Married - better relationship, feeling more alive & happy, more energy

warriors ready for battleGoing strong after 90 days, learnings to share, read below for more details. It's long, but I hope some of this helps someone somewhere...

Age 17 - Now, I am now extremely open, I can approach anyone, handle any situation

thank youI started my journey on October 9th, 2013. It took me 5 months to reach the 90 day milestone. My life has improved in so many ways and I would like to give a big thank you to the whole community.

Age 16 - I now look at girls, sex & relationships differently. I'm a new person

16-yr oldI'm a sixteen year old kid and today marks the 90th day since I last watched porn. About four months ago I came across this Ask me anything in which a porn director talked about the secrets of the porn industry.

Age 16 - more energy more motivation, better grades, I now have a personality, I am capable of loving

16-yr old guyFor your information I am a 16 year old boy from Germany. I started NoFap in October last year because I noticed my porn and masturbation "addiction" (I had no idea I had one back then) went too far.

Age 21 - (ED), increased mental abilities, hugely improved social life, relationships are healthier

soaring egretCan't believe how fast time has gone since I gave my 90 day report. So much additional development and maturation even since then.

Age 19 - ED cured (110+ days of no PMO)

Greek flagMy name is Nicolas and This is my story: I would like to start the story with a comparison of my performance before the no PMO and after. First of all I had 2 attempts at sex when I couldn't achieve an erection and go on penetrating.

Age 50's - ED cured: it's like the old days with my wife

Before nofap I had PIED -- that was a big reason I started nofap on December 15 and I have mainly been on hard mode since then. Around 60 days my wife and I had sex a few times (Valentine's Day and all that)...

Age 26 - 90 days hardmode: spectacular results

WOW - I actually did it. I legit have not PMO'd in the last 3 MONTHS.

This may be a long post - I'm writing this to serve as a guiding light for others and a therapeutic look back for myself. I actually have some work to get done tonight but this is important for me to share. You can skip to the end for benefits I've experienced, but I'm going to write out my whole story for those interested.

My erection is back. My head is love for my wife is stronger and I'm looking to the future with a smile

healthy erectionOk so I've been clean since November 2013. I quit all porn,fantasy,constsantly thinking about sex  & daily M but decided to take the long route and continue trying to have sex with my wife.

Age 50 - Marriage, sex and perceptions greatly improved.

kissing fingersThere probably aren't many guys here on nofap over 50, the recent poll showed almost none, but here I am and I am glad to be here. If you don't want to read this whole long post, I'll just say that avoiding PMO for 90 days has been great for our marriage.


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