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Inside NoFapEvery day, a group of men and women around the world digitally congregate at a Reddit board called NoFap to specifically discuss not masturbating. Yes, just like the famous Seinfeld episode, "The Contest" – Jerry and the gang bet $100 to see who can remain "master of their domain" the longest. It's a community called NoFap, and it has its own theories, ideology, and mutual support.

Age 29 - ED, depression, anxiety, ADHD - all gone and I am off my meds

cocky young manIf there were any doubt left in my mind about nofap, it all went out of the window on Nov 26th Tuesday, at around 9:30 pm... Please bear with me, I am still in shock at what happened that day (in a good way).

Porn-induced ED - Ok Guys, This works! Seriously!

sunlight through the cloudsSo, some of you may remember me.  I was here quite a lot and I fretted and worried about my abilities, I gave advice to others, and I learned a lot from this board.  But I want to ensure those that are confused, worried, or unsure. THIS WORKS!  It is NOT easy and relapse WILL happen. But it works.

Age 22 - (ED): Just about cured in 8 weeks

young couple kissingHi there. 22 y/o male, started the reboot on october 1st (almost 1 month no O and 6 weeks no P).

Age 20 - ED gone in 2 months. Confidence through the roof. Doing great at life.

hugging coupleA little bit of background info first. 20 yr male uni student. Started fapping around the age of 13, could have been earlier though. Never had a problem getting girls, but did have PIED that inhibited me from having sex quite a lot. My badge says like 30 something days now but I've been doing it for about 2 months, I broke halfway through (blue balls made me do it).

Age 23 - (ED): I reclaimed the ability to have and enjoy sex

I missed my 90-day Victory post, so here's a 100-day one! I won't drag this out. This was my position when I started this journey: a PMO-addicted wreck. This is what's happened since then:

90 days - The reboot is completely worth it.

winter in the mountainsI'm a long time lurker and have just completed 90 days of no fap thanks to this terrific subreddit and wanted to share some things with you guys.

Age 27 - ED cured after 8 months

smiling coupleI'm 27 years old and I spent upwards of a decade addicted to porn, and suffered from severe ED for six of those years.  This time last year, I was wondering if I'd ever be able to have a healthy relationship with a woman.  With the ED being such a recurring problem, I just didn't see how it could happen.  This caused me to fall into depression, which only made matters worse. 

Age 19 - Finally reached 90 days after 2 years of trying. Life change is unbelievable!

Young NederlanderAfter failing over and over again for as long as two years, I finally reached the 90 day milestone! My life has changed so much that I decided to reflect back on my teenage years to share how I was before porn, during and after. It will be a long read, but in my opinion my story should give hope.

Life has a color, a certain mystery to it that you just can't perceive when you're caught in any addiction

I've been on the nofap journey for over a year now and this is my first time EVER reaching 90 days. I could go on and on about the differences like most 90 day reports but in truth I wouldn't know exactly what to say. Some of the differences are subtle. A not so subtle difference is "color".

Brain fog disappeared, far more social, more comfortable around girls

young guyThrough trial and error I can now proudly say that I am one of those that have completed three months. Three months that has been a rollercoaster ride for first two months and the last month has been a blast. Porn has also no longer been a part of me in 6 months and before that I have also excluded that from my life in almost a year but came back to PMO before I found this subreddit.

90 Day Report - It's Not What You Think It Is

hands holding a planetFirst of all, wow. I began the NoFap journey over a year ago, and I only just completed 90 days yesterday. It's been a long and sometimes difficult process, but it's also been an amazing and transformational time in my life. Over the 90 day streak that I just completed, I got my first girlfriend, and spent the night with a girl after taking her on just one date. The transformation in me has been nothing short of profound.

The schoolyard addiction of extreme porn, The Times, London

It is easy to shrug, but the effect of what children are watching online is becoming impossible to ignore

With typical good sense, Emma Thompson has said that she wrote a handbook on sex and emotion for her 13-year-old daughter. Any parent recognises the sterling wisdom of putting it in writing rather than uttering panicky interdictions or forcing unwelcome “little talks” on a squirming teenager. Link to scan of article

Age 23 - Gay: from PIED to the best relationship of my life

gay couple(Disclaimer - text may be a little bit NSFW/tmi-for-some in places) 100+ days ago, reading reports from other NoFappers about the progress they'd made really helped me find my footing, so I'm sharing this to hopefully give something back to the community for those who are just starting out now. I've been absent from NoFap for quite some time, quite honestly because life has been going so well for me right now,


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