90 days - confidence has skyrocketed, the world has become much more vivid. eye contact is easy

vivid flowerNinety days ago I started this journey out of an impulse. It was after watching the Great Porn Experiment on Youtube. My masturbation habits were, at least I think, average. Once per day, and on rare occasions zero or twice per day.

My social life skyrocketed, I love to help people, I have a definite purpose

Jamaica(90 days) I failed on day 89 once before. This failure was purely from edging, and I made the decision to completely quit it. Edging is what kept me from success! Here I will tell my improvements in Nofap, and a story about my first real girlfriend.

Age 21 - Been free from shemale porn for two years now.

butterflyI've decided to do a post aimed at those who's recovering from watching/abusing transsexual/shemale/ladyboy porn. I don't have all the answers, but I consider myself able to a degree to give advice and talk about my own experiences and progress towards rewiring my brain.

Age 19 - I really never thought Fapping & Porn were soo much harmful.

super powers signSo, this is my 90th Day. Well, the "superpowers" are here. I can see myself in a much better place. What i have accomplished ?

Cured my ED - returned to porn & developed ED again - now almost cured

Little RichardPorn has poisoned my mind. I've been attempting on and off for the past 2 years. Initially my journey began due to Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction. I was in the process of losing my virginity and little Richard didn't wanna play long tall sally.

90 days - Back from the dead.

knowledge is powerI started NoFap in late 2013, totally intrigued by the concept. I relapsed a couple of times. THEN, I spent an evening on yourbrainonporn. The articles and studies there basically just switched something in my brain - like, even the consideration of porn is repulsive to me.

Age 18 - more energy, mental clarity, sharper memory and wit. School is even easier, and so is conversing with all people

young guyFor the last 91 days I've been following this subreddit and participating in NoFap. I just turned 18 a few weeks ago and my life has improved considerably.

Age 42 - 34 years of addiction

cloudsI'll start out with a brief history of my addiction. This post may seem long, but believe me, this is the cliff notes version. 34 years and I could write a freakin' book. Here goes: I was around eight years old when I was introduced to naked women and porn in a magazine. Softcore stuff, you know the “almost” touching poses. I was hooked. Frequently raided my dad's stash.

Was anti-social & had very few friends. Now: new job, am a social butterfly, confidence way up.

FriendsI had never realized how much porn had over taken my life until I started this journey. It crushed and ruined many relationships. I was once the guy that knew everyone and planned parties. As I got older though and the addiction got stronger, I started to shelter myself from people. I became a recluse. I stopped being that guy that knew everyone.

90 Day Report: A life transformed

DragonflyWhen I began NoFap I did not think that day ninety would feel significant, nor did I anticipate the depth of gratitude I would have for this community and its mission.


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