Internet and sexuality in Morocco, from cyber habits to psychopathology (2013)

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Volume 22, Issue 2, April–June 2013, Pages e49–e53


A large part of Internet users of different ages and from all over the world do use it in order to get and consume pornography, meet sexual partners or plan for intimate relationships. In Morocco, sexuality itself is a great deal since living one's sexuality is dependent on religious and social determinants of individual freedoms, sexual education and empowerment of women. The aim of the study is explore Internet misuses, sexual abuses initiated or totally conducted through Internet in Morocco as well as couple issues and the concept of faithfulness, hypothesizing that Moroccan people use and misuse internet the same way worldwide, but with very few means of protection against potential offenders. We found that nearly a third of people interviewed during the study confirm that they regularly consume pornography on Internet, with an obvious gender difference, that half under-18 years old interviewed teens have for at least once undressed in front of a webcam, or sent naked photos of them to unknown cyber-interlocutors, and finally, that sexual assaults in the Internet are as frequent as sexual assaults happening in the real life, with possible and frequent connections between risky behaviours on line and real life sexual assaults.


  • Sexuality;
  • Internet;
  • Pornography;
  • Assault;
  • Couple;
  • Teenagers;
  • Morocco;
  • Webcam