Age 42 - 34 years of addiction

cloudsI'll start out with a brief history of my addiction. This post may seem long, but believe me, this is the cliff notes version. 34 years and I could write a freakin' book. Here goes: I was around eight years old when I was introduced to naked women and porn in a magazine. Softcore stuff, you know the “almost” touching poses. I was hooked. Frequently raided my dad's stash.

Was anti-social & had very few friends. Now: new job, am a social butterfly, confidence way up.

FriendsI had never realized how much porn had over taken my life until I started this journey. It crushed and ruined many relationships. I was once the guy that knew everyone and planned parties. As I got older though and the addiction got stronger, I started to shelter myself from people. I became a recluse. I stopped being that guy that knew everyone.

90 Day Report: A life transformed

DragonflyWhen I began NoFap I did not think that day ninety would feel significant, nor did I anticipate the depth of gratitude I would have for this community and its mission.

Age 28 - more energy, focus, alert, more chatty with people, new relationship

flirting I've recently been getting more active on this sub, and now it is time to share my story. I won't try to edit much and will have a past present and future.

Age 16 - Bisexual or just HOCD (my experience & advice to HOCDers)

"Only enter this site if you are 18"People always say "if you're attracted to guys in real life then you're bisexual" "if the locker room was a turn on, you have a degree of interest in men" etc...

Age 42 - our sex life is great, better than it has been in years

Playboy coverLet’s start off with the Ugly. My addiction to porn started with exposure at about 8 years old. Two Playboy mags from a friend's house. Now for some of you young guys, (with sarcasm) Playboy is a printed mag. and the only way to view porn back when I was a kid.

Age 34 - I do not want to ever go back to that living hell

Crater LakeSo where to start, what to say? 34 yo male, been PMOing since at least 1992. At the beginning of December of last year, shortly after Thanksgiving, I discovered this community (and reddit in general) after reading an article on TheBlaze.

90 days - press conference format

press conference micsshuffles papers

Good morning.

clicks, flashes, whirs

I am an addict of pornography and masturbation.

Age 18 - ED cured, everything working perfectly

happy youn g guyI had PIED every time I hooked up with a girl. When I lost my V card I was disappointed that sex did not feel as good as I had anticipated.

Age 25 - (ED) changes in perception & personalty, increased confidence & energy

Eros and PsycheI believe I am entitled to a long-ass post now that I have my blue star. Here goes.


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