1 year - Strangers today do not turn me on like they used to

I'm a better person today than I was a year ago. I've developed the ability to enjoy life in a far deeper and meaningful way than I could have imagined when I started this journey.

Age 20 - I'd like to thank nofap for giving me my emotions & personality back

Asian coupleI have finally reached six months after trying nofap for about 2 years! Today is also me and my girlfriend's five months. I'd like to thank nofap for giving me my personality back along with a little extra charisma that allowed all of the things that have happened in the past year to be possible.

Age 34 - The incredible benefits of a reboot

Grow I am 34. After 100+ days of 'hard mode', I relapsed a few months ago. During those 100 days, incredible changes took place within me.

"How Watching Porn Might Mean The End Of Your Sex Life As You Know It"

EliteDaily logoArousal addiction is a concept that refers to seeking out novelty in order to achieve or maintain a high level of arousal.

Age 16 - Social Anxiety almost gone, suicidal thoughts & feelings of depression vanished, tons of energy

happy guySome Background: 16 y/o male. Started PMOing around 14, so around the time i entered high school, maybe for 2 and a half years I've been PMOing. I already had pretty low self-esteem entering high school.

Age 24 - Sexual/relationship development rebounded after quitting porn

lovers' hands This post is basically to summarize my whole experience so that it may help others. The amount of information in this forum and in yourbrainonporn.com helped me solve a lot of my issues so I'd like to give back.

We made it! - Wife's report

happy coupleOur story.  Together for roughly 13 years.  PIED started about 3 months into the relationship. Neither of us knew what was going on and I seriously considered that my husband was gay or asexual.

Age 24 - ED gone: I've changed so much from the person I was in 2013. NoFap played a gigantic role.

loversI realise I'm quite a distance beyond my 180 day report. The fact that I'm so late in posting this is something that I'm actually proud of. Don't get me wrong, I love these forums and if I had more time, taking part in this community on a more frequent basis would be something that I'd enjoy doing.

Age 27 - Increased confidence & motivation, improved socially, no longer a virgin

happy guyAs many have said, once you get going the urges disappear and you don't count the days. I got a girlfriend a few weeks ago and am no longer a virgin (I'm in my mid-late 20s, so it feels good to have this off my back).

Age 57 - porn-induced ED cured in 4 weeks - Classic case for this age group

I'm 57 and until I first got on the internet in 1997 I never really masturbated that often. But since then it's been a minimum of twice a day. For about ten years it never caused me any problems but then slowly I started to develop ED with a partner. But was still masturbating all the time, some times on a day off from work I'd do it 4, 5 - and once in a while six times. But it was getting difficult to orgasm with a partner and often times even to stay hard.

Age 31 - ED cured, less social anxiety & depression, more social, increased attraction to real women

biceps(90 days) I started out watching soft-core porn when I was 9 (Friday/Saturday nights on Cinemax, also known as Skinimax). I started masturbating a year later however, when I was 10. For the next few years, that was my PMO experience (little did I know, I was getting some of my fetishes hardwired into my brain already, namely with certain types of shoes and body hair).

Age 24 - Increased confidence & social skills; hunger to do productive things; clearer, more focused mind

guy measuring his waistA lot of the time I see people saying they want to go for 90 days. Well, I hate to break it to you, but it's not an end all be all number. The journey goes on. Is making it to 90 days a big accomplishment? Absolutely. Pat yourself on the back, however; you may feel somewhat disappointed when you get there if you get your hopes too high. That being said, everyone is different.

Cambridge Study: Internet porn addiction mirrors drug addiction (2014)

Cambridge University logoComments: The long-awaited Voon study highlighted in the UK documentary "Porn on the Brain" is finally out. As expected, Cambridge University researchers found that compulsive porn users react to porn cues in the same way that drug addicts react to drug cues. But there's more.

Compulsive porn users craved porn (greater wanting), but did not have higher sexual desire (liking) than controls. This finding aligns perfectly with the current model of addiction, and refutes the  theory that "higher sexual desire" causes compulsive porn use. Drug addicts are thought to be driven to seek their drug because they want – rather than enjoy – it. This abnormal process is known as incentive motivation. This is a hallmark of addiction disorders.

The other major finding (not reported in the media) was that over 50% of subjects (average age: 25) had difficulty achieving erections with real partners, yet could achieve erections with porn.

Finally, researchers found that younger subjects had enhanced reward circuit activity when exposed to porn cues. Higher dopamine spikes and greater reward sensitivity are major factors in adolescents being more vulnerable to addiction and sexual conditioning.

The results of the Cambridge study, and last month's German study (Brain Structure and Functional Connectivity Associated With Pornography Consumption: The Brain on Porn (2014), provide very strong support for hypotheses put forth here on YBOP from its inception in 2011.

Age 28 - One day at a time

happy guyI am a sober alcoholic fapstronaut and I wanted to impart some of my experience, strength and hope about NoFap and most any abstinence program. First off, my experience: I was a fapper and a budding addict/alcoholic from a young age and took many to the extremes.


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