Prevalence Rates of Online Sexual Addiction Among Christian Clergy (2015)

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Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity

The Journal of Treatment & Prevention

Volume 22, 2015 - Issue 4

Zeba S. Ahmad, John Thoburn, Kristen L. Perry, Meghan McBrearty, Sadie Olson & Ginger Gunn

Pages 344-356 | Published online: 23 Dec 2015


Sexual addictive type behavior has become a larger issue with online sexual activities available offering the “triple A engine” of affordability, accessibility, and anonymity. Prior research indicates that 37% of Protestant clergy members report “viewing internet pornography” as a current internet temptation. Due to the potential significant negative consequences clergy experience when online sexual activity is exposed, we chose to implement a pilot study in order to examine prevalence rates for online sexual addictive type behaviors among 26 Christian clergy members. Results indicate 15% of the sample met criteria for cybersex addiction. Future directions and implications of treatment and prevention are discussed.