"Porn: On Your Performance with Gary Wilson"

Image from article... How do I know if I'm affected by this?

The best way to find out is to conduct your own experiment. Quit for several months and see what changes you notice, if any. If you're a heavy user, be prepared for uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, which may include insomnia, irritability, depression, increased anxiety and mood swings from euphoria to despair and back.

Porn Addiction Explained - Is our brain ready for this? (German w/English subtitles)

Even if you don't speak German you will find 5-minute video entertaining

Age 20 - Porn-induced ED conquered: I had sex for the first time since 17

coupleI figured I'd share a bit of a success I've had that I never thought would get here. I had sex for the first time since 17 last night! (I'm now 20)

Age 22 - Happier, less depressed & anxious, more focused, brighter outlook on life, etc.

No depressionIn sum, I am happier, less depressed, less anxious (actually suffer from both of these in my family history), more focused, brighter outlook on life, etc. You read one update, you read em all.

Age 28 - You will get your manhood back. I was a very needy guy. Now, I am not.

super powersSuperpowers are real or not? I am a bit sure, they are. Because we porn addicts in the past missed a lot of fun in the world, so now we want real fun and the dopamine spike we want makes us work hard, play hard, enjoy hard and get real women.

ED cured after I don't even know how many days (long history)

happy couple in bedI'm writing to you after having happily reunited with my gf after the holiday break. We were both gone for a week, and it took everything to keep us from immediately pouncing on each other after I picked her up at the airport yesterday. We enjoyed each other many times last night and everything downstairs worked flawlessly, though it wasn't always like that.

Age 31 - ED: depression went away, more successful at my job, AND relapse

A word to the wiseI  am a 31yo heterosexual male. And I would like to tell you my story of PIED (Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction) and before and after NoFap.

Age 60 - Rediscovered my own sexuality; can finally make love to my wife without porn fantasies

couple kissing100 days ago I owned up to a long term porn addiction and took a 30 day challenge. It was hard in the early days and I leaned on many folks here for advice and support. So what have I learned that I can pass on to others?

Age 21 - ED: After 4-6 months lots of sex & orgasm, almost healed.

Happy coupleI started this rebooting/rewiring journey almost a year ago. I had a dead penis for a good year just about. It seemed like there was no type of life downstairs.

Age 21 - Grew up in remote Kenyan village: PMO is no longer a crutch

big cats90 days! I am excited because it has been tough, it still is. But it has been great. Wouldn't take a moment of it back. I have had lowest lows, and the highest highs (seriously).

Age 40 - reclaiming decades of my life

MountainsI am facing the prospect of reclaiming decades of my life at the age of forty. Starting again, to some extent. It's not all about the PMO, not entirely. I'm not going to blame the PMO completely.

Age 28 - Not addicted to porn, but premature ejaculation seems to be cured

happy couple167 days ago I started an experiment with NoFap. I went Monk Mode. No porn, no sex, no masturbation, tried to avoid looking at hot chicks. All those months ago I posted a thread talking about how I enjoyed porn now and then, I wasn't addicted to it.

Age 26 - Better sex, Increased mental clarity, Increased assertiveness resulting in pay increase.

tigerHit 90 Days today - hands down one of the hardest things I've done. Serious respect for anyone who does this trip on hard mode - You guys have the willpower of MMA fighting Buddhist monks.

Real, solid Improvements in my love life, reductions in anxiety, panic attacks, social angst.

mountainsAfter 5 months, I can honestly say that my life has improved. Just like when you first begin any journey, the path ahead can look long, dismal, and insurmountable. However, looking back on the distance I've traveled over these past few months, it's amazing to see the improvements I've been able to make in multiple parts of my life.

Age 14 - Out of a downward spiral

happy faceI don't know where to start.. no fap has helped me in Life so much its scary to think what happens if i decided not to click on this reddit?


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