastic

happy coupleI started nofap like probably a lot of you to see if it would fix my ED. I knew it was just a mental thing I needed to get over. 

Age 22 - ED cured: I used to think I was an asexual, dysfunctional, waste of human.

dreamy coupleI want to make this "short" and simple. I just want to give some back story and let you all know what happened. I am currently age 22. I started like most of you, found porn when I was 12 or 13 and have been hooked ever since. I would PMO daily at least once since about age 15. Around the age of 18 I had sex with several girls and that's when I first started noticing ED.

Bulletproof Executive interviews Geoffrey Miller (author of "The Mating Mind")

The interviewer discusses NoFap and the need to research ideal ejaculation frequency with him. (Second half of show)


Age 26 - (ED) Besides the sexual benefit, No Fap has changed my life

Happy  MBA studentAround 3 months back, I made the decision to finally quit porn. It had been an integral part of my life from when I was 13 years old (I am 26 now). I realized that I have a problem when even after having sex with many beautiful women, I would still need to fap to get an orgasm after the act. I also used to be semi-hard with real women and super hard when fapping to porn.

Asexuality Development among Middle Aged and Older Men (2014)

ED rates (Red bar) in new studyCOMMENTS: Another study showing gawd-awful ED rates in men:

The prevalence of ED in men with 40–51 years was 58.6%

Researchers offered no good explanation, other than the observation that ED rates are climbing in young men. As with previous studies, the researchers did not ask about internet porn use.

Age 21 - Was skeptical.....Now completely convinced.

happy guyI had started this nofap thing a few months ago, saw minimal results, and relapsed back to the pronz two times. After failing to get it up again and again (and wasting $400 on an escort haha not my best moment that was the most embarrassing event of my life).

250 DAYS - I have now successfully ‘rewired my brain’: totally cured of the impulse to PMO

butterflyThis is my first post and I thought it would be fitting to write something today on day 250. I remember becoming curious as to whether fapping was something that was holding me back in life – it certainly seemed to drain me of my motivation to do things.


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