Relationship of love and marital satisfaction with pornography among married university students in Birjand, Iran (2015)

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Journal of Fundamentals of Mental Health, 2015(Issue 68)

Author(s): Seyyed Morteza Jafarzadeh Fadaki, Parisa Amani*

Paper language: Persian



Pornography can inflict major damages on people, insofar as the role of normal marital relationship is downplayed. This leads to a growing disenchantment in spouses. Love and marital satisfaction are among the factors contributing to the progress and achievement of one's goals in life. This study investigated the relationship of love and marital satisfaction with pornography in married university students in Birjand, Iran.

Materials and Methods:

This descriptive-correlation study was conducted on 310 married students studying at private and public universities in Birjand, in 2012-2013 academic year using random quota sampling method. Data collection instruments included a demographic questionnaire, Enrich Marital Satisfaction Inventory, Sternberg's Triangular Love Scale and a researcher-made pornography scale. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, independent-t test, Pearson correlation test, multivariate regression analysis and SPSS software version 15.


Results indicated a significant negative relationship between the components of love (i.e. intimacy, passion, commitment) and marital satisfaction (P<0.001). In addition, religious orientation and commitment could together determine 23% of pornography variations. Other components were excluded from the equation. Findings also indicated that the mean scores of intimacy, commitment, financial management, and sexual relationship were significantly higher among female students. On the other hand, the mean scores of personality, marital relationship, and religious orientation were significantly higher in male students (P<0.05). There was no significant gender-difference in overall mean scores of marital satisfaction (P>0.05).


It appears that pornography has a negative impact on love and marital satisfaction.

Keywords: Love, marital satisfaction, Marriage, Pornography, Students