Age 38 - Insanely more confidence, More energy & focus, More attention from females, Better immune system

All right douche canoes, here we go. I made it to the coveted 90 day mark, Hard Mode. I'll start with the pros.


"Wack: Addicted to Internet Porn" Now Available as a Free PDF

Noah Church here. When I wrote "Wack: Addicted to Internet Porn" back in 2014, I wrote it because I needed a book like it years ago, but no one had written it yet. I had to learn the information contained in Wack the hard way, but in the process I discovered that many, many more people could benefit from a book specifically about Internet porn addiction and recovery. Since then, the information in "Wack" has helped thousands along their own journeys to recover from porn-induced sexual and social problems.

Benefits 100% legit - social anxiety gone, improved posture , increased confidence

I saw porn for the first time when I was 12 I think, and by the age of 13 I was masturbating. I was a very playful and aspiring kid. And around that time my Dad passed away, he was an alcoholic . I was scared and devastated, I never told anyone how I felt, I was fapping even when was in the icu , I didn't know it but pmo was my escape.

Age 37 - Porn has caused so many problems in my life

37 years old, Been using forever, started with Magazines, VHS and on and on after the internet. I just noticed the longer I stayed away from it, the better, more confident I felt. It hasn't been an easy trip but easier than my last go round. 30 days is my longest streak in a long long time maybe ever. Things I've realized over the last 30 days ....

Sex with my wife has become awesome again!

I quit fapping a couple weeks ago. I was doing it most mornings, waiting for my wife to get up and then jerking off to videos on my phone before getting up. Then I'd sometimes do it again once or twice throughout the day, depending on how much alone time I got or how quiet it was at work. Pretty damn sleazy.

It's seriously life changing

I've been on no FAP since Feb 9. and it feels amazing, just passed this 2 month period I realized how insane no Fap is. I started feeling so much better about myself, focused on myself and work, as well as I got a girlfriend who I never in a million years did I think I could land.

1 Year - Until you stop fap (porn) you don't realize how it can really change your perspective on real life women.

I started Nofap one year ago with a group of friends. We agreed that we would all do go one year without fapping. We've come to the year mark and I'm going to briefly mention some highlights:

1) Doing it as a group practice is very helpful. I had tried No Fap by myself before and the same applied to the two other friends I did this with. However, once it became a collective responsibility we were all able to end this poor habit. It was also great for us to discuss the "journey"

Age 30 - PIED "Success after 90-day reboot with my fiancee!"

I had to share C's reboot story with you. C is 30 years old and wrote to me about 3 months ago. He told me how, for the past few years, he couldn’t get an erection with a girl because of his PIED and anxiety. And that his erections with his fiancée were literally non-existent.

Age 21 - Movie-like dreams, lots of energy and more sex

After failing the NoFap challenge 6 times, this time I buckled down and reached my goal. I'm 21 years old. I've used porn since I was about 13 years old. I decided to quit because of my overwhelming sense of patheticness and social anxiety around the women.

MTV's "Uncommon Sense" with Charlamagne: Featuring porn-induced erectile dysfunction

Link to the show

Season 2, Ep 2. 4/8/2016. Charlamagne is joined by Andrew Schultz, Crissle, Neal Brennan and Gabe Deem as they put their 'Uncommon' take on this week's hottest topics.

The segment discussing porn-induced ED begins at 7:35 and ends at 14:10.


I was a prodigy before porn, then.... One year of NoFap: amazing improvements

I was a chronic porn user for 9 years. Prior to porn I was a top notch football player, captain of the local team and crucial for my team. I won the gold twice and bronze once in cross country, bronze in shot put and 200m athletics. In academics I was unbeatable as well. I didnt have to study or do any sort of revision, for I had photographic memory (YES! I would score full marks even on surprise tests lol and I could memorize a whole biology book.

Age 27 - 2 years of NoFap success. Listen to my story!

I found this place and started Nofap on a whim; I even tried to get a few friends to join me. Upon my asking, each and everyone of them proceeded to make fun of me and rip me apart in front of others. Obviously as an ambitious male, that wasn't enough to deter me; a solo journey seemed refreshing and my friends' collective laughter at my expense made me grin a little and just think "watch this".

Age 18 - Life just way better on every front

Here's a little background info. I was addicted to PMO for a couple years when I joined September 28. I did not have PIED. Somewhere in October I began a 45-day streak. This first streak was filled with edging, however. January 7 or so I began my 89-day streak.

Age 19 - From shy to rocking sex life!

Since starting this thing I've completely changed. Previously I was a shy unmotivated anxious socially awkward teen virgin. Now I can say that I actually enjoy life and socialising with other hoomans. I never thought that this would work as well as it did.

Age 19 - I've become a sensitive, joyful and and aware man, amazing relationship too

From the terrible young age of seven I had my first encounter with pornography. I remember sneaking down early in the morning when everyone was still sleeping, to type in exciting things in google and got to click all these different sites which excited me greatly. I discovered masturbation months after I started watching porn.


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