Age 45 - Married: My experiment with tantra

Happy guyI might as well start from the beginning. Since I had discovered orgasm at 11 years old I have been a chronic masturbater since that time. I would spend hours at a time in my room draining my balls until nothing was in them but air. I wasted teens and young adulthood with excessive fapping as well. I am 45 and back during that time, porn wasn't as easily accessible as it is today. I mostly used my imagination and at times we had to resort to Archie comics (can anybody remember Veronica in a bikini?),

Age 22 - ED is cured: My erections are now diamond hard and long lasting,

young guy22 /m from northern Norway. First off I want to thank this forum and all the amazing people contributing every day, you guys are truly great. This will be my first time posting because its time for me to give something back.

Social anxiety & depression greatly decreased, very confident, sharper focus, more motivation

Blue mountainsI've experienced more things in the last 90 days than the last 4 years combined. I started fapping in grade 10 and it quickly became an escape behaviour from my OCD and depression. I was soon hooked and no matter how many times I said this was gunna be my last time, it never was.

Erectile dysfunction among male active component service members, U.S. Armed Forces, 2004-2013

Comments: The study reported:

  • Annual incidence rates more than doubled between 2004 and 2013.
  • ED cases classified as psychogenic comprised almost half of all ED cases.

Me 3 months ago vs me now

life is goodI had a great morning today and didn’t even think about fapping. I just had a slight urge a moment ago, and while I was thinking about it I came to a big realization that I’d like to share…

500 days - I'm here and I'm not just a different person: I'm 10 people different.

Bring it!I can't remember how I stumbled upon The Great Porn Experiment lecture. But that video really was the preface of a hell of a change in my life.  You say abstaining from masturbation gives you more confidence? That will make you much more attractive to girls? Sign me up!

Age 26 - ED cured: very patient and understanding girlfriend and not looking at the slightest bit of porn

couple in bed smilingInitial  Post - I'm 26 and I have porn induced ED - Ok so I have been masturbating to porn since I had a computer at like 11 or 12. It escalated pretty bad and I now get off to the really kinky stuff. I actually didn't get any problems with libido until a few months ago, but I have been bored with porn for a long time, craving more normal sex with women.

Age 19 - 216 days: confidence is amazing. I feel more like a responsible man than a carefree teenager

sun over the mountainsMan! This is unbelievable.I signed up for the challenge on Feb. 24, 2014 and here I am 216 days later, still at it, haven't fapped even once. Not to sound arrogant but, I feel invincible right now. Over the past 7 months, I have changed a lot.

  • I have gone from a mediocre student to the top of my class at college.
  • My confidence level is over 9000!

ED, anxiety & loss of libido. Now: Sex is great and I am super-confident with women

Brazilian girlIt's been 5 months now since I have watched any porn. I am getting very healthy erections even just from kissing women and it's great. I regularly chat up women on the street (daygame) and have become a lot more confident with the opposite sex.

Age 18 - More sensitivity down there, better orgasms, and I changed my life.

speedboatToday I relapsed and I got urge to share my knowledge and experience with NoFap, because it all started thanks to you. This is going to be short resume so don't worry.

Age 26 - increased self-esteem, confidence, motivation, sharper mind, random boners

motivation"Started from the bottom now i'm here." I started nofap at one of the darkest places of my life. After leaving a three year relationship with a girl I loved but grew apart from, i spiraled into a PMO vortex of self pity and loathing.

Age 37 - 1 year: confidence, memory, ability to communicate, anxiety, fitness and overall well being have all improved!

flirtingSo I've been doing NOFAP for over a year now with streaks ranging form a week to 79 days and in that time I have taken on a journey to become the best version of myself! I must add that when I do fap I never use porn or any visual stimulation.

Age 19 - ED: Quick recovery. I can feel my lust slowly returning after 4 years of absence, and it's wonderful.

feet in bedI've been a member of our cult for about 15 days now, and even though I've relapsed a few times, the benefits are incredible. I'm only on Day 5 now, but things have been getting so much better. Fapping myself to sleep every night for the past 4 years destroyed my sex drive, leaving me with ED at age 19.

Age 16 - I've learned more about my body and where my energy comes from

lotus - blessingsJust completed my 90 days and I would love to share my story with you guys and what I have learned. When I first realized the true powers of nofap was in june about a week in. I would have football in the mornings over the summer.

1 year - more creative, energetic & happy, less shyness, relationships improved

happy guyI just noticed it has been more than one year since I discovered /r/NoFap. So I decided to write something about my journey.


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