Age 18 - I feel the best I ever have, confident and strong

Wow this is an amazing feeling. my life has changed drastically over the past 3 months abstaining from pmo and i feel the best i ever have. my problems in life haven't gone away but i've learned to live in the present moment and accept things as they are.

Age 22 - Finally got laid

Hi all. Chronic masturbator from ages 11-21. Sometimes once a week, sometimes a couple times a day. Started doing nofap June 2016 and after a few relapses, I'm at a 3 week streak (I don't count days) and I just lost my v card last night at age 22. It definitely wasn't good sex. In the back of a car and I'm a 6'3" dude. But as the saying goes... doesn't matter; had sex. Feel like a new man today for the first time in a while.

Age 19 - NoFap shaped my life to be so much better than before these 61 days.

Honestly feels like a really long time since I started this journey but damn, it was a really bumpy ride thus far. The goal for this post is for me to help motivate some people who were just like me, so they can too see what superpowers will come their way.

Age 22 - If you feel like a corpse walking, read on! (PIED healed too)

I have been on the self-development journey for a solid year now. Meaning that this year I have actually started working towards my goals seriously. And it is the most incredible beautiful experience. I feel like I have pure energy flowing through me, and just feel so... light. And I have felt so heavy in the past, and still do from time to time, but I seem to be able to crawl out of my despair much faster than ever before.

Age 38 - This has been the best thing I've ever done for my relationship. And I'm seeing so many personal benefits.

Wow, yesterday was day 100 without looking at porn!!! TBH I did briefly look at P subs a few times and had some fantasy, but I'm calling this a huge victory for me! 100 days without porn!!! I'm feeling like I've really turned a corner in my thinking, and while I don't feel completely free from the dangers of PMO, I do feel that I'm in a much better place than I've ever been. FU Porn. I win. You Woah!!!

When I'm sober, I feel amazing. Our relationship gets better, sex life gets better, writing gets better.

My wife has known about my porn addiction for years, but during periods of relapse it always seems to fade from our collective awareness, which of course feeds the relapse. My most recent awakening came as a result of me confessing that I had gone back to porn yet again. I've confessed before, and I've had the difficult conversations so many times. Even so, I kept going back to this awful habit.

Age 18 - Using time productively, taking care of myself, treating women like people

I have been a porn addict for the last 5 years or so. But I started to put an end to this when I saw NoFap while scurrying through the reddit frontpage. Now,I have been pretty successfull in curbing my addiction. Here is what I felt in the last 1 year or so.

Age 23 - PIED healing after 9 months and repeated sex

Just thought i'd share my recent experiences with you seeing as you're all kind enough to share yours with me. I am a 23 year old male, and i've been attempting NoFap for nearly 9 months now, but have never exceeded the one month mark.

Age 25 - Doing NoFap has taught me that my attitude towards sex and women has been really, really fucked up for some time

I thought I would write down what I have learned about myself – and specifically about how my brain has developed its conceptions about sex and sexuality – through my experiences of NoFap. This isn’t supposed to be in any way scientific, just some observations and what I think I have discovered through this process.

Age 33 - Erections recovering after 100+ days

Been 109 days today only really started seeing improvement around day 93 I went a few days with morning wood every day which is unusual. In all
this time I had not tested my erection but yesterday in the shower I started thinking about a girl I find attractive and my erection was so hard it was almost going straight  up. As I tested in the morning I thought I would try at night and the same thing,rock hard.

I feel really calm and free. I noticed how the anxiety depression is going away.

I have been away from porn and masturbation for quite a while now. It’s been 8 months and 25 days since I masturbated or watched porn. I feel really calm and free. I noticed how the anxiety just starts to vanish. literally I’m now able to talk and get along with beautiful girls with no anxiety (something I was for sure not able to do, was really far from being able to engage in such nice relations with girls and even have a good time).

Age 18 - ED & DE cured: The benefits and changes I have experienced in just this short time really took me by surprise

Lately, my life has been a complete turn around from what it was a little over a month ago. It took me lying to my girlfriend for months and her finding out about it to get me to finally grind out my longest streak ever (and still going strong!) Here's a little background: I am an 18y/o male and I am currently enrolled in a state university. I discovered P and MO at a relatively late age, 13 years old, and I quickly fell into its grasp.

Age 18 - Nofap and autism

I have Syndrome of Aspergers and I have been struggling with depression and self loathing since 2013. I have always been really self conscious about myself because I knew I 'wasn't normal'. Because of this, I compared myself with the 'normal' people and I was really sad every time I saw photos of my friends at parties because I wanted to be there aswell but couldn't.


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