Age 22 - Porn-induced ED cured: We had sex 7 times in one night! I was so amazed.

The last girl I got with, my penis wouldn’t work for sh*t, no matter how hard I tried. I could never have sex six months ago. I got a girlfriend a little over two weeks ago not sure if it would end because of my limp man parts once it came to intercourse. However I had hope.

Urology Times asks: "What is driving younger men to seek treatment for ED?" Jason Hedges, MD, PhD (2016)

Jason Hedges, MD, PhD

Excerpt: I have had some younger patients who presented who had become obsessed with pornography and they found it difficult to keep and maintain an erection in an actual physical  relationship. I think it has a bit to do with arousal speed. With excessive exposure to pornography, it changes their level of arousal and in their own personal relationship, they may not be  getting that type or level of arousal. I haven’t seen tons but I’ve definitely seen it within the last year.

Age 24 - Social anxiety much better, Depression no more, Having real conversations with strangers, Relationship with my friends and family got better

I'm 24 male from Pakistan. I've been using porn for more than ten years. Found NoFap on 2015 March, at that time my addiction was very severe soft core porn won't satisfy me anymore. I start fighting this addiction but never get pass through a week, always end up watching porn and relapse 3 4 times a day. One day i found girl, we become best friends then we fall in love, I've never been so happy in my life.

Age 16 - I used to be a shy little boy, involved with nothing outside of jacking off and the occasional videogame

Today, I have won a major victory against the monster that is PMO. This demon, is the most powerful. It corrupts children from a young age, and everyone thinks it's normal. Well they thought wrong. PMO has destroyed my early teen years. It gave me symptoms such as social anxiety, depression, lack of energy, lack of drive, and it took away all emotion good and bad.

Is Internet Pornography Causing Sexual Dysfunctions? A Review with Clinical Reports (2016)

COMMENTS: In this paper, US Navy doctors warn of a possible link between internet porn use and sexual dysfunctions. The entire paper is well worth a read (see below) and also available here. It reviews more than 180 relevant papers, pointing out that traditional explanations for ED are insufficient to account for the recent jump in sexual dysfunctions in men under 40. The doctors call for studies that have subjects remove porn. Meanwhile, they recommend a simple diagnostic protocol for patients and doctors to help assess porn-induced sexual dysfunction.

The effects of sexually explicit material use on romantic relationship dynamics (2016)

COMMENTS: This study examined the effects of porn use on couples, but polled only individuals (in relationship, mean age 28.5), not couples (together). In addition to excluding people not in a relationship, it excluded couples where the partner interviewed said only the other partner used porn. This was not a representative sample,

Age 18 - Lost my V card! Brain fog gone

I can now keep my eyes on the prize with no brain fog whatsoever.. I just want to excel in whatever path I want to take and with all this added energy that I've been draining the past 3 years, I'm just edging to improve.

Age 21 - I smile like I used to in my childhood, Can talk to anyone

Background I was addicted to porn since my puberty started to hit. I was considered shy and lonely guy who likes to stay quite a lot. Due to isolation and loneliness i found no one except porn to deal with my emotions. Sooner i was addicted to porn and i started using porn as a fix to deal with my my emotions.

Age 21 – There’s a fire in me that cannot be put out! Feel like the fucking man

From the day I could masturbate which was probably 11/12.. I don't remember, I was fucking hooked. Everyday, everynight, sometimes multiple times a day. I was obsessed. 10 years later I turned 21 and I haven't masturbated in almost 3 months now. The old me would've not even been able to comprehend that.

Age 17 - Social anxiety gone, had to quit porn entirely to see benefits

So, here are some things that happened to me during NoFap:

  • -I was going out
  • -I was more social
  • -I felt relaxed in social situations

Age 29 - It's empowering to talk with women as real, live human beings

100 day milestone! Onward to 200!! Superpowers are real. Been PMOing since 12. 29 now. Soooo many reasons to quit. Would bore you if I listed them all ;) In a nutshell,

US Navy Reports: Porn Is Sinking Sailors’ Erections (HuffPo)

If you’ve been on the internet within the last few weeks, you’ve likely heard about Anthony Weiner’s problems. However, there is another weiner problem that we need to talk about.

A growing number of urologists and psychiatrists are concerned about a drastic increase in young, otherwise healthy men, with erectile dysfunction stemming from chronic internet porn consumption. In a paper published in Behavioral Sciences last month, several US Navy doctors documented a near 1000% increase in youthful ED, pointing out that 15 years ago ED among men aged 18-40 was 2-5%, and all studies assessing youthful ED since 2010, shortly after the dawn of porn “tube-sites,” report ED rates in the same age group around 30%.


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