PORN: How giving it up has changed my life. By Mark Zolo

I remember the first time I typed in the word ‘sex’ into a search engine as a young boy—back in days of Windows 95, Ask Jeeves, and that irksome cacophony of a dial-up modem. I remember my eagerness as I sat there waiting, for hours on end sometimes, just for the chance to watch a low-quality three minute clip of naked strangers violating each other for the camera. I looked at the download bar like a heroin junkie burning his spoon. How wicked and wonderful.

Early 20s - No longer a porn-stricken mess, starting to date

It can be hard to notice the improvements in the midst of them; as time passes, I gain more clarity. Last year I was a wholly negative, porn-stricken mess. I thought I could never break out of my porn habit and that I would be lonely and ashamed for the foreseeable. In the end, I sat down and made changes. Got on meds for acne, started lifting, keeping myself and my surroundings neat and tidy, checking in here frequently, and reading.

Age 16 - Got a girlfriend, studying improved, socializing more

It's really amazing how many changes happened and still happening to me since i stopped with PMO. I met a lot of new people. I have been started going out more (even too much for my parents), like hangin out with friends in the bar, night clubbing and similar.

Age 23 - I feel powerful and in control

-Increased: Confidence, self-assurance, discipline, will power, energy; decreased: fatigue, self-loathing, laziness

Age 20 - I feel like a new me was born after I gave up my porn addiction

I lost a lot of opportunities in my life because of my addiction to PMO. When you get to a point where you prefer to watch P instead of being with a girl, or when you get ED and/or PIED because of it, is where you need to stop and think about what you are doing with your life. That's what I did 3 months ago.

Shed light on your porn problem and you can totally kick its ass

I've been wanting to write this story for a long time, very since i started this new life style. finally i feel very proud of myself to have arrived here. cause i was never able to complete any task, always procastinate. and ultimatly fail, lot of us here will understand that as more or less we all went through the same affect.

Age 25 - Staying off screen is so 100% worth it

im 25 years old as of now. i can tell you the benefits straight away because when you been in the nofap game doing back and forths all the time. At a point you just become tired off all the fake shit you see on the phone or the sites that you go around even if it is not porn sites but just some random ads that trigger you.

Age 22 - Erections were back after 2 weeks, still dealing with DE

At first I was suspicious about the benefits of abstaining from PMO, I thought it couldn't be that bad right? Because of problems in bed that just kept chasing me I decided to give it a shot, for at least a week.

Age 21 - Porn-induced ED cured! This was an amazing feeling as my dick has been dead in pretty much all my sexual exploits for the past 3 years.

Holy shit I have been waiting a long to type that title. But this past weekend I went on a vacation with an amazing girl and had no performance problems AT ALL. This was an amazing feeling as my dick has been dead in pretty much all my sexual exploits for the past 3 years.

Age 31 - Virgin: From total porn-induced ED to orgasm with a condom

First of all, I am by no means cured.  I think my erections could be stronger and easier to obtain and I still have issues with lowered sensitivity and can orgasm only 25-50% of the time.  And when I do orgasm, it's not very intense.  But I consider my progress so far to be worthy of a success post, and I am totally confident that continuing on this path will improve my sex life even more.

Age 48 - Far more confident and in control of my emotions, My capacity to endure trials has increased, Analyitical skills have improved

At 5:23 yesterday afternoon, I hit 5 months no PMO. By far, the thing that inspired and inspires my drive to move forward is the posts of success stories. I have never posted in this section, but I do hope that someone may be inspired by my post. All of this really began when friends on the block found a garbage bag of pornography  in an empty lot. The fact that it was in a garbage bag should have been a red flag, but I was 5 or 6 when I first saw it.

Age 25 - Years of ED: Great success last night, but may have overdone it. I feel like I am on the right path.

I am in my mid twenties and grew up watching porn and masturbating since I was maybe 12. I would do it whenever i felt like it even if I didn't have the urge, just because it was something to do and relieved stress. Every single day, multiple times a day until my mid twenties. Looking back now I did not realize the damage it was causing.

I tried VR porn, and we are F**KED (

[TRIGGER warning for content, not images] VR porn is going to ruin lives. We have summoned the demon, folks. The virtual world of hedonism is so immersive, accessible, and pleasurable it will spread like a virus. The VR-porn Borg is here, and resistance is futile (or at least it will be for most men).


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