Both trying NoFap, but my friend is way more social (he was way less social than me, way less confident, etc), dates, good grades

I would just like to share my story. It all started during August 2015 I found out about Nofap, and starting dedicating myself to it. But still, I would relapse after short streaks. November 2015: I told my friend about Nofap he believed me right away. He only did 2 hours of research that night (he told me) about porn use and its cons. For the next 2 weeks he would tell me about how hard it is.

PIED - I feel, that by now I've disassociated the strong link between P and MO

I started with NoFap back in 2012 after I experienced my first signs of PIED. I had heard of NoFap in social anxiety related circles so I thought, alright. First months were 1-2 weeks streaks. Around 2014 I moved over to pornfree but continued to try fight in both fronts.

Age 22 - I feel more like myself than I have in years

I've been a lurker for around a year and my longest streak before this was two weeks. Apart from that one off the most i could manage was about 3/4 days tops before relapsing. However, just over a month ago i met a girl and we really hit it off. The day before i went to meet her for the first time i decided it would be worth another shot at doing this properly.

Age 24 - Visual snow, brain fog, motivation for improvement - all better

24m here, fapping for about ~ the last 10 years. I've tried and failed this challenge multiple times over the past two years, but today I am happy to say I am achieving real progress!

Age 32 - A decade of addiction and two years of recovery. A happy ending.

At the age of 7, I was playing at my friends house and we decided to go out to his father's truck. In the truck we found a porn magazine. I don't remember thinking that much about it at the time. But at a later opportunity we took the magazine with us and started reading. I did not really understand anything, but there was something that was exciting, but not in a sexual way. It was more like I was getting a high from looking at something shocking and new.

Age 39 - Married: I have developed a sense of self-worth that I don't believe was ever there before

I am very happy I found this subreddit. This is a unique online community in that it is the only online quasi social network on the internet (that I know of) committed to fostering the development of true core values in its members rather than falsely inflating egos through external value systems (up-votes, false praise, pandering, that sort of thing). There is truth here, sometimes hard truth but truth nonetheless and I hope that never changes.

Age 32 - PIED cured, dating a wonderful woman now

I'm at 90 days PMO free. I've mainly done "hard mode" but I started dating a woman about 2.5 months ago and we had sex for the first time last week.

Age 29 - Sexual tastes have normalized (was into shemale), Greater mental clarity, confidence & energy, Much better mood

About me: I'm 29 (male) been PMOing on internet for at least 15 years. I found this 2 months ago and started right away.

Age 25 - I was a sufferer of severe PIED & Premature Ejaculation

This isn't a humble brag, just a confirmation that with patience, persistence, and a lot of resolve - you can begin to undo the damage that porn causes to your brain.

Age 37 - PIED and DE Cured (hopefully) After 5 Months.

I've been a lurker for the past 5 months and thought I would contribute since things seemed to have worked out for me, at least so far, and reading success stories played a huge role in getting me through some pretty tough times.

Age 38 - PIED cured: Started getting erections when dancing with women

I'm 38 year and single. My first experience with ED was back in 2000 when I got soft while having sex. I was vexed as to what happened.

From Full PIED, PE, Social Anxiety and Addicted to Extreme Fetish Porn to CURED!

I grew up in a house where new tech was always around. Including a computer with high-speed internet....I started watching porn at 10 years old, and I got into hardcore videos around 12-13 years old.


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