Is Porn Bad?

Age 25 - cured of my ED and DE

young guyMy story: I'm a 25 year old guy. I've been watching porn regularly for about 10 years. And been masturbating on average once a day since i discovered it 14 years ago. I have had sex with a lot of different girls. My problem though was, that I often times couldn't get it up (even with viagra/cialis).

Is Porn Bad? by Yahya Bakkar

Age 26 - ED cured. 97 days Hard mode.

happy coupleIt has been confirmed! Recently, I had reached my 90 day hardmode goal in hopes of being cured of PIED. Long story short, my buddy [penis] was functioning at roughly 60% a couple years ago and around 30% in the past year. You can imagine the depressing lack of confidence that came with that.

The Chinese way of NoFap

Hello guys! I’m from China. I am also a nofapastronaunt. Do you know there is a nofap-alike website in China which is made up by 640.000 members now. And it’s developing really fast with 1000 new members per day.

Age 24 - (ED, DE): sex is better, more social, greater motivation

4 feet in bedI made it! A huge THANK YOU for all of the advice and motivation.

My experience with nofap

Age 22 - ED & sexual confusion: 4 years to make 90 days.

happy coupleI never thought I would get this far; things had gotten pretty heavy and my battle against pmo has lasted nearly 2 years. In that time I have changed dramatically.

Age 19 - more open & friendly, happier, no longer addicted to games

young guyI'm your usual 19 years old gamer who used to spend hours upon hours of gaming everyday, also fapping and watching porn for hours.

(CAUSE & REMISSION) The exacerbation of depression, hostility, and social anxiety in the course of Internet addiction among adolescents: A prospective study (2014)


COMMENTS: This study followed students for one year assessing levels of internet addiction and evaluating levels of depression, hostility, and social anxiety. Researchers found that internet addiction exacerbates depression, hostility, and social anxiety, while remission from Internet addiction decreases depression, hostility, and social anxiety. Cause & effect, not just correlation.


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