Age 32 - I want the real thing in every aspect of my life

The last time I jerked off was on decembre, 30, 2015. On decembre, 31 I said to myself jokingly 'Why don't you quit masturbating for a year?'. The answer was also jokingly: 'Challenge accepted'. Since then I worked my way through 120 days plus of not ejaculating.

Age 21 - From virgin with complete PIED to consistent sex with GF

I can't believe I'm finally writing this, but I have overcome PIED after a little less than 2 years. It was probably the hardest thing I've ever dealt with in my entire life, and there were more than a few points along the way that I truly questioned if I'd ever have successful sex, or even a happy life. Don't confuse me with one of these preachy posters on here. During my reboot I fell into deep depression at certain times, even drinking and taking drugs to cope with it.

Age 36 - PIED 100% cured: So how did I fix my situation?

I'm so happy! I'm 100% cured! To recap, I'm a 36 year old healthy male who had a long history of years of jerking off. I never had anyone to tell me that jerking off was so bad for you and that over time it would make having sex with real women more difficult.

I am achieving my goals, Clear mind, Full of contentment, I laugh louder, I can sit with girls calmly

After 78 Days, I Experienced Many Benefits. It's not just about women; it also involves the improvement in other areas of life. In these Days

  1. I laughed a Louder.
  2. Sat with girls calmly.

Age 30 - Porn-induced ED cured. This really works guys. Stick to it.

Ok first of all this post is not meant to gloat or brag -well, maybe a little;D But mostly it is meant to inspire. Because, I know when I first started off, success stories inspired me a lot, and this post is meant to do just that. Background: 30 years male. Started masturbating at age of 15. From 15-18 I masturbated once a day every day. From 19 onwards averaged at least twice a day till I was 29 (to porn). There were times i even  did around 3 times a day. On the average in 7 days, I would say around 16 - 18 times.

Age 14 - NoFap has given me life again. Everything looks fucking amazing.

I see a lot of posts on NoFap about how it is a placebo, or how it is just good for extra time. While I agree other life changes plus NoFap is seriously amazing...they don't understand how much of a catalyst NoFap is for people like me. Porn left me a fucking shell of the person I used to be. I struggle with social anxiety. It got so bad that I developed a funny walk. THAT'S how uncomfortable I felt in my own body. I was fit but that didn't matter.

Age 20 - Took 11 months to beat porn-induced ED

I started this reboot when I was 19, about 11 or so months ago. Probably one of the worst cases of PIED out there, I hadn't been able to get an erection since early in high school. A little over a week ago, I lost my virginity to my incredible girlfriend and we've had sex three times since then, something I was genuinely afraid I would never be able to do. I'll post my story later, but here is my "HOW TO" post to anyone struggling.

How I beat porn addiction with the two-step method

I was addicted to porn but I beat it with a simple two-step method that I have designed. Hundreds of former porn users are adopting this method and it works every time. But before I explain I need to deal with porn addiction.

Facebook Harms Relationships

Facebook is a place to meet and keep in touch with friends. Only sometimes those friends are long lost lovers or people you've met casually and didn't think you'd bump into again. Facebook is designed so you never lose touch with anyone ever again. The result is that more people falling in love on the platform, having affairs and flirting when they shouldn't be.

I see women now, as people who are there to be loved n protected, and guided.

It's like... I have a sister and I love her, so somehow I see women young and beautiful ones like her but with sexual attraction. Kind of like someone who I care about and want to protect exactly same, just that one love is different love than other. Eros and Philos loves' in Greek. Basically I just see them as people with feelings, and the sex act is so much more important and potent.

Age 30s - 550 Days - No more PIED, Dick sensitivity returned, Social anxiety gone, Replaced anxiety with confidence

Committing to NoFap was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I am going to keep this is brief and succinct as possible. I have a lot to do, and I don’t have a few hours to write this out properly. But don’t let that undervalue the weight of what this program has done for my life. Because believe me, it has changed it.

The Negative Consequences Of Pornography - Wisconsin Public Radio interview

A former pornography addict is raising awareness about the negative consequences of porn. He shares his personal story and discusses the science behind porn addiction. He also explains why he recommends adolescents stay away from pornography.

LISTEN (20 mins)

Age 18 - PIED cured: Greater energy, will to live and chase my goals. Less wasted time.

I was 17 years old and I almost started crying when I realised that I couldn't get aroused to the point of orgasm without porn. I was determined to do this challenge, and here I am now. 6-7 months without porn nor masturbation. I can get my dick up with just touch, no fantasies.

Age 30 - Enjoying orgasm far more, Less hard work to archieve it during sex, Can go again quickly

Just want to talk about some of the benefits I've not seen discussed. I've been nofap on and off for a while but I've really gotten into since I've started seeing this very attractive girl who I really really like. I want to enjoy intimacy with her and have found nofap helps a ton. So here are some of the benefits...

Age 26 - I'm convinced that a heavy PMO habit literally makes you incapable of relationships

Why do I say this? Because ever since I started PMO-ing heavily, I haven't been able to have relationships. I could only interact with people that I had a relationship with prior to PMO. I did manage to get 2 girlfriends but both dumped me within 3 weeks because I was a good boyfriend but then randomly I would become like the ice-man. They couldn't trust me!


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