‘High desire’, or ‘merely’ an addiction? A response to Steele et al. by Donald L. Hilton, Jr., MD

SNP logoComments: the following is a response to this study published in July 2013 by SPAN Lab. The study was promoted by the head of SPAN, Nicole Prause, as a major challenge to the concepts of porn and sex addiction. YBOP analyzed her deeply flawed study at the time it was published (UCLA's SPAN Lab Touts Empty Porn Study As Ground-Breaking).

Are Prostitutes the Answer?

woman with money in high heel shoeI'm fortunate, in that I had a relatively normal sex life before Internet porn came along. Unfortunately, a lot of young men coming of age these days have never had that opportunity and their very first sexual experience is one of frustration and disappointment because of erectile dysfunction.

Age 31 - reclaiming my masculinity

determined guyIt's been a long time since I've been active in this community, but I thought I owed you all a debt of gratitude in the form of this post, because now, finally, after a year of trying and failing and failing and more failing, I have achieved what I thought was the impossible - 90 days of complete PMO abstinence - on my birthday no less!

ED cured. My emotions are way stronger. Girls are more beautiful

rock hard signJust wanted to share my experience with 90 days of no fap, hoping this might encourage some of you guys.

Behind the documentary: Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction (Global News Canada)

Producer, Hannah James talks about a new generation of young and healthy men who are experiencing what some call “Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunction”

Age 15 - I don't think I've ever enjoyed my life more.

way to goI've gotten into porn when I was in the 6th grade but it never really became a problem until I was 14. This is when I started to masturbate multiple times every day.

Porn Free: Recovering from a porn addiction (SBS2Australia)

Well done, 5-mnute video about a member of r/nofap. Be warned that it contains triggers.

I'm still myself but I'm free of the shackles we call social phobia.

social phobiaFirst of all I'm not your generic self-diagnosed social awkward penguin. I've been to a psychiatrist, diagnosed with moderate to severe social-anxiety and was put on medication. I know what you are going through. I know about the adrenaline rush you get when a stranger gets near you, the almost heart attack you feel when you try to talk during a class or a meeting (as if you ever do), the long alone walks you take not to deal with strangers, the unfounded shame when you look another person in the eye, the huge wall you put between strangers.

Age 22 - Mitchell Allan reveals the shocking reality of life as a porn addict (news.com.au)

A SELF-CONFESSED porn addict has lifted the lid on the reality of being hooked on a world of sex and fantasy.

Graphic design graduate Mitchell Allan was so addicted to porn and masturbation it took over his life.

Age 25 - 180 days: it keeps getting better.

sunsetI'm a few days late on my 180 day post as I've been away, but I'll try and keep this brief. To clarify, the first 90 days of NoFap that I did was on hard mode, and I've been on easy mode since then.


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