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The Your Brain on Porn book was first published in 2014. Since then it has helped thousands of readers to better understand the science of addiction. It has now been substantially revised and updated to take into account a wealth of new research. The new edition is an ideal way to step offline and take stock of what we now know about technology and the problems it can cause when combined with sexually explicit content. Addiction is big business. A working knowledge of modern neuroscience might keep you from becoming its product.

Your Brain on Porn: Internet Pornography and the Emerging Science of Addiction is available as a Kindle ($4.99 / £2.99 / €3.99) and in pdf format via Paypal. 180 pages, 50,000 words. Visit the FaceBook page for relevant updates. Want a hardcopy or an audiobook version instead? Order paperback here or at Amazon.

All YBOP proceeds from the book go to a UK charity that promotes education and research on porn's effects.

So far, Your Brain on Porn has been translated into Dutch, Arabic and Hungarian. For more visit Translations of Your Brain on Porn.

"In this book, Gary Wilson presents a wealth of evidence that fast Internet porn can have harmful addictive effects. The series of highly favourable reviews of this newly-released book on both American and UK Amazon bear witness to just how relevant and helpful it has already been. The book is written in a simple clear language appropriate for expert and layperson alike and is rooted firmly within the principles of neuroscience, behavioural psychology and evolution theory. The suggested ways of addressing the problem are also based upon established principles of behavioural psychology and do not involve probing the depths of the unconscious mind or years of expensive therapy. The book does not preach a moralistic message. As an experimental psychologist, I have spent over 40 years researching the bases of motivation and I can confirm that Gary's analysis fits very well to all that I have found."
   ~(Professor) Frederick Toates, Open University, England author of `How Sexual Desire Works: The Enigmatic Urge'

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"As is the case so often with new phenomena, science lags behind lived experience. Gary Wilson brings the two together powerfully as he explores the addiction that dare not speak its name. This book crackles with energy, urgency and humour. It offers up the hope of recovery to those struggling with internet porn addiction and it does so with compassion and informed authority. As a clinician I recognise the stories within its pages and I recognise the value of the solutions offered. This book is not to be missed."

~ David McCartney, MD, Primary Care Addiction Specialist, Edinburgh

In this important book, Gary Wilson correctly identifies the obsession with pornography as a fetish - using an inanimate object for sexual arousal/gratification - and discusses the biopsychosocial consequences that often result from compulsive use of pornography for sexual arousal. The book describes many examples of the "rebooting" process that is necessary for sexual functioning to heal. He also explains the changes in brain physiology when sexual addiction hijacks normal sexual behavior - including why recovery takes time.

~Reid Finlayson, MD, Medical Director, Vanderbilt Comprehensive Assessment Program, Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry

At last a morally neutral and scientifically robust explanation for why so many people are getting hooked on porn. This book provides a comprehensive biological and sociological exploration of how and why pornography addiction is damaging so many people’s lives and provides strategies for reclaiming control that are backed up by hundreds of stories of personal experience. This is essential reading for therapists, sex educators and everyone who cares about enjoying sex.

~Paula Hall, PhD, Sex Therapist, Author Understanding & Treating Sex Addiction

For too long discussions about whether pornography is harmful and/or addictive have been dismissed by many sexologists as arbitrary moralistic infringement on First Amendment rights.  It is now clear to anyone whose opinion on this issue is informed by current neuroscience models of reward leaning, and who therefore have an understanding of neuroplasticity, that natural rewards can become addictive in a neural modulating context.

Wilson has tapped into and opened a window into the experience of an emerging generation who have been taught that sex is pornography.  They see the sexual world pornography portrays with its endless novelty, fake orgasms, and enhanced breasts as the sexual norm by which real females must be compared.  As Naomi Wolf said, "Today, real naked women are just bad porn;" she was merely describing what Tinbergen had coined with the term "supernormal stimulus."

Academic sexologists are finding it increasingly difficult to hide behind their veil of apologism and ignorance, and Gary Wilson's vast knowledge and skillful presentation of the neurobiological literature is contributing to this unmasking.  Even more critically, the first person voices in this book of those experiencing the negative effects of the pathological neuroplastic learning process pornography facilitates can no longer be silenced.

~Donald L. Hilton, Jr., MD, FAANS, University of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio

Your Brain on Porn is the most considered, thorough and accurate account of internet porn addiction that exists at the time of writing.

~Anthony I. Jack, PhD, Professor of Philosophy, Psychology, Neurology and Neuroscience and Research Director of the Inamori International Center for Ethics and Excellence at Case Western Reserve University

In Your Brain on Porn Gary Wilson sets out to explain how abundant free pornography is causing serious problems for thousands of, mostly young, people. As well as providing a survey of the science of addiction for general readers, Your Brain on Porn gives guidance on how to break out of addictive porn use. Porn addiction is an important phenomenon and in Your Brain on Porn Wilson gives us valuable resources for understanding and addressing it.

~Dr Nicole Oei PhD, Addiction, Development and Psychopathology (Adapt) Lab, Department of Psychology, University of Amsterdam


Watch short YOUTUBE video describing the book by a reader (who is not affiliated with YBOP).


I registered just to say thank you. I bought this book last night and I've (almost) finished it. I love how scientific it is without any religious nonsense to make me feel like a terrible person. This book should be required reading in high school.

Paypal isn't available in my country, is there another way to buy this book? and will there be paper print of it ?

Maybe you could try Amazon in your country. Secondly, you could use this contact page to ask the publisher if he has a suggestion

I hope this helps.

Yea, on amazon it says it's not available in my country, but will definetly try contacting at the link, Thanks

I had previously bought the pdf version of YBOP however I would like to have it now in Kindle format so I can read on my Kindle device. Considering that I had paid for the pdf version, do I still need to pay to own the Kindle version?

as Kindle is purchased through Amazon.

Go to amazon and look it up, you have a kindle email address. you can email all sorts of docs and pdfs to your kindle.