Age 28 - ED: I am healed after 13 months. Viagra was useful.

'Don't Give Up'I am healed after 13 months.  About me and my story you can learn from my blog :

Age 40 - Married: 60 day report - hard mode, and I'm evolving at a fast rate

lionI'm 40, married to a smoking hot woman, we have two kids. For the last year my wife and I have been having serious marital issues. Sex was infrequent and fairly passionless. Two months ago I discovered she was having an online emotional/sexual affair with a facebook friend, and it sent my universe into a tail spin.

Top 4 Arguments for Porn Use: Are They Valid? (L. Hatch PhD)

guy with angel and devil wispering to himShould sex addicts ever use pornography? Sex addicts who have a variety of other sexually addictive behaviors,  often find excuses for thinking that their internet porn use is not really a problem and may even be a good thing.  Are they wrong?  Let’s look at some common lines of reasoning that addicts present and my validity score for each one. Read more

Age 20 - It has truly changed me for the better

young guy3 months ago i decided to do nofap & it truly has changed me for the better. Better clarity, thinking... social anxiety & anxiety in general has gone down tremendously.

Age 17 - Confidence up anxiety down

horizonFor the 5 months before starting NoFap, life was  a struggle.  I was fat, not really looking good, depressed, anxiety at its finest and confidence at its lowest.

Age 17 - Mood swings, depression and anxiety gone - worth it!

Guy with 'Yes!' T-shirtToday is my 90th day of no fap and I couldn't feel better! Before no fap I would go through constant mood swings and bouts of depression/anxiety. After about the half way mark began noticing that my life was becoming so much better and that I had little fear when talking to people!

Age 20 - I can honestly say that I was a COMPLETELY different person a year ago

young guyIt was a year ago that I first joined this site. Little did I know how much my life would change in one year.

Age 33 - ED: Sex improved tremendously. From being a maybe one time guy, to a 4 time guy.

couple in bedI'm in my early 30's and without bragging i had my fair share of women in my life. I feel like i needed to post this too since it might make this post more relevant to some of you.

It's lovemaking now - an awesome psychological experience

guy getting a hug in bedI've always been a very outgoing and social person, so when I was alone at home, i often got so bored that I masturbated to harcore porn just because I had nothing better to do.

Age 17 - No longer practice self-harm, Grades have skyrocketed, Better relationships

guitar playerI hope I can give some wisdom to people who just began as to how to make it as far as I did. This is my first attempt at NoFap by the way.

Age 32 - The term “Superpowers” makes me want to punch myself in the face, but I can see what people are talking about

guy with beardI’m not a frequent visitor or reader of NoFap-related stuff anymore, but here because I feel obligated to make a 90-day report to you folks because I learned a lot from this sub in the first week or two.

Age 25 - Not unicorn and rainbows, but the grass is definitely greener

green woods-Everyone starts these things off with their background and I’m no different, yet I feel it’s important to provide you with my life style to hone in on how noFap plays into the quotidian/mundane parts of my life.

Age 18 - Have I felt these super powers? Hell yeah.

Carpe ScrotumThis is my fucking life. Yesterday, I finally hit my longest streak of 50 days [after a year of trying].


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