After 3+ years of NoFap. Close to full recovery from ED & Delayed Ejaculation

coupole huggingI just wanted to share some positive news. Last weekend I had a really big breakthrough in my recovery and I wasn't really expecting it.

Age 24 - It's unreal: how could a shut-in, depressed, suicidal, mad at the world porn addict become a lean, healthy, attractive, positive man?

breakthroughThat's the best way to explain this feeling. As a male who was heavily addicted to pornography from the young age of 12 to 23. It seems like I missed out on so much.

I am over-confident, outgoing, fit, get girls - But I still experienced many benefits.

young guyI have finally reached 21 days after a lot of short 5-12 day streaks in-between. My highest streak being 47 days! Anyone who denies the benefits of Nofap must be in some serious self denial because these "superpowers" are real.

Age 21 - PIED: There is light at the end of the tunnel, but it's a god damn long tunnel.

young guyHad a great sex life for more than 3 years, no sex for 8 months, masturbating 1-2 times per day for that 8 months, then couldn't get it up with a hot girl. I'm perfectly fit, don't smoke don't drink, and got checked by number of urologists and they all say it's fuckin* depression, which it's not.

Age 32 - ED: Sex 3 times in 8 hours! Not bad for a guy who couldn't get it up at all 3 months ago.

loversGreatest achievement yet...Last night there was no slack at all, got hard... Put it in... Lasted awhile... It's great to get my confidence back, it's the first time in years that I wasn't worried AT ALL about losing my wood.

Age 22 - PIED seems cured. There is hope out there fellas

holding handsI have had porn induced ED for a long time, years probably. I had only had sex with one woman (long ass committed relationship for 4 years), until last weekend.

Age 36 - Social anxiety gone, there is no going back

crater lakeSince I discovered NoFap last year I can easily say that the impact it has had on my life is breathtaking.

Age 21 - ED: I was paranoid, suicidal, very sick - I'm able to have sex. I'm able to feel love.

tough journeyThis has been a very tough journey. Last year February, I was paranoid, suicidal, very sick.. everything was black and white because of my Internet and porn addiction. I couldn't get it up to have sex with any attractive woman.

Age 22 - More energy & Mental strength, Decreased anxiety, I feel like I can accomplish something

courageWhen i started my journey I hadn't set any goals or any plans for how long was i going to be on this journey, I knew that fapping was taking a lot of energy and self-respect away, and when I started I was already in a pretty low point in my life.

Age 27 - More optimistic and eager for life, Less worried about the future, I sleep better

rinse and repeatIt's the first time since the end of 2012 that I achieve 30 days fapfree in hard mode, so I thought it was worth to share with you my experience and give some advices to whoever might feel his/her symptoms fit with mine.

Age 28 - I feel more human, more whole.- a real sense of contentment and quiet confidence

appleI set myself a hundred day challenge because I'd had enough of feeling scared. I woke up every day and I was paralysed with dread. I'd lost control of my life. I didn't know where my impulses were going to lead me next.

Age 26 - PIED: Succesful sex. Still have sensitivty issues. Started 30 months ago.

feet in bedI've finally reached 90 days. I have to be clear that it wasn't a completely clean one as I peaked at erotic pictures few times and O'ed to naked picture twice during the 90 days.

Age 19 - PIED: Far less social anxiety, More confident, I see women as humans instead of objects

young guyI'm going to say a few things regarding my porn and video game addiction. I believe that every time we relapse it is because we decided our reason for quitting wasn't good enough. Every little decision shapes our minds literally.

Last night I had successful sex first time in 5 years.

My penis [was] rendered useless with excessive masturbation and deathgrip. I've had a problem with erection for the last 5 years and it had a big impact on my life, to the point where I would deliberately avoid situations that could lead to sex just so I wouldn't embarrass myself.

I think Tinder and Instagram are giving me ED just like Porn used to

iphoneHey guys, long time lurker of this nofap reddit. I literally joined today, just to post this, to see if others are experiencing something similar.


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