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First, thank you very much for creating this site, especially for the videos. Truthfully, before this website I thought I was all alone with my mysterious ED. Thank you for revealing the true source of the problem. Today has been six officially days of no PMFO (but its been 9 days of no Orgasm). Last night was rough, I didn't sleep one bit. It was one fantasy after another. One stronger then the next. Every time I calmed myself and new one would shortly enter. Eventually I was consumed but was able to talk myself out. I did masturbate but without my hand and didn't orgasm. To help myself along this process I started a blog - http://nopmfo.blogspot.com/ . I link to your website and videos. Is there anyway to directly email you if I have a questions along the process? Thanks - nopmfo@gmail.com

Clearly, you are not alone when it comes to porn-induced ED. Congratulations on your progress, and starting a blog. You can email me through contact - which appears to be temporarily disabled. The site has been updated, but a few glitches remain.

It is 5 months since i found this site and i have probably watched porn 10 times in this time. I feel that i am fully rebooted, sex is successful every time and i am usually very hard. I would like to go back to watching some porn every now and then but i am aware it could retrigger those well developed pathways in my brain. Just wondering if you thought somewhere inbetween once a week and once a month would be a reasonable amount to keep the erectile problems at bay. FYI my reboot took about 1 month to get good erections with no porn ( a couple of relapses), i started watching internet porn when i was 16 and i'm 24 now. Giving up the porn was fairly easy but had regular sex during my reboot. Thank you

24 year old medical student

I don't think its a good idea, but that is what you would expect me to say. I don't understand why anyone who has been affected by porn would rationally think its a good idea to go back to porn?

Having used porn during your adolescent years you formed stronger sensitized pathways than if you started as an adult (adolescence ends about age 24-25... for the brain). What possible benefit could outweigh ED, and wasted time.


Hello, I was wondering if its normal not to have many, if any symptoms? I know without a doubt i am a dopamine 'addict', my porn watching escalated to extreme levels, as well as masterbation 'aids', often spending hours at night looking at potential masterbation material, at one time i had 25,000 pics on my I and have been quit for 8 days and really havent encountered much, if any resistance. I have been reading the site and have many addiction symptoms and have great hopes for this reboot, but still feel emotionally dull, etc.

Any ideas? Or is it too early to tell!

Also this site is great, and has really educated me but has a lack of communication across the board with other members.


Withdrawal symptoms may not occur, even with drug addictions. Just see what happens. There is no forum on this site. Check out the support tab for forums - it's helps to blog or talk to others who are going through this.

I am 22 years old and I think I have this problem and have done since the age of 18. I also suffer from social anxiety disorder because of a mix of the two I am still a virgin (I have never even kissed a girl). I am currently only four days into my reboot (although in between that time I had to delete over 10,000 files from my computer and saved them to a DVD and a flash drive) (I will never watch them, but I have spent so much on them that my money would have been wasted). I have gone for nine days in the past before returning to the porn, that won't happen this time.

My libido is still very low although I fell asleep in the bath earlier and woke up with an erection (it was decent but not perfect). I was lying on my back but although it was quite a solid erection it wasn't standing upright, it was lying on my stomach. I then noticed a slight bend at the tip of my penis and started touching it to see if I could feel the bend.

First, let me start by saying that I love your site and what you're doing. Having a place to hear about other people's experiences with what I myself am currently going through has been tremendously helpful and encouraging.
The reason I'm posting may seem to be a bit of overkill, but I couldn't help noticing the last video on the sidebar "Young-Turks on Porn Induced ED". I'm not sure if this has been an issue for anyone else on here, but the main graphic for that video is, well, graphic (that is, compared to anything else on here). I personally find it difficult to read articles and peruse the site without noticing the image of the video, even though it is, by porn standards, fairly benign. My thought was that it probably isn't the best thing to have a blurry screen cap of internet porn on every page of a site dedicated to helping people overcome porn addiction. Perhaps you might consider moving the video to another section where it’s not on every page and has to be deliberately accessed, or finding a different graphic for the link. Like I said, this may just be me, and again, thank you for this wonderful site.

