Age 22 - ED, My life is overall better & here's the science behind NoFap

Science signI don't speak English well so bear with me. First I dont give a shit about the people who think NoFap is a joke and complete bullshit. This is good for me because this means less competition. Nobody wants world full with dudes with high sex drives, motivation and all the benefits NoFap provides.

Married - I am happy

happy coupleI have had a bumpy ride but I want to point out right now fapstronaughts, more important than 90 days, more important than fucking super powers is having that drive you feel in your heart to just KEEP GOING no matter what!

Pornography: the malady of the 21st century - Romanian book

cover of "Pornografia"A site visitor alerted YBOP to a new book by Romanian author Virgil Gheorghe: Pornography: the malady of the 21st century. He included an English translation of its foreward (some of which appears below) by Professor/Doctor Restian Adrian who is a member of the Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences and also of the European Academy of Teachers in Family Medicine.

Age 25 - This has improved my sex life by more than I knew was even possible

happy guyONE HUNDRED AND THREE DAYS, MOTHERF*CKERRRRRS! - Hooooly shit I never would've thought this is possible! I broke a habit that I've been carrying around with me for pretty much my entire life!

Age 22 - 92 days, I asked her out!

Happy coupleI haven't posted since day 67, being busy with finals and spending a lot of time networking, working, and group projects/school related stuff with a very cute classmate of mine.

I haven't 'finished' naturally in 15 years, after 41 days of NoFap I did.

happy couple

I'm in my early 40's and have been PMO'ing for 20+ years. I suffer/suffered from DE (delayed ejaculation) and have not had an orgasm via Oral, Vaginal, or any other method except by my own hand in at least 15 years.

Age 27 - Severe ED cured after 2-year flatline - NEVER GIVE UP!

Happy guyMy story is for those who are experiencing a very long flatline and are losing hope. 27 year old male. 5'11. 180 pounds. Physically and psychologically healthy.

Age 31 - Married, Sex - Ohmygod it's so much better

copule kissingI can't express how proud of myself I am to have reached 90 days. I don't think I believed it was possible to go this long without PMO when I started this journey. This is several years in the making.


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