Age 25 - I healed porn-induced ED, but reverted back to my old habits.

No U turnNever thought I'd be back here. I posted a few times on NoFap on my old account in the past to help overcome my porn addiction. I was a success story. I stopped watching porn, and I regained full and robust woodies for the ladies to enjoy. But it wasn't happily ever after.

Age 25 - After 2 years of nofap attempts, I made it 2 months - overcame ED, anxiety & depression

When the going gets toughI first discovered nofap before I even knew I had porn-induced erectile dysfunction about 2 years ago. I could only make it a few days or weeks at a time at first and then I would binge for long periods between attempts.

Age 24 - Delayed ejaculation healed, even with many setbacks

young guy"And when you want something all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it" - from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Completely changed my attitude about girls, less need to fap

flirtingTwo days ago I managed to hit the milestone of 3 months free from pornography. It has been an incredibly challenging experience, but I have no regrets what-so-ever.

Age 27 - Married: better relationship & sex. Many benefits, but religion was a stumbling block

couple in bedFirst attempt of nofap on easy mode (allow sex w/spouse), 90 days done! It feels great to have accomplished this goal. I am shooting for 120 days next and will just keep trying to add further months onto the streak as they come.

Age 23 - Best time of my life, no longer a virgin

happy guyThis streak of 210 days was the best time of my life. I made so many new friends, kicked cigarettes to the curb, made my mother proud of me :-), got laid numerous times, and found an inner peace that I never knew existed. Ladies and gentlemen I became a MAN.

Age 28 - ED, avoiding performance pressure helped

happy coupleI've been on Nofap for nearly a year now, having started on January 1st 2014. I've had 1 relapse around halfway through the year but aside from that was on Hardmode from January to August.

Gone is the great deal of 'brain fog' that I had been living with for years

happy guyI finished hard-mode yesterday (No P or M) for 90 days. The changes are incredible and I was ecstatic when the counter on my phone read 90.

Age 19 - NoFap + Sex = Destroyed Weird Sexual Fetishes

legs in bedWhen I was 16 three years ago I was at the height of my porn addiction. Fat porn, tranny porn, femdom porn, even weirder shit, etc.

ED - After recovering for 8 months I have finally been able to have sex consistently

I have been waiting for a while to write this post and now I can. After recovering for 8 months I have finally been able to have sex consistently without any erection problems.

iRights for Young People Using the Internet

Internet and digital technologies are a fundamental part of children and young people’s lives, impacting on their behaviour and shaping the world in which they live. Almost every aspect of a young person’s life has an online dimension and yet digital technologies are rarely designed with their needs in mind.

180 days - Now shit gets done!

Get Shit Done signToday it's 180 days ago that I last saw porn. I feel a lot has changed since then, not just mental changes, but my life has changed so much.

A new person - So good to be out of the flatline

happy guyI am on day 54 of hardcore mode and I feel incredible! The past 3 days have been fantastic! It feels so good to be out of the flatline. I am happier, funnier and overall way more social and outgoing.

Age 27 - Pros of NoFap, Cons of PMO

pros and consSome will apply to all, others only to some, but they're there for you to consider.

Masturbation and Pornography Use Among Coupled Heterosexual Men With Decreased Sexual Desire: How Many Roles of Masturbation? (2014)

caution tape on computer screen"Among men [with decreased sexual desire] who used pornography at least once a week [in 2011], 26.1% reported that they were unable to control their pornography use. In addition, 26.7% of men reported that their use of pornography negatively affected their partnered sex and 21.1% claimed to have attempted to stop using pornography."


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