The Question Sex Addiction Critics Don’t Want You to Ask, by Stefanie Carnes PhD, LMFT

Original article. In recent months a small cadre of clinicians has leveled an ongoing criticism against the sex addiction treatment field, mostly arguing that all sex addiction treatment specialists are moralistic, ultra-conservative, narrow-minded therapists who unnecessarily pathologize their clients’ behaviors. Why these critics choose to attack sex addiction treatment clinicians in this way is not clear.

Age 20 - For the first time I'm motivated to live life and enjoy it

All right, I've been messing with No Fap for about a year now. Lately, I've been able to pull streaks of 20 days and currently, 6 together. Here's what I've noticed

Age 19 - Nearly 2 years of freedom

Since it is a very good time of the year to start new resolutions, I wanted to share with you how my journey has been:

Age 34 - 1 year: Became a risk-taker, Can talk to anyone, Feel I can do anything

When i first discovered [nofap] online [a year ago]... I could not understand its significance, but eventually, I decided to try it because I saw it as a challenge and something new to try.

Age 42 - 128 days no PMO: My anxiety "disorders" seem to be gone

Started fapping as teenager, then magazines, videos and finally internet. My PMO habit were never that bad, usually one short daily session and no weird stuff until the last couple of years.

Age 25 - Far better erections, Greater motivation, energy &confidence, I can look people in the eyes with ease

smiling coupleFirst off, im really REALLY glad I heard about NoFap. This is truly changing my life for the better so far.

Age 28 - Women are super beautiful, Music is Wonderful, I am more creative

happy guyI have traversed the universe. Gone to hell and back. I have loved and have been destroyed. I have learned the secrets of what my heart and mind have to offer.

Age 22 - A wonderful foundation for self-imporovement

hikingI was introduced to porn at the age of seven. I was living abroad in Europe, and my brother and I would watch porn on TV.

Age 29 - I actually accomplish goals and see tasks through


happy guyI have been addicted to PMO for over 10 years now. I'm on day 50 of my Fap Free life and things are going well.

This is awesome, I feel ALIVE.

guy with guitarI finally stopped watching porn for good. For what I know, it ruined my life for maybe 5-7 years. That combined with weed, which came around in 3-4 years ago.

Age 21 - Increased concentration, better eye contact, reduced brain fog

young guyNoFap isn't a cure for every single problem in your life. The most powerful benefit of NoFap is the ability to find out what's truly holding you back.

PORN MYTHS by Gabe Deem


'Generation X-Rated': Global News Canada (Porn-Induced ED)

"It's hard to know exactly how many young men are suffering from porn-induced ED. But it's clear that this is a new phenomenon, and it's not rare." (link)

- Dr. Abraham Morgentaler, Director of Men’s Health Boston and Clinical Professor of Urology at Harvard Medical School

Age 45 - PIED & outlandish fetish porn: I seemed to be cured.

happy guyI'm 45, currently in a committed relationship but addicted to PMO since grade school. Not so much hard core stuff, mostly magazines and some VHS videos that is until the birth of high speed internet.


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