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Use traditional techniques to ease porn addiction

"I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is over self."
― Aristotle

For thousands of years, humans have had to wrestle with the challenge of maintaining limbic system (brain) balance without drugs. One of the most powerful means is friendly interaction with others. However, other practices have also proven useful. Below this page are links to activities that recovering porn users have found helpful. Also see Rebooting Advice & Observations and Tips On Rebooting for other suggestions on regaining control. Also, check out this guy's video series, just for fappers:


Need some inspiration? Watch this.

Ideas for ways to take a break:

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Tips from site members:

  • Anxiety has a major hold on the choices I make on a day-to-day basis. What I found from previous experience is that after a PMO binge my anxiety levels increased as compared to when I was abstaining. I have recently come across a book called Mind Over Mood by Padesky and Greenberger that has some useful stuff on coping with anxiety.
  • I just woke up from an hour nap and the frustration and horniness is totally gone. This means I've found something that works for that horrible feeling that has caused me to slip too many times. Try it yourself if your in the same situation. Just crawl in bed and fall in sleep. You might feel better too, as I did.
  • No Carbs (Low Carbs). This one is tough but I've noticed when I eat lots of carbs the PMO cravings are much worse.


Today marks one month without PMO. I thought I'd share a few things that are missing from this list that really helped me -

1. Brainbuddy. This app is amazing. It keeps me motivated and has a lot of exercises that have helped the few times I have felt tempted. GET IT.

2. Use openDNS. Don't bother blocking individual websites, it's useless. OpenDNS has a massive blacklist of porn sites and it has made it virtually impossible for me to find porn, even if I wanted to.

3. Read Gary's new ebook. I found it on amazon and it just helps everything make sense. When you know your enemy you know yourself. Worth a read!