Young Guys Speak Out About Porn-induced ED

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Age 21 - I can now achieve my goals

young guyI am a 21 year old man. Was addicted to PMO since I was 16. I would PMO 4-6 times a day to pathetic fetish videos. Had no friends, no happiness, no motivation, no life, felt like a loser.

Age 17 - More social, confident, & active. I'm seeing women's true beauty

young guyI started this when I was 16, in January 2015. I was fairly disturbed up to that point, fapping twice a day, sometimes more. I could only get off with pretty hardcore stuff.

Age 17 - PIED cured: My message to y'all is quit watching porn

I started fapping in around 5th/6th grade & I'm currently 17. I probably started watching porn around the same time, can't really remember.

Age 16 - NoFap makes you a #1

young guyI have been lonely, afraid, and weak for so long. Not anymore. I have been holding the longest streak I've ever had, and suddenly I can flirt with ease, have tons of friends, and I am super happy day by day.

Age 26 - No more uncontrollable urges to watch porn when I come across something sexual

These days I don't feel the uncontrollable desire to watch porn as soon as I come across anything sexual. I brush it off and go about my business.

Girlfriend of an ex-porn user speaks - "Sex is amazing"

First of all, you guys are awesome. No, really. I mean it. Even if you feel insecure, down on yourself, or as if what you’re doing isn’t worth it, I’m here to tell you that you’re awesome.

Age 17 - Best year of my life

young guyI joined nofap last year and it was the best decision I ever took, I used to fap around 2-3 times a week but now over the course of a year, I fapped about 10 times or less

Age 32 - I don't have superpowers, but what I do have is a more normal response to the world

fork in roadWell, I think it's time for me to post a success story, given that today by 22:00 I'll be making one full year without porn and masturbation.

Age 29 - Married: Successfully defeated Porn-induced ED and Delayed Ejaculation

smiling coupleI can confidently say that my ED is toast, and this site, along with a lot of you people, is why. First off, let me tell you that this will not be the worst case you've ever read.

Age 37 - PIED cured: Far more content in my marriage. Sexual desires now "mainstream".

happy coupleI PMO'd for the last time on 12/21/14. It was difficult at first but got easier over time. I did relapse a couple times and watched porn but avoided touching myself. I got on the NoFap bandwagon for several reasons.

On NoFap for a while. Seeing a HUUUUGE difference in life.

young guyAs for the changes in my life, while I was in my 7 year relationship with my ex, she would get extremely jealous if I so much just interacted with a girl. So I almost made no girlfriends at that time.

Age 21 - Improved concentration, higher self-confidence, girls notice me more

The more you knowI realised latly that being in charge of your sexual energy is one of the or even most important thing in life we need learn how to control it.


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