Being porn free helped me overcome my weight gain fetish. Depression & anxiety also alleviated.

[MUST WATCH BRILLIANT SHORT VIDEO] In the past I had a pretty compulsive weight gain fetish. Weight gain porn (especially furry weight gain porn) was the only kind of porn I ever masturbated too. But after a year of being porn free I stopped fantasizing about anthopomorphic foxes that gained 500 pounds.

Age 16 - The best thing is vastly improved human interaction - people ENJOY my presence

Well... I did it :) 120 days of no porn, masturbation, or sex. And trust me - I don't plan on doing it anytime soon (Masturbating that is). First off: Damn! The first few weeks were hard, but after that it is just keeping your mind and body under control, and knowing how to handle urges. As you have probably heard before - the pro's far outweigh the con's.

Age 28 - Life was shit. Emotionally I was very tense. Dropped a cute gf. Was getting borderline weird: Finally I'm happy! +2 months porn free.

Before I discovered nofap and pornfree was banging it multiple times at day, was really tired. Sometime MO multiple times in the day, then sex, and then still not happy another MO... I had to watch porn as soon I had some free time or felt slightly bored. And clearly I masturbated to it every time. I'm in my late 20's. Life was shit. Emotionally I was very tense. Dropped a cute gf. Was getting borderline weird.

Age 22 - This is the best tool for self-improvement I've come across

Today marks 185 days no PMO. There is so much I can report on, but I'd like to be as concise as possible (however I have a habit of rambling). The main reason why I would like to write a report is to give my perspective on NoFap which may in turn motivate others, and document how I feel in case I ever want to relapse.

2 years - Much less social anxiety, More energy and motivation, Healthier hair & skin Deeper voice, I just feel happy

I have been actively facing no PMO for about 2 years. During those 2 years I have had major ups, major downs, and everything in-between. Going from a multiple-year habit to stopping cold turkey is not an easy task, at all. Even to this date I still have slip ups, but I am happy to say that during my time with this community that the slip ups happen WAY less, and it is only a matter of time before I am able to finally feel 100% rebooted.

Age 27 - After 10 years, I have a girlfriend, lost weight, got a new job

I got a wonderful girlfriend and we've been together for 6 months. It may not sound like much but I've only had 1 girlfriend and I was 17, I'm 27 now. So if you're trying to change by not fapping and improving your life just so you can get a girlfriend, STOP. Do it for yourself.

90 day report of a "Once upon a time shy guy"

Guys, I would highly encourage you to NOT give up on nofap! There's so much to learn and grow when you embark on this journey. :) During my 90 day journey, I used to constantly feel “what's the use of nofap”, because I wasn't seeing any noticeable changes when I started out. But now on hindsight, when I compare me to my previous 90-day self, there's been a significant change!

Age 24 - Just asked a girl out

Yeah man so i'm tall, decent looking, and take care of my body but my social and sexual ability are both extremely stunted due to severe porn/substance abuse from 15 until now (24)... I quite drinking, smoking, video games, junk food, and went vegan on january of this year. I also "quit" pmo but we all know how that goes... Finally i got a streak that stuck.

Age 29 - I started this path to cure my PIED and get my libido up but got a lot more through it all.

I am surprised that I made it this far. This being my first time and all. I started this path to cure my PIED and get my libido up but got a lot more through it all.

The Dual Control Model - The Role Of Sexual Inhibition & Excitation In Sexual Arousal And Behavior (2007)

COMMENTS: A recent re-discovery. The first paper to report porn-induced ED and porn-induced low libido. In an experiment employing video porn, 50% of the young men couldn't become aroused or achieve erections with porn (average age was 29). The shocked researchers discovered that the men's erectile dysfunction was "related to high levels of exposure to and experience with sexually explicit materials." The limp men had spent a whole of lot of time in bars and bathhouses where porn was "omnipresent," and continuously playing. The men explained that "high exposure to erotica seemed to have resulted in a lower responsivity to "vanilla sex" erotica and an increased need for novelty and variation.

Age 17 - Asked a girl out, enjoying the rush

I'm going to keep this short as possible because I want to write in my journal so here we go: Last year I was dating a girl, and we tried to have sex. I couldn't get it up. She broke up with me a week later for other problems, and I felt hopeless. I binged and binged my dick away. Literally everyday 2-3 times.. for months.

Age 19 - I've started living normally, not running from every little challenge

Before I begin this epic tale of pain and success, one must tell the tale of his previous life

  • Horribly anti-social
  • You know the Mariana Trench? My confidence was lower than that!
  • Bad skin
  • Lazy

Age 23 - I feel like the Energizer Bunny, 95% of anxiety gone, hair fuller, gains at the gym

Been on the nofap journey for approximately 9 months now and it is safe to say that my life has experienced a much needed jump-start. I am only 23 years old, but I feel like I have been reborn and am truly becoming a man. This major change in my lifestyle granted me the mental clarity and willpower I needed to re-evaluate my life.

Age 49 - Less anger, ability to be present to family members and loved ones

Happy to report that I am at day 118 and am very grateful to be here. I never thought that I would be able to live without PMO but here I am. It took damn near 50 years to get here but here I am. :) Feels great! Good luck to those of you who are not giving up!


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