For years I've had social anxiety, suffered from depression, no motivation

color paletteWow, it has been this long already? Ninety days ago I started a journey, and at first I didn't even realise it. I usually PMO'd 2-3 times a day. However, then I went away for 2 days, with other people always present. Couldn't do it for 2 days. I managed, because I kept imagining coming back home, and doing my stuff. Instead, due to some random link on reddit, I ended up on this subreddit and recognised myself quickly.

Age 22 - honestly thought I would never have proper sex. I was wrong. Nofap changes lives.

young coupleYou know in Anchorman, when Ron shouts "Veronica Corningstone and I had sex and now we are in loooooove"? This is that. I never understood the desire to tell the whole world before.

I don't have strange unwanted fetishes anymore!

waterfallTrigger warning. During my fapping on porn life I developed a lot of fetishes. Some I thought were normal but a couple of them were really disturbing......

Age 26 - ED cured, HOCD much better, starting go out and meet girls again

flirtingJust would like to share my story. I started masturbating to porn at the age of 12, and would have periods of doing this up to 4 times daily. Problems with ED and HOCD started a couple of months ago.

Age 23 - (ED): Succesful sex!

bird and rainbowSo I have been going strong for 140 days now, with one relapse in which I masturbated without porn about 40 days ago. Over these past few months, I have attempted to have sex and failed multiple times with multiple different women.

Everything that was missing in my life 103 days ago, is finally coming full circle.

happy couple in bedWhen I woke up on New Years Day, I was lying next to my dream girl after an amazing night of partying with good friends and a crazy night in bed with her. She's incredibly hot, nice, understanding, unassuming and she's graduating in the spring from an Ivy League school.

Age 34 - 8 years of ED (graphs showing progress over several months)

flirty coupleThis is my first time posting but I have found this site to be a huge resource for this addiciton.  I started experiencing ED at age 26, while in college and am now 34. That's 8 years of my life, at my sexual prime, that porn stole from me.

Internet Porn Addiction: Exposing Misconceptions, by Gabe Deem

How could I possibly have erectile dysfunction? I was only 23 and physically healthy. I went searching and found long threads of guys saying they thought porn had caused their ED. Unbelievable, but turns out it potentially had for me, too. It took me nine months to recover normal sexual function.

Age 23 - (ED) Success after 23 days - not really addicted to porn

couple huggingSome cliffs:
- age 23,  been masturbating for 10 years,  ~7-8 years of PMO, for the last years pretty much every day before going to bed (no hour-long sessions)

Age 17 - The Journey from Teenage Boy to Young Man

17-yr oldI began /r/Nofap around about six months ago. I was in a dire strait: my marks were going downhill; I was in my final year of school; I'd lost none of my weight; I was a complete fucking mess. I had lost the confidence to talk to three girls that had my eye, and I messed up. I had no fucking idea what I was doing with my time, and I constantly contemplated suicide, and self-harm, to make it feel better.

Age 23 - (90 days) I used to be very socially anxious, but things have changed

lights in the night skyI am 23 year old fapstronaunt from Finland. I found this place about a year ago and was totally blown away by the fact that there were others trying to tackle the same problem I had been trying to tackle for years. Here is a short report I made after finally completing the 90 days challenge.

Age 29 - 60 days: ED seems cured, sex was awesome (I'm married)

playful coupleHi All, I wanted to spend a few minutes reporting in some progress on my first 60 days.

Age 34 - 2 years to 90 days - ED cured, many other positive changes

sexy stareThis is my 90th day, I was thinking about not writing anything, but I need this for closure and because so many of your 90-day reports are what kept me away from P most nights.

Age 33 - (ED) porn addict for 17 years: 88-day report

baloons over FranceI've been reading a lot of 'summary' style posts on here recently and thought I would share mine. This is in my journal but for those who don't follow my progress I thought I would share it here.


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