Age 35 - 1 year of sobriety: What I did.

2 years ago I said, 'I'm sick of this, I have to stop.' I searched around and found some tools, did a lot of reading, fell down and got up and fell down again many times. I mostly followed the Tony Litster method (more on that in a moment), and a big difference in his method for sobriety is that he doesn't insist you count the days of sobriety.

Age 27 - Getting respect, less depressed - this has been a lifechanger for me

My greatest superpower was to take back whats mine. I was taken advantage of by family, friends, coworkers and previous lovers. I started demanding respect not orally but just through my demeanor.

Age 22 - sweating reduced to zero, more energetic in the mornings, increased concentration at work

Without nofap community, we could've been sulking in depression without figuring out what's wrong with ourselves. I feel energetic and positive, and this is all because of nofap, and the positive people here. I finally started to taste what life was like before porn addiction.

Age 28 - PIED cured. I went from a shy person to a dominant sex partner

I write this on my birthday, which just so happened to be my 127 hoursday. This is probably going to be a long post. I write this for me as much as I write it for my fellow fapstronauts. I was hoping to make a 90 day post, but bugs and life got in the way, so here I am. I've gone 127 days without PMO or MO.

Unreal changes with NoFap - I've been doing this for 4 years making it to 60+ days multiple times

As a longtime Reddit lurker I'm going to keep this as short and sweet as possible, provide some insight and motivation we've all heard before. This isn't my first streak, I've been doing this for 4 years making it to 60+ days multiple times, and countless 20 day streaks. Prior to NoFAP I was:

Age 23 - I'm seeing a whole bunch of benefits; benefits mentally, physically, and spiritually

I'm seeing a whole bunch of benefits; benefits mentally, physically, and spiritually. Mental benefits: Better focus, more courage, more free time, increased social drive and much, much more self-confidence.

I think porn made me want to watch my partner have sex

For 100 days now I have not masturbated, I have however looked at porn on 4 different occasions and so cannot truthfully say I have been properly engaged in NoFap.

Age 21 - I was given my life power back

I'm 21, I suffered from porn addiction for about nine years, and the benefits I've had from quitting are just crazy. My life is different, can't probably mention everything. It's like I was given my life power back.

Age 40 - If you are young and wondering if you need NoFap, the answer is yes

I'm 40 years old, married, addicted to PMO since I was in my teens. My addiction had progressed to such insane levels that I was spending an inordinate amount of brain power in concealing it from family and friends. I did a 30 day report here and wanted to add a few things as I finished 60 days yesterday.

An interview with Jennifer Johnson on how pornography influences and harms sexual behavior

A new article co-authored by a Virginia Commonwealth University professor suggests that pornography has become a primary source of sexual education, and has a tangible influence on the sex lives of young adults. The researchers, including Jennifer Johnson, Ph.D., a professor in Department of Sociology of the College of Humanities and Sciences, surveyed 487 college men, ages 18 to 29, to compare their rate of pornography use with sexual preferences and concerns.

Age 31 - Sex with wife this morning, OMG - after 2 months without PMO

60 something days of hard mode. The main issue before starting was a serious drop in sensitivity. Sex with wife this morning, OMG... so yeah I don't have that problem anymore. I've had the sensitivity issue for the better part of three years. Honestly I think I've forgotten what it used to be like, but this feels pretty damn good.

Age 21 - Stay off the forums and concentrate on life

I've been trying to quit porn for years but i never lasted more than two weeks. This time i incredibly succeeded for the first time and not thanks to some magic pills or with a particular mindset, i just took it easy. Really guys, stop spending your time on forums talking about it.

Age 28 - PIED: Finally had successful sex after many years!

Last night I had successful sex! I met a girl yesterday and we hit it off and went out last night. Went back to her place. Stayed hard pretty much the whole time!! Ahhhhh so happy!!!

Age 48 - PIED just about cured. I hope my rant helps someone else!

I'm 48 been married 26 yrs. Divorced. So I jumped out on a dating site just to see what's up, and ended up meeting a beautiful 37 yr old. Chatted a couple of weeks and met. What happened sucked! The story-

So my marriage of 26 yrs was probably over about 15 yrs ago (meaning I didn't love her anymore, but stayed married for my kids), just different folks.


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