Age 24 - (ED, DE): sex is better, more social, greater motivation

4 feet in bedI made it! A huge THANK YOU for all of the advice and motivation.

My experience with nofap

Age 22 - ED & sexual confusion: 4 years to make 90 days.

happy coupleI never thought I would get this far; things had gotten pretty heavy and my battle against pmo has lasted nearly 2 years. In that time I have changed dramatically.

Age 19 - more open & friendly, happier, no longer addicted to games

young guyI'm your usual 19 years old gamer who used to spend hours upon hours of gaming everyday, also fapping and watching porn for hours.

(CAUSE & REMISSION) The exacerbation of depression, hostility, and social anxiety in the course of Internet addiction among adolescents: A prospective study (2014)


COMMENTS: This study followed students for one year assessing levels of internet addiction and evaluating levels of depression, hostility, and social anxiety. Researchers found that internet addiction exacerbates depression, hostility, and social anxiety, while remission from Internet addiction decreases depression, hostility, and social anxiety. Cause & effect, not just correlation.

3 year report - more stability, better sexual performance & emotional connection

streamWell it's been three years for me. I didn't discover this subreddit till this year and only recently did I become active. I figured I should share where I've come from and what I've learned.

Age 18 - way more social, deeper voice, I feel unstoppable

manly armsI think its been about 4 months almost since i've started nofap. I don't do the badge because it becomes a problem for me when I go, oh I haven't fapped for x amount of days, one time is okay.... thats how endless relapses occur (IMO)

"Wack: Addicted to Internet Porn" (Review)

Cover of WACKNoah Church has done an outstanding job of distilling and expanding the wisdom generated by the grassroots movement of people who have given up internet porn and discovered enormous hidden potential. Wack is engaging yet succinct. It's also deeply satisfying thanks, in part, to the appendix of actual stories of men and women whose lives were deeply affected, and then restored and even enhanced, by their treks through and beyond the Neverland of internet porn.

Age 17 - depression is entirely cured, more confidence, improved memory & energy, greater intimacy

UtahApril 1st, 2013 - day zero of my journey, at the time, I was sitting there casually fapping to porn, as per usual, along with browsing the internet aimlessly. However, the internet held some dissonance that would find me; a certain TED talk by Gary Wilson, The Great Porn Experiment. Being deeply tied to pornography, my interest was naturally piqued by the notion of some grand porn experiment, despite promptly realizing that it was absolutely not what I was expecting I continued watching.

"He Can't Get It Up: Could Porn Be The Problem?" (Girl Boner Radio)

Gabe and GirlBoner logoGabe Deem tells August McLaughlin how his overuse of internet porn got in the way of his relationships and sexual performance--and what he did about it.

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Age 30 - From a gf of an ex-PIED sufferer thanks to NoFap!

happy cave coupleMy 30 year-old boyfriend of 5 years started watching porn in his early teens and has struggled with this addiction ever since. I knew that this was a problem. It was always in the browsing history and carried over to problems in the bedroom.


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