I fixed it

Am I a failure Gary? After one month of no PMO and one semi-succesfull sex I tried again to have sex with my girlfriend,I know I do not like her too much,but she is hot if you ask everybody else .I couldn't get it up,not even with masturbation,and when I touched her vagina with my soft penis,I orgasmed,ejaculated.I tried again,same thing happened.My mind is poisoned with thoughts like"IT WONT GET UP" and similar when I make love,when I kiss.As I remember while masturbating on porn it was full erect and I could masturbate for ages without orgasming,but I was going towards HOCD. I know I done damage to myself with PMO instead real thing,real life.Will I ever be cured?Now I made me a man with Performance Anxiety,PE and ED.My mornimg erection is strong,but it doesnt confort me,am I a incurable freak,a man that can no longer preform what every man has to do.

- that's what you want to remember. It's going to take awhile, but continue to persevere. Not much action occurs on this site. Check out the support tab for forums - it's helps to blog or talk to others who are going through this.

Don't give up.

Just thought I'd post a link which shows people are starting to become aware of the problems P cause. http://lifestyle.aol.co.uk/2012/03/13/raquel-welch-were-all-sex-addicts/

Nice to see that someone famous is making the connection between P and people becoming addicts to orgasming and fantasy. Lets hope more names in the public eye speak out.

its day 50 today without any pmo....i hav a doubt that if i watch movies or cinema magazines,where there is sum slight exposure is making me turned on..bt i dnt hav an urge that is uncontrollable,,is tis normal...?i hav no problem in controlling my urges when i see movies and magazines containing my fav movie stars...is it normal?nothing to worry right?i am in control...i want ur suggestion gary....waiting for ur reply.i am 22 yrs old...i used pmo for almost 6 yrs...bt tis yr i reduced it...tis is my successful attempt..bt i reached almost 60 days before tis attempt

If there is a will,there is a way


In essence, there is no such thing as porn, only reinforcing pathways.


Thanks for the advice gary....and now i am clear that what i must do......for so long,tis confusion is becoming more clear now,.,yes that mimics porn.,because i used to look at pictures in cinema magazines thinking that they are normal,bt wat i missed to realize is,i've been doing it daily....the sad thing though is tat i relapsed yesterday...i think its mainly got to do with tis confusion,and i got so confused and frustrated,.,i think that also fueled my urges and cravings..bt one happy thing is tat i didnt seem to like it at al.....i am back on the proces frm today...now i am sure abt onething....anything picturized in the form of magazines is nt real... And that stimuli also must be avoided...anything tats nt real,i must avoid it completely....until i am completely cured...and after i am cured,it doesnt matter anyway...i am back on my journey.,now with the power of knowing the answer to my main confusion over the last 50 days or so.... U r doing a fantastic job gary..u helped me transform my life...tis site gave me my life back frm my past which is definitely a hell...i owe you and many thanks for ur work....i am back on my journey again......

If there is a will,there is a way

is it normal gary.?

If there is a will,there is a way

Hey Gary,

I was wondering if you had an email I could contact you at with some questions.

Thanks so much!

the questions here.

Hi Gary - Sorry for posting this here if it is not the correct place, but I could not find an email address for you.

My name is MIKE DAVID and I am the host of RED BAR RADIO, a popular comedy talk radio show out of Chicago. A listener of ours just sent me a very long email explaining all of the "theories" and info from your site, in response to a few problems that I explained I was having in my personal life on the show.

After visiting your site, and reading through most of the information, I really think that you're on to something! I would love to have you as a phone-in guest on our show to explain all of this "porn addiction" stuff, as I find it to be extremely interesting, and I would like to share it with my listeners. I am also on "day 2" right now after reading your article. (Day 2 of uh.....no "playing" - haha).

I am planning on taking some of your advice and covering my progress on the show day to day. Yes, our show is a "comedy show," however, we cover every subject under the sun. (Just in case you did some research and thought that this might be a "gag")

Please let e know if you would be interested. We receive around 120,000 unique downloads to our show a month, so you'd definitely pick up some new visitors to your site. Our show airs live Monday-Friday, from 3pm-5pm cst.

I'm dying to tell my audience about your site and how I'm trying it out, but I would love to have you on before I do that. You would be much better at explaining it than I would.




and it's hilarious. I'll contact you through your website.

