Age 20 - Porn induced ED, but not addicted to porn: 2 months to cure.

erotic mastery I just finished freshman year of college. I came in with a really hot girlfriend.  Sex was terrible and I ended up breaking up with her on her birthday lol because I thought it was her fault. My erections were rare, and 60% at best. I felt terrible about this, but sexual compatibility is very important and it was not right to continue a broken relationship.  I slept with a few other girls and realized that the problem was not external (with girls or their vaginas) but with me.

Perspectives From 18 Months of Freedom

turkey dinnerAccording to my counter I have now passed the 18 month mark since either masturbating or using pornography. As I write my emotions are a mixture of joy and solemnity. I am very happy to be free and don't ever want to go back. The solemn emotions are the result of realizing how much time was wasted on this habit.

Age 24 - Greater energy, focus, confidence, compassion, balls; Less anxiety, depression

happy guyThis is a pretty huge deal for me, possibly my greatest accomplishment. 3 whole months without pmo is an epic achievement considering where I started. It's taken me years of failures, pain, and persistence, but what do you know? It's starting to pay off.

40 days - This is the right way to live

Happy guyI discovered /r/nofap about a year ago and went in for 18 days. At the time I was still dating the love of my life. I had just moved across the globe to pursue a startup dream I had leaving a 6 figure job I had. I gave up at 18 days thinking it was pretty good. Fast forward the past year and we broke up,

5 Reasons Why Men Must Give Up Porn (The Good Men Project)

July 1, 2014 by

Former US Air Force Captain Bryan Reeves on why giving up porn is essential for modern men who want to have great sex and be in a world that doesn’t abuse women.

ED cured - I feel like a teenager. I'm much more active and having an amazing sex life

90 daysGoal was 90 days and I feel great about making it. I started seeing significant benefits a while ago and now I feel like a teenager. I'm much more active and having an amazing sex life - no more PIED and lasting a long time

Age 26 - ED: I am confident now, I am sure of myself. No longer controlled by addiction.

Making friendsAt 45 days I wrote a pretty successful report that people seemed to like. It emphasized how NoFap wasn't really about masturbating. It was about taking back control over your life.

Age 35 - extreme feishes, DE & ED, lack of intimacy

Happy guyHow crazy is that! 35 years old, had lots of sex over the years but never any intimacy and never a steady girlfriend due to:

  • no confidence to speak to the girls I wanted
  • unrealistic expectations
  • low self esteem
  • feelings of unworthiness

Also suffered from escalating sexual fantasies due to years of daily porn viewing. My journey was topless women -> straight sex -> hard stuff -> embarrassing fetishes. These fetishes have totally disappeared which is amazing.

Age 20 - More outgoing & motivated, rarely get mood swings, the world has regained its lost color & sound

Rocky mountainsI know I'm not the first to reach this achievement, but I am proud to say I did it on my first attempt. So it goes without saying the benefits have been substantial.

YourBrainRebalanced Radio Show #5: Rebooting with a partner w/ special guest Fugu's girlfriend!

LINK - Your Brain Rebalanced Episode #5: Rebooting with a partner w/ special guest Fugu's girlfriend!

"The goal of this show is to provide content where pornography addicts interact and communicate with each other, hopefully humanizing the condition a little bit more."

My life isn't perfect now but I don't feel like I'm grasping for something that I can't reach

connectionHey /r nofap just wanted to give some people starting out on their 90 day journey a bit about what I learnt while on mine.

Is It Possible For a Man to be Platonic Friends With a Woman He Finds Attractive?

Elephant in the room in male-female friendshipsShort answer: MAYBE! But there's a lot that goes into that conclusion starting with this blog post, which is the inspiration for my blog post. 

Age 33 - Success with a new women, years of porn addiction & ED

happy coupleI started masturbating at around 10 to clothed pictures of girls in magazine, also would watch scrambled playboy channel on the TV late night and would sometimes go 5 times in a night at the age of 11-12 on the weekends cause I was bored.


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