Age 40 - Married: PIED - Day 33 Successful PIV.

happy coupleToday is a great day. The grandparents took our kids for the weekend and we just had successful PIV sex! I am very excited to report this because like many of you, I feared that this would be a painstakingly long process. I know that I am definitely not 100% cured, but tonight is evidence that I am on the right path and reinforced my belief that YBOP, nofap, and pornfree speak the truth.

Infographic on the Top 3 Principles for Quitting Porn

Info graphicOn February 8th the NoFap Academy will open enrollment for Reboot Camp - a comprehensive online program designed to help you quit porn from the inside out. To celebrate NFA is releasing a bunch of free content to familiarize people with its approach and get them moving in the right direction! The first is an infographic on the Top 3 Principles for Quitting Porn. For more stuff and information on Reboot Camp, sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the infographic!

Separate neural circuits control cravings vs. healthy eating, researchers find (2015)

brain circuitryCOMMENTS: Two landmark studies demonstrating that separate circuits exist for compulsive sugar consumption - or as YBOP calls it, 'a binge mechanism'. It has always been thought that behavioral addictions arise from only alterations of "normal circuits".  While this does occur, it is now evident that separate 'bingeing circuits' also exist.

Age 30 - My mind and body are finally on the same page sexually

coupleToday marks day 150 of my journey. I have had my ups and downs along the way, with good days and bad days. Some thoughts that are in my head: I look back at the man I was when I reached my lowest point, and I am amazed at how far I've come.

Age 18 - I have lost about 35 lbs and in great shape now

happy guy[The last] 50 days have never gone by so fast, this is actually the first time I visited this site in a while. I have lost about 35 lbs and in great shape now. I was about 200, now I'm 165.

Age 24 - Not addicted, but developed delayed ejaculation: It's cured.

fireworksUnlike many of you, I'm not an addict.  At least, I don't self identity as one.  As a typical, American, 24 year old male, I was definitely a user.  I never really delved into rough or more raunchy scenes than I expect me and my girlfriend to engage in.

Age 24 - Dispelling myths with a no bullshit attitude

pensive guyI am a 24 year old male. From a young age, I was quiet, gentle and friendly. But I always had a strong sexual side. I remember a day in primary school when a friend and I told a girl we wanted to fuck her. She cried.

Age 32 - Delayed ejaculation cured. So many more benefits

happy guyME: 32 y/o, single. Here to post initial 30 success story since reading other people's success stories has been/still is one of my biggest motivators. HERE B/C: a) wanking too much, sometimes to porn, which led to decreased sensitivity during sex resulting in not being able to orgasm during sex.

Age 24 - That magnetic, on top of the world feeling is back!

on top of the worldFirstly, I like a lot of you, discovered the benefits of abstaining from PMO long before I found the Nofap community. It happened as sort of an accident.

Age 22 - Life has gotten DRAMATICALLY BETTER (1 yr)

Happy coupleI was watching a video on youtube today when they mentioned nofap briefly and had completely forgotten about how i got started on my new life.

Age 27 - How I beat Porn-induced ED

handsMy personal story: Had PIED for years, then 70 days nofap. Nowadays I masturbate sometimes, not very often though - I try to keep it at bay - I do not make a sacrilege out of it, but still no porn at all!

Age 20 - far more enjoyment out of the fundamentals in life

happy young guyI have to admit, I was sceptical when I first came across NoFap and started reading about PMO addiction, and everything that us No Fappers stand by, I guess.

"NoFap: Why A Growing Number Of Males Are Refusing To Masturbate"

Guy on bed with laptop and sockSubreddit NoFap Movement Takes The World By Storm

You may have wondered why internet porn has become so freely available on the internet these days, if you're a young male with a little bit of spare time on his hands, no pun intended, then it is pretty easy to fall into a dark spiral of daily wankathons in the comfort of your own bedroom.

Age 18 - Confidence, energy, focus, drive, the works

young guyGood day fellow fapstronauts. Today i come to reflect on the last five months of my journey. I'm a senior in highschool, and after a very rough breakup at the end of last school year i decided to make some changes. However, due to PMO, very little changed for quite awhile. Until the beginning of september, that is.


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