I used to be that weird boy who never spoke; my self confidence has skyrocketed

I found NoFap about 50 days ago as of May 24th 2016, and I was quickly sucked into all the stories and achievements of all its members, so I decided to partake.

  • The first few days were the hardest, I had a very strict fapping schedule that, if broken, would wreak psychological hell on me.
  • After day 5 the effects began to subside, although I will admit that I was horny 24/7 and still looking for any excuse to get off.

Age 28 - Sexual interaction with girlfriend far deeper, and sex drive much stronger

I have finally done it. 90 days. Here are my observations. First of all, the difference between this attempt and all my failed attempts was that I was very clear with myself about this one. I wrote it down on a piece of paper, I kept that paper in my wallet. Thus, whenever I would open my wallet. (At least once a day) I would see my commitment.

Sixteen months, girlfriend, dying urges for porn, good habits

Dear people of the world - This is the end of the road for me. There is nothing more to see here. Nofap is a great resource: the posts of motivation, the help against and failure, the way to recoup after a relapse. They are what got me through the first sixteen months of this thing.

Age 24 - Erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation and performance anxiety cured in 1 month

I was with a girl for 2 years. I was never able to ejaculate when having sex with her! Not even once. A few times only with my hand (after she finished) and still, this would take a while. We broke up one year ago (not for this reason).

Age 21 - PIED cured: What most people don't tell you in NoFap about PIED but what people need to hear! (my story)

I had a long experience with Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction which dragged me back and really scared me for a while, and I kept going on forums to try and find support and people i could relate to, but I found that people never quite told the story in its complete version, so that's what I'm here to do with mine. It takes a lot of strength to go into the details of the story and I hope that this will give the reader strength too.

1.5 years - Kept using porn, but not orgasming. Cut porn out and finally experiencing several benefits.

Since I have [quit porn] I have started to notice little things, my social awkwardness is starting to leave, I can focus more without having a problem, and you wouldn't believe how sex with the wife has been. I have been super hard and last for a while. I don't orgasm too fast and it hasn't been going down a little ways through. I can switch position and I stays as hard as a flag pole.

Non-prescription Viagra has infiltrated the bedrooms of today’s young black men (2016). Urology professor David B. Samadi & Muhammed Mirza, MD founder of ErectileDoctor.com

Comments: Article contains quotes from two well known medical doctors concerning porn-induced sexual problems. Excerpts:

According to everydayhealth.com, evidence increasingly suggests that erectile dysfunction may be one of the side effects of men’s fascination with porn, and it also may be turning into a more common problem of men’s sexual health.

“Due to the pornography available on the Internet, we are finding out that this type of sex dysfunction is a real entity,” said David B. Samadi, MD, chairman of the urology department and chief of robotic surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. “It is a problem in the brain, not the penis.”

Age 21 - Went 6 months hardmode, cured PIED, watched porn for 3 days straight, PIED returned. Never watching porn again

I went 6 months hardmode (NoFap, NoPorn, NoOrgasm) and thus managed to cure my porn-induced erectile dysfunction that ive suffered from for 3 years.. But instead I developed severe premature ejaculation (could barely last 20 seconds during sex).I pre-ejaculated for about a month with my girlfriend so I decided to start jerkin' it again to lower my sensitivity.

Age 23 - Exposed at age 7. Finally recovering. Stats and motivators at the bottom of post.

I'm 23 and I was exposed to porn at the ripe age of 7. In 1999 I was always on the computer and due to my unsupervised use of the Internet. I found porn by accident and was hooked ever since. 16 years of addiction. I was viewing porn on the daily. It would get me hard and I loved watching the ladies on the screen.

Age 24 - Since I started no fap there have been many benefits. I'll just list my most noticeable ones

I have been pmo'ing pretty much since I was 12 and I am now 24. I've only had one proper girlfriend when I was about 16-18 who I was very physical with all the time. Since then I've only been with a couple of girls and had 2 short relationships which have ended in them not wanting to speak to me anymore.

Age 23 - Watching porn with girlfriend led to PIED, quitting healed me, flatline improving

Porn basically destroyed my previous relationship. Me and my ex gf had been together for five long years, and porn was constantly present in them. Not only because I did like it, but also because my ex sort of made me indulge in it. We were both into the same kind of things, and she actually enjoyed watching porn while having sex from time to time. But that was a big mistake for me.

The Dual Control Model - The Role Of Sexual Inhibition & Excitation In Sexual Arousal And Behavior (2007)

COMMENTS: A new discovery. The first paper to report porn-induced ED and porn-induced low libido. In an experiment employing video porn, 50% of the young men couldn't become aroused or achieve erections with porn (average age was 29). The shocked researchers discovered that the men's erectile dysfunction was "related to high levels of exposure to and experience with sexually explicit materials." The limp men had spent a whole of lot of time in bars and bathhouses where porn was "omnipresent," and continuously playing. The men explained that "high exposure to erotica seemed to have resulted in a lower responsivity to "vanilla sex" erotica and an increased need for novelty and variation.

Age 14 - Reduced social anxiety, More focus, Increased confidence & energy, I also get more attention from girls

I just completed 90 days of NoFap. My current age, as the title suggests, is 14. I started NoFap because I want to become the strongest version of myself. So, let's get to the benefits. Well, the thing is that I can't tell you that I had sex with girls because of obvious reasons, but there are some clear benefits I've experienced since I started. The most important ones are:


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