Age 46 - PIED cured by quitting porn

I am 46 and until 15 years ago did not own a computer or view porn with any regularity. I had healthy relationships and was married and accomplished. Then everything fell apart at the same time I was wasting countless, secret hours in erotic novelty searches.

Age 24 - Fried my dopamine receptors with weed + masturbation

24 Years old here, and i've been on my longest streak so far which is 30 Days. Before that I hit 16 and relapsed. I've been trying NoFap for maybe 4-5 Months now. Oddly enough I haven't watched porn in years just because I always felt my imagination was superior to it. Porn ended up just being boring, unrealistic for me.

Came from a place of depression, anxiety and hypersexuality

Every day feel likes there some little fire, some embers burning. When I wake up in the mornings, going to bed when i'm completely exhausted, while working, whilst having some beers, whilst driving, whilst having innocuous chats....there's this smouldering and slowing burning fire i can feel really really deep inside.

Age early 30s - My life is a thing of beauty, flawed though it may be

I started masturbating when I was 4 years old. No one taught me how, I just figured it out. I started viewing pornography when I was about 11. I carried these habits with me well into adulthood. I've often wondered what it was that made me stumble into these addictions before I even knew what they were, but I've found that 'why me?' isn't as helpful a question as 'what now?'.

Age 30s - Female. A year-long journey

I post in the Women's section of the forum under J.  J stands for JOURNEY, because this is what this has been. And while I would love to write the most positive story here, I am going to write the truth. A journey begins with a decision to change one's life in a different direction from the one it's been on.

Age 52 - Lots of benefits after 90 days. I have nothing against SAA, but it just didn't work for me

Well I did it. I completed my hard 90. I didn't want to post in the success story forum until I did. I want to write this in hopes it inspires some of you here to know it can be done. You can do it. Before I start I want to give credit to this forum and Gabe and to a member here named William who messaged me right after I joined and gave me all I needed to win.

Age 17 - I am a much happier person after a year of no porn

One year ago today, on May 11th 2015, I was browsing through YouTube videos, typical Monday night, waiting for everyone in my family to go to bed so I could PMO later. Me being into fitness I went on this one guys fitness channel, and one of his newest videos was about him starting the "nofap" challenge.

Romantically attracted to women again; no longer a borderline asexual, Can treat women as human beings now

Actually 100 days. Let's go! Features of my NoFap experience:

  • Arduous journey
  • Very much worth it

Age 22 - PIED & HOCD: After Almost 3 Years, I'm Free

Time to go on a health/positive/useful rant, so buckle down, folks, because today I plan on talking about my experience since September and things that have led me to where I am today! So, to set the scene.. this past summer I set myself back to, essentially, ground zero with my PIED.

Age 18 - Gained 15 pounds in the past 4 months completely changing my body

I guess I’m different from most people who find themselves here. I’ve always been natural outgoing and never really suffered from anxiety, depression, or confidence issues. Also I didn’t do this for religious reasons. But I’m here because the idea of making me myself the best version was enough to draw me in.

Age 19 - I'm 10 times the man I was 2 months ago

Day 58: Every day my Dad tells me how happy he is now that I'm always so happy. I'm 10 times the man I was 2 months ago and my sister says my skin is glowing. I'm 19M, I have zero social anxiety, I can face up to my problems and tackle them head on.

Age 32 - I want the real thing in every aspect of my life

The last time I jerked off was on decembre, 30, 2015. On decembre, 31 I said to myself jokingly 'Why don't you quit masturbating for a year?'. The answer was also jokingly: 'Challenge accepted'. Since then I worked my way through 120 days plus of not ejaculating.

Age 21 - From virgin with complete PIED to consistent sex with GF

I can't believe I'm finally writing this, but I have overcome PIED after a little less than 2 years. It was probably the hardest thing I've ever dealt with in my entire life, and there were more than a few points along the way that I truly questioned if I'd ever have successful sex, or even a happy life. Don't confuse me with one of these preachy posters on here. During my reboot I fell into deep depression at certain times, even drinking and taking drugs to cope with it.

Age 36 - PIED 100% cured: So how did I fix my situation?

I'm so happy! I'm 100% cured! To recap, I'm a 36 year old healthy male who had a long history of years of jerking off. I never had anyone to tell me that jerking off was so bad for you and that over time it would make having sex with real women more difficult.


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