Used to be a zombie: Confidence through the roof, got my swagger back

young guyI remember coming here as a completely broken man wanting to fix himself and rid himself of this terrible disease.

Age 19 - More confidence, hard erections

young guySuccessful w/ girls in HS, had many chances with naked girls in my bedroom between junior and senior year, couldn't keep my dick up to have full intercourse. Took forever to orgasm from oral sex.

Age 24 - Regained a sense of confidence I lost a long time ago down the porn hole

Never Give UpI've been trying nofap for almost two years now. This is by far my longest streak. For those of u guys who are struggling to make it past a week, know that many people with long streaks started off the same way.

Age 23 - My anxiety is fading, lost 134 pounds

young coupleToday after 5 years of not being able to have an orgasm because of self esteem issues and masking pain with self inflicted pleasure, I had an orgasm from plain, boring, guy-girl, missionary, standard sex.

Age 23 - First date in 3 years, so relaxed

young coupleI'm 23, I haven't dated since 20, I always blamed work, but tbh I was just anxious.

Age 24 - This has taken away all my anxiety and given me a new outlook on life

young manI had lost all my mojo and I was losing my creative energy over the years. I think I had also gotten very cynical and negative and I think I might have  been really depressed.

Age 22 - ED: Sex feels great for the first time ever. I feel confident, and unashamed.

girl sitting on young guyFinally! I can have sex whenever I want. I feel great. Sex feels great for the first time ever. I feel confident, and unashamed. First I want to thank this site and the ones who created it and run it. Without it I would still have ED.

Myths About Porn and Related Dysfunction (Girl Boner Radio)

Gabe_Headshot[1]-2August explores myths about women learned from adult films then interviews Gabe Deem, a former porn addict turned experienced speaker and mentor, on a controversial new study that claims that porn-related dysfunction isn’t legit. Listen to the episode on iTunes here or stream it here.

To learn more, follow Gabe on Twitter (@GabeDeem) and read his blog.

Age 16 - Women in general are so much more attractive now, Meditation is key

young guyI'm a 16 yr old male who recently discovered NoFap, and I have to say that it's probably the best thing I've ever done for myself (besides meditating).

ED cured - A wife's report: Here are the changes he and I have noticed

couple kissingLast night, after we had sex, my husband said to me, "I can't believe I ever thought that jacking off and watching porn was better than having sex. I wish I could go back and just kick myself. I knew there was a problem back then, but I didn't know what it was or what to do about it."

Age 25 - Better mood & energy, More communicative, More in touch with my feelings and emotions

Young guyAnother big milestone. I'm a 25 year old guy, trying to be better. The benefits for me are:

Less Anxiety, Greater creativity & focus, Better eye contact, Being funny, and more

young guyI can't say that your gonna become superman but I think it's much better than being that lazy/annoying/socially uncalibrated / anxious/nervous 24/7 Guy .

Who knew all I had to do was stop jerking off to feel the emotional state of happiness?

Filipino guyMy name is John and I'd like to tell you a story about addiction. As a young child, I moved from the Philippines to the US with my mother. The struggle of understanding what to do for both my mother and I was quite difficult at that point of time.

Age 22 - (ED) Just had sex successfully more than 6 times over the weekend with my girlfriend

couple in bedJust had sex successfully more than 6 times over the weekend with my girlfriend. My story is almost the same as most of you started when I was 12 or 13, I am a very shy person had anxiety attacks when trying to have sex and ED.

Age 17 - a lot more confident, even with a few slips

young guy runningI started NoFap about 80 days ago, In which I relapsed 4 times, first three in first three weeks, and now the forth time, not bad. It was and awesome journey, all the bad and good things. First three weeks were truly hard.


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