Age 23 - from a socially-inept porn addict living with his mum, to in my own house, preparing to launch my own company

happy guyOver a year or two ago now, I sat down in front of my computer after work, fired up facebook and resumed the all-familiar position that I had become all too accustomed to for the evening. Relentless scrolling, browsing, masturbating, everything I could do to distract myself from the monotony of what my life had become.

ED & DE cured - It took me 6+ months but it works

happy guyGuys, I'm no long consecutive streak winner at nofap, never was. My best was maybe 21 days. Then relapse. 14 days. Relapse. 18. You get the idea. I never gave up. But I learned many things while trying to finally break the addiction that after a year of trying it out. I am doing a lot better now in spirit and soul. And I think girls can tell that. I've slept with 3 girls on the first dates. I want to first state that sex isn't the holy grail here (I want sex= I get sex).

A life changer: From a guy who had extreme social anxiety to start feeling normal again.

socially healthyI have been doing nofap for about 2 years now and this has literally been a life changer from a guy who had extreme social anxiety to start feeling normal again. This has been a long journey but it was totally worth it because its helped me become more comfortable with myself.

Fap Or Fuck: It's Time to Choose (VICE interviews Gary)

Vice articleIt wasn’t that long ago that the world’s eager young wankers could happily jerk themselves into a state of exhaustion without a care in the world. But for some time now there's been a growing level of consciousness of something that should probably have been quite obvious to anyone whose blood hadn’t all been redirected away from their brains.

Age 25 - Quit due to DE, this feels great

fieldOk, so I'm just one day away from 100 and it feels like I reached that number all of a sudden, without even paying any attention to it since day 73 when I broke my previous record. This is by far the longest time I've been without PM (or any masturbation to visual stimuli) since age 12 or so.

Age 42 - ED cured: the recovery took 11 months

coupleSo I consider myself successfully recovered by now. I am 42 years old, sexually not very experienced and have been recovering for 11 months. During this time, I went from not being able to get an erection at all to having sex without ED drugs.

ED is cured: more confidence, energy & drive. Have a girlfriend.

I'm definitely not going to watch porn ever again. I have ZERO desire to. Changes in my life:

Age 20 - ED cured, morning wood is back, more social & confident, no more brain fog,

flirtingFinally. I've reached 90 days without fapping. It is great to have control over my life and actions again. Without being caged up in PMO all the time. To anyone reluctant about trying this, just start.

Study: Anal heterosex among ages 16-18 reveals climate of 'coercion' & influence of porn

Comments: From the study - "The main reasons given for young people having anal sex were that men wanted to copy what they saw in pornography, and that ‘it's tighter’."

Other reasons described in the study for having anal sex were clearly derived from viewing porn.

  August 13, 2014

A new study of sexually active British teens reveals disturbing narratives about anal sex.

ED - 1 year of struggle, but I am finally cured

couple watching the waterI've been abstaining from PMO on and off for a year now. I was in a long relationship previously (almost five years) and it was my first experience with sex. Unfortunately, I became addicted to PMO about a year in. I didn't realize it at first, but it began to slowly affect my relationship.

1 year - ED, laziness, back pain gone. Much more productive, emotional, focused, motivated, talkative, and engaging.

mountainBefore I stumbled upon NoFap one year ago, I was fapping 1-3 times a day, yes, that was 365 - 1095 times a year for around 20 years.

Enhanced Attentional Bias towards Sexually Explicit Cues in Individuals with and without Compulsive Sexual Behaviours (2014)

Cambridge University logoComments: This is another Cambridge University study on internet porn addicts. This one is a cue-reactivity test (attentional bias), which meticulously follows established neuroscience protocols. The subjects were all male and heterosexual (average age 24). Subjects were screened with a battery of tests & questionnaires to avoid confounds. Two control groups consisted of healthy heterosexual males who were, age, sex, and IQ, matched. Results mirror results seen in substance abusers, and dovetail with an earlier brain study on porn addicts.

Also see Rob Weiss's article Another Study Links Compulsive Sexual Behavior to Other Forms of Addiction

Religion and Porn Addiction

Bible and PlayboyRecently, there has been some buzz regarding the role of religion with regard to porn addiction. One study showed that men claiming to be Christian were twice as likely as non-Christians to think that they might be addicted to porn.

Age 19 - worst ED imaginable cured, and my life has improved in every single area

happy guyGuys. Rebooting works. Seriously, I never thought it would work for me. I was masterbating 1-3 times a day, every day, from age 11 to age 18. That's 7 years of my developmental life torn apart by porn. I had the worst ED imaginable, I'm pretty sure my penis was the equivalent of a shriveled toe. But fear not! After 339 days of rebooting, I feel like superman. My life went from being a loser, a hardcore videogame junky, barely passing classes, with losers for friends; to pure greatness.

Age 28 - ED, Relapses - 3-year update

Holy smokes it's been almost 3 years since I first posted to this blog. What a ride it's been, too! Ups and downs, good days and bad days, relapses and successes, and, most of all, many realizations.


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