Age 21 - No longer have ED - I feel like a man again: Lot more confident, Don't stutter as much, Live in the moment, Appreciate the little things in life

Just wanted to share a little bit about my experience with NoFap after recently hitting the 90 day mark. I first discovered this subreddit a few years ago and have had a couple "streaks" of a week, two weeks, a month, hell I even make it 5 or 6 weeks at one point. But the problem was always the same: I was never committed.

Age 17 - The last 3 months have really opened my eyes on the matters of porn.

I (M17) joined NoFap 88 days ago, a few days before my 17th birthday. It wasn't because porn was ruining my life, or I spent long hours watching it. That was not the case. It wasn't even because I'm a Christian, while it was probably a factor, too. It was just to challenge myself. Because, you see, I have a massive ego.

Addicted to Porn: Compulsion, Shame, and Anxiety (The Fix)

There is no education on sex or porn in school so the porno films are serving as the educator. Then, guess what? Kids get into relationships and try to do what they see in porn, and it doesn’t work that way. Addicted to Porn: Chasing the Cardboard Butterfly is a new documentary by writer-director Justin Hunt and is narrated by Metallica’s James Hetfield.

My girlfriend came back once I fixed my shit

I really appreciate what this sub has done for me, but that was the old me. It has been almost a year now since I watched porn, I haven't fapped for that time either. I lost my girlfriend because of what I did and a year later we are rebuilding our relationship. I love her and we regularly have sex. PMO is such a freaking waste of your life.

Porn-induced ED cured. Relapsed & PIED returned. Cured it again

My PIED was on the milder side, but it has always been around. I could not perform when I lost my virginity at the age of 17. Later on I had occasional hiccups in that relationship, but with that girl the PIED went away naturally after that. NoFap wasn't a thing then, but I kept masturbation to a minimum.

Age 23 - Living proof that nofap can be the first step towards completely changing your life. 90 days ago I was suicidial, lonely, friendless.

I am living proof that nofap can be the first step towards completely changing your life. 90 days ago I was suicidial, lonely and friendless. No one had any respect for me and I was living a miserable life. I was always so tired even after getting 8-9 hours of sleep. Now I meditate every night before I go to bed at 11 and wake up at 6:15 and feel great.

Age 22 - PIED is a matter of the past: how rebooting saved my sexual life

I haven't posted from almost one year, but a totally fortuitous occurrence sent me back on memory lane and reminded me of my battle against porn, and how I beat the beast - and how awesome and positive this community was and is. I was taking a gender studies class and for my homework I had an essay on a subject of my choice. I chose the construction of masculine identity for recovering sex and porn addicts (hell, I had ample experience to back my research after countless nights spent contemplating how a failure of a man I was).

Age 19 - I could make a detailed list filled with benefits I got since I stopped PMO, but I think everything comes down to this word: love.

Today I hit the 90 days (hardmode) milestone for the first time. I think we all wonder every now and then about that life we wanna live. So I did. In my case, starting nofap was the first action, the first effort I did in order to get that life, in order to be more who I wanted to be.

Truly, it's just unbelievable how it changed my life. I used to be that awkward, creepy guy.

Truly, it's just unbelievable how it changed my life. I used to be that awkward, creepy guy. Nothing to talk about, terrible around women. I thought that's how life works. I would fap and fap and fap to some fucked up porn and then cry out of depression to the pictures of my crush and wonder what the hell is wrong with me.

Age 49 - ED healed: I turned my life around from being a depressed, impotent, porn wraith to being a human being with lust for life

My supportive friends in the over 40's section of the forum suggested I share my last reboot post on the success story page. It is with their support and care that I found the courage and determination to turn my life around from being a depressed, impotent, porn wraith to being a human being with lust for life...

Age 21 - 90 day report, super powers came back


  • My old mighty memory power seems to come again..
  • I was able to make connections between different abstract things, and my comprehension improved.
  • Good grades are coming back.

Age 19 - New me, new job, PIED gone

Have you come to this subreddit to change your life? Most of us have, and we all come from similar backgrounds. Stressed out, poor sleep, poor diet, acne, depression, PMO addiction, PIED, the list goes on! ALL of us have, at some point, faced your symptoms. And most of us want to help you! This is my story, and it offers the value of how it can help you in your life, on YOUR journey.

A Urologist Speaks Out About PIED

I never thought I would see the day when several of my younger patients (under 40) would present to my clinic with varying complaints of sexual dysfunction. As a practicing urologist in the United States, I am very familiar with erectile dysfunction (ED) in older men. This typical ED is associated with organic etiologies such as hypertension, vascular or neurologic disease, or some other external pathology. However, I am treating a shockingly high number of men under the age of 40 for erectile dysfunction with absence of any pathology.

Age 46 - PIED, brain is clearer, playing music, learning faster

Hey fam. I'm super excited today to be at day 63, which is one day longer than my last record, which I achieved about 2 years ago. Since then it's been a struggle (never made it past 30, usually not past 6 or 7) and I've learned a lot about myself- what triggers this addiction and how dangerous it is once you're on that slippery relapse slope. After struggling for the last 2 years or so, the catalyst for me was actually when I started dating someone last summer and then having sex with her.


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