Age 44 - Definitely works and sex will make your head spin

couple smiling in bedI told my wife that I had read about the nofap challenge and that I wanted to try it for 30 days to see if it were real.

Age 26 - My true self has a chance to shine

Albino peacock[This is about the] return to normality, the way we were when we were born. With all our senses working optimally, our conscience unharmed and without damage to our mental, physical and spiritual self.

Age 20 - 15 Benefits of NoFap and Quitting Pornography

cartoon guy staring at computerNoFap is becoming more popular as the days go on. A few years ago not many people knew about it. Now I truly believe NoFap is almost mainstream. I didn’t believe the hype at first either, but here are the 15 benefits I have experienced, and I have seen countless others report. (Read entire blog post)

Age 19 - 9 miserable months, ED and social anxiety GONE

flirting coupleI've gone 250 days with out intentionally masturbating with or with out porn and I'm glad to say that after months of constant stress and depression my ED has finally gone for good.

Age 34 - Make a ripple in the collective consciousness of humanity

islandI've been a lurker here for a few months. Read a ton of success stories on here as well as It's taken me about 4 years to get where I am now.

Age 30s - Finally had sex with this really gorgeous girl

COUPLE KISSINGAfter 70 days I finally had sex with this really gorgeous girl. The proof is there! This ended a 10 month dry spell.

Age 29 - Moving out of my head and into my body

Young guyAfter a decade of porn use, I quit watching 2 years ago. It was February 14th, 2013. V-Day. Haven’t been back since. My reasons for quitting were pretty simple:

Age 18 - If nofap's a placebo it's a fucking good one :D

Happy guyCounter just flipped to 90 days and it's time to look back and report. Is Nofap placebo and so, like every change of habits, just an initiator for good things? Maybe! I dont know. But I do know if it's placebo its a fucking good one :D

Here is what i learned:

Age 48 - PIED 100% gone

happy guyI have been visiting and reading this site and YBOP since around mid 2012. As my username indicates, I have 903 days of not engaging in P or M, and rarely allowing myself to O - with a real woman only.

Age 17 - I never knew sex could feel so good

young guyI'm 17 years of age (young i know). But thank god I started searching the internet before I got too deep.

"Nothing Adds Up in Dubious Study: Youthful Subjects' ED Left Unexplained" by Gabe Deem

"That is so wrong!"YBOP comments: It's disturbing that this "study," Viewing Sexual Stimuli Associated with Greater Sexual Responsiveness, Not Erectile Dysfunction, by Nicole Prause & Jim Pfaus passed peer-review. Please note this wasn't a study on men with ED. In fact, it wasn't really a study. Rather the main author claimed to have snagged data from four of her earlier studies - none of which were about ED. CLICK TO READ CRITIQUE

Age 21 - Swiss, ED cured, 'I am free!'

Swiss flag on a moutain peakFirst of all, let me tell you, whoever you are, that it is possible. None of this is bullshit, ... porn enduced ED and its cure, that is going a certain period of time without masturbating nor watching porn, is absolutely one hundred percent real.

Age 16 - Tons more energy, Increased Confidence, Enhanced Attention, Easier to talk to people

teens talkingAfter not watching Porn for about 6 months now, and not fapping for about three, here are some observations and lessons I have for the prospective (or current) nofapper. Bear in mind: I am a 16 year old kid - at the peak of adolescent horniness - and if I can do it, so can you.

Age 35 - No more depression, social anxiety is far better, greater confidence, more energy

guy flirtingToday is the DAY. I cant believe how fast the time passed. I feel very good today, pretty confident and happy for no reason. I am getting slowly out of flatline. Here is summary of the benefits I got so far:


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