Age 21 - ED gone: rebooted and rewired to recovery, but it took 2 years

Happy guyBackground: Started masturbating to soft core at age 13 (first orgasm ever was to porn on TV...yikes), progressed to hardcore 14, gang bang porn at 18.

Age 22 - Could no longer get hard to fetish porn: ED cured in 3 months

a royal marineI thought I would share my experience as someone who cured their worsening ED, addiction to porn and increasingly hardcore and novel porn viewing habits without counting down days.

Age 17 - More confident, energetic, motivated, and most importantly, happier. It changed my life

I'm a private, quiet person by nature, and I never felt the need to speak up. But now, roughly 500 days into my journey on NoFap, I wanted to write this-to say thank you to r/NoFap, to all the people who helped me along on my journey.

Age 25 - Depression is gone, More genuine & warm, Women more attracted to me.

Happy guyTomorrow I will have gone 60 days without fapping. I figured it would be good to post how I'm doing and what 60 days without fapping feels like for me.

My change over time: from an anxious sissy to a fearless fighter (Muay Thai boxing)

Muay Thai boxingIn the past many called me a weak person. I was scared, lazy, and totally out of shape. I did not have any passions in life, other than gaming, eating junk food, smoking weed and fapping.

ED is cured - 100 days: I'm never going back to porn

I've made it through 100 days. 330% more than I originally planned. I bet many of you are thinking "why the hell would he stop when he's gone so far?" - because my only goal was to cure my ED.

Age 26 - ED: Victory! With a bit of confusion


So before I say anything else - let me say that the program works. It really does. I was a terrible case, and it worked for me, as I'll explain shortly.

Age 22 - 1.5 years: I'm rebooted. This is amazing, strange, beautiful and scary

happy guyHoly shit. After 64 days in to this streak and about 1.5 years of PornFree and NoFap struggling, I can say that I'm rebooted. And let me tell you, this is amazing, strange, beautiful and scary at the same time.

From a mouse to a bear

bear and mouseI moved on from fapping 12 times a day (that's my record...not even kidding), or from 4 times a day on a casual basis, to not fapping at all. I've seen things that if I were to say them I'd be blacklisted and banned from 4 countries and 7 states.

Female - Age 36: Energy, fewer sexualized thoughts, more clitoral sensation

happy womanI’m aiming to stick with this forever so I don’t have challenge days (I'm not a 30 day/90 day type of person). I am 36 and I have been masturbating and using porn for nearly 24 years.

Internet porn is an experiment in dehumanization

L.A. Times Opinon logoYou do not have to be a prude to worry about porn. Thanks to the Internet, Americans have been pushed, unwittingly, into a vast social experiment testing whether unfettered access to the most freakish and foul pornography will warp sexual relations for generations to come.

Age 31 - After 5 months ED is cured

happy coupleI just wanted to share another success story with everyone and confirm that everything I've read here and on YBOP is right!

Age 26 - Day 403: My ED seems cured.

CuredDay 403: I MAY BE FUCKING CURED!!!! Have had intercourse multiple times in the last couple of weeks.

Age 25 - I healed porn-induced ED, but reverted back to my old habits.

No U turnNever thought I'd be back here. I posted a few times on NoFap on my old account in the past to help overcome my porn addiction. I was a success story. I stopped watching porn, and I regained full and robust woodies for the ladies to enjoy. But it wasn't happily ever after.

Age 25 - After 2 years of nofap attempts, I made it 2 months - overcame ED, anxiety & depression

When the going gets toughI first discovered nofap before I even knew I had porn-induced erectile dysfunction about 2 years ago. I could only make it a few days or weeks at a time at first and then I would binge for long periods between attempts.


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