Age 27 - ED improving, finally understand my problem

music video logoI didn't have a lot of access to porn growing up so I spent the ages of 11-18 or so drowned in what evolved into a strange ritual [masturbating to music videos as quickly and often as possible].

Age 26 - Amazing sex, Even better in social situations, Able to face my fears

couple huggingI unsuccessfully tried to quit masturbating/pornography since I was 12 years old after a close friend's dad passed away. The thought of him being in heaven and seeing me masturbating brought me shame. I'm now 26 and have tried quitting more times than I can even remember and for many of different reasons.

Age 27 - "Worst case example" of PIED cured

guy staring at screenI'm around 1.5 years into my reboot. I'd probably put myself forward as being one of the "Worst case examples" of PIED. From the age of around 14 when I got the internet to age 26 I pretty much PMO'd every single day, several times a day.

Deeper voice, more confidence, friendliness, a dominant leader

happy guyI've made some huge changes in my life recently, NoFap being the catalyst for all of it. Deeper voice, more confidence, friendliness, easygoing, fun, a dominant leader, masculinity.

Age 19 - 90 Days - ED progress, still have DE

young couple I want from february 1 to may 1, and wow was it interesting. I'm writing now to share with you guys what it may be like for you and how it was for me. At first it was hard. Really hard.

Age 24 - I enjoy life A LOT more

young guyThese last 6 months have been some of the most enlightened of my life. I've never been so optimistic and I've grown a lot of gratitude in the last half year. I've been doing it hardmode (still a virgin) and I feel like these months are laying the foundation of who I will become in the future. These are some the improvements I noticed in the last 6 months:

Age 30s - Life without porn has been amazing

happy coupleMy life led without PMO or the past 3 years has been amazing. I'm over one year since ever intentionally seeing P. I'm not totally cured, but it's good to be free. Thanks nofap for being there, and my wife for hearing me out and being forgiving and helping me to grow and overcome addiction.

Age 20 - OCD completely gone

happy guyI've been fapping since I was about 13, I'm 20 now. But I was diagnosed with OCD when I was 16, and now it's gone. Completely gone.

Age 29 - Improved sexual performance, Less anxiety, Improved focus, Feel more like a man

happy guyI've made it to 90 days after almost a year and a half of trying. Previously I had been jacking off to porn since I was around 17, although then there wasn't the access to the porn we have nowadays.

Age 25 - I have gone from the complete worst PIED to 100% cured.

coupleI have fully recovered from PIED. How do I know? EVERYTIME I go to have sex with my girlfriend I get fully hard and it lasts the entire duration of sex. I'm talking about 100% erections. I use NO pills to help either.

The role of leader now comes naturally for me; I want to lead

young guyI began my NoFap journey in mid December of last year. At that time I had decided that I was unsatisfied with my life. For context, I want to stress that, at least on the surface, my life appeared to be going great, and it is important to note that this really wasn't an inaccurate assessment.

Age 22 - I like the person I am now

couple in treeI stumbled upon this subreddit by chance one day. I think it was referenced in a joke, but I got curious and read more and more and before I knew it I was ready to participate.

Age 34 - ED: I feel I am healing physical and my brain is repairing itself

happy guyI've made it to 90 days hard mode and I'm really proud of my achievement, and wanted to share my experience. Without discovering this movement I'm not sure I would have made this change in my life.

Age 29 - Sex is drastically different

coupleOK, OK.... It hasn't been an absolutely perfect 60 days. But I'm not about 100% perfection. I'm about 100% improvement.


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