Age 21 - ED: After 4-6 months lots of sex & orgasm, almost healed.

Happy coupleI started this rebooting/rewiring journey almost a year ago. I had a dead penis for a good year just about. It seemed like there was no type of life downstairs.

Age 21 - Grew up in remote Kenyan village: PMO is no longer a crutch

big cats90 days! I am excited because it has been tough, it still is. But it has been great. Wouldn't take a moment of it back. I have had lowest lows, and the highest highs (seriously).

Age 40 - Reclaiming decades of my life

MountainsI am facing the prospect of reclaiming decades of my life at the age of forty. Starting again, to some extent. It's not all about the PMO, not entirely. I'm not going to blame the PMO completely.

Age 28 - Not addicted to porn, but premature ejaculation seems to be cured

happy couple167 days ago I started an experiment with NoFap. I went Monk Mode. No porn, no sex, no masturbation, tried to avoid looking at hot chicks. All those months ago I posted a thread talking about how I enjoyed porn now and then, I wasn't addicted to it.

Age 26 - Better sex, Increased mental clarity, Increased assertiveness resulting in pay increase.

tigerHit 90 Days today - hands down one of the hardest things I've done. Serious respect for anyone who does this trip on hard mode - You guys have the willpower of MMA fighting Buddhist monks.

Real, solid Improvements in my love life, reductions in anxiety, panic attacks, social angst.

mountainsAfter 5 months, I can honestly say that my life has improved. Just like when you first begin any journey, the path ahead can look long, dismal, and insurmountable. However, looking back on the distance I've traveled over these past few months, it's amazing to see the improvements I've been able to make in multiple parts of my life.

Age 14 - Out of a downward spiral

happy faceI don't know where to start.. no fap has helped me in Life so much its scary to think what happens if i decided not to click on this reddit?

90 days - Extremely social, Better focus, I See women for who they are

guy at Grand CanyonI would like to report how my life has been throughout these past 90 days without fapping. Let me start by saying that I have been struggling to keep a streak going ever since I found NoFap in 2012.

90 days - More energetic, more social and no social anxiety at all.

happy guyI can't describe all the aspects of how my life has become better. More energetic, more social and no social anxiety at all. So I was thinking in the morning now that I am 90 days sober so what's next then I realized I have so many goals that I have made during this 90 days.

Age 26 - Day 152: I never felt this alive in my life.

happy guyI just realised it's been 5 months since I started NoFap and it really changed my life so I felt like I should give back. So here's my story: I started fapping when I was 8 or 9 and quit this year - at age of 26.

Age 20 - People were telling me how I wasn't shy like I used to be.

Keep tryingSo today has been 90 days since I embarked on this incredible journey......again. Truth be told I have been trying to quite since February of last year.

90 days - Less brain fog, more energy & focus, getting more attention

FlirtingI wasn't gonna do a 90 day report for lots of reasons. Some: - I don't like to brag. I don't like to get flamed and down-voted because folks don't believe what I say. But, this might help somebody, so let's flip the switch to high-risk mode and go.

Age 21 - ED gone: rebooted and rewired to recovery, but it took 2 years

Happy guyBackground: Started masturbating to soft core at age 13 (first orgasm ever was to porn on TV...yikes), progressed to hardcore 14, gang bang porn at 18.

Age 22 - Could no longer get hard to fetish porn: ED cured in 3 months

a royal marineI thought I would share my experience as someone who cured their worsening ED, addiction to porn and increasingly hardcore and novel porn viewing habits without counting down days.

Age 17 - More confident, energetic, motivated, and most importantly, happier. It changed my life

I'm a private, quiet person by nature, and I never felt the need to speak up. But now, roughly 500 days into my journey on NoFap, I wanted to write this-to say thank you to r/NoFap, to all the people who helped me along on my journey.


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