Exposure of Taiwanese adolescents to pornographic media and its impact on sexual attitudes and behavior (1999)

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Asian Journal of Communication

Volume 9, 1999 - Issue 1

Ven‐hwei Lo , Edward Neilan , Mine‐ping Sun & Shoung‐Inn Chiang

Pages 50-71 | Published online: 18 May 2009



This article examines the use of pornographic media by Taiwanese high school students, and explores the effects of exposure to such on their attitudes and behaviour in terms of sexual permissiveness.

The results of this research indicate that more than 90 per cent of the students interviewed had at least some exposure to a variety of pornography, with males reporting significantly higher exposure frequencies than females. The results also show that exposure to pornographic media has significant effects on high school students’ sexual permissiveness and nonexclusive sexual attitudes and behaviour.