Age 27 - Clinically depressed: I wake up and I'm not depressed, I have goals and hope again!

questioning doctorBeen on this challenge since march this year! I have gone through multiple attempts ranging from 4-5 days to 10-12 days with my max at 19 days 1-2 times! I've been into pmo since 13 years old...but my bad habit escalated after 18 years old when I had my own pc in my room.

Age 14 - I could list a 100 benefits, but you would have seen all of them before

young guyI started Nofap as an experiment on my self-control and willpower, and porn wasn't too much of a problem to me. At least that's what I thought. After getting about 20-ish days into nofap I looked back at myself and though "holy shit I've actually been watching so much porn. Never again! D:"

I went from being a loner to dating girls & gaining tons of confidence

happy guyI completed 90 days (soft mode), and it's been a fantastic journey. I never thought I could do it. I thought it was impossible. Yesterday, 90 days finally arrived and it was very anti-climatic. I started this journey after a difficult breakup.

Age 32 - 300 days, skin condition healed, calm, empathic, approaching strangers

cup of teatl;dr: nofap works, I am staying on it, AMA. Make yourself a warm cup of something nice, position yourself into your favourite reading position and go with me though this 300 days NoFap journey summary.

Southpark: Dopamine explained

ED and premature ejaculation cured + many other benefits

moonHave you ever walked to the moon? I mean, Seriously, walk to the moon? 90 days ago, reaching 90 days was impossible as walking to the moon.

Age 30s - ED: when you quit you get back a sense of masculinity and assuredness

happy guyI just wanted to say thanks basically for the guys running YBOP – you’ve been a life-saving form of support. Just reading what others have been through and achieved is a massive help. I’ve just completed 90 days without looking at porn.

Porn-induced ED: First successful intercourse in almost a decade!

feet in bedObligatory Just Had Sex post...Well I'm not gonna lie, it was quick. But hopefully I'm gonna be less worried about PIED and more about PE for a while, which I'd rather have.

Age 25 - Porn-induced ED is clearing up/gone. I have no interest in porn whatsoever.

sunshine on waterFirst time reaching 90 days! I have had an insane 3 months. Lost the most weight I've lost since working out and below 300 for the first time in forever. I asked a woman out and have been going on dates regularly with her. I put in the time and effort to go for my promotion (waiting to hear back but feeling good).

Age 41 - A virgin with porn-induced ED: Both are now in the past!

coupleI'm a regular guy, educated, sociable, reasonably good-looking, and in good health who started looking at porn around the age of 12. Eventually I got the opportunity to have sex but I couldn't maintain an erection and penetrate, and I didn't find it as stimulating as edging to porn. I tried all the erection pills, and even then I would lose an erection. Humiliated, I gave up on having sex.

Age 33 - Married: 301 days of not doing something can help you achieve so much other somethings

sunriseResults after achieving 300 days of NoFap What I have found out is that the best way to deal with it is cram your life into deliberate awkward public situations so you cannot sneak peek at porn when the urge arrives. Work on tasks that really challenge you both mentally and physically. Take time out for you and reward yourself for reaching milestones.

Sex, drugs, brains and politics (Professor Fred Toates)

Logo of the British Neuroscience AssociationLecture by Emeritus Professor of Biological Psychology Fred Toates, a pioneer in studying the dopaminergic system in the brain and its role in sex, addiction and motivation generally - and author of How Sexual Desire Works: The Enigmatic Urge.

Age 30 - Day 131, fetishes gone, feel completely different

mountainThis has been harder than any break up I have ever had to endure. Basically, I started fapping to porn at age 11. I am 30 years of age currently. I never had trouble getting women but it was the combination of both porn, fantasy, internet dating and multiple sexual partners that were not fulfilling me spiritually, financially, or making a better person as a whole.

Age 31 - Life gets a whole lot better when you free yourself from the chains that bind you.

Empowered guyIt is funny how one's life can change by changing one simple thing. Last year, on the 18th of November i decided to give NoFap another try. I had failed many many times before.

Age 30 - Becoming a Man and Losing my Femininity

AragornAny of you who are serious fapstronauts starting to discover that weird trends are happening inside you? That you're starting to act more like a man than a female? You're becoming less listening and Stewart Smalley and more Aragorn?


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