Use of Internet Pornography and Men's Well-Being (2005)

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  Use of Internet Pornography and Men's Well-Being   
Journal International Journal of Men's Health
Publisher Men's Studies Press
ISSN 1532-6306 (Print)
1933-0278 (Online)
Issue Volume 4, Number 2 / Summer 2005
Pages 149-169
DOI 10.3149/jmh.0402.149
Online Date Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Andreas G. Philaretou1, Ahmed Y. Mahfouz2, Katherine R. Allen3

1 Western Michigan University Kalamazoo, MI
2 Prairie View A&M University College Station, TX
3Virginia Polytechnic Institute, State University Blacksburg, VA


The widespread and relatively inexpensive influx of high speed Internet technology has rendered the Cybersex pornographic industry a considerably profitable e-commerce business. This exploratory investigation attempts to delineate the intricacies and effects of such technology on individual well-being using ethnographic field research methodology. Although most individuals utilize the Internet for occupational, educational, recreational, and shopping purposes, a sizable male minority exists, known as Cybersex compulsives and at-risk users, who invest an inordinate amount of their time, money, and energy in the pursuit of Cybersex experiences with negative intrapersonal ramifications in terms of depression, anxiety, and problems with felt intimacy with their real-life partners. Such individuals find themselves in a compulsive Cybersex quest for the "perfect" sexual visualization that will match their "lovemap," only to get disappointed at its fleeting nature.