Age 21 - Medical student: More confident than ever & super social, can now speak in front of hundreds, have defeated my worst enemy: laziness

I stumbled upon NoFap in 8 march 2015 and registered at once because I was already looking for a way to quit pmo after I realized that I had a real problem there, both morally and physically. Before PMO, I used to do anything I plan to do and achieved big stuff, I got the first place in my country in the 9th grade exam. I knew the taste of fulfillment back then. After that I was introduced to P and kept PMO'ing for many many years.

Age 20 - My No Fap Social Anxiety Experiment

I didn't always have anxiety - it was something that I developed later on in life. When it did develop though it became really bad. It crippled me severely and affected multiple areas of my life. I started to notice it in the middle of my highschool years.

Age 28 - No longer a virgin

tl;dr 28 year old male, grew up in India, moved to North America @ 24, lost my virginity last night. Pre No-Fap me was a generic techie/software-programming nerd, shitty social skills, put other people's priority over mine.

Age 22 - I don't hesitate when talking to new people, especially girls

My usual relapse is around day 20-30. I think this period is where your brain is really kicking and screaming its last resistance before it starts adapting to a porn-free life. I'm 22 and it's difficult to tell [which benefits are related to my 81 days of NoFap] because everything changed after I started to have sex regularly on day ~50.

Age 20s - Confidence is at an all time high, PIED cured

In my early-mid 20s, I knew something was wrong. I would have trouble in bed, and that would astound me. "How can someone so young have this kind of trouble?" I would think to myself. There were times when I intentionally avoid trying to bring home a girl, fearing for my performance. I suspected porn was the cause, but this was slightly before studies such as yourbrainonporn came out yet. Doctors didn't know because high stream porn is a recent health issue that hasn't affected previous generations of men who used playboy magazines.

Willpower! New job, confidence, composure, eating disorder better

Here’s my three months of spiritual and physical progress due to NoFap. In retrospect, looking at myself three months earlier, I was a misery. I suffered from bouts of depression. I would get easily irritated and angered. I did not go outside to socialise at all. I was overweight suffering from eating disorder problem.

History of Internet Porn Technology by New Thinking New Life

Interesting video describing "Porn then and now."

10x more creative when working on my album

I normally speak french, so I'll try my best to make this readable... So, 2 months and a half of NoFap: I completely stopped smoking weed and barely drink alcohol (i used to go quite hard with the liquor), I workout every day, I meditate every day, I take 5 minutes ice cold showers every morning (major game changer),

Brain fog almost always gone, confidence way up, talking to girls easier

Well it's been an interesting ride so far. Started edging big time in college to try and fix my premature ejaculation problems - ended up with severe brain fog, low desire to hang out with people, huge social anxiety around people I wasn't good friends with, a minor speech impediment, PIED,

Age 24 - I am not afraid anymore

As far as I can remember, I have always tried to impress people. That why I was good at school, why I was afraid of mistakes/ errors. Somewhere along the way, the curiosity bug stuck me and I became interested in science and decided to go to grad school. Then things went south. I became addicted to porn.

Age 22 - After 2 months, ZERO social anxiety. Also higher energy, No brain fog, Socialize with women without objectifying them

Currently I am on hardmode since first of January 2016. I once had sex with a girl after 5 weeks. I had ups and downs, two severe flatlines. The best benefit I realized so far is that I am really confident and calm in social interactions. In the past I got a bit nervous around hot girls sometimes. Now I can confidentially talk with ANY girl or guy, independent if I like them or not. It was a hard journey, but I can say this is pretty much the best benefit. Other benefits I experienced:

Age 34 - My porn use affected my sleep, confidence, thought process/intelligence, health, and job performance

Background - An Indian guy 34 years of age - had been watching porn since the age of 19/20. Before that I used to jerk off to magazines, even hot pics of celebrity women in newspapers, and my own dirty imagination (mostly weird/kinky sexual thoughts, because of my poor upbringing which is another story in itself reserved for another time I guess). So what defines the 95% of the times I have watched porn is one word - 'Edging'!

Age 18 - Increased confidence, high libido, and finally caring about my appearance

My 18th birthday was just a few days ago, so I guess I'm technically an "adult" now (I use that term very loosely). Guess what I wished for when blowing out my candles. That's right... an 18th year completely free of PMO! The other day, while in the shower of course, I had a striking realization I wanted to share with you guys:

Age 18 - Happier, more energetic and extroverted, less acne

I had a 70+ day streak around November last year, but it went downhill from there on and I've been fapping through a lot of December and January. Now I've reached 30 days again and it's time to evaluate the progress made here. Note, it's not the things that are being talked about here commonly, like "so much attention from the girls". Here comes...


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