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My stunning ability for pleasure - Thank you nofap

young guyAs it goes, apparently. I had been flirting with a girl from my class for a while. And as I found out recently, when I went on a date with her, she had been flirting back the whole time. Hard.

60 days - Better erections, easier interactions, ADD gone

Sooner or later lobbyists are going to come looking, which includes billion dollar industiries like pharma, TV etc, because you don't need as many things to make you happy, or drugs to make you feel better. They will lose a lot of customers, which means huge losses as this catches on.

Why porn and masturbation can be too much of a good thing (Dr. Elizabeth Waterman)

Late night porn userLike fat, salt and booze, masturbation is one of those touchy health-related topics for which the latest medical news always seem to contradict the advice of the past. Eat no fat! Or, just good fat – but not too much! But not too little, either! And hey, salt is a killer – but it can be deadly if you don't eat it! Such is the progress of science.

Porn Can Ruin Your Life - Hodge Twins

OK, it's not pheromones, but rather other neurochemicals, but these guys get the message across.

Age 18 - I don't objectify women anymore & I'm not sad and alone anymore.

fallsIt's my first decent report because I thought I would never be able to write one, as english isn't my first language. I'll do my best. (Finally it's bigger than I thought. Sorry for the long "Context" part, but I never wrote it down and it feels good to let it out.)

96 days - My life has changed: ED cured, not confused about sexuality

shipI used to watch really fucked up porn up to a point where I thought I wasn't straight and I preferred shemales instead. Believe it or not I haven't even thought about "them" until now. Also had severe ED. Now I get a boner from kissing. For me, nofap is  for life.

No more lethargy or depression, increased confidence, and my art has improved

I am at 109 days now I know. I actually kinda forgot about this sub, and I have been so focused on other things in life. But, this has changed me in some surprising ways and figure I should share the experience. Well it started off as a competition between my friends to see who could last the longest without fapping. He told me about this place too.

Teenage boys watching more porn (Sweden, 2013)

Porn consumption among teenage boys has increased, according to a new survey. Of nearly 500 16-year-old high school boys one in ten is looking at porn every day. Ten years ago, it was about once a week.

- It's the magnitude of porn consumption that has increased, not the number who watch porn, says midwife Magdalena Mattebo, who is behind the study as a graduate student at the Department of Women's and Children's Health at Uppsala University.

- When compared to research ten years ago, almost every guy who has at some point consumed pornography. High consumption ten years ago was defined by our research team defined as looking at it every week. Now the amount [of guys] who are watching it every day has become so numerous that you could use it as a separate group, says Magdalena Mattebo.

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