Age 27 - Pros of NoFap, Cons of PMO

pros and consSome will apply to all, others only to some, but they're there for you to consider.

Masturbation and Pornography Use Among Coupled Heterosexual Men With Decreased Sexual Desire: How Many Roles of Masturbation? (2014)

caution tape on computer screen"Among men [with decreased sexual desire] who used pornography at least once a week [in 2011], 26.1% reported that they were unable to control their pornography use. In addition, 26.7% of men reported that their use of pornography negatively affected their partnered sex and 21.1% claimed to have attempted to stop using pornography."

It was never the Asperger’s that was holding me back! It was PMO! (Freaking pornography did this to me!)

Asperger'sTL;DR: I wasn’t awesome. Now I am. Don’t give up on the NoFap challenge! The benefits are real! At a pretty early age I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.

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Brain cleanseHere's a sample:

If you are seriously trying to quit porn, it should be a no brainer that you need to trash your stash. Clean your hard drive, cancel any memberships you have, and if you are old school, toss those magazines/DVD’s away. You aren’t going to be needing these things in your new porn free life and keeping them around is just temptation that could lead you toward a relapse.

Age 23 - I have made progress! Have a girlfriend, back to school, moved

waterfallThis is going to be the first positive post about NoFap that I've been able to type in a long time. I've been attempting this thing for years now.

Age 23 - 5 tries to get to 90 days, lots of benefits

SupermanI don't think I'm completely rebooted just yet, but my urges are almost nonexistent. This took me around 5 tries to get to 90 days. Before when I PMO, I would do it around 2 times a day, sometimes 3.

Clyde Lewis interviews Gary on Ground Zero (syndicated radio show)

Logo for "Ground Zero" with Clyde Lewis"World of Whorecraft: Porn And The Coolidge Effect"

This show is 3+ hours long. Gary enters it about 43 minutes in.

Listen to show

Age 17 - I am a more confident and happier person

islandI haven't been very active on here as of late but I decided to log back on just to make my 90 day report. The benefits of nofap have extended well past what I thought they would for me personally.

How Online Sexual Stimulation Can Lead to In Real Life Sexual Dysfunction

surprising things you need to know about men and pornography. - See
more at:

Vader-Luke cartoon6 surprising things you need to know about men and pornography by Jed Diamond PhD

I was scared almost to death the day I electrocuted my penis. I had discovered my mother’s electric vibrator and found that playing with it around my genitals gave both an interesting humming sound and an increasingly heightened feeling of pleasure. When that continued through an explosive orgasm—my first one ever, at age 11—I went from being erect and excited to becoming limp and drained.

ED & delayed ejaculation healed - many insights during my 2 years

happy guyWow what a ride, an immensely beneficial self development ride. I am really glad I found this community when I did. I was in a dark place, masturbating multiple times a day to porn of all kinds. I had social anxiety issues and girls considered me creepy and getting friendzoned was commonplace.

Age 21 - ED for 6 years: I feel like I'm cured..I get great erections

couple in bedI feel like I'm cured.. I get great erections, I am able to maintain erect even without continuous stimulation and yes...I am able to blow my load. <3

ED - From suicidal to the top of the world

Indian couple in bedStarted June, 2014 and promised to write only when I confirmrf the cure. My first true sexual experience was on my wedding night for both myself and my partner. Before that i was only making out. Needless to say complete failure first 5 attempts (2 weeks!!).

Age 25 - After 1 year of nofap I am 100% cured of anxiety, HOCD and ED

young guyGuys, thanks for your great support. Now I don't even want try gay sex. I had some strange fantasies. It started with shemale attraction turned into gay attraction.


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