Age 18 - 6 months in - Life is so much fucking better

As stated above, six months since I fapped (Did peak at gifs 1-2 months in at one point of time, so if you count that as replase I guess I'm 4-5 months in). First of all, are the benefits real? (What most of you guys probably wanna know, I get it, the benefits stories are like fuel for our mission here, so I'm happy to tell you that yes, the benefits are real.

Age 20 - I broke from pornography for 9 months. My life changed. I could feel heaven. But I became overconfident.

I can't believe it. I thought I won, I thought I did it. But that's where I fell. Just like most of you guys I came across pornography as a young boy. I'm 20 now and i have spent about 10years of my life watching porn. Fortunately, about 1.5 years ago I put up a hard battle and broke from pornography for 9 months. My life changed. I could feel heaven. But I became overconfident. I felt like i had fought it all.

Age 23 - Suffered PIED, had terrible relationships. At 90 days I am getting hard all the time, currently dating a girl.

I suffered from PIED. Had terrible relationships in the past. All the usual. At 90 days I am getting hard all the time... currently dating a girl. Have a lot more confidence; I do better in the gym and at work and have a much clearer mind.

Age 32 - 90 days hardcore NoFap - Have experienced many health benefits, etc.

I was a hardcore PMO addict for 13 years and in the last year I experienced very strange health issues popping up from nowhere at the same time. After stopping this addiction, my health issues slowly faded away. So I've decided to combine my comments which I wrote in another topic, so you can see the exact changes I went through within these 90 days.

Age 16 - No depression, A clear mind, Better concentration & memory, I respect woman & look at them as a person, Boring activities are more fun

I'm 16 years old from Europe. I was previously known as QuittingForever. I started a journal just over a year ago. I was sick of being addicted to something I was ashamed of. So I came across this website and started to learn a lot of things. I learned to:

ED cured - Porn-induced ED Took Away My First Love...But that Gave Me the Strength I Needed

Last summer (now over a year ago) I met a girl...let's call her Rachel. Rachel was different from every other girl I've hooked up with--she was more fun, cooler, had a better sense of humor. For the first time in my life, I had caught real feelings for a girl and no longer cared so much about having as many random meaningless hookups as possible so I could brag about how often I get laid.

Age 22 - After years of struggling, being grateful helped me overcome porn addiction

I overcame porn addiction after years of struggling and I hope I can help you out with these tips:

1. Be Grateful: Being depressed leads to depression which is the doorway to porn and fapping. Being grateful releases dopamine which helps fight the addiction.

Age 47 - Happier, enjoying service to others and dream job

I'm 47. I used porn since I was 14, and even then, it was highly compulsive. What drove me to quit was a constant sense of emotional overwhelm and years of untreated depression. Benefits so far: I'm happier. I'm useful. I can look people in the eye because I'm not ashamed of my behaviors. I keep getting promoted a work, like more than I want :) .

Age 32 - Porn-induced ED cured. It's like my brain has developed a firewall to looking at porn

I made it 90 days without looking at ANY porn and without jerking off a single time (obviously I had a handful of wet dreams, most recently as two nights ago). If you told me a year ago or even 90 days ago that i would be able to accomplish this, I would have said you're crazy. I started nofap right after being dumped by a girl who I was super into. We had gone out for about 6 months, and it was my first relationship after two years of being single (and yes, a countless amount of PMO).

Age 23 - ED cured. Libido back. Depression has faded.

I’m 23 and I started this nofap 120 days ago. I went two years of not getting erections during intercourse and was heaps scared and totally depressed. I stumbled across nofap and saw what were the symptoms and I realized I had ED porn problem. I noticed when I took a pill and couldn’t get horny for a prosay instead later at home for porn, at that moment I knew that was the sole problem after 2 years of not knowing.

Age 17 - PIED & DE cured. Used to get Ds & Fs now on the honor roll. Other benefits.

I've been porn free since July 18th, and can say that NoFap has really made a difference in my life. I used to be a terrible student, F's and D's only. School started up and I was still in recovery mode, but, I have noticed an extreme increase in focus and concentration. This has now made me an honor roll student.

Age 25 - Sexual performance healed, girls find me "hot"

Just had some reflections that I wanted to share.

I started NoFap about 2 and half months ago, soon after beginning a study abroad in a country where I had no other prior friends.

Age 27 - Many benefits. The highest benefit I can think of is feeling stronger emotionally

So I wanted to go semen retention for over a Year. I started at the beginning of 2016. The challenge for me was that I had a girlfriend that really couldn't understand that all the sexual encounters we usually have were depleting me of my life energy and the drive to do anything else.

Age 20 - Social Anxiety almost gone, Focus has significantly improved, Depression is a mixed bag

I just passed day 60. I am here to share what kind experiences I have had over this streak. I have been trying this for three years and this has been a really successful streak. Personal Best trick for avoiding Fapping: Whenever I feel an urge in public I do a series of breathing exercises to help me relieve the urges.


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