Porn Addiction: The One Side Effect No One's Talking About

Whoever you are, I'm so glad that you're reading this article right now. We're about to address a delicate topic that’s in need of addressing. A side effect of porn addiction that's only recently beginning to be discussed: Porn-induced erectile dysfunction. LINK TO ARTICLE

Age 33 - Much better - emotionally, spiritually physically

Happy couple One year ago I didn't know that I had a problem... Let me tell you I had serious ones! I thought it was common and totally fine, to PMO every day. I was so wrong...

"Porn poison is ruining men but there is hope"

porn siteDespite all the porn, we may be moving towards a romantic renaissance. Recently I caught up with a wonderful friend whose company I adore because he is so damn honest. As usual, over a few drinks, we made each other laugh, talked politics and then moved on to deeper issues like how are you really?

Age 26 - ED and DE cured, edging slowed reboot

Fap or fap not: Do not EDGEI can't help but make this long, I tried but I can't. Because this has been such a major part of my life for so long, I have a lot to say on the matter.

Age 24 - A marked increase in confidence

confident guyNofap has been a Godsend. I was always conflicted: I instinctively knew (P)MO was wrong, but there is a general view that it is 'healthy', 'natural', 'good for you', and that everyone does it.

'My addiction to porn and escorts cost me thousands' (Martin Daubney interviews young man)

Watch Daubney's documentary 'Porn On The Brain'What happens when watching porn becomes an addiction, and then spills over into an expensive real-world habit? Martin Daubney talks to a young man whose life was almost ruined

Psychotherapist advises porn addict

Ridiculously hard boners - but relapsed and PIED returned

happy guyThis is my second attempt at NoFap. The first time was a couple of years ago and I made it to 60 days. Then I got back together with my girlfriend (we were in a long term relationship and my PIED and non-existent libido was definitely a contributor to forcing us to take a break).

Age 20s - I simply do not freeze anymore and tremor is mostly gone

happy guyI truly am amazed at (most) of the effects NoFap has had on me! Currently day 50. Here’s my report:

Physiological Benefits Reported by Men Eliminating PMO

guy working outOver and over again men who quit porn report physical changes that would not normally be associated with addiction-related changes, although they may well be neuro-endocrine. Here we collect a sample of those accounts. (See What benefits do people see as they reboot? for other kinds of benefits.)

ED cured - Far more sensitive & feel more sensations. Deeper voice. Girlfriend happy.

redwoodsMy reasons for doing NoFap:

  • ED with partner
  • Addictive personality/Addiction to PMO
  • Improve self control
  • Increase enjoyment of other activities

Age 64 - PIED: I’m much more alive and very grateful

happy couple20 years ago, I was unmarried and living with my hot future 2nd wife; I had it made; things couldn’t have been better. We married a year later, and surprisingly, things got even better. I only learned recently that I was operating at ~40% emotionally back then due to fapping. Years later, PIED started to happen, though I didn’t know it as such.

Age 23 - Delayed ejaculation healed: For the first time in my life I finished inside a vagina

couple in bedYou might have seen some of my posts regarding my DE problem. DE is why I started NoFap several months ago now. I can honestly say NoFap has saved me. I'm finally (nearly) there, to recovery I mean.


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