Age 28 - PIED: Finally had successful sex after many years!

Last night I had successful sex! I met a girl yesterday and we hit it off and went out last night. Went back to her place. Stayed hard pretty much the whole time!! Ahhhhh so happy!!!

Age 48 - PIED just about cured. I hope my rant helps someone else!

I'm 48 been married 26 yrs. Divorced. So I jumped out on a dating site just to see what's up, and ended up meeting a beautiful 37 yr old. Chatted a couple of weeks and met. What happened sucked! The story-

So my marriage of 26 yrs was probably over about 15 yrs ago (meaning I didn't love her anymore, but stayed married for my kids), just different folks.

Age 29 - PIED cured: I can concentrate. I'm able to dedicate myself: to people, to loved ones, to work

If you, reading this, feel really really bad today, because things are not going well and you're concerned and scared - don't be. You'll be fine. Just strap in and get going with the program for recover, because it works. We can have a life. If I made it, you can too.

Age 29 - I feel like a Jedi

Words cannot describe the joy I have experienced over the last few weeks after seeing a glimpse of the man I want to become. Refraining from all the worthless garbage has allowed me to become the man that I want to be. It has given me energy, confidence, courage, strength, motivation, and much more.

Age 22 - Some things you have to realize if you want to succeed

Lately I feel like I've seen a lot of depressing posts on nofap. People post that they relapsed, want someone to make them feel better, or they're depressed because they are having a hard time quitting PMO and are struggling. I'm tired of all the weak shit. It's not just some of you out there, it's me too. Hence my name. I'm sick and tired of this shit.

I got my license, my first job, and a relationship that completely rocked

So about a month after I started Nofap, the confidence and libido kicked in strong. My initial mentality was that I would make myself irresistible to a girl I had been obsessed with for the last year or so after getting turned down numerous times, but something much better happened. I finally got the guts to get over her and stop following her around like a puppy

Age 30 -Thicker hair, stronger nails, brain fog gone, LESS sleep more awake, sharper, stronger, more masculine

This is my 2nd 30 day streak. In my first attempt, I was edging a lot and let my thoughts fly, but still resisted until relapse. Of course, relapse was written all over the place. When others say don't edge they mean it!

Age 25 - I never loved life as much as I do now. This is fantastic and it is the feeling of being a real man

I hope what I am about to say here will strengthen you and inspire you. My streak is not amazing like many of you here, (now at 4 months (120) and 7days) although I had once been in a 400 days+ streak and had fallen from it, yet I have learned some amazing things during these 4 months that Id like to share with all of you. Let me ask all of you a question:

Age 17 - Insane confidence, gaining muscle is easy, lower voice

Hell yeah, the benefits are real. My favorite benefits are:

  1. Gaining muscle is extremely easy; every workout I'm increasing reps and/or weight.

  2. Lower voice (may be placebo)

  3. Insane confidence. If I've gotten a good night's sleep and nutrition, I'm on fire.

Age 20 - Way more focused, energized & socially active. Best thing NoFap gave me: Calm & Peace

I tried to end PMO for 1.5 years now and today I hit 6.5 months without masturbating. Yes! Let me share you some of my experiences and thoughts. I am way more focused, energized and social active when I'm controlling my sexual energies and as I truly understood this, NoFap became really easy for me.

Depression and social anxiety gone; girls are smiling at me

So here I am again with new streak but this time is real completely PMO free. (My other streaks all contain were only MO free.) So what I can say?

Age 24 - ED & DE: For the first time in my life I am not scared to enter sexual situations or use condoms

 Anyway I hooked up with a girl last night and was curious to see how I would perform. I am pleased to report that I had no ED or DE at all which was pleasantly surprised.

Age 32 - PIED: What I've learned after 1,000 days.

It was December, 2013. I was frustrated. I was finding it hard to concentrate and focus. I knew there was a New Year coming and I wanted to nip this problem in the bud once and for all. I Googled something like: “how to get an erection back”

Age 27 - Anxiety way down, more magnetic, effortless conversation

I'm 27 years old, started masturbating when I was 12. I have all the superpower's people claim and I expect to have them with the hard work I've put in:

-More energy, magnetic attraction, effortless conversation, confidence

-avoid conflict but still remain alpha


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