Brain Studies on Porn Users

Max Planck Institute logoRecent studies assessing brain structure & functioning of porn users:

  1. Brain Structure and Functional Connectivity Associated With Pornography Consumption: The Brain on Porn (2014) - A German study which found 3 significant addiction-related brain changes that correlated with the amount of porn consumed. It also found that the more porn consumed the less activity in the reward circuit, indicating desensitization, and increasing the need for greater stimulation (tolerance).
  2. Cambridge University logoNeural Correlates of Sexual Cue Reactivity in Individuals with and without Compulsive Sexual Behaviours (2014) - The first in a series of Cambridge University studies found the same brain activity as seen in drug addicts and alcoholics. It also found that porn addicts fit the accepted addiction model of wanting "it" more, but not liking "it" more. The researchers also reported that 60% of subjects (average age: 25) had difficulty achieving erections/arousal with real partners, yet could achieve erections with porn.
  3. Enhanced Attentional Bias towards Sexually Explicit Cues in Individuals with and without Compulsive Sexual Behaviours (2014) - "Our findings of enhanced attentional bias... suggest possible overlaps with enhanced attentional bias observed in studies of drug cues in disorders of addictions."

These study results are consistent with 100 internet addiction brain studies, many of which also include internet porn use. In short, there's ample (and growing) peer-reviewed scientific support for the addiction model.

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Gary's TEDx talk - "The Great Porn Experiment"

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Definitely works and sex will make your head spin

couple smiling in bedI told my wife that I had read about the nofap challenge and that I wanted to try it for 30 days to see if it were real.

Age 26 - My true self has a chance to shine

Albino peacock[This is about the] return to normality, the way we were when we were born. With all our senses working optimally, our conscience unharmed and without damage to our mental, physical and spiritual self.

Age 20 - 15 Benefits of NoFap and Quitting Pornography

cartoon guy staring at computerNoFap is becoming more popular as the days go on. A few years ago not many people knew about it. Now I truly believe NoFap is almost mainstream. I didn’t believe the hype at first either, but here are the 15 benefits I have experienced, and I have seen countless others report. (Read entire blog post)

Age 19 - 9 miserable months, ED and social anxiety GONE

flirting coupleI've gone 250 days with out intentionally masturbating with or with out porn and I'm glad to say that after months of constant stress and depression my ED has finally gone for good.

Age 34 - Make a ripple in the collective consciousness of humanity

islandI've been a lurker here for a few months. Read a ton of success stories on here as well as It's taken me about 4 years to get where I am now.

Age 24 - Girls chase me now!

happy couple12 weeks Hard mode, and i must say that this journey was the greatest thing i did. I mainly did it to get girls or more precisly to chase girls, PMOing did destroy my desire for real women & i thought that stopping PMO would make me chase real girls but it turned out that Girls chase me now!

Age 30s - Finally had sex with this really gorgeous girl

COUPLE KISSINGAfter 70 days I finally had sex with this really gorgeous girl. The proof is there! This ended a 10 month dry spell.

Age 29 - Moving out of my head and into my body

Young guyAfter a decade of porn use, I quit watching 2 years ago. It was February 14th, 2013. V-Day. Haven’t been back since. My reasons for quitting were pretty simple:

Age 18 - If nofap's a placebo it's a fucking good one :D

Happy guyCounter just flipped to 90 days and it's time to look back and report. Is Nofap placebo and so, like every change of habits, just an initiator for good things? Maybe! I dont know. But I do know if it's placebo its a fucking good one :D

Here is what i learned:


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