I feel fully charged every day, comfortable with myself and with women

  1. Energy levels are high and constant. Developed good posture.
  2. Confident everyday, in every situation. Strong sense of inner power. Comfortable being who I am.
  3. Better health, skin, hair, eyes are bright and shiny.
  4. Not objectifying women. Just letting things be as it is naturally. Not preoccupied with sex or indulging in sexual fantasies.

"Is virtual reality the future of online pornography?" (BBC)

Without pornography, the internet as we know it today, would not exist.

It's a bold claim, but some experts credit porn with popularising many online activities we take for granted. These range from video streaming and webcams, to credit card transactions to opt-in email subscriptions. Virtual reality is one area the technology industry is looking to make big money - and the developers of sex toys, cam sites and porn videos are already staking their claims.

Age 21 - Thinking clearly, can hold a conversation, letting go of bullshit faster

I wanted to share with you all some of the "superpowers" as some say, that I have experienced in the past 71 days. Previously, all my attempts as NoFap would usually end at somewhere around the days in the 20s. My previous highest steak was 52.

8.5 months and going strong

8.5 months going strong. I found out about this sub in nov 2015. The best thing i think would be my work performance...it's been a while since anyone have nagged me in office for not doing my job good enough.

Are you watching too much porn? The risks of online sex addiction and how to avoid it (UK)

There’s nothing wrong with occasional porn usage, but beware of the downward spiral of porn addiction

News from the psychosexual health clinic at Nottingham University Hospital will strike fear into many young, male, porn users’ hearts.

Because the clinic’s found a huge increase in younger men who use porn regularly and can’t get an erection when with a partner.

Age 30 - I feel younger, my skin is glowing, curiosity has returned

I’ve learned a lot about myself in the past 90 days, I’m not sure if I’ll ever be healed. The Good News I don’t feel as old. With a seemingly infinite pain tolerance, I can workout like I did in high school, my skin has returned the olive glow it had when I was in middle school and my genuine curiosity for how the world works and how people think continue to blossom in ways that deepen the contrasting colorfulness of life’s challenges.

Age 18 - More confident and outgoing, can fall asleep without fapping, hardcore fantasies gone

I'm currently on day 41, which is my second and best streak so far. This is getting easier and easier so I hope I'll get to 90 days without relapsing. Benefits

  • I don't need to fap to fall asleep anymore
  • That in turn means I don't wake up with my dick sticky

Age 25 - I finally lost my virginity.

I'll share what I find necessary. I target this message to other virgins, but everyone else may benefit from the read.

'I'm 31 and a virgin because I'm addicted to porn' (BBC)

Jim is 31 and a recovering porn "addict" who says porn has stopped him functioning "normally".

He's been telling Newsbeat about the devastating effect it's had on him after he began searching for more explicit material online. "The internet gives you this private space that nobody knows about," he says. "You can try things with a complete absence of consequence."

For many porn is part of a happy sex life but for those like Jim (not his real name) it can become an obsession that ruins relationships, friendships and jobs.

Age 25 - Porn-induced ED pretty much cured. I stopped watching porn 1.5 years ago.

Here is the short version of my story: 25 years old. 5 years into porn with bad habits such as fapping inside my pants without erection. PIED and PE. Not weird tastes. I stopped watching porn 1.5 years ago. I made my 90 days of nofap and then masturbating on and off without fantasizing.

Age 29 - I now handle life with strength and charisma

I realize as I look back at this 2 year journey how important it was to see other reports and know it can get better.... I'm 29, single and fighting for a career... And it is all happening, one step at a time.

Age 33 - PIED cured after 15 years! Bizarre fetishes gone. Wonderful sex.

I'm 33 years old with severe pied and I began the NoFap journey over 2 years ago, and I completed 90 days today, and i want to share my ideas about this wonderful experience

  • This is a very strong addiction, but once you get it around 2 months you're not addicted anymore, You relapse because you're just bored.

Age 30 - REAL life and REAL sex and REAL intimacy is a million times better

I can't believe I've gone almost a year without fapping. I'll be honest. I had a few peaks at porn and was close to relapsing but I just stopped myself and said "NO DO NOT DO IT!" and I turned it off and walked away from my computer.

Holy shit guys....I actually love myself!

I'm at 160+ days right now, and I'm starting to actually love myself. Not the "I love myself if I do this". This love is "I love myself regardless of who I am or who am I becoming". During the years of masturbating and watching porn, I hated myself and I wanted to kill myself, but now there's hope for me and a better future of myself.


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