Age 20 – No more sick shit (HOCD, fetishes), TRIGGER warning

I just got into writing this hoping that it will help at least one person. ITS GOT TRIGGERS. This post shows how fucked up I was and explaining a bad thing porn gives - HOCD. Don't read if you think you will trigger a relapse or something.

Age 29 - A skeptic convinced by my experience (+ tracking aid)

I thought I would report on my progress since starting this journey in June 2016, with the hope it may be helpful for others. I am a 29-year-old UK male, PMOing since I was 15 years old. Over the years I had descended into material that would be revulsive to my loved ones, and often illegal. Never really made the connection between my “secret” life and my public life.

A lot of cases relating to erectile dysfunction relate to pornography addiction and use. Zoe Hargreaves, NHS Psychosexual Therapist (2016)

Support available for men and women who experience sexual health problems

MEN and women who experience sexual health problems, including younger people, can get specialised support from Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust. According to a recent BBC Newsbeat report, there is a surge in the number of young men who suffer from erectile dysfunction due to easy access to online porn.

Health professionals are now seeing more and more people in their late teens and early 20s experience the problem which they say is caused by online porn.

Age 17 - 5 months. I am not who I was last year anymore.

I started to see the world from different angles. I am not who I was last year anymore. It's about improving yourself. Apparently there are lots of benefits of NoFap. I have slowly noticed them for five months. I am 17 years old now since this Monday. Nobody told me happy birthday but I am not complaining. It's certainly OK for me. I even bought Jack London's Sea Wolf for me as a birthday gift.

Age 28 - My emotions have become much more stable, I've become super active, I have become much more assertive and self-confident

The Journey has been a long one so far. It has been 70 days with no porn and 63 days without playing with my snake. There are so many things that I have learned and gain from this experience that I could write an entire book! I chose to stay away from porn and masturbation after finding myself in a lonely hole surrounded by porn, unreal fantasies, and webcams.

The REAL reason young men suffer from erectile dysfunction, by Anand Patel, MD (2016)

For some, internet porn has replaced the drive to have sex, reveals Dr Anand Patel (link to article)

By Anand Patel 7 September 2016

Erectile dysfunction sounds like an old man issue, right? Wrong. A recent Italian study found 25% of all new patients with severe erectile problems were under 40.

This reinforces what more and more doctors are seeing: physically healthy men without the usual causes of erectile problems, like low testosterone or early heart disease which occur in older age groups, struggling to get it up. 

So what's going on? While illicit drug use and smoking may be to blame, porn use is also significantly higher in the under 40s.

Age 20 - Erectile dysfunction: You need to think and concentrate on sex with the body in front of you!

I'm 20 recently a virgin until a few weeks ago. Had ED with 2 girls before, one girl many times. Honestly suicide was heavy on my mind after this. I never felt so ashamed, embarrassed, sick, etc before in my life. The last time was my last straw. I gave up porn for a couple months and masturbated less than once a week. Nothing helped.

Age 28 - The energy & enthusiasm inside me is never ending

I had an inferiority complex before nofap. I used to believe that I'm useless compared to others. Depression & suicidal thoughts were general thing. Could not have eye contact with anybody. Now I'm stress free & don't give a fuk about troubles. Now I'm in peace with myself. The energy & enthusiasm inside me is never ending.

Age 17 - I smile much more, NFG, new school, talked to girls!

Since few months I'm trying NoFap, and I'm in a 10 days streak. Since on month I'm doing exercice and, as a result, I'm feeling prouder of myself. I moved from Paris to Milano. I'm currently in a totally new highschool.

Lessons From a Year Without Porn (4 years on r/nofap). Yes, the benefits are real.

I was wondering why today seemed like such a great day... I've done it! For at least 4 years I have been a member of this sub reddit and I have learned many things during my time here. Perhaps the greatest thing about success on NoFap is a deeply rooted sense that you are in control of your own actions. From this flows a fountain of joy and a high self-esteem, which radiates genuine confidence, pride, and happiness.

Video - My pornography addiction ruined my life

My pornography addiction ruined my life

By - KreativeVein


Age 25 - I failed 250-300 times, but now I see big benefits (energy, focus, strength, etc.)

Since 13 years of 1st time I reached 30 I tried so hard...approximately I had failed 250-300 times. Seriously guys...sometimes I was so depressed..and I was thinking can I quit this ever in my life?

Age 32 - Became the life of the party; felt like a boss

I killed it at a local lounge. 6 of us; 2 girl/guy couples and another friend of mine and I were by ourselves. For 4 hours, I was on a roll, I kept everyone entertained, was talking to everybody, met some new people, people were actually leaning over to hear what I had to say.


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