Age 42 - ED is nearly gone, Sensitivity much restored

couple sleepingIt's been 90 days folks! Where I started: moderate ED, insensitive, near-daily PMO habit. 42 years old. I'm healthy and active, this shouldn't be happening to me. I've done some reading on here but less internet is better in general. Reading about others' struggles tends to remind me of my own - not necessarily always the right thing.

Will quitting porn improve your life? (Maclean's - Canada)

guy shredding porn magazinesA growing ‘NoFap’ movement of young men are saying no to porn, and the masturbation that goes with it

Earlier this year, Armando, a 23-year-old technician from Oklahoma (who didn’t want to give his last name), was browsing the online news and discussion board Reddit when he clicked a button called “random.”

Age 22 - (ED) A different perspective (Why your pillow might just be the cure)

guy happy about his bonerI haven't really been active on this forum, always just brushing through peoples posts to find something inspirational or something i could connect with in my situation. So i decided not to be so selfish and give back a little, because you never know how your story, no matter how inconsequential it may seem to you - might just help someone turn their life around.

Age 16 - I now take on everyday challenges & welcome simple pleasures

Galloping horseAge 16. Currently a junior in high school. Wow - is pretty much what sums up my journey partaking in no PMO. I FEEL ALIVE! Just yesterday this song came up on Pandora, it was" I'm coming home part2" by Skylar Grey, and strangely the song reflected to my recovery from PMO. It was like I was coming home from the darkness of PMO, I'm here again.

110 days - (ED), I was consistently sedated, and had a hard time getting attracted to women

couple smilingWhen I first started, I was a chronic fapper, usually at least 2-3 times a day, occasionally 4-6 if I had nothing to do. I would fap to the point of actually having no ejaculate upon orgasm. I was consistently sedated, and had a hard time getting attracted to women, finding it very difficult to get an erection when I was spending time with them, which brings me to my next point.

Age 24 - (ED), greater social confiidence & attraction to real women,

Winter sceneThis is my 90 days report. It's been a long journey and it is not the end, but before I go into that let me begin with a little bit of background for my story: I am 24 years old, been watching porn since I was 13. It rapidly became a daily activity, a habit, and translated into me not seeking a relationship with girls as a person of my age would naturally do.

Age 22 - 64 days report: "Turned upside down" is not enough to express what happened to my life!

young coupleThe reasons to start NoFap in the first place to be honest was getting a gf (never had one) and getting laid. Not because I wanted to change my whole life or anything. It started out with lots of edging and some pics. But of course I failed with this because and it didn't really change anything. So I read through countless posts about what happened to so many here in the time they stopped fapping. The idea of NoFap more and more became an idea of changing my life.

Age 23 - Porn-induced ED, escalated to gay & transexual porn

happy coupleI am a 23 years old man and I have been watching porn on a regular basis for around a half of my life. I come from Europe and as it turns out - Internet may bring both bad things and good things across continents :) My story is perfectly typical. When I first came across your website, I was shocked by the amount of parallels I found between what I've been doing and the porn addiction schema you're describing.

90 days - Started dating & having sexual encounters on a regular basis for the first time in my life

kissing couple

Gentlemen, I've done it! Day 90 and zero, I repeat, zero urge to watch porn. I've started dating and having sexual encounters with women on a regular basis for the first time in my life during these last three months. I'm pretty confident in saying that I've been rebooted.

I love it that I desire my wife, and she does too

coupleI finally made it! I started about a year ago being ruled by my desires, prefering MO more than my wife, and feeling horny most of the time. It was like an itch that never went away.

Age 28 - 9 months: From aggressive hatred to spiritual calmness

plant breaking through asphaltI am 28 and come from Europe. This is my first post ever and I want to share my experience with you. My post will be long since I want to share every bit of detail with you. This journey has made me consider life in so many new ways and it has, indeed, made some huge changes in my life. Only for the better.

Insight Into the Teenage Brain: Adriana Galván at TEDxYouth@Caltech

Researcher Adriana Galván describes her research that shows adolescents possess an over-active reward system.

Age 18 - A 6-month metamorphisis

flirtingABOUT ME I am 18 year old guy from Poland. I have been PMO addicted since around a decade (yep that's right, I started when my neighbour shown me hardcore porn magazine lol). Although I never liked to go out, I have never been socially awkward. Usually it was quite easy to get into group of people and find things in common to talk about.

Went from a boy with a PMO/gaming addiction doing nothing with my life to a man with desire, responsibilities, relationships and happiness.

ADHD bannerBefore I start, I wanna say that it would be basically impossible to describe to all of your the tremendous amount of change that has happened in this last year as a result of NoFap.

How Porn May Be Changing Your Brain

TruthDigRecent headlines have (falsely) predicted that porn shoots may be shut down in light of HIV scandals. What’s not being mentioned is the addiction that is becoming more widespread within our society. With easy access to unlimited Internet pornography, watching it can turn into a very destructive addiction, especially for young people.


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