Assessment and Treatment of Internet Sexuality Issues (2014)

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Katherine M. Hertlein , Jaclyn D. Cravens

Current Sexual Health Reports

March 2014

, Volume 6, Issue 1, pp 56-63

First online: 30 January 2014


The pervasive nature of technology has forced couples and families to rethink the role technology plays in their lives. Several notable areas emerging as challenging areas in couples’ lives include Internet infidelity, Internet pornography usage, and cybersex addiction. The increased prevalence of technology-related issues in therapy has challenged clinicians with the task of understanding the distinct differences and commonalities among each Internet-related issue. Two common Internet sexuality issues reported by clinicians are cybersex and Internet infidelity. The purpose of this article is to provide brief descriptions of the most common Internet sexuality issues, provide an overview of common assessment procedures, and outline the most recent development in treatment of these problems.

Keywords - Internet sexuality Internet infidelity Cybersex Assessment Treatment Internet pornography