Age 18 - From gamer geek to happy love life

This is my story: how I went from a scrawny gamer to dating the prom queen in thirteen months (and yes, it has a LOT to do with NoFap). Hopefully you'll take something from this story...I've been through a lot, and thought it was time to share. It's a bit lengthy, but who knows? Maybe someone, somewhere will learn something.

Age 21 - Just had real sex for the first time ever. This shit WORKS!

I've been with 8 girls before, but I had always struggled due to my teenage porn addiction to actually stay up if you get what I mean. I never actually had an orgasm inside a girl, I had grown so accustomed to the feel of hands that a vagina just didn't do anything for me.

Much more decisive, self-aware, and in touch with my feelings, Calmer, Far greater motivation, Better erections

Today is my 90 days streak and the end of one hell of a journey. I will try not to make another super long post about all the great and devastating moments during it, since there are quite a lot of them already and even tho every person have their reboot different, it is always in more-or-less same pattern. What I can say to avoid it all is that it was hard as fck and it took me at about 6 tries. My worst relapse was to 50+ days and I felt like I'm not more than a sht stain on the wall, but I cut my loses and after several depressing days I got back on my feet. Let's get to the benefits:

Age 27 - 90 days - A psychological and spiritual journey

When you reach the benefits of NoFap, you want to share it, take it off your chest, because you want to help others achieve the same. I will be repeating what others have said, some so beautifully and inspiringly. I feel nostalgic because I would like to really talk to each one of you who need support

Torn on porn: A look at addiction & pornography. Dr. Charlotte Loppie, University of Victoria Professor in the School of Public Health (2016)

Where do we draw the line between overuse and addiction in an internet-obsessed culture? Charlotte Loppie, a UVic Professor in the School of Public Health, Social Policy, and Community-Based Aboriginal Health Research, has recently noticed a significant increase in the number of male students seeking advice about erectile dysfunction in relationships due to extensive viewing of online pornography.

Age 27 - I don't suffer from ED or premature ejaculation anymore. I'm now dating the girl of my dreams

I have something for you here, and I think you might like it. It's inspiration. First of all, let me introduce myself so that you can get the background needed to follow this text: I'm a 27 years old guy who recently realized he was addicted to pornography and masturbation, and fought and won a battle to enhance his life experience by eliminating that bad habits. My life changed, and I honestly believe that quitting PMO is at the foundations of that transformation. It took my a while to post here, because I wanted to be sure about those changes (specially concerning stability).

1 year - I have finally found meaning. I have found the depth and the beauty of life.

I am here to tell you today, if you haven’t already heard it enough: PMO will do nothing to help you in this world. It will not bring you closer to others and help you form deeper relationships. It will not bring you that girl you’ve always wanted or give you the confidence to talk to her. It will not help you do better in school or your marriage. It will not make you excel in your job or give you the clarity or energy to get the promotion you want. It will not bring you closer to your goals or dreams. It won’t help you be a better friend, son, uncle, dad, friend, coworker, or lover.

Porn had ruled my whole life, caused me to become socially withdrawn. I'm getting married in two weeks.

I never thought I would ever be able to go 90 days without at least Ming or watching porn subs but IVE DONE IT!!!!!!! 90 days ago I had been PMOing heavily every single day (several times a day) since my last relapse over a year previous. I came back on here after receiving an email, I joined the Reddit war which really gave me a good start to this 90 day challenge.

Age 22 - Cured porn-induced ED and premature ejaculation

I'm from Vietnam where nobody know about PIED - even doctors in a famous hospital. I have MO for more than 10 years. 3-4 with internet porn - since I moved to bigger city for studying university. Before PIED I had serious PE ( 1 minutes ) but I'd perform well in 2nd round ( 30-50 min ). I also had checked everything, blood test, penis's blood flow - and it was ok . So I knew that I have PIED (I'm quite worry if it was not PIED).

Age 29 - I've quit it all. Severe Depression 80% gone.

I've just about destroyed my depression via Nofap, and in combination with Meditation, this has caused drastic changes in me. Before, my life was a void of numb emotions and looking at life through a tainted lens. I've been smoking weed & taking nicotine to help cope with the depression I've had for years, and now I've quit them. I used these drugs to cope, but I didn't realise the most sneaky drug that was always there since I was 16 (now 29) was indeed, PMO.

Age 24 - Roughly 3 years in. How things changed for me.

I decided to quit fapping about three years ago. I was sick of feeling sluggish, and my relationships with women were very closed. Subconsciously I'm sure I knew my pmo habits were unhealthy, but seeing as how everyone I knew watched porn I thought that there must be some other cause to my dysfunction. On a side note, I thought the same thing with drinking alcohol, which I am glad to say I have moved on from 8 months ago.

Ventral striatum activity when watching preferred pornographic pictures is correlated with symptoms of internet pornography addiction (2016)

New German fMRI study that aligns with the porn addiction model. 

Highlights as stated by the authors:

  • Ventral striatum activity is linked to watching preferred pornographic material
  • Symptoms of Internet pornography addiction are linked to ventral striatum activity
  • Neural basis of Internet pornography addiction is comparable to other addictions

PIED cured - My concentration, drive, and mood all seem better. Less social anxiety, More confidence

Today it’s officially been 90 days no PMO. I want to thank /pornfree. It’s a great community of people helping each other. If you are struggling with PMO addiction, I can confidently say that giving it up will improve your life substantially. Things that helped me quit:

Age 37 - Sexual function improved, anxiety down, discipline and magnetism up

I've been watching porn for most of my life. My previous biggest nofap streak was about 30 days. I wasn't as diligent that time, and I did some edging. At the time, I wanted to prove to myself that I could still get it up if necessary. Then it became "masturbating once a week is fine," and then I fell back into porn use.


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