Age 41 - Memory dramatically improved, Better stress management, More "alpha"

41 years old, started Nofap around 2 years and a half ago. Reached a couple of 90 days streaks and two 5 months streaks before this one. Benefits? So far I can tell you:

  • more laid back and able to manage stress
  • memory dramatically improved

Age 23 - I've never felt this capable of being happy

This has been a harrowing journey guys, as I have a girlfriend and was a 4 time/day PMOer from age 13 till now (I'm 23). I've never felt this capable of being happy. During my tenure as a rampant PMO-er I felt hopeless to the point of not realizing that any other feeling was possible. For the first time since puberty I don't feel like that.

Age 18 - Why I don't fap anymore

Do you guys ever feel like fapping is just something you do? Something you'll never beable to stop? I did once, but I sure as F wasn't about to let it control me like that. I started fapping in November of 2011. Wish I never did. The things I thought off, yuck!

Greater energy, Insomnia seems cured, I can definitely say nofap helped me focus and complete my degree, Better at video games

I recently hit 90 days hardmode on Jan 1 and have been on nofap on and off for about a year and a half. My longest streak before was about 80 days. Some benefits I noticed:

  • Insomnia - I used to have alot of trouble falling asleep and would take doses of melatonin in order to do so. I no longer need any melatonin and sleep much better.

Age 27 - More self-confidence, I feel more urge to be social, I rediscovered my long lost passion in my hobby (guitar), I can concentrate better

I've officially entered my first 3 digits for the first time in 10 years since I got addicted to PMO. How is it so far? One word... awesome! I am 27 years old. I've been addicted to porn since 17. I first started trying NoFap 1 or 2 years ago. I felt that my life was stuck in many dimensions and I was wondering if this PMO addiction is the thing that was holding me back.

Age 27 - Severe PIED and DE: Today marks an official success story of my reboot and rewiring process

Today marks an official success story of my reboot and rewiring process: For the first time in my life, I am able to achieve/ maintain an erection and orgasm to vaginal sex WITH a condom on. This has been one, if not THE ONE, reason why I'm trying to quit pornography. Eight years ago I suffered from what many of us have experienced: severe PIDE and PIED.

Age 43 - 1 year update: A year ago my wife had had enough and threatened to move out and take our children

Today is my one year anniversary of being PMO free. I am 43 years old and have been addicted since I was a teenager. I had tried many times to get better but always found it too difficult to quit. I never understood why I failed despite trying so many different things. My wife knew I was watching porn but didn't know how bad it was because I shut her out. I had been shutting her out our entire 17 year marriage. A year ago my wife had had enough and threatened to move out and take our children and tell others why if I didn't change. That was my rock-bottom moment. That was also the night I quit cold-turkey.

Age 17 - A lot less flashbacks and few urges

It's so worth it! I remember when I could of gotten 90 days by today, but I failed to push myself. However, I stepped up my game and decided that nofap was a worthwhile decision. So here I  am. I feel more confident, have a girlfriend now, and feel like a new person. I have so much more growing to do though. Here's to a new year of no PMO! Let's do this!

Age 20 - Happier than I've been in 6+ years

I am an energy ball and I feel good about myself. And you know what, I can't recall any other day like this when I smiled whole day and actually felt happy in past 6-7 years. I used to be highly spiritual as a kid,from age 5 to 12,b ut then I started PMO. I am 20.

Age 33 - Morning nocturnal erections returned. More time, motivation, energy and less procrastination. Activites more pleasurable. Feel more emotions

I started Nofap in august, did a 45 days streak (on hardmode), binged for a week, then decided to try monkmode, which seems to be working fine. At day 100 I can say I have almost completely forgot about porn. Apparté : all the benefits I experienced came much faster during my first streak than during the second (after the binging). What came in two weeks at first came back in a month or more after binging. So, be careful with binging. If you relapse, don't do it.

Age 20 - From weird fetishes to breathing new, fresh air

I couldn't believe it when i saw it, but i managed to last 5 months so far without faping and i hope i never fap again. I thought id share my experience with not faping which someone might find interesting. So basically, i've started faping at a really young age, and that was the beginning of events that messed me up almost beyond repair.

Age 19 - Playing international sports, learned Spanish, uni of my dreams

During 2016 I got into the University of my dreams, I started playing in national and even some international Badminton tournaments and I met so many amazing people whilst travelling around North and South America. I also learnt to speak Spanish almost fluently.

Age 16 - PIED better after 3 months

I've been addicted for 7 years (I'm 16) but I start to notice some results on the fourth day and from there it's small results that just keep improving. Since I was 9 I fapped everyday and I always had social anxiety and a little depression and I never had any girlfriends or friends to hang out with.


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