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Age 44 - PIED: Almost every other reason for quitting porn did not work

Some background: 44 years of age, male, long-term porn user (magazines >> VHS tapes >> internet); dozens of efforts to quit (even back at the magazine stage); recent onset of PIED. Longest previous record was 23 days. During the last 90 days: no porn, no masturbation, but sex with real women is allowed. So what did I learn?

Age 33 - My experience as an ex-addict and scientist

Scientific papers, others' experiences and people's opinions might tell you about porn-induced ED and stories of depression caused by excess of porn, but if you are suffering something like that you already know that. Most likely, if it weren't for [this site] I would have continued much longer in watching porn, although I already had the strong intuition that it was ruining my life and emotional balance.

Compulsive Sexual Behaviour as a Behavioural Addiction: The Impact of the Internet and Other Issues. Mark Griffiths PhD., (2016)

COMMENTS: This is the Mark Griffiths commentary on "Should Compulsive Sexual Behavior be Considered an Addiction? (2016)" by Kraus, Voon & Potenza. Key points by Griffith include:

  1. More emphasis needs to be placed on the role of the Internet in CSB. (YBOP strongly believes that Internet porn addiction must be separated from "sex addiction.")
  2. The internet facilitates sexual behaviours that an individual would never imagine engaging in offline. (Individuals who develop cybersex addiction today would rarely have become sex addicts prior to highspeed internet.)

Age 25 - Decreased anxiety and depression, Increased social confidence, Able to talk to women, PIED may be better

I hit 90 days hard mode today! Never thought I would make it this far back in December when I started but the 90 day milestone became more clear and attainable each day as my journey progressed. Here's a rough estimate of my personal timeline for those on the same journey.

Age 50 - Many men continue PMO throughout their lives, never questioning why they can get it up with porn but not for real sex

Nofap cured my anxiety, depression and negative thoughts. Living life before was like driving a car with ten screaming arguing children in the back seat. I clearly remember waking one morning and realised my mind was quiet!

Age 24 (Gay) - Moderation made my sex life 10x better

I don't know if other users can relate to my problems, but I had been getting some ED. I'm gay, so I basically just switched to bottoming at this point. I started reading up on it (I used a lot of links that I found on this community), and I came to the conclusion that my inability to get it up was caused by porn (as much as I reaaaally wanted it to be another cause).

For the first time since puberty I feel like "me"

I did it! I made it to day 100! I've noticed a lot of changes, mainly confidence and a willingness to do the tough things that I need to do, exercising, eating right and work. Before nofap I would make endless excuses about being tired or doing it tomorrow. I don't hesitate with women anymore, I used to over think things and end up a jibbering mess, now it just comes naturally!

Age 21 - Social anxiety gone, no longer a loser around girls

I was socially anxious, shy, a just generally a loser around girls. I came to this site and saw what many people describe as 'superpowers' and thought that I had nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving it a try. Here's my experience with NoFap so far. Day 15 I began to notice a difference. More energy, deeper voice, better posture, confidence boosted. But I wanted more so I kept going with the streak.

Age 17 - I’m driven - I think about the future now, More energy & focus, I don’t perceive women as sexual objects

I had always wondered why my brother had been so successful. He was nice, good looking, intelligent, everything I wanted to be. Instead of trying to better myself, I resorted to using more and more PMO. I never could look at girls in the eye and talking to them was out of the questions. I would just fantasize about all the things I would do to them in bed.

Age 16 - Much more self-confident, Greater energy, I am always happy, Deeper voice, Penis hard as concrete

Oh my god ! Oh my god ! Oh my god ! I actually made it to frigging 90 days! Back from the end of August to the beginning of October 2015, I had my first real streak, 42 days.This has been really awesome for me to be able to abstain from PMO for such a long period. Back then I used to believe only after 1 month of no PMO that I was cured, and that I would never fap again.

Age 23 - PIED gone - I'm not the same person I was 7 months ago

This weekend I hit a new milestone. I feel recovered, so blessed, and happy with myself. 7 months ago I could barely get a useful erection with a girl. The hardest I could get would be when I was masturbating. I suffered real sexual anxiety...

Age 35 - I look people in the eye. I say what I think. People respect me. My business is thriving. My incredibly beautiful girlfriend is crazy about me

When I signed up on the NoFap forums I put the words "new man" in my user name, mainly to remind me of what I was trying to do- become a new, better man. I did not imagine that I could become one in such a short period of time. I had struggled off and on with PMO for over a decade. I was lonely, I felt worthless, and I had almost lost hope.

Age 28 - 1.5 Years on NoFap: My point of View

 It started at the age of 11 with naked pictures went on with some soft-core videos and some hardcore videos until the age of 18 when I had my fast internet connection and then all this thing blow up. Today I am 28 and I am still trying to figure out what can I do with this thing. But hey, let me tell you something, addiction is not a thing that is easy to get rid of.


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