I had a specific question for you that I was having trouble finding an answer to on the site. It sounds like after a relapse you still keep some of your progress in lessening your porn addiction, but I was curious if you keep any of your progress in curing porn related ED, or are you back to square one in that regard?

Most guys relapse several times. No one knows if it sets you back, or how much if it does. I don't think its too much. Since you don't know what your finish line is for your ED, simply start again.

Good luck

Thanks for your response and thanks for putting up this website. This has all be a real eye opener for me and I'm sure for many others.

I am on day 35 of reboot and I want to thank you for making this site available. I intend on using this as a tool, among others, in getting free of porn addiction.
My low point where I knew I needed to change came after 35 years (I'm 52), and luckily, before I became crippled for ever. For that I am thankful. The long spiral of my addiction stimuli is classic textbook for men my age. I'll recount later if I feel like it.
I hope my experience helps others get through this difficult process. Primarily, though, I'm here to heal myself through the catharsis of acknowledging my downward path and shame.
Turn around is fair play. So I decided enlist the internet, which had been my enemy, as an ally. This is a great tool and the healing material is just as easy to access as porn. (And I don't have to spend half of my day removing viruses from my computer.)
I started out educating myself about porn addiction. This included the social, psychological, biological, chemical, and spiritual factors. Attaining this knowledge was an important element for me.
Next I started visiting sites that explained the healing process because I knew I needed hope after so much despair had become ingrained in me. Others going through the same ordeal successfully, and pros like you, have let me know that inner health is possible.
I made some concrete changes in my life. To relieve some loneliness I bought a dog, became active in my synagogue, joined a town committee, went on a legitimate dating site and joined a gym. Now I have a lover and I'm even getting in shape. (These didn't stop my wanking to porn.)
Inadvertently I discovered another tool--the emotions of disgust and compassion. Exploring the world of porn itself was an eye opening process. The "starlets" are usually desperate, dumb, children when they are convinced they can make some easy money then get out. The actresses and directors reveal hideous common practices including intimidation, rape, violence, disease, drugs, and scars that estrange them from future normal relationships and their families. On the other side the advocates of porn cite freedom of speech and the use of porn as a "marital aid". Both rationales I found false and disengenuous. Further many of the "starlets" aren't even nice people, never mind someone you'd like to wake up with.
I have adopted spiritual practices of prayer and meditation. I'm not a preacher and the concepts of sin and repentance didn't help me. But spiritual practice is critical for me and, again, the tools to gain these skills are free and available on the internet.
Finally, I found this site and it helps provide new tools, especially support. Anonymity too can be a friend. The site helps me prepare for what is coming next in this difficult process and I don't feel so lonely or ashamed because others are doing it too.

Thanks for your thoughts on recovery. There are so many ways to approach eliminating this addiction. That's why we like to hear from everybody. Have you looked under the support tab? One forum we suggest is yourbrainrebalanced. Not too many people post here on YBOP


Wishing you success,


I'm 22 and I'm masturbating from 14 years old, I have little ED and currently I'm on day 63 of my reboot and I can see the good changes coming on, but I ahve a problem, when I stand up I lose my erection. I always masturbated on chair and i didn't saw any improvments in erection standing up, only in erection standing down. Did i damaged my penis? :(

When in doubt see a urologist. 63 days is great, but you may continue to see improvements for some time to come. I suggest visiting http://www.yourbrainrebalanced.com/ as the site has an active porn-induced ED forum.

If things take too long check out this faq - Started on Internet porn and my reboot (ED) is taking too long

keep going

I was wondering if, when you are withholding yourself from Porn and such, masturbating and pornographic thoughts are also things that should be excluded from your activities. I have been going without porn for a month now, but I still masturbate (and visualize pornographic imagery to aid me). Is this shooting myself in the foot?

Thanks for your time.

your foot. Sorry about that. Staying off porn is an accomplishment, but your brain needs to unwire, then rewire to the "real".

Read these two FAQs-

What about fantasizing during a reboot?

