Age 28 - Married: 365 days monk mode, 590 days total.

happy coupleI made a post awhile back about doing a 365 day monk mode nofap with a wife. On day 366 I made love to my wife. Since then I have stopped posting here. I was wondering what my counter was at so I decided to check in. Still going strong. I hope this simple check in can give hope to someone who thinks its impossible.

Age 27 - ED cured: Had the most intense orgasm of my life.

happy guyStarted Nofap a year ago last September. I've had varying streaks from my first 116 days to one month and less. Nofap has been a great tool to push forward in life and feel better in general. I'm a lot stronger,more confident, determined and happier than I was a year ago.

Age 20 - Medical student: I recovered from porn-induced ED in 5 months

med studentI'm a 20-year old medical student. I'm a pretty normal guy. I like hanging out with friends, playing sports and have never had any traumatic event in my life causing me to have caused a problem. I have recovered from Porn Induced ED

Age 48 - ED cured, feel more alive & confident. More friendly, bold, and flirty with women.

happy manToday, after over a year of working on my PMO addiction, going through personal troubles including divorce, and working on developing myself personally, I finally made it to 90 days straight with no PMO. I haven't edged or deliberately sought out or looked at erotica during that time, and did consistently try to avoid overly arousing material.

Age 36 - My mind is back to normal, and I function and perform like a normal adult male.

happy coupleDon't know if any of you remember me, but it will be two years this December since I began my healing. (search for my journal) So, an update after going on two years now...

New weapon against porn

Sentry.DNSThe internet, as it is today, is literally flooded with hardcore porn. It's always available, just a click away. We don't have to opt-in, agree to have it sent to us, or provide proof of age. It's there, all the time, in every home and on every device. Sadly, there is no easy way to opt-out at this time. I'm hoping for some sort of political action around this, and I do believe that will happen...eventually. But for now, all we have is the pornternet.

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It Was Only When I Tried To Give Up Porn That I Realised How Much Was Out There (The Debrief)

The Debrief: And that sex without any assistance from porn was more than a little nerve-wracking…

It’s been a year since I gave up porn. I’d just escaped a tragic on-off relationship and I kept on finding myself in bed at 2pm on a Sunday having done nothing with my day other than watch people plunging whatever they could into each other’s orifices.

Age 24 - (ED) I'm getting hard and staying hard.

young guyI'm 24 years old and I've always had problems with having sex. I never understood why and the worst thing was the pressure. It was always expected of me to have tons of girls and all that crap.

Age 22 - ED cured. No more porn for me, for sure.

happy guyHEYO! Just want to share my success story. I've always noticed how I just couldn't get a 100% erect or not at all when trying to have sex from ages 17-21. It didn't bother me too much because I figured out that if I stopped masturbating for a week prior to sex, I could get it up no problem.

Age 50 - (ED) I feel happier and more useful. I achieve now, not waste away.

happy guy I have been here for 54 days now and have stayed away from the porn and wanking. Never have I managed to do that for so long. I was at the stage at age 50, of being unable to get fully hard.

Age 20 - I keep getting better (cancer survivor)

young guyIn February 2012, upon turning 18, I went to the doctor’s surgery after discovering a lump on my testicle. I had always been aware of the lump, but I failed to consider that the lump could have been anything harmful. I failed to connect the dots two main reasons:

Age 23 - From a socially-inept porn addict living with his mum, to in my own house, preparing to launch my own company

happy guyOver a year or two ago now, I sat down in front of my computer after work, fired up facebook and resumed the all-familiar position that I had become all too accustomed to for the evening. Relentless scrolling, browsing, masturbating, everything I could do to distract myself from the monotony of what my life had become.

ED & DE cured - It took me 6+ months but it works

happy guyGuys, I'm no long consecutive streak winner at nofap, never was. My best was maybe 21 days. Then relapse. 14 days. Relapse. 18. You get the idea. I never gave up. But I learned many things while trying to finally break the addiction that after a year of trying it out. I am doing a lot better now in spirit and soul. And I think girls can tell that. I've slept with 3 girls on the first dates. I want to first state that sex isn't the holy grail here (I want sex= I get sex).


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