Age 30 - Life without pornography

[Translation from Potuguese using Google Chrome] A year and a half ago, early 2015. The scene seemed to unfold in slow motion: I could hardly believe what I was typing in the Google search bar. The letters were emerging one by one:  . I want to stop watching porn  "I want to stop watching porn." The results of this search in Google turned my life dramatically. But we must start from the beginning.

Age 25 - My favorite benefit is my empathy for other people

These have been the most difficult and metamorphosing three months of my life, guys. There have been ups and downs, moments of extreme weakness, strength, self-loathing, radiating joy, crying myself to sleep, smiling myself awake, love, loss, sex, abstinence, missing out, indulging, moments of enlightenment and moments of facing reality.

Age 24 - Anxiety greatly diminshed, More confidence, Calmer, Feel more emotions, Life is more exciting, I enjoy studying, and much more

I'd like to separate the benefits to three categories: mental, emotional and physical benefits. Changes inspired by my streak. Physical benefits-

  • much deeper sleep. I fall asleep easily and wake up refreshed, even after 6 hours of sleep.
  • stronger physically
  • better stamina at sports
  • often morning wood

Age 27 - I have a healthy libido for the first time in my life

BEFORE - Sex was hollow, a shell of what it should have been for me. I was fapping to porn for years before my first sexual encounter with a girl. The first time that I had sex was a great experiance, but it was nothing compared to porn. When I watched porn, my heart would start pounding as soon as I typed in the porn site.

Age 29 - I'm more confident, composed and energetic

I have not fapped for 377 days. What I gained isn't any superpower like the other fapstranauts. I just have more clarity and freedom from being enslaved by sexual desires. And that itself to me, is already worth the journey.

"Research: Porn addiction contributing to ED in men younger than 40" (Short video, SFL-TV)

A leading psycho-sexual therapist said she has seen an alarming surge in young men coming into her clinic to be treated for ED. She blames smart phone and tablets for making porn more accessible — and thereby desensitizing to you men. She said it makes it difficult for them to become aroused in the bedroom.

Porn is ruining our love lives and making old men of our teenagers (Telegraph - UK)

Infuriating, emasculating and, for some, psychologically debilitating, the curse of erectile dysfunction has traditionally been an affliction of the middle-aged Romeo.

Until now.

Age 31 - There are beautiful women all around waiting for us

It's been almost half year since I started this nofap journey. I was depressed guy that lost his direction in life after a divorce, but I quit porn and worked on myself slowly and I indeed changed.

Age 30 - 32 days hard mode. Fighting HOCD.

I've wanted to write something for a while as I know a lot of people here are working through HOCD. I've been lurking here since I started my reboot and this forum has been a massive source of inspiration for me. I need to write this but I am finding this really difficult to write, even on an anonymous forum. I stumbled upon NoFap almost by accident, then YBOP made me realise that a lot of my problems were probably porn related and HOCD (I actually didn't realise you could have HOCD until I read that).

Till Porn Do Us Part? Longitudinal Effects of Pornography Use on Divorce, (2016)

Link - Pornography use associated with increase in probability of divorce

SEATTLE -- Beginning pornography use is associated with a substantial increase in the probability of divorce for married Americans, and this increase is especially large for women, finds a new study that will be presented at the 111th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association (ASA).

"Beginning pornography use between survey waves nearly doubled one's likelihood of being divorced by the next survey period, from 6 percent to 11 percent, and nearly tripled it for women, from 6 percent to 16 percent," said Samuel Perry, the lead author of the study and an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Oklahoma. "Our results suggest that viewing pornography, under certain social conditions, may have negative effects on marital stability."

Age 21 - How I cured my sexual dysfunctions (ED and PIED and desensitization) and how you can too

If you read this, I assume porn ruined your sexual life. Maybe, just like me 2 years and a half ago, you just discovered that you can't have an erection with a girl. This is what happened to me, and it was difficult. But I am cured, and I am going to tell you exactly what to do, how do to it and why to resolve this issue in your life.

Age 25 - First date in years on Day 90

Yesterday I went for coffee with a girl I managed to ask out two weeks ago. When I dropped her off at home, she invited me in and we chatted some more. We lost track of time to the extent that her family even invited me to stay for supper.

Age 35 - 60 days: Porn-induced ED appears to be cured

Today it's been 60 days since I watched porn! It feels damn good but the real good news is I don't think about watching porn very often anymore. I think about masturbating or having sex though but hey, I'm not made of stone.

How the proliferation of porn is ruining men's love lives. By Angela Gregory, Lead for Psychosexual Therapy, Chandos Clinic, Nottingham U. Secretary British Society of Sexual Medicine (2016)

Some people don't believe in porn addiction, but I've seen its effects first hand.

By Angela Gregory August 19, 2016 (link to original article)

There is an increase in men (and sometimes women) who recognise that their sexualised internet use is out of control, says NHS sexual and relationship psychotherapist Angela Gregory

For the past 16 years I have worked full-time as an NHS sexual and relationship psychotherapist, treating men and women with a range of sexual difficulties. Sexual problems can have a medical or psychological ethology or a mixture of both.

Age 26 – Deeper voice, outstanding sex

I've been a supporter of NoFap since before NoFap. Telling my friends I lose energy after I beat off, one of them looking me in the face and telling me that's a lie. I should of listened to myself when I made that judgement about my body in highschool. I'm now 26.


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