Age 43 - 18 months later: A new life is possible! It is like moving to another country.

My success story is rather quick . I'm 43, and I was totally addicted to PMO for about 27 years. The addiction has taken a lot of my lifetime from me. In January 2014, I became top-serious to get out. I said to me "either get out or die".

I have been trying and failing for two years: I have transformed myself profoundly.

The first and most important thing you should take from this post is this: I have probably failed more times than you have tried. I have been trying and failing for two years, and only now have I achieved a 90 day streak. I used to fap around 8-10 times per day, when I woke up, before and after work, and while going to bed. I was a serious addict, and I have overcome this and love myself for it.

Age 25 - My Story: A life forever changed

guy hikingLet me start with my pmo history. I started looking at porn at the age of ten then started masturbating at the age of 12. Continued this pattern until my clean break in March of this year. I'm 25 so that makes 15 years total of porn addiction.

Age 37 - ED cured: So much more feeling, sensitivity, passion, love, raw animal lust, just fantastic sex!

coupleWorking from home the last year and PMO was way too easy and way too frequent. As the title says, decided Hard Mode was the only option after a few pretty bad instances of not being able to keep hard enough to really have decent sex.

Age 47 - I grappled with ED for years. A wonder my wife stayed. Erections are now as strong as I can remember

banana in the pocketI grappled with ED for years. Years. I was rarely able to get a sufficient erection to have sex with my wife. It is a wonder she stayed with me. This absolutely works if you let it. Take it from me.

NFA Reboot Camp now open!

Need support getting some traction in your recovery? Click here to check it out! Here's what a Reboot Camp member has to say:

113 Days - I thought my cock was just numb.

fire spinningI've been an adventurous person most of my life; Theater, Logging, USMC, Backpacking, Fire spinning. I've loved that thrill, that rush, that exhilarating moment of being completely present. I was never good at focusing on it though...In the back of my mind was always sex.

3 Brutally Honest Reasons Why You're Still Addicted to Porn

failHave you been struggling with porn addiction for more than a year?

I want to tell you EXACTLY why you’re failing, so you can pick yourself up and overcome this.

I'm viewing the world in a whole new perspective

sunsetJust hit 90 days today and thought I would share an amazing experience I had last night. For the first time in my life, I sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful sunset yesterday evening.

Middle-aged virgins: Why so many Japanese stay chaste

art class in JapanTokyo (CNN)When I was a young, single woman in Japan in the 1980s, the economy was red hot and so was the dating scene. Cool girls weren't ashamed of losing their virginity before marriage.

Age 23 - Porn-induced ED: I Believe I am Cured Fellas

young guyBefore starting my no pmo journey I was addicted to porn and could not go 3 days without watching it. I use to masturbate to porn like crazy. I didn't know I had erectile dysfunction due to porn. I could not have sex with a condom on - hahaha forget about that.

Age 14 - The sad, anti-social person I used to be is no more. I'm the most confident I've ever been.

young guyGah, I can't relieve its been 100 days since I begun nofap. I've changed in lots of ways, and for the better. The sad, anti social person I used to be is no more. I'm more energetic. I actually feel my emotions and experience them, happy or sad.

YBR Radio Host Dan Simmons Interviewed by the BBC

Dan Simmons Listen to interview (from 5:05 to 9:05) Daniel Simmons is a 23-year-old recovering porn addict. He says he couldn't have sex or concentrate on everyday things and yet, he says, he couldn't stop.


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