I now realise my previous relationships were bullshit driven by fantasy sexual desires

  • happy guyAlthough I can't attribute my happiness solely to nofap, I can say I would have never taken action if I was still an unmotivated wanker.

Age 18 - ED cured. I now see women as beautiful people instead of objectifying them.

happy coupleI originally started this journey for two reasons: one, because I have suffered from increasingly terrible PIED since I was 14 and never knew the cause until I got fed up after numerous embarrassing situations. I felt attracted to girls and had confidence and skill in talking to them, but simply had trouble when it actually came down to sex.

Age 27 - No more ED or delated ejaculation: 131 days

couple kissingShort Story: Success! sex 4 different times. No ED, No DE, I was fully sensitive and Aroused! 131 days - 10+ edging, 6 times MO, 1 time PMO. First 60 days easy, got off track a few times last 60 days. around the 120 mark had Successful (albeit) short sex. Had 3 more success sessions after that.

Age 23 - Porn-Induced ED gone, lost virginity, got girlfriend.

happy guy23 years old. Failed with five other women, and felt hopeless. After 17 days, I had sex, and was able to get hard on the second attempt. I also think a big part of it is that I've never felt as comfortable with a women like I do with my now girlfriend...

My skin is vibrant, my eyes are piercing and I am finally a true man. I have energy for life

happy guyI have healed considerably and my body has heavily regenerated from what was years of torture I put upon it. Porn, masturbation, drinking, drugs, and general lack of regard for health had placed me in what I thought was an unrecoverable and hopeless position.

Age 50 - Sexual Health Back On Track

happy coupleI am a fifty-year old lifetime porn user. My porn use started with the women's underwear section of the sear catalog when I was around 6 and spans the entire latter half of the 20th century. Books, magazine, online pics, erotic stories, and finally, internet video. My entire life I've had delayed ejaculation and could only cum with my hand and porn.

I actually take pleasure in doing things like sports and social activities

loversI intend to write this as perhaps a sobering assessment of what nofap has been to me. I never experienced any of the ‘superpowers’ that others did, and I didn’t really believe in them or expect them or want them. For me, nofap has been all about a return to normality.

Age 20 - Depression, OCD, ADHD going away. Stopped meds. Erections came back.

No pillsI want to share this with you guys. My name is Kyrollos and I am 20 years old. I have been a heavy user of pornography since I was 12. I used to masturbate at least once every day and some times up to 3 times a day.

Age 17 - Zero brain fog, Social anxiety gone, Libido comes roaring back

happy coupleDays are longer than you think. NoFap taught me this more than anything else. I used to be addicted to Porn. It is hard to admit but I was. For me it was a thrice daily habit that took up 2 and a half hours on average, every single day. Over a year, that is 913 hours spent fucking myself, literally and figuratively.

Age 26 - Reboot took 3 years: No more ED, anxiety, sweating or panicking.

It's Official!

I haven't seen or read more severe cases on here than mine. It's official.

  • No more anxiety.
  • No more ED.
  • No more sweating and panicking.

Robb Wolf Interviews Gary

Robb Wolf show logoRobb and Gary discuss the parallels between junk food and highspeed internet porn, and why both are challenging for today's consumers.

Listen here

What I No Longer Envy . . .

sauteed veggiesWith a good explanation of the mechanism of porn addiction I have been able to break free, and every day I feel a profound sense of newfound freedom because I no longer am a slave to compulsive sexual behaviors.

Age 23 - ED: As the days go by, my performance exceeds what it ever has been

happy coupleThis painful, humiliating, emasculating experience pulled me out of the darkness. If it wasn't for PIED, I might have spent my whole life fapping to pixels on a screen. I might have spent my whole life consuming this poison sold to men as entertainment. I might have spent my whole life hiding this little secret from the world. But now I'm done.

Age 22 - I finally found a way to get rid of my porn addiction, PIED & OCD.

throwing away smartphone I finally found a way to get rid of my porn addiction, PIED & OCD. I can say from myself that my porn addiction was the worst, it was not a nasty habit that I wanted to get rid of, it was my everyday companion, thinking 24/7 about porn and sex (but can´t actually have either because of PIED).


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