90 days - more focused in school, social awkwardness is gone

islandI reached day 90 today so I have decide to do a pros and cons of nofap so far.I hope this will give some insight into the real side of nofap for those thinking of starting or those currently undergoing nofap.

ED Cured - I just wanted to let you all know it's possible.

morning woodSo I just wanted to let you all know it's possible. I wake up with morning wood most days now.

90 days - I am undeniably bolder. I feel a vibrancy springing up from inside

trainI feel like a freight train on rails that lead to success. If this journey has taught me anything, it's that you have to take one day at time. I'm lining up days one after the other, becoming a little more the man I should be with each spin of the earth.

Age 35 - Married, 3 kids. My journal - 90 days, 90 posts

happy guyI made it. I have not looked at porn or masturbated for 90 days. This started somewhat suddenly for me. I didn't plan it all out, but it worked.

That fucking gross and weird shit I learned to get off to has become weird and gross again

young guySo where to begin this timeless, touching redemption story of a relationship between a man and his penis? Well a good start would be how yesterday someone commented on how much weight I had lost recently, and yet don't seemed drained. If anything I have more energy and seem to have a glow on my face. They asked me my secret, I said a proper diet and plenty of exercise, I left the part about quitting jerking off. Naturally.

Age 20 - ED cured. I've never been happier. Tourrettes better

young guyI'm a 20yr old from Argentina, who also happens to have Tourettes syndrome (only motor tics thankfully, I don't curse out loud or anything). I tried a bunch of different meds to no avail, till I found nofap.

"Pornography Addiction" by Rogue Health and Fitness

RHF logoPornography as we now know it, that is broadband internet pornography, is a product of the sexual revolution, so it is a relatively recent phenomenon. Its consumption is condemned by a wide swathe of the moral spectrum, from religious traditionalists to feminists, and in fact many writers in the so-called manosphere recommend against men viewing it. But is there any reason rooted in health and biology for refraining from viewing pornography?

More self-confidence & motivation, funnier, happier, better socializing skills

  • young guyMore self-confidence
  • Better socializing skills
  • I'm funnier now
  • Eye contact doesn't bother me
  • Somehow I got luckier with girls
  • Less anxiety when public speaking
  • Less fuck giving
  • More motivation
  • Generally happier
  • Not scared of the future anymore (I'm starting college next year).

Age 21 - I needed years to quit. Now reaching my goals

porn watcher cartoonI'm a student, 21 years old. First time I saw porn when I was 11 I think. I was in primary school and I had to share computer with my older brother. He had lots of this bullshit on computer and always when I wanted to use computer I had to close all porn he opened.

Age 30 - panic attacks, anxiety & depression: I am so much better

young guyI am a 30 year old guy based in Delhi, India (see how connected we are on this small planet !!!). Basically I am not a weak and a failure guy... I am well-established, well-earning, belong to a well-to-do family, academically sound and have made up my career after getting through a series of struggles... I was into PMOing since the age of 13... after 23rd year of age, I started experiencing sudden panic attacks of anxiety and depression.

Age 14 - I was an overweight, weird, dull, boring kid that plays video games & faps all day.

young guyAs of today I'm 92 days in on nofap and have decided that I will never masturbate again as I have show myself I can't handle it without spiraling down the dark road to PMO land.

Age 31 - My mojo came back. Social, personal and professional life back to normal.

happy guyAfter 18 years, I spent last 90 days without fap, porn and sex in my life. I couldn't have done it without all your help. Thank you!

51 days - The Ups and Downs of NoFap

 NZ mountainsIt's 51 days for me, and I'll be honest. Some days I don't even think about PMOing, and other days I'm really tempted but find myself saying 'No' much easier.


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