Age 20 - ED Cured! No more need for Viagra!

loversI have reached the 5 month mark for nofap now and I almost think of it as a good luck charm now and am too scared to stop it as everything has been going so well for me since I have started it.

ED - erections are much stronger; huge confidence boost

musclesI tried to reach 90 days without PMO 2 times before and failed miserably. Then I figured that you can rewire your brain easier if you go hard mode or even monk mode. The key is to divert your attention, change your focus to something else, some kind of activity whenever you start thinking about porn, sex, girls or when you consider relapsing.

Age 28 - 1 year: improved sex and relationship

young coupleI'll start by saying that everyone who's looking to improve the sexual and relationship parts of their lives needs to start NoFap. Before NoFap, life was good, except I had a big void when it came to romantic relationships. Since ending my PMO addiction that's completely changed.

ED - I was told masturbation was healthy. It cost me my dream.

cricketHow can I find the words to thank you all at no fap? I was groomed to be playing for a major cricket team, and even touted as the best in my field, twice representing my country in the under 18's. But disaster struck early. On trials I would freeze up. My coach slowly began losing confidence. I honestly did not know why.

Age 24 - ED & brain fog gone, happier, more productive, less anxious & selfish

happy guyHi all, I'm just dropping into write my 83 day report, funnily I missed my 60 day report because I was too busy at the time just cracking on with things to really notice. However I understand the importance of sharing knowledge on a subject such as this,

Age 24 - PMO almost destroyed my life. Now - So much happier & healthier

happy guytl;dr - PMO almost destroyed my life.... discovered NoFap... drastically changed things... got happier :D... NoFap challenge works I swear. 100 days baby!

I used to have one night stands and broken relationships, now I have friends.

happy guyNew job and a coworker invited me over to her place. Now in the past this means we would have had sex because Orgasm drives my life and leads me to many one night. And she was interested.

Age 22 - Fapping. Ain't nobody got time fo dat


happy guyIt's now been 90 days and a few hours since I made the decision to stop wasting time/effort by masturbating. I went from spending 1-3 hours daily viewing pornographic smut straight to 0, after spending 8 years of my life thinking there was nothing inherently wrong with porn (provided it's ethically produced and you don't take life lessons from it). 90 days later, I'm kind of mad at NoFap. Mad because it worked.

Age 20 - ED cured, plus many other positive benefits (2nd reboot)

happy guyIt has been a very interesting 90 days but there have definitely been many positive benefits and progress from the socially awkward kid with PIED that never wanted to go out or do anything but play video games. Although it was very difficult especially in my flat line from about day 25 to day 70. I ended up curing PIED and have had the hardest morning wood since the end of my flat line every day.

How I Quit Porn in One Shot

SonnyPorn is a bad habit. Like any habit it can be eliminated. To be fair, I didn’t have an upbringing like most guys in this generation. My household was always lagging from a technology standpoint. I rarely played video games.

Why teenagers’ obsession with porn is creating a generation of 20-year-old virgins (The Telegraph - UK)

depressed young guyAn early fixation with pornography can damage teenagers’ lives for years to come, experts say

Teenagers were ogling breasts long before the internet was created. But there are now so many images to be gawped at – many of them much more accessible than ever before – that graphic pornography is becoming a normal part of life for children as young as 11.

2 years - Married: I am so much happier now than I was two years ago

Happy coupleI created this reddit account two years ago today in order join nofap. Back then we were almost to the 5000 fapstronauts mark. Since then I've watched this sub grow to almost 120,000 people. That is incredible. More incredible, to me, is the growth I've accomplished in these two years.

Exploring The Impact of Internet Pornography on The Brain with Gary Wilson (Shrink Rap Radio)

Shrink Rap Radio logoDavid Van Nuys, Ph.D. interviews Gary about internet porn, its effects on adolescents, neuroplasticity, "Don Jon" and more.

YourBrainRebalanced Radio Show #8: The future of fapping

LINK to Show #8

Virtual reality sex and sex simulators are upcoming technology that may be readily available for consumers in the near future. Pretty crazy. In this episode of the YBR show, the gang talks about these advancements in technology and how things like simulators and virtual reality devices may be even more detrimental and negative for its users.

Age 24 - ED recovery: my boyfriend had total dead dick & cybersex addiction

happy coupleI'm writing this on behalf of my boyfriend because I thought it would be helpful for other people going through the same thing to read about :)


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