Age 25 - I see girls differently now, and found a woman I treasure, academic performance up

Day 1000 - My life now is almost free from Distractions, I maintain an A+ average throughout my Masters degree. This is talking about someone that got into University barely with a D average in Highschool. No I wasnt smart, What is smart and What is dumb my friends than but a perspective at looking at the same thing? We all have the potential in ourselfs to become the greatest there ever is but it is choice whether for us to realize that potential or not.

Age 51 - 4 years pornfree

Today is my 4th birthday. It was 4 years ago March 25th that I watched porn, and masturbated, for the last time. Seriously: The. Last. Time. Back then I was 47 and overweight. I always had plans to get up early and exercise, but getting up early and doing anything typically turned into getting up early and looking at porn.

34 years old - Excited to be on path to getting better but got devastated during the process

I am 34 and have been using porn about 4-5 times a week for about 20-30 minutes per time since I was about 15. The frequency never really increased that much but the impact it was making on my brain and outlook definitely increased over time. The dysfunction increased over time for sure even though the frequency or duration stayed the same.

Age 17 - I'm more aware and less tired

I'm 17 and I've been doing this for nearly 2 years now. This is my second time getting to 90 days and you definitely feel better. My friends may think it's stupid but I'm certainly glad I chose to start.

Age 22 - 4 weeks and my PIED has improved to 85-90%

One-two months ago I realised that I can't get it up without porn, so I decided to fix that. One of the things I have learned through experience is "research before doing anything", so I started reading articles about lifestyle, exercising, sexuality, healthcare and more.

Age 49 - after 30+ yrs of PMO I'm empathizing with women's desire for intimacy

Been reading all I can about PMO harmful effects for almost a free for about 10 months, nofap for 44 days..this after being a disgusting porn addict since the 80s...stories I could tell...but never thought I could live without PMO at least several times a week, if not daily. Approaching 50 years old I have a new life thanks to this community.

Age 24 - Incredible drive, I want to illuminate the world

The best benefit of NoFap is the incredible desire to rise to the top - to the pinnacle. I have an incredible thirst to be elite - to be all I can be. I want to learn it all, see it all, do it all.

Age 17 - I'm confident as fuck (former introvert)

Have you ever tought if there are long benefits of PMO? Let's rationalise guys, there is absolutely no benefit, it's not like it's a neutral thing lIke you do it and it's fine, it only destroys you and it destroys the best form of you that is waiting to go outside and impress everyone, even yourself. Trust me you will be admired about what you will be able to achieve.

Age 22 - Been trying for 3 years, life is a lot better, happier, more confident

I was addicted to PMO about 3 years ago, fortunately I was able to quit P about 3 years ago (yes I had some relapses after that, but it was nothing constant as it was before),

Age 37 - Lost my wife over porn/ED, but now I'm almost at the top of my game again

My wife left me because of porn. Not "because of porn", but for what porn was doing to me. I've been in PMO for the last 15 years (I'm 37 now), and I've been through all the symptoms described here, including ED.

Age 17 - I'm a more enjoyable, likeable person, and I'm going to the prom!

Anyways just occurred to me how far Ive come since my freshman year. I am wayy different than I was two years ago. Even though I still relapse fairly recently the whole NoFap experience has changed my outlook on life and women. Ive just become a more enjoyable and likable person. I now focus on happiness and being kind to others which takes you a long way.

Age 26 - PIED. It was the porn, not performance anxiety

When I was 16 years old I tried to have sex for the first time and couldn't get it up. Not even a little bit. I'm here to tell you: no it's not performance anxiety, no your testosterone levels are fine, no you're not gay/asexual/whatever - you watch too much porn and this is the place that's going to make you a normal person again.

Age 19 - I've always been a shy guy but that is not a problem now

It's been a year since the last day I look Porn and I masturbate even without imagination. I always been a very smart and nice looking guy. Or maybe I'm saying that because ... I remember how girls approached to me in the school but for ''Some'' reason everything changed or almost. I think when that changed was when I discovered Porn and masturbation.

Age 22 - Porn screwed me up and quitting made my life better than ever

I've been lurking nofap for over 2 years now, and I guess, after checking my counter, and thinking about how much nofap has changed my life, I owe it to this community to let you guys know what it's done for me and what it has the potential to do for you.

Pornography caused me to doubt myself, made me feel insecure, created a world of fantasy and avoidance

This last year has been a trial for me. I found myself engaging in a parental role, in a relationship with a long time friend who had a daughter. Before I had become involved in this relationship, I was in a pit of depression for a long time. I relied on porn to kill time and get me through my days. I saw some rather extreme stuff. Tame as well. Overall, a mixed bag of deviance.


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