What stimuli must I avoid during my reboot (did I relapse)?

good luck


I have a lot of symptoms that are mentioned that have to do with Porn induced E.D. The One symptom I definitely don't have is a lack of morning erections. Even when I PMO'd multiple times a day I was still pretty normal in this department (Although during my reboot attempt it has been more consistently at full strength). Has this been the case for other people with porn induced E.D. as well? I'm at the point where I'm not sure if Porn induced E.D. is my problem or if it's possibly something else to do with my sexuality (Maybe I'm homosexual or asexual, who knows). Thanks for your time.

as they are slightly different in control. Morning erections arise from reflexes, wheres porn-induced ED arises from the brain

Have you done this test - How do I know if my ED is porn-related? (TEST)

If you were asexual you wouldn't be masturbating.

If you think you are gay, or tatses have changed due to porn see this FAQ - I'm straight, but attracted to transexual or gay porn. What's up?

Interestingly enough some asexuals do masturbate, and some even use porn to do so. They might get off to the general sexual vibe from the porn, even if they don't experience any sexual attraction to the actors.

Disclaimer: I'm definitely not an expert on the matter, but I did date an asexual at one point so I spent a good deal of time on Asexuality message boards at one point.

some have linked to this website. In my opinion they are not asexual at all - they are addicted to porn. Since they grew up using porn, it is their preferred form of "sex".

A recent study in Japan found that 36% of guys 16-19 are "asexual".  See: Reversing Japan's rising sex aversion may depend on a rebirth of hope . No way are 36% of Japanese men asexual.

Asexual means no sexual desire. If they or you were asexual you would have no desire to masturbate or view porn.

I guess it's no coincidence that the most outlandish porn seems to come from Japan. Thanks for that link and for the time you put into this website.

I have two thoughts / questions I haven't seen covered elsewhere:

  • How likely is it for someone to still have sexual desire, wanting to pleasure women, finding them highly attractive, and yet have ED from porn addiction? (Hormonal issues already ruled out)
  • The science behind this suggests that if you are depressed, possibly because of the psychological impact of ED, or otherwise... Antidepressants that boost dopamine via re-uptake inhibition or agonism, could contribute to the problem and prevent you from recovering. Thoughts anyone? I really wish I could find a knowledgeable article on pharmacological treatment - things to avoid or things to use, with respect to this addiction.
  • How likely is it for someone to still have sexual desire, wanting to pleasure women, finding them highly attractive, and yet have ED from porn addiction? (Hormonal issues already ruled out)

    If you read the rebooting accounts and especially tales of porn-related ED, under ED & Porn above, you will see that a lot guys are like that.  

    The science behind this suggests that if you are depressed, possibly because of the psychological impact of ED, or otherwise... Antidepressants that boost dopamine via re-uptake inhibition or agonism, could contribute to the problem and prevent you from recovering. Thoughts anyone? 

    I don't think taking antidepressants that work through the dopamine system will have a big negative effect, as porn-induced ED is far more complex than down-regulation of dopamine D2 receptors.  It has to be as other addictions do not cause ED, unless they are long standing and cause damage.

    I really wish I could find a knowledgeable article on pharmacological treatment - things to avoid or things to use, with respect to this addiction,

    You won't, because no one has yet to do research. That said, I doubt if there will be a pharmacological solution.

    Very interesting - your point about other addictions not causing ED makes me feel ok with staying on Wellbutrin, which I think has helped a little with the depression.

    I agree there isn't likely any pharmacological solution, but understanding pharmacological impacts would be nice... Whether in symptom management (other than that one study, and not likely a conservative psychiatrist is going to sign off on doing that with a patient), or how drugs (like dopamine agonists) may impact recovery.

    I will search the forums though to see if anyone has seen CDP Choline as assisting (accelerating) their reboot.

    http://www.yourbrainrebalanced.com/ have been discussing CDP-choline and a few others.

    Hai gary i am aravind 22 yrs male...first of al i appreciate your great work...i have one doubt which is bothering me...i have gone more than 80 days with no pmo,nt even the slightest exposure...bt i want to knw that if watching a normal movie where there s a slightest exposure like thighs,breasts is a problem or nt...or is it normal.should i allow myself to watch and appreciate that?i dnt have an urge that s uncontrollable or unmanageable..bt i am avoiding it Whenever i get that sensations...then what abt the scenes in movies where they are purposefully showing their sensual parts like closeup shots of their breasts and behind?is it normal?..or should i consider or perceive it as just beautiful?...i have also read ur article 'what stimuli must i avoid during my Reboot' and i clearly understood everything else bt i need clarification on my questions above...its ok to see a girl as a whole nt just concentrating on some specific body parts rite?even when i am seeing a movie i put My 100 percent concentration towards girls faces oly,nowhere else....i stil get the chils bt its normal to get attracted to beautiful Women rite?i have to say now that my perception Has completely changed,Whenever there s normal exposures in movies,i am enjoying it rather than lusting upon it...and also i am more concentrating on their faces only even if they r wearing exposing clothes.i think the key is to grow up of the fact that a girl's beauty s nt oly defined by her assets,and a girl as a whole s beautiful,and their assets is just a part of them rite?..i want you to clarify tis gary...its ok rite?or do i need to change anything..?awaiting ur reply gary..

    If there is a will,there is a way

    I don't mean to frustrate you but I can't really expand too much on that FAQ. From everything you say, it sounds as if you are successfully retraining your brain. My advice is to not worry about if you are doing this right. Looking at girls is normal, watching Internet porn is not. One we evolved to do, the other we didn't.

    In other words, relax.

    thanks gary...i am much more relaxed nw and satisfied and happy nw....i am goin to continue my process,,and thats nt a problem as i thought it was...thanks for ur info gary..ur site really pulled me from the depth of the darkness..thanks a lot

    If there is a will,there is a way

    A quick question:

    If it is to be assumed that Internet-porn addicts masturbate to ejaculation frequently (say at least once per day) on the whole, then would it not also be reasonable to assume that they would have difficulty maintaining or achieving an erection in a sexual scenario with a partner? You know, unless they have tremendous libidos.

    This is not a matter of great concern to me, so I may have missed a relevant elaboration deep in some document. Has it been shown that these addicts will more easily get an erection with pornography than with a partner *after several days without ejaculation*?

    There's a lot of material on porn-induced ED under the porn & ED tab.

    Some addicts have ED, some don't. Those with ED definitely get better erections with porn, yet some cannot achieve an erection even with porn.


    If I took a Serotonin Synthesis pills during reboot?

    5HTP. We don't give supplement advice. We collected guys thoughts on supplements here - http://www.yourbrainonporn.com/supplements

    I wanted to be a little more sure on this and I think I was kind of naive when I first asked. Ever since my addiction to pornography has fully developed, I felt as though my brain is trying to twist and turn everything I enjoy in life. Which include (of course) sex, music, and hobbies like reading and such. You've told me that because of my addiction there is a decline in my barometer of pleasure. And because of my addiction I remain unsure of my true sexuality and my love for music is being altered. Whenever I listen to something I really enjoy, my brain always tries to bring up something negative about what I'm listening to and these negative thoughts really get to me and ruin the experience and its like its actually trying to convince me that these thoughts are true and I'm not really enjoying it it all. I've noticed through talking to other PMO'ers that they don't necessarily feel this way. Even the ones on yourbrainrebalanced.com who love music just as much as I do, don't have this problem either. Is this just something special to me or what? I'm sorry if it feels like I'm asking the same question over again, I just need to know

    You've told me that because of my addiction there is a decline in my barometer of pleasure

    I was just tossing  it out as a possinility. It may be special to you as I've never been asked that specific question.

    Atleast this reboot will probably fix my problems, hopefully. Thanks for replying anyway.

    Hi Gary,

    i believe you are an absolute genius. You are helping millions of men to solve ED problems without having people to take any drugs.

    This is what is happening to me. Following your reboot program in less than a month I have made more progresses than with boxes of Cialis and Viagra.

    You deserve recognition at worldwide level for your contribution to welfare of the human kind. I'd love to be part of this and help you spreading your theories all over the world, to people who do not speak english.

    Everybody should be aware of the detrimental effects of high speed internet porn on men's soul and penis.

    Thanks for having improved my life

    at the wrong time. I'm very happy for you. For a while our motto at the top of the page was "saving the world one erection at a time".

    I don't need or want recognition. I would, like you, like to see more guys in trouble (or heading toward problems) learn that porn-induced sexual problems are real. And that they can do something about it. So do spread the word, when appropriate, on other forums. Just know that some will be very angry, but others will be very grateful.

    Continued success,