Age 18 - To anyone reading this considering nofap, definitely do it. It will change your life.

New Zealand flagI first heard about NoFap when I was 16-17. I hadn't fapped for a couple of days, purely through chance, and I felt much better and more confident than I had in ages.

Age 18 - 90 days: Self-confidence, motivation, positivity are a few benefits I received.

flirtingNote that this post is only about how i got started into Nofap . I might make a separate post explaining how I NAILED 90 days on my very first try.

Age 31 - ED & fetish porn: I had sex 4 times in 24 hours. I got hard and lasted!

Two smiliesI came to NoFap because of porn-induced erectile dysfunction: I couldn't keep my dick hard while having sex and was convinced that porn played a role in the situation.

Age 23 - ED almost cured: I have grown so much over the past 90 days.

contented couple in bedI don't post here but I do browse occasionally and thought I would give you my story. I am a 23 year old male who has given up porn. I never fell into the niche/weird fetishes of porn, just a daily user since middle school who grew up with porn.

Age 24 - More courageous, energetic & animated, Far less apathetic, I appreciate women so much more

young guyApathy was the worst thing to happen to me. I feel like I am gaining my color back. I am starting to talk to a girl and things are going quite well. That isn't usual. I feel more courageous and more animated.

Age 31 - More confident, depression symptoms gone, ADHD symptoms much improved, Rock hard boners

100 daysAccording to my "Don't break your chain" app, this is my 100th day of not fapping to porn. About 60-something days in, it became part of my identity.

Age 18 - My life has literally changed because of this

young guyI experienced TONS of benefits . My motivation level is higher than ever . I have started working out and taking care of my health. Its crazy how much attention i have been getting from ladies while on Nofap.Never happened before.

Age 32 - My concentration is up and my anxiety is down

Dansk flagWell I did it. I made it 90 days with no fapping, watching porn or orgasms. It was very tough at first but after around 40 days it became such a great feeling that I had made it that far.

90 days - My words and smile are so easy now. I am comfortable with who I am

flirting coupleI crossed 90 days for the first time after trying for over a year, beating my previous best of 38 days by quite a margin. The biggest benefit is improvements to my demeanor/body language and small talk becoming much, much easier.

Age 26 - ED: sex felt amazing, and I have greatly improved my situation.

happy guyThis is my second attempt at NoFap. I decided to do it because of my PIED problem - a month ago, if I wanted to maintain a stable erection during sex (particularly with a condom, but also without one), I had to take Cialis.

Age 20 - Reboot has been incredible. So many benefits and changes

flirty coupleI'll keep this brief but with good content. So i was using this forum, but one day decided to leave and work on my life while continuing the fight against the drug addiction known as pmo and my life has changed in an incredible way and to put it bluntly no fap has saved my life in a big way.

Social/general anxiety gone, Improved memory, energy, mood, well-being & self-confidence

legs in a bedJust wanted to thank you for all information provided in these forums, it has given me a lot of inspiration at the beginning of this journey. This was my first attempt ever to quit porn, and I have definately gone over 90 days without PMO.

Age 45 - I'm in the driver's seat now

driver's perspective of roadThis has been a real life-changing month for me. So many positive developments, most of them invisible to the naked eye as they are changes taking place in my heart, my body and my mind.

Age 21 - Increased confidence, I see woman differently, I can hold eye contact better

happy guyMy NoFap journey started 3 months ago. Before I started NoFap I used to pmo once or twice daily since around the age of 12 till 21. Before I had found NoFap I was always tired, depressed, struggling with my grades in college.


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