Age 26 - I suffered from PIED all my life and I'm glad to say that's completely over.

couple in bedThis is my first post in more than a year. I'm Porn-free since 31 December 2013, after being severely addicted to porn for 13 years (I'm 26 now). I can truly say that stopping fapping was the most difficult, but the best decision in my life (I've relapsed over 30 times).

Age 23 - Improvements in brain, energy, motivation, confidence, and relationships

guy working out23 single male, work for myself, contracting services to create websites and software to businesses, also do some caddying on the side (but that is more of a hobby). Workout 3-4x a week (shoutout to /r/leangains) with some yoga in between.

Age 17 - Much more energy, confidence & mental clarity, See girls as people, rather than objects

young guy60 days ago there was no hope at all, just stringing one day of nothing onto the next, completely numb and no thought above basic tasks. But slowly as the days progressed I started to notice things changing.

Age 30 - More focused & confident: I am no longer the scared sack of crap that I perceived myself as.

climbingI started not because I wanted the superpowers or to meet women, but because I was tired. I was tired of being ashamed, of having a private life that was not the same as my public life, and of feeling like I wasn't a whole person.

Age 21 - The fog, the haze, the depression, the self-loathing, the anxiety, the dull existence…it’s all gone now.


Seriously, after having been a porn addict for like 7-8 years off and on… I never truly understood how bad it was for me until experiencing life without it.

Age 19 - Nofap works. Porn-induced ED cured.

couple in bedAfter about 72 days of NoFap I noticed that I constantly woke up with morning wood, had some wet dreams and had random semi boners during the day. The weird thing is, I came out of a flatline and as soon as that happened, my PIED was almost cured.

Age 18 - Haven't felt this good in years. (I tried NoFap but watched porn and didn't see any benefits)

young guyI'm 18, male, and a sophomore in college. I used to PMO 1-4 times a day every day since I was about 12 like many of you here. I found NoFap by accident 2 years ago when I was at a low point in my life, very depressed and sad, and decided I would give it a shot.

Age 26 - 90 Day Report: Disconnect from the internet and get on with your f**king life

young guyBefore you guys start huffing and puffing about how you know some alpha-male who watches netflix and plays vidya all day and makes $200k/yr still gets laid- fine. This post is directed at those of you who (like me) recognize you are NOT that person,

Age 21 - It would take me days to list all the benefits I feel as a result of NoFap

Without your posts, experiences and support I would never have made it. Prior to finishing 90 days I used to be a PMO addict. Used to go to my school bathroom and jerk it then go back to class. It was a disgusting feeling and it made me weird. I always wondered why I was awkward with women.

Age 33 - ED even with porn: NOFAP didn't change only the way my dick was working. It changed my brain

couple kissingI'm in NOFAP mode since 110 days and my life has changed radically. I started when one day I met a fantastic girl (my girlfriend) and at the end of a very beautiful day spent together, she came in my place and we tried to make love... but I couldn't perform.

Married: No more anxiety about getting it up. I feel so normal, so in charge.

happy couple

My sex life couldn't be better other than we just don't get to do it frequently enough (not her or my fault, as I have said before, privacy and time). As I have said before, it is mind-blowing!

1 year - I felt better all around. My confidence in girls has changed

flirtingIt's been a year since I joined Nofap last June. At first, I was nervous of what this support group had to offer. But I got more than I expected. Nofap is absolutely amazing.

After 3+ years of NoFap. Close to full recovery from ED & Delayed Ejaculation

coupole huggingI just wanted to share some positive news. Last weekend I had a really big breakthrough in my recovery and I wasn't really expecting it.

Age 24 - It's unreal: how could a shut-in, depressed, suicidal, mad at the world porn addict become a lean, healthy, attractive, positive man?

breakthroughThat's the best way to explain this feeling. As a male who was heavily addicted to pornography from the young age of 12 to 23. It seems like I missed out on so much.

I am over-confident, outgoing, fit, get girls - But I still experienced many benefits.

young guyI have finally reached 21 days after a lot of short 5-12 day streaks in-between. My highest streak being 47 days! Anyone who denies the benefits of Nofap must be in some serious self denial because these "superpowers" are real.


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