Age 32 - Married: ED is cured - I'm more human, happier, healthier, better cognitively, socially etc

smiling coupleI'm 32 married, been fapping since I was 13 then started porn at 21. I got married 2 years ago, I was a virgin. I had erectile dysfunction since I've been fapping for 17 YEARS of my life :S

90 days - Not addicted, yet experienced many benefits

First off, I started this challenge mostly just as a challenge. I PMO:d around once or twice a week, so it wasn't really an addiction. The reason I started was that I wanted to challenge myself and after reading some posts here, I wanted to see if I would experience some of the same benefits many described here in their posts.

850+days "Now I feel like a real man"

Pre masturbation I led a happy life: I was surrounded by good friends, I got good grades, excelled in sport and despite feeling awkward around girls still realised that they were interested in me. I did suffer from stints of depression but it never managed to have a serious impact on me.

Age 25 - removed numbed feelings, far more social, got a promotion

boat at sunriseOnce you make the decision to do something, there's no option but to do it! I NEVER thought I could do 90 DAYS without fapping! I would NEVER believe the benefits that come with getting rid of such a nasty habit.

Age 21 - this is my second and last reboot. Almost succesfully healed from ED again.

I am now currently in my second AND LAST! reboot. I am never watching porn again and i think i am never going to masturbate ever again. I always had severe PIED. My first sexual experience was at 16. From age 16 to age 21 i had non-succesful sex with different girls. I hated myself and was very depressed. I also developed disgusting fetishes to keep being aroused enough by porn.

Age 33 (ED): 8 months - continued to have sex with girlfriend and use Cialis during reboot

I am a 33-year old healthy male, athletic build.  My first exposure to porn started at the age of 14, around the time when the internet was still in its infant stages. Slowly over the years, I graduated from viewing pictures - videos - internet porn. I began having sex at age 28 ( mixed success)

Age 35 - marriage is much improved, mental fog is clearing, greater confidence

I completed 90 days today. First 60 days was in Hard mode. I am a 35 year old married man from India with 20 years of fapping and 10 years of fapping to Porn. My experiences and thoughts: Superpowers appeared in the very first week and promptly left me around day 15.

Age 26 - from sitting alone at home to satisfying and fulfilling sex life with girlfriend (ED)

smiling coupleSUCCESS! I just wanted to share this with everyone - I have actually felt cured for a few months now, but i only now have time to repeat my story ;) I wasn't a bad case, i didn't delve too deep into the porn pit, a few hardcore bits here and there, but nothing too extraordinary. I could get an erection with my brand new girlfriend that didn't last very long - almost embarrassing me on our first night together. Luckily i sealed the deal - i had no idea what was wrong with me.

Age 23 - ED cured: had escalated to femdom & transgender porn

young guyHere's my story in a nutshell. I'm a 23 year old male in good physical condition. I started PMOing with high speed internet at the age of 15. I quickly escalated from normal porn to bukkake porn, transgender porn, femdom porn, incest, etc... I didn't realize how much I was hurting myself. It wasn't until I lost my virginity at 20. I had a problems achieving and maintaining an erection through the whole interaction. It seriously hurt my self confidence and made me fearful of sex.

Age 23 - I’m forming genuinely meaningful relationships with women, I have emotions, I feel more intelligent

First of all, I have no badge. I didn't have a reddit account at all until just now, so excuse me for that. But anyway, I think this is my seventh week of the challange (give or take a bit), and I have to say it's worked wonders in my life.

Don't do this with your girlfriend: porn-style sex

Old time Nofapper here; thanks partly to NoFAP I've been from a completely forever-alone fellow into a nice 6-month relationship with a woman I plan to marry next year. Long story short; I was so into pxxrn that every time I watched a X movie I said to my self.."oh boy I wanna do that!"  and "I wanna twist her like that!" and "I'll also put my winnie in there!" and "I wanna move my waist as FAST as that Asian folk!" Dream came true, and eventually I had a gf.

Age 25 - ED cured: I was depressed, paranoid, suicidal, anxious, fat, had no self esteem and a weak voice.

ear nibbleI have made it. This is my first post, and I promised myself I would post a success story as a way of thanking this forum. It's been almost two years since I started being a fapstronaut, and it has been the best choice I've ever taken. Like many of you, I was depressed, paranoid, suicidal, anxious, fat, had no self esteem and a weak voice. Approaching women was a no-go. And hadn't had a girlfriend in seven years (!). Two days ago, I had sex multiple times with my new girlfriend, was hard all along, could get hard after just 10-15 minutes after the last orgasm.

Age 32 - I'm totally certain that masturbating to porn was keeping me depressed and unmotivated

coastlineI've gone 91 days now without masturbation or porn, so I'll try to write a little now about my experience. My counter is at 91, but I had sex on day 38, and I felt like I was "using" the girl I had sex with the same way I had used porn. I felt that it set me back. So now I plan to go to 128 days, which will mean 90 days of "hard mode." I definitely intend to go beyond that, but as far as the complete celibacy thing goes, I'm not sure.

90 days - greater confidence, rarely procrastinate, much better perspective and understanding of women, relationships, and sex.

WaveI can't say that it has been easy. I first started NoFap 90 days ago due partially to curiosity but mainly to stop watching porn. When I started NoFap I felt that I watched more pornography than I should have. I never had porn induced ED or got into anything fucked up. I just felt that porn was bad to watch and a waste of time.

Some thoughts at 90 days after 3+ years of recovery (ED)

Autumn colorsI've been working on my recovery for years now, since before /r/NoFap existed. This isn't the first time I've made it to 90 days. Unfortunately, it's not even the second or third. I have failed many, many times. The majority of my "streaks" during recovery have lasted a week, maybe two, before a humiliating and seemingly inevitable relapse.


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