Some psychologists think that gay acceptance has hindered recognition of homosexual obsessive compulsive disorder

confusion'Homosexual OCD': Straight Men Who Suspect They Are Gay

Some psychologists think that gay acceptance has hindered recognition of homosexual obsessive compulsive disorder.

Age 21 - No more ED, soaring libido, relationship much improved

cute coupleAs I have reached 100 days for the first time, I'd like to write a little account of the benefits I have personally noticed, which are mainly psychological but also physical. Hopefully this will motivate some of you who are struggling. I will say that I wasn't a huge addict; my porn viewing was more of a deep-rooted compulsion which had been going on for many years, starting at age 13/14 (I'm now 21).

Age 20 - I will say that nofap changed my life

young guySo here I am. I won't say any clichés like "It's been a hell of a journey" and don't expect anything wise or life-changing. That's just how I am, a cynical asshole. BUT! I will say that nofap changed my life. Simple as that.

I feel like a better, more developed, more mature person. I feel like I have a chance now to reach my full potential.

Age 52 - Porn, ED, Finding myself with 12 Steps

HELP signI'm close to 400 days P-free and feel like sharing and clarifying for myself where I'm at in my recovery.

Sleep / Diet / Exercise for Rebooting

pumping ironI’ve listed below the 3 most important things (in order of importance) for which I believe are necessary for a successful reboot, apart from staying the hell away from TV and the internet…

My Year Without Porn: Some Surprising Lessons

DanSince I quit watching porn a year ago, I've become more present in the moment, more loving, and a better friend to the women in my life.

Age 16 - Got rid of social anxiety, more energy, don't objectify women anymore


EDITERINO: i'm super bad at telling stories, so i'll just make a list of the benefits i've experienced on the way

Age 25 - It feels like the disconnect between my brain and my penis has finally begun to recover

brainI'm 25/m. I've been doing NoFap for a year and this is the first time I've reached 90 days with absolutely no porn and no edging (I had a previous streak where I reached 90, but was edging every day). I would describe this streak more as hard medicine than a nutritious meal - more about recovery and discipline and less about superpowers or things happening in my life. I have chosen to wait until NoFap is finished before seeking a woman.

Age 18 - ED cured: I used ED pills to assist in rewiring

happy guySup people? So I been addicted to this PMO shit from like the time I was 15 right until like 17 or something .. That's when I realised it was a problem after many failed experiences with girls.

Age 26 - (ED), 225 days: My erection is firm like steel and my libido is skyhigh

sakuraI'm a 26 year-old guy who started his porn-spree a bit later. Started watching erotic images at age 16, which was actually more hentai at the time. Started streaming videos of real sex at age 18. Why am I certain I have PIED?

Age 21 - A huge paradigm shift in my behavior & perceptions

guy admiring girlI'm 21 years old, never had sex. I've been free for exactly 100 days! I haven't watched any kind of porn whatsoever. I didn't even need any blockers.

Voyeurism Is For Losers

your opinion mattersVoyeurism now seems to be the rule. Most modern civilizations would rather watch people do things than do them themselves, primarily because of a 'fear of failure.' Watching people have sex is just as pathetic as watching a sporting event on TV. But why not participate in the activity yourself?

Age 30 - 110 days of pornfree made me a better man

cactus flowersFirst of all, I should tell you why I did pornfree, it was not because of some religious or moral issues, it was not because of ED. It was because I was a dopamine junkie, spending hours browsing for nude pictures of woman (I was mostly only into softcore).

Age 29 - Married: When I was addicted to PMO I would seek out the most deviant sites I could find

nailsIn these 100 days the #1 thing I've found to have changed that I am most thankful for is the fact that I no longer like disgusting abuse porn. When I was addicted to PMO I would seek out the most deviant sites I could find and I didn't care who the girls were or what they were going through.

Age 15 - NoFap literally saved my life

Dansk flagA little more than a year ago I was nobody. I fucked up school completely, and my life was doomed if I didn't start doing something about it. (I'm 15.) I spent all of my time in front of the computer every single day, whenever I had time.


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