Age 24 - Because my anxiety is gone, I can live a normal life again

happy guyI'm going to keep this short because many of the 90 day reports repeat themselves for the benefits. Since Nofap, I have started taking cold showers daily and also started a meditation program.

Age 17 - Sharp memory, gains in gym, deeper voice, healthy skin, stamina confidence

happy young guy90 days no MO and 110 no P. Who I am?  I'm a 17 old teenager who studies bio chemistry at the best college of my country to be a successful doctor one day , because I really love helping others and this makes me extremely happy.

Is porn killing your sex life? (New York Post)

unhappy guy in bedroomJason can’t believe it’s come to this: He’s lying in bed, naked, with a beautiful woman — and he can’t get turned on.

Age 21 - These last 3 months have been the most spectacular months of my adulthood

happy guyI am a 21 year old man and I, like most men, used to masturbate very frequently (2-3 times a day on average) while watching pornographic content. However, about 3 months ago, I decided that I would give that up and try something new. After the first few days I felt like I wasn't going to succeed, but I kept it together and continued my streak. After about two weeks, I no longer had any urge to watch porn or masturbate. I was a free man.

Off the merry-go-round of highs and lows - With help of Taoist practices

Yin-Yang symbolWithout a doubt, the addiction I had to porn, masturbation and conventional orgasm was the toughest addiction I've ever had to break. I had to give up weed once, but it didn't even come close in terms of difficulty.

Age 22 - ED, My life is overall better & here's the science behind NoFap

Science signI don't speak English well so bear with me. First I dont give a shit about the people who think NoFap is a joke and complete bullshit. This is good for me because this means less competition. Nobody wants world full with dudes with high sex drives, motivation and all the benefits NoFap provides.

Married - I am happy

happy coupleI have had a bumpy ride but I want to point out right now fapstronaughts, more important than 90 days, more important than fucking super powers is having that drive you feel in your heart to just KEEP GOING no matter what!

Pornography: the malady of the 21st century - Romanian book

cover of "Pornografia"A site visitor alerted YBOP to a new book by Romanian author Virgil Gheorghe: Pornography: the malady of the 21st century. He included an English translation of its foreward (some of which appears below) by Professor/Doctor Restian Adrian who is a member of the Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences and also of the European Academy of Teachers in Family Medicine.

Age 25 - This has improved my sex life by more than I knew was even possible

happy guyONE HUNDRED AND THREE DAYS, MOTHERF*CKERRRRRS! - Hooooly shit I never would've thought this is possible! I broke a habit that I've been carrying around with me for pretty much my entire life!


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