Age 26 - Reboot took 3 years: No more ED, anxiety, sweating or panicking.

It's Official!

I haven't seen or read more severe cases on here than mine. It's official.

  • No more anxiety.
  • No more ED.
  • No more sweating and panicking.

Robb Wolf Interviews Gary

Robb Wolf show logoRobb and Gary discuss the parallels between junk food and highspeed internet porn, and why both are challenging for today's consumers.

Listen here

What I No Longer Envy . . .

sauteed veggiesWith a good explanation of the mechanism of porn addiction I have been able to break free, and every day I feel a profound sense of newfound freedom because I no longer am a slave to compulsive sexual behaviors.

Age 23 - ED: As the days go by, my performance exceeds what it ever has been

happy coupleThis painful, humiliating, emasculating experience pulled me out of the darkness. If it wasn't for PIED, I might have spent my whole life fapping to pixels on a screen. I might have spent my whole life consuming this poison sold to men as entertainment. I might have spent my whole life hiding this little secret from the world. But now I'm done.

Age 22 - I finally found a way to get rid of my porn addiction, PIED & OCD.

throwing away smartphone I finally found a way to get rid of my porn addiction, PIED & OCD. I can say from myself that my porn addiction was the worst, it was not a nasty habit that I wanted to get rid of, it was my everyday companion, thinking 24/7 about porn and sex (but can´t actually have either because of PIED).

Age 16 - my confidence has improved massively, I feel content. Free.

young guyI made it to 60 days! And the strange thing is, it doesn't feel like I am "missing" anything. Despite how large a part of my life "jerkin' the gherkin" used to be, it does not feel like I have an empty void to fill - in other words, I feel content. Free.

Age 21 - high functioning autism: It's easy to carry on conversations; smile & laugh with confidence

young guyThere were some highs (some really highs), and there were some lows (a few really lows).

Age 22 - (HOCD) 4 Months of NoFap- social anxiety gone + Strange arousal from women?

happy guyI'm a 22 y/o male virgin and I've been nofap for four months. I've noticed this bizarre attraction of women towards me now. Short backstory on me - been pmo'ing since 12, hardcore since 16,lost drive to live and have sex.

Age 23 - My romance life back. Porn-induced ED & DE cured

happy coupleThis may be a long post but this is a post I was hoping I would someday be able to create. As the title suggests, NoFap cured my delayed ejaculation (DE) and PIED. The amount of joy and relief I currently feel as I write this post cannot be described.

Today is my 2-year anniversary of embarking on this life changing journey

happy coupleSince beginning this quest on October 24, 2012, I have achieved the following life milestones and other cool things (yes, I’m bragging a little!): I am now in a relationship with an awesome Girlfriend, moved out from my parents, ran a marathon, I have a steadily growing net worth and I have no debts.

How Men, Women and Children Can Be Smarter Than Their Smart Devices

iPadSmart devices, tablets and smartphones are literally a dream come true for me. I believe that the tablet, such as an iPad, represents a new hallmark in bringing the benefits of computers to the average person. There is a quantum difference between using even an advanced notebook computer and using a tablet with a built in, always-on, Internet connection. It’s a life changing device, especially if you are on the go.

Age 20 - much better sense of how to deal with pain and rejection without loss of courage

cranes flyingThe journey has been a great one. I started nofap challenge in may but kept on failing until i realised i needed to change every aspect of my life and not just PMO.

Age 25 - ED: Today I have no issues with erection and my early ejaculation has also healed

boner powerToday, I can say proudly >>> I had sex - a powerful sex - for the first time in my 25 years, with a powerful boner.

Female - Age 29 and a sex addict.

woman's lipsDone and done. For me it boiled down to a couple realizations. First, the mind is like a garden. By extension, the mind must be treated like a garden.

6 months - I have a working penis (no more PIED!)

legs in bedAfter what felt like forever, I finally beat PIED. It feels soooo good to finally be able to have sex with my girlfriend, whom when I told, was understanding and really supported my throughout this difficult journey